President Trump Delivers Remarks and Participates in a Signing Ceremony for H.R. 5515

President Trump Delivers Remarks and Participates in a Signing Ceremony for H.R. 5515

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At. Ease. Members. Of the Joint Chiefs. Leadership. Of our armed forces distinguished. Members, of Congress, and all. Who wear the uniform of the United States especially. The storied, 10th, Mountain. Division. It's. A great honor to be here today with all of you as our. President with the strong support of Congress, we'll. Take decisive, action to, make the strongest, military in, the history of the world stronger. Still. All. Of you have chosen to be part of something larger than yourselves, you've. Chosen to serve in the armed forces of the United States of America, and let me assure you, you. Have a champion. In the, 45th, President of the United States of America, president Donald, Trump. This. President, has no higher priority, than the safety and security of the American people, from. The very earliest days of our administration, your. Commander-in-chief has been fulfilling his solemn. Oath to provide. For the common defense, and, President. Donald Trump, always. Puts, our armed. Forces and. Your, families, first. I've. Seen it firsthand, on. Her very first day in office I witnessed president Trump protect. Our military, from a government-wide hiring, freeze and in May of last year he. Signed the largest increase in military spending in, nearly a decade and. With the leadership and support of this commander in chief our. Armed forces have taken the fight to the terrorists, of Isis. On our, terms on their. Soil. Their, Caliphate. Has crumbled. And soon, we will erase Isis, from the face of the earth. And. Last, August. Last. August our president, laid out our South Asia strategy, to give our war fighters in Afghanistan in, his. Words the tools they need and the trust they've earned to, fight and. Win. This. President, has also secured, commitments, around. The world from our allies, commitments. From our NATO allies, in particular, to pay more for our common defense than ever before and, president. Trump has articulated a, vision to. Ensure, continued. American. Dominance, in land, sea. Air and. Space. And last. Fall. Our. President, led negotiations, with both parties, of Congress and presidents. Rumps signed into, law the. Largest, increase, in our national, defense in a generation, under. President, Donald Trump the days of arbitrary, budget, cuts to our national, defense are over. And. Finally. In June of this year, while. Our president, engaged in, historic, negotiations. With North Korea, he. Had our missing fallen on his heart and as. The nation witnessed just a few short weeks ago, thanks. To the leadership and compassion of this, commander-in-chief, our boys. Are, finally coming, home. By, signing this legislation today President, Trump is keeping his promise to the American people, to. Rebuild our military, restore. The arsenal, of democracy and, once, again give. You our, soldiers, sailors airmen Marines and Coast Guard, the resources, and training you need to accomplish. Your mission and come home safe the. Armed Forces of the United States of America are the world's greatest force. For, good and you. Can be assured. President. Donald Trump and our entire administration, will never stop. Fighting for. You who, fight to defend. This, nation past. Present. And future. So. Now. Now. It is my high honor and. Distinct. Privilege to. Introduce to, you your, commander-in-chief, and, a true champion, of the, men and women, of the armed forces of the United, States of, America. The 45th, President of the United States President, Donald Trump. Thank. You everybody. It's. A great place I've been here before. We. Love this location we. Love this this. Base and, most particularly. The people that, are working so hard here, and so effectively, so. I want to start by saying at ease. Just. Relax. Give. Seats you can sit down come, on sit, if you of you want to stand you can we'll just get one, big standing, ovation, right sit down.

