President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

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Thank, you very much thank you. I'm. Honored to be joined by. Prime Minister Lupin, of Sweden. At. Our, first meeting in the White House Sweden. Is one of our oldest, and closest. Partners, and. Was among the first European, nations to offer the United States an, unsolicited. Treaty. A friendship, a treaty. Signed believe, it or not in, 1783. That's, a long time ago, my. Daughter Ivanka had, a wonderful time watching American. And Swedish athletes. Compete, in the. Recent, Men's Curling final, at, the Olympics. That. Was something, I was a little upset with that wasn't. Expected, but that's okay we'll take it right all. Of the athletes should be immensely, proud of the great job. They did the, Prime Minister and I have just concluded a series of very productive meetings the relationship. Between. The United States and, Sweden is one base two ensured values, including. Respect for individual, rights the rule of law and human dignity, these. Common, principles, are the foundation, of our partnership, and we have had a great partnership for many, years we. Look forward to exploring further opportunities. To increase our security and, our, cooperation in, every other way and we encourage nations, around the world to share responsibility. For our. Common, defense. We. Appreciate, Sweden's, leadership, on the United, Nations Security Council and, look, very much forward to working together in, the coming months the United, States is also grateful to Sweden for advocating. For. Americans, detained in, North Korea I. Particularly. Want to thank the Swedish, government for, its assistance in securing the release of, American, College, student, otto, warmbier. Last. Year terrible, tragic, event we. Continue, to pray for Otto's, parents, Fred and Cindy two terrific, people. Over. The tragic, death of their son and we remain determined to, achieve a, D, nuclearization. Of the. Korean. Peninsula. And there's been a lot of news on that today hopefully it's positive, hopefully. It will lead to a very positive result. In. Economic matters, we are striving for a relationship. Grounded, in fairness and reciprocity. The. United States is one of the largest investors, in Sweden and the. Swedish investments. In the United States, support, over 200 thousand American, jobs, earlier. This afternoon I. Heard from several Swedish. Business. Executives, some of the greatest in the world where, are you folks please. Some. Of the great executives. In, the, world people, I've known for, a long time and certainly know of and. They're investing, tremendous, amounts of money in the United States and supporting. Also. Vocational. Training for American workers, we're, grateful for those investments. And we are committed to working with. Sweden to pursue even greater economic, cooperation. We're. Also continuing, to pursue bilateral. Agreements, to advance, mutual. Prosperity, I'm. Pleased that Sweden, intends. To, procure. The Patriot, air and missile defense system, finest, in the world in a, deal worth over, three billion dollars, this, system, will increase stability and security in the, Baltic Sea region a, strong. And balanced, economic relationship. Strengthen. Security, and prosperity. In both of our countries and. This. Is just the beginning, we have a lot of things that we're working on and we're working on, them. Really, very hard. Mr.. Prime minister I want to thank you again for joining us and I want, to thank your great staff who we met with and your, great business leaders it, was a very. Interesting and productive meeting the, longstanding, friendship between, our people anchored, in our shared beliefs, and values has greatly enriched. Both of our countries, and. This is just the beginning our relationship, has never been better an, honor, to have you here thank you. Thank, you mr. president for a warm, and generous welcome. It is a true pleasure to be here at, White House. This. Year Sweden, and the United States celebrates, 200 years of diplomatic relations, and, this. Meeting. I'm. Reaffirms. The strength, of our, relations, the. History is shown that. Our two nations share, fundamental. Values, and interests. Such as democracy. And human rights we also share a strong, partnership, that, continues, to evolve. Today.

