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Oh. My. Goodness, what's up everybody how we doing, how's your Saturday. Fantastic. To see everyone, welcome. Welcome. Welcome to. Jurassic, Park no that's a different game welcome to Planet Zoo we're gonna do some tutorial stuff today so hopefully. I'll have some, burning. Burning. Planet. Zoo questions, that. I can half-ass. Answer. So. Let's. Get this stream, going here though please. Work it all works, yes. Yes. Okay, all, right let me look at you here how we all do what are we doing it what's up because Samantha, hello Mel hello, CMB. CNB. So good to see you dude glad you could make it in who. Else Lucas how you doing Ruby, there. We are are. All. Right so here's what we're gonna do today is, we're gonna do first, thing you turn down my headphones it's. Holy heck teach. Me how to play the game so how, you play the game because, is. You want to install it I'm just kidding, so. We're. Just gonna we're gonna do a tutorial today, la, people been asking me to do more tutorials ever since I did the pathing tutorial, and. I like doing that that was fine but my. Brain, doesn't, work in. A teaching fashion. Really I like I missed some stuff in the pathing tutorial, so those of you that like you know you got some help from it that's awesome but I missed like a few things in that that are pretty. Nice to know so what I figured we'd do today is we'll, just go through I'll, kind of just do some basic stuff but if you have any questions, like whether its path thing terrain, vui, what, does this button do we'll, go through it and we'll just you know I'll try and teach show hey what's up out here it's not you don't buddy yeah, even the web camera now we got the webcam so um. So Coolio like I said well it's kind of run through if you have any specific questions, so please don't feel be, afraid I think going to comment below, comment. Below chat. There Mel is gonna write down and, kind of keep track of any requests. If I happen to miss some so. Mel the mod here she's awesome so.

She's Really easy to talk to and everything she's. Gonna write down everything kind of help keep track of everything there so alright, so here we go so let's just start off with the basics. Here I guess so let's just look at the UI let's. Start there let's start with the UI so. Let's make sure first and I'm not blocking anything I am. This a little bit, there. We go. Heck. Yeah. So. The UI is. Okay. But. In the upper left hand here you have your health now this is gonna be for those of you that maybe. Have a little bit more questions as far as something I don't touch on today this is where you want to go this is your tutorial, basically so if you click on things it's gonna bring up your basic controls I'll, bring up all the fun stuff up here there you. Know placement controls it'll give you all of your hotkeys and stuff like their hotkeys, are very important, in this game, my, hand my, left hand is always on wsad, thumb, on the spacebar pinkie, on the shift hotkeys. Dictate. How. This game runs basically so this, again in this upper left hand corner the help is it actually is really really helpful so, yeah if you have any certain. Questions that we don't go to be, sure to look up there next one is gonna be your zoo pedia. Zoo. Pedia is the. Life force of your zoo basically. I've. Seen a lot of people asking on different socials. Like. Like. Oh what animals can I use that can walk through habitats, like you know that I can have people walk through the habitats with them or how many you, know wolves do I need do I need how many males do anything all that information, is in your zoo pedia so, if you're to look into, like sure, an aardvark if. You want to build an aardvark habitat. All, that, information, is in there so, it's gonna first give you some general information that's just generally. Really interesting least to me and then, the next tab here your natural habitats, can tell you where they're from, as. You can tell you the region that they're from and the biome now. That's important because as, you're building the habitat you need to put the right. The. Right foliage in there right so you need to plate make sure you do you know the right foliage right biome all that fun stuff so that's giving you a little heads up there that's. On your minimum and maximum or minimum requirements. Here for like the land requirement, so three hundred and thirty meters. Squared how, much water so feel like a crocodile or something, like that you know it's gonna need some water, climbing. Requirements. Look like Apes or, Tang's, lemurs, something like that this, is gonna tell you how much square, you meter squared they're gonna need to actually have things to climb on we'll get into Klima both things in just a second, temperature. Requirement so this is if you're playing in like like. A tundra map and it's really cold I gets below freezing, and. You put in a lion you know you're gonna have to kind of but.

In Some heaters to kind of get that up so this this animal here the aardvark they like temperatures between 16, to 40 Celsius and, then finally your boundary requirement, so. I see a lot of people say I'm like oh my elephant busted through my gate like what the heck you gotta make sure you look at the boundary requirements, you might not be getting a great enough. Habitat. Structure there and stuff like that so as, you move on species, down and this is where a lot of stuff is I feel like I'm doing this a lot but it's, important. Except. X that works your ex is working mine doesn't um have you read the whole thing yet what of the aardvarks know my. Friend chess game crashed 48 hours two days ago really don't want to delete it um how can I save my gold. Homebred. Animals I. Think. If you put its in franchise, franchise. Ooh I. Don't. Think you can. Maybe. Someone else knows a little bit more about that I should note that franchise, mode I haven't really messed around with that because I don't like the whole online aspect, but. I think because your franchise, is all tied up into your online, stuff, if you delete your franchise, you delete everything, so. Sorry. If that's that's all good answer good how. They build a wooden roller coaster without using um the booster rails well the first thing you do you're. Gonna go get a different game so. Here in your species data hype it'd be how you doing by the way you're. Gonna look at your social needs and stuff here so the group size is gonna tell you this is really important if you don't wan your animals to be fighting all the time unless you want them to fight then that's you know your private if let's, see here the group size has one two two one male one female, so, the bachelor science group is one two two one two two females, dominance. None, mating. System polygamists, polygamists, there you go so. Tells you if those would be like just so you know one, on one like one male one female they, have a kid or if it's gonna be a you know multiple partners kind of thing relations. With humans shy so that's gonna tell you that you probably can't walk into their habitat with them and stuff like that. Guests can enter the habitat I'm just gonna retract what I just said because right underneath there, is. Right here so yeah I guess can guess enter habitat yes I know a lot of you are looking for this right here so yeah. This gives a lot a lot a lot of information there I think if you close the, zoo keep your animals you have to double check, so. I don't. Know how it works on franchise, mode though franchise. Mode is different cuz it's all tied up online there, uh-huh. So, follow up well, bears right in hmm. I think the grizzly bears will but not the himalayan beers bears. Life. Expectancy, here's. Another really important one because i see a lot of people, buying. An animal, and. Then it dying like you know two years in game time later look what happened make, sure you check the life expectancy, of the animal that you're buying if, we were to get an aardvark now that's 15 years old and they only live till 18, they. Probably can't reproduce then either that's another thing. Sexual. Starett sterile a lot serella, d ferreted, age, of sexual maturity is two years and it's sterile, until death a lot of animals aren't sterile are sexual. Sterile sterile it. Word. Here. A, lot of them don't go till death live and will stop before hand so again if you're like trying to breed like some grizzly bears but you, know it's really old, the female, grizzly bear might not be able to bear cubs. And stuff like that so this is something to kind of you know keep, in mind another thing here is the time, that, they're pregnant and everything like that so you know you have seven months 24 just, all that, information it's if, you're planning your zoom out and you're trying to plan accordingly for, the future and stuff the zoo pedia is where it's at so, they're.