Thank. You that's pretty good everybody's, got a seat thank you very much I. Want. To thank our wonderful Vice President Mike Pence and. Say. A special, hello to the incredible, Patriots, of Fort Drum and the. 10th Mountain. Division, special. People, thank you. A few. Moments ago I witness, your extraordinary. Capabilities. Firsthand. During. An artillery. Rage. Demonstration. So I'd like to begin by applauding, the. 10th Mountain Division Combat. Aviation Brigade. Along. With the 3rd battalion 6th. Field Artillery. I hate. To say this but nobody stands, a chance against. You folks nobody, says it says. I'm. Here today to sign, our new defense bill into, law and to. Pay tribute to the greatest soldiers, in the history of the world the, United States Army, thank you thank. You. The. National, Defense Authorization Act. Is the most significant. Investment, in our military, and our. War. Fighters in modern. History, and I am very, proud to be a big big part of it, it. Was not very, hard you know I went to Congress I said let's do it we got to do it we're, going to strengthen our military like, never ever before, and that's what we did I. Want. To say. Very. Strongly. There. Is no better place than, right. Here at Fort Drum, to. Celebrate, its passage. No. Better place, after. Years of. Devastating. Cuts, we're. Now rebuilding, our military, like we never, have. Before. Ever. Because. We know that to. Survive. And, having. That. Survival. Of our freedom, it. Depends. Upon the might of our, military and. No. Enemy on earth can match the, strength courage. And skill of the American, army and the. American, armed, forces nobody's. Even close they never will be. We're. Grateful to be joined today by many, of our nation's top military. Leaders. I'd. Like to recognize. Deputy. Secretary of, Defense Shanahan, who's, with us please. Mr.. Secretary. People. I've heard about, all. My life very. Prestigious, title, always loved the ring the Joint Chiefs of. Staff right. That's. It got a good ring anybody in the audience gonna, be a member that someday I think so raise your head you think you're gonna make it raise. Your hand go ahead oh, come. On that's all, only a few I don't know I. Want. To thank general. Dunford. General. Milley. General. Nellore Admiral. Richardson. General. Goal fun. General. & gell and, Vice. Admiral, ray thank. You all for your leadership your. Magnificent. We appreciate, it very much thank you. Thank. You. A very, special thank you to the commanding, general, of the 10th Mountain Division. Major. General. Walt. Piatt. What. Is what, a special man, Walt. I want to thank you where's Walt where's, Walt well, thank you very much. Walter's. Back on American, soil after. Deployment, in Iraq and, I. Just want to welcome you home you, have tremendous respect, they, have great great admiration, and respect for you well thank you very much I also. Just, had the chance to meet division, command, sergeant, major, Jason. Roark along. With 10th Mountain, Division soldier. Of the year. Michael. Lima, where's, Michael, where is Michael soldier, of the year Michael. And, that soldier, of the year Michael out of how many. How. Many that's. A lot of soldiers. 18,000. Do, you want to work for me. Thank. You Michael, great, job, we. Would not be here for today's, signing ceremony, without the dedicated, efforts of the members of Congress who worked so hard to, pass the. National Defense Authorization Act. I'd. Like to recognize. Congresswoman. Elise. Stefanik. Whose. District, proudly, includes, Fort Drum and I have to tell you about Elise she. Called me so many times I said, I don't want to take her call she.

Wanted Me to be here I said I won't be able to we'll. Have to change a lot of scheduling, but, that didn't suit her she. Didn't stop and Here I am. Please. Come here come here Elise. Thank. You mr. president it is truly, an honor to welcome you to, Fort, Drum home, of the historic, 10th Mountain Division the. Most deployed, unit, in the US Army since 9/11. Thank, you for being here to sign the historic National Defense Authorization Act. Which includes the largest pay, increase support. For our military families, and investing. In our military readiness climb, to glory 10th Mountain Division thank, you. She's, an incredible, representative. I also want to thank representative Don. Baker, dan. Donovan, and Joe Wilson, who are with us today also thank you where are you stand, up please I did. Thank. You thank you fellas. There's. Another member of Congress, here today who, is not only an Air Force veteran, but. The first woman ever to fly a fighter jet, in combat, in US. History and I've, gotten to know her very well and she is terrific. Congresswoman. Martha. Mcsalley. Congresswoman. Thank you Martha. Thank. You for being here thank. You, very much. Thank. You all for fighting for our military and for fighting for our vets nobody. Has made more progress on anything than what we've done with our vets we. Have choice approved, you, know that we, have so many other things approved for our vets and it's really moving along well I think, maybe almost as, important, as choice is accountability. Now. When we find somebody, not treating our vets properly, you know what we say right you're. Out get, out you're fired get out they. Couldn't do that they couldn't do that now they can do it. Now. They have to treat our vets properly. Our. Vets are our great, people and they get treated properly so you have choice and you have accountability, and nobody thought that would ever get approved, they've. Been trying for many many decades finally. I want to thank a very special, group of Patriots, at Fort Drum all, of the amazing, spouses. And family, members whose. Love and support make, your service, possible, whether you like it or not they. Make it possible, please. Thank, you thank, you very much. They. Know. They. Know right look at him he's smiling. They. Know. Last. Year we secured, a historic, 700, billion dollars, to rebuild our military and, now the. National, Defense, Authorization Act. Paves, the way for, another. 1700, listen, to this now so. We've. Been trying to get money they never gave us money for the military for years and years and it was depleted, we, got seven, hundred, billion dollars, and next, year already approved, we have. 716. Billion. Dollars to. Give you the finest, planes and, ships and, tanks and missiles. Anywhere. On earth nobody makes them like we do and very. Very far distant, in this case jobs are very important, in all cases, but. In this case of military might, is more important than even jobs but all. Of, this equipment is made right. Here in the USA, and it's the best equipment, on earth nobody makes it like we do so, you have 700 billion, dollars, and now 716. Billion. Dollars, so congratulations. America. Is a peaceful. Nation, but. If conflict, is forced upon us we, will fight and we will win. Right. General right, right. Better. Believe it generals. They're. The guys were. Powered by the unstoppable.

