Opening Keynote (Cloud Next '19)

Opening Keynote (Cloud Next '19)

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Please. Watch. Sundar. Pichai. Welcome. To next thank. You all so much for joining us I, think. We're being joined by many. Many people on the livestream as well so thanks to all of them for joining as well. It's. Been a really. Exciting humans. For Google cloud in. March, one. Of our cloud developer, advocates, Emma. Haruka evolve broke. The Guinness world record for. Calculating. Thirty one point four trillion, digits of pi. That. Was my reaction as well when I first started, she. Did by running Google compute engine, continuously. To read 10 petabytes of data. It. Really. Shows the reliability of the product I'd. Hope to read the whole number out here but, I don't think I have enough time for it. For. Those of you who follow college, basketball, last. Night was quite a game, google. Cloud has a great partnership, with the n-c-double-a and this. Year we invited some college student, developers, to join in the fun. They. Helped, us make some. Predictions, using 80 years worth of basketball, data and, some. Of the developers are astute. Here today our future. CIOs, and CTOs let's, give them a round of applause. Thank. You for being here you've, helped us take office, practice to an entirely, new level at Google and trust. Me you don't want to be in a pool with Thomas, Korean. At. Google, nothing. Excites us more than solving, a problem. Except. Maybe solving. A problem at scale, we've. Always had, the ambition to. Use technology. To, improve the lives of as many people as possible and. Enterprise. Gives, us an opportunity to approach, this in a profound, way. By. Directly. Working, together with, companies, businesses, and institutions that, power. Our global economy and drive. Important. Changes in our society. Cloud. Is, one, of the largest, areas of investment for Google as a company, so. We are truly on this journey with you together, and, we. Are in it for the very long term, we. Want to make sure we, are a great technology partner, to, all of you. I'd. Like to talk to you about three areas today, growing. Our world-class, infrastructure. Bringing. Innovative. Technologies, to everyone and, building. Open. Ecosystems. To help your businesses, thrive. For. Over 20 years we have been scaling our technology, infrastructure, to. Match the growth of information. We. Continue. To invest in the infrastructure, that made Google successful. And that, now powers, Google cloud our. Custom. Server hardware and data, centers, can, bring an enormous, amount of computing, power to people all over the, world, we. Are in over 200, countries and territories. Connected. By hundreds, of thousands of miles of fiber-optic cable. In. Fact we recently laid, our own cable, under the Pacific and now, we are doing the same under the Atlantic. We. Have 19, cloud regions, and 58. Data centers slide and today. I'm excited to tell you that we're bringing two new locations on line one. And Seoul and one, in Salt Lake City. Just. To give you a sense of scale in a fun way six. Years ago our data. Center capital plan included, about two Eiffel, Towers worth of steel, this. Year's plan includes. Enough steel to build 20 Eiffel Towers that's.

A Whole lot of steel, it. Shows the scale of our infrastructure. Regardless. Of the business you're in. We. Want to help you use the most advanced, technologies, to drive innovation. It's. An incredible, time to be developing, cloud technology, and using, it to solve problems. Whether. It's using AI to help, ships navigate, safely. Connecting. Offline, and online retail, with personalized, experiences. Or using. Machine learning to help, financial, institutions, detect fraud, we. Know these solutions are only helpful to your business if they, are fully accessible, and easy to use that's. Why we are scaling, up our team so we can spend more time with you, understanding. Your most important, opportunities, and it's. Been exciting to see the momentum we are building today together. In. Fact today Google, cloud is working with most of the top 10 companies across. Media and entertainment and, retail, and, half. Of the top 10 financial, services firms as. Well as many other sectors and industries, we. Are grateful for our partners, who are helping us extend our reach and make. Our customer successful. Thomas. Is going to be sharing a number, of new and important, customer, and partner announcements. Over the, coming days. Google. Also has a 20. Year history of building. Truly. Open ecosystems. For everyone, and, we. Want to do the same for enterprise, computing. Today. Most. Of the world's enterprise, computing, still. Happens, on premise. It. Doesn't know to the cloud yet because the path forward is complex, and daunting and full. Of difficult. Decisions, how. Do you modernize, in place without, having, to jump completely, to the cloud. Brij incompatible. Architectures, Wiley, transition, and how. Do you maintain flexibility. And avoid, locking. We. Have faced similar challenges as a company, in her own business, the. Mass of resource requirements, of her own cloud services, bead. Search maps. And Gmail, demanded. Every ounce of computing, power from our servers, but. We needed to maintain flexibility. To adapt to shifting user demands and we. Really wanted to be easy to ship between jobs. This. Led to our early, experimentation. With cluster, with containers, and we, developed. Their own internal, cluster, management, tool Borg and as. We develop Google Cloud we wanted everyone, to be able to use Borg for their computing, needs and the. Result was our open-source, effort kubernetes. Today. It, is the industry, standard for running, and managing containers. And. Last. Year, we, announced the cloud services, platform to. Allow you to manage kubernetes. Both, on Prem, and on, Google Cloud it. Gave. Businesses, a secure, managed, solution and, it. Gave developers a, common. Development, platform. It. Was a huge step forward but. It still left one major customer, problem unsolved. It. Didn't make it easy for you all to span multiple cloud, providers. So. We've been hard at work and we have spent the last year developing, a product that.

