OhHeyMatty Reviews Eligma Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Online Shopping Automation Platform

OhHeyMatty Reviews Eligma Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Online Shopping Automation Platform

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Hey guys oh hey Maddie here bringing you another review of a new project called alig m'a they. Essentially aim to build an, AI, neural. Net to. Facilitate. Online shopping. For discounts. Giving you the best price if you, are interested, in hearing more about this project stay, tuned. Hey. Guys welcome back we're me covering a project, called a liqui today which you guys voted on which. Is actually the number one project, people want to hear about I do know that there are some polls being run for this at the moment just. From having, connections, with some of those groups so. I guess people want. To hear an in-depth review about it so, here, we go. So what is Enigma, essentially I do have some quick notes here. Essentially. They, plan to implement. An AI based program, that aims to put online shopping, under one umbrella. While. Utilizing. Its network, of online, retailers and learning patterns to bring the best price between. Competitors, the. End goal is to have a decentralized. Warehouse, the consumer, shipping system that. Eliminates the middleman and utilizes, a system to facilitate logistics. In the long run but, in the short run essentially, providing shoppers, the ability, to find the best price of an item between, several. Different shopping. Centers within, its network. Online, so. They do plan, to have an affiliate program in which the Eloi token will be utilized, it'll. Be based off Commission's for redirecting, clients, to specific, websites and then sent. Back through the rewards system they. Also plan to have advertising, once, they are, big enough to facilitate, themselves, as an online shopping hub similar, to how Alibaba, is now. Something. That's very exciting that we'll get into briefly is that alig m'a is, doing a test trial and something called BTC, City. It's just gigantic shopping mall in Eastern Europe from my understanding, one, of the team, members is who and founders of the project is actually I, think the owner of BTC, city they. Have about a 4500 stores and they have about 21, 22 million, shoppers come there every year, and. It's, a pretty big place I've seen some. Some. Promotion, footage of it you, can go look it up yourself, and do your own due, diligence, and, also as we said they plan to have the online shopping platform as well which. Would be an AI based, on Brella platform, which users can find best. Price for products. Looks. Like they're public presale is now currently, live. Or. Will, be live in about seven days not. Sure what. That is that, being said, I, do want to briefly, bring. Up our disclaimer. I don't. Say that. Legal statement, okay. So. As everyone knows everything, said in this video is not financial advice and not financial adviser everything, is shared in this video is purely my opinion I'm not taking a personal situation into. Account when. Discussing projects, understand. That some ico and projects that we discuss on this channel could be securities and the SEC has put out a memo, detailing. The, risk and questions you should ask when evaluating, projects always, make sure you do your own due diligence and, make your own decisions, understand, that everything presented, in this video is public information at. The time of watching may be out of date also. Understand, that, this is anything, that I discussed, on this channel is not a likelihood of success it's. Not a buy hold or sell recommendation. And I did not receive I have. Not received compensation for, this specific video all. Right that being said let's jump into the team so. It's. Weird to look at this team there's a lot of moving parts to it I was. Just got done finalizing. The white paper so, there's, a big accelerator, project, kind of behind this it kind of rolls, around this guy does John roll Jick he. Works for a or, eat the founder of a company called, ABC, accelerator. ABC, accelerator, has a branch. In four different countries actually, we looked them up I believe one of them is Silicon, Valley. ABC. Accelerator. They. Have a lot of projects, associated. With ABC accelerator, so, I haven't really had a chance to look into all of them but we can see that they have a, branch, in Silicon, Valley Germany, Slovenia and accelerator, everyone, I've been told for the person who actually turned. Me on to this project before people who voted for it is. That they are the biggest accelerator. In central, Eastern Europe. Not. Sure how much weight that really carries but from my understanding they, are a decently. Sized, influential. Company, I. Haven't. Looked into the groups that are specifically. Associated. With ABC accelerator, be even come here and check out their. Long list of companies that they've that, they've turned into successful, companies one, of them notably, have actually. Is fibery, which. Is a cryptocurrency, there, I also think I saw, crip to which a lot of people are talking about at the moment there.