Force Of, the United States Army very special, with. This new authorization. We will increase the size and strength of our, military by, adding thousands. Of new. Recruits, to active, duty reserve. And, National Guard. Units including. 4,000. New active, duty, soldiers. And we. Will replace, aging, tanks. Aging. Planes and ships with. The most advanced. And lethal. Technology. Ever, developed. And hopefully. We'll. Be so strong we'll. Never have to use it but. If we ever did nobody has a chance. It. All includes. 135. Brand-new. Beautiful, m1, Abrams. Tanks. 60. Bradley, fighting, vehicles and. Over. 3,000. Joint light tactical. Vehicles, for. The army, armored, Brigade Combat, Team. New. Blackhawk and Apache. Helicopters. Finest, in the world, for. The Army National Guard. 77. F-35. Joint, Strike. Fighters. You know that stealth I talked. To a couple of pilots, great pilots, I said how are they they. Said they're hard to beat because you can't see them it's. Always hard to beat the enemy when you can't see it the. Greatest in the world full. Funding for the be 21. Radar. Bomber program, 13. New battle, for ships and support. Ships including, a fourth ford-class, aircraft, carrier. And three. Additional, lateral. Combat. Ships. Funding. To modernize, our, nuclear arsenals. So important. We're. Doing a major upgrade, of. Our. Missile, defense. We're, spending a tremendous amount, of money on our nuclear, arsenal. Nobody. Will, have clothes we. Will hopefully never, ever, have, to use it but. Nobody, will be close. More. Than 11 billion dollars for the military, construction. Including. Family, housing, and we are proudly giving, our troops the biggest, pay, increase, in a. Decade, and I know you don't want it because you're very patriotic, you'll say it just save the money we're gonna pay down debt. Does. Anybody not want it please raise your head, what's. Going, on here. Are. These real Patriots, I don't know general, I don't know it's, the biggest increase, in, a. Decade a, strong. Military also. Requires a strong, economy and our economy, is setting records. Like. Never before we have the greatest economy. We've ever had I. Think. That's going to help us a lot in a lot of ways it, also helps us a lot in funding, and doing all of the things we're doing for our great, military we've. Created almost, 4 million new jobs since, the election, a number. That the media, in the back would never have said would be possible. If. During. The campaign. I'm. So proud of myself I didn't call him the fake news, media, I didn't, call I, said. To myself I, will. Not today, in front of our great armed forces, call them fake news. We. Know the real truth but we won't say it today but. They wouldn't have believed it possible four, million, new jobs nobody. Would have thought that possible, in the campaign trail if when, we were campaigning, Mike if, I would have said that if I would have said 2 million new jobs people, would have laughed us off this stage well. We have 4 million new jobs. Something. I'm very proud, of the African, American. Hispanic. Hispanic. American. And, Asian. Asian-american. The. Unemployment. Rates, for. All three have. Reached the, lowest levels. In the history of our country. Unemployment. For, African, American, Hispanics, Asians the, lowest level in the, history of our country. Women's. Unemployment. Is not I'm sorry doing. Quite as well, it's. Only the lowest level, in, 65. Years. So. We're not doing as well. But. We'll do better I think. Within about three. Weeks when the new numbers come out you'll probably be, lowest, in history also. Very. Importantly, the veterans unemployment rate, recently, reached its lowest level in nearly 20, years. It's. A big one. And we. Are creating. Manufacturing. Jobs again remember, during the campaign, they said oh you can't create manufacturing. Jobs I said really, we're.