So Picky picky picky picky, um. How fast is gametime it's always so small in the videos that I can't tell how fast is game, time Oh someone did the math on it it's a lot shorter than planet coaster, I'm. Like an in-game. Tower. Like a game here something like that is only a few hours I think I think it's like two hours or something for, a game year maybe less than that it's definitely less the planet coaster though they need to address it. I agree. They need to address it research, status, so. We're gonna get into research in just a little bit here but as. You go, through and read now we're in a sandbox park I should note that if you look down here we're in a sandbox, park so I have unlimited everything so, we have everything already research ready to go if. You didn't have the animal researched at all you wouldn't see any of these fun facts and, the diets and the habitats rich mints and stuff like that and that goes towards, as well in your franchise and challenge modes when you first start out you have nothing research so if you look at your animal in the enrichment is zero and you can't find an enrichment item for that animals because you have a researched yet you have to take your vet and research that animal to get the you, know more research status and stuff like that so there, is that and that's I get all these different food enrichments, and habitat, rich mints and. Then the last thing is interspecies. Enrichment. So, this is a more, modern zoo idea but it's definitely if. You're building a more modern zoo habitat so but that's something to consider so. You have a if you like animals like I'm a Sofia mom it's like a giraffe and zebra you know all these different animals can intermix together it'll tell you on this screen what animals can mix. Together if you have an animal selected, that can do that the aardvark doesn't benefit, from sharing its. Habitat with other species but, if we were to select like the African Buffalo here you'll see that it brings up all of these animals, that if you put them together in, a China habitat, they'll. Benefit. From and you'll see it in their enrichment so, so, there is the zoo pedia, one. More thing to take away from the zoo PD is that they also have the zoo PD here for the small. Exhibit animals as well. So they go through sorry, there's a FedEx truck outside sorry, sure. It's a little bit loud. So. It has all the basic information there, as well the, only thing is you can't they, can't share are their habitats, with other species and, there's you, know so that just a few things started to take away from that so there, we go there, there. Is what's up Paul's lease oh that's what I was gonna get out so Bosley, was gonna show up everyone say hi to Paula Slee if you don't know who pawsley is go, check that man out and if, I miss anything today he's. Made a tutorial for, it I. I'm. Waiting, for you to make a tutorial on how to turn a computer on and and, then I'm waiting for you to make another tutorial on how to double click the planet zoo icon to launch the game. All jokes aside though if y'all are falling pawsley do follow him he has a vast, array of, tutorials. On planet zoo out so definitely, be following him Annie just makes great content otherwise so. All. Righty. Let's. See. You, so. Unbearable. Bless you CMB no pressure but this stream, will decide if I buy this or the new Star Wars game oh now. Damn. It Harrison. There. Are two totally different games, it's kind of what you're feeling. Have. You watched any of my other content by the way, Harrison. Green Firday whatever, but. Yeah they're totally different games if you're feeling like designing, and stuff like that awesome and if you like planet coaster awesome, and if you like zoos. Those. Three are your big ones. Yeah. Let. Me just catch up here a little bit at.

Least To me I. Do. Barely, able to get. Are. You gonna play career mode I just started a challenge, mode Nicole, I did just start a challenge mode not a franchise mode but a challenge mode so it's just like franchise, mode but offline. So, yeah. I just started that just. Started that. I'm. Making one I'm gonna make what there you go. There. We go so cool so the next a little bit there in the upper left hand corner is your notification. Timeline. We. Founded, the zoo that's, all that it happened so banana. Becomes pregnant, if an animal passes away if an animal gets disease if an, inspector is coming if someone. Throws some trash if no that doesn't do that but this is your time I just can't say where everything is going on so if you are in the middle building and you're getting a little overwhelmed, they're like oh I can't keep track of my zoo timeline. Is where it's at timeline is gonna you, know catch you back up what you missed me while you were building maybe you forgot to hit pause whatever just your timelines where it's at so I. See. A beat, so. Next thing lower, left-hand corner. This. Is, important, this. Is very important, you. Can also hit each. H. Is this. But yeah the this. Heat, map is like holy, heck of rubies y'all this, is everything, so. This is your an old welfare and a quick glance don't. Do habitat, kind, of can't really show this right now but I will show, this reversible, areas if, they have a shelter where can they do a shelter, everything. Where's. Our collab, well you gotta stop making so many tutorials. Temperature. Telling you how hot it is our cold, the. Water if. We, did put water down but, sure let's go and do that real quick. It's. Music play. We'll, get well I'm not gonna call I'm not gonna skip over the, terrain. Tools I'll I'll go over them but I, just want to put down water real quick all. Right so, there you go shows up water now if it was inside of a habitat, you would have to filter that water right, and it would show up here if the water was a key or good, power. Just, like it sounds oh hey. Here's a real quick tip trick take. Advantage of this before frontier patches it. Um. This, shows power by the way the radius is power but your front entrance gates give off power and. You can duplicate them or, you can build them so. If. You want to not. Have a bunch of. Where. Is it if. You don't want to have a bunch of power facilities, going on in your sandbox. Is ooh guess what you can do, you can just take this and go pop. And. Then watch what happens, oh it's. Like power do. So. Until sand box gets patched to actually be sandbox you can do that anyways. Buildings. Will, show the different facilities staff facilities guest, facilities, negative. Impact on guests this one's important, because of our staff buildings, guests don't like to look at staff buildings so. There. You go, guest. Education, walls that'll show up when you start educating guests, the area, of influence, for that and the, guest needs just kind of show happiness energy so, again your heat map might covers jacked, up a metric. Ton, of stuff so. And. I probably, both get it get both eventually just not sure which one first for sure I appreciate theirs and um the. New Star Wars games looks. Sick, not, gonna lie I know. This is gonna be blasphemy but I would say get the new Star Wars game and. Just plow through that and then come back to Planet, Zoo and I only say that because by the time you come back to Planet zoo there will be patches, and updates out to kind of make the game a little bit more stable it's not stable right now I'll just be honest with ya it's not a stable game right now so. I'd say go after Star Wars. You. Know they, do I know I wish my brain worked better for tutorials. Spy just can't do them. Filter. Water two days ago how, do you move your entrance, how do you move your entrance all right so.