Was A couple names in here that kind of sport. League that. Kind of jumped out to me but, obviously do your own due diligence and, check out what ABC accelerator, is all about, but. That's kind of the background of, who Dejan is who, was the CEO and founder of this company and. Also, the CEO and founder of blue. That's correct the, founder and strategic board member of ABC accelerator, looking for more information on him the. Next guy obviously is. Mutation. Reg Rick and Gregor, sick I apologize, from butchering, these. Peoples names but, I'm not from, this part of the world so it's, hard to really, pronounce them with, my background but. This guy's actually the CEO and founder of vibrate, for, those who remember bribery, is a decentralized, live music marketplace I was looking at him up on corn market cap it's saying that they went from about 10 cents to about 70 cents so. They. Went to a market cap of about 100 to 120 million I think those about 7x, and USD not sure what that was in ether. Um I don't, mention they held their ICO sometime, in. The. Fall so either, one was probably around $300. And I think when they hit that all-time. High as when he throne was like maybe 4x and he's armed price so did it have moderate success in terms of price gain vibrate. Has updated, their headquarters, and did, a whole new hiring but, when I saw from some promotional, videos that's come out over the last month or two so. Decent project, not really like an elite, tier, ish, project. But the, people who are familiar with the project say. Positive things about it so I, can't really speak to more into that this. Is gonna be a project we're really gonna want, to be doing your due diligence as well as I said a lot of moving parts in terms, of the white paper the white paper 75, pages long so I do apologize from, trying to condense so much information into. One short video, hosea, MERM all. This is the guy we were talking about earlier so he is the founder of the BTC company, which is the company. That owns and runs BTC. City it's. That large shopping, mall I do encourage you to look into that as well considering, that that'll. Be the testing, ground for the early stages of the illiquid project. They're, gonna be partnering with several, stores within that mall it's gonna be a lot of foot traffic and, they're gonna be allowing cryptocurrency, payments. I believe. Through the Eli token, and cryptocurrency in general at. Merchants, at the store to be able to kind of get a footing into the market as I said it is, a long term project they have a lot of different. Dates that they're looking to implement, on. Looks. Like a lot, of their a I stuff, is going to be happening in late 2018 early, 2019. As, most people know in the AI space, you need time to be able to utilize, data, and learn from it so. This is going to be a long term venture, if you are looking to target. This company, or at least learn more about it obviously, we try to just focus on the tech I'm. Focused on the idea of what's going on but, I do know that some of the people come here to find out token sale information since, we try to get. Projects, out as early as possible especially when people are voting, for them on our mentee, page so. That being said it looks like most of their AI development, is going to be done over the next two to three years that is important, to know that's.