Not Gonna make things anymore, is that what it's come to we're, gonna have other country, make things they're gonna make things that we're gonna buy them and they're. Gonna have the jobs and we're not doesn't work that way we're. Doing, manufacturing. Jobs at the fastest. Pace in many many, decades. No. Longer, are we, apologizing. For America, instead. We, are now, standing. Up for, America, it's called America. First if that's okay with you. We're. Standing, up for. Our military and, we're, standing up for. Our great. American. Flag we're, standing, for our flag. The. Armed Forces have, endured continuous. Combat. For. The past 17, years yet. Since the 1990s. The number, of soldiers on active duty was, cut by. More than one-third, our. Bases, and vital equipment were, allowed to fall into a state of disrepair and, I, saw some of them total, disrepair. But. Those days are over. Everyday. The Army is fighting for us and now we. Are fighting for you 100%. No. One better understands. How stretched, our military, has become, than. The soldiers of the 10th, Mountain Division, is. That right general, you. Were the first conventional. Combat, force to deploy after, 9/11, since, then no division, in the Army has been deployed more times to Iraq and Afghanistan. Than. You. You've. Sent over 9,000. Courageous, soldiers, to, 26, different countries all. Around, the world in the past year, alone, the. Second Brigade Combat Team just, returned, from a rotation. At the, joint, Readiness Training Center. And later, this year they will once again bravely, answer, our nation's, call and deploy. To Afghanistan. Through. It all you've proven to the world. To. Our country, to your families, that. Fort Drum soldiers. Aren't. Just, tough your. Mountain, tough that's, what you are a mountain. I said. To you general what's the difference, he. Said sir. Trust. Me there's a difference I said I trust you right. I said. Don't go into it I trust you. One. Of those soldiers is, specialist. Braden, Cooke who. Is with us today whiz Braden, where's, a Brayden good location, Braden. Last. October. His team came under heavy fire while, cleaning, and, clearing. We're. Clearing them out Taliban. Strongholds. In various. Locations. In Afghanistan. And Afghan. Soldier, fighting alongside US, troops was. Badly wounded when, an explosive, detonated. Near. By. Specialist. Cook braved, the hail of bullets and mortar, rounds, all, over, they said it was all over, it was heavy, fire, saving. The life of that wounded, soldier, and earning. A Bronze Star, for valor for, his courageous action. Braden. I want to thank you brave. Young, man thank you please stand up again. Right. We're. Also inspired, by the devotion, to duty shown by the family, members who serve their, nation here. At home, Ashley. Shepard is one. Of those family, members.

She's. Been married to sergeant, first class. Ian, Shepard, for. More than 14, years. Ashley. Supports, military families. In every. Way you can imagine, she. Has served as a Family Readiness Group leader. Co-leader. Treasurer. And assistant. Treasurer for three, companies she works hard she, raises money, for scholarships. Organizes. Charity, events, for, gold star families, and feeds. Homeless, veterans, Ashley. I want. To thank you Ashley, where is Ashley I had a feeling that was you Ashley stand-up Ashley. Thank your husband - thank you. America. Is eternally. Grateful for every soldier service. Member and family member, here, at Fort Drum and we. Are forever in, the, debt of every American, who has ever served our nation in, uniform, from. The snows of Valley Forge to the jungles, of Vietnam in. The mountains of Afghanistan it's. Just. Incredible. What you do a few. Days ago vice-president. Penn's flute o hawai to greet, the remains, of, some of our nation's greatest. Heroes, our, fallen. Warriors, who gave their lives many. Years ago in Korea, now. These American, heroes are. Finally. Starting. To come home, they. Will be laid to rest on, American. Soil, we. Believe in. No, American. Left, behind. And we, believe our warfighters, deserve, the tools the. Equipment, and resources, they. Have earned with their blood sweat and tears in, a few moments, in, honor, of that sacred, obligation. I will put my signature on the. National, Defense, Authorization Act. This. Authorization. Will. Give America's, war fighters, the firepower, they need to. Win any conflict. Quickly. And decisively. Thanks. To the leadership of. Representative. Stephanie. We're. Also making, an unprecedented. Commitment to, developing, our artificial. Intelligence. Capabilities. In. Order to maintain America's. Military. Supremacy. We. Must always be on the cutting edge, that. Is why we are also proudly. Reasserting. America's. Legacy of, leadership in, space our foreign. Competitors, and adversaries. Have already begun weaponizing. Space. Developing. New technologies. To disrupt. Vital. Communications. Blind. Satellites, and, just. I mean you look at what they're doing they've, given me run downs I've seen things that you don't even want to see what they're doing and how, advanced, they are we'll, be catching them very shortly, they. Want to jam transmissions. Which, threaten, our battlefield. Operations. And so many other things, we. Will be so far ahead of them in a very short period of time your head will spin. China. Even launched, a new military, division, to, oversee, its war fighting programs. In space, just. Like the. Air the. Land the sea space. Has become a war fighting domain. It. Is not enough to, merely have an, American, presence, in space we. Must have American, dominance, in space and that is why just a few days ago the. Vice president, outlined, my administration's. Plan to create a sixth, branch. Of the, United States military, called. The. United. ADEs space, force. Got, it gotta get it Joe, right. Joe right. We. Will ensure that the next great chapter in history is written by the heroes, of the, United States military. America. Will always rise, to every challenge and overcome, every, danger, because, we, are backed by the, strength and power of the, American, soldier. Speaking. To his troops General. George Patton, a great, one once said, we. Have the finest, equipment and, the best spirit, and the. Best men, in the world now. If it were today he would be saying the best men and women, in the world things do change but that, was quite a statement, many years ago.

