PC Business Talk with Stefan Kanalga, Founder and CEO - yeswetrust Technologies

PC Business Talk with Stefan Kanalga, Founder and  CEO  - yeswetrust Technologies

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Hi stefan this is sasha, um, i'm really glad to have you here, for, the interview series. And, um for the start i would really love that we both going to do a little. Elevator pitch intro, so that the listeners, know, who, actually is here in this room. And, then we will move on, with the regular. Questions, so please stop stephen who are you. Thank you so much, for having me sasha. And. Who i am um. I'm stefan, i'm born and raised in switzerland. I made my apprenticeship, by alliance, insurance, and worked 10 years as a financial, consultant. And, today, i'm, founder and ceo of yes we trust. And. Our mission our vision is to help people to feel more alive. To create the best version of themselves. To help people to live their purpose. And. To grow together, and create positive, impact. That's in a few words. And yeah i'm super excited, that that i'm here, and. Yeah, thank you. Thank you so much this is in short perfectly. Um for your introduction, so i'm going to say it do the same, my name is sacha giuliona, i'm ceo and board member of the swiss it, hardware, company prime computer. We. Are. Helping, companies with our smartly, designed, products. To, ensure, that they reach their digitization. And environmental, goals, whilst reducing, the lifetime, cost of ownership. On a personal level. I, want, to. Help people. Around me and to be the best version of myself. And furthermore. I'd like to motivate. Um. Humanity. If possible. To think a little bit more sustainable. Um, and to act, more loving for our. Home, our planet. This, is a, short. Thinking of what what do i do. But what do you think actually stefan why are you here today. Synchronicity. Law of attraction. It feels like, uh. We are connecting, with the right people, on this planet. And um. Yeah i love i love the, the vision of a prime computer, i love the sustainable, aspect, um. Yeah, a great ceo behind. So yeah i feel it's uh. It's not randomly, that we have connected. Sure i i believe same, um i believe that a lot of things in, in life are a distance, to be, and. We met. A, few weeks ago. There is something behind that you're totally right it's the right step. In our part of the life, sorry for that um so what is uh yes we trust, and what are you actually targeting, with it. Okay. Um, yes it trust is an ecosystem. It's a movement, for unity and trust and behind this movement we have an application. An app that rewards, people for a conscious, and healthy lifestyle. It's about daily growing, to feel more alive. So we integrated, tools, like a meditation, functions, daily goals daily water need, a vision board. And and, it's all about, to create the best version of yourself. Scientists, found out that the first hour in the morning, is the most decisive, hour in the day, so it's all about to bring yourself every morning to the right frequency. And, everything what the people can do they can earn trust coins. And the earned trust coins can be used in the shop to buy sports clothes supplements, e-learning. To unlock retreats, in bali and the pizza cool stuff. And. Out of the revenue, of the application. We fund startups, charities, and plant trees. So, in switzerland, 100 000 people can vote and change the system, right through the people's initiative. And we want to adopt this model to the entire, world, and create the first worldwide, voting. In 2020, with 20 million people. And the community, decides, through voting. Which startups, and charities, get funded. So yes trust is a, solution. How we human, can take action, and create real positive, impact. And. In the community, area of the application, we have created a conscious social media a good news platform. Where people can share inspiration, and motivation. Where people can share their their startups. And charities. And um yeah it should be a new way of. Social media a new way of connection. Where people, connect with each other to. To to find a co-founder. Investor, somebody to grow with meditate, sport, or love. Um, so it's it's tinder with deepness. And, um, yeah it's all about to to, be connected with like-minded, people who are on the same mission. To be to be stronger, and faster and and and um yeah reach. Goals together. This is sensational. Thank you so. Much. All right, um. So. I have another question for you. To, fund yes we trust. You met a lot of investors in the last three to four years. What have been your experience, and learnings.

