Phillies mount huge comeback! (Phillies vs. Dodgers, 8/12/10) | #MLBAtHome

Phillies mount huge comeback! (Phillies vs. Dodgers, 8/12/10) | #MLBAtHome

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Pitching, tonight it is game number three of this series in front of a sold-out, crowd here at Citizens Bank Park, hi. Everybody I'm Tom McCarthy, Aloha Chris wheeler we'll talk to Gary Matthews a little, later on, well again game waters about the Dodgers offense game two is about the Phillies pitching and wills the Phillies are hoping that game three is not only about the Phillies pitching in Joe Blanton but also about their offense well, Tom they've had good luck with the Dodgers the Dodgers have not won a series against the Phillies for a long time so, the Phillies are out to win the series here tonight continue, their hot streak here at home and hopefully, have good pitching and good out offense. So now Joe and his last time out Blanton had a good outing against. The New York Mets in the first game of that weekend series the, Phillies won the game seven to five but he gave a solid, 7 when he gave up two, runs in, that game and had good stuff he threw the ball over the plate change. Speeds away that he's able to do and was very very effective in that game we talked all the time about before, and after the all-star game with, Joe Blanton and this year right along with what his career has been his, earned run average look at the difference between the before and after, in his pitch very very well and the Phillies have won six. Out of his last 10 starts he hasn't won them but the club has won them which means he keeps them in the ball game for, the most part so you know they expect him to pitch well here tonight, Phillies, are going up a very tough pitcher tonight in Clayton Kershaw, so you know how much offense are gonna be able to put on the board but they hope Joe can keep the game close it's interesting Joe Blanton a lot like the other Philly starters, 1 in 1 overs last 5 games and like every other starter, a whole lot of no decisions, we'll see what happens tonight it's Joe platon against Clayton Kershaw, it's, the final game of this three-game series. Between the Phillies and the dungeon hallway, body as well he's riding at 18 game hitting streak he's, in the 2 hole tonight we'll get to the lineups and the first pitch when we return. Phillies. Baseball is, brought to you by Budweiser, official. Beer of the thirst itting Budweiser, it's what we do by, Southwest, Airlines want to see what a real airline, is like go to Southwest, Calm grab your bag it's, on by, Toyota there are many reasons to buy a Toyota and now's the perfect time to get yours during Toyotas national, clearance event by, Xfinity it's TV phone and internet reinvented. From Comcast. Five citizens back with the most seven day branches, in the philadelphia area and, by, independence. Blue Cross we're. Here for you every, step of the way oh. It. Started as a warm, day here the Delaware Valley is, now a windy. Night as the phillies of the Dodgers get set for the final game of, this three-game series. The Phillies are just, about ready to take the field behind Joe Glen, concluded. His warm-up tosses and, looking to get the fills of victory in, this series, against the Dodgers, the up hires for today's ballgame now the whole plate up fire is Todd Tichenor, names, normally a triple-a, umpire he's kind of filling in this series so it's kind of a kick for him to, get a chance to be behind the plate we've seen him behind the plate a couple different times this year Eric, Cooper's over at first Mike Riley's, the crew chief and chat fair Joe who did a nice job last night is around at third 12, alive tonight for the Dodgers brought to you by Xfinity only, from Comcast leading. It off in left field Scott's was sending Ryan, Theriot the second baseman bats second, Audrey here hits third followed by James Loney the first baseman, Ronnie, Belliard starts, at third base tonight he'll bat fifth that Kent gets the start in center field he'll hit six at, the bottom third of Jamie Carroll Brad Ausmus and Clayton Kershaw, to, face right at her Jill Blanton, Joe making his 19th, start, of the year wills he's trying to get back to the 500, mark but I like a lot of other Phillies pitchers he's, really just trying to get into the win column yeah. He's had a lot of no decisions Tom his last 10 starts so the Phillies are six and four, as we talked about in the opening with way too many hits and innings pitched but you know he doesn't walk a lot about hers that's one thing about Blanton.

Normally, To get on against him you have to hit the ball he's not a big strikeout, guy either it'll change speeds here's, our Southwest, Airlines scouting report, and good numbers against the Dodgers he's also pitched in postseason against them that's, his fastball, when he's down in the zone he can really use his off-speed stuff six, or more innings in, five straight starts Oh as. Blanton gets ready. To finish up his warm-up tosses let's take a look at the keys to the game wheels brought to you by Mesa well, you, know the Phillies are at that point in the season we're winning series is really huge if you can keep winning two out of three that means you're winning at, a 666. Percentage, and Clayton. Kershaw, is toffee, is nasty. Pitcher but you can get to him with, some patience, and make him throw a lot of pitches and fall, behind in the count that's, the end of the model year and these Suns laying it all on the line these Suns bottom line sales event going on now. Now. Scott Pacific leads it off and the, first pitch is taken outside so, we're underway, Pacific. Is 5 for 10 in this series against the bills riding. An 8-game hitting streak, and. He takes one at the knees for strike, 1 and the wind is blowing out the left and left-center big, time here there was no batting practice, field was covered and never rained but. You're gonna get a lot of hitters they're gonna get a lot of help with the balls the other way the ball percent hit last night that, hit the walls a home run tonight. But. Said Nick overall hitting 259, with the Dodgers he hit 310, this year with, the Kansas City Royals, she got a glimpse of the winds he's, given them some life they. Really like him at the top of the order as an eight game hitting streak and they really like Theriot hitting behind him because peseta nice a base stealer in Theriot is a guy who made contact, and hit the ball the other way and protect the base deal, he's. Fighting off a couple pitches here he. Gets a lot of bleeders, you. Know cuz you'll get infield hits he, had two of them last night. And. Overall this year he has a hundred thirty five hits which would put him third, in. The National League but again that, combines, his numbers from the American, League when he was, with the Royals earlier this season it's a lot of hits and, it keeps fouling, them off here right, at the start of the game running, giving. Joe Blanton a tough at-bat. In. The air softly, to left the banya, is not gonna get there that's a nine-game, hitting streak for pacific and, he's a board to start the first yeah that's what he does he had some hard hit some soft, you. Know the guy bounces, around from team to team and you know we don't see him all that much but every time you say it looks to he's a pretty good player. So. He's bored and that'll bring Ryan Theriot, to the plate. Over. There talking to Mariano Duncan one of the another, one of the Phillies influences. Here with the Dodgers coaching, staff they have three guys. Ariana, Duncan's over at first base and. Of course LarryBoy at third and then Kenny how's the bullpen coach who pitched here for a number of years there's dunkey. He's. Funny. What. About that guy is he funny it's at times. Theriot. Takes a fastball for a strike and, it's Owen Wong Theriot. Is hitting 285, one, homer in 24, runs batted in and. Those. Are his combined, numbers, between the Dodgers and the Cubs. His. Former DoublePlay combination. Mike. Fontenot was traded to the San Francisco Giants. So. The Cubs who. Began the season with Theriot, and Fontenot, up the middle. No. Longer have either of them no, and they came, back to tie the Giants, 7-7 and today and then just lost in the bottom of the ninth eight seven Andres, Torres RBI. They. Sit wanted for the Giants Pat. Burrell had two home runs in that ballgame from San Francisco, he's sitting in a slam huh did and. It was a loss. He'll. Be here next week for the Pat Burrell fans and probably. A lot I was still in this area chopper. Foul and it's one ball of two strikes. The. Current wildcard, standings look like this the Phillies tied, with the Reds a game and a half behind the Giants, now if the Phillies win tonight they'll. Be a game pack a half game is because the Giants have already won today the. Reds meanwhile, are off today. The. Braves are off as well we'll. Get to that in a moment see, even after tonight the Giants will have played two more games in the Phillies softly hit sort second Valdes thought, second, but instead he thought wisely, and, through. The first. Way. And that was a good play by Wilson, that he really charged that ball well and he was trying to beat pathetic to it get, tag it tag him throw to first DoublePlay percent, he's just too fast and, he.