One Of the pain points of the project in my opinion, but. I just want to focus on the on the team right now and we'll get to the grading towards the end of the video, so. There's a couple blockchain specialists, who are coming over from vibrate, and another ico called inshore pal a couple. Of them I did leave off but it does show that the development, team does have blotching experience, there. Might not be elite tier blockchain experience, but, black. Team's experience, nonetheless something. I want to point out with this specific member who, was a blockchain specialist. He. Worked as a category, manager, market. Or market or which is I believe a public, company, I worked, there for six years. Just. Double check that, it's, a privately held company so, I guess I just had this guy up just because he has. About maybe. A year and a half as. A block an advisor and black change specialist, provoked, vibrate, and sure, pal along with some, of the other members of the blockchain specialist, team, one. Thing I did notice though is that their marketing, business. Actually very strong, unlike. I, don't want to say the tech teams not strong and to be honest for what they're implementing, they're not creating a new blockchain, arian things so I'm, not gonna hold them to the standard or some of the other teams that I've seen out there but. I think their specific, blockchain, team actually has. Translatable. Blockchain, experience, through, vibra and through inshore pal which. Is something that you don't see what. A lot of projects these days most of the time we're going to see what, developers, I mean it's not very important to me as. I told some people in, some private chats recently, and what, we'll be discussing with the with an upcoming project, which. Was also voted on is. That a lot of people who are computer scientists. Who know object-oriented, language programming, who, specifically, might have background. In C++. It's, very easy to translate, or. Transition, over to solidity. Development. There, are some there's. Definitely some differences but object oriented, is help you translate, especially. When you're looking from a higher level, so. So you know I don't, think that it's necessary, for a team to have quote unquote blockchain experience, but. When some people do a blotchy an experience on their dev team and it's definitely a plus now, it's not elite blockchain experience, but that's kind of really a mixed, bag of fruits, considering. That if you look at the top 50, outside. Of some examples. It's, been a mixed bag over the last three, years and, the blockchain the. Blockchain, spear. Is very young so having. Expectant. Teams to have these large. This. Plethora of blockchain, specialists. It's, actually going to be more rare, so. It's something that I always keep in the back of my mind because I'm fine, bringing on people who have like you, know master's in computer science, or understand. What CS. Is all about and they have practical, experience in a real world might not have blotching experience, but. This team does at. Least in terms of vibrating the short path so you can take that as far as you wish depending. On you or your perception, of the world so. Let's get into the biz dev team this is a senior business developer, he. Worked for about three, years and a couple of months at a company called Sandoz, saying, there's the pharmaceutical. Company the, public it's a public company in Europe. Something. To know and. Then we look at this. Person. Looks. Like they're, a digital, marketing consultant for, the team. That. Bring it yeah this person worked for a company called Zenith. What some people are familiar with he. Was a strategic, media planner for five years, worked. As a media planner for an additional three years that's, a total of eight years another. Four years of the same company as a strategic, web communications. Manager, so. You're looking at 12 years of marketing experience for this team so. If you're looking for a project, that is very strong, on marketing and BIST of this. Is this is where you're gonna find it definitely. You know almost. A over a decade, of experience with, this particular person in general. So supporting, that kind of busy at mentality, that. The the, senior business developer, is bringing to the table we. Find another. Person here, is digital PR and social media consultant. Did. I specifically. Point out yeah this person worked for Microsoft, for.

About Three years. Okay. This. Is another person, who is a content, creator for them he was a senior translator, SDLP, at plc for 12 years he. Also this is also a public company in at a berkshire so, you know several different members, kind, of bolstering, the. Biz dev team kind, of rounding, out at least you. Know three out or two out of four of the points, i kind of felt that between the ABC accelerator, the, experience, of vibrate. The. Guy who owns this BTC. Mall. There's, a lot of professionals, in this, team it's not just kind of like this weird like no one knows any of these guys like their, experience, doesn't exist so I felt that the felt, that the team score, was very loose it, was definitely not your average team. That I'm used to greeting, when. Digging into a project, so I did decide, to give the team full. Marks and I think that's fair given, all the moving pieces once, you put them together and. Again you know the project is very long-term vision, but, again they're not developing. Something that's necessarily. Technically. Difficult. So, I think it's a fair assessment. Obviously. I'd love to hear what you guys think in the comments below and, I think that everyone's opinion is going to be different to, make sure you always do your own due diligence and, understand, you know how how. You're looking at a team from, that perspective now. One thing I do think that's a little short is AI, experience. I'm. Not I didn't see much AI experience, translated, through the team, but. Again most, of what. They're gonna be doing is just kind of like online. Purchasing. Platforms. With an AI background, and there's always room for the team to expand, as they, start hitting those portions of their goals and. Start scaling, out so I so I'd love to see some more a eyes focused. Technical. Guys on the team but I think for the, base level team they, definitely have a lot of smart guys around, them who. Have experience, with getting startups, out the ground and experience. With the marketing side of things so. If that's something that you value then you can definitely look into that so. Let's kind of look at their score here they are coming in about an 86, and. There's a couple moving pieces in that as well for, the researched notes I said will be implemented, in PTC city it's. A large shopping mall as I discussed a, long-term, project is based on the roadmap and AI of data collection, so, starting, small starting, small with their I think they're gonna be implementing, something called wishlist and categories, would, still be focusing on a smaller, demographic, of people a. Specific. Niche market I believe and, they'll, be utilizing, those wishlist is kind of the breeding ground for their AI studies, and then building out from there so, I do like that they're starting small and then scaling from there it's always a positive.