From This time and what is the reason, for, for for this and what are you experiencing. Right. One of my advisors, philip wades, told me steph, you have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find the princess. So. I had something like four or 500, investor meetups, the last two three years i met a lot of people. And. For me it's more than just about equity, or money it's always about energy. To bring in. Smart money and yes we trust, people from health sustainability. Technology. Education. And um, so yeah i'm meeting a lot of people, and. Onboarding, the strongest, forces, the the best energy for yes we trust to build a strong fundament. To create a long-term, vision. And. You asked me one question before who is the target group of yes we trust. It's, people who want to feel more alive, people who want to find their purpose. And people who want to take action. For all the people who are hopeless, and say we can't change anything, anyway. We want to offer a solution, a platform, where we human. Can take action and create positive, impact. And. So. One. One question i have on my side is. What is the connection, between yes you trust and prime computer. Interesting, question, um. Yes so i think on a personal level uh it's it's us our intention is what we already mentioned before. Before. But on the other side i'm being involved, in a huge mission, called, arc 2030. Which. Aims to reverse the global warming by 2030. With by which we're, restoring, 500, million hectares of ecosystem. And this is part of the eu and decade, ecosystem. Mission. And. The thing behind that it is built up on similar pillars, um as usb trust. But it is. On, on, such a global sale also that a lot of. Unfortunately, finance companies, um are part of that because it's it's really when. Um so my expertise. Is probably also a. Help on exchange with you, which which um where i came from, i think on that space but also you mentioned earlier. That um, the platform. Yes we trust, um, gives a, availability. As a marketplace. That, for positivity. For positive, impact, and looking up what you put on that marketplace. With trustpoints, to be, to be um earned.

So You, uh. Your company, is procuring, probably. Um, only products on that that um have have the right intention, for your customers. And therefore. A prime computer is the optimal. Partnership. Because focusing, on sustainability. On the long-term. Mission, of positive, impact in the world. Which is i know also the mission of yes we trust. On the other side is you mentioned an ecosystem. And what is behind there, so the ecosystem. Of innovation, centers, trustpoint, as you call them. Um the infrastructure, and i think that um, being a swiss company, and foundation, in switzerland, is is something we, we're going to look at, that we're going gonna help provide. The infrastructure, probably for those trust points if. If. Possible. Um. Perfect. You mentioned, creating, the best version of yourself, is, uh yes we trust, website, but also the mission. How, can we achieve that, and. Did you achieve that for yourself. Good question. I believe we grow until we die. It's a constantly, growing. Um. Part of growing. Or become aware, is pain, and suffering. So, um. You have to love the process. And to confront, yourself, with yourself, and look into yourself. Instead of outside. And. I started this journey six years ago. After somebody died in my near circle that was my awakening, my turning point it changed my. Perspective. And since then i read a lot of books, i met a lot of inspiring, peoples, and tried. Different, techniques, and and stuff, and. Today i'm more fulfilled, and happy, than ever before. I i don't believe that i reached my best version of myself, it's. Constantly, growing, it never ends. And, what i. Discovered. Is that morning routine. Positive. Habits. Can, increase. Massively, your your your um. Yeah your. Well-being. And, that's all about yes we trust so it's all about morning routine, it's a lifestyle. Where where you bring yourself, every morning to the right frequency. With meditation. With praying, with. Reading with setting yourself daily goals, and a big part is also go to nature. And, recharge, and reconnect. With nature. And yeah. Um. I see we live in a time where where people are rethinking. Or reflecting. Their their lives, uh. If it's their. The work, or. The the time they spend, in a day. And um. I see in future, we will redefine, work, and our lifestyle. So i hope. We human will have more time to, to create the best version of ourselves. To, to work on ourselves, before we go work for somebody else. And, to live a life of purpose, and, to serve. Other humans but also nature. And um. So yeah i i think it's a it's a process. It's a never-ending, process. And. Now i'm excited to know about you because i know uh you you're also involved in personal development. And we talked about it, so yeah, go ahead. Um. How to create the best version of myself, uh. Yes i do integrate, it um, also in a daily life, um. And there's so much similarities, to what you've said. Uh so i think, um. You can't become, the best version of yourself if you play it safe. Uh embrace. Fails, right. Uh i. Embrace, that because this is part of, of your process as you mentioned, um it shouldn't be a revolution, at one point it is as, as you mentioned, earlier, um, your your. Your back. When we were young we hadn't that mindset yet, right, so, and it can't, you cannot, learn something from the beginning because there's so much, experience, that comes into that, that you, by yourself. Develop that, that you want to be a better version that you won't be happy that those are things i think, um this is a process, and learning from others yes but you need to make some points in your life.