Also Realized, you know what I better not throw this the second watch him come charge it now pathetic, as well by the ball at that point he. Takes a quick look he, knows he has a slower, runner, who. Was the hitter as, opposed, to the base runner so he had a chance to peek and know he still had to be, able to get the runner at first base, so. The Dodgers were the runner in scoring position here's, Ethier, and. He, takes a fastball for a strike. See, Ethier's, numbers against Joe, Ethier. And James Loney have combined, to pick up 10 hits in 19 at-bats. Against. Glavine those are the next two hitters. Joe, trying to get through the first inning without allowing a run that's been one of his issues this year allowing, first hitting runs I get is for a lot of starters. One. Into the counter foul ball back to the seats. Toward the Hall of Fame flow. During, the 2010, season Turkey, Hill will contribute $100. For each Phillies victory and 5 cents for each carton a Phillies grand slam ice cream sold, sport the Phillies youth baseball and softball programs. He uses changeup really effectively, these left-handed hitters not. This big fastball. Hit to the right side and, skipped right to Valdez, the runner moves to third but there are two outs Joe, wanted to come inside without moving missed, his spot but still got the out. Well. This has been a busy day in the National, League and in. Particular the, National League East how about what went on last night, after the Mets game Francisco. Rodriguez. Placed on the restricted, list suspended, for two games by the Mets and arrested. And charged, with third-degree assault, which, is a misdemeanor up, in New York for. Allegedly. Attacking his father-in-law in. The family, room at Citi Field last, night Chipper. Jones it. Turns out the knee injury he sustained the other day is a torn, ACL in his left knee he's out for the year Mike. Stanton had a five-hit night last night and he's continues, to surge. For, the Florida Marlins see that on chipper that's a shame because you know a lot of people thought he may retire at the end of the year now. You wonder if he's going to be able to play again because that's a long rehab, firm for an ACL, it's, almost the same same. Thing that happened to Jamie Moyer different, part of the body but he's. Facing the same kind of decision. And. You know Chipper Jones has such an unbelievable, career with the Atlanta Braves and we've seen the whole thing because. He's been with the same team his whole career playing against the Phillies in this division because the Braves had moved over there moved. Over to this division right after he came up. 3a, no the council Oni it's almost as it blends, working, around him here with. Ronnie Belliard waiting, on deck. Trying, to think with the braids it may have had one year still in the Western Division when Chipper Jones came, up for his, first full year may have been there there year over in the, National, League East but anyway it was right around that time so. We've basically seen his whole career right here in this division and. Probably a Hall of Fame career. Before. Monie, walks on four pitches so runners on first and third here, in the first. And. That'll bring Ronnie Belliard to the plate to son Nick over third. And. Loney takes his spot at first and they did throw a lot of off-speed pitches to him there and you, said Tom may be pitching around him Belliard, is one of those guys he, can he can hit anything though you know he's a wild swinger. Swing. In any area. Hitting. Only 225, but, he did a nice job for the Dodgers the last couple of years he's always been a good extra man on a club. Line. Drive base hit into centerfield and the Dodgers take the early lead what, nothing, is Pacific scores from third, and. Again Joe gives up a first inning run and. It's an RBI single for Belliard just his 17th, RBI of the year. But. Setting setting the table for them again with a little bloop single and that move. Around scores on the head there you go with Tom's talking about with these first inning runs. You. Hit a changeup, or an off-speed pitches huh changeup, and it ran right back into the middle of the plate. So, billiards at first, moenay's at second good-sized. Lead for both Matt Kent the batter and he takes a fastball for strike one, this. Is the first start for Kemp in this series he had. 2 pinch-hit appearances. In the first two games. Overall. You look at those numbers you think well it's not that bad but he, really has struggled, since the all-star break.

And, It's, one ball and one strike is, that fastball misses, outside. Nelu. The difference. More. In the production just 12 RBIs, in 26, games since the break. Swing. And a Miss and it's what a - we need to see with that full off swing he has working right now that's what he's doing it's he's. Diving pulling, you off, but. He's dangerous and with that wind blowing out the left and left center you do not want him to get one elevated, out in that area because he's really strong 24. Pitches for Blanton in the inning Matt. Kemp last year 26, homers 101. RBIs he at 297. And he takes a changeup, and it's to a two in, fact they, were so optimistic about, camp and Ethier. And how. How. Good they were going to be together this year they put the two of them on to cover the media guy that's usually an indication that, you're. At least for this year a foundation. For the organization, yeah I felt. That those two guys are their future chopper. Left side that's gonna sneak into left field a base hit low knees are out there and he's gonna score a body as his throw comes to the plate but it's two nothing Dodgers. And. Again it's just the 13th, RBI. For. Kemp since the all-star break, so. He's given up an RBI single to Ronnie Belliard who has just 17, on the season and now an RBI single to Matt Kemp you know we don't know if he pitched around loaning, or not but if they did it's kind of backfired, there's. Two straight right-handed, batters have gotten base hits. Now. Granted that one right there was a seeing-eye hundred hopper but still they got through the hole it's two nothing and they're still going and Jamie, Carroll is the batter Carroll making his forty sixth start of the year shortstop. And. Blanton falls behind one, of them. 1. For 8 in the series he's been on base three times with his two walks. Latin, is last out and went seven innings he allowed two runs on seven, hits picked up four strikeouts, against the Mets, they, received a no decision in that ballgame. We. Mentioned since the all-star break it's been kind of the storyline, for him like a lot of other Phillies pitchers worried he's, pitched okay but hasn't gotten a decision. Looper. Toward left-center field that's going to drop it for a base hit Belliard. Is going to score it's three nothing Dodgers to throw into third and that allows Carroll to go to second. Well, it just sloppy, play right there brother fill each - you know they give up the hit and that's you know that's bad enough for the third run with a Jason knows he has no reason, to throw that ball to third base. And. He did and you. Know, there's two outs but you still put another runner into scoring position I, think that, will play away we did took a force away and have another run into scoring position I don't know what he was thinking there and he's off balance and there's no shot at Kemp and Jamie Carroll is a very sound player and he sees that just. Moves. In a second ah now, flattened. Falls. Behind Brad Ausmus and he's thrown 31, pitches in this first inning Genesis and, all, these runs with two outs and now they're gonna have to walk Ausmus intentionally. To face Clayton Kershaw. Yeah. Right now you're already looking at getting into the part of the bullpen you don't want to get into where they got hurt the other night. Bullpen. Is one man down compared, to the other night Antonio, Bastardo has been sent out through Lehigh Valley because Shane Victorino was activated, earlier today, now. The, Phillies were one up in the bullpen with Bastardo. So, Brad ausmus's, attentionally, walked the bases are loaded with kept at third, Carol. At second, Ausmus, over at first. And. Here's Kershaw, just 2 for 40 this year a good. Athlete not much of a hitter. And. He takes a swing and a foul it's Owen one. Now, once it foul over the Dodgers dugout and, it remains Owen - I always thought as a fan when I was a kid and I came to the ballpark when. The other team batted around the first inning and you just barely sat in your seats you're sitting there thinking oh no no, knows right.

