OhHeyMatty reviews Darcmatter. Crypto finance distributed ledger blockchain XEM New Economy Movement

OhHeyMatty reviews Darcmatter. Crypto finance distributed ledger blockchain XEM New Economy Movement

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Hey guys oh hey Maddie here back with another review of DM. Coin which stands for dark matter the, revolution, and financial services is here if you're looking forward to this review and looking to find out more about dark matter and the review and stay, tuned. Hey. Guys oh hey Maddie back again with another review gonna be looking at DM coin today which, stands for Dark Matter coin, a lot of interesting things while. Researching, this. Project, but before we get into it just so I don't have to repeat the same thing over and over again please, make sure that, you look at the disclaimer, below which will be running across your screen or, the remainder, of the review I just, want to go over some things here in terms of my disclaimer, before we get started here's, the short version that I'm going to be going over to kind of explain each one of these points make, sure you pause the video and check this out just want to make everyone aware that, I'm not a financial advisors, it's not financial advice everything, offered in this video is purely in my opinion, make, sure that you understand, that I'm not taking your personal situation into, account when. Making this video, there's. A lot of icos and upcoming startups could be labeled securities, by the SEC, the SEC has, put out several memos, to. Describe the risk of getting, into, crypto. Currencies and questions that you should be asking as a responsible, investor, make, sure that you always do your own due diligence and make your own decisions, at the end of the day also. Understand. That the information presented in this video is to. The best of my knowledge accurate. And it's public information but. May be out of date due to changes from the startups. Themselves, or. Misinterpretation. Of the information, presented so. I do apologize for that if that's the case it's. Also important. To represent. Anything. I say in this video is not a recommendation for, likelihood of success, and then, you need to make sure that you're doing your own dede as mentioned before and finally, I want to ever want to note that I did not receive compensation. For. These videos I do them on my own accord, based, on my passion, in the industry, all right thank you for bearing. With us during, that disclaimer just makes things a lot easier. In. Terms of being, able to get through the content without having to repeat. That every time I say something that could be in the gray area and, make sure to check out the disclaimer also in our description below, okay, so what, is DN Coyne well Dark, Matter coin is essentially, a project, that already has an existing platform it's been working since 2014. But. They want to integrate, the nem blockchain. With. Their platform because, they believe that transitioning. The blockchain, will. Help to decrease cost. Increase. Transparency. Potentially. Skirt regulations. Or. At least scale out to, a broader audience. Internationally. Instead. Of perhaps, the Asian region that, they're currently in these. Are some of the points that they specifically, list below. And they're they specifically listed in their white paper they talked about how in. Pending regulations is, damaging.

The. Current ecosystem, and by making a more international model, a trustless, model that. They can they can help to expand, their industry instead of your, industry collapsing, on itself due to regulatory pressure that, being said they're, currently in their private presale Tier two I haven't really looked into it that much, but. They're selling five million in the private Tier one five, million in the private tier two and twenty, million in the public sale which is supposed to start in just a couple days so I guess it's important that I put this video out today, on March. The 20th, I do want to go over some of the points that I looked at in the white paper this actually is white, paper reviewed, there's. A lot of technical information that, has to do with this project and. I thought that. We could get right into it so the first thing I want to cover is what is a permissioned, base, blockchain, a lot of people don't understand this because they're used to things like Bitcoin or aetherium which, are non permission-based blockchain. Which means anyone can use it there's. No record, of who you are on, the, blockchain etc. No, one can tell. You what to what you can't cannot, do no one can shut down your account none. Of none of that type of stuff a permission blockchain, on the other hand is, something, where, a group, of authorities, they're almost like POA in a sense but a group of people who are designated authorities. They. Can restrict, who can participate on, the blockchain they, can also restrict, who can create smart. Contracts, on the blockchain so, it's important to know what the differences, are now, we did mention that this platform is gonna be running on em they. Already have a platform as mentioned before they just want to integrate in them with them and, they're looking to have some, sort of alpha out alongside of the crowd sale either this month or next month depending on when the, crowd sale starts they say March 22nd, but the private. Sale to year, 2 hasn't ended yet and they said that they would be willing to do April from what I saw in their chat but, stick with the tentative date just in case. As mentioned before they want to do the cost transparency regulations, and scales I do, want to take just a brief moment to look at page 13, in the, white paper.