We Have discussed, how, to further, strengthen, our country's. Prosperity and. Security, as. For, Prosperity, Sween is one of the largest per capita investors. In the United States and my country, may not be big but we support, directly. And indirectly, almost. 1 million jobs in, the United States and some. Key, executives. Of the companies, that provides, these jobs are also here with me at. This visit at. The same time the United States is our most, important. Foreign, employer and many, US companies play, a vital. Role in providing, investment. And creating, jobs in Sweden. President. Trump and I have discussed how our nations can support, jobs, and growth it's, a crucial issue, for. Sweden that means embracing. New. Sustainable. Technologies, which permit, our economy. To grow at, the same time reducing, emissions and also, how we can secure. Good jobs in a labor, market, constantly. Changing, due to, automation and. Digitalization. Sweden. And the United States are two, of the most innovative, economies. In the world and we see great opportunities. Ahead. Swedish. Prosperity, is built on cooperation. Competitiveness. And free trade and. I'm convinced, that increased. Terrorists, will hurt us all in the long run and as a sweet I of, course support, the efforts. Of the European, Union to, achieve trade, with fewer, obstacles. And as few as possible. Turning. To security, the president and I have discussed some key regional, and global security, challenge. Such as the, situation, on the Korean Peninsula. But, also the the developments. In in Sweden's, neighborhood, we. Have also addressed the constructive. Cooperation between, Sweden, and the United States in the, United, Nations Security, Council I. Would. Like to underline that the transatlantic, link, is strong, and it, remains, crucial. To, responding. To global, security challenges. Sweden. Is a military. Non-aligned. Country, but. We build security, in partnership, with others and we greatly value our, broad, security. And defense cooperation with, the United States and. One. Important, example, that is our joint efforts, to to, fight in combat, terrorism, Sweden. And the United States stands, shoulder-to-shoulder. In the global coalition against, Isis, and also. In the resolute, support mission in. Afghanistan. And these, vital, military efforts, must go hand in hand with strong. Political diplomatic. And, also civilian, support, to, create sustainable. Results, so. In conclusions, as, we, celebrate, 200, years of diplomatic, relations, we are also planning, for. Shared prosperity and. Security. For many, many years to come and once again I thank you mr. president for constructive. And, successful. Meeting and for, the very warm welcome, that, both my delegation and I received, thank, you so much. John. Thank, You mr. president you, spoke about North, Korea in the Oval Office so I'd like to turn to trade if, I could my understanding, is that the Prime Minister came. To you with a message from the European, Union Commission president saying you put tariffs on steel and aluminum will slap you back with punitive tariffs, on bourbon. And jeans and the motorcycles, that you talk about from, Wisconsin, are, you still planning on going ahead with, these tariffs there are some people in your party who, have suggested it's not a good idea and and Prime Minister Levine what's, your perspective on tariffs. And what message did you convey, to the president, from, Sweden and from the European, Union thank you. Well. The United States has, been taken, advantage of by other, countries both, friendly, and not, so friendly, for many many decades and. We. Have a trade, deficit. Of 800. Billion, dollars. A year and. That's. Not going to happen with me we. Have been mistreated, by many. Sometimes. Fairly, but there, are really, very few instances where that's taken place and I don't blame the. Countries I blame our, leadership, for allowing. It to happen. When, I was with President Xi and China as an example, we. Lose 500. Billion dollars a year on trade we, have a deficit, of approximately. 500. Billion, dollars a year with China and.

We're Doing things with China which are very strong but they understand, it but. I was with him and I said to him in public I said look I'm not blaming you I blame our people, for not doing. A better job for allowing, this to happen but it's like that with many countries. Other than smaller, the European, Union has been. Particularly. Tough. On the United States. They. Make it almost impossible for, us to do business with them and yet. They send their cars and everything else back into the United States and. They. Can do whatever they'd like but if they do that then. We, put. A big tax of 25% on, their cars and believe me they won't be doing it very long. The. European Union has not treated us well. And, it's, been, a very very unfair trade situation I'm, here to protect and one of the reasons I was elected as I'm protecting, our workers I'm protecting, our companies, and I'm, not gonna let that happen so we're. Doing tariffs, on steel we, cannot lose our steel industry, it's a fraction. Of what it once was and we. Can't lose our aluminum, industry, also. A fraction. Of what, it once was and. Our. Country's doing well the massive, tax cuts and all of the deregulation. Has really kicked us into gear, but. I have to work on trade deals we're working on NAFTA right now and if. We're able to make a deal with, Canada, and Mexico in, NAFTA then. There will be no reason to do the tariffs with Canada, and Mexico, but. Again other countries, we. Won't have that choice and, unless. They can do something for us as an example if the European, Union. Takes off some of the horrible barriers, that make it impossible for, our product, to go into there then. We can start talking otherwise we're gonna leave it the way it is so, the fact is we've been mistreated, as a country, for many years and, it's. Just not going to happen any longer how do you avoid this escalating, how do you avoid this escalating, into a trade war well it's we'll have to see you know when we're behind on every single country, trade. Wars aren't so bad do. You understand what I mean by that when, we're down by 30 billion 40 billion 60 billion a hundred, billion, the. Trade war hurts them doesn't, hurt us so. We'll see what happens you, know you can also, take. It in some cases we lose on trade plus we give them military. Where. We're. Subsidizing. Them, tremendously. So not only do we lose on trade we lose on military. So. And hence we have these massive deficit, numbers in our country, we're. Going to straighten it out and we'll, do it in a in. A very loving way you'll. Be a loving, loving way they'll, like us better and they, will respect us much more because. Even they say right now they say we can't believe we've gotten away I mean. Two countries, have said we cannot believe to be honest with you. We've, gotten away with this so long now one of them made. That statement before I got elected he said. I can't, believe I made that Sabin before I got, elected but, it's one of those things we have to straighten it out we. Really, have no choice mr.. Prime minister how forceful, was your message to. The President, on what, the consequences. Will be if, he goes ahead with tariffs, first. Trade. Is a European, Union mandate, so we're a member of the European. Union it's European, mandate to - to. Handle the trade issues, but. As a, member of, the European Union I. Think. It's important. For us to try to find, a way to cooperate between, the European Union and the United States I fully. Understand, and respect the president's, view that we have to, look. After his. Own country the country that you're leading I understand, that fully that's, my primarily task, as well.