What. You have to try and think is over it's early yep, now. Once hit hard but right at Valdes he's got it and throws, to first the side is finally retired but diamond comes to the plate of the inning for the Dodgers they, scored three runs on. Four, hits we, go to the bottom of the first as the Dodgers 3 and, the Phillies coming up. MLV. At home is presented, by Scotts, who, knows that some of the best games are played in the backyard. Scott's, grow, more good. The first the Phillies trail at 3 nothing they'll get their first look at Clayton Kershaw, here in 2010. And let's take those the lineup that he'll look at tonight brought, to you by Xfinity only, from Comcast leading. It off the shortstop Jimmy Rollins Raul, Ibanez the, left fielder bats second, Placido, Polanco hits, third followed by Mike Sweeney the first baseman Jayson, Werth is in centerfield he'll bat fifth Ben Francisco's. In right he'll, hit sixth, in the bottom third at Carlos Ruiz Wilson, Valdez and Joe, Blanton and they'll face left-hander, Clayton, Kershaw, Kershaw. Is 22, years old, making. His 24th start, and he's got pretty good numbers the three point one nine earned run average how to things jump out at you there look at the, strikeouts. Look at the hits per innings pitch left-handed, hitters. 193. Against him but, as we mentioned he, can get erratic, and that's what you have to hope happens here tonight because when he's on his game he's really a problem, he has, great stuff he's very young. Pitches. A lot better at home than he does on the road and that's another thing maybe in the Phillies favor and you see is not pitch well against. The Phillies especially, here in Philadelphia, he's gonna throw fastball, curveball slider really, doesn't throw, a change huh you. Know his curveball is slider it kind of an in-between it's, hard to tell them apart sometimes, and, his, fastball, he really likes to throw it a lot he started two games against the Phillies in the National League Championship Series.

And His. Numbers will set her better in LA than on the road they're also way better in day games the night games because sometimes. He's just tough to see, Jimmy. Rollins leads it off and Jimmy. Takes a 93, mile an hour fastball for a strike those deliveries, kind of funky as I like a little hesitation, in it he's. Just really good he's young and he's still learning. Rollins. For the series his three for nine he's, really picked it up here at home in fact he's on an, eight game hitting streak at this point the, Phillies have a, handful. Of guys that are riding hitting streaks. In. The air on the right side it's a foul territory James, Loney is over and. He's fighting the wind but he casually makes the catch one. Away. Well, here's Kershaw's numbers, regular. Sees it in postseason, against, the Phillies and you. Know really. None. Of them stand out as being good at, all no they've they've had very good success against. This guy, but. You know everybody. Gets a little bit better when they have a three nothing lead before they hit the slab out there and the other thing too is they get better as they get older too, you. Know when he pitched against the Phillies the first time he was 20 years old now he's 22, yeah. No not that that's a huge jump but it's still a jump no he ain't Hamels matched up in a heck of a game last year out of Dodger Stadium the Cole. 1/2. A Nova count to Ibanez Raul. Is. On. A an 18, game hitting streak which, is the longest current streak in the, National, League and it's the third longest in the, season. Buster. Posey of, the Giants, hitting 21, straight from the fourth of July till. The 28th, of July and you see what B banya as his numbers look like during this streak. He. Is scored 16, he's driven in 17, but he's also walked 14, times that's, a big deal. See. How many fast balls Kershaw. Has thrown it's. At 7 pitches 7 fast balls, and. He has a three-run lead - you would expect him to throw a lot of them. Good. Pitch to hit there for, Raul and he found it back, good, luck epic donald's phillies home run jackpot, contestant is Patti Davis of ambler PA if the, Phillies hit a home run in tonight's ballgame Patti's gonna win $200. If the filling there's going to be some bombs tonight the way the wind is blowing out toward left. The. Wind might take that one out of play and it does Wow, did it move and that gives you an idea the ball that Jimmy hit looked like it was in the city this was like a spring training game with, the wind the ball that Jimmy it looked like it was out of play down the first base line he saw aloni laughing, after he caught it because the wind blew it back into, fair and not in fair territory but, onto the playing field he caught it easily and, you can see him talking to Theriot. On his way back on whom man you see that. In the air to centerfield Mack kept on the run got a good jump on it and that, little leap at the ends, puts. It away for the second out. It's, still pretty good swing by a Banyas against the left-hander. Just. Locked into a 3-2, fastball smoking. You, can do about that Kemp had it all the way was an easy play for him. And. Now with two outs here's Polanco, Polanco. He. Also has a hitting, streak going ten straight games. And. He takes a fastball first, strike. Second. In the league in hitting at 319. Hitting. 359. Here in the month of August and, a, liner toward left a base hit that's. An 11 game hitting, streak for a Polanco. Finally. Threw something off-speed there, you can see polly was out in front of it a little bit. Say, changeup is by far his fourth best pitch you don't even throw that many album. Having. To change up. I'm. Gonna throw a few tonight I guess and he's he just got out front hit off the end of the bat but you, know he's such a good contact, hitter.