Gives You the flexibility. To make the best decisions, for your business now and in, the future, we. Think we have the answer, and I'm proud to introduce you to that product today we. Call it anthos. Antos. Anthos. Is based on kubernetes, it. Runs, on premise, but. It also supports, multi. And hybrid, cloud and Moranis and, is. Fully managed, by Google. It. Brings, together the simplicity, of open source platforms, our deep. Technical expertise, and the. Freedom, to choose, the right cloud partner, for, your job, it. Lets you write once and run your jobs anywhere, in. Our cloud in. Your data center or on. Other cloud providers. It. Gives you the flexibility, to move on from apps to the cloud when you are ready and it. Allows, you to keep using the technologies, you're already using while. Improving. Security. We. Have built anthos to be simple. Flexible. And secure, all the, things, you'd, want in a great technology partner, and thank. You for giving us that opportunity to. Be that partner. I'm. Going to turn it over to Thomas Korean to give you all the details. Thomas. Has only been leading Google cloud for about 10 weeks now, but. Many of you probably know him from more than two, decades of experience serving. Enterprise, customers, in a. Short time at Google he's already, met with hundreds. Of customers and partners, I think. His personal, productivity he's testing the limits of G suite and calendar. He's. A tremendous leader, with, a powerful, vision and I'm incredibly, excited to have him leading Google cloud Thomas. Take it away. Thank. You very much sunder and, a. Word, of thanks to Diane Greene who, spent so many years, helping. Build Google cloud and, she. Retired earlier this year and, I'm, very grateful for her leadership of Google. Cloud for so many years. Then. We at Google cloud have. A very, clear, vision on, what. We want to offer customers, in, a number of industries, who are going through digital, transformation. We. Want to give them global. Scale, distributed. Secure. Infrastructure, a. Digital. Transformation, platform, that, helps people build innovative. Digital transformation. Solutions, and, then. Industry. Specific, capability. For, digital transformation. In a, number of industries. The. First, important. Announcement, we're making here. At next, is anthos. It. Came, from our listening, to customers, who. Wanted, three, important, things from. Their, cloud providers. First. The, ability to have. A technology, stack that. Would they could run in their, data center, next. To enterprise, workloads, that, they couldn't yet move to the cloud, hybrid. Cloud. Second. A single. Programming, model that gave, them the choice and flexibility, to move, workloads, to. Both Google cloud as well, as other cloud providers without. Any change, and, third. A, platform. That allows them to operate, this infrastructure. Without. Complexity. And, to. Secure, and manage across. Multiple clouds, in a, single, consistent way. To. Show you these, capabilities, and, to, talk to you in more detail let. Me welcome al, minore. From. Our engineering, organization, was, one of the leaders in our product development for antle's, they are. Thank. You Thomas, in. Building Google Cloud we, have heard from many of you about the. Challenges you face today I'm lucky. To, get to meet CEOs, of large, companies often. For. Instance a large. Retail enterprise CIO recently. Told me I'd. Like to build me a future solely. Based on open source technologies, that, can be cloud. Agnostic, that. Is the only way for me to reduce risk as we. Invest more and more in the, cloud I. Hear. From so many of you that you need to move faster, to stay competitive and gain an edge time. To market for products, and services has. Shortened, dramatically, from, years. Today's. You. Want innovation to be a strategic enabler. For your business, the. Cloud promises, a path forward with new technologies. Managed, services, and the, ecosystem, to help you succeed. However. The. Reality is that managing, hybrid, or multi, cloud compute can be incredibly, challenging and complex, today. 80%. Of workloads, are. Still not in the cloud, there. Is a very real risk of being. Locked in by, investing, too much in a, single cloud. Analysts. Estimate that, 88%, of companies, are expected. To adopt a multi cloud strategy each. Cloud count, with its own proprietary infrastructure. Proprietary. And api's, and that. Creates a strain on your. Precious, precious, talent, and adds.

Cost. Using. Multiple clouds without, again. Without. A strategic, plan is a guaranteed. Way to increase, operational, cost and fragment. Your developers, and operators and, all. Of that can. Just add risk and, none. Of us are doing this because, we want more east. That's. For sure to. Help you succeed in this world. Sorry. And last year at next we introduced Google, cloud services platform, our hybrid. Product that sundar mentioned over. The past eight months. We have partnered, with some of you for early adopters to solve. These challenges. Thank. You for being a part of this journey with us and thank. You for our team for, all the hard work since. Today. We. Are excited to announce that this platform, Anthes. Is, now generally. Available for, everyone. Thank. You. Using. Our platform you can build and deploy apps rapidly, both on-premise and, in, the cloud with, security, built in. You. Can truly, build it once and run. Anywhere, and. There. Is more today we are also excited to announce that we are embarking on, the. Multi cloud journey anthos. Is, going. Multi-cloud. If. You are using multiple compute environments, anthos. Is that, choice for you it. Lowers, your IT cost with, the latest managed. Open, source and has, security, layers integrated. Right. Out of the box with. Anthos you, can modernize on-premise. Right. Now you can actually install and, start. Running, in, less than three hours. It. Provides, monitoring, logging. Visibility. And CI CD tooling so, you can increase your developer. And operator velocity. On-premise. And in. The cloud in. A consistent way. This. Is the new reality we're bringing to you you. Should be able to depend on increasing, levels of automation and, focus, on what's, happening, further up the stack and take. The infrastructure, almost, for granted you. Should be able to deploy new and, existing, apps running on premise, and in the clouds without. Having to invest in, constantly. Retraining, your developers. You. Can truly double down on delivering, business value. Not. Only have we built this technology. But we have worked with multiple. Key ecosystem. Partners to bring answers to you. Google. Cloud and our. Partners, are with you every step of the way bringing. To you a platform, that, you can use everywhere. You need it, thank. You and back. To you Thomas. Thank. You very much Alf, as he. Mentioned we've been working with a number of partners to. Make sure that our customers, can interoperate these. Partner, solutions, with. Google technology, it's. My great pleasure now to welcome. To. Google cloud next one. Of our partners, David, Gettler. Executive. Vice president of. Cisco, Systems, please give him a warm welcome, David.

Anytime, That's how you doing welcome. To next great, group you got here yes. David. Cisco has built an incredible, networking. And security franchise. Hundreds, of thousands, of enterprise customers, around the world giving. Your scale and market share you have the ability to engage with a massive global customer, base what, are you hearing from your customers, well, look I think you guys are hitting it exactly right here today I mean the world has. Landed, on hybrid, cloud there's obviously a huge amount, of cloud adoption going on not, surprising. The cloud is a seminal, technology, trend of our era but. I think the way we've talked about it over the last several years has been very application. Centric which makes a lot of sense, hey the application, is moving to the cloud but when you look at it from the CIOs, perspective, in the enterprise. It's more of an expansion, motion. Which is hey, now my application. Is moving to the cloud I have applications. Still in my data center as you've talked about here I may, have applications on, the edge of my network and now I have to connect all of my users to these applications. And what, we're finding is that's changing. The, entire IT technology. Stack underneath, in the enterprise is having to think about their. Entire, infrastructure. And how do i architect. That differently, for the realities, of the cloud that. Brings, a lot of complexity, and, I think it's on us as the industry, to work together to. Try and push, back against that complexity, and help them drive to more simplicity so. We've been working together since 2017. What's. Your vision for how we're simplifying things for customers, look, I mean I think this has been a great collaboration and, it started, the right way it started with an engineering, led collaboration. So I remember ears and I had a conversation, back in 2017, and. We were talking about the. Whole adoption of cloud and I remember urged a statement the world needs a lighted path to the cloud and I thought that was very insightful, because that's exactly what we were seeing in. Our customers, and we have highly. Complementary. Technology. Bases I mean what, Cisco is all about the franchise I run is connecting users to applications, in doing that securely, and you, know all the pieces in between doing. That. Google. Brings unbelievable. Cloud technology. And kubernetes, to the equation, so, we thought hey, can we put our technology. Stacks together and deliver a very, differentiated. Solution, to our customers, in, this hybrid and multi cloud world what. Makes our partnership unique. Look. I think it's unique for a couple of reasons first of all I think for it we start with the premise of hybrid and multi cloud right it's not about the, cloud working, backwards, it's about the realities, of the environment, that all of our customers live in today and then. We're. Going about it with a start. From the concept, of very open, and obviously. Google. Brings that Cisco brings that the idea we need to build open ecosystems. The, people around us can embrace and, extend, it's, not all about just our two technologies. I think those are important, technologies, but.