But, For me leading a small country, depending. On on open trade we. The. Best way for us is to, do, that with others, because. Our, export, equals, to 50 percent of our GDP, so. For us it is, crucially. Important that we have this open and free trade today. Also I believe that the the supply chains are very very complicated, to, see I know that for, example when we when, we sell our fighter aircraft, which is a very good aircraft, the. Content, is perhaps, 50 percent American. So. We. Want, this to be to, be resolved. Incorporation. And when it comes to steel, yes. We have an overcapacity, in, the world that's that's. Obviously. But. At the same time it is China that is producing, about 50 percent of the steel in the world so. And. European, Union perhaps. 10 percent and unless, than that so. To, summarize, I think it. Was a pity. Again, it's a European Union mandate but it was a pity also, that the TTIP negotiations, ended. Because. Perhaps. With, negotiations, and talks we. Can come into situation. With the European, Union and the United States can cooperate I think that would be a very good, solution. Just, maybe, a little bit further if. You talk, China I've, watched where the, reporters. Have been writing, 2%, of our steel comes from China well that's not right, they. Transship. All, through, other countries and you'll. See that a country, that doesn't even have a steel mill is sending us 3% steel, for. Our country and many. Countries are doing it but, it comes from China so China, doesn't send us 2% they. Send us a much much higher level, than that but. It's called transshipping, so. It doesn't look good when it all comes out of China so they send it through other countries and it, comes to us and it's. Putting our steel mills out of business our. Aluminum mills are. Going out of business and, we, need steel and we, need aluminum, and, you know there's a theory that if. A country doesn't have. Steel. It. Doesn't have a country, and. It's, true so this is more than just pure economics, this is about defense, this. Is about the country itself but, again remember this we lose 800, billion dollars, a year in. Trade and I think I was elected at least partially, on this issue and I've, been saying it for 25 years our country has been taken advantage of by everybody. By. Everybody almost everybody, and. We. Cannot let that happen any longer not for our companies, and not most, importantly, for our workers, so. We're not going to let it happen, please. Okay. Tina. TT news. Agencies. Thank. You for hosting us, you. Mentioned, that sweetness helped, the United States with North Korea. How. Do you see your collaborate. In the future to create a future a peaceful. Korean Peninsula, how do you see sweaters roll, there, how, do you both view the collaboration, and, as. A follow-up, to that as I may mr.. President I know that you've followed the development in Sweden, closely, especially. When it comes to immigration. Politics. Now. That you spent some time with our prime minister how do you view, Sweden. In general what is your take and and also, on our immigration, politics thank. You you have a wonderful prime minister I have to say we've gotten to know each other. Certainly, you have a problem with the immigration, it's caused problems in Sweden I was one of the first ones to say it I took. A little heat but, that was okay because I proved to be right but.

You Do have a problem and I. Know, the problem will slowly, disappear. Hopefully, rapidly, disappear. But. As far as our relationship with. Sweden it's going to be only stronger, only better both. In a military, sense in a training sense an economic. Sense you know Sweden, is a I think, the largest the. Eighth largest investor. In the United States and they, like me very much because the market is up almost 40%, since, election, day so. I've made a lot of these business, geniuses, look even better so. They like Trump but but, you know it's been out very substantially, but I believe, Sweden, is about the eighth largest, investor. In the. United States and that's quite an achievement. We've. Been working on North Korea Sweden has somewhat. Of a relationship with North Korea we've been working with North, Korea as I said Otto, was, really, brought, home unfortunately, in very poor condition, but Otto, was brought home largely. With. The help of Sweden they're, terrific, terrific. People, people. From Sweden the Swedish people, are fantastic, people had many friends in New, York in Washington from. Sweden, and they. Are fantastic people. Thank. You mr.. Prime minister how do you view Sweden. And North Korea and the u.s. we. Have to find a dialogue. I know it's, not it's not easy, but that's the, way it has to be very dangerous situation. And we need all to be very concerned, about the. Development, of nuclear, weapon. But. We must. Look at the the the peninsula, the region, the world and this has to do with with world peace or. Something. Else so, the key actors is obviously. The two countries South and North Korea as well as the United States and another, big. Countries they're the key actors we've said that we can provide, we, can we can. Be. A channel, or. Do. Whatever we can to, see, that the dialogue is, smooth, not, being, naive it's not it's, not up to us to solve this problem but, we can definitely with, our long presence, on, the peninsula both, in South and North we. Have an, embassy in Pyongyang for, example we've had that since 1973. So. With that relation, with North Korea I believe that they trust us we. Are a non-aligned, country, and I know a military, non-aligned, country and I think we can we can if. If, the, president decides of the the key actors decide if they want us to. Help out we'll be there, they. Really have been terrific, really. Terrific. Sager. And jetty Daily Caller please. Thank. You mr. president since. It's my first time before you I thought you might indulge me with two questions first.