And. He's locked in such a groove right now. Though. With two outs and a runner at first Mike Sweeney is the batter, sweetie. Playing first base tonight he came on in last night's ballgame for. The injured Ross blow and he loops it to right Theriot, going out it drops right in front of Ethier Polanco. Was running on contact he'll, go to third, and. The Phillies have runners on first at third with. Two outs. Here in tario haven't played together that long and Ethier thought he would they were gonna run into each other and, he kind, of shied off a little bit and tario couldn't get there so it drops in. Sea, Sweeney gets in here comes Terry oh he, really can't get this now watch 'if you're right there and he took a peek at Terry oh and. He thought here right watch it again right here, he's calling it then he takes a look down now, it's too late, because, you eat in the word a second, baseman was he who want to kalaiy and by, the time Theriot had peeled off the ball dropped while they appeal to second, base. Dodgers. Thought that. Dodgers. Thought Polanco, missed second, going, over to third Mike Riley says, I. Think. They saw him stumbling a little bit in the area second base so that's why they appealed it Joe Torre s4 that. With. Two outs here's Jayson, Werth with runners on first and third though. He's trying to get a run back trailing a three nothing. Now. You get a ball in the air right now the left and left center or the right handed hitter you get it all back. See, when Jason's done overs last seven games a, seven-game. Streak hitting, 423. And. It's over for a strike it's one-on-one it, was a slider from Kershaw. First. Came up he, put a lot of fastball, curveball now they say he's throwing more of a harder breaking ball slider doesn't mean he's he's, gotten off his curveball but. He doesn't use it the way he used to when he first came to the major leagues. Pretty, good pitch to hit for Jason, and, he fouls it back and. It's one ball two strikes was. Really. A veteran, catcher he'll do a good job I would think with a young pitcher like Kershaw, a lot, of times you want to get off the fastball, when. A guy fouls one straight back like that but then again maybe he doesn't want to go to two two so see. How they decide to work in here. They. Go fastball he hits it towards center and. It's not that deep Kemp makes the catch and the side is retired no, runs two hits two men. Left for the Phills we've completed, one we, go to the second Phillies trailed by three. Follow. The fillings on your iPhone iPod Touch blackberry, and Android phone, with, at, bat 2010. Featuring play-by-play video, highlights, and live, audio broadcast, visit today. On your iPhone iPod Touch Android, or, Blackberry for. More details. We. Go to the second and, the. Top of the order is up to the Dodgers after they batted around in the first and scored. Three runs on, four hits. Joe. Blanton through 38, pitches, in. The first inning, then that's not his season hi can. You tell me wills what game was the season-high, no. Boston. Red Sox 4000. Yeah first inning of that ball is when that guy hit the grand slam in his first at-bat. First. Major league at-bat switching. The. Nava Kidd Nava, right, Joe. Castiglione, the radio. Voice the Red Sox, said. To, Nava. You. Go up there with your first at-bat look fastball, yeah and, he did and he hit it into the bullpen. You see another palindrome. Navas that. Spells no no it isn't that isn't spelled the same backwards and forward ob Avadh yeah or. Yvonne. Well. Here's Joe's, problems, started rather shoot with this, guy for said Nick he, kept fouling, off pitches, like this and then finally blooped one to the outfield, but he, gave up three two-out runs the, hardest hit ball the beginning. Was Ronnie Belliard single, to center and Kershaw, is out in. The end it's true, slaps. Another one towards short backhanded, by Jimmy sets himself throws, to first not in time but. The sudden is fast he can fly he's. Amazing consider, he's in his mid 30s now. And. Field single that's, the third infield hit his hat in this series and. His 7th hit overall. 38. To hit game in the season the, Jimmy does everything he can there he backhands and he gets a lot on the throw. Skids. A hop and pathetic, just beats it. Just. When you say we got him. Eric. Cooper said ah. Could, move over by Blanton nearly, got the Sidney. And, they have to keep an item Mizpah said maccann run he's. Four for four with the Dodgers stealing, bases. They. Stole 30 bases with, the Royals. At that little cover on his hand just to protect his right. Hand. There. Is he, gets. Back that's why you, know they really, like a left-handed, first baseman, lot because they get that get it down quicker just because of where they catch it and. They also protect the hole a little bit better. That's. What you see so many what, another. Good well you see a lot of you, know left-handed.

First Baseman, I. Didn't. Like that when I was growing up left-handed, first base. Well. They can only play so many positions at my left-handed. Kind. Of limit you towards. Center field Jayson, Werth ventures, back makes the grab his Sedna goes back to first one. Away. And. That. First inning, latin, after. Pathetic, single did, get the next two hitters. And with the Sedna con third that's when he walked Moni and allowed to base it to Belliard and then the, Dodgers wound up sending nine-minute of the plate and scored three runs. Ethier, grounded, out to second, his first time up and. He. Slaps the first pitch foul. There's, a sharp contrast and. This is normally the case, for. Ethier between, right-handers. And left-handers he's. Hitting 328. Against. Right-handers, this year and, well below 300, against lefties. This. Game is rapidly, becoming a big time problem, for the Phillies not only because of the score which you, know it's not that big a deal but because of this pitch count and the, problems that they have in middle relief. Well. The good news is only. Two guys worked last night. And. Madson invades so, maybe. That off-day freshened. Everybody up and give. Will give the. Bullpen, a little bit of a reprieve for tonight is Roy Oswalt I went seven strong last night. Picked. Up his first win in a Phillies uniform. Wanted, to the cap it's the pitch count Wheels is talking about. Swinging. At a busy guy. First. Strikeout, for flattened. And that was a good changeup. And. There are two away for, loaning permission. To change up was a good pitch for him the left-handed, batters and there is one and Carlos. Does a nice job of blocking. In. That case if batter can't go anywhere but runner, at first base can advance the second. To eat the air after getting four hits in his, four. At-bats official. At-bats in the first game of this series, now hitless in. His last six, at-bats. Part, of who's and why the Phillies were able to win last night's game to nothing. As. They kept him off the base paths. He. Kept a lot of guys off the base paths. Toward, left-field he body as head it's back to now comes in a little bit makes the catch on the side is. Retired a little different ending for joke light in fact he throws 12 pitches gets through the Dodgers here at the top of the second Ben Francisco will lead it off when we get back. One. Of the hottest shows on TV is coming to my phl 17, catch Jeremy Piven in the clink comedy series entourage.

