President Trump Hosts a Cabinet Meeting

President Trump Hosts a Cabinet Meeting

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Well, thank you very much for being here, at. Today's cabinet, meeting I've just, returned, from a very historic, trip to Europe where we've. Made incredible progress toward. Achieving greater, peace security, and prosperity for, America, for our allies, and, in fact for the entire world the meetings with NATO. The, United, Kingdom and with Russia were. A tremendous, success and I think you will see that and it will play out over a, period of years frankly. But there were tremendous success. At. Home our, economy, is thriving and booming like I would. Say never before. People. Are looking and they're trying to find times and there's, never been a time like this we've created more than 3.6. Million, jobs since. The election, we. Are in the longest, positive. Job growth streak. In, history. In the history of our country or at least on, record. Unemployment. Has fallen for, every, demographic. Group. Every, single group. African-american. Unemployment, has reached his lowest levels by far in history. Hispanic. Unemployment. Is at its lowest levels, in history. Asian. Unemployment. Is at its lowest level in history. Women's. Unemployment. Is at the lowest level, in 65. Years. So. Those are tremendous numbers, the consumer, and business optimism. Polls. Have, reached the all-time, highs highest, number ever recorded. In. Today's meeting we will focus on, a, very, important, issue, workforce. Training, as. Part of our commitment to buy American, higher. American. And frankly, to make America, great again. I'm. Going to pretty soon have to take that word again out because we are moving, at a level that few. People would have ever thought possible including, job numbers, and growth, and. Some, big, numbers have come out already. And I guess numbers will be coming out over the coming. Weeks and I would expect they would be very very good I always. Talked about growth, growth. Solves, a lot of difficulties, a lot of problems, and you see that happening we. Will hear from Ivanka, from. Secretary, of constant, Secretary Ross Secretary, DeVos, an. Administrator. McMahon about important, actions we're taking in partnership. With. The private sector and, state and local governments. To expand, vocational. Education. Career. And Technical training, and on-the-job. Training. And the reason we're doing this is that so. Many companies, are moving back to, the United States like nobody ever thought possible and. We. Need people we. Need trained, people we. Need people that know trades, and, we're. Starting, a very. Intensive. Program of training people so that when these companies these great companies, come back into the country many of them left years ago they're coming back now because. Of what we're doing. Whether. It be the regulations, or the massive. Tax cuts they're. Coming back and it means jobs and, that's why the unemployment, numbers are so good and you've seen nothing yet so. We need people to really. Be. Able to take these jobs that. Will have a positive impact even, on immigration, we need people to come in on a merit, basis. Because. We have to be able to provide jobs we have to be able to provide, the people that. Are running these massive, companies with labor. So. Tomorrow I'll be making a big announcement about workforce. Training initiatives. Which. Aims to give every American citizen an opportunity. To achieve their, American dream I want. To have choice. Just, like we have now with the veterans all approved which nobody thought would be possible, the. Vets now instead, of standing on line for two, weeks or. One week or three, months they, can go out and see a doctor and we pay for it and, it turns out to be much less expensive and. They. Are loving it nobody, thought it was possible to get that so.

I Want, also, I want choice for. Workers so that if. They don't like their job they can go get another job and they'll find one that they really, love. And they'll, love getting up in the morning and going to work so. That's what we're working on tremendous. Numbers of companies. Are coming. Back into our country tremendous. Dollars, are coming back we. Have hundreds. Of billions of dollars are pouring back into our country. Because of our tax cuts. And reform. We're. Allowing, these, big companies that have billions, of dollars offshore, to, bring that money back into our country before, we. Had, the bill passed on tax cuts and reform it was virtually impossible to, get money. Brought. Back into our country now, you look at Apple I believe they're bringing in about two hundred and fifty billion dollars, and they're, putting that to work in the United States other companies, are likewise bringing in, billions. And billions of dollars so we've never seen anything like this before I think ultimately the number could be four trillion. Dollars. So. These are not numbers that anybody, has ever even heard of or would. Ever be familiar, with because never happened before but. It's happening under the Trump administration. And. With that I'd like my daughter Ivanka to, start. This. Has been a very important, issue women's. Issue and this issue to issue. Any woman's, issue is, very important, to Ivanka, and the. Issue of, workplace. Employment. And jobs and training. Has. Been really at the top of her list so Ivanka. Could you say a few words please absolutely. Well. That's the present you like to stay or would you like to leave. Well. Thank you president and thanks, to the Trump administration's, pro-growth. Policies. We, see that the economy, is roaring. Unprecedented. Deregulation. And tax cuts, have been a central component to, the success of, this administration's. Economic agenda, GDP. Growth last year surpassed, all expectations. The, unemployment, rate currently, sits at just 4% and. 3.7. Million, jobs, have been added since, the election, in November of 2016. America's. Economic future, is bright last. Month, alone. 600,000. Additional. Americans, entered or re-entered, the workforce and, there are millions of prime aged Americans, poised, to join the workforce now. That there are new and better jobs available. More. People who have been discouraged and sitting on the sidelines, are now throwing their hat back into the ring and deciding. To look for a job, our. Strong, economy, has brought a long-standing. Critical, issue to the forefront, employers. Are having trouble finding enough workers with the right skills. Job. Openings, exceed, the number of unemployed people in our country for the first time in recorded history as. We. Know a robust, labor market, is great, for the American worker wages. Are finally beginning to rise after almost a decade of stagnation, and people, are coming off the sidelines, and back into high demand fields however. Current. Public, investment, in education, and skills is, de minimis after, the age of 25, not, reflecting, an evolving, economy, in which workers must continually, update, their skills in, response to the changing, employer needs and an increasingly, digital, economy. Further. While. Employers themselves typically. Invest substantially. In training, for college-educated, workers, they. Invest only half of that in workers with just a high school degree. This, is beginning to change and this administration, is seeking to catalyze, and accelerate, private. Sector commitment, to all of our workers, already.

The, Administration. Has taken critical, steps to, ensure all Americans have a pathway to good-paying jobs, and tomorrow, President, Trump will take another important, step to, prioritize, and expand, vocational. Education, so, that we can create and fill American. Jobs with, American, workers. President. Trump will sign an executive order, to, establish the, National, Council for the American worker and a separate Advisory, Board the. Council, will work to, develop a, national workforce, strategy and, bring together cabinet. Level leadership to, build upon the accessible, work already being done and to further amplify that. Secretary. De, Vos has. Been working very hard over the last 17, months to ensure that the skills being taught in our classrooms, align. With those in demand in the modern economy, secretary. Acosta, has been working to expand apprenticeship. And to, increase access to vocational education. Secretaries. Madison, active with secretary, Wilkie have, shown tremendous leadership in, working to help transition, our military, service members into. The workforce at, the time their, service draws to a close, director. Mulvaney and his team at OMB have, put forward an, exciting. And ambitious, plan to merge, the department's of Education and labor so, that we can holistically. Think about the role of education, and the workforce an. Administrator. Mcmahon has been traveling, around the country and, listening. To the needs of small business which. Now for the first time in a very long time now. That deregulation, has. Occurred, and tax cuts have occurred are citing, the, lack of skilled labor as their number-one constraint. To growth in. Addition. To this US government, Council and advisory. Board co-chaired, by Secretary, Ross. Thank. You Secretary will. Bring together some, of the most prominent, employers. And the country's largest employers. To, create, public-private. Partnerships, and develop recommendations. For, the implementation of, this national workforce strategy. Recognizing. That the American, workforce is, our country's, greatest national, asset tomorrow. President Trump will call upon the private sector and industry, leaders to, do their part and invest. In the advancement, in our, current and future workforce. We. Are asking them to sign a pledge a pledge. To the American worker and commit. To expanding, apprenticeships, increase. On jobs on-the-job training and providing. Americans. From, high school to, those near retirement with, concrete, opportunities. And to. Obtain the skills that will enable them to contribute to the economy and provide. For themselves and, their families, will. Also continue this campaign and secretary. Ross and I will continue to engage the private sector, to, have more and more people sign this pledge and affirm their support whether. It's opportunities, for high school students, to learn the skills to go straight into a job and avoid incurring student, debt for, a mid. To late career worker who needs to be retrained, because, their job is at risk of being lost to automation, we, have to be thinking about the whole spectrum as we think about lifelong learning and we need to engage the private sector, to be our partner in that these. Are real jobs and, these, are new opportunities for growth and we're confident, that industry, will partner with us to accomplish our goals of, filling, all vacant. Jobs with, qualified, workers. Following. This launch of this initiative we'll continue to press these companies but, also will work with governors and ensure, that as the president, visits states across.