Sir Do you believe in North Korea's recent, willingness, to talk is sincere. Or is, it an effort to buy time for their nuclear program and to what do you owe this, recent, openness. To talk me. Know. I think that. Nobody. Got that I think. That, they. Are sincere but, I think they're sincere, also, because. The. Sanctions, and what, we're doing with respect to. North. Korea including you. Know the great help that we've been given from China and they can do more but, I think they've done more than certainly they've ever done for our country before so, China. Has been a big help I think that's been. A factor but. The sanctions have been very very strong and, very. Biting. And. We don't want that to happen so I really believe they are sincere I hope this and Co we're gonna soon find out. You. Would like to see some change in the people around you does, that include include, your attorney general Jeff Sessions or either of your yeah no, I don't I don't really talk about that I just said that the. White House has tremendous, energy it has tremendous spirit it. Is a great place to be working, many. Many people want every single job you know I read where oh gee maybe people don't want to work for Trump but believe. Me everybody. Wants to work in the White House they, all want a piece of that Oval Office they want a piece of the West Wing and, not. Only in terms of it looks great on their resume it's just a great place to work it's got tremendous energy. It's tough I like. Conflict, I like having two people with different points of view and I certainly have that and then, I make a decision but. I like watching it I like seeing it and I think it's the best way to go I like different points of view but. The White House has a tremendous. Energy and we have tremendous talent, yeah, there'll be people, I'm not gonna be specific. But there'll be people that change they always change sometimes. They want to go out and do something else but. They all want to be in the White House so many people want to come in I have a choice of anybody, I could take any position in the White House and. I'll have a choice of the 10 top people having. To do with that position, everybody. Wants to be there and they. Love this White House because we have energy, like. Rarely, before okay, thank you very much sir, mr., prime minister last. Year you criticized the president for drawing a link between immigrant, crime and the. Recent arrivals of refugees, this. Week one of our own flagship, papers in The New York Times actually profiled. A link between Hand, Grenade violence, and immigrant gangs in your country do, you stand by your criticism. Of the president, first. Sweden. We have our share of domestic. Challenges, no doubt about that so and. We inherited. A legislation. That was not sustainable, legislation. On migration. Which. Meant. That in. 2015. We. Received, one hundred and sixty three thousand. Refugees. Seeking. Refuge. Be, remind were a country of ten million inhabitants, so, that was a lot 70 percent of them came from September, to December which, meant it was a dramatic increase, we. Changed, the legislation, so now we've decreased, the number of refugees entering, Sweden and we're also putting pressure on the other European, Union countries to, take their share of the responsibility this. Is not a responsibility, for one. Two three or four countries it, is a shared responsibility we. Were working with that now within the European Union. So. And. We we of course we also have, problems. With crime organized, crime in Sweden shootings, but. It's not like you have these no-go, zones. We. We have we. Have dealt with it I'm dealing with it every day, allocating. More resources to, the police more. Policemen trained. More. Resources, to the security, police, tougher, law on crime tougher, law on terrorism. Supporting. Terrorism so we do a lot to combat that and we can also see some results. Now in you know three major cities decreased. Shootings, because we're attacking the, organized, crime very tough and we'll keep on doing that because there, is no space in Sweden, for organized crime because. They they they. Decrease. Freedom, for for ordinary people at the same time. Sweden. Have a high growth. Unemployment. Is. Going down, employment. Is going up we. Have high investment. Rates. We're. Allocating resources. To. The welfare we have a strong, strong economy, with it with the surplus a huge surplus, that we're now using to. Develop, our society, with. For example the the welfare that we that we want so, the pictures we need to be it's. Two pictures yes we have our share of domestic. Problems and challenges no, doubt about that we're, dealing with them and we, also have. Good a good, foundation, for, dealing with them not, least with. The strong economy, and the, shrinking. Unemployment. Okay. So it's chaos Swedish radio. This. Is an election year for both, of our countries and, I want to ask you mr. Trump what, do you think Sweden, should learn from, how the Russian.