That's. Weeknights this fall on my phl 17. Bottom. Of the second Ben Francisco leads, it off against Clayton Kershaw, he. Set some pretty good swings against Kershaw in the first they had couple of runners aboard but, didn't score. Francisco. Pulls, it toward third, Belliard. Makes. The play one away. Charlie. Manuel was asked today about Francisco. Playing right tonight. Instead. Of worth, being in right and Shane Victorino being, in center Victorino. Was activated, earlier today off the disabled, list after having a good couple of days in. Lehigh, Valley and, Charlie. Said that after last night's ball game he wasn't sure if Victorino, would be activated, for, today's game the plan all along was, to have him ready. For tomorrow's. Game against the New York Mets so he had already told Francisco, that he was gonna play and. He. Had already written out the lineup so he figured out I'll just go with it for tonight. And then I have Shane available, off the bench if I need him as, the game moves on. And. Raleigh vine is has been swinging the bat so well against, righties and even lefties he. Wanted to make sure he was still in the line. One ball one strike the count to Carlos Ruiz old for his last 11. And. He breaks his bat loops it to center Kempton to get a good start he comes in and, he plays it on one huh. Fortunate. Break for the Billings and. Carlos. Is aboard. And. Carlos says Tom said had a little o4 going his swings got a little we talked about that the other day and one of his at-bats you could, see his swing was getting a little long again, and right. There he breaks his bat gets a base hit and that could do a lot just for your psyche. It. Kemp it bounced away a little bit but Ruiz, not gonna go anywhere with down by three runs. They, went one down Wilson, Valdez, will bat Larry, about desert Oakland Larry Bowa saying before the game you know Ruiz kills the Dodgers she says Johnny Bench is about due to have a big game tonight. What. Do you mean he says Ruiz. Yeah. That's right he just Carlos. Does really, hurt them and especially, in postseason but even during the regulars hitting, 444, in his last eight games against.

The Dodgers. Breaking. Ball that drops in for strike to Valdez now. The Toyota major-league scoreboard, the Mets defeated, the Rockies for nothing they didn't need Francisco, Rodriguez, today because Johan Santana, continued. His hot pitching he got the win it was a complete game shutout, his, 11th career complete, game his eighth shutout, and, it's. Only the second series win for the Mets since. The 27th. Of June and they. Still haven't won two in a row, since. June 23rd. I think I, mean they won the series there but they didn't win two in a row. Let's. Hope that continues this week yeah we. Won't use that this weekend use, that note maybe we'll use it on Sunday well these are going for the sweep you will use it when we when things are looking alright. Oh into. The count to Valdez. He. Stays alive. It's, all want Castro today walking, in. Valdes. Because. Of his play. Earned. The spot as the utility man over Juan Castro, Castro is, now, with the Dodgers just, called up yesterday, it's. Good to see Juan he was he was a good guy one who's here in Philadelphia. Opposite. Way over, the head of Maury that's a fair ball hits. Off the brick wall and over the third goes release, Valdez. Is going to stop it second the Phillies have two aboard here. In the bottom of the second. That, double, of the air for, Wilson, Valdez, look, like it was just inside the chalk line gets. A little bit of a late swing right there it's slicing. Oh it's about 5:00 my, feet fair. Fair, by a lot more and look from our ankle hey, Wilson Valdez is safe at second base safe and secure with. New York life. So, Wilson with his tenth double of the year is, in scoring position, with Ruiz Joe platen is the batter and I think even though they hate to do it that, they'll play the infield back, here and give up a run with a three-run lead and. Don't want to take any chances a plant could squirt one through there they're looking in the dugout see there all kinds of instructions, come out of their dugout and they finally said go back you, know they don't, want to do this, hate. To do it with a pitcher, hitting but. They have a three run lead and there's, no reason to play the infield in and they probably figure if the ball goes to one of the corner men or to Kershaw. If, Ruiz happens, to break toward the plate they've got to play at the plate. Yeah. If they if they want or you know I mean if they want so just getting out if it goes to Kershaw, yeah I mean no he's not gonna break probably but, just they just wanted out but they don't want to have everybody in where a little bleeder could get through and the Phillies could get two out of this and then have the top of the order coming up with one out want. To know the count to Blanton, it's. Basically, you, know if Clanton, he puts the ball in play and hits a weak ground ball and they, get a run out of it so watch there's two outs and we're up by two meaning the Dodgers are up by two, but. Manage your system, hate to play the infield back, like this with a pitcher, up and, a, runner in scoring position so last night the Dodgers, played the infield in with Oswald, up but that was a obviously. A low-scoring game. Lattin chops went off the plate Phil should get around here comes Louise he'll score an RBI and, a groundout, for Blanton and he gets Valdez over to third it's a 3-1 game. There. You go, Joe. Glen great job they contact, there and he got himself an RBI now if they had the third baseman way in, no. Way Carlos is gonna be able to score that even if he goes on contact, he's gonna be out. But. The Dodgers did the right thing and the Phillies get a run out of it there's two outs. Here. It is Joe makes contact, beats it right off the home plate area and, a. Smart play by Belliard. Ooh don't even think about home plate just throws it to first first RBI, of the year for Blass he did take a little peek just in case maybe Ruiz. Fell down or something that's human nature yes. And. Rollins takes a slider first strike that it's Owen on Jimmy popped, out at the foul territory his first time up to. Low knee over at first, that's a nice run there to get at the bottom of the order. Be. A bit nicer if they get that other run off well this would be sweet if you you know to outrun here, oh and.

One The count to 2. J roll, in. The dirt blocked by Ausmus, couldn't, it be a real momentum thing for the Phillies here if they could pick one up another. One on. Good numbers for Jimmy with. Two outs and runners in scoring position he has Valdez at third. One. Ball and one strike the count two away here in the bottom of the second. Cursed Rojas for wild pitches there's Joe. Blanton with his first RBI, of the year and. His. Third. Major-league, RBI. Knock. County is home. In. The World Series which, they. Don't show up and these kind of numbers were thrown out but are remembered, all the guy that hit, the home run absolutely. Jimmy, this year is hitting 339. Against, left-handed, pitching. And, Shane Victorino both switch hitters have, hit better against, left-handers. Over. Toward the hole Belliard cuts, it off bobbles, gets the grip and, the sides retired, so the Phills have stranded two over third they do get a run here, in the second on the ground out by blent, we've completed, two we, go to the third, it's 3-1 Dodgers. Now. More than ever you. Need technology, you can rely on I already put this Union I'm, a Dell technologies, advisor no, way assure Moses. And if you're a small business we're. With you Villar VPO estamos, Courvoisier, we, want to help so, we'll be right here at home, answering. Your calls. Providing. Support and standing, by you every. Step of the way. Time. Now for the Dodge stump the fans trivia question. Log on to go. To the fan section for all the information and please submit your answer on the subject line wheels the question is who is the only pitcher to win the Rookie of the Year award, Sayaka Ward and Silver, Slugger in the, same season. Answer. Will be revealed in the seventh inning. Ronnie. Belliard leads, it off here in the top of the third Belliard, had an RBI single to run scored in the first Rookie. Of the Year Silver, Slugger Rose at third sigh. Um. So. He must have been a pitcher yes. Some. Athlete huh. Contrary. To what Sarge says pitchers, can. Be athletes oh yeah, well. If, we go along with you no I'm not gonna give the answer obviously but if we go along with the theory that the. Dodgers are in town I got a guess, broke, at that roller does shortstop. Problems. Over, the first go yards retired. And. One away. This. Guy you could also. Could. Also throw the Gold. Glove in there he. Didn't win it that year but you could throw it in there, because. He was as you said a good athlete. Matt. Kemp had an RBI single his first time up. On. The outside corner it snowballs, in one strike. Swinging. Abyss. On, the hands that was a good pitch from Blatt should. Be waited on it and has to hospital throw over the first for the second out. So. Two away when wheels mentioned it before Pat, Burrell and the rest of the Giants will be in town it's Tuesday, to start a three-game series all three games are at 7:05, he'd, get your tickets now by logging on to you.