We're Bringing together a. Technology. Base that's open and extensible and, our customers, can take that and drive it and help, push back on some of this complexity, that's that's coming, into their network with, the adoption of cloud thank. You so much David your partnership, and for your teamwork with us all right congratulations what, you're doing here today it's impacting, the whole industry, thanks I'll take care of it. So. We wanted to show you now, anthos. Live we. Want to show you how easy it is to. Build a workload, run. It in your data center, move. It to multiple clouds without. A single line of code needing, to be changed let. Me welcome Jennifer, Lin from. Our product, organization to. Show you anthos Jennifer. As. A platform administrator. You have a difficult job you. Have the responsibility. Of keeping your company ahead of the competition. This. Means enabling your developers, and helping, them deploy new applications, and features fast, while. Keeping your business stable, and secure. You're. Working with existing and new applications some. On virtual machines and increasingly. Others in containers. Today. We're eager to show you more of anthos what we believe is going to be the cloud platform of choice for, many years to come, the. Platform, that gives you the freedom to do what you want how. You want and where, you want and, we're. Here to help you, one. Thing that's top of mind for everyone is migration, and modernization. It's. Been really exciting to work with our customers on crafting, the journey that's right for them and we, want to make sure that they have as many options as possible, so. How can those help. J, we're really proud to announce an upcoming new beta anthos, migrate. Anthos. Migrate lets you modernize your workloads. Directly, into containers and kubernetes which. Means benefits, like modern controls, lower. Costs, more. Automation and portability, across clouds, as. If. That wasn't good enough anthos. Migrate will do this VM to container conversion, automatically. Without, requiring, VM modifications. Or app rewrites, beforehand, that's. A big big deal, at. Google cloud we're, all about seeing is believing so how about a demo. Right. Now you can, see a typical deployment of VMs running on on-prem, VM where this. Particular VM here is running our e-commerce site, the online boutique. It's. Running on a VM today but that means I T has to patch it while, trying to avoid disruption. They've. Got to buy more hardware, to support Black Friday and then have that Hardware set idle for the rest of the year and most. Importantly, they've got to pain stay clean protect their customer data there's. Got to be a better way right. This. Site could benefit in so many ways from running as a container instead. IT. Gets away from patch management, can. Deploy auto-scaling, for the holiday season and ensure. The protection of their customer data doesn't. That sound better. Okay. Let's. Go to cloud shell and modernize, this VM right here right now, we. Built a simple script that triggers anthos migrate to begin modernizing. That on Prem VM to Google Cloud and automatically. Convert, it to a container in kubernetes engine are, you ready let's. Execute the script. Off. We. Go and it's. Just that simple. This. New streamlined, process, represents, a tremendous simplification. Of your modernization, journey. Okay. Now let's see the results in the cloud console. Now. That this process has begun anthos, migrate will have this app running again in just a few minutes regardless, of how big the data set is but. We don't want to keep you waiting we've, kicked off an equivalent. Process just before we came on stage.

As. You can see here in our cloud console, our e-commerce site, that was running on a VM is now running, in a container and as. You can see this is the same app but, now our customers get all the benefits of anthos and manage kubernetes. Converting. That VM into a container frees up our customers, from managing infrastructure, and lets, them focus on delivering. Business value instead, and. It. Makes modernization, easier, than you ever thought possible. This, is game-changing for anyone, who thought their VMs might, be impossible to modernize. Now. Over time this same application, has been modernized as a dynamic. Mesh of services, talking, to one another. Managing. Service driven applications can be complex, and modern, services require completely, different access restrictions. For. Instance commerce services, such as procurement, and order fulfillment, have very different policies, than payment processing, even, though both require, tight. Controls and audits. Using. Google cloud service mesh we, have visibility into all of these components and we, can focus on business agility instead, of access policies. Let's. Look a little bit deeper into this Apps deployment. This. Is still the same app and it's, got a shopping cart service which you can see here in our topology view lines. Are representing, permissions, across the services, the. Shopping, cart service is being accessed by some of our partners right now on, the. Other hand this, payment service is restricted, to only be accessed by the shopping cart service. Since. We showed you this product last year we, have been working on some innovative, advancements. Including Google. Cloud service meshes ability to deliver real time in-depth. Telemetry, and security, insights. Now. You can assess the security posture of your applications. And make proactive recommendations. To help manage risk. Let's. Take a look at the payment service and how we can apply security policies, as you. Can see here there is a security recommendation. From Google cloud service mesh to, help improve the security posture of the payment service. This. Policy, recomendation, once applied will. Authorize an encrypt, Rafic between the payment service and the shopping cart service. This. Is policy. Driven decisions, without. Modifying, your backends, without, touching your code, now. Let's go to the cloud shell and add these changes into, our anthos config management, repository and then commit the changes. Anthos. Gives you unified. Programmatic. Api's across all of your deployments. So. Now that we have committed the changes the, new declarative, configuration will. Be applied across all environments at once, for. Applications, running on anthos controls, are implemented by anthos, without any changes to the application so. You get to manage governance, consistently. No, matter where your workloads run.

