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My niece. of MP. So well, it's me. city or Jaja Startup. important. important. We welcome you. Madam. Sorry. Development Authority.

or eight. We have to go here. Let's I have to go for So, we wanted more time. for 1520 minutes. So, Do you have any issue with the uh No, no, no, no. right?

Right? Right. So, let us introduce first of our audiences to our viewers. Let us start with the We need the so let me introduce First, we need the **** Well, we need to do not need any introduction. and he

educated engineering graduated from uh the RGV University. and he also worked in education and then we had uh started in the talk That is this Startup and he is the CEO of that. or and more uh more is guiding and Startup. Startup of them designing planning, and implementation on or he's the right person for the panel discussion. Moreover, he's a famous blogger. Uh must have seen him So, he has more than one leg subscribers.

So, you do not need any introduction. However, this is a formal introduction in this program for him. So, we will What is that? Thank you very much. So, thank you very much. It is a pleasure being with you guys Next finalist is and seven boards are investigator government of India. the UPS.

ME presently is posted in the Welcome, sir. Thank you. Thank you. Alright. So, our next finalist is uh mister Wes is a few of them who get the extinction in the State Bank of India. So, very few could get the extension and is one of them. He has vast experience in

SBI almost 40 years and I still here with the SBI and not Working with SBA is working in an important position and for important work. So, he is a review of high value loans right now. So, moreover, he is a most of the time he worked with commercial branches of the city like Velasco. So, he is most of the time in the time deal with this thing is the smallest scale and business. So, yes, or or significance banks SS ISSS. SSISS. College of

engineering. Presently associate professor and he did his education from Mumbai University. PST Masters from university in civil Engineering. Learn more about She did Me in civil engineering from university. So important to get or coordinator. I'll be and she

is looking on the same profile. Thank you. So, we welcome you madam here. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Okay, so now, our next uh finalist is uh mister Sanjay Kumar Sana sir. Yes. Yes. Hello.

Thank you for inviting me. Yeah, it's a real Entertainer and Startup. So, impeachment. or software. maybe you won't. Startup here. or or What is it? Good morning. Good

morning. Well, now, one more. So, let me introduce our coordinators. and mud Yes, sir. Yes, doctor is there. an SDA intuition and intuition, and intuition, program coordinator. I love the participants. is a

retired and I'm working as a leader. You are. I will roll on which is Opal We have a lot of circulars on Startup. uh but in short, it's just uh five to 10 minutes. I

will give you some how to go ahead with the uh this uh Startup and it's particularly banks approaches uh uh in respect of this is Startup is first of all, all should be registered with the I think you all know about DPA sir. Yes, sir. Department of Industrial. Yeah, I think most of all, it should be uh DPA Actually, we are high level committee at Mumbai in Mumbai. is uh TV

Techno Economics is done by our bosses including India's and Techno Techno uh a charted accountant, A lot of officers are they are posted there. So today, They are experts in all the I will do its. So generally, uh we accept the proposal in principle and forward to our cardboard center. So, basically, this is what is the growth uh perspective in ANDA quality of management is uh adequate or not. There is an execution or not whether cash flow is there or not technology is the new and uh it has a uniqueness. It can be accepted uh as a startup but these are you should be basic information for the uh uh this is uh Startup after forwarding this uh this proposal for you their focus is that financing on the product, that our purpose is product development and development team hiring or financing will cover all these purposes product development.

development, development team, a legal and counseling services, raw material equipment license certifications, marketing, and sales arrangement, purchasing a office, house, and administration expenses, They all our expenses are covered under our scheme but it's a very hassle free and liberated scheme. you know, because you know, other schemes you to see you uh uh submitted along with your capital, your Initially, what we see but basically, you quality of cash flow and technology. All this will see and accordingly, a high level committee will the principle of approval for financing the uh Startup then it will it will be submitted to the branch The branch will see that they will exercise their power punishable. All these things including uh this uh uh because this is a free. So, we

don't uh ask for security. Security. is poverty. horrible. all we do not uh as bullets. Only thing you have to submit your personal guarantee.