Remember A couple of years ago how important the four-game series was, against the Milwaukee Brewers the Phillies swept out well. Brewers, were leading the wild-card at that time Giants. Are leading the wild-card now. So. Those are three important, ballgames here in Philadelphia, last, time the Phillies will face the Giants, during. The regular season. Jamie, Carroll is the hitter he singled and drove, it around his first time up but it's one ball and one strike to. Carroll. The time the Phillies did that wild card thing with the. Brewers. They. Had basically given, up on first place with, a met set here you know there, was no shot he didn't think and and then, the Brewers came in well were they up by three or four four they run three. Or four in the wild card and they swept them they're up by four and wound up tying them which, was remarkable and then they overtook the Mets and won the division. Now it just missed it it's two balls at two strikes. The. Joe certainly has been in a better rhythm since that first inning his. Tempo, is pretty good on the mound -. Part. Of that is because they haven't been any baserunners, Francisco, into the alleyway and, he the legs it out makes the catch side is retired one, two three, go. The Dodgers here at the top of the third we go to the bottom of the 3rd of the Phillies will be by Diaz Pollock oh and Sweeney. Phillies. Baseball is, brought to you by Budweiser with, full flavor - crisp clean finish it's what we do by, Suzuki in the new Kizashi midsize, sport sedan, Suzuki, the power of engineering, and by Xfinity it's TV phone and internet, reinvented. From Comcast. Grounds. Crew how to work extra hard to get the field ready tonight because the field was covered for, a good portion of the afternoon there, was some rain in the area did rain a little bit. But. After they took the tarp off the field the only thing that was left was the. Wind which is still here and blowing, out from right to left, as. Raleigh Banyas leads it off in the bottom of the third yeah they covered it as a precaution and caught up batting practice and all here tonight just in case and as. You said really didn't rain here but. They. Didn't want to get caught with a tarp off and then you know have to feel good damage and then have to spend a lot of time getting it ready afterwards. So. Everything worked out fun, and. The, pregame concert. In. Honor, of the Jewish heritage celebration, at the ballpark went, on as scheduled. Yeah. It was like nothing happened here just normal, night just didn't have batting practice actually, two nights in a row because they didn't have it last night on account of Powell game. 1. & 2 the count to Ibanez and. Roll. Lays off it's 2 & 2 Oh. Lined. Out to Center his first time up. Not. Only is he hit an 18 straight overall but he's hit in 12 straight against. The Dodgers. So, different, than. The first half of the year these are back-to-back three two counts. For Ibanez in this game alone and that's a clear indication, that he seemed the ball much better off a tough left-hander to. Back. Toward the middle right off the now that helps Jamie Carroll, slowed. It up a little bit although he was shaded toward the middle one away oh. It's. One out here the bottom of the third it's time for us to remind you that it's. Our thirst inning it's brought to you by Budweiser. It's the official beer of the, thirst inning. I, think. That guy knew he was on camera yeah. He's. Ready to toast the camera right here see good stuff. Went. Out for Polanco. And. A breaking ball over for strike. Polanco. Senators in his hitting streak to 11 games his last time up he. Has. Scored a run in the last three games each. Of the last three. They've. Had a good approach to Kershaw tonight you know they're trying they're trying to make him throw a lot of pitches trying, to make him run some deep counts and, that's. A good way to beat this guy, because. When he gets ahead of here with two strike he has put away strikeout stuff obviously where those strikeout numbers that he has.

All. The TV sets in HD now that's shot, of. The green guy coming down the stands, is. Bursting. With color. There's. Definition, in them well, there's definition, all right. He, was doing some struction with James Loney before the ballgame that was that it was, rather entertaining. Pop. Up shallow. Right-center field. Theriot backpedals. Now fights the wins booth that makes the catch about. That wid. Theriot. Thick men I'm back at Wrigley Field oh I. Thought. I left this win well. He did the right thing he went back to a spot and then ran. In. He's, laughing - he's backpedaling go, whoops. Then, he kicks. Up the divot, makes. A play. It's. Got a replace that - if it doesn't it's still out there it's still there you know I. Don't. Think he knows he did it. There. It is. Well. I hope somebody replaces, it like, a 3-iron, divot, not a wedge. That. Would be my driver, that's. Not good nope. Outside. One ball and one strike to Mike Sweeney Sweeney. Singled, his first time out little blooper to right here. It's, like sweeties gonna play more first base even against right-handed, pitching at, least for the next couple days with, Ross, gloat on the shelf with that sore groin now, Ross was not put on the disabled, list Charlie. Manuel said today that he thinks in the next couple days Ross, could pinch-hit, Ross. Said today that, he. Was, going to take some swings, he. Didn't think he'd be available, tonight he said he'd be kind of a last resort thing. That's. Hit in the air behind home plate Ausmus. Keeps. The mascot, and he made the catch before the ball hit the net that. Is great concentration, by Brad Ausmus, and, the side is retired one. Two three go the Phills here, in the bottom of the third a little defense, from a guy who's a three-time. Gold Glover he, knows when to push the net out of the way and, make the ground. Now. More than ever you. Need technology you can rely on hire a digital, disunion, I'm, Adele technologies, advisor as y'all we're, sure. Moses, and if you're a small business we're. With you vr VPO estamos, Courvoisier, we, want to help so, we'll be right here at home, answering. Your calls. Providing. Support and standing, by you every step, of the way. In. Today's tough economy every, dollar counts, that's why the Phillies buy office supplies from WB, Mason for amazingly, low prices, on office supplies furniture, cleaning supplies kitchen snacks and, Green Mountain Coffee whoo but WB, Mason, now. We go to the fourth here at Citizens Bank Park another. Sold-out crowd. Gary. Matthews joins, us here in the top of the fourth Phillies trial at 3-1. And. Sarge the way this game began I wasn't, sure if a what. Kind of score it would be when you arrived. Well. For those three hits in a row producing, those three runs in the first whatever, reason. Joe. Blanton having a hard time in the first inning he seems to settle down however after, that and it's. Been doing just that. Joe. Threw 38 pitches in the first inning, just. 24, in the last two innings. It's, all part of that settling down. Not, in all fairness to though it's not like they were really blistering. The ball. Dodger. Fed caught the ball. Expecting. High five, he. Got some cheers but he also got some foods to good. Catch though. Now. We, have to honor the game oh that was a good catch it was goes, right in the aisle one hands it. Shows. Everybody, that it was in his glove. Had, a stranger, take a photo of them. To it to the count to Brad Ausmus. And. A line drive caught by Jimmy, Rollins, who. Use wait for that to kind of rise up, a little bit it never, did. So. What away here. In the fourth I ask. You this all the time you know pitchers have a tendency, to struggle. In the first inning I don't. Know why I mean. You say it's because they're not loose they come in they're coming right out of the bullpen so they should be loose but for whatever, reason even, the good pitches, are great, pitchers, have, a tendency, to struggle, early on and we would always say, get them early if you can and guys like Nolan. Ryan JR, Richard, or even a Sandy. Koufax, you want to get them early because after they settle in they're almost impossible, to. Hit but for, whatever reason would Joe he's. Had some problems well and Joe's tempo, has. Been a whole lot better the last couple, of innings as. Kershaw, shoots that foul down the left-field line now. A lot of that has to do with the fact that he hasn't had a whole lot of baserunners, so your tempo does change we don't have bass right well it does - and to his fairness it wasn't lack balls we just hit all over the ballpark more. So a good placement some, jam shots but, they all come they all count this, guy was a hitter so they. Would have counted for you oh definitely. Kershaw's. Down-looking. Second.