The Country that. They are mobilizing, their largest employers to also sign the pledge and affirm, their commitment, to the American worker I look. Forward to working with each of you in this room and the. Private sector to ensure that Americans, are all provided, with opportunities to thrive in this booming economy, I'd, also like to thank the great team at DPC, Kara. Andrew Bren Burke for, their help, Chris Liddell and of. Course the vice president, who's been such a champion on this issue during his time as, Indiana, and. Has implemented, so many great workforce, training programs, in in. His state so so thank you for your leadership and, thank you president Trump for enabling. Us, to really, develop this holistic, solution, and empower every, American, worker with, the opportunity, to thrive. Wow. So. If that, were Amaka, Smith the. Press would say that, was totally, brilliant. As. Ivanka, Trump they'll say she, was okay that was. Great that. Was really great unbelievable. I just, wanted to, tell. You that. We. Have had very good sessions. With Mexico. And. With. The, new. President, of Mexico who, won overwhelmingly. And. We're. Doing very well on our trade agreement. So. We'll, see what happens we may do or separately with Mexico, and, will. Negotiate with Canada. At a later time, but. We're having very good discussions, with Mexico, on. July. 25th, the. Leaders, of the. European. Union. Will be coming to see us at. The White House and. As. You know I've made. No bones about it they, have massive trade barriers, where our farmers, can't sell. Their for the most part they, have other barriers, on cars and lots of other things even, medical equipment. Where. It's very very difficult to sell, into the European, Union and they're going to be coming on. July. 25th, to negotiate. With us we. Said if we don't negotiate something. Fair then. We have tremendous. Retribution, which. We don't want to use but we have tremendous powers. We have to. Including. Cars ours, is the big one. And, you. Know what we're talking about with respect to cars and tariffs and cars and, they know better than you do they know better than all of us do what that means so they're, going to come and they're gonna try and negotiate a, deal we have very good relationships. With jean-claude. And, Donald. All of them but. They're gonna be coming to the White House on July, 25th, so that'll, be very interesting to see what happens but Mexico. Is coming along very well we've had really. Really good. Discussions, with them and I think we can say that's pretty far advanced it's, it's. Getting closer all the time okay. With. That I'd like to ask Secretary. Of kosta to. Take, over the stage and say a few words mr. secretary, you're doing a fantastic job, by the way. Well. Uh as. You, mentioned we have a tremendous. Tremendous, economy. Record. Low, unemployment the, Federal Reserve is estimating, it's gonna go even lower, and this. Is the first time in. Since. We've kept the data that we have more open. Jobs and job suits and. So we've been implementing the apprenticeships, since your election, there, have been three hundred thousand, new apprenticeships, created, and and. I think this year we will see commitments, for, at least 300,000. Additional apprenticeships. We. Are working on prisoner, re-entry initiatives. When. An individual, leaves prison the. Best that, we could do for the individual, the, best that we can do for society is help. Them find a job and. We're working very diligently on, prisoner, re-entry, initiatives. We're. Addressing the opioid crisis. By incorporating. Job. Training and education within. Populate, centers, so, when someone leaves treatment. They're, ready for a job and we're. Also looking at the licensing. Initiatives. The. States have various occupational, licenses, and that's. Often a barrier to entry you signed the executive order on.

Military. Spouses and that, executive, order took important, steps to, make it easier for military spouses. To. To find jobs as the service person, moves from base to base we're, working at the Department of Defense, more generally, State. Occupational. Licenses, are a barrier, to entry we. Have more, than a million individuals. Who could be working right now who. According to Federal, Reserve studies, are, not in the workforce because of State occupational. Licenses, and that's, a problem and, so we're working very aggressively to, bring more individuals, into the workforce this, month saw. The first, uptick, in the unemployment rate, and. It's important to highlight the reason why more. People found jobs but. For the first time we've had a record number of people coming off the sidelines, and saying we, want jobs too, and so. 601. Thousand. Americans, said. We are now ready, to look for a job and that, is great, news because. People, are starting to rien, and, look, for, jobs and that's what this economy, needs and, so I think this initiative is gonna, build on the work we've all been doing but, bring us all together in a very unified, way so. For. Just a moment, people. Coming out of prison over. The years have just been absolutely, they've, had such. A problem getting jobs, and now. For the first time maybe ever and to a large extent it's because of the job we've done in creating all, of this enthusiasm, in the great economy. People. Are hiring people. Out of prison and they're loving it there I'm hearing. From. In. One case a friend of mine hi. Ten people and, up, to ten people he didn't give me the exact number but I will tell you he said these are incredible. People and. It's. All because of the economy, that he did it because he was having a hard time getting. Somebody, so. Would. You explain a little bit about what's going on there because it's such a big topic and it, affects so many people and. They. Have that aura that people did not like and all. Of a sudden for the first chance people first. Time really people coming out of prison are.