In My book I think companies, bite, off more than they could chew just kind of rush into things as. I said they're an AI based shopping, portal and payment system along with an in-house. Umbrella. Type platform. That aims to utilize, things such as Amazon. Alibaba. EBay. Other shopping platforms. With. That they can utilize their AI technology against. So, I think, their goals are somewhat lofty, and. They do spread it out over a three-year. Road map but, I think if accomplished, it can definitely be an above average impact, on the space especially. Because, I don't think it's gonna take much really to gain that traction and I, think they eventually want to implement it in a frictionless way. But, I could, see people arguing, that it might be slightly less than that but it's really not too far off so I went with above-average, here's. The pain point that I really didn't like a hundred. Eighty day beta, for the platform. 365. Day four in the main net release that. Being said though they, will be they do have a prototype technically, if you're looking at the eli token and the, eli pay that'll be utilized in BTC, city there. Will be some organic, growth that's being facilitated through that so i did give them the check mark for the prototype but, we're gonna have to see how that plays out but, again you know 180, and 360 five-day, beta it's, definitely a long-term project and you should be doing your due diligence on every step of the way that. Being said they're only asking for 24, million that's less than. Reacts, into the top 100 at the current moment and, it's really going to depend when your token comes out in this bear market so. Right now it's getting an a it's really on the cusp of that it, could be a bee but I'm gonna stick with a for right now because we're kind of rebounding, at the moment I'm, not sure how long that's going to last for us so the markets kind of rising at the moment we'll see whether token releases, that's, something important, to watch but, for, me anything over 25, million at the moment is is. Really pushing you it really depends what they're implementing, but, that's kind of where I'm coming out at so, we discussed the team but something that's really, strong about this project as the advisors, and I kind of want to come back here blows.

Out All these tabs and kind of make a run back into it I'm. Actually glad that people did bring this project to my attention because it's a very interesting project, with. A lot of detailed information that, I do, do encourage people to go look at, the. First thing I noticed when I came to the adviser section, is that Charlie Shrem is behind this charlie, shrimps definitely been a mixed, bag but he's definitely someone, who's notable, in the community. But, something else to notice here, is that Andy Baines is part of this he's. A high impact strategist, at Sony. And Apple tortes, alongside Tim, Cook and, a number of others when, I reached out to the team and had a brief conversation with them my understanding, is that all of their advisors, have been hand-picked, we're personally working close with the project, and, it's people that they've that, they've been in contact with from Silicon Valley through ABC, accelerator, so. That's always a good thing, just, reading some of the bio here, looks like the, guy from a technology, company. See, here. This. Guy served in numerous roles at eBay. And I believe actually all the advisors have on their LinkedIn that, they work with the Lichtman and we're actually gonna look at that in a second. Jeff, is supposedly, a Hall of Fame broker, in Silicon, Valley, and. You can just read through some more of these there's definitely some buzzwords. Pinterest. Just. Looking through Google. JP. Morgan. CERN. Which. Does the hydronic collider out in Europe, and I. Just want to make sure that all these guys have a limo on their resume. Alright. So Charlie, Shrem, does. Not have a league one on his resume but I know for a fact that I looked it up on Twitter, so. If we look a Charlie. Shrem Twitter. We. Find it here. Yeah so there was an announcement that Charlie Shrem had joined the alig m'a Charlie, Shrem the verified account. Looks. Like he either retweeted. This or he or, he tweeted it from their. Medium, blog so, that was enough confirmation, for me because I didn't really I didn't originally find it on, here. Then, we look at and eBay's says, he's an advisor for a lick my shows his experience, over at Apple and Sony. Professor. Dr. Hermann. Work. For Intel does not have a lick mall on his. Profile. Maybe, he should update it. Guy. Works for eBay. Okay so these two guys I think definitely need to update their linkedin's if, the team is watching this hopefully, that information gets translated, back to them. See. Who these people are. I don't. That guy even cares about his LinkedIn looks like he's worked at the same place for 30 years, wasn't. The impression these guys had it. Yes. I work for cetera. Yeah. This. Is when he worked internships, in here how lucky would say wow. That's a very impressive internship. Resume, you. Interned at HP, Microsoft and, Yahoo then. Got your PhD and, went onto Pinterest. That's. Nice and, another internship of Microsoft. Okay. So it looks like the team actually, does need to update. Their linkedin's here I apologize. For that information, I thought these. People did maybe I looked at them at a different time. If, these people have it on. You. As, a managing director of, ABC. Accelerator. Has. A ligament, on here. Definitely. His resume, is not impressive as the last. Few. People. Okay so this guy was a commodity, manager.

