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Hello, everybody in Perry welcome, to parody, show good, morning kids how are you, just. Fine Harry I'm, fine thank, you so. Kent. Say. Something I bet. Some English. Reports. Last, night. In. The Netherlands. Mm-hmm. The Galactic, the Galactic, ships were attacking, over, in the Netherlands, what. They were attacking, we're. Not sure yet. Also. Have, reports. Last. Night. After. 6 p.m. Eastern. Standard Time, that. The United States was. Bombing. Syria. Now, what. You need to know is they're. Not bombing the Syrian, people, okay, hmm, they're bombing the. Dark government. Sites. Over, there which, is like landing. Strips. Underground. Bunkers, that they have they're, trying to protect. You. Have to understand, there's five. There's. Five, portals. In Syria. Okay. And. The. Reason, that they're, over there is they're, guarding, them, portals, and they're, taking, the dark government, out so, they cannot, bring in reinforcements. From, the Draco star system, okay. From the Draco universe, which. Are bringing in the. Marauders. You. Probably know him better as pirates, and, what. They want to do this. Is why it's so important, that we block them from coming in their, morning, they're, saying okay. We didn't get through, on. When. This planet. We. Want all of the. Minerals of, this planet, to. Melt, the Cabal you, know trying to get back into power and we're, blocking back. Mm-hmm. But. Um, can't normally because they control us already very very, used, or taking our mineral, okay. Well. The thing about it is that is, this, is the big, secret. Okay. They're, winning the minerals, off of this planet, to, take back to their star, system, in return. For helping the Cabal this, is why we're, fighting so much you. Know people. Were people, have sent me emails saying that, you. Know I thought, Trek was going to take the, I. Thought. Trump was going to take the soldiers, out of, Afghanistan. Mmm-hmm, well guess okay. Well. If. You understand. That. They're shipping 5g. Technology. Over, to Afghanistan, and. Inside. Of all those mountains, are the.

Nephew, Liam, mm-hmm. The. Ones that have been asleep for thousands. Of years they're starting, to wake up this, is why the United, States is, sending troops, back over to Afghanistan, because. They're not fighting me a key to the Afghanistan. People they're. Fighting, the affiliates that. Are trying to come out and take over this planet again. Can. Like how many opinions on, this planet, many of them. As. Far as we know there, is at least at, least. A. Hundred. Thousand. Billions on this planet, that are in stasis right, now. So, Kenneth month must be very very huge, not because they can be with us and they are huge and we cannot see them at all, right. There inside, there, inside the, caves they're buried inside, of. The. Indian. Burial grounds. They're. Buried, inside. Sacred, places. Ok. Networ. Of the, native people, this. Is why I've been telling, everybody start. Watching the, mountain. Between. India, and Pakistan. When. They start coming out of the ground this, is going to be the first mountain, that cracks open, and this. Is where the Nabil eum's are gonna start, coming out after. That it's, just gonna be a chain reaction one, place to the next place, to the next place. Maybe. Somebody can take their pictures and how, they look like. Of. Kandahar. Aha. They. Shot him they shot it and they finally killed, it okay. They. Had they, had to take a full-size. Plane. After. They killed it. Okay. There. My. Advice that I saw not cannons. They. Are more advanced that I was right Oh, much. More advanced or an angel so. You think we can kill them like that. We. Can kill them, there's. Two wait there's two ways to kill you. Have to shoot them in the neck and they, have to livers, in, their body. If. You shoot towards. The middle of the body over towards, the belly and just, shoot around into. The belly and you damage the liver you. And. What, do they eat and what kind of food do they eat. What. The deafening, eats the food you know what do they eat, because, like. In my story like, they're like Giants or the Inhumans, right I mean. When. They found the giant of out. Their. Human. Body parts. This. Is why the United States is sending more troops over, there plus. They're sending, the troops with, the modern. Advanced, weapons, mm-hmm. Came. On mommy talks like we are going back to the tale stories, do you know Kenna's like it. Sounds. Unbelievable in. Our kids. You. Know we talked about this on the show before everything. Old is going to become Milligan, mm-hmm. Kids. I have this question to ask you the White House insider, claims that President, Trump is preparing, to make an announcement about, existence. And cover-up of extraterrestrial. Life and alien, technology. When. Is that. Technology. Since the 1950s. This is nothing new mm-hmm. I mean Trump is gonna. Start when, the Republic, comes in. Well. The human computers, are already out there already making the Med beds now they're, gonna be out after summer, I mean, so the technology. Is coming out so. Even after summer we can see something new technologies. Right, right. Exactly, they're, working on a brand now they're, working on making the Med beds right now, uh-huh. Okay, so, I would say like the, planet Earth or our earth food chain to me after a summer Kent in, a good way. In. Just the United States the, government. Is. Every. Government. In the world is, affected. By, the dark government, okay. So. But. Yeah the technologies. Are starting to come out, they're. Even making red they're even making replicators. For food, mm-hmm. They're even working on them right now but, then I told everybody. Probably. Like. Five. Months ago you know that, they were they, were already, working, on making replicators. For food. And. Then. At that time what we don't have to work for food Kent. I don't. Know about you but I I still, like I, still, like to cook come. On mm-hmm. I'm. Not too sure that I'm not too sure that I want to trust you. Know that. I want to trust my spaghetti in my sauce that, I made personally. Okay. Then. I make personally, I don't.