You. Can move fast and stay, agile while, improving upon your security posture. Everything. We showed you today is not just GCP, and on Prem, in. Fact if you look at the console you'll see there are three services running let's. Take a look at the address of one of them. It's. Actually, running on another public cloud. This. Is really big thank. You. With. Anthos you run anywhere, and not only that you can manage services, consistently. On Google, cloud on Prem. And on. Other clouds, this. Is exactly, what I all meant when we announced that anthos is going multi cloud. Yes. So. What does this mean for you if, you're a developer you, get to avoid the pain of rewriting, your code just to deploy to a new cloud as an. Ops person, you get the ability to consistently manage, your apps wherever, they run if. You're. Running the business you get leverage when you're negotiating a, cloud contract, and, this. Isn't just about your own code, it. Extends, to software from partners, ISPs. And the, open source community. Here. You see us running anthos to consistently, deploy, a cloud VC ICD service, across, any environment. Before. Anthos, deploying, to multiple environments mint custom config for every environment time. Wasted, on operational, overhead security. Audits for each new service, and more now. You finally, have a consistent. Experience to, flexibly, deploy, and manage services, running, on GCP in your, own data center as well, as on other clouds I don't. Know about you but I think that's pretty cool. All. Right. Over. The last year we've been working with many customers, on their hybrid and multi cloud transformations. We. Just showed you a lot let's, take a step back and look at what we saw, number. One, modernizing. Your on-prem, workloads, is easier, and faster than ever before. To. Most companies already have a multi, cloud and hybrid strategy but AB DOS is the only platform, that lets you actually achieve, that and. Three. We, understand, that every transformation is different and Google wants to partner with you to make sure that you achieve all your modernization.

Goals Let's. Bring your cloud and your services, to life back. To you Thomas. Wow. Jennifer. Amazing, job. We've. Seen so. Many partners, working. With us to. Bring our solutions, to, customers together. One. Of these partners, is VMware. A company. That's, used, with, software's used by so, many enterprise, customers and, it's, my great privilege to welcome. Sanjay, Poonam chief. Operating, officer, of VMware. To, Google next Sanjay. I promise. Sanjay. Great to have you at next, innovate. Esteem widespread, adoption of, kubernetes, since its inception, both. Of our companies are committed to delivering hybrid, cloud solutions, based on open source technologies, that Google created, which. Are essential, to modern app development, can. You provide us with more detail on how open source technologies, like kubernetes, are part of VMware strategy. Yeah I will Thomas let me first say congratulations. On your role Thomas. And I grew up in the same town in Bangalore, we went to rival schools I spent eight years competing, against, him when, I was at sa P and Oracle I'm just happy to be on a stage partnering, with you finally, so. That's great and, he's. Gonna do great things for Google Cloud and your on your question in kubernetes, I think the, world is starting to realize it is a world of containers, and VMs, and we. Have embraced kubernetes, big time at VMware we acquired a company hep T oh that was started, by some of the founders of kubernetes, and now with Google have become one. Of the top contributors, to kubernetes and what we're doing is taking your, new name Antos, integrating. It with essential. PKS which is a new name for hep T oh and I'm gonna deliver a unified, solution that will be supported, by by, VMware and Google secondly. We're also gonna support anthos on. VSphere. Our leading hypervisor, and also, an essential PKS so our desires, to bring for all of you enterprise customers, the, best of a virtual machine and kubernetes. Containers, together with this collaboration, Thank. You Sanjay a key component of the hybrid cloud is networking, all the way from the branch office, to, the cloud what, are we doing together with, Eska van and service mesh yeah, you know quietly many of you may not think of VMware a networking, space for the last five or six years since we're quite nice Sara we've, become the leader in software-defined, networking, and our vision has been to take nsx the product from the data center to the cloud into the branch we. Also acquired about 18 months a really hot company, called Velo cloud and Velo cloud has become now in Gartner's sort, of ranking the top right in SD when it's, sort of like the name sized velocity, and cloud it does things really fast and simple so, with simple, things like zero, touch, provisioning, a single click a dynamic.

Multipath, We're, able to basically. Integrate. Now to GCP, so, that many of you folks who have remote offices, and branch offices, and retail and, banks and other places you, get the best benefits, of Velo cloud integrative. Natively, into GCP, and now all of your applications, in the branch. Office has just worked faster, and. You're a senior executive of the devil family. Where. Does vmware, and the broader dell family, see opportunities, and working more closely with GCP yes, you know dell is one now the public. Is one of the leading hardware, providers, of a number of different areas server storage infrastructure. Many. Of the benefits we talked about anthos running on vSphere will extend, to, what's called hyper-converged, infrastructure, the x-trail and VMware's investments software-defined, storage is now number one in that, category so you'll get all those benefits with Dell hardware dell. Also has a great asset all boomy which has become now a cloud-based, data, integration leader we're. Integrating, that with Apogee that's, part of the Google family to bring the best of data integration and API. Management, which is what people want today in this integration world and then, are not client-side we've been quietly, innovating, with a workspace one that came from the embers acquisition, of AirWatch been. Doing a lot of good stuff with you in android and chrome book where, we're now the leader in what's called unified endpoint management but we're going to extend that now to, Google cloud identity engine, so we can bring all that context, where data into. Google Data engine so a lot of things that we are looking forward to collaborating with you already, done and more to come thank, you so much thank you Thomas all of the, regulations. So. When we built Antos we. Worked with a number of hardware companies, to. Allow our customers, who are deploying in a hybrid architecture, to. Use their preferred, hardware, stack to. Run anthos, we're. Also grateful, for, a, partnership, with Intel who. Has built a reference, architecture for anthos. To. Make it easy for customers to, deploy, our workloads, on anthos. On this reference configuration. Finally. We, recognize that you want solutions. Partners. And we. Work with a number of and providers, who. Complement. Our technology, and that of our partners as well, as services, partners who can run and manage services, for you on antle's. To. Hear from a customer, who has. Been using anthos, in, early, access please. Welcome, Ratnakar. Levu chief. Technology, officer, and senior, executive, vice president of, caused a leading. American retailer, wroth knocker. Uh-huh. But. Like a welcome to next you. Know as a leading retailer, for over 50, years, tell. Us about how you and Michelle your CEO are, looking at your strategy for the next 50 years first. Of all congratulations. On your new role. As. You know Thomas you you and I've worked a, long time together. So. As the retailer, we've always been focused on the customer customer. First. In, today's digital age. And. Digital, transformation. Our customers, are expecting. Seamless. Frictionless. Experiences. So. That then translated. Us into thinking about the. Way we work we, want it to be more agile more, nimble, that. Then translated. Into how. We do things so, why, should we set up infrastructure. And other things like, we used to do before so, we are now leveraging. Our hybrid. Cloud so as part of the hybrid cloud strategy the. Ability, to leverage the, infrastructure. In the cloud the, applications, in the cloud to, bring all these experiences. For that our customers, are demanding and, by the way Google anthos, is the one that we chose with. All the different cloud providers out, there why did you choose Google, as your primary cloud partner, as. You know, Athamas retail. Is in the midst of major. Transformation. So, as a retailer, we needed to innovate we, also needed to become more engineering, focus and guess, what Google. Has that same DNA, and engineering. Focus. Driving. Innovation, that, really kind, of blended. Us together in terms of this partnership. And. By the way I'm super excited about that okay. Thank, you what are some of the benefits, that you've seen as, you've. Migrated. More workloads, to the cloud what, did you decide to keep what do you decide to move yeah. So the big benefits, is as, a retailer. Our. Big thing is is, the holiday season, Black, Friday, tremendous.