Influence, Campaign, affected. The, presidential. Election in the US. The. Russians had no impact, on our, votes, whatsoever. But certainly. There was meddling, and probably. There was meddling from other countries, and maybe other individuals, and I. Think you have to be. Really. Watching, very closely you, don't want your, system. Of votes to be compromised. In any way and we won't, allow that to happen we're doing a very very deep study and we're, coming out with some I think very strong, suggestions. On the, 18 election, I think we're gonna do very well in the 18 election, although historically, those. In the White House have. A little bit of a dip, but, I think we're going to do well because the economy, is so good and because we're protecting our job like our, jobs are being protected finally. Like, with what we're doing with the tariffs but the. Big thing would be the tax cut and the regulations, cuts, also. The judges I mean we have outstanding, judges. Judge Gorsuch. In the Supreme Court and many many judges, going. On to the bench all over the country so I think we're gonna do very well and. I, think it'll be a tremendous surprise, to people how well it's the. Economy is so good jobs are so good, black. Unemployment Hispanic. Unemployment. At, all-time, lows, I mean we're really we're, really doing well so based on that I guess we should do pretty well and I hope so but you, have to be very vigilant and. One, of the things we're learning is it's always good it's, old-fashioned. But it's always good to have a paper, backup. System, of voting it's, called paper, not. Highly. Complex, computers. Paper and. A lot of states are doing that they go into a paper back, up and I, think that's a great idea but we're studying, it very closely various, agencies, including. Homeland. Security, are. Studying. It very carefully. Worried. About thrush and trying to meddle. In the midterm no because will counteract. Whatever, they do will counteract it very strongly and we are having strong backup systems and we've been working actually, we. Haven't been given credit for this but we've actually been working very, hard, on the 18 election, and the, 20 election coming up thank you very much. Are. You guys on the same page when, it comes to evaluating the threat, from Russia, when it comes to meddling in elections, you think well. We both, agree. Upon that the election in a country should be the result of the election, and the country should be decided, but nobody else but the voters in, that country and that is. Also our clear stance and that is why our, intelligence. Agencies now, also increasing. Their own capacity. To detect, encounter. Whether. It's hacker attacks, or or. Financing. Or producing. Or spreading, propaganda, whatever. It is we. Are increasing, our capacity to handle that we are cooperating with other European, Union countries some of our agencies are also cooperating, with with American, counterparts. And this, will continue to do and so any, foreign. Power, that that believes. That they can interfere with, our election. We will find out and we will call them out very clearly, loud. First. Time that you two meet, just the two of you word, did, you find most common, ground of word you differ most on political, issues, we. We. First. We we. We. Now. First we we. We. I mean we we both come from outside politics, into. Politics I've, spent I have. 30 years in industry. As. A welder, but. Also it's a trade unionist, but trade, union leader, spending. 75, 80 percent, of my time cooperating. With, the company leaders with the employees organization, in, an effort to strengthen, our industry, so, that's a perhaps, a similar. Background not similar, because. It's. Different but but become from outside policies, but of course also. Friends differ from time to time the.

Paris Agreement the, important, of Paris agreement we stand, by that we think it's very important, that we implement, and fulfill. The Paris agreement because. Of the the climate issue and. On that we might if our tariffs, as well but. Having said that still, we know that, the relationship is, so good yes, so we can take it that we differ as well because. The values are there and we cooperate, very, very good on economic, issues making. Sure that we create jobs and. Growth and also. On security, issues both when it comes to combating, terrorism but, also, when. It comes to to defend. Ourselves just. Finally. Follow up for mr. Trump do you think the trade. Is worth Sweden, and u.s. difference. Right now I think, we have very good relationships, on trade, we. Have had and. We. Are constantly, in touch we have on. The military great cooperation, including. Design of, various. Components of aircraft etc, and we are we were discussing, that we have some of the great makers. Of these components, in the room with us today now we have a very good relationship on, trade and we always will have Swedes. A great country its small but. It's. Very sharp I will tell you they are very sharp, thank you very much everybody I appreciate it thank you.

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God Bless my President Donald J. Trump USA, USA, USA. URAAAAAAAAAAA

The Swedish immigration system worked fine, until _someone_ started fucking around, destabilizing the entire middle-east. Thanks Bush! Thanks Republicans! Also, do you think it's a coincidence that the people who think Sweden is being destroyed by immigration are all either republicans, laissez faire capitalists, or racist conspiracy theorists? It's because they all have an agenda, either against social-democracy, or brown people. But don't worry about us, we've been here for over a thousand years and we're not as politically or socially volatile as the US, so we're not going anywhere. We've dealt with way worse in the past, and we'll deal with this too.

Mr President, did you ask the Prime minister why he is destroying his beautiful country with African/Arab migrants?

All welcome to Sweden President Trump

Let's liberate Sweden from the Muslim invaders!

President Trump is a Greatest World Leader.

It's sad....Sweden is lost and as a fellow European I might be thankfull they will serve as an example. UN prediction: Sweden will be a 3rd world country in 2030

Also thumb up for Stefan for very good english and for making good relations with US.

If Sweden dont have problems with crime and we dont have any No Gone Zone, WHY WHY WHY, did Stefan ask Trump for help with all crimes in Sweden, why why why?