Able To get jobs and really have a very. Productive time, for them in their family so you might want to explain that that's right mr. president I was uh I, was. Out in Las Vegas about about, three weeks ago, I was visiting with John ponder, who spoke, in the Rose Garden here. Who, runs prisoners, for hope every Entry Program and. He. And. His program goes into the prisons and works. With individuals in cooperation, with the prison system and the District Attorney to, provide skills and education, before someone, leaves the prison and, so when they leave prison they. Have a number of businesses, that are working with this program, that are ready to hire them and. I, spoke to the businesses, that were there and the, businesses, said we. Hire these individuals, because. They are great employees. Because. They've, been in the prison system they, don't want to go back and during, credible, dedicate and as. Impressive, they had some of the individuals, who. Had been through the program who been in prison and now had jobs and, they. Said, when. We take a job. We're. Taking not just for us but we're taking it for those that are coming behind us, because. If we mess up if, we don't do a good job. We. Are costing, not just our own job but, the jobs of all those others because the employer may not hire other former, prisoners, and I. Thought that acceptance. Of responsibility. By. Those former. Inmates. That. It was not just for them but for future, inmates, needing jobs, spoke. To the quality of that one program and spoke, to the reason, that so many employers in. This program, were successfully. Hiring, I looked. At the metrics, of this program, and the. Metrics, the employment, rate for that program was. Higher than a lot of colleges, and that. Really says a lot about how successful many, of these programs. Like, this for people coming out of prison getting. Jobs has never been anything close and so. The economy is turning out to be our best, friend so. Now. Did you ever have so many cameras, shooting, you from the back and, I'm watching you and I'm saying thank goodness she's got a beautiful head of hair. Doing. A great job and, we appreciate it. Secretary. Was. Presidents. Tax cuts and regulatory, reforms. Creating. The new wave with growth in, our advanced manufacturing, and. Technology. Industries, along. With demand, for, thousands, of skilled workers our. Strengthening economy is, a godsend. For many, millions, of Americans, who, want to be part of the workforce and, who now have the opportunity, to, participate productively. In. Our economy, the, lack of adequately, trained, workers is a major, issue for American. Employers, and, it is being addressed by this new, Council of, which I'm most honored to be a co-chair with, the bunka Trump Secretary, of Costa, and Andrew, bernburg since. November. 2016. 876. Thousand. New, jobs have. Been created in, industries. That produce, goods. Including. Four hundred eleven thousand, construction. Jobs, three. Hundred seventy four thousand, manufacturing. In ninety, one thousand. Mining this, past June alone. 53,000. New jobs were. Created in, those industries. Including. 36, thousand and manufacturing. These. Sectors, produce, the wealth the. Technological. Innovation, and high-paying. Jobs, needed. For a modern, industrial economy. It's, imperative. That we keep this momentum, going, for. Example, Foxconn. Broke, ground last. On, the ten billion dollar factory now. Pleasant, Wisconsin. They'll employ thirteen, thousand. Workers making. State-of-the-art. LCD. Screens. Foxconn. And the hundreds, of other companies, that are expanding. Will, need thousands. Of skilled workers, adept. At teach digital, technologies. Not, only on, the factory, floor but. Throughout the entire business. Enterprise, they. Will also need staff, that, the highest end of the skill spectrum. And we, don't have enough of them in. 2016. There, were 4,000. Fewer, full-time. American. Stem, graduate. Students, than, there were in 2009. But. Over the same period, the number of foreign, full-time. Stem, graduate. Students, is, increased, by almost, 70,000. And, they mostly, return to their home country, after. They finish their education. The. Shortage, of the most highly trained, technologists. And engineers. Is. Both an economic and a, national, security issue, one. Of the biggest risks, our employers. And our, military, contractors. Face is, having foreign nationals. Steal. Their important, intellectual. Property, and provided. To overseas, governments. Just. Last week Apple filed, criminal. Charges. Against. One of its former, Chinese, employees, for. Stealing, IP, about. The company's, autonomous. Vehicle, development, program, that. Engineer, is accused, of providing trade, secrets, to Apple's, principal, competitor. In China X, Motors, training. Thousands, more Americans, for these sophisticated. Engineering. Jobs would, substantially. Reduce, such risks, but. The burden of falling, skills. Gap is, falling, directly, unemployed. Organizations. With more than a hundred employees, spent.

91. Billion, dollars. On worker. Training, last year almost, 30%, more. Than in. 2016. And about. 1/2 percent of, our total economy. These. Numbers, echo, what we experienced. On the task force on, apprenticeship. Expansion. That, task force accomplished. A great deal as you heard from secretary, a constant. Outlining, key. Reforms. That, Department, of Labor is making, to, the apprenticeship. System. President. Trump's new executive. Order now. Creates, the National, Council, for American, workers to. Look at systemic. Issues that. Span, our entire, education. And training, system. That, also establishes. A new, American. Workforce policy. Advisory, board to be housed at the Department, of Commerce, we. Will raise awareness, of, the job opportunities. That are, available for, skilled American. Workers, we, will recognize, the, companies, and organizations. That. Are successfully. Closing. The skills gap, look. Forward to chairing this new council with. Secretary, Acosta, and Ruben Berg and Ivanka. Trump and working, with all the members of the council, and with, the American, workforce policy. Advisory. Board I connect. You. I thought I'd ask Secretary. Of State Pompeo to give us a little, talk. On some. Of our most recent activities, and maybe you could also touch on here, just for a, couple, of minutes. Mr.. President maybe maybe I'll start there uh North Korea time so. I traveled, to Pyongyang for the third time we. Made progress. Of some issues there's there's a lot of work to do it may take some time to, get where we need to go but all of this will be taking place against the backdrop of continued, enforcement, of the existing sanctions. The. North Koreans reaffirm. Their commitment to, denuclearize. We're. Making progress along, the border to get the return of remains very important issues for those families, we think in the next couple of weeks we'll have the first remains, return that's the commitment so. A progress, certainly being made there still. A fair amount of work to do but. A, very. Hopeful place that we find ourselves with, making. This strategic, change for North Korea and giving them an opportunity for a brighter future for their people, mr., president I've turned to the trip to NATO when I was with you in Brussels. I've. Done this NATO issue since I was a young soldier it's been a while and, this. Is the first time we I have seen the leaders of NATO understand, fully their responsibly, they have to make sure that they spend the money they need or to protect themselves from the threat from Russia the.

President Is everyone has made clear this obligation, he. Made clear our continued, commitment to support them but, also the need for appropriate, burden-sharing and we saw real progress I had my counterparts, foreign ministers and heads of state I say, to me they take this obligation seriously and they understand president Trump's, view. Of this and the, fact that their continued, increase in their defence spending will, make their country safer and make NATO stronger, so I think a fantastic, outcome, from the. Day-and-a-half that we all spent there led. By the president, in Brussels I then departed, your trip and went to Mexico City led. A delegation along, with secretary minuchin secretary, Nielsen and, and Jared, we. Met with president. Pena Nieto a Pena Nieto and the. Incoming, president. Lopez. Obrador and. Again there, are many issues on our plate we made clear to them that the migration issue must be resolved, that we need to have strong borders we. Talked to them about trade, and, there'll. Be more I think in the coming days to talk about the progress we're making on trying to resolve the issues. On NAFTA I'm very hopeful there, we. Talked about all the other issues between our two countries that really set the tone that followed the president's, conversation, with the president-elect, just shortly after, the. Ballots. Were counted in in Mexico, I was, really remarkable to see the Mexican government transition, in, a way that demonstrated, democracy, no, protests, in the streets it was a compliment. Both present president Pena Nieto and president. Overdorf for conducting, a an election. In, the way that they did with respect and then travelled to join, the president Helsinki, had. The chance to meet with my counterpart. Foreign. Minister Lavrov, and. The. President's discussion, with President Putin set the conditions, where, we can find overlapping, space. Counterterrorism. The. Russians, on the treaties that they're in violation a place where we can now begin to have important, dialogues, to. Put. That relationship in a place where we reduce the risk to the United States from. Threats from Russia and so I think, overall. A very positive set, of meetings, we've had over the last 10 days mr. president yes great job thank you very much, Betsy. Go. Ahead Thank. You mr. president back. To the. Issue of Workforce. Development and thank you for your commitment to leading. Opportunity. For all. American, workers as, we know when we look at our k12, system and, those, young people coming up our country has fallen behind our international, competitors, today. In there are piece of scores we are 23rd, at reading 25th, in science, and 40th and math we. Have a significant. Opportunity to. Improve things for young people and there's a there's, essentially, a fundamental, disconnect between. Education. Today and the preparation, of our young people and today's, economy and the opportunities, there what. We're doing and what we put what we're working. Toward it, from a higher ed perspective, is working. With Congress to authorize. Short-term. Pell grants. That can be used for, some. Of the programs that secretary, Acosta has alluded to today. There are fewer and fewer traditional. Students. Pursuing. Higher education we, need to acknowledge that we also need to acknowledge that there are many more innovative. Ways to provide. Education. Opportunities, to students, and so, we are working on reforming, accreditation. And. Regulations. That, stifle. Innovation. And. Creativity, when it comes to higher education we. Are deploying. The 200 million dollars that you have, it suggested.