This Is only in sandbox mode you can do this, we. Go to facilities. Go. To your guest facilities. Lower. Right-hand corner is zoo entrance. Then. You can put down a guest spawn point and. A. Guest in a ticket booth so I did this for Thornton Hill Zoo I. Started. Thorton Hill Zoo in the corner over here. And. You can delete some. You. Can go over here and delete some I was. Told that you can go through here and do this all. They. Fixed it. Damn. They. Fixed it okay there, was a little thing beforehand where you could delete this building if by selecting but they fixed it unfortunately, you can delete these as well again, this is only for CI box mode remember okay, only for sandbox mode. You. Can go through and delete these manage, and what's -. There. You go so. Then this you know you can just kind of cover it up with trees and stuff like that so there. Is that, I'd, see, her make sure I didn't miss anybody yeah. Hey. Celia what's up buddy I liked, your reptile I was looking cool you like the franchise model oh I haven't done the franchise, motor but I've been doing challenge mode which. Is literally the same thing is franchise. Mode except it's offline and I like Choa I like the challenge mode it's fun I like I'm originally, I'm a more management kind of player personally. Planet. Coaster kind of pushed me to be a design. Kind of player I guess you'd say, so. I've loved going back and doing the let's play of the challenge. Mode it doesn't look pretty and I'm not really going for like making things look great and all that we'll go back eventually do that when we get money I'm playing it just for management I'm at last. Couple. Placement, on the educational, speakers, I don't understand, why it's giving me red circles, I'm taking notes on questions, I'll have a lot okay so the the education, stuff, is. To. Do t2 t2 is probably it's not powered. So. Always check your power. Oh. Where's, the freaking uh, Ernesto. See. It'll show up red here we're, in the area of affluence but think that's just the area of influence. I'll. Wait to put down there we'll get to education remember, that we'll get to education so. Um. What's going through your mind is, you're decorating etc is just memorization. Of where the pieces are what our mind of culture is gigantic heat parts was so darn he never built anything so, designing yeah that's a whole different ballgame. Isn't, it so designing for me a lot of it comes from reference, photos. Concept. Are google images. That's. A starting point a reference, photo there's a really really good thing to do. Your. Brain can only remember so much usually your brain stops at a square building you know what I mean or like I saw the front of the building it was brick it had a door there were some windows on the side I think there was a pillar there might have been some bushes but then it starts to fizzle out. The. Best thing that there's what I do and a lot of other people do is I'll have, an idea in mind so, I want to make like a classic, Victorian entrance.

Or Something like that so then I'll go on google, and type in you know classic Victorian houses, or Victorian. Architecture of. The, 19th century or some like that right and I look up Google Images find I'm like okay that works that's what I'm going for and then, I, just, kind of start going off a bit a little bit so I got reference photos google, maps big time and, Pinterest. All that kind of fun stuff. Big, time helps out make, big big time cuz because I can just reiterate you're the brain. Sees. General, shapes, from, remembering, stuff I mean not everyone's like that some people can literally design a building from memory or whatever but generally. You're just like okay it was a square shape and a door and a window and, a column and bush you know so I guess that's the best way to put it so next. Time I won't I'll try and catch up with everyone's. Chat. Everything for sure but I want to make sure we touch, on the UI there we are so, the next set is your zoo overview, is. Where you can do all of your management of the zoo for the most part opening, closing right here. Set. Your zoo hours as. Well. I usually tone, it down kazoos, aren't open until you know 11 o'clock, normally, you. Infect your guests ticket, price here charge $200. Holy heck. The. Zulay on tax I don't know if anyone noticed this but, the more land they utilize the more tax you have to pay on it you. Know, over. Vivre your guess. Shows. Your most. Popular. Animal, shows. You how many animals how many different small exhibit species, you have average. Animal welfare, so. This just breaks everything down for you categorically. For. You here and you can look at different graphs of it if, you're a data nerd you're gonna freaking come in here and just be like yeah this, is what it's all about. Then. They break something even more you know loans you want to take out a loan you gotta find in your finance tab over here marketing, there's marketing campaigns. That you can do as well look. At all this different stuff. They. Have different appeals as well, so. Some of them are high high-impact, marketing, divisive, appeal low. Impact marketing, so a lot of different stuff there a lot, of different stuff there you demand a collab what we gotta get started finish up your tutorials, bro. I'm. At once in its the prompts at urban about your zoo that's awesome. You don't know hey what's up our base can, you move the entire habitat so. You know I lost that he was the entire habitat including, scenery yeah she can save it as a blueprint, the. Next thing this breaks down all the animals that you have in here so again it just kind of breaks down everything here's where you hire your peoples, use. All your different ETR facility's, broken down this. Is a big breakdown of the whole zoo right right. Do these do ours affect your money ah, yes. A little bit um you'll get a little bit less income. Where. The zoo being open shorter, hours. But. On the flip side of that I don't know if there's a consequence, for having an open longer hours IRL. Zoos closed around. Usually. Sunset. So, that they are a little like an hour or two before sunset, so they can like you know get, the animals into there like holding areas and stuff like that this. Is a game obviously but, you know it depends what you're kind, of working for there personally. For the way that I build in that way I design, and stuff like that for like the written held zoo and stuff. Keep it open to like four, or five o'clock and, open it like nine so. Alright. Next tab, Rooney here actually, no because we're gonna give them the barriers next so let me look here.