Strikeout For platinum and. There are two outs. And. Here comes Scott Pacific. The, Cenex two-for-two a, bloop. Single in the first an infield, single his third, of the series his last time up. He's. Really learned how to be a leadoff hitter he has excellent, speed. He. Hits that ball in the hole to shortstop. Just. About an automatic. Base in he, is running from that left side but he's. Really perfected, that swing and he tries to keep the ball out of the air and Jimmy shortened up a little bit at shortstop because, he's burned him a couple of times, because. Balls. Hit right toward him or to, the middle look, what he's done in the series, but. A little bit of a pain in the neck to tell you the truth getting on base he's going round. It's, been a knack Oh. Joe, Blanton has won, one two three inning tonight every time the Phillies retired the opposing team in order Comcast will make a contribution to Phillies charities, Billy Spaceballs brought to you by the xfinity, triple play you complete, lineup for digital TV high. Speed internet and, home phone. And, appeal the third chat fairchild, says no swing. That's his game now to get. That ball on the ground trying to score runs, leadoff. Hitters who score 100 runs and figure you've had a great, year, on. The hands towards second Valdez. Hurries the throw. Like. Sweetie nearly fell off the bag but the side is retired another. 1-2-3 inning for Joe Blanton he's retired, nine in a row we, go to the bottom of the fourth of the two-run game. Phillies. Baseball is, brought to you by the Pennsylvania, Lottery get your game face on play the Pennsylvania lotteries new Philadelphia Eagles instant game you must be 18 or older to play please, play responsibly, by, Southwest, Airlines go to Southwest, Calm grab your bag it's. On and by Toyota there are many reasons to buy a tote and now is the perfect time to get you were storing Toyota's national, clearance event. Now. We begin the bottom of the fourth Jayson, Werth leads it off. Jason. Line to Center his first time up he hit the ball well this, guy's just right over the top, fast. Balls I mean I'd be looking fastball about, every, pitch, he. Hasn't proven to me that he can get that breaking, ball over consistently. To, look for it and. Once he does that didn't maybe he changed a game plan. Kershaw's. Fifth in the league in strikeouts with. 153. Why. Is that. Well. Guys about me looking for something, that they can, yeah. The, looking, at the first few any Thomas notice over, the top fastball, and. There's another one. And. When you go over the top it makes you easier, to hit not only for, left-handers. For, right handers the left hands not, coming from the side and being, a little bit scary on that left side broke. His bat that's gonna be a base hit though for Jason. He. Stayed in there and. The Phills Avenue top batter horde, hey. Sarge some good news earlier, today.

Ryan. Howard his, first activities. On a field, said spraining his ankle and. The big man was moving around pretty good taking ground balls from sam perlozzo. Not. Only that Chase Utley took ground balls and threw, from, second base I talked to chase today about his. Thumb I said were you happy yesterday that the, doctor cleared, you two to start hitting a little bit and, he. Said he. Was and, he expected, it he said he had feel had been feeling pretty good and thought. They would clear so. I said you know what are hitting progressions, and he said that. He'll start to hit off the tee and take. It slowly said he's going to be. Very cautious, because you know he doesn't want to hamper. His rehab by coming back too soon well that's the key is we had cautious, and. Especially for him because he. Has that threshold, of pain that he can take. And that's. Not, something you want to mess. With and. Then have that linger, on into, that year you want to make sure it's completely, well, no. Matter what but. He has that type of heart, that he wants to come back it wants to come back and contribute. What, if one the cats have been Francisco. It'll toss over I had. Never heard the term hitting. Progressions. Before, and. I have come to learn that, that's. Hitting off the tee just. Taking dry swings, which is just you know swinging the bat seeing. If that thumb is okay and, then. Progressing. To, maybe hitting in the cage soft tossing things, on guys I. Think. He'll get tested, once he gets in and try. Check, swing on. Can, I practice them hold. The ball well it's it's, not it's not like it's game situation, true you can practice. It's doing it but there's a game situation, you really have. A lot of strain on your hands to hold up. I just, hope that's his token move that can't be, his. Real move that he has. I would, say that's one of the easier it moves from a left-hander pickup yeah. That's it he doesn't pick his foot up at least he hasn't, been very high. Picking. It up, warshall. Using. That slide, step. Breaking. Ball cut out of mist and francisco's. Down on strikes first. Time tonight that he's thrown, consecutive. Curves to a hitter. Strikes. Put, a good pitch out of them on the outside part of the plate, take. A look better. See, though, Francisco. Kind of anticipating. In hips had gone and the, balls on the outside. Part. Of the plate as opposed to the inside maybe where he was looking. And.