The Invested, in STEM education and. The. Competitive, program will be up. And running this fall we, are working closely with Congress and. With. Secretary Acosta, to reauthorize, the Perkins Act which, will again, provide, more opportunities, to access. These. Opportunities, both in high school as early, as high school and then into higher, ed, we. Also are working to support the, proposed merger, between the department's, of Labor and education knowing. That our future, really, depends, on. A. Nation. That is prepared, people, that are prepared for the opportunities that are not only here today but, that will be with, us tomorrow and so, I look, forward to working with my, fellow cast members, to pursue. These opportunities. Thank. You very much. Could. You maybe just, spend. A little time talking about what we're doing about drug, pricing, absolutely. Thank You mr. president, so, we. Of, course last, year approved, a record number of generic, drugs saving, consumers. Over, 8 billion, dollars to, the system so far we, also changed, how we pay for drugs reducing, out-of-pocket, expenditures. For seniors by 320, million, dollars a year for our senior citizens we. Have a whole suite of legislative. Proposals, that we are waiting, on Congress to enact that would reform our seniors drug discount program, to, reduce out-of-pocket spending, and, put, more burden on the middlemen who run. Those programs, we, have our blueprint, for prescription, drug pricing, that we rolled out a couple of months ago we, just closed the comment period on that a couple of days ago so we've received over 3,000, comments, we want to go into this is a complex, area we're talking about the complete restructuring. And reform of 400, billion dollars, of the American economy, president, Trump's doing it the right way which is seeking input from experts we got that input we. Are right now over the next several weeks going to be rolling out several major initiatives. As part of the drug pricing, plan last. Week we already, announced, that we will be reducing what, we pay for new drugs in the senior drug program, when.

New Drugs come on the market reducing, the, amount that we pay for those already, we. Yesterday, announced a major reform of our over-the-counter. Drug, program, so seem so that every citizen can get drugs cheaper and without a prescription. This. Morning, we rolled out our biosimilars. Strategy, so, that's to create a generic, like market, for these high-cost, biologic. Products, so that Commissioner. Gottlieb rolled out just this morning, and then, over the next several, days we've got a whole suite of actions, coming and. So which I will not give the media the benefit of until. It comes out. Vizor. As you know had a, major. Drug. Price increase, and we. Spoke to them and I have great respect for the company and for its leader and they. Rolled. It back to zero and. We. Very much appreciate what, far as you did we. Didn't like the increase but we liked what they did they responded, properly. So we appreciate that very much Linda, McMahon please. Clearly. To, reiterate. What's. Been said this morning the, tax. Cuts regulatory. Rollback, have. Clearly created, a boom in our economy, small. Businesses, are growing. But. When, I traveled, around the country and listened to these small businesses. I hear, also about. The lack of skilled workers for them and. If you can expect you, know respect. The position of small businesses, as, big businesses, grow as they're, raising wages is, they're making better benefits, not. Only to attract, perhaps. Workers from other big businesses, to come and work for them the. Small business, guy gets. Crushed a little bit because he can't compete, with. That increase in wages and the increase in benefits so, how, are we going to help our small businesses, and if you've said many times, small. Businesses, are big business 30, million Optum of our country they're the backbone of the economy so what SBA, is. Helping to focus on is the training of a skilled workforce and, we're going to put together a nationwide. Plan. For. Helping, support. Incubators. Around. The country and accelerators, because. They really, and makerspaces. They. Are doing incredible. Jobs, of. Training. Workforce, you, know coming out and. So as we, go into these incubators. Small. Businesses, are already growing there how, do we take. Them from from, that position. Putting. Them into the workforce, they. Are actually providing, then more and more of the skilled workers so, I think it's going to be a great plan to coordinate, that on a nationwide, basis. You, know throwing incubators, I've seen, it working and I've, also seen, a. Lot, of what's been discussed today about the apprenticeships, and the programs, that Betsy's been working on within with, education. I was, actually in. Charleston, West Virginia yesterday. And, I was touring the small business, alpha technologies, but they are located on the campus of a.

Bridgeway, Community. And Technical College. On. That. Campus. One. Whole, area. Of technical. Innovation, is. Being sponsored by one of the local manufacturers. And when you go in all. Of the equipment that's in that training program, at, the Community College is being provided, by. The business, the, workers come and work spend. Two days on campus three. Days at, the company, they're, earning about forty, thousand, dollars through the whole period of being in, school so they're, graduating, with the skill that company. Needs and they can move right. From the Community, College right into the business that and I think that's, the kind of program that we're, going to see fostering, because it's it's it, is that calibration. That we're looking for so that, businesses, get, the kind of skilled worker they need by, the public-private, partnership, so, I it's, all in all it's such a good story everywhere. And I. Keep hearing you know many thanks, for. The tax cuts regulatory, rollback because, it is absolutely. Energizing. What's going on. An. Incredible, job and I have to say because I've known her, and her husband Vince for. A long time they built a great business and, Linda, was a very, big. Part of it for those of you that don't know I know she was a very very big part of it so thank, you for what you're doing doing, a fantastic job, at. Ben Carson, say, a few words about her well. One of the. Initiatives that's been going on recently, we. Put together section. Three task force, sections. There's. An obligation to. Hire trained, or. Give. Contracts, to the low-income, people in that area people. Have all, kinds of reasons to get around it but we're. All. Bleep almost finished, reformulating. It so, that we removed, a lot, of the barriers that. Disincentivize. People from utilizing it and I, think that's going to make a huge difference, and also with. The envision, centers we're going to be gathering, the, information about. All, apprenticeship. Programs, and training programs, so that when somebody comes in you know they're not, confused, we'll have people who will help share with them because. We have a tremendous, work force out there, just. Waiting. To be trained and if. We make it available to them I think that a lot of them will take advantage of it. It's. Very much in the news sonny. Perdue, secretary. Of agriculture. I, love. The farmers and who are breaking down barriers, one, of the things I'm doing is you know with these trade. Deals that have been so unfair to our farmers, and to our workers and to our companies, from. Other countries, to, be. Talking, about it all the time and, we're. Breaking down barriers, so that our farmers can sell, their, goods, to other countries, like they sell their goods to us and. One, of the examples is Canada the judges, on, dairy products, two hundred and seventy five percent. Tariff. A two, hundred and seventy five percent it's, just not, appropriate. It's not fair and there's. A big imbalance of you know, well don't think but, there is a big imbalance between Canada, and the United States in terms of surplus, and deficit, but. Perhaps. You could talk a little bit about the farmer, and I think they understand exactly what, we're doing and, we're. Doing it as rapidly as possible and, we're taking some strong measures, but, it's not fair when I, won't. Mention specific. Countries but you know the ones I'm talking about when, certain countries, have barriers, that, make it impossible for, our farmers, to sell into. Those countries and yet they sell all sorts of products into ours unrestricted. Very. Unfair, sunny your. Farmers, in America mr. president understand, that you're. Taking this fight on their, behalf I use, the metaphor yesterday, it's a little bit like weight loss it's, all the painful in the meantime but, they're looking forward to being a winning, later on so I think, I, think they understand, that obviously, you, may not name those countries, but you've talked about in the past the, EU and China playing. Very unfairly, with the non-tariff, barriers. They've had in place for many years in. Many ways and our Patriot. Farmers, understand, that you're, the first one to attack this they're, very anxiously, awaiting, the winds and we hope that the. Deal with Mexico, and then, Canada, can come along very, quickly behind, that but they are there. With you they're hurting actually, economically, they. Are strong. American, values and they believe that you're an American first president, and they.