It's Sixty go, up to page 13. This. Is just kind of a brief overview. Essentially. Of how, their product or work essentially. Fund managers listing funds for alternative. Investments. Or whatever will list on the dark matter platform, all. The contractual terms are stored in the DM universe ledger so essentially going through the smart contracts our system searches for matching investors based on specific metrics, and here's an important thing to know investors, will have the stake DMC, to, view specific due, diligence, but returned once, the investment, is secured, there, probably needs to be some more clarification on now and your end if you're looking into this project but. It's important to know that the utility, will be required, within the workflow from. Their DM notes are created for, escrow and move through the photon, gateways, and the, portion, of the investor's DMC stick is paid as, a transaction, to the verifying, the. Singularity, nodes, do. Apologize but then DM. Notes are uncertain, back, for, escrow release and burned. Yes. So why them they essentially, think that nem is scalable, for them that's, arguable, but, I'm not gonna get into that today they also use something called proof, of loyalty which, I believe is also used, in the waste platform, but don't quote, me on that, just. Coming down here to see if they have maybe. I skipped over at the proof of loyalty section. Reading. There's photon gateway. I. Think. It's right. This. Importance. Okay. Oh so it's not privileged as proof of importance, all right let's look at what proof of importance, is I think it's proof of loyalty. Reports. As a blocking consensus mechanism, introduced by NAMM it functions similarity. To proof of stake knows need to vest an amount of currency to be eligible for creating blocks and they're selected for creating a block, roughly in portion. To some score all right so that is important so, I. Will skip that section. Because. I actually thought it said pol, so it's a proof of loyalty, just. For the people who don't understand waves as approval oil tea it's like a it's, like an off chained hash comparison, so, essentially, the. The hash is created off chain it has to match the, hash on chain for validation it essentially, leverage the strong. Protection, and. But it does have hash collision, but if you use a longer, hash. String such, as sha-256, or a shot of 512, m but, take millions or billions of years for that collision ever happened, that, being said they're.

Using Proof of importance which is essentially like proof mistake which they'll be using for I'm guessing that. Diagram, that we explained, let's, get into the team a little bit now you kind of understand, what, they're trying to achieve with, their project, which in my opinion, you. Know obviously the benefits of blockchain. They. They. Do the things that they're talking about you know blockchain, is probably. The number one use for in terms of decreasing costs. It definitely removes, middle man's in a lot of different industries so it's, very easy for companies to kind of say okay well the main reason we're doing this is because we realized, that the. Amount that it takes to run our product now since 2014, will, be drastically less if we implement, blockchain. You. Know and you need to be able to have it's, gonna be part, of that cost reduction, that's coming from having, a token that's being utilized so, this, is kind of the new argument, from the blockchain spear, in terms of utilities. Transparency. I totally get it's, an open public ledger the scalability, I get you're able to have outreach. To more people we saw that before tuna with the OTC derivatives, market, essentially. A market that was really closed off to China and they were essentially like well let's get this thing international, so we can get more buyers to, kind of understand, what's going on in the space so. They can purchase more and obviously the regulatory herd or, something that blushing has been skirting itself. But, it's not something that I like to put into a token utility, because it's a gray area that I don't really want to cover alright, so that being said those, are the notes that. I have down on. Dark. Matter let's. Kind of hop into the team real quick, so. The, first person we have to look at as a CEO of dark matter sang, H Lee we, looked at this person worked at West Elbe, which. Is a, financial structuring credit due diligence financial, monitor length he, was an analyst, he worked there for two years they are a public company he, also worked at a BNP, paribas, which is a private bank but a very big bank out of France, I'm, sorry not our friends, within. North America, actually. I thought they were our friends let's double check that, yeah. Leading bank in Europe and within an international, reach I think there France but I could be wrong but they're huge bank hundred fifty thousand employees, he, worked there as an associate, picking. Up some experience, and, then after that he did some Korean, startup stuff in the agent spear, for about six years but. Mainly most of his experience, is coming from working at West. Elbe which is a public company worked out for two years he also worked an additional three years at this private bank I, don't, know if that really translates, to CEO experience, but, it's definitely something that will help to bolster the company as there are some people that have reputable, relatable.