With One away here's Ruiz. Carlos. Singled his first time up a little blooper in front of Mac Campus Center. Huh. There, he goes, bitches, takin on Ausmus has no shot that was a great job by Jason. Werth, now, almost really pretty easy to read, there for first base because when he comes home, not, only is going, to write the plate. Wasted. Motion Jason, with that got a great jump, no no. Thrill at all, but, we had a shot of Chase Utley talking to Cole, Hamels and Roy Halladay and the dugout and Chase was kind of mimicking. Kershaw's. Motion. See, how he leaves right there and then Jason just off to the races. We remember when he was throwing on first base. He actually kind of just slid it kind of made his foot go that way I think that's kind of what what, chase was showing in the dugout not that he relayed that to Jason, but I think Jason and davey lopes picked up the same thing. Now. What David takes, Davie just, one. Or two clothes to be able to ask. The runner why paunchy winning first. All at base in, his last 88, two thirds that's hard for me to believe I think part of it to Russell Martin had, been pretty good throwing guys out behind the plate. And the, slide stepping Kershaw. Try. To check his swing they, appeal, no. Swing this is Eric Cooper. To it to the cow to Ruiz. Back, toward the meadow and, under. The glove of tario into centerfield what's, gonna score and the Phillies are within. Second hit of the night for. It's a 3-2, game. Tario, had no shot to throw Louise out at first even if he got to that ball what he was frustrated about was, that he didn't get to the ball and keep were that third yeah trying to keep working third if he hadn't actually quantity would have done just that this. Things happened, however when they hit that ball up the middle doesn't, have to be very hard as. It gets right there past. Theriot. Didn't. Have a chance to get that Jason, off to the races, same. As he turns it on this one I'm saying a base hit to Center you score. Valdez. Looks. Like he wanted to give the Phillies the lead with that swing yeah I got to get it down however just, a little head. Carlos. Is 2 for 2 I. Think. If you put a microphone at the dugout right now Joe. Torre and Larry bow and Bob Shafer, Don Mattingly. Would. Be saying, does. He do it he. Kills us. Well. I mean he has a short swing he can hit a fastball. Most. Of the pitches he's been hitting are fast balls that. He's very short to the ball now, Joe. Torre given, signs whether or not to throw over. Or. Pitch out. Don't. Think they'll be doing that however it's. Now, for me again this is a predictable, count pass moment, and. At least try, to mess. Around a little bit with the breaking, ball just want to make sure that it's down in the zone. Three, at one. Another, hittable, count predictable. Count well I mean this, is where he's got two pitches and, fastball, and curveball so, I mean I can't. See him throwing a breaking ball mount especially, not in danger with a runner. In scoring position. Even. Though you do have the picture coming up next, they. Throw a fastball right down the chute I. Mean. That's not even really guessing this is almost. Common, sense comment. Make comment baseball don't come in baseball since it's right and then you've seen them sold so. Long again, and it's curveball though it's slow it's not that one it really bites down hard in the dirt so, you would have time I would think to adjust. To. See if ruies, would. Be going on this pitch. I think there was any indication there. Charlie. Would send them with a pitcher on deck well I would think that he would not send them in this situation. Just. Because that picture is. Nets. Over. Towards second slowly hit Terios got it there's one the. Towel is off the bag as you grabbed that but that happens all the time in baseball and, they. Get the lead runner.

Two. Outs and. Platon. Is due up eight Monday August 23rd. One of the last opportunities to, see the Phillies in the month of August, it's, a four-game, series, here at the ballpark three. Night games against the Astros then, the day game the, win streak Carlos, Ruiz bobble, figurine that's free to all fans and get your tickets by going to Still. Thinking, we have a chance to do a bobble, here they'll be one of these days here time I would. Think it would be a last resort search, I don't think so, there's been, broadcasters. Except them that. Have had that day, I. Have. A few of them. The. Harry and whitey one. Lattin. Rolls it to shortstop and, Carol tosses, underhand, in a second to get Valdes the side is retired but the, Phillies chip away they get one more as we go to the fifth they've made us a one-run game thanks to a base hit by Carlos Ruiz. MLV. At home is presented, by Scots who knows that some of the best games are played in the backyard Scots, grow, more good. Larry. David and his hilarious brand, of humor is coming to my phl 17, from the guy who brought you Seinfeld, its curbed your enthusiasm. You can catch all the comedy weeknights, this fall after Entourage. On. My phl 17. Top. Of the fifth Phillies have made this a one-run game after Joe Blanton allowed the three runs in the first on 38, pitches the. Last three innings he's thrown only 41. And, his backstop, has two hits, including. An RBI single and right now he's laughing with Ryan Theriot, because, Theriot I think, just said something to him about that bounding. Ball up the middle that he couldn't get to in. The last studying that Ruiz hit say. I like that sighs I mean there's you, know. Ruiz is laughing knowing that he may have snuck. An RBI in there. And. He acknowledged, that with Theriot well, nothing, wrong with it and it's easy to laugh when you're the one that sneaked in the hit through that's what I was thinking oh yeah. I, mean. I know there was always some. Jawing that went on. From. One team to another, welcome. Always, wasn't. Always that friendly okay okay, off. The end of the bat a little flair that's gonna be a base of four Theriot. First. Hit of the night for Theriot, fifth hit in the series.

Well. Look at that ball that ball is headed right up the middle and, Terry. Olson and at least I should have knocked it down. Nickname. In Chicago, skates that's because it was difficult for him to stay on his spikes all, the time even. Taking, early ground, balls as a. Tendency, to fall down when he was gone after even fly balls good. Speed from LSU, college. Said he went to. Xavier. Theor lines a base hit to right, tario. Is going to skate his way on to third and the Dodgers, have runners on first and third with nobody out here. In the top of the fifth. Talk. About those shut down innings that's what he needs. Easier. Though good hit it getting, those hands, food on. A fastball, in. This guy's got a pretty nice stroke from the left side. Flat. Looking, for a double-play or more so strike out then a double play that would. Kind. Of fit the bill now that would be huge. Loney's, line the left he's walked and scored. Hilly's, play the infield at DoublePlay depth and, a breaking ball in there for strike its own one. So, the alignment of the defense. The, pitch. I call, starting, off the plate all. Set up by that first curveball, that he threw that was inside, he got that one call. Joe. Has progressed, nicely since, the first. 38. Pitches that first inning swing. And a Miss he got the strikeout he's a third of the way to your prediction, Sarge well. That's what he needed and, he. Did it in good fashion there, to that, curveball, and, he had a two seamer comeback, and this one he just, now. Just blew it right by him right over the top there, see. That ball coming in and just. In a terrific, spot. Just. Enough sync at the end, to. Miss the battle oniy now Belliard, he grounded to short his last time up singled, in the first and. He takes a strike on the inside corner. Joe. Trying to bear down. Was, down a great candidate, for a double-play his belly on doesn't run as well as he used to he, bunts it but sit right in front of the plate it's a fair ball nope it's a foul ball excuse, me Todd, Tichenor the whole plate umpire pointed, toward fair territory, but he, was pointing down meaning, the ball was foul, at. It so it to know, if that was a little bit of a safety. Squeeze, or not with Belliard. Appeared. To be the runner was getting ready to come in as he, hit. That bad, it. Looks like it might have hit that ball twice yep that's why he called it foul. It's got that ball at 93, you can see Joe. Reaching, back a little bit to get. That 93. Limited. Opportunities, for Belliard but he's been successful. The. 1 2 pitch, line. Drive to left field upon his coming up makes the catch Theriot tax from 3rd the throw to the plate on, one hop is not. In time Terry. And it's a 4-2 game. Was really two notes. Good. Throw by Banyas. Ruiz. Tried to, block the play one. Hop that's what you want to do to freeze the runner throws. Out at one emotion, there's, that ball comes in. Boy. I tell you what it must have just been those, fingernails. That well he got plenty of pla

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