Think I'm gonna trust it coming through a replicate but. It is, gonna come it is gonna have to come to that point but. As long as I can cook I'm still gonna cook haha. Okay, kenta, next question from Jay colleague. New, York City and the ships that are Rowdies, area, and Long Island I understand, that the New Jerusalem is, the mother ship that is above the note not East portion, of the United States can, you offer us any details, thank you. Yeah. Can, you say something a little bit go ask to know. Well. You, know. Let's. Just put it this way since. The universal, set come in, the. Jerusalem. Ship that you all are talking about, is. Waiting, for, the time for the. Inhabitants. To, be deployed. Let's. Put it that way and that's all I'm gonna say. Ten. By now other ships allowed, for, people to be to be seen on a Kent. Yeah. I've seen ships, every day. No I mean like in public ends, because you have this ability you can see ships are and some people can see about like to be in public in public and, not. Everybody can see see right, but see this is the beautiful thing if, you open if you, all meditate. And you pray you get out of your head start getting into your heart you, start bringing forward, your spirit. Then, the mind will open up because of the Spirit sees things that the mind doesn't okay. The, mind is nothing but, like. A hard drive on the computer it just records, what it seems okay. We. Just record, what it seems but the heart is in, the body is what. Controls, everything. Then. You do hmm. A lot. Of people find this hard to believe but, it's, true if. A person, that's, a bad heart, then, they'll have a bad night but if a person's got a good heart don't, have a good mind this. Is where I've been telling people turn. Your minds off. Go. Please, pray please, meditate, and. Open. Up your heart let, your heart tell you what's right and what's wrong and listen. To it because, your minds gonna light you, because. None, of us have been educated. Mm-hmm. If we've been educated. We have been told the truth about everything. Okay. So. Our, brains, have been indoctrinated, with. What they want us to know they. Haven't told us the truth mm-hmm. You know like, like we talked about on the last show you know wouldn't, it be wonderful if, we could just throw history, out and just tell everybody what, the real truth history, was uh-huh. Okay. Can, the next question, from sue Roy about, the Titans. Is it true these mighty beings are now our heroes, and mountains if so how did that happen, to them. The. Titans, are the ones that run Jupiter, the. People, that live on Jupiter, and. People. Okay. Because, there is air there is water. The. Titans, are. Slave. Masters. Kevin. During this time ascension time because, I believe, that the may be humans, on contributed. To an account. We. Have there's humans on Jupiter, I've, explained, many times that on the planet Uranus. That. You, know they have slave auctions, they, take people from this planet they take people from this planet and people, from this planet and they come from all universes. You, know there's a trillion, universes, and they come for these slave sales and they. Buy people, has, sex. Slaves they, buy people, for slaves, working, in the mines. They. Buy people, to, eat. They. Actually buy these beans, to eat you. Know I mean, so you know they, buy and ferb social, experiments. But, they extract, their DNA and, they put, to their DNA to see what kind of beans they're gonna make you, know because. You have to understand, our, bodies, on this planet.