That Are not just happy moments. To get there, um so this is why i liked what you said, and i really, uh also, agree on the part that i have, since a few few, years now. A routine. Uh which waking up doing exercises, yoga, uh uh taking time to think and sharing code and whatsoever. Um. Which, which gives me stability. Which gives me. Um. I know that i'm doing something good for me. But on the one hand, um is that, um. I also agree be the best version yeah you can only be the best version you can only be better than yesterday, but you can. But, so i believe strongly believe if you. Think of that, and you always, try to do or to learn something, or to adapt something, every day and to take something with you from the last day if you reflect, on that or the next day. Then you become better, um, and oh. A lot of people think if you have that mindset of finding the best version of saying you don't make mistakes, you don't. This is nonsense, because. It's still going on and still learning and still. Gives you the opportunity. To go into new circles, and then you make, new things um that are not always, um. Perfect, right. And. You always need to be authentic, and be yourself. I think that's one thing if you try to be someone else. Then you create a persona. That it's not holding for long because then, especially if you're meeting a lot of people then you don't know. Who i have been, when i have been last time with them. So. And. The one thing an employee recently shared with me uh which i really like is to take, a lot of things into context. So. If you take, if you take uh just one thing, like, our planet, it's just part of one solar system, which is part of the huge. There's so many things that we don't know and so many possibilities. Right, and how it's about time not about just a dimension, um, take. Of the history of our planet. In just 24 hours. We are only part of that for three seconds right. So, don't take too much of your decisions, on on on a weight on a balance, because. Small things, um and if you think okay, i can make it better i can make, that then then you have another. Thinking. I like that and i think, i put myself a little bit down. Um, i i agree, i agree 100. And. What i would love to add is um. Only, the. Awareness. That we are growing, every day is changing everything. And. Stephen hawking, said, we have, eight billion different realities, on this planet. So we have 8 billion different perspectives. 8 billion different. Levels of consciousness. And. Every one of us has a totally, different journey, so we can't, say there is only one way to go or one truth, every person has another. Journey to go and. What we want to do with yes we trust is we just want to give you the tools we want to be yoda, and help you, on your own hero story. So, um, there is not only one way to go and, every person has to discover, his own. Personal. Growth, journey, and um. So we can learn from each other we can inspire, each other we can tell stories. Uh but at the end it's about to find your own journey that fits you, and your life. And yes we trust can help you with that right by setting a parameter, by giving your advice, by helping you by giving you a possibility. An ecosystem, where you find a lot of good things, um, or structure, to to to go there to be there right. Right. Okay perfect. And so you you had a, an immense, or, really a serious, turn in your life um you mentioned earlier shortly but maybe you can come in a little bit deeper, uh when you gave up your insurance job which was well paid well known you had to reach something in your career. And you start your own business so this is an advice that a lot of people want to know okay. When quitting when starting your own business and how are you doing with this. Decision. There is no perfect timing. You have to create a perfect moment. Um. It will never be the the moment where you feel you're ready to have children, or to create your own company, um you you grow through the process. And, um, six years ago i had the illusion, that in one year we are going to change the world, so i had huge expectations. And, created a lot of pressure. And today i know it's a life journey, it's it's an infinite game. And. So, so, um. Yeah i became more and more patient. And. Try to do as much steps as possible in one day. Focus on the baby steps but. Also. Have cleared, the end vision in in head. And, one of my. Most important. Learnings, was to surround, myself, with people, who believe in you and your, vision. Because, you will have a lot of people around you also family and friends and people who love you. Who will tell you. Why are you quitting your job chef, why are you. Selling your apartment, why are you doing this you will fail it's not possible.

And. You you you. They are dream killers, and maybe they don't want to, they don't mean it in a negative, way but it's love they want to protect you. But at the end. You have to surround yourself, with people who who see greatness, within you who who. See the end vision, and who want to see this end vision alive. And that will boost you, and um. So, that was one of my biggest learnings to surround myself with people who already did it in different areas. Who believes in you and who supports, you. And. That's also, now, one part of my life, mission, with yes we trust. I want to help people to live their purpose. And to bring their visions alive, so, um. We call it crowdfunding, 2.0. It's it's not only about giving people financial liquidity, or knowledge. We also give them idweb marketing solutions. Right if it's a homepage local web design application, marketing package. So it's all about to help people, in, an early stage. To bring their visions alive. And i believe. Deeply in my heart that every person on this planet has a has a gift to bring a life. And. Let's help let's help them to. To bring into life. I really like that and note everybody has a gift to bring a life so this is really really great thank you so much stefan for your honesty, for being, here. Um, usually at the end i'm doing, a little 60 second either or question game, um just to get to know that the listeners get to know you a little bit better, um so are you up to that, ready. Perfect okay so i'm gonna start you asking two questions you're gonna choose or choose pose or whatever your answer is right. Okay. Football or formula one. Football. Car or bike. Bike. Theory, or practice. Practice. Gut person, or head person. Gut. Dreamer, or realist. Dreamer. Food or vegetable. Vegetable. Ios, or android. Ios. Tablet, or pc. Tablet. Right, or left-handed. Correct. Hip-hop. Or host music. Both. All right perfect, thank you so much this has been good ending. I i appreciate, your time, and i'm really looking forward to see you soon again. Same sasha, excited. Grateful that we have connected, and. Yeah. Looking forward. Perfect, thank you so much. Thank you. Sasha.

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