Well. Because I'm sorry could, you show me how to find, the right place, for, your example Oh for. Like Google Images and stuff so yeah sure let's let's go through that lets go through that a little bit let. Me bring. This here. Display. Captured or have any of those yeah there. We go so we're on google, let's. Say we're going I. Don't. Do a lion. Habitat. Khan, I. Can. Spell concept, art. Images. What you look at there my, video is the number one video that comes up if you look that up, because. I'm really good at SEO. Then. You go to images here and then just stuff will start to come up you know you'll. Just start to see like this you know I use this concept, art here as in, the beta there. You'll start to see this kind of come up here you. Don't have to do it just for concept art you know if you want to do. Victorian. House. Architecture. Images. That. Brings up a bunch of different houses you know that and if, I'm like a planet coaster I'm like oh I want to design some like that like all right like Panos well. Look at him they go I can use that piece so, I'm just like what I'm looking at this picture it's like okay I can use that wall set and yeah we have that that I can use for that and I can build a custom roof with this it, so hopefully. That kind of uh point. You in the right direction. What's. That oh there, you go oops Jack. Come back here we go. Grasan. Stats are the best. Don't. Take allowance, they you oh yeah don't know if you can help but don't take loans does. Research cost money or is it only the cost of employees hourly wage yes, just. The hourly wage. Every. Tutorial yeah. Right. Piece is helpful okay, or. The only one I uh yeah. Hey. Bernard what's up buddy why do all Victorian houses look like they. House a bunch of ghosts because that they do is, they do all, right, barriers. Barriers. So. What's. Up with a barrier, well you know it's where you put your animals where. You put your animals. So. Bear you're building this, I'm not the most up to date with I'm gonna recommend Paul's pawsley link your uh like. A barrier video. Information. Just like when you're like one or two of your barrier, tutorials. Cuz, yeah I probably gonna miss some stuff with the barriers so, the barriers break broken I'm breaking, them down a little bit here you have your habitat gates you, have to have this on your barrier to complete the habitat, I forget this stuff all the time but. As you're drawing them out it is like a drawing, system basically like a little bit of an ood system, so you click your first node yeah. And. That's your starting point. Now. Before we get going, depending what animal you're putting in here obviously you. Don't want to affect the height of it so that's this guy right here click and drag gonna go up and down up and down went up now you, can also move your initial. Node around you don't like where it's at and. Then. You're gonna have this and this is gonna follow your mouse around. You. Click look, at that and it puts it down, it's. Not right now as I'm bringing. It around here it is snapping, does. I have angle snap on if I hit spacebar, it, turns that off and it's freeform now you, can see right here is angle snap so. Angle snap you can affect it on 15 degrees all the way up to 90 degrees to do just 90 degree turns. Yeah. 45 degree turns or.

Again Hits spacebar or just click this checkbox right here oui, oui oui oui oui oui oui. Another. Hacky, plus/minus. Keys are. Going to decrease. And, increase the, length. Of, your of. Your area of your fence. Piece or you can do it here by clicking-and-dragging as, well. Straight. Or curved. Pretty. Much how it sounds there straight. One is going to be just how we are here straight we can curve it here that. Will bring it down to a curve now and a lot of people are running into the, instance. Where they're using. A different material like, using the wood and if you look here there's no curve. Is it it's only straight, well, now let's see you want to curve it right. Let's say you want to curve it all you have to do is select a piece like this, and. Do that and then it will change it to, a. Curved piece, now. Again I have to reiterate that, a, lot, of times like, this is probably not supposed to happen it's probably there's, probably like. A thing that frontier doesn't want to happen use, this while you can because a lot of times when, we find really cool gamebreaking things, like this that are really helpful frontier, will come in and fix them fix, them and, then it sucks so use that while you can I don't know how long they're gonna keep that around so, I. Use, null fencing a lot of the times because null fencing if you don't know is. Telling. The game that there's a habitat, there but it's invisible so, it's invisible fencing, basically so if we wanted to we can come up here take. Some rocks you. Know and cover this up. You. Know so. Now there's no fencing. Obviously. Underneath, of the rocks but, now we've blocked, that area built our own fence, essentially. That's. Where no fencing gets uh, it's. Nice there, oh. Boy. I'm. A. Becoming. The tutorial man I mean do it there you go. But. Watch policy I know it would be right, how. Do you calculate habitat, habitat size, mobility, I don't know I'll. Do I'll be straight up I don't know with that one there, should be a better tool. The. Spacebar has been broken. For you it's been driving you nuts have you updated your game since the last update because the patch helped, mine there. You. Look for the day and current feature yeah the curve feature remember, is not with, every single one the null has it off the. Bat concrete. Has it off the bat. Glass. Has it off the bat what, does not steel. Mesh does not brick, does so, you'll see it as as you're clicking through you'll see that they do it but, again you can go through and click on the, curved part of a null fence or any other kind of fence that does, curving, and you can click that section, don't so we didn't put that little section here and. We can change it to whatever we want to. The, problem of disappointing out great tips is that frontier patches that they did all the time in, planet, coaster yesterday. What's up mr. Delmas it's good to see you dude I don't know if you were to come around cuz it's just a tutorial a. Tutorial. Thing.

Let's, Get rid of these here. Why. Would they patch out curbing fences, Brian. It's just as. Paul's. Lee and I have been dealing with frontier for a little bit now with planet, coaster and stuff and we used to be able to do a different like game breaking kind of cool things with. Planet. Coaster and then they would fix them and patch it so we couldn't do it anymore it's like why so, I kind, of just a little bit but. It just seems like something that's we all like and it's really cool so it just seems like something that frontier would come in and like fix fix. There's no fencing having a height or just, to the sky you can do any. How you want to with an old fencing I mean. Not any it'll it'll hit a max. Still. Out there it'll. Hit a max, but, um do. You like to get it there, goes. Let. Me look. Like BAM, so, you can you know really bring it up SuperDuper. High really wanted it to. But. No offense things kind of neat where you at. Least of my understanding of it you don't need to really worry about how high it is necessarily. Unless, you have like pathways, going you. Know up and through your habitat, really high in the air and stuff like that but for the most part you know if you have you. Know your Knoll fencing. Just. Right here you can just cover it up. Just. Cover it up. Oh. It's. So hard to find it after you do this I. Wanna. Get rid of it something, else you've been seeing me do a little bit here let me put down my fence so we can actually see so it's easier to show it off. I've. Been double-clicking a lot on things and having it come, up as building I think a lot of people don't realize you can do this this is that in planet coaster but, you can double click how the heck a lot of things and they'll start building, like. That so. Instead of having to go through and like, lick. And. Edit bear you're sure it's like you're saving ah step but if you just double click on stuff it'll pop, it up into the menu same with the pathing tool. You. Have a path anyone. Go into the pathing tool real quick you double click on it it'll bring up the pathing venue and same. Thing for the build menu. Anything. For the build menu so if you have this just don't click it I'm. Sorry has to be a gritted, piece that, was the stipulation. Yeah. Let's see you when I added it you just double-click another, bring up the whole building Minnie there you go pay, up so there's a few little things there. Frontier. Fixes underwater path bug oh no you. Want to watch me man and I hi castles, you don't message you on disgrace yours yes let's get her will get the clap, going pawsley absolutely. So. Cool. So yeah that was general. Just very general barrier, so oh no I'm sorry I did forget some stuff with the terrain I.