Amount Of volume so, what. We needed to do before the cloud was we, needed to get all this capacity. And that capacity used. To set either, for, about nine months of the year so the cloud actually enabled, us to scale to that capacity. During the holiday season so, big benefit, for us and in, terms of the hybrid cloud it also gave us the ability to be more agile using, DevOps and, also. To, move applications and. Change, applications. Much faster, so these are some of the key benefits that we have seen with the cloud now. When it comes to how. Did we decide what to, actually. Move and transform. To the cloud we, did an extensive and, exhaustive. Analysis, of our infrastructure, and our applications. And we. Broke them into three parts one. As are they cloud ready hence left, hand chef are they. Do they need to be redesigned for, the cloud and so. We're in the process of, working on many application, to, make them cloud ready and the third is should we retire something because it's no longer important. In this new world and we've, been on this journey for three years and I, can tell you we're, really excited about what we're seeing right now great. How do you measure its success with, the transformation. Successes, again back to the customer it's about the customer engagement, and the sales and, last. Bragg Black Friday we, ran cold calm, and mobile, our mobile applications, and mobile, web on the, Google cloud and what I can tell you is we. Sustained. The peak load we. Actually, had the best response, time in terms of the experience for our customer and we had tremendous amount of sales so I'm really happy with that congratulations. You're out the car thank you for the work you and your team are doing with our stuff. So. Let's step back a minute now and look, at Google's, vision, for cloud computing you, know, we see industries, around the world being. Transformed. With digital technology. Whether. That's hospitals. Wanting to change how they deliver patient, care using digital the. Way that retailers, want to offer new experiences, for customers or. Financial. Institutions. Want to attract customers in, new ways. We. At Google want to deliver three important, things to. Help customers on this journey. First. Global. Scale, distributed. Infrastructure. Second. A suite. Of digital transformation solutions. And third. Specific. Solutions, using. Google's, advanced technologies. For specific industries. Now. For global scale distributed infrastructure, we. Look at building, out. Capabilities. In Google, cloud. Bringing. The, broadening. The number of regions, around the world to which we deliver that, taking. That out to the cloud edge for. Example, for, customers, in gaming, in media, and streaming, or, distributing. Our broad network, edge to bring computing, closer to you and now. With anthos we can bring it all the way into your data center, with. Hybrid cloud or on. Multiple, clouds. For. A platform. For digital transformation. We've. Building. A capability, to offer five, important. Solutions, for. Customers the. Ability to manage data at scale to. Build. And modernize, application. Workloads, to. Do. Analysis to. Identify, patterns in your data and make, better business decisions as, organizations. To. Use google's AI and m/l technology, advances, and to. Collaborate, with other people in your organization or. Outside. The boundaries of your organization. In profound, new ways, we're. Also broadening, this platform to, allow, partners. To complement. Our, platform. And we. Have some very important, announcements, today with. Partners. Finally. We're, building out unique. Capability. For. Specific, industries, which. Help companies, in, these industries, use. Google's, technology advances. To transform, themselves these. Include, organizations, in, healthcare in. Retail. In, media. Financial. Services, and other industries. Now. Of incredibly. Proud. Of the momentum, we have in, the, largest companies, or not. Nine. Of the top ten retailers. Seven. Of the top ten media companies, and leaders. In virtually every, industry have. Chosen Google, cloud to. Help them on their digital transformation. Journey. Now. The, reason they've chosen us is because of the capabilities. That we provide, one. Of our most important, industries, is healthcare and we're. Grateful for, life sciences. Companies. Patient. Care, providers. Insurance. Companies, and others, who. Have used Google cloud we're.

Super, Excited today to announce, a number of new companies, that are, using, Google cloud to. Deliver healthcare in new ways. One. Of these customers, is Phillips, and. It's my great privilege to, welcome Alton. And oshi group. Chief information officer. Of Phillips, to, Google cloud next up. Why. Are you Thomas, thank. You for coming it's wonderful, to have you tell. Us about the work that Phillips is doing globally, in health care, absolutely. First of all what a pleasure to hear about at Naz she kept it as a well, preserved, secret. So huge congratulations thank, you that. Was music to my ears at. Philips. Our. Mission. And vision is. To make sure that we. Improve the lives of 3 billion people per. Year by. 2030, and. It's. A it's a target that we, want to achieve with. Help of of course partners, like Google and many, of the other partners, that you have also mentioned and. Indeed. When. You look at the trends, in the healthcare, technology. Sector, then. It is about. Digitalization. To, begin with the. Customer, centricity, is, very. Very important, you need, to know the patients, you need to know the doctors the, clinicians, so, that is an important, aspect in the healthcare industry and, we. Are facing. All. Of these challenges. In, this industry, while. The, transformation. In, technology. Around us by. The. Worldwide, industrial. You, know industry. IOT, devices machine. Learning, and AI are. Coming, up right, behind us right so, for, us it is, important. To meet that quadruple, in, which. Is patient. Care better. Health outcomes. And all. The related aspect, where, cost. Of giving, healthcare, services. Should, be affordable. How. Do you see delivering, patient, care to, billions, of people and, how, does cloud, technology. Really help you to deliver to that last mile to that patient. Absolutely. If, I look, back we. Are a 127, year, old company and I'm sure there are many enterprises. Of that nature, so when. I see Google, for example. I'm probably, the next generation, CIO you, know next next, right. So. When they look at it the. In Philips we have a huge, our strategy. Is to have the. Digital, transformation, for. The legacy, landscape. Now. What we have already done, is taken, 2,000. Applications, and put them on the cloud, now these were initially tier. 2 applications. Now. Where we want to focus on, and what I believe, this morning I heard from sundar, Jennifer, and you also mentioning, about it is the. Whole aspect, of not. Only hybrid. Cloud but. Also cybersecurity. Plays, a big role and, so. What. Is running in my mind right now is tier. 1 we, talked about the year PS the SP, basis, which all of our large company, in a healthcare domain is working, to, us quality. Availability. And security, are, probably, the most important. Three criteria, and that's, where I look at you. Know cloud playing, a huge role because. We can't live, with the legacy data centers, where, service assurance is, a pain you, need to move to cloud on-demand. Quick, and make, it happen where. Do you see AI and m/l helping, you in your transformation, well. What. I notice. Is that you. Know AI allows, the. Thinking, and analysis. Decision-making. To, be quite different than what us. Are. Capable, of without the machine, learning and AI capabilities. So, to, us when. We are doing these. Non-invasive. Procedures. The, clinics then, all of the data sets that we. Can, have, as a reference, on, which machine learning, and all of these data being, loaded. Up in the cloud and then machine, learning, and AI algorithms. Being, applied for, better decision insight. To, the doctors, physicians. Etc. So even as a patient, you're, well informed of. What, is going on the self care become, as possible, so, to us in. Fact the. Aspect. That Google is indeed, looking at cloud. And a combination, of machine learning and AI is, actually, really good because, that gives us a, way, not only to learn from you all and depend, on you all but, also, allow. For our quadruple. Aim as I mentioned, to happen thank. You all enough for your, amazing mission, as Phillips and for. Your partnership with us of. People around the world with better healthcare thank. You very much thank, you for coming. Retail. Is another industry, that's, going through major, transformation. And we. At Google have been very, fortunate to, work with many of the leading retailers. Around the world, today. At Google next. We're, pleased to announce that some. Brands, that all of you are familiar with have. Chosen, us to, transform. How, they deliver great. New experiences. To, consumers, around the world. Now. Financial, services isn't in it is a, industry. That Google, has had a long history of collaboration with, we've. Had many, financial institutions. Running. On Google cloud and, using. Google cloud to deliver great, new services, to. Their consumers. At. Google, cloud next, we're. Very pleased to announce two. Important, new customers. Chase. And ian's, at Bank. It. Is now my great privilege to welcome. Reggie. Chambers.