For Six years at Google has. A label on his resume, also. Work for Cisco Systems, for a year and a half. Also. You. Vizor for a live ma ensure. Passing, fab some. Buzzwords, vibrate. Sportif. Jpmorgan. For a year. Okay. So. Yeah. I mean still decent. Advisors they would definitely get the full score I think with everything together I did give them an advisor bonus, without the advisor bonus they would come down to an 84, I was, looking at earlier if you don't believe Charlie Shrem is like really, impact. On a space it would come down to an 84, but, I think, given everyone I would like to see I mean. Andy Bay's is enough to kind of just boost that up any way he. Did ever leave them on his resume but I'd like to see some of these other guys put her update. To a label on the resume but even then the. Advisors are kind of bar none I'm. The fact that they put it on the resume is a it's, a boost of confidence as, well on some of them some. Of the other so my overall, opinion on. This, you can check out on the spreadsheet I really don't like to put it into. Into. My videos. But. This is a Bitcoin city I will play this real quick which I thought was cool oh. Sorry. How many two. We, gotta hit the volume here. You. Either save time by spending more or save money by investing more time with. A leg ma you can save both at the same time. Ulema. Is an AI driven, and blockchain based, cognitive commerce, platform, that will change the way people discover, purchase. Track, and resell items online. And. Now. Alig ma is getting its own testing lab, imagine. A city within a city a shopping. Area with more than 10,000, brands, 4,000. Business partners. 450. Stores and over, 70 bars and restaurants, one, of the largest of its kind a testing. Area that annually hosts over 21, million visitors, who, can also enjoy a food court a recreation. Center a water, park a theatre, a Cineplex. Hotels. And a casino, this. Is the testing lab for, a lid ma our. First goal is to bring cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technologies. Into the mainstream by. Creating, a unified, marketplace, where, we will implement a unified, Li loyalty, program and we're, paying with crypto currencies, and fiat currencies, will be possible, this. Will simplify payment, and business processes, and enable, the creation of a central warehouse from. Which any item can be shipped, transforming. Shops into showrooms, that only need to store the essential, merchandise, with. A tailor-made mobile, wallet and POS systems we will also enable offline, users to use crypto currencies, as a payment option called. Eli pay in retail stores. At alig. M'a we, dream about connecting. The online, and offline world, so, I think, you guys get the point it's uh this. Is pretty exciting I I would, say this is the first time I've seen kind. Of like a mass. Scale mall. Type. Large, area, and, that I obviously love to see like a worldwide, thing. But it's nice to see if they're starting some sort of testing, thing. So yeah I would say really. Do your own research on this project it's definitely, a. If. It's getting an ad it's kind of for me like a mid tier project, that's. Definitely, an alternative, to maybe some. Of the things that are selling out obviously, you, know respect my. My. Due. Diligence, report. To make your own decisions, or whatever but. If you're looking up here some of these project a lot of these are either sold out or you couldn't get into it then I know some people will be coming down here to look at more. Projects. That are available and they are running, their crowd so I believe right now so it's. Really up to you guys decide. What you want um I. Don't. Think I'm investing, personally, just because that's my personal opinion I'm not investing in anything right now you'll. You'll see in. One of my upcoming videos, of where the markets going I actually. Plan on liquidating. My portfolio. Quite. A bit to be able to prepare for a potential drop obviously. Not financial advice I'm not a financial advisor just my personal opinion but I'm gonna be looking to put some money into Fiats I guess to get some bottom dollar, bottom. Dollar cryptocurrencies, that are coming up in. The market but, who knows it could bounce I don't think anyone truly knows but I think we all have a good idea, but. Yeah I think it's a pretty cool project I think if it is successful it could be really big you. Know having a one-stop, shop for everything giving, me the best prices. Based on AI technology, sounds. Very appealing. Apparently. All these places. Think, that they're awesome that's.