Another thing is the GPS ME is also involved in uh to it is a free for financing. Uh without at all then things are after sanctioned. once it is sanctioned, we don't ask for your statements plus your uh any processing charges, any commission, any commitment charges, all our fees in uh uh uh just a startups. So, initially, uh what happens if any projects So we have to see to see what is your own funds.

It is called preceding. The borrower should have adequate capital from family. It's own from joint venture from market or other thing. is a word and then bank will finance remaining through it all this. So, this is the process I am telling you, very simply. takes

a time basically viability of the project and technical aspect of the project is studying by the Mumbai. So, this is the process. It takes a time. So, this is from my side.

Anything, any question you can ask them Thank you. Thank you so much. Startup and all of these things and how Startup failed. This is the thing. So, let us start with this. Okay? Thank you. Thank you. Uh respected all

participants or faculty or entrepreneurs Startup Misconception, of 2016 uh to convert an idea to product or commerce ministry. GDP IT department for promotion of industries and internals. has Startup the street scheme Startup for 2016, the prime minister or thirty 35 thousand startups registered Yes, please.

So, uh 27%. the export IPA. PR. growth, economic development. Isa. so well. I've made uh next finalist. I would like to invite Good afternoon to everyone.

Good morning, everyone. and uh it is an honor being with all the and thank you very much. uh to for making me uh uh this much what I can say. I've been

recognized here it I'm it is an honor for us Um so many gurus or technically I would definitely start to both important We also have an important part of Startup. The PR. Startup Startup or Uh I started What is it about? it? There you go. Uh uh for it. doesn't it? the success has helped me to get well. one 100 Merry Christmas.

and uh We need we need we need you may continue. your 18 years or more. The think it should be carried on. So, what do you the I'm going to put in uh uh made it through the let me know We need an incubation. a talker. Startups.

you initiated from there. Uh I believe. so. I started my Startup in 1986.

Thank you. for startups. So, uh working for about 1 year, we started Startup 0. AM. I now. Yes. Now, you

have audible Okay. Okay. The ruling Startup. to 1986. I am So, we were from the service industry to slowly, gradually computers. We ignite the computer industry Aj about the three decades old company and I have a team of around 280 people working with us and uh we are spreading globally today and we have our operations apart from India and Indonesia, Philippines or Startup We need to a rural level.

So, um after the pandemic, everybody's aware about 57. miss it. Yes. there is a large gap between industry and academy. so from that point in my audible sir, Yes. So, uh um so in my audible sir. Yes. Yes,

ma'am. Yes. ma'am. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. So, basically, uh uh Prime Minist er Narendra Modi have uh started AA So, from that, we have taken some of the initiatives uh from uh academics and we have calls uh students in the first year to come with some of their IDs right now. Uh we had told us that our nation should be there first of all. So from that point, we have started and uh students are in this direction Which Startup we should start by. they have a lot of ideas in their brain around hundreds of ideas out there with every student but where to start with. Exactly. That's the major

problem with ours. 100. problems are there which I should solve. So, there we stuck. Uh actually there are around ten to twelve teams, different teams which need our knowledge backup in creation of new businesses uh like health is the agriculture is the smart cities. Are they related to water? Many more technologies are expected from our our students. So, that is the um major areas where our students should concentrate and they should come with us in innovative solutions.

basically. Uh they try to find out solutions on the uh difficulties and they track create that. technology. but uh converting that technology to a Startup is a major problem there. We need mentorship. So,

we must mentor our students over there. What the idea you have in your brain we are there to support you does. supports are from Gourmet that we should hear with their uh sessions, mentoring sessions and then how to register the company. That is again a major problem with the students so that we should clear in the academics itself. Uh in our case, uh we have started with a major problem of like from is a smart city clean but is not. I'm from Pune and Pune. Large

volume of we are unable to reuse those waste recycle, those waste or um we are only dumping that waste on the ground. So, that is a major problem. My students handle that problem. What the problem is with the best management is a transportation or communication so that they handle it and they're successful in that. They have their company. They're based on

they have a the best collecting materials and facility they provided. They have created one app mobile app. Just you have to tap in the type of waste they collect waste from your location and then, we try to recycle or reuse our uh uh handle that particular waste from all of us, the city. So, that is what uh that way we handle it.

our ambassador who will promote our product. So, that was the doubt. I said, of course but will he will come and give you the support because you are work is a social work.