Managing. Director, and chief administrative, officer. Of Chase, consumer, banking, to, Google cloud next to. Talk about how we're. Working together to, transform community. Banking Reggie, welcome, to Google cloud next. Thank, you for coming Reggie tell. Us a little bit about yourself, your role at Chase and. What you're doing to transform, community, banking, fantastic. Well thank you so much for having me here I, could. Not be more excited to talk about the things we are doing to transform, the banking industry, as they are very much aligned my, personal, passion in life which, is to help others. All. You need to know about me is that, I'm a husband and a, father of two beautiful children Madison. And Myles and like, so many of you I am passionate about, trying to make a difference in the world leaving it a bit better than I found it and so, that the world can be a bit better going forward for our kids our, families. And our communities, this. Is an amazing country one. Where my family has gone from being slaves. Sharecroppers. Farmers. In the segregated south to. Be attending. Top universities, serving. A president in the White House and now, standing, in front of you all representing. An amazing, institution like JPMorgan Chase. You. Know we are fortunate to live in the land of opportunity where a story like mine is possible, but. When we look across America, today we, realize that's, not true for everyone for. Many the, doors of opportunity are closed they, don't have a fair shot and what. We want to do here chase we just want to work alongside partners, like Google to change that outcome a bit we, are fortunate to have great resources, as Google. And as, Chase to, address this opportunity, gap and that's what we want to do today so. At Chase I'm fortunate to be a part of the leadership team that's, innovating. Around how we can better serve the communities, we are in we. Serve our customers in our communities, with more than. 135,000. Employees and more, than 5,000 branches and what, we're seeing today with our customers, is they, want more than more, than just having a transactional. Relationship with, us they. Want they want to have a partner, who can who, can provide advice at life moments, when, they need us the most and we. Want to be that go-to partner, together with community organizations in, Google to do just that and we can change the bank branch model of the future in order. To provide more opportunities for the communities we serve can. You give the, audience some, examples, of how we're working to make this real. Absolutely. I'm excited to do that so yeah, we have a unique vision, for the bank branch model of the future we. Want our branches to be destinations. Where people can go to get the advice they need to. Lead a financially, healthy life we. Also want to have branches that are Innovation Centers where, you can get the latest technology, and innovative, community programming, to.

Really Deliver the next value proposition, for our customers and our clients. Imagine. A place where you can go to. Learn how to do learn how to code learn. How learn how to set up a small business learn. How to do your taxes, learn. How to get the job interview skills that you need so you can take it to the next level for you for you and your family and that's what we want to do is bring those four a data insights and technology to that game and together, with partners like Google we're. Going to turn that dream into a, reality. So, we are excited to announce that, we have chosen Harlan one. Of our nation's most historic. Communities, to launch this new branch drink Bank branch model of the future and we're, excited to tell, you guys more about it in the coming weeks and months ahead. Regi. Along. With our team at Google I'm. Super. Pleased to. Partner with you what's such a historic, mission we're so proud that, we can help you as a technology, partner on this noble mission that. You and chase are embarking on thank, you so much thank you very much thank you. Similar. To what we're doing in retail. In financial, services, and healthcare, we're, also transforming. Manufacturing. Helping. Organizations, optimize, the supply chain their, warehouses, their, distribution, systems, and we're. Very pleased, at Google cloud NEX that a number of additional manufacturing, brands. A few, of them here. Have chosen, us, to, be, the strategic partner, on digital transformation. Google. Also has a long history in, telecommunications. Media and entertainment. Nine. Of the top ten media, companies, in the world use. Us to help, them a, great. Digital content. Create. Dynamic catalogs. Use. Our streaming infrastructure. To distribute, them and allow. Them to build new models for, business like direct-to-consumer. These. Are some of the customers, who choose us and at, Google cloud, next, were very pleased to announce some. Additional, wins of, media. And entertainment companies. As well, as telecommunication. Partners, who, have chosen us to help them on that journey to the cloud. Finally. We. Have a long, commitment, to. The public sector. We'll. Work with state governments, federal. Government, agencies, and, educational. Institutions for a number of years this, is just a tiny segment, of, the many customers, in public. Sector use google cloud and we. Have many more new customers some, of which I've listed. Here for you, to see. Our. Work, in these, industries. Would. Not be complete, if we. Build. Enterprise. Capability, the. We at Google cloud want. To be the, best strategic partner. To, organizations. Who are choosing, that, digital, transformation, journey and. We. Believe, that we can do that in two, important, ways the. First way is, bringing. Expertise. To. Help you on that journey and the. Second, to, be the easiest, cloud, provider to, do business with, to. Help you on that journey we're. Massively, expanding. Our go-to-market organization. Not. Just with salespeople but with, technical, specialists, who, deeply, understand, technology, and industries, and can.