Experience So. We'll move on to the next person we're looking at the co-founder, and CEO Oh also. The chief marketing officer, so dual hats here this. Specific person worked at PepsiCo for, the, better part of six to seven years worked, at Penn State University which, is a local, university near me which is a big, institution. It. Has an MBA internship, from Kellogg that's an internship but, yeah the experience, at Pepsi is directly related to a, CMO, and CEO. CMO. And CEO positions. We. Look here yeah she was doing marketing, strategy, and insights, and an, incubation, team for innovation, lead and brand activism. So, definitely direct experience this person is getting, the. Go there, this. Is their CTO. The only thing I could really find in terms of reputable experience. Was. That he worked for two years Estee. Lauder which. Is a very popular cosmetics. Firm he. Was doing full stack technical, consultants, for them just. To read a couple of the things that, he performed, at this company most of it was full stack, iOS. Mobile. Related. But, he did do a lot of technical stuff here so he was responsible, for the implementation of an in-store iPad application, multiple. Language support for 30 languages and production release, CMS. Back-end, systems to work with product informations and profiles of world region so it was more of an international, scale a, period. Ease development, platform used to provision. The solution of about 4,000 devices worldwide. I had a barcode scanner and product detail support using iPad camera, Fleury. Analytics, embedded inside the application, sample, it wasn't, better than click produce. Sprint okay I'm just reading some of these other ones took I never do project. But. The technologies, that he worked on a lot. Of these are. More. On the front of the front the, forefront of about. Development, right now so talking, about Xcode that's I think related to us. I don't code in iOS and I'm pretty sure they use Xcode as. Their as their IDE but I'll have to look into that, css3. Html5. That's all standard stuff jQuery, I'll say on yourself CoffeeScript, I'm not familiar with angularjs. Is definitely, getting, a lot more popular, jQuery. Apple. Web, objects Java applications servers, Liferay, and unix so yeah, definitely, a lot of the technology. Here being utilized most of it is web, development, though it. Doesn't really translate, directly into, dark. Matter but apparently he's been CTO. Of the company for five years it's definitely a ton of experience he also has experience at. Other companies, doing. A, specific development. Work he's, actually been a developer. Since, 2002. In. Which he, got his. Gree. Let's. Say he has agree, in ok, informatics, and like math GPA, 4.0 where he goes who it I'm not too familiar with a university, ok, so that, being said he, did work for a public company for two years in a tech, consultant. Role doing, a full stack on, the international, level it's. Close to applicable. I honestly, feel that depending. On what you're building since. The products already built to just integrate in the NEM blockchain I don't think it'll be that much of a, difficulty, to really do and we'll actually get into that in. Just a little bit cuz there's actually some points that I want to touch on with that so, I think his experience, is applicable, to give him the VIP, mark. Just because of what he what they're trying to achieve here at the company I don't think it's going to be that hard so. Now we start getting into some of the biz dev guys they have a pretty extensive. Experience. In terms of biz dev we. Have gin song which if we look back here. At the team. Tim. Song is the managing director for South Korea, we. See that he has two years at JPMorgan. Not. The not the highest position in the company is more of a reasonable position but South Korea is still very big in the blockchain space, so. That the. Head of equity sales trading will be applicable. Onboarding. Customers, so. This is. Yeah this guy worked at best web stuff okay. This. Is the team lead so he's also a person. Of interest in. The tech side, of things he, worked at this place for a year and a half called best website he was a web developer, this, is a publicly traded company this, is just someone who's kind of bolstering.