Want, To be with you we, just need to help their pocketbooks, well I am and I will say that if you look at soybeans I looked, at a chart, the other day that came out recently, just, prior to the election, five years before that soybeans. Have been cut in half price-wise now. I've only been here for a little more than a year and a half with Mike but. I will tell you soybean, is way, down over a five-year period prior to the election, so. Something, has to be done and you know that over a 15 year period, pricing. And farms, and everything else has been very much trending, down so. We're gonna straighten that out and, have. To bear with us but they are the great American patriots, and they really they. Really are something that very special people, Michael. Do you like to say something Mike Pence. Thank. You mr. president and. As. I told you yesterday good to have you back and, after a a successful. Week of international engagement it should come as no surprise, to. The American people that you were right back here at the White House focusing, on American jobs and. The. I. Truly. Believe that that, we're here. In. A large measure because of the connection, that you made, to. Working Americans and I, truly, do believe that this government-wide, initiative. That. You will set into motion tomorrow, with, the Council for. American workers bringing, together a broad range of cabinet, agencies, is a reflection. Of. The of the promises, that we, made to working. Americans it, is remarkable. To think that we're at a time where there are more job openings in. America, than there are people looking for jobs but. The efforts that, that, are reflected, here, I think, demonstrate, that. You're President, this is an administration, that. That believes, that all honest. Work is honorable I've, seen the way you interact with, working. Americans, across this country you, love people that know how to make things and grow things and this. Commitment of skills education of, vocational, education I, think it's a reflection of that and, I'm very excited, to, be working with you on it, having. Had the experience of working in this area but when I was governor of Indiana I see how enthusiastic, the. American people are for this I especially want to I want, to thank Ivanka, Trump. For her work in this area bringing, together all these various agencies and, all the cabinet. Members who are working so much I truly, do believe that, this will be a centerpiece. And. A legacy. Long. After. After. We finish our work here that. Will pay dividends, for Prosperity for the American people I think so much I do think so thank, you all very much appreciated. Thank. You very much. We're. Doing very well. Probably. As well as anybody. Has ever done with Russia and, there's. Been no president, ever as tough as I have been on Russia all, you have to do is look at the numbers look at what we've done look, at sanctions, look at ambassadors. Not, there look unfortunately, at what happened in Syria recently. I. Think. President, Putin knows that better than anybody certainly, a lot better than the media he. Understands, it and he's not happy about it and he shouldn't be happy about it because there's never been a president, as tough on Russia. As I have been okay, thank you very much.

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Great President, Great Country. Making America Great. Nigel Village. England, UK

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Peace be unto you שלום ושלום Now it will come to pass that In the last days The mountain of the house of the Lord Will be established as the highest of the mountains And will be exalted above the hills And all the nations will stream to it And He will judge between the nations And will mediate for many peoples And they will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks Nation will not lift up the sword against nation And never again will they learn war The Lord bless thee and keep thee The Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give thee peace America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Donald John Trump, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Michael Richard Pence, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Brother Jared Corey Kushner and his wife Ivana Marie Trump, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Michael Richard Pompeo, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Steven Terner Mnuchin, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Wilbur Louis Ross Jr., The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Madam Elisabeth Betsy Dee DeVos, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Madam Linda Marie McMahon, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Rene Alexander Acosta, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle John Michael Mulvaney, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr., The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Brother Patriot, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Sister Kirstjen Michele Nielsen, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Madison, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Wilkie, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Sister Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, The LORD God bless you America The Great The Bold The Beautiful my beloved my sweet Uncle Andrew P. 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We've needed this for 30 years. Job training and vocab back in our schools. Jimmy Carter didn't do us any favors by taking ED out of the States. Allowed our jobs to move out and import cheap labor. It was all a big plan to destroy us from within. The leftists loved it... allowed them to push higher ed on everyone, even if you couldn't afford it or actually qualified (do the work). When we grew up we had vocab and trade schools, people made a good living to raise their families. Allowed Mom to stay home raise the children and keep some control and structure within the family unit. We allowed the leftists/Communists to destroy our country from the inside. No wonder they fight President Trump so much. Just remember, when they fight against him, they're fighting against us too, and we will fight back as well.

Dear oh dear, President Trump's only mistake was admitting that he made a mistake. The Russians did not do 9/11, it was muslim terrorists and terrible islam apparently islam is no friend of America, so why the focus on Russia, where is the tangible evidence? No secret that America interferes in all sorts of places, including Russia. What about those traitors, Trump haters Paul Ryan and John McCain, they are worse than the russians and the fake media.

here's the truth...... next coming presidential election......guaranteed President Trump....still President of United State of America democrats.....that's your best TRUMP rules

clearly...they're guilty b4 trump....the American people been victimized, rob, killed, this monsters in united states of Government.....the previous admin......bush.....obama....clinton for crying out loud....seriously Wake up....people of America.....get up stand up your life is your freedom as united states of America we shall overcome in god we trust enforce the law whats the point having a government if you can't punish this people who commited crime.....the democrats....the liberals they create this big mess.....

How can anyone think this so called American is nothing more than a puppet for Putin what more proof do you need? And if you do believe his B.S maybe your not much of an American either.

Fantastic President ! Won the Election with 308 college votes. 3.6 Million new Jobs WTF ! Crazy Tax Cuts . Trade Equalization - Reciprocal . Australia is Fantastic Help Develop A New City at Badgerys Creek NSW Sydney. New Airport . Future City

Greatest in history

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Hey that's Linda McMahon from WWE


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Farmers can not sell often because they sell GMO poison foods sadly.

To the White House. You simply have to post more of these so that the facts can get out to destroy the lies of the MSM and Liberals.

IVANKA would be a gorgeous FIRST President!;)

I think that's an awesome idea of having companies create job training and apprenticeship programs, because colleges TODAY are in business with BANKS just as car dealers are ECT. BANKRUPTING people!

Thank God for President Trump. TRUMP 2020 - KAG !

A lot of low paid Americans can SERIOUSLY start to consider signing up for these White House Training initiatives... you no longer have to worry about losing your job, as there is more out there, and better paying, too. Get some skills, trade skills, Trump wants you to have skills to get a better pay and he's making this opportunity available to you, so skill up, move up and #maga Trump, prioritize training the locals, getting them out of that delinquent mentality, fight opioid over skill migration. Skilled migration can create other social problems where the elites and educated of other countries can displace the local population in the workforce creating resentment and a more racial backlash/hate movement. To maintain moderation in the conservative politics, it's absolutely necessary to work on the social problems that America faces, drugs, crime, education, improving the quality of the available workers. You are doing a fantastic job in this regard and I hope you keep it going. I know a lot of these businesses coming back will need skilled workers fast, so consider temporary work visa programs to tie them over, or really push push push the vocational training. Consider a private-public vocational training system on a large scale, the big businesses like IBM, Google and so on need to be supplying the education and training themselves, Universities are somewhat obsolete for the vast majority of jobs, and the outcomes of the university educated often reflect them going into different fields and obtaining new training.