Help You in your customer, success role, to. Build, great. New, transformational. Opportunities, using, our technology, foundation. To. Make it easy for our customers to do business with us we're. Introducing a variety of new things, simplified. Pricing. Easier. Contracting. Co-innovation. Frameworks. Where we can work with you and partners, and. We. Recognize, partners, are very. Very important, to Google and we're. Broadening our partner, reach and introducing. A number of new enhancements. In our partner program. We're. Very grateful to all of you our partners, who, have done so much to help us further our mission to. Being successful, as, a, digital transformation provider. And. We've seen a 4x, growth in partner. Certifications. This last year of 4x. Growth and developer, certifications. And as, six, times growth, in, developer. Learning hours all, Testaments. To, the interest, in our, technology, and how. It can help customers on that. Journey to digital transformation. Now. The foundation. Of this, sets. Our, data center infrastructure. Google. Invests. Enormous, amounts of money. And technology. Skills, in building, the most sophisticated data. Center infrastructure, in the world and. Here. At Google next, we, have a number of important. New, announcements. In the, capabilities. We offer in, the, data set, we're. Introducing, a number of important, new things to. Help people migrate. And, modernize. Workloads. When, they shift to the cloud with. The best infrastructure. Solutions, for, cloud computing, we're. Introducing, new Hardware. Broadening. The number of regions where a cloud presence, is introducing. New capabilities, in networking, in. Seoul. Tendency. Which gives you isolation. And, in. DNS. Peering, and 40 to. Give you a lot more detail about some. Of these capabilities and, how it can help you, our customers, with, mission, critical workloads. Please, welcome Brad. Calder, vice, president, engineering, for Google cloud, Brad. Thanks, Thomas. So. My team is responsible for building the core infrastructure, that. Delivers the, availability, security. And performance. That enterprises, need. The. Key workload we have focused on supporting in Google cloud is sa P. When. Companies look at moving mission, critical workloads to, the cloud such as s AP they, need large, memory, machines and. Last. Year next I announced, that six turbine and 12 terabyte virtual machines would be coming and, I'm. Very pleased to announce today that, we are the first to provide 12. Terabyte, virtual, machines. Yes. Now. In addition to large memory machines s, AP customers are choosing Google cloud because, of our availability, security. And, flexibility. So. Let's talk about availability. When. The NSA fee system goes down business. Stops. No. Financial transactions. No manufacturing, no, transportation no stock your shelf, everything. Comes to a halt. One. Life sciences s AP customer said that they lose three, million in revenue per hour, when. Just one other s AP Systems goes down on-premise. Yeah. For decades s, ap enterprises, have accepted downtime, due to hardware software and operating system, patches and. Strategies. For dealing with this tend to be expensive and toilsome. This. Downtime, just, doesn't, make any sense that is why we designed Google cloud to virtually, eliminate downtime. To. Keep your critical applications. Running. And available. This. All happens transparently. For, you under the covers with live, migration. Live. Migrations seamlessly, migrates your VM based applications. In the work in the background, and. It keeps your SP applications, up and running and open for business even, in the face of infrastructure, maintenance. Upgrade. Security patches and more. Now. Let me give you an example, when. Google researchers, discovered, the specter vulnerability. We use live migration to patch every, single, GCP server with, zero, downtime for, our users so. Our, customers were protected, even before they knew they needed to be, and. We. Are the only client cloud that uses, live migration across, our fleet, this. Help keeps your workloads that you run on Google cloud to both safe.

And Available. Now. I'd like to welcome Hanauma and will on stage to show you live migration in action on asipi using. Our large memory virtual machines. Let's. Start with an esper Hanna Eric tea system at the, top are VMs, running the, s4 Hana application, at the, bottom you can see SAP demo HDD that's, our Hana database, let's. Talk about how live migration works. When. Google Cloud detects, a maintenance event it, immediately, creates another copy of your VM on another host one. That's already been patched. Once. The new VM is on Kota put the old VM it, takes over its identity, and traffic. This. Whole process the, migration, from the old VM to the new one completes. In under one second. Right. Now we're running a standard, as a key benchmark, for a busy enterprise scenario, thousands. Of users create things his orders, running, reports some more now. We're going to trigger migration, using an API that we provide. By. The way you, can use that if UI yourself, and figure, out how your workload performs, with live migration. Right. Now in the background GCD. Is spinning up another VM and copying, the data over including. Multiple terabytes of memory. Now. Let's switch over to stack driver and see what's happening in the, top left we see our history of live migrations, the, one we just started, will take a moment so, let's look at some we triggered just before the keynote started. With. Other cloud providers you, don't get live migration so. You would have at least a 30-minute, downtime, during. The reboot and reloading, of all this data and. If. Every boot was due to a critical security vulnerability. You might not even get a choice of when it happens someone. Else can be deciding, when your business is down. But. The bottom left graph shows that with Google Cloud there has been zero downtime, for the system despite, the migrations, as you. Can see the system continued, to process more than 20,000. Transactions, per minute even while it was being migrated. Without. Live migration, you have to make a trade-off between uptime, and security. But. With live migration your, critical business application. Stay, available and, secure. So. In summary we've just shown you, forcing. A live migration event. You saw how the system stayed fully available through the event i running. S4 hana system inside the VM on GCP, processing, thousands, of business transactions, we. Also showed you the, six and twelve terabyte the amps are now available for early testing and we, expect them to be as if he certified, by q3 of this year thank. You. Thanks. A man, so. As it gets as you saw live migration helps, keep your application secure. And security, is top of mind for SI p customers, you. Can imagine the sensitivity, of the data inside an SI p system financial. Data customer data human, resource data and more and. In. Terms of your DNA Google, does not access, customer data for any reason other, than those necessary to fulfill our contractual obligations. And. On top of that Google, Cloud is the first to offer access. Transparency. For your data, in. Case, a Google cloud engineer needs to access data for support purposes our. Access, transparency, feature provides, you with logs, of that access along. With justification as to why and. Only. At Google is all of your storage, stored. Encrypted at, rest by, default, without you having to do anything and. If. You even, want any want, more control over your data the best way to achieve that is to add another layer of encryption over, that data with. Keys that you control and manage yourself. And. Provide this we offer a full range of encryption technologies, integrated, with our stack, this. Includes customer. Management caption keys and, solutions. To manage and protect your keys like. Our cloud key management service and our Phipps certified hardware, security modules. So. These are just a few ways Google cloud helps keep your s AP financial, customer, employee. And other data safe. And secure. So. We talked about availability, and security now let's talk about flexibility. Between. Now and 2025. S-u-v. Customers have to Mike to the latest version of ERP called, s for Hana and to, do this to need lots of pores and lots. Of memory. Now. In doing this migration, it's hard for customers to determine, the exact, configurations.