Did. Forget some stuff with the terrain so, let's say you have some turn out trainee a trainee a train, filled habitat, there's. A few different options that we can funk around with here. So. So. See how it's kind of it's matching it right there and it gets taller. It's. Matching the height but. It's bringing the, it's making all that area, right there let's say you don't want it like we don't want that to be a thing. Make. Sure you're looking right here at your height modes, you. Know flat top that's gonna keep it at, top so it's not gonna raise with land at all now. A flat top and editable, bottom. Then. You can click. That there and we can edit the, bottom of it so, it's kind of hard to see I know a little bit but. There's. Different options you can do with your trains. And stuff like that there as you're going through. Who's. That windowed, modes. We. Have Windows so, we can put in glass. Right. Down there. Look, it again but, in the one-way glass as well. Every. Different options there. So. There's that and then the next thing oh that's right I always get mentioned this your, plus button here if. We see our plus button here that adds in a node why, this is important, is let's say you want just like a really small section. Of wall to put like your habitats, gate in or something like that, so. You have that so then you'll have two sections of different wall piece right here so you can do that you know pretty. Well as much as you want to they can go back through and let's. Say we want to have this that this, like that this, one like that this. One is gonna have you know a window, so. You get split up into different sections to tell each section what you wanted to do basically so. Dom. How much is a, daily. Designer or an amazing youtuber, do, to bad a skill or just great deal of time I feel like I need a million years, to play this game I, think. When. It comes to a design kind of thing like this a design game overall. That. Hopefully. This isn't too controversial I think a lot of it comes down to skill. Or, just a that. Kind of mindset. I. Think. You can't learn it don't get me wrong and I have seen people like improve iock of a lot you know from playing from planet coaster to you know now and stuff like that. But. It definitely I think isn't mindset it's a certain a, certain. Person has a better eye a better. Just. Feel for. Designing. Kind, of thing you know I mean yeah I want that to discourage anyone cuz that everyone can design obviously but I noticed. People get get discouraged, like comparing, themselves like if they ladies I nor silver something like that and it's like yeah I remember like, yeah. They've been doing this so for a long time and they're just innately in them is that you know that promise, to do that kind of thing you know I'm saying so. Just. Notice the first button may just buy you a couple of bricks what I'm finished thanks. Dude yeah we're finally, in the market we've, we've been married a few months now and we're. Ready to be in the market so. She. Said she devoted hours to learning about she also skill yeah I mean any anyone that has a certain. Amount of skill is gonna have to still take time to learn. You. Know the different pieces that we have the, way to manipulate, the pieces that's a big thing with designing especially, in the planet ceres games is to. Not use pieces, the, way they were intended, case. In point a. Some. Point. Windows's, walls, this. Is a huge thing and planet coaster. You. Who's. Thinking planet coaster well, let's say you want to build. You. Know something really small like a small wall set or something like that but, we can't use this so then people are starting to do this where they flip the window backwards. And then. Now this is a new wall you know what I mean so like. These. Games you, can build some amazing things with what they've provided, you for like the Indian set the new world set the African set all that so but then after a point you have to start thinking way outside the, box and use pieces, totally. Different than what they, were meant for one of the famous, stories of planet coaster and silver at is. When the Alpha came out and we, were all playing everyone's, building pirate stuff and yeah. Basically everyone's building pirate stuff and, then sylph came along and built like an L pine mountain out of rocks and took like a lamp and like flipped it upside down and used that as support, apparently everyone at frontier was like what the what I didn't, think that people would you, know use a lamp as a support, structure and and so, yeah. I like really take yourself out of the box when designing and building something kind of thing in the plan of game so.

Really. Built half a park like this what with windows as well as yeah I'm sure he did. So. Let's, build a quick habitat here just a quick little square one, because. We want to talk about the animal welfare and all that fun stuff. It's. Really. The. Panel's get too long sometimes so if you have a really long panel it's not connecting like that shorten it down and it should be okay, all. Right so there we are there is our habit opt there. So. Look in the habitats, menu. Here this, is me everything, for your animals, that they need everything. As, far as like keeping them, alive basically. So. She going through here it's kind of overwhelming at first she was like whoa, with. All this stuff and like let's say you have a you know some random animal in there you're just like I don't know sure have, a that. That looks good. Filters. Filters are your best friend here you, go to filter right here this and this icon, comes up in almost every single menu. You. Can go through here and go through different filters and, you can see species, so. Let's say we're going for our aardvark, now this is going to limit down everything. That the aardvark, would like to have, you, can break down even more so say you're looking at your aardvark and its food. Enrichment, is not that great so if you go here you'll, see enrichment, items and it breaks it down food enrichment, so there's all your food in Richmond items right there toys, there's all your toy enrichment, Klima, ball if it was like a ring-a-ding. Or something like that so yeah there you are there and you know heaters and coolers remember we're talking about earlier if you're in a really cold map and you have an animal that needs to be heated up you know here's your temperature, heaters down and they'll give you a an. Area of influence and radius there for that so you gotta think of management in that way shelters. Animals. You know they like to have either a hard shelter some of them don't need a shelter at all which is kind of nice there's some pre-built ones here but that. Are oh my god huge that are nice to use but you. Can always build your own if you would like to. So. There's the habitat. Learning. Planko from watching the big creative guys I need to learn to play inside the boxer yeah no that's a good way to put a poppy that's a fantastic way to put it learn. How to build, how frontier, wants you to build you. Know it's like the Indian set it's, a really fleshed out amazing, set, inside, the game build. A really. Nice Indian. Themed area. Not a park don't do a zoo because that's their ginormous, but an area just little area make like a habitat, like a food court. A. Gift, shop and then, maybe like a seating area yeah little, Plaza and, then just theme that to the Indian set and if you look at you're like damn, that looks. Like a frickin, Indian area or whatever you know then. You can start to baby be like okay but what if I took this piece I just get familiar that's, my biggest piece. Of advice to anyone just, picking up the games get. Familiar with the building pieces there, are so many building pieces and there's gonna be so many. More to come there's gonna be a DLCs, and free updates and all that stuff coming, so. Get. Familiar with the pieces if you know what the pieces are you. Know how to intermix them and flip them and do this that and the other thing then. Then. You're on a good start got a good track. Silva. We are so amazingly, talented I love everything, that sub we're makes Sophia. So. Cool, um let's, let's. Look. At the, so. The nature construction, tabs kind of go together a little bit let's get the facilities, tab, we're. Gonna keep this habitat darkest we're gonna be using, it it's get a nice little pathway out here we're gonna start to get guests and the. Zoo. And stuff alright facilities. So. Facilities has a heck of a lot in it as well so facilities, are gonna be where your guests get their food, drink. Where, your employees, are where your small exhibits, are where your education stuff, is where your. Attractions. Are and stuff so how, do you use the shapes, I'm, clueless like the art shapes and construction. Tab. That we'll get to that. To. Avoid big creator types for a planet Zoo, I want to hardcore show me what I can really you know watch me of my videos anymore. So, in here if you go through it so this is gonna have you, know all this stuff here obviously.