Ok-1st time for me to view a cabinet meeting on this forum or anywhere. My recommendation is forget MSM and do only this. I learned what I needed to know and am so extremely impressed with the 'taking care of business' culture now in the White House. Thank God for our President and his administration.

I love how they kick out all the press at the end. lol. Its funny.

I love you Mr. President. I love your family, and I love your cabinet choices. I love what you have done for the silent majority who wanted nothing more than to have someone speak on their behalf. Someone to stand up for American values, for patriotism, for veterans, for the hard working Americans who have been neglected by previous administrations. But most importantly, I love how you have made America great again. Thank you, and always know there are those of us who really do appreciate your commitment and sacrifice. God bless and keep you always.

i don't care what u say about this dude. One thing is clear he is everywhere and seems to get crap done...mop.


Good to hear that you're leaving the Canadian government out in the cold where they belong. I'm an unemployed Canadian that used to work in the energy industry and I know I'm still unemployed solely because of the Canadian Government's policies. These Left wing radicals need to suffer the consequences of their actions so that they get driven out of office. Unfortunately our current leader of the opposition is not much better than our current PM, but many are hoping to get Maxime Bernier for PM if we can. Canada is rapidly on its way to becoming another Venezuela if things keep going the way they have with the political class. Keep America Great!

Ivanka Smith lol

MY word she is SMOKIN!

Continue to shine the light President Trump. It might just light the way for others.

What a relief to see this video. After s really lousy day, and with nothing but corrupt socialist political parties here in Canada, at least I can end my day knowing that there's still a lantern burning in a window somewhere, however distant it might be. Keep the fire burning President Trump. God bless.

Need a tri-pod!

When was Frankenstein's Monster appointed Secretary of Commerce?

Excellent! ...strengthening the the backbone of our Nation.....damn smart move. TY

Where can we see the Obama cabinet meetings? Did he have a channel setup?

Thank you President Trump for keeping us updated on what going on with the economic growth. #GodBlessourPresidentandVicePresident #theforgottenpeoplesloveyou #Inventorsloveyou #GodBlessAmerica.

Hail Caesar..for we who are about to die salute you!!!


Riddle Category: Intermediate I am a word that could be an object with an opening as a horn and the politician's favorite word to highlight a never been before seen fact. What am I? I have to say your American President is doing a good job.

Blue tie. He's pissed. I would be too. BEST POTUS EVER!

Thank you President Trump for standing strong against the swamp !!! You are bringing Americans together slowly !!!!

Stormy Daniels top news at Comedy Channel Network

Obama did nothing like this for the American people.

To continue the trend of showing how pathetic you are. Do a little of refugee and travel ban in one. 1. 300 refugees are under investigation for potential links to terrorism. So system is broken and affects national security. 2. Interpol has data on 250,000 stolen or lost Syrian and Iraqi passports, including blank documents. So, Supreme Court, do you have some special technology to show these people are who they claim to be.? Fraud doesn’t also happen.. haha 3. Doesn’t apply to hundreds of millions of Muslims unfortunately 4. Countries of concern were from Obama era. We closed our borders to everyone for years before. (Type immigration and nationality act congressional research into google). First, obviously an unadmitted and nonresident alien has no constitutional right of entry to this country. A putative refugee must demonstrate not only that their STATE of origin intends to harm them seriously without cause, but that the harm is due to their status/identity. The statute says "persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion." So, i would argue, that a country can be exceedingly dangerous and perilous for humans beings and it still wouldnt qualify the people leaving that country as refugees under US law. Moreover, in the Convention's definition of refugee, it requires the applicant to show that they fear persecution and are unable to avail themselves of the protection in their state of origin. So, being that not everywhere in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, Somalia, and Iran are warzones, i would further argue that almost of these people are not refugees. Many have passed through numerous other countries also. Anyway, refugee status is not to be extended to every alien displaced by conditions of unrest or violence in their home country. I hereby proclaim, pursuant to sections 212(f) and 215(a) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1182(f) and 1185(a), that the unrestricted entry into the United States of nationals of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen would be detrimental to the interests of the United States. Need 1187(a)(12).? Both the Convention and the Protocol define the term “refugee” as any person who has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. The Convention was originally designed to address only refugee situations created before, or as a result of, World War II. The definition of “refugee,” therefore, was limited to Europeans displaced from their country of nationality as a result of events occuring prior to 1951. So, again, used for mostly whites. Also, South Africans would actually qualify under this standard. Going really good over there huh Ginsberg. Open borders for Israel please. For persons already within the United States, INA section 208 provides asylum procedures. Under section 208(a), the Attorney General has the discretion to grant asylum to an alien if the Attorney General determines that the alien is a “refugee” as defined by section 101(a)(42). Aliens admitted as “asylees” are entitled to federal assistance, as are “refugees.” So, nice.. “However, “asylum” status is subject to continuing review, and such status may be terminated if “circumstances” change in the alien's country. So, if a gang war breaks out in my city can I claim I am a refugee and get into Europe.? Rather, in order to qualify for withholding of deportation, an alien must demonstrate that “it is more likely than not that the alien would be subject to persecution” in the country to which the alien would be returned. Again, almost all can’t do that... 8 usca 1157> Trump and number 2) Except as provided in subsection (b), the number of refugees who may be admitted under this section in any fiscal year after fiscal year 1982 shall be such number as the President determines, before the beginning of the fiscal year and after appropriate consultation, is justified by humanitarian concerns or is otherwise in the national interest. So, in regards to both sanctuary cities and this, they are either incompetent or just trying to essentially say well I tried.. kind of. See also 1980 refugee act. Through the decades of the Cold War, the Executive used these tools to admit large numbers of refugees fleeing communist persecution, as well as the governments of the Middle East, thus advancing through delegated power a particular vision of what constituted a worthy refugee in line with the President's prevailing foreign policy concerns. “Under this provision of the INA, the President also has the authority to determine how that total should be allocated among the various refugees fleeing conflicts and disasters around the world, thus giving the President important authority to express his preferences regarding who should enter, whether those preferences are motivated by foreign policy or domestic political concerns. More broadly, § 212(f) gives the President personally the power to suspend the entry of “any class of aliens” whose admission “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” But, as we explained above, the restriction of this power to emergency situations makes its practical utility as a thoroughgoing ex ante screening mechanism limited. Indeed, the Executive rarely invokes it, and it seems suited to address isolated instances of sudden and mass influx. What is more, though the power clearly allows the President to exclude immigrants, it seems that the most that existing law permits him to do vis-à-vis entry is to parole into the United States noncitizens who must nonetheless meet the criteria set by Congress to remain permanently--a power the Refugee Act actually sought to limit to discrete humanitarian cases. (Yale law journal) Anyway, I would also argue that since almost all of these people were not "refugees" at the time that they were admitted, that most of them should be deported. The refugee status of any alien admitted to the US may be terminated if it is determined the alien was not a refugee. The USCIS may terminate the refugee status of any refugee, and their spouses and children, if it is found that the person was not in fact a refugee at the time of admission. Again, STATE has to target them, which is not happening for most of these places, they can’t avail themselves to the state, again most have places that are not war zones, and many have passed through numerous countries. So, with fake passport black markets, corruption, and terrorism concerns, this is beyond a joke.