That Will be needed and, it's, hard to predict how these systems will grow over time. So. What s AP customers want is - is the ability to, buy a commitment. For cloud resources and have. The flexibility, to allocate, those resources across. Their workloads as needed. In. Google. Cloud provides the most flexibility, here among the cloud providers. For. Example you. Can buy a committed, use discount, and use. It across all your virtual machines to maximize, your savings, without. Getting locked into specific, shapes and sizes I think. You can easily use that commitment, when. Switching from smaller to larger VMs. As your, OSAP systems, grow, so. To, recap we are, pleased to now offer up to 12 terabyte virtual machines and, we. Are the only cloud that helps keep your applications, and your data both. Secure, and available with our live migration. Multi-layer. Security, and our, access transparency. And. We. Provide the most flexibility, with, our committed use discounts, to prevent you from getting locked into specific, hardware, as your, business grows. And. Now I'd like to welcome Thomas, back on stage to. Tell you about a customer, who's moving their SAV workloads to Google Cloud thank, you. Okay. Thank. You Brad. So. Google's designing, our cloud, to. Run mission critical workloads. It's. A privilege, to have a customer. Who's been a longtime, customer of Google and. Is. Using a variety of different services within, Google cloud to. Help transform, his, business, please. Welcome Mike, crow chief. Information officer. Of Colgate. Palmolive, Mike. Hi Thomas, welcome. Thank, you welcome, it. Might be good to start by, telling the audience how your company got started with Google cloud certainly. So first thanks for having me Thomas Colgate, Palmolive success, increasingly, requires, global, collaboration, and in. 2016. We knew we needed to revamp our collaboration, technology, we. Chose G suite I think. Our success with G suite is well documented so I won't go into details, but in summary we believe is, a shining, example, of cloud, done right the. Reasons, we chose G, suite have played out for us, security. A. Continuous. Stream of innovation, and integrated. Architecture with, all the right layers of abstraction in, order. To maximize availability. And minimize, disruption. How. Was your G suite experience, changed, of all they're thinking about, cloud, well. We'd love to see, all of our enterprise business applications, work like G suite not, all of that is in our control but we're moving forward with what we can control we're, increasingly, taking advantage of GCP to build analytics, utilizing, your machine learning, and bigquery capabilities. And, we've begun to move some of the on-premise software we run in our data center to GCP as well you're. A huge, sa P customer does. Your move to the cloud include, sa P yes. That's correct over 25 years we've built a large a safety system footprint, to a point where 100%, of our global revenue runs through those systems we've. Really just begun to run s ap on GC P but we do have an early success, let. Me talk about one example in our. Hills pet nutrition business. We have a platform we call Hills to home when. A veterinarian, prescribes, our prescription, diet pet food to treat an ailing dog or cat our, platform. Allows the veterinarian, to enroll the pet and the, pet parent, in a subscription, program for the food, the. Pet parent also has a web and mobile application, to manage their subscription, the. Vet doesn't have to carry inventory anymore, the pet parent gets food delivered, to their door and we, develop a closer relationship, with the pet parent, that's. A success for everyone and GCP, allowed us to move fast if, we had filed our normal mo we would have for six weeks for hardware to arrive spend. Another week or two installing. And configuring everything. Instead. We, provisioned, the systems on GCP and the, next day the team could start working, we. Couldn't have hit the target go live which, we had which was very aggressive without having made that decision but. It's not just about how fast we started, we, also get the advantages, GCP brings, security.

Redundancy. Flexibility. And scale, since. That time we've, moved past the initial pilot we've gone into full production and the application, continues, to grow I'm. So glad for the work your team is doing with us thank. You for being a customer and thank you for all the work, you've done using, Google cloud to change Colgate, and thanks to you as well Tom thank you very much thank you very much. Built. On this global. Scale. Distributed. Infrastructure. We. Offer a digital, transformation platform. It. Has five important, capabilities. For. The developer, community and for IT organizations. The. Ability to build great apps. To. Manage large quantities, of data. To. Do analytics. To. Use AI on machine learning and, to. Collaborate with people. Today. We're going to talk about what we're doing for application, development we're. Introducing, a number, of amazing new features, for. Application, developers. It. Allows, you, to use a cloud, code, to, write great applications. To. Run these applications, using cloud run, we. Use. Our open. Source cloud, functions. Framework, to deploy and manage these applications. With. Much, greater simplicity, and we've. Integrated all, of these tools with popular, open source offerings. For. Example, github, gitlab, and others you're. Going to hear a lot more about, this, at the developer, keynote I strongly. Encourage every one of you to go to that keynote, where, we're going to show you some amazing, and cool new ways to build amazing applications. Now. Google has also had a long history in. Building. Platforms. That service, ecosystems. So. Our view is that platforms. That succeed, with customers, are those. That enable ecosystems. Where. The cloud providers. Technology. Is, complemented. With, leading, products, that, customers and developers want to use the. First such ecosystem, is what, we're doing in open source now. Google has had a long history of, developing. Technology. And making. It available in, open source to. Foster, innovation by, developers, but. Recently, the, open source community has. Found that, cloud providers, are not partnering, with them but.

Attempting, To take away their ability to monetize, open source. We. As Google do, not believe that that, is good for customers, for. The developer, community or offer software, innovation, as a. Result, we. Have partnered, with leading, open, source companies, to. Deliver open, source. To. Our developer, community and, customers, in new, ways. We're. Very pleased today to, announce the first. Integrated. Open, source, ecosystem. What. This allows you to do as a developer, or as. A customer, is to. Use the Best of Breed open. Source technology, you. Can procure them using, standard, Google Cloud credits, you. Get a single, console, a single. Bill. From. Google. We. Support, these along, with the partners, and as. You grow and use, these technologies, we. Share our success. With. Our partners. So. We're fostering, this. New, open, source community, to. Ensure that open, source continues, to thrive and, has. A vehicle, to grow in this world. Let's. Hear now from the, chief executive, officers of some of our important, partners about, why this matters so much to, the world to, the developer, community and, to, the ecosystem. When. You change infrastructure, it's, very much akin to changing, the infrastructure in a city it's no small undertaking when, there's already buildings, that exist that's, why we turn to Google cloud as a partner. When. I talk to customers the, common, theme I hear from every, customer, is they want to be able

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