Continuing. His remarks, Patton, then declared, I don't want to get any messages. Saying I am holding my position we. Are not holding a damn thing we. Are advancing. Constantly. That was Patton, nearly. 75, years later Patton's. Words, still. Ring true. America. Has the, best equipment anywhere. In the world we. Have the best spirit, the best soldiers. Ever. To set foot on any battlefield anywhere. At any time we. Are the most powerful. We. Are the best funded, we. Are the biggest we are the strongest, we are the smartest, and we. Are still. Not, holding. A damn, thing, because, America. Is on the move once, again, and we. Are not backing down our. Country, is respected. Again I don't know if you see it but. America, is respected. Again there's a big difference and a big difference, in the, air you take a look around there's. A big, beautiful. Difference. We. Are advancing, forward with our confidence, renewed, our might. Restored, and the. Unwavering conviction, that. Our destiny. Is our, victory, America's. Future is safe sound, and brighter than ever because. Each of you is mountain, tough mountain, proud and mountain strong and always. Will. Be climbing, to glory, you, will be climbing to glory thank. You again for, the incredible, men and women a, Fort. Drum, special. Special. Great, people, god. Bless our troops and, god. Bless the, United States of. America. I'd. Now like to invite a, few of our fantastic. Soldiers. From, the 10th Mountain Division, 2nd. Brigade Combat Team to join me on stage to sign the National, Defense, Authorization. Act. It's been an honor to be with you today thank you all very much thank, you. But. I'll just say. Okay. That's. Good right. We go. Thank. You very much everybody.

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"Through your actions, you have embarrassed us in the eyes of our children, humiliated us on the world stage and, worst of all, divided us as a nation," McRaven said of Trump. "If you think for a moment that your McCarthy-era tactics will suppress the voices of criticism, you are sadly mistaken. The criticism will continue until you become the leader we prayed you would be" - William H. McRaven - US Navy Admiral Commands held : U.S. Special Operations Command Joint Special Operations Command Special Operations Command Europe Naval Special Warfare Group 1 SEAL Team 3 SEAL Team 6 Battles/wars: Persian Gulf War Operation Desert Shield Operation Desert Storm Operation Enduring Freedom War in Afghanistan Iraq War Operation Neptune Spear Awards Defense Distinguished Service Medal (3) Defense Superior Service Medal (2) Legion of Merit (2) Bronze Star Medal (2)

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President Trump has the best characteristics of the Democrat and Republican parties. Our family of four voters did not vote for him in the 2016 election but we will be voting for Trump in 2020 and if Pence runs in 2024, we will vote for him too. Our families hopes and prayers are with the troops and servants of the United States of America.

America will killing a lot more people

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Trump is a Mob Boss, and you little Mobsters who believe his lies and phony conspiracy theories are so gullible. You like it when he's mean and nasty to a war hero who is very sick. You like it when he makes racist comments. You've traded your conscience, and in some cases, your faith, for a wannabe dictator.