Stefan should behave truly and not play bad games with Trump if Stefan want help with all crime in Sweden and if Stefan wants god relationer with US. Kajsa the swedish journalist comes with her conspiracy teoris about russia and Stefan seems to be in that game, be careful Stefan so you dont destroy this opportunity. I dont think Trump want a false relation

Sweden is what happens when you think every every race of people can live together peacefully then you find out that people from muslim and third world countries are kinda rapey and think your women are whores because they don't cover their hair.


i use to hate trump but dauuum hes got mad balls to take this step know what if i get nuked f it cause we took the hit for america to bring her strips back and Donald you earned my respect make this violence stop you are the americas dream all that needs to happen to make that dream come true #Faith

Presidunce Trump .The Great American Viking.....raiding & raping the economy and environment

Honestly, I read President Trump Holds a Joint, and clicked out of instinct


I admire President Trump's directness; the man calls it as it is. That's called clarity, which creates no room for ambiguities and false assumptions.

Löfven lies, his nose grows like Pinocchios evry time he open his mouth

The stupidest thing the American leaders in the past has done was to lose on trade and at the same time provide these countries military support. That's NOT going to happen under President Trump!

Yes, indeed. The European Union has fucked with America with tarriffs and under President Donald J. Trump​, that's NOT going to happen!

WTF man, Sweden is destroying herself through rapefugees and lowly educated migrants.

Sweden president really? History doesnt mean sh*t, just propaganda.

President Trump - what a man and a leader was meant to be.

He should have told Sweden the people of America hope they all are able to RIP after what they've brought in on their children to be harmed.

Why and how did the swedish journalist Kajsa, get 6 min of 32 min to talk about their fixation about russia, and no one stop her dirty games. Swedish journalist playing dirty and nasty, shame of you.

A lot of Swedes are cucked

Swedish government is anti white! Go back to Africa!!!

Nice to finally have a President with a backbone to say no to everyone taking advantage of us, folks we are broke and have to change, he will do this for us. #Trump2020

the problems in sweden are not handled, they are swept under the rug.

If you know this man is a traitor to his own people then the people of Sweden must do something about it get rid of him from what I have read he is destroying you your culture and your family life Stand up be strong and get rid of these invaders you alone have the power to do this .god is with you .take back your nation

Thank you, President Trump! Many of us appreciate you so much.

Sweden voted to commit suicide.

God bless you President Donald J. Trump and the U.S.A.!!!!

Lofven is a globalist clown! TRUMP is KING!!!!

President Trump Holds a Joint

Two human potatoes, none of them fit to rule anything.

No such thing as "Swedish people" soon. You can't fill your Country with 3rd World rats and expect to maintain your CULTURE. Feminists are CANCER to a civilized society. Cucks.

Swedish schmuck says he is fighting ISIS while flooding the Country with Jihadis/African Muslims that have turned Sweden into the rape capital of the World? lol

I feel ashamed about being a swede after watching Stefan lying like the idiot he is. If he wins the election this year I'm getting tf out of this failing country.

I hope we make peace with North Korea

Donald Trump's grandfather immigrated to the US from Sweden. No wonder they have such a terrific relationship.

Stefan is lying his ass off. no "no go zones" .. riiiight .. well according to our own police department in sweden we actually do. about 60 of them actually. maybe he should go and visit rinkeby and see for himself . bet he's to much of a coward to do that.

Mr President. Sweden is one of those "Sh*thole" countries , or at least heading that way. It didn't used to be, but people like this former "failed welder" (he couldn't pass the test to become a welder, but apparently to become a prime minister) Lofven the prime minister of Sweden is destroying my former home country. I am ashamed to say I am a Swede. This prime minister is now in the process to essentially under the table collude to change the Swedish constitution to inhibit free press. Meaning only the MSM, think CNN, MSNBC etc would be allowed to write news. The press that goes along with whatever agenda the government have.

Haha the trolls in the comment section. Are you all bots or are you just stupid? You're not trustworthy, and you have nothing anymore to back your statements up. Get a life, wake up, thank you. "Pekka Heikkinen".

No translators needed!

Get that Communist-scum out of your White House, it's a disgrace!

Unfortunately Mr. President, Sweden is LOST. It is now & henceforth to be known-as Sweden-istan.

Trade wars can't be won by anyone, Mr. President! Tariffs will hurt your own people as well since competition/consumers choices will be declined and prices will go up. #FreeTrade #Reagan #USA #Liberty #Wealth

Didnt he insult sweden earlier this year?

nothing is more cruel and violent than life video games will never surpass it.

RESPECT FOR INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS? We live in a total police state. Disarmed with 3rd worlders running amok. Stefan löfven is promoting white genocide. Trump you sell out piece of shit...

This comment section is insane! But I guess I can use some of the comments in my spare time art work.

24:25 send this man to stay a night in Rinkeby or Malmö.

Trump knows Lofven is lying, Sweden getting destroyed by immigrants in full speed.

I bet the Swedish Chief would even take the criminell illegal aliens if Trump asked him too. He obviously loves that kind of people. Especially if they're muslims!

Haha no one says those types of bullshit in Sweden. Skaffa ett liv, du har ingen plats i politiken om youtube är din utgångspunkt.