But Then if you look through here we have small animal, exhibits and there are some pre-built blueprints. Already hanging out here which is you know really nice for those of you that you, don't want to do the building stuff we do have pre-built blueprints, already set to go there, but. If you don't want to do that you want to do your own here's the small exhibit there. So. As we're placing this I guess I'll start to talk about what I'm doing with hotkeys, and stuff so. Left click and then it's out here and we can just move it around with my mouse you'll have a little grid form around it I'm gonna hold Z you'll. See as I hold Z this menu. Comes up and as I move my mouse left and right it will rotate you can also hit spacebar, and. It will go on a grid same, as before here's, your menu over here for that. Anything. Notice with small exhibits they have multiple entrances. Actually. Have four. Small. Exhibits, can be viewed on. All, four. Sides. So. Do not forget. That. Right. So, there's your small exhibit well get it we'll put something in that just a minute. Next. Up you ever guest facilities, we, kind of covered a little bit here before but this is gonna be all of your food. ATM. Merchandise. Information. Kiosks, information kiosks are important. Toilets. Zoo entrances, all that fun stuff is. To staff, facilities. Why, fit the blueprints, with a with, the single pieces owner see what you're asking yeah got a good work and George assume they won't talk to you I'm hot to come down and visit dude yeah Harrison good to see you as always Deuter have. A good day work in I. Don't. Even know about there P built blueprints yeah yeah oh, and John T he's, about as far as I'll go down the line. You've. Been doing your path differently, yeah we'll get into pathing and stuff for sure I know if, I go if I go over something too quick just yell at me just, yell at me yeah.

As We're going through here the down here you have your you know keeper Hut's here again where. You blue printed out so if you don't want to build you don't have to they're. Pretty nice as well I do, like how a lot of these are looking. That's. Really nice. Keeper. Hut's are going. To be where your keepers. Just like it sounds where your keepers are gonna go to prepare, food and all, that fun stuff there, so typically. I like to keep the keeper huts close, to habitats. Or in a general area like if we had you, know this habitat and then you know one like three or four more here maybe have a keeper hut here to supply, all, four, habitats, kind of thing so okay that's where your that's. Where your staff is gonna go your your zookeepers, are gonna go in to. Prepare food and all, that fun stuff and we'll actually hire one of those bad boys right, now, so. Here's your keeper. There. They are. So. You see here keeper is going to be wandering they're going to eventually, they, will just automatically, wander, into your exhibit, here take, a look around see what the animal needs and kind of go from there. Next. Up in facilities. Got. Your quarantine. Sticky, animals are gonna hang out if you need to know note the size there's, a small one and a large one but. Sergi, same, thing if your animals, need to you know go. To surgery then this is where your veterinarian, will run into the exhibit I get, the animal bring them out bring them to surgery do the thing then bring them back there, you go. Staff. Room just, like it sounds as well all these are pretty self-explanatory so, I will like go too much in depth with them, Research. Center this is gonna be where your, your. Veterinarians, go, and do research so for those of you playing franchise, and challenge, mode if. You want to do some more research for, your animals, specifically. Your animals this is where you're gonna do that. That's. Where you're gonna do that is in the research center. Now. On the flip side of that we also have our workshop. So. Those you again enfranchise in challenge mode if you're not getting if you wanna get new themes new, rides new, barriers, stuff like that you're gonna send a mechanic to, research in the work. How do you do these two things how you do this is first you need to make sure you have those employees, you. Need to make sure we have a vendor. A veterinarian. And. A mechanic. Okay. And. Then you look down here we have our vet research and our mechanic research now. We have everything already research. And there's no power apparently. But. There would be a big menu that comes up here that you would send your vet and your mechanic to research now while they're doing this they are not accessible, to your zoo so, the mechanic is not gonna be going around, repairing. Your fences they're gonna be busy repair or out researching that's, where it come becomes important to really make sure you know you're. You're, managing well basically, John. Team John yeah they're good dudes their eye. Things. Animals marine animals, deal seas as well yeah I think so, I had, how I bought the game last year and have been planning it all, week so this is all basic stuff right now see ya know I just saw basic stuff so have a good one our base is always good seeing you dude oh you, good seeing ya. So. There's that there's that and then the last thing is your trade center if you've noticed this whole time that we've been playing my, animal, trading and exhibit trading have not been lit up and that's because I don't have a train Center trade center is how you do, everything.