Also just to show how pathetic you losers are. I can win on sanctuary cities in a YouTube comment. No legal right of sanctuary exists within the United States. Sanctuary is not recognized by common or statutory law. So now we have "free speech and law-free zones." "The Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) issued a legal opinion, rejecting sanctuary as a legal right in the United States under federal, state, or common law." Sanctuary participants who knowingly harbor an illegal alien could violate 8 U.S.C. § 1324. In U.S. v. Costello the 7th circuit discussed the scope and stated that " 8 U.S.C. §1324 (a)(1)(A)(iii), which provides that anyone who knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the U.S. in violation of law, conceals, harbors or shields from detection [or attempts to do any of these things], such alien in any place, including any building or any means of transportation," is punishable by a prison term and a fine." The court also reasoned that harboring is "deliberately safeguarding members of a specified group from authorities" and in the immigration setting, meant " materially to assist an alien to remain illegally in the U.S. without publicly advertising his presence but without needing or bother to conceal it." This also could include those who publicly advertise, i.e. a church who tried to stop authorities from entering Church. The power to regulate immigration resides exclusively with the federal government and the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution "bars or preempts state and local governments from taking serious actions that frustrate federal laws and regulatory schemes established in relation to immigration." The Supreme Court has also consistently stated that the need to have uniformity in immigration is best accomplished by maintaining the federal government's exclusive control over immigration. Put even simpler, the Supreme Court has held that the federal government must have control over immigration law. Sanctuary policies which restrict the exchange of information regarding a person's immigration status between the federal and state/local government on their face violate the Immigration Reform Act and Welfare Reform Act. SEC. 642. (Immigration Reform Act) COMMUNICATION BETWEEN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND THE IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE. (a) IN GENERAL —Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, a Federal, State, or local government entity or official may not prohibit, or in any way restrict, any government entity or official from sending to, or receiving from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual. (b) ADDITIONAL AUTHORITY OF GOVERNMENT ENTITIES .—Not-withstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, no person or agency may prohibit, or in any way restrict, a Federal, State, or local government entity from doing any of the following with respect to information regarding the immigration status, law- ful or unlawful, of any individual: (1) Sending such information to, or requesting or receiving such information from, the Immigration and Naturalization Service. (2) Maintaining such information. (3) Exchanging such information with any other Federal, State, or local government entity. (c) OBLIGATION TO RESPOND TO INQUIRIES .—The Immigration and Naturalization Service shall respond to an inquiry by a Federal, State, or local government agency, seeking to verify or ascertain the citizenship or immigration status of any individual within the jurisdiction of the agency for any purpose authorized by law, by providing the requested verification or status information. SEC. 434 (Welfare Reform Act). COMMUNICATION BETWEEN STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES AND THE IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE. Notwithstanding any other provision of Federal, State, or local law, no State or local government entity may be prohibited, or in any way restricted, from sending to or receiving from the Immigration and Naturalization Service information regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of an alien in the United States. *A local policy that prohibits or restricts officials and employees from sharing immigration information with federal authorities will likely conflict with 642 and 434 and thus would be a nullity. So, sanctuary policies that obstruct the "Accomplishment and execution of the full purposes and objectives of Congress" in the field of immigration law may be preempted by federal law. Where can i find a case where the Congress or the Court has clearly explained the certain role states must play in the enforcement of federal immigration law.? 8 U.S.C. § 1373 prohibits government entities, agencies, officials and persons from preventing the voluntary reporting of a person's immigration status by any governmental entity, officials or employees to federal immigration authority. (b) bans any "person or agency from prohibiting any federal, state or local government entity from sending or receiving specific immigration information to or from ICE. *So, for Frisco, Here, I would argue that the law is preempted by implication as it prohibits employees from "asking" about a persons immigration status and conflicts with the purpose of 8 U.S.C. § 1373's "promoting communication between federal and state and local government." If they want to require non-dissemination of immigration information for minors who are arrested for felony crimes, it would also be preempted. If they have "Don't Tell", federal law bars the city from preventing voluntary dissemination of immigrant status information. In the Second Circuit in New York, the Court struck down an executive order which prohibited New York City employees from voluntarily reporting immigration information to federal officials. "In ruling against the city's Tenth Amendment claim, the court held that the city did not have the untrammeled right to forbid all voluntary cooperation by state or local officials with particular federal programs." The court also outlined how the city would have to present evidence on how its illegal juvenile non-reporting policy is integral to the operation of the government. So, despite New York losing on a constitutional challenge, they are still recognized as a sanctuary city. *So, the Republicans, despite having majorities everywhere, apparently have not authorized an across-the-board stripping of federal dollars from state and local governments that do not fully comply to the full extent of the federal governments immigration enforcement programs. "The House passed H.R. 3009 on July 23, 2015. That bill would have penalized states and localities that restrict information gathering or communication with federal immigration enforcement agencies regarding an individual’s citizenship or immigration status by withholding funding for three Department of Justice grant programs." "2016 ( H.R. 2578) would have prohibited federal funds from going to jurisdictions that restrict their law enforcement agents from notifying ICE on the immigration status of aliens." " S. 3100 and S. 2193, would have restricted federal funding to cities that decline to honor detainers; and increase penalties (i.e., prison sentence) for migrants who illegally renter." Sessions: The Interior Enforcement Order failed to even define "Sanctuary" jurisdictions . Voluntary 287(g) agreements and inclusion of immigration data on NCIC.? Clear Act, which states that federal funds will be reallocated only upon the dismissal of any sanctuary policy currently in place. Sanctuary Cities defy federal law, encourage more invaders to come, offer refuge to terrorists, help gang recruitment, and increase costs to the local taxpayers. Facts: i. Illegals make up around 4% of the entire USA population. Around 1/2 were initially admitted lawfully but overstayed or violated the terms of their authorization. There has been around 10,000 criminal aliens that were released because of sanctuary polices who have been arrested again for new crimes since 2014. ii. General Accounting Office: About 40 percent of individuals convicted as a result of DOJ terrorism-related investigations were aliens. About 68 percent of the approximately 51,000 criminal aliens incarcerated in federal prison at the end of December 2010 were citizens from Mexico. "Based on our random sample of 1,000 criminal aliens, we estimate that our study population of about 249,000 criminal aliens were arrested about 1.7 million times, averaging about 7 arrests per criminal alien, slightly lower than the 8 arrests per criminal alien we reported in 2005." *We spend over a billion dollars a year on imprisoning illegals.. iii. Center for Immigration Studies: "Center researchers reviewed more than 500 cases of MS-13 gang members arrested nationwide since 2012. The resurgence is directly connected to the illegal arrival and resettlement of more than 300,000 Central American youths and families that has continued unabated for six years, and to a de-prioritization of immigration enforcement in the interior of the country that occurred at the same time." iv. States with the highest expenditures for illegal immigration according to FAIR. Cali, Texas, NY= over 40 billion when added together.

The usa is a fascist state, terrorist No.1. There will be a real new Nurnberg Tribunal-II for the United States. By the level of lies, the usa surpassed its teacher, Goebbels. Lying, lying, lying and lying to usa citizens and citizens of the World is the reality of usa behavior. The United States destroyed the national population of the Indians, destroyed millions of citizens of Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine - this is genocide. The usa is a genocide of the population on the Planet. The usa is an abscess on Planet Earth! Usa is a criminal! US crimes will be investigated.