Are. Like nobody's. On any, other planet okay. We. Have certain, genes in. This. Okay. Tended. For humans, on those planets to be do Uranus, okay for, the Ascension do they have right to essential. Because they are human. Earth. Is the only is the only planet that is ascending, we have we, have three other planets, that are, in different universes. That are watching Earth right now to, see how the Ascension. Goes and they're. Already. They've. Already started, clearing, out the reptilians, from them other planets, but they're. Still watching earth this is why it is, so important, mm-hmm, where we go where, we go one we, go off, okay. Mm-hmm. And we have we have to be we. Have to be. We. Have to set the precedence, for everybody, okay. Mm-hmm. This is why all, the white workers need, to stick together, you. Know but you with fighting amongst, each other and, what you know let's, just drop it what's with the fighting because we've got enough enemies out, there already, if we come together we're. A lot stronger force. Okay. Okay. The, next question from if our key 9999. What. To do for the HPV, Kentrell, drop I live in Georgia USA, and, have skin warts, all over my, arms legs and chest thank. You so much and, what. Can you say. Okay. You know if, you have did. He say yeah they have lesions. Northern. Say anything does they watch Oliver ants legs and chests. Okay. Arms. Legs and chest you. Know I. Have. To go back to the same thing you, know get. On the zeolite, the. COI is so, important, folks please. Go. To. The. Website is, called the good. Okay. They. Have the zeolite there you, can buy the cheap, zeolite, but. It doesn't, work on it doesn't work getting, the. Metal out of your body for those of you that don't know what zeolite, is Zeo, I come, is the. Magnetic. Inside. A. Volcano. Mm-hmm. Okay. Mm-hmm and they. Take this and they take, this and they grind, it up and. They. Make it into a liquid you. Shake it up you, want to get the liquid you don't want to get the powder the powder is. Just absolutely, horrible you want to get the liquid and you, shake it up real, good and you take four drops a day three. Or four drops of a two times a day every day and stay. On it and, let it get, the stuff out of your body that's. For, those. Out, there that are having, skin. Trouble, you. Know we, can you know there's a lot of things you can do. There's. A lot of things that you can do but, the, main thing is, is if. You notice that, you're, being bombarded. With. Chemtrails. Wars'. Yourself. Worse. Yourself, with good old-fashioned, soap and water and get. It off your body that, means if you have to take a shower twice they do it, okay. We do got some titers. Stop geoengineering. Haha. Here. In Thailand we take shower two times a day at least can because the weather is hot and how about you people in America, like how many times a day he takes shower. Well. I just. Once. A day I take it every night. Ok. Ok back, to the question from with right here Kent. If, you know anything about the person who has a YouTube, channel name, the alien contractee, the guys name is Lionel, Andersen and he claims that he is in contact with the Pleiadian, king named King pleasure.

Ah Apparently, Lionel. Claims the king is in contact with Trump, I felt. Silly driving, this honestly, because there's a lot of silliness going, on out there and, just, wanted, to hear what you say on peace. Yes. Yes. Yes. He. Is correct. He is not. Likely. A camera. Ok. Ok. Yes, I think you can say. Uh-huh. Can. I saw this I think it I find very interesting the, plastic, you know our plastic, waste can be turned into homes, that cost just, $280, can when, can it happen everywhere. All, over the world Kent. Because. The viewer how its cost a lot you know one house. Right. Exactly, you know I mean they're, you. Know they're, using plastic, now they're. Grinding up use plastic, now why, if you've got carpeting, in your house. Plastic, flakes already, in and. We you, know we have plans on, making. 4x4. Sheets of plastic that. You can put down on your floor that's. Gonna live that will last for, 500, years, you. Know we're just waiting, you know we have all these plans and we're, just waiting for the art we need to come through so. We can enact these plans and help humanity, we're, going to clean the oceans, we're, going to get all this plastic and everything up, we're, going to get rid of the trash and everything, else. Okay. So all, these technologies, and you, know it's. Good for living we have to win until somewhere. Right after somewhere. We're. Just going to take a little bit further, and. It's one of the plans that I have. But. Can, this kind of you, know like turn. Into beauty, home something like this what what are they waiting for. I mean, for who, to give permission for to introduce, to the world what can our is only like, a small group you know. Maybe. Japanese, the Japanese are. Making the. Japanese, are making round houses, that. They're putting together and, they're made of plastic they're, not swear. They're. Saying that they can you. Know two, hundred twenty-five mile an hour winds. Straight. Up above it. On. The planet let's use it to the best of humanity, yeah. I'm, waiting, to see with my own eyes you know I can because now only can see from facebook. From media, that's not happening, everywhere, yet you know so I wish I could see it soon. Right. That's, where the humanitarians. Are gonna have to come in and, we're going to have to get together, the. Humanitarians. From all around the world and we're gonna have to set up things. Like this and, you, know we're gonna have to make it available on, every country you, know like.

You. Know, we. Could take the. Plastic. And. We could have this made, and, molded, into, places. That homeless, people. Ok. Came before I end this show could, you please I'll say you are email address again because many people say let it bounce back to them you know cannot send to your email address. Ok. It's. Letters. Gmail. About melting, Gmail. Or hotmail Gmail. Email. Okay so, after Center All. Lowercase letters. No no. Okay. I can't believe very much probability. Nice today I see you again next. Time, okay I'm girl I think something on Thursday, thank. You very much, goodbye, so, happy posh. Thank. You very much for watching everybody, please, thumb up and subscribe and. See you again I'm gonna pick something on Thursday, bye bye.

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