Last. Week I figured I figured I. Was like dang he got an early copy of the game but. Now that we put town to see our base now that we put down this that we can do our animal in exhibit trading so you need to put that down first off if you want to get animals in there and everything like that so now that we have those lit up let's go back through and talk about, animal. Trading. Annal. Trading breaks down into. Basically. Two different categories you can pay for them with cash, or you can pay for them with cc's conservation, credits the. Luxurious. Conservation. Credits. What. Was it going to say okay so as, you're going through here and looking through your animals. Best. Thing, to, know free animals is their appeal. So. If you click it once it's gonna bring up the mode the highest appeal animals. And these are your like your big-ticket. Attraction. Animals, right so you got your. Willa's and elephants. Lions. All that fun stuff, franchise. Mode. Players. Remember, that you're messing with a free, market a free online ever-evolving. Market, so I. Can't. Really speak too much franchise mode because again that free market is going to always be evolving and changing challenge. Mode however. You. Are that's, all a bit easier to work with a little bit and yeah. So, you. Can always pay for, animals with cash if you have it or. With conservation credits, if. You pay with cash. You can't send them back out into the wild. Or, I'm sorry released in the wild if you're really seeing them into the wild you get some conservation, credits for that so, it's kind of a little bit of a payoff you're paying for it with cash but, you can't release that animal, into the wild for cats for conservation. Credits however, you. Can buy, let's. Say these were you. Can't buy let's say this flamingos here in the swimming flamingo, here and if they have babies. Then. You could take those babies and sell them for conservation, credits because you didn't buy them off the market no I'm saying so. So. For those who do a challenge one franchise mode I always recommend. You. Know buy low sell high, so buy low by. Like an Indian peafowl you know go through something here. That's. Low low price. Kind. Of higher appeal, and then, sell it for high so, there. You go next, to it is exhibit, trick trading. These. You don't really have to you just buy them basically usually almost always with cash. And. Yeah then these are the ones that go back into your, was. A top 20 go. Into the small exhibit training art training area. Here. So. If you buy it and you're like well where the heck did it go it. Goes here, if you don't send it to the zoo right away it goes down into your storage, here so you can select it move. It exited. And there it is. And. As we're looking through here, don't just place the small exhibit animal, and then leave it it'll, probably die you, need to. Let. Me fell we need to go through here and I, don't have power not. The insurance gave off power oh I. Got rid of the insurance stuff I'm done okay let me put that back real quick. So. As we're looking through here. It's. Gonna break it down right here for you and everything right so. Now. You see the exhibit going way down like that back. So, let's go click through here so, animals they'll tell you how many animals are in here we can click on this and they'll bring up the animal menu but we don't want the animal and you. Tell. You the layout it, doesn't like its layout so much just put some of these in here these are all researched items again we're in sandbox mode so we have these automatically. Our. Drug pile here. We go so now the enrichment, layout, is all the way up but, here's where it's getting it's too hot way, too hot so we literally, are going to make it a little bit cooler in there for it, there. We go then, you can see the humidity we could probably raise the humidity a little bit and then be a little bit happier, so. Never just throw an animal in there and then walk away cuz it'll probably die, it'll. Probably die next, thing that's really cool too are the windows so you can close up the windows, let's. Say you just want guests looking, here. Right you just want them looking in through here. You, can also edit the windows to do like a 2d facade a lot of people miss. This they're like oh well I'm clicking this nothing's happening what the heck make, sure you click OK and. Then a little show up so you can see it's just like a like that we, can do the 3d facade click OK it, doesn't cost anything it just adds in a little bit more so. I like 3d facade to think those are the best.

There. You go and our a little little guy. Little. Girl where is she there she is she's up there see how it highlights it. She's. All happy now hanging, out she. Is so, there's, a little small. Exhibit there you go, I've. Been gonna stop do, you have to be to say if, only they had a five star lion, he's. All the little animals are so pedestrian. I, think. It's more like the difference, between like a San Diego Zoo and like, like. Here we have like a little woodland, Zoo that has like, literally. Like a giraffe, and, like. Blizzard, and like you know this, is like smaller I guess that's like what they're kind of going for but yeah I see what you're saying so I didn't, know about the exhibits new power tilt is gonna be there oh. Yeah. Yep, changing the town that is in print. So there, we go let's it up to me in a more real quick. That's. An animal. All. Right so we just adopted an animal we adopted this African elephant so, you can if you'd like to send it straight to the zoo we're not going to do that we're gonna look at our animal storage. And. There it is and, we're actually gonna do two of them let me get one more. Elephant. I want. To show you can do something here so, let's say you have two animals two, of the same animal I should say. In. Your in, your storage here. You. Can move on one at a time if you'd like to you by doing move and then clicking over here but if you'd like to you click both, of these you can click both with the animals over there at the same time I should say, I don't think it has to be the same animal but, so. I know, you can do that there. Become. Both and they'll be released now, how to get animals, in your exhibits. Zookeepers. Don't bring them veterinarians. And care. What. Do they call. Caretakers. They. Those, two will bring, these, most duties, there goes vets. And Kerik caretakers. Will bring animals into habitats. No, other. No there's a member does Oh, keep. That new I have. To go dr. office calling hey CNB.