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God Bless All Of Them!!! In Jesus’ name. Amen. Trump endeavors to cross the “swamp” of Washington DC as he carries the light of truth, hope, and prosperity. See a list of who is on the boat at: Jon McNaughton‏ @McNaughtonArt My new painting – “Crossing the Swamp” “Never give up. Never lower your light. Never stop till the swamp is dry.” – Jon McNaughton

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Jiiisessss , For Gods Sake didnt you have a more embarrassing clown than this Orange Sack of Fecic to represent you and stand for your country!! Why don't you ask your Clown in Chief What did you Exactly and Specifically do for the African Americans so their Job numbers are lowest in the history of all histories!? He doesn't even know himself shitttt about any shit! he just talks shit!

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We appreciate your hard work, President Trump. But no one can work 24/7... you should rest for at least 1 week... no politics... no left-wings... then come back with a clear mind and full power... you have your team... this is not an one man fight... and this fight is very huge... PS. Be aware of disguised Democrat sleeper cells within everything... even in the Republican party... or near you.

Do tego jeszcze Rosja Putina chce rozmawiać o wstrzymaniu wyścigu zbrojeń,bo co? Zabraknie pieniędzy? Jest wspaniale,sankcje odnoszą zamierzone skutki ,tak trzymać.

48 thumbs down from 48 worthless scum liberals. liberals = the TRUE enemy of America.

A good top leader in the United States and the world, the resurgence of the United States gives top priority.


...make a demorat commie pukes' head explode- Vote all Red

Those that have nothing to hide!! hide nothing !!

The culture in the military is to be low key and polite in clapping or yelling. This is why it seems different than a civilian rally. The Military will stomp you in the ground if there is any disrespect to the Commander and in this case THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF. Make America Great Again. Thank you Mr. President for helping us fix America.

President Trumps approval at 50 % MAGA

Still all the money go to Wall Street and Military Industrial Complex. We need new strategy.

I honestly great thanks of honourable president DonalJ Trump

Never seen such a disgraceful excuse for a president needing so much recognition, glorification and praise for just doing his job....the only thing more pathetic than McBonespurs are his Redhat ankl-grabbers

thx FOR HELP brazil and america MR. PRESIDENT trump. STEEEEELLLL!

I love you

long lives with good health. God continue blessings and cares on all of us. God bless USA. Go ahead

Trump doesn't give a damn regarding the Vets. He only thinks about himself. Trump thinks the presidency is a reality tv show. Wait until he indicted and convicted. That will be the true reality.

We can be sure of one thing when this group of corrupt, lying, racist, homophobes are over, Trump and most of his cabinet i.e., stooges will either be in jail or running from it. It's embarrassing to have to witness our great country being denigrated under the Trump Administration and his reality clowns.

I love Trump President

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Thankful for the military, thank you for Our Freedom, thank you for My President Trump!

Great speech Mr Donald trump


I guess we are going to war against Iran.

No more brother wars

It looks like Trump wants the Military to be on his side on the Second Civil War. He will try to be president for life. What he doesn’t know is that the Military protects the U.S. Constitution.

*John McCain Rocks!*

God bless Trump, our armed forces, and the US ofA!

Great Speech MAGA TRUMP 2018-2020

39 antifa members with thumbs down, f traitors

As for ISIS stop the genocide on the KURDS and the YAZIDIS just because they are the last INDO EUROS in the area, and protect the CHRISTIANS from the perverts. Just because those previously mentioned people have blue and green eyes isis is killing them off that shouldn't be happening in modern times. Genocide against any group like in SOUTH AFRICA should be terminated. The Kurds and Yazidis are NATIVES to that land. Why do they not get RESERVATIONS and tax free products to sell that undercut muslim invaders like we have in America? They don't even get to run CASINOS that disenfranchise the mentally handicap citizens of that area like America what gives?

Why was antifa and other terrorist groups aloud to riot without the national guard being used to arrest them? Unreal having lunatics paraded and defended by what could be called terrorist media.

We are so Blessed to have President Trump.

Darkness shall fall and light shall be all. Thank you. It’s almost light. 41020 d5 light activate.

Green ray up.

" America is a peaceful nation " ......

My cousin said to me that he feels the US needs to get rid of the Military, Police and ICE...He REALLY feels this should happen...I told him not to bother coming to my house on the holidays anymore. Sad. It's so sad people are so sick in their heads.