What the fuck losers.

Hi To all of you wonderfull people at the big table i want to say i enjoy your talks i learn alot from yous and all my work getting ready was for nothing no show takeing place.yours truly Deborah Duggan.

And for Mexico, they should start their own manufacturing of things, like China does, apparently they also could have cheap labor, and could build up like China, and have the US market and Canada close. If China can compete shipping goods across the world, certainly Mexico should be able to make their own goods, keep their people happy and survive. They have a lot of land available. That President needs to round up the cartel and get them investing in manufacturing business, and change to honesty, before the end of time, or they are all doomed we know.

Anyway to get adjustments on student loans, some of us just got educated and have high bills, and now these companies say they will train and help. Glad you influenced them, and there are still many Americans here that will work if the pay is good, but if you cant even afford a car, or house, and just pay for food to survive, well, the incentive goes way down to work for 8 hours a day for someone else, just to eat. Then the motivation can go the other way, purchase way less, consume less, and rent a bedroom. That doesn't help the economy either.

Love Trump on Russia, on Korea, on China, on everything!!! Cant even understand any of those criticizing!!

Thank you, I just hope those companies will hire some women, as we have spent already a lot of money to educate ourselves, and I for one am tired of companies wanting to pay about $30,000 a year, when my father made more than that in 1966. We women also want to be able to afford our cars, and pay our own rent, as men can.

Thank you President Trump for sharing the Cabinet Meeting with Americans.

You see the H1B1 workers and students gained experience training and education here in the US and then went back home. That was the worst thing O admin. did for the USA. It backfired and thank God for Trump it is now knowledge. S.T.E.M potential job opportunities are abundant for those majoring in one of those fields. Americans that are in college need to focus on S.T.E.M majors to catch up with those job spots that are lacking. Thanks Sec. Ross for acknowledging that.

No other President's have done this, Trump is the most transparent President. Trump 2020!

Ivanka 2024

The only thing the intelligence Community should be allowed to operate is a light switch that has no power going to it.

This wonderful for taking good people that want to work off of welfare.


No, not okay, totally stupid.

" we need people, trained people . that's why Mar-a-Lago always hires non-americans." "That's why Ivanka's sweatshops are in Asia" Anybody believes this bullshit ? Anybody believes Barbie's school-report ? Love the rich getting richer. Any new millionaires ? Raise your hands........Who will pay for the trade wars? Right, NOT the rich.......It's nice if you were born with a a couple of Silver Bone Spurs in your brain. DeVos been working hard? Has she ever??? Barbie &Devos try working one week in your own sweatshops, bet you can' work......euh, normal less-than-minimal wage job for one week. You've spent more time at the hairsalon in your life than doing any REAL work. You don't know what a job looks or feels like....Rich spoiled hypocrites.

......otherwise known as Trump crosses his arms and huffs and puffs, while the strawmen pretend they are men intead of weasels.

45 thumbs down from 45 worthless scum liberals. liberals = the TRUE enemy of America.!!!!

First of all: This is not a matter of politics anymore, this is a matter of the fact that Trump is not qualified to be president. He is mentally unstable and under developed, he has the mental capasity of a child. He is dangerous, he is unstable, he is unqualified, he is unintelligent, he is dangerous! He makes decisions based on "If the other person likes him ore not". That is not fact-based, that is not a sound polotical position to have!?! If they say something against you, not even critical, just a different position than Trump, and he lashed out like a child! How can you have a leader that acts like a child??? Just listen to how he speaks. This is the sound of a child talking, how can people not hear that Trump speaks like a child?! Do you ever wounder why this is? He speaks like a child, he act and acts out like a child. If someone say something bad about him he lashes out like a child, calls them mean makes and nickmanes... This is the way children act out... Put this together and even republican Trump-supporters should see the reality. Trump has the mental capasity of a child. This is dangerous, would you feel safe with a temperamental 12 year old in charge of your economy? In charge of your gun-locker? In charge of what to spend your money on? This is the reality happening in the US, you have a child in charge, and the 30% of the US that still don`t understand this are responsible for all the shit Trump and his horrible actions and in-actions are going to bring down on you...

世界滅亡人 把我fb關掉 就是要下地 地獄 好爸喜歡聽就去吧 不信主 還底檔 去疤的游泳嗎 我也不 不幫你操心了 要死就去死吧

有沒有看到啦 川普 大總統後面


跟川普大總統 住在一起的 都沒有包袱 天天 笑咪咪。

Every single politician who served 100 years ago is dead! Trump will be remembered 100 years from now. I hope I will be remembered as honorable. For that, I would work for $1 per year. I understand you!! in 50 years the swamp will be all dead hopefully forever.

You know that much of crime comes from poverty and desperation. Can a man truly be rehabilitated if the chance presents itself??

These WHITE HOUSE announcements are very revealing. Obama did them well and set an excellent pattern to follow.

How can the people around Trump sit there with a strait face when he lies and lies like never before! Talk about a bullshitter! Just lie after lie, but it is sad to see people just sit here and except the lies, that is pathetic!

Now It's Down to Business...

Im not tired of winning yet keep up the work no matter what anybody says

Kudos Ivanka Kushner, shes in the groove, that was great indeed. BTW President Trump doesn't need to be so tough with Russia, they only have an economy the size of Italys. Please don't allow the lunatics to hustle you, most people these days want to go for a holiday in Russia instead.

Need workers? Make babies America!!!!

Pray for the safety and wisdom for our President! JFK was going to shake the DC cage also and remember what they did to him?

When the federal government hires cannabis consumers, call me.

Successful America

Really Donnie you had to read that you couldn't just know that this guy is a robot he wants to be important so bad

Love America

I want to like Ivanka but her delivery reminds me of Obama and Sheryl Sandberg


Drive out of Opium- Queen- pin, royal circle. To alarm drell announced did you heard about that services in war w/o

Awesome!!! Trump 2020!!! College educated women for Trump!!!!

I don’t ever recall Obama’s ever having such a transparent and positive cabinet meeting. Probably because he didn’t have any good results to discuss. These are adults solving adult problems. And the libs, scream and cry on the street. Thank GOD they aren’t in charge. MAGA!

As the American government has no plan and read everything from the shit notes ... if they did it all themselves, they would have to know all the data!

Alone the first 5 minutes show how cocky Trump is.

I wonder about the facts and figures on houses and housing. Is there any way to deflate some of this, the base a person calls home? I wonder if the market insists on most things perfectly past a benefit person, or an unemployed, as an unusual market guideline and control.

this the racist white house ever and run by a racist punk of president who freakin freakin fucking does not gives a darn a bout anything about themselves and the rich amercians plus canada will not accept or Tolorate the untied states resigm any longer so back down trump and let tom kirkman take your spot forever yeah yeah anit that sexy right boys

Trump is such an inspiration

Thank you for all that you have done for America Mr.President. You have secured our boarders, you have given hope to the immigrants that want to be apart of this great nation. Thank you for giving opportunities to the American people that want apart of the American dream. Thank You for me being apart of that dream. I can not Thank You enough for being MY PRESIDENT!!!


Thank America God bless the USA l Donald Trump God bless Mike PomPeo

Wah, wah dummy throws rattle out of pram. Crosses arms and whinges, just for a change. 45 is a coward, traitor, idiot and a disgrace! Anybody who still supports this POS is as bad as he is.................

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