Always Good to see you my friend thanks, for hanging out as much as you did. Thanks. Thank you thank you are. So that we have animals in here let's go and take a look at the, animal tabs here. Break. It down yes I know they have the welfares would be bad for them it's just tutorial, so as we break it down here you can see you know the name here, if we want to change the name you know we can do. It here - there's, Mel now tell. Us the age look. At this graph right here this tells you the. Part. Of their life that they're in. So. You see here that they're 19, years old and this is when. They're getting so, right here is young. Here's, their main life and here is old, alright that's gonna tick as they're going so if you if you're ever not. Sure how. Old animal. Is or some like that you can look at the graph -, welfare. And stuff like that's gonna break down by you know the nutrition, break everything, down their, last meal quality, this is something a lot of people miss you, want to improve, the meal quality of your animal, you're. Gonna click on the barrier. Buddy. Animals. Here's. Your food quality right here you, can bring up to grade 3 that's. The highest grade that you can do all, you have to research this if you're in again a franchise in challenge mode you have to research that for the specific animal, and. It does cost more as well so, you are putting a more of a cost for. It but your animals gonna be happier so. Go. Back to our animal thing here so now the that, will all go up. Social. Needs. Tells. You here we need more space social. Group needs too few adults and juveniles in the animal social group. Habitat. Gonna tell you where it's bad as well there. You go breaks that down terrain here I know. Buddy I know so, say that they want a hard shelter, remember your hard shelters, are these. You. See the hard shelter went up immediately, after doing that but. It's not quite enough you, just keep you don't placing them down there until it's it's enough for them there they go. Terrain. That's gonna have to do with the terrain distribution. So. As you're going through here you, can click on this and it'll bring up the menu for, it and then you can start to go, through and, it'll affect, it in real time there. So. Soil we can click on that I'll bring up a soil now it's gonna bring up the heavy soil you can switch it down the light or have you whatever you want it to be we're. Gonna affect our intensity, over here as well is it gonna in the terrain to tour a little bit, so. We don't want if it's a hundred percent 100, percent intensity now she's gonna be dirt you. Know so. If we don't want it to be like that kind of blend it a little bit we can bring the intensity down a little bit and just kind of paint almost you see it's a little bit blending in just a little bit more and. You'll. See as well that our soil is going up long, grass is going down that is good. And. Now technically that those. Elephants, are pretty, stoked. Oh, no. They're fighting cuz it's too crowded. When. Cheap maps to use most, often I use. For. Animals, definitely, animals I use the traversable, the, habitat traversable, area. There's. A lot of times especially with know'd fencing. So. Example, when we talk about note fencing earlier. Let's. Say we make this note. No. I'm sorry no I keep saying note. So. Now if we go into the heat map. You'll. See here it's yelling at us and what does this mean walkable. Escape point means. They can just walk out right and there's other ones up here too that they can climb out took a tree or anything or that, they can jump off out of the because, it's too low, so.

Now Again dealing with the null fencing. If. We go through here and, just for example you just use the rock. See how the. The habitat barrier comes up. You. Can just block, it I. Had. To be careful with this because sometimes certain animals can climb up rocks and different things you have to kind. Of design a little bit differently so we hit H again, and. See how it blocked it now. There. You go oh yeah, that's probably the one I use the most ever. That's. Probably what I use the most I don't wanna keep sedum fights we're gonna pause it. Shows. Where the animals can walk yes, exactly. I'm, not here just the spirit I appreciate your spirit, I. Appreciate. Your spirit so. Yeah exactly that pipi. That's I use that one a lot. Like, you said using it for the Pride Rock if you want to have a lion specifically, walk up on that you know a little thing of rock. Yeah. Using the traversable one is good, to use there a lot. So. So. It says here that they want some water, so. Let's go get into train stuff some more as well but yeah this just kind of breaks down the the welfare of the terrain of the animal the. Environment, we. Touched on this earlier we're talking about the zoo pedia. Vigo. In the nature tab here and go into our filters see. How the continent. That it's from is Africa, fair enough. The. Biome is desert grassland. So we're going biome. Desert. Grassland. Now. These are all the plants. That the. Elephants. Like. In their, habitat. Naturally. Right. So then as you place them. We're. Gonna go down here and see that gave us 17%. From that one tree and it's 100% covered, now the. Coverage if you go over the coverage it welfare, will go down a little bit there so, something. Else to note as well is that let's, say. Or. Whatever reason let's say this palm tree like, you want to decorate the outside of the habitat you want to get the palm trees right up next to it careful. Because. Of. Course it doesn't count maybe have to play. Oh heck. You it counts every other time except when I want to show it off there, it goes so if you if. You get a cold snuff and it's overreaching. Into the exhibit they count that as the exhibit as inside, the exhibit okay, so.

A Lot of times yeah, you're this you'll see random. Trees around, in some like that got to be careful with that definitely. I'd be careful with that that. Covers that enrichment, this. Is gonna go back to covering, the habitat, like. We did earlier remember. Filters. Species. African. Elephant here's. Everything for the African elephants they, like that, they'd. Love a large barrel feeder, and, they love that and, they love that and, that, and then look over here see we have sixty out of 40 now 150, out of four 120. We'll do this one, a. Little bit bad. These. Kind of keep putting stuff in there now I'm not viously just throwing it in there right but you can just kind of there we go until it finally gets their entire enrichment, there and here's their inter species bonus so we might not have needed to do all of these enrichment. Items just like that we could also have thrown in that animal trading. We. Throw in you know the. This. Little planet zoo soundtrack, looking. Good I'd only get to monitor, then. As they you know they'll throw the, guy. In there and. We'll go back and see that. The. Enrichment. That. I've messed up and didn't look but for, example if they if they actually did. And. It would be good so, anyways. I don't, through here. This. Shows our timeline of how old are young the animals, were and where they came from as well social. We need some more animals. In here they. Just want some more buddies. And. Then finally the genetics tab I'm. Gonna be straight up with you I really messed with the genetics to have that much and. Out breeding and stuff like that I really haven't messed with that much so I'd recommend looking up someone's tutorial, that, kind of stuff because it gets really complicated as. Far as I can see it's. Just like what what. Am I looking at so. I really, I just haven't taken time to look at it to be honest with you so cool, that. Breaks down that. That. Breaks down the animal, tab. There let's, jump into we did the facilities, as well for the most part Graham you. Did utilities. Do. Self explanatory I feel, like bins. And benches same, thing you, know yep Inns, and benches sit, down, all. That fun stuff this, starts to get into the building menu kind of stuff to be honest with you oh the, last thing yeah transport, rights whoops. Rides. Rides rides and how, to build, them so. This is seems pretty second, nature to me because it's the same builder. As the, planet coaster builder for the most part, but. Let's build ourselves a little jeep ride and, I mean little. So. You're gonna left click down and there's, your Jeep oh yeah oh my gosh.

So. We ever building a, tool. Out here so the first one here is your length that's gonna do just like it sounds you can decrease. Or increase the, length of it here up. Or down. Go. Left, or right and. It always follows your mouse we. Could always do angle, snap and stuff like that too right so if you want to get a more exact Byington. We get this kind. And. Then finally is the. Banking. What the heck they have banking, on this that's so funny, we're. Gonna make I'm gonna do a zero-g roll for. This all right so. We're, gonna place, a piece. Gonna. Left click. So. This gives you a preview right and there you gonna left click again. My. Elephant died well, cuz. I didn't feed it or anything I'm a jerk I know. You. Can also build in pause, as well, so. That. Is building, for the most part I mean. As. We go through here you can make a little loops. Go. On the ground if you want as well. Then. We can dig that out later. That's. W

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