Actually. you're starting to minimize the waste from that is very good and that is required required solution in the city. One more problem our students have handled that. Uh there were quarrel in two villages. He uh is getting more water. My

is not getting more water. This one water tank is there and that water tank is uh transporting different quantity water in different uh village like that. The problem was and my students have created one technological solution that my technology, my unit will check how much water is taken by a village, A and how much water will be taken by. will be 100 uh liter of water quantities that in the water tank fifty should because it's a very simple solution but that is not with us. A volume of water should be transported or distributed to the users to us are from when they should get a 5050 percent water. That's what the uh actually we handle that type of solutions we handle. I shared

two solutions with you which are major problems I wish to highlight government is taking many more initiatives. The government is providing solutions uh just now uh mister told us about the MSM Uh mister told us about the the bank. um how much amount the bank will provide us and all everything is discussed currently basic problem is we are not coming with this available solutions. We are not getting connected with this available solutions, right now.

Uh even our state has started with the NGO and government of India have started a ministry of Egypt. I must uh uh highlight this point. Ministry of Education has started innovations with a different engineering institutes and different pharmaceutical institutes and they're calling You know it. a prototypes and

if you're a prototype is really innovative, they are ready to find your product towards business. So, that point, I wish to highlight 1 year. One more point is there is where everything will be taken by itself that is IST ICDC 2019. I uh We'll highlight these points which are available with engineering colleges. It will

participate in these types of competitions will get from the government to uh competitions are there. Those are running and if you'll participate in that, if we'll try to prove our uh uh problem and the solutions which we have provided for that problem. we'll definitely get the support from the government So, that is from my side. I try to sum up with whatever little knowledge I have. Thank you very much doctor. program. to start ups.

or a self employment for potential intellectual property, right? Keep design MSM schemes, central government schemes, state government scheme, in liquor, It's a and I just made the information. problem. and this is a for an example. a

problem with I'm I'm uh Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Now, I will request to give a very brief word of thanks because we are out of time. I need to give a time and that's it.

and um I would like to connect you on the same program agriculture. We have to It's already here. Yes, it's Aman Singh. a word of thanks.

Yes. I said can you unmute your Yes sir? Good evening. Good afternoon to all of the panelists. Yes, sir. So good to see you.

Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. later. you so much. Now, come to a yes sir. Thank you, sir. who are giving me opportunity. to have this word of thanks So, I would like to thank uh uh a member of parliament who who was with us today Uh Sheri Sheri from a bank and the director uh DC SME who is in the office and uh we need to ask We need we need we need uh and G Kumar and Dr. Vidya.

Patel. for being with us in this uh eminent Pannel and the time with us for this wonderful Discussion which was uh uh conducted to today regarding the steps to start to start up and we everyone uh uh who are presenting this uh this panel and um what live today and uh and it is it is Facebook Live Everyone can can can see this this session in further notes also. So, a very good session. Uh we are having today and uh that that it will be fruitful for startups and uh and MSM also because we are having people from banks also from the uh from the CME. we are having

start ups and entrepreneurs and with their studies. Uh it will be very fruitful session which will be going to help uh the viewers. So, I would like to thank each and everyone who is presented with us uh for today's sessions. So, thank

you. Thank you everyone and thank you from the pedal and thank you from the side of LLC and the city incubation center of Incubation Center. of Electricity and Development Department of uh Electricity Group for conducting this this session. So, thank you everyone

to be with us. Uh can we, can we call of this meeting now? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. sir. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you everyone. Have a great day. Thank you, sir. Sir. Thank you,


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