It's soo embarrasing to be swedish right now!! Our got damn prime minister is lying as usual!! We have Soo many problems in Sweden and they're not doing a shit about it!! Shootings and rapes every got damn week!! And that's just One of all our problems!! Here you can see how many immigrants Sweden took in Last year compared to our neighbors Norway, Denmark and Finland: The most of them came from Syria, and they are totally destroying our country!! Thank god it's election this year, our only chance to be a good country again is that the Sweden democrats is gonna win!!


Another Swede got cucked. "My nation is my primary task" .. failed there buddy. He can't even make a sentence without the European Union. Europhiles are so cringy and traitorous.


Or Mr. Trump can see the Swede in a Museum.

Multiculti in Sweden made the swedish folks to be a minority in like 100-200 years.

Sweden is a terrible nation. Löfven is a clown.

we had a great country not so much anymore, with many inventors and important people even tough we werent really populated but soon we will cause of the immigrants.

The primary thing resulting from this meeting was the agreement of Sweden to HOST the North Korean - United States SUMMIT.  This neutral country is a good choice.

is he gonna smoke then?

Haha the trolls in the comment section. Are you all bots or are you just pussies? You're not trustworthy, and you have nothing anymore to back your statements up. Get a life, wake up, thank you. "Pekka Heikkinen".

There are more than 45 No-Go Zones in Sweden... even the Swedish Police admit it. Thus, Stefan Löfven has just exposed himself as a consummate LIAR!

The streets of Sweden are still objectively speaking a lot safer than the streets of the US or Canada, e.t.c. You need to put this in perspective, which Americans rarely do.

But wait the Don thinks wind power kills birds! We don't want to block his views of the friggin horizon when he goes golfing (like he does every weekend- I'm glad it gets the idiot out of Washington!)

*nutcheck* Sweden is low energy. U mad bro? I'm from the Show Me state. Get ur balls back and defend yourself. I don't think you've got the guts, ever since the war. I'd like to see Swedish national pride make a roaring comeback. Let's talk defense. I don't want to see any European nation hurting economically. Just look at the dreadful state of Italy and Greece. None of us thought ya'll are racist or fascist or w/e in the first place. Now it's getting awkward. Interleukin

I've thought for years that it's BS that we import steel, makes no damn sense. Go Trump

Bring back Carolus Empire!

Shut your fish lips up, you fat dripping dementia patient pedo Nazi Traitor. Mueller is coming for you and you're going down, and you don't have any "fellow Americans" traitor. Your only friend is Putin, who will destroy you if you don't pay back all the money he's laundered through your "Trump Towers" You're headed straight to Gitmo, Trump Terrorist.

Stefan Löfven looks like he is very nervous

Löfven is a god damn liar, pretty much everything he says about our immigration and that he "inherited" the migration policies is total bullshit. We have several no-go-zones here in sweden and i DARE our prime minister to going out alone at night at one of these places to prove his point

my my my my Stefan Löfven sweetheart. I have a very very very very very very.... deep down love for you and your people. I am in love with you and your people. I adore Swedish extremely. You are extremely kind person and super generous because you rescued me when I was surrounded by evil. You rescued me when I was in the dark. You rescued me when I didn't have option. You rescued me when I was straggling with life. You helped me to fight the evil. You gave me your most when I needed it most. You gave me life. You gave me future. You made my dream to come true. You stood for me when I was hopeless. You taught me how to love deep. You taught me how to care for someone you love. Thank you extremely for your unlimited kindness. I am one of those people who adore you. You are part of my life. I can't Thank You enough. You crawl to enemy fire to save my life. You mean a world for me. I care for you more than you care for me Swedish. I love you more than you love me Swedish. My prayer is for God to give you the extreme happiness you want to have in your life Swedish. I am in love with you Swedish. Swedish you were just there for me when I was hopeless. When I didn't know what to do you gave me life. You took my pain to give me relief. You took my worries to give me peace. You are incredibly kind and dependable. I just don't know how to explain it how much I love you. I think about Swedish so much because thinking about you gives me life. You give me hope. You lift me up. I owe you so much Swedish. You guys are my baby. I love you incredibly Swedish and again I owe you big Swedish

Stefan Löven har ingeting på Trump. Löven var imot Trump från början och får betalt för det nu - Löven står inte up för Sverige - varför pratar inte han Svenska? Han pratar så dålig Engelska - som jag skriver Svenska - men vad ville han säga? Otroligt dåligt Stefan Löven och jag förstår inte med så många personer runt om kring dig det kan bli så dåligt. Trump pratar hela tiden om sina och USA värden men Löven pratar aldrig om värderingar. Sweden the little country is trying to play big. Riktigt dåligt Stefan Löven.

29:45 Thumbnail!

2 of the worlds biggest embarrassments on the same stage

Liar. Reform sweden from a dysfunctional liberal fascist con monarchy to a normal republic like all normal countries already.