Cool. Yeah. A lot of information here check it out presale, this. Is the public pre-sales, live yeah so the public pre-sales now live with 15, percent bonus looks, like they're looking to raise, twenty. Two thousand nine hundred ether, them they've already raised thirteen thousand, which is encouraging, sign. Yeah. So check it out and I appreciate you guys voting, for this project, we, will mark that as answered, I don't, know if I'm gonna get into our block that's something that people were looking for me to get into I am excited, to put out a video on necks I'm, excited to put out a video on Dowell stack I'm, excited to put on a video on. The. Future of aetherium and kind of the future of AI cos in the future of blockchains I've already discussed in numerous, times in, a number of my videos but I think this will be a cool one I do want to discuss merkulov, since there's a Roger Lim project, definitely. Something that I'm, targeting I have a special. Project that a friend, wants me to put out there which i think is a tease an opportunity, that'll be coming up but. Our block I'm not sure if I want to and tell those guys that were manipulating, votes for purrito Network I already put out a video on purrito Network I reviewed it I graded it I put out information on it I I don't, know why you guys keep wanting me to review purrito but I'm not going to so I'm sorry, if you guys were voting and trolling. Purita, to the top cuz I kept hitting marked as answered and people kept putting. Out burrito I don't understand, why, that was happening I'm. Just assuming that was a group of people manipulating. The votes or whatnot our, block when I looked at up. Is. What. It seems to be a, decentralized. Hiring network and work identity, proof. So. I'm guessing some sort of linked in, thing. I want, that the protocol, looks like there I don't. Understand, what this is are they partnering with these people or you know I don't, understand, this I'm guessing it's a partnership of some sort but. We. Will see if I make that our block video I mean people did vote it up there for 41 votes it's much higher than the rest maybe, I'll put out a video on it kind. Of discussing it and see, what people think about it, but I'll definitely be putting out a video on next I think these are more organic, votes here, this, is stuff that people actually want to talk about, the. Only reason I even did a video on. Alig. M'a is. Because, it was voted to the top whether that was manufactured. Or not but I do know that there are a number of pools being run for it and I do know that people in my community do, you want to hear about it people, who I know are real members so I hope, you guys enjoyed, at. Least my my, research. Digging on a lake MA, and. I think people. Will. Enjoy researching. This project if there's a lot of information here a lot of positive. Press about it really, great biz dev team as I mentioned and, yeah. If you liked this video make sure you hit the like button make sure you hit the subscribe button if you want more videos from me make, sure you hit the up-up-up. Buttons, join, the telegram. If you want more information from me also. I have a telegram to announcement, channel in the telegram, regular, telegram channel in the pin message where you can find my spreadsheet, also. You can apply for my private, but not so private disc or channel and. So on so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I, look forward to seeing, you in the next one then catching you on the flip peace.

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Nice video Matty! Really interesting project. They also announced a partnership with Microsoft on AI development recently which is huge.

Thanks for the review Matty! This looks like an interesting project for sure. As a side note, get a pop filter, it will help with reducing the volume pop

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