How is President Trump's and Republican effort to obstruct the DOD from investigating the threat sea level rise and flooding of Navy based due to climate change posed supporting the troops ? Sea level flooding of U.S. navy bases threatening national security and Trump is failing on that file , not supporting the troops Gladly the effort to undermine that investigation was denied by the wise moral members of congress

Action speaks louder than words

Prove that you are strong Idiot Trump.

every Republican Congressman not speaking out & taking action to rein in this presidency is a coward & complicit in it's results. ❤️

Our marines have been taught to March to: rape, kill, pillage, burn. What kind of a sadistic ignorant fool would fund that mentality. John McCain

No Name! The Q Proof that keeps on giving!

strength comes from love of God. only the reason why USA is strong is because God has chosen it to be a police nation for governing the world. so try to be humble.

Mr President, we love you but can you please, PLEASE talk about and do something about Alex Jones being banned from YouTube? He’s put his life on the line to defend you, now it’s your turn to return the favour... if you do then you’ll seal the deal as the greatest president of all time... but keep up the great work #MAGA

@Astro...LMFAO! TRUMP Denies Ever Knowing Mr. Jones!

[God Bless America]

Trump got my vote again 2020 ! ---> KEEP AMERICA GREAT

Relax, loved it Mr President. Isn't it a great place? Thank you for all you do for our Military. Blessings to you and your wife

I suspect that Trump will die under house arrest.

I can't say 'thank you' enough, President Trump, for your passion for this country and for those who have worn as well as currently wear the uniform of the United States Armed Forces!

Don McGahn, the White House counsel "Has cooperated extensively" with the Mueller Inquiry. Trump is so DOOMED. Seriously fu*ked. Oorah!

Mr. Vice President. Thank you!

Trump thanks everyone for the bill except for the person it's named after... Was it because he was captured?

We no longer call you Mr. President or President Trump That title is given to people who win elections not people who lose elections but are installed by Putin with slim electoral majorities in 3 states. The nation has turned on you and your base. Every retired officer of rank has joined in the warning to you. Every newspaper of record has joined in the warning to you. You are not taken seriously, you are a joke, a scar on our nation's history, a shit stain on its present. Your future is prison. You share that future with your administration including your vice president. You and your movement are already being ended.

I'am all for it, but this is a double edge sword. that means that the rich people will be able to make and sell new weapons and get richer by the second. that means that our programs would be cut and not the military, even if no was has taken place in 10 yeas, Which would be a miracle for that kind of time period "10 years" . Loving the Military is one thing, but taking away from Social Security, and other vital programs needed for the sake of buying new toys, just because the money is their, is a bit out of line and shows how the rich are sticking together. these are our Tax Dollars, Not Theirs.

It was a smart move to have Pence start the speech because it wouldn't have any weight 4 president bone spurs to talk military tactics or anything like that he has no honor he's an adulterer he's a thief he's a liar and he's lied to stay out of the army because he's a coward he needs never worked a day in his life so I don't know how he has the audacity to get up there and speak like he's done something oh yeah he has done something I forgot he has six different bankruptcies and he owes 1.8 billion to people he just flat out didn't pay and it's up to a hundred and thirty-seven golf games at the price of 74 and 1/2 million dollars to the taxpayer so he can play a game of golf I don't know about you but where I come from that's what we call a piece of shit

When it came to the campaign finance violations, Cohen implicated the president directly. He told the court that he worked with Trump to pay off two women to keep their stories of alleged affairs with Trump from becoming public before Election Day.


Mr. President Donald Trump God bless you to return to look at Brazil not doing what many were wanting to destroy Brazil. We know that with your support, you will have an ally of gratitude that our children can study and our country strengthen and strengthen with their country. God bless. Let's get the communists out of Brazil.

The Up most Respect for President Donald J. Trump! BUT THE Marine Core have risked our lives before the the blessed Army! Thanxs. US. Marne Core.

I'm 45 and the first time I voted in my life was for TRUMP

Trump 2020

Great speech by VP Pence, he doesn’t get enough credit as an orator.

Guys doesn't it seem abit weird to u that he is so obsessed with power of war!! He is the rise to the anti Christ for Gods power is in creating piece without violence

Trump 2020 ✌

President Trump 2020 fantástico é isso aí, é isso mesmo President Trump 2020

Hahaha! Bitch better have my money fuck off no give away my pay!

Hope Mike Pence runs for POTUS after Trump's 2 terms!

$700 Billion & $ 716 Billion..2019 cools..

'A't 'E'ase.......relax I am sealed thank you military

Hi My love Who love he ?

I like a good leader.

l stand and believe in Mr Trump God bless the USA l Donald Trump Thank

Share! Share! Share! - For Donald J. Trump 2020

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