I see no joint in trumps hands



luven?!?!? HAHAHA ö isn't pronounced like o at all! this is why we need to burn america

Stefan Löfven is pretty much retarded he lies 9/10 times you ask him anything.

The amount of bile in the commentsection is just amazing. Sweden is one of the most business-friendly, most modern country in the world. Entrepreneurship, quality of life, one of the best country to headquarter a corporation, raising kids, transparency, green living, education and retiring comfortably. In all of these issues Sweden is a country others look to in the world. And the shit commentators are focusing on is just inflamatory. An unbareable read.

09:20 being fairly mistreated is a mindboggling oxymoron

Muslimer och blattar föst pissa på Svenskarna vi har ingen kultur -Stefan Löfven och MP, S. Fan man märker han tränat på sin Engelska.

Stefan Löfven is lying 99% of time in this video, fucking blobfish Stefan Löfven

Respect of individual rights? Mr president, have you ever been in Sweden? It is not so. It is rather like if Obama would have continued his reign of liberal terror for 2 decades.

Our Prime minister Löfven is even worse than Trump. Imagine that!

Everyone is well dressed and made up except for the swedish reporters, looks like hippies..

How can the Swedish PM sit there swallowing this bullshit, he looks so uncomfortable. Trump just pulls stuff right out of his ASS. The Swedish PM must have been so surprised when Trump congratulated him on being...what....the 8th largest US investor in the World. The Swedish do not even make it into the top 10. I won't put my rep on the line, but I am almost positive they don't break the top 50. What in the HELL is he talking about??!!! No one fact checks him, even when he is obviously lying, and I just can't understand why. ANYONE??? If I was the PM, I would have said: "Where exactly did you get your figures from, Mr. President? They are quite incorrect." He is so woefully unprepared for the office the electoral college handed to him. It's painful to watch, like seeing a fish flop around on the deck, slowly suffocating. Hit it over the head, ALREADY! Sheesh. I really worry for the scenario I see coming at us like a freight train, a rusted and smoke belching relic from a nightmare right out of some steam punk hipsters worst dream: What if Trump is impeached and he says "HELL NO!!! I won't Go!" What then? You know there would be insane clowns posse's coming out of the woodwork, willing and ready to gear up and encircle the White House to protect him. Probably led by General Alex Jones. What would be the worst case? civil war? Dictatorship, because the Congress and Senate are too cowardly to stand up? "Ahh, well, president for life is OK with us, I mean for the good of the country, we don't need a civil war..." Think it can't happen in the United States? Do not be so sure. I've exaggerated for effect, but tell me the thought has not also crossed your mind. I would bet anything Trump has his Law Talking Guys, searching for anything on Martial Law and how he might extend his time in office through some kind of dubiously legal Flimflam. This is serious stuff, people. Mueller's probe is exactly like an iceberg. You can't see 90% of it, until it flips over and kills anyone dumb enough to have gotten too close. Trump simply defines the greatest threat to American democracy the country has even know, discounting of course the Civil and Revolutionary wars. We like to pick on you America, But seriously, you are dancing way too close to the fire. Remember, only true friends can be totally honest with you and right now you are one dirty, smelly, hot mess. For heaven's sake, people, WORK IT OUT!!! We'd really miss you if you were badly hurt or destroyed.

Sweden is becoming a failed state as they had allowed Muslim invasion into its midst turning it into sharia promotional heaven by their left field government headed by this idiot prime minster...When Sweden moves its embassy to Jerusalem, we can talk about Sweden again... European media are even worse than US fake news, as they completely cover up for Muslim crimes...Women are afraid to go out these days! Perhaps this Muslim invasion (80% of military age Muslim men well dressed with fancy phones) is KARMA for what Europe did during WWII when most European countries were helping Nazis in its Holocaust... Now instead of 6 millions of peaceful and hard working Jews that Europeans allowed to be murdered, The Europeans have 60 millions of Muslims who clamor for sharia and rule of Islamic ideology which is worse than Nazism, according to many EX-Muslims.

Americans know the PM lies. Sweden does have muslim no-go zones. He is lying about the Swedish economy because Sweden is borrowing to support an overblown welfare system. He is lying about immigration. There are Swedish women dying their hair black because they do not have enough protection from muslim gang rapes.

Valkyrie Sardo mmm

That's a nice long list of lies, Valkyrie Sardo.

Vänligen rösta på Jimmie Akesson den 9 september. Just nu ser Sverige ut som ett skämt till världen. Folk frågar varför detta land inte skyddar sina egna kvinnor. Din förrädare politikare planerar obegränsad Mellanöstern-invandring till ditt land. Det ska ersätta din befolkning. Om du ens ifrågasätter detta, kallar de dig 'nazis'. Sluta bry dig om vad de kallar dig. Det är deras enda vapen. Skocka världen och ta ditt land tillbaka i september

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