The Team I think. When you look at you. Know the CEO and him I'm it's, not enough really to give me a full point so. I'm probably going to go with two points, for the leadership from. The marketing, standpoint. And. We're gonna be looking at. Another. Biz dev guy so one point there I'll put it I don't it's not gonna get full marks it could your you could be arguable, that you could get full marks, because. Of the, implementation I, actually did give them full marks oh I. Think it's close I actually you know I I don't know I'm really on the fence on it. We'll. Come back to that I don't want to bury the lead I'm. Really on the fence element, I think that with you we're gonna get into the advisors right now I think with these guys like the, CEO did. Work. Due. To major public. And private, institutions, I. Don't know if it's exactly translatable. In. This regard, but he was the president, for six years of Korean startups and entrepreneurship, so I'm sure he's. He's. Pulled some experience, from there and then you also had this guy kind of bolstering the tech team from the lower rungs, so. I think it is relevant per, se, so. I don't think it's like I think because, they're. All, they're doing is integrating, nem. Onto their platform to. Be able to use then. I think it's like not that big of a deal to get full marks but I'm, somewhere, between on them not, entirely sold what really sells me that was the advisors, so. First. Advisor we're, looking at is George Sun, Morgan. Stanley three years HSBC. For five years. Then. We look at let's. Go all the way up this guy has a huge resume. Adrian. Lamb. Come, down here, okay. So, we see that he started his career in 1999, doing, two years as an auditor for KPMG. In Singapore. We. Also see, that. Electrify. Wasn't sure those electrify Asia was, an eisley advisor and fundraiser for panca. Yeah. Here they come. Yeah so KPMG. Also some blocking experience for advising. Matt. And Lori was a VP of Citibank. Sophia. Haho. KPMG, Vietnam, for. Three, years and then the e and Y for less, than a year also has an adviser to dark matter on her profile. This, is another person. Andrew. Analysts. At city for one year in three months, there's. Also an advisor to Aventis. Doesn't. Do as good but it's still a great company in my opinion. Also, venture partner with science blockchain, which is a name that's been floating around lately. So some more blotching experience. Looking. At John Nam worked. At US, bank for. Three, years which is a u.s. Stock Exchange. Listed. Company also worked at commercial bank for a year, which, is also in New York Stock Exchange. Yeah, so that kind of covers all the advisors so the advisors are, extensive. For, sure. So, just looking here I did, give them the bonus for advisors because they had like at least five or six advisors directly, associated, with the. Project that was cool, give. Them the full marks them team but you could arguably say that it was only three, out of four and that the tech side is somewhat lacking but again the, implementation, of the product, is is, a lot easier than they're, not creating, anything they've already created their product they already have a functioning, business that's something that I would look in to, if you were looking into this project is how. Is their business performing, again. This is more of a soft review though, I will say this is one of the more technical, software views because we, actually dug I actually dug into the white paper because there was a number of things I wanted to look at I want to look at they're essentially.

Their Purpose take stuff that's going on I want, to see what, they're specifically doing because I don't really hear too many projects, getting into nem that, often I mean they're out there but, I'm. Now starting to see some projects quoting, them or whatever they're they typically go into other, areas, like aetherium or neo or some, other projects that specifically, meet their needs I'm guessing, their. Ability, to have. A permission-based, blockchain. Is something that nan benefits, from I actually don't have an extensive knowledge of them just. Because it's something I haven't really looked into myself personally, I'm. More of an ethereal neo guy I know more about those platforms then I do about in them but, it is something that I could always refresh. Myself with, a part, of my ignorance looking, at their market. Cap or. Their launch valuation, they're. Looking to raise thirty five million I think this is pretty high if. The balloon thing that you're doing it's integrating, the NEB blockchain, so let's kind of go down to the roadmap real quick and kind of look at some stuff so. Open to this point this is where they're at, 2018. Essentially. Most. Of what they want, done is gonna be done in 2018, they do, actually an extensive, breakdown so, we'll go point by point looking, at that so. Essentially in q1 which is what we're into it's about the end right now that's, when they're gonna be launching the private pre so as you can see they're trying to end that right now and start their public sale on the 22nd. They. Also want to do research and development of the nem blockchain, here, in q2 they said they're gonna be launching their their public presale launch so, this is kind of the confusion, between what, they say above and what they say here it's kind of unclear whether or not that we launch it on the 22nd, especially since they haven't sold out level, 2 presale or, levels of private sell out, and also if you're doing due diligence on, this project make sure you go into the channel and ask you. Know what type of bonuses, are being given in those private sales and also make sure you double-check the best in terms because. I did see some vesting turns but I didn't do a full sweep of it again, this is a soft review and I'm trying to be very. Respectful. Of my time in terms of how many projects, I can go through so. It just doesn't make sense for me to be able to do full suite reviews for. You but I try and bring as much quality as I can to. It so I hope you guys appreciate that, looking, at q2. That's where they talk about their alpha and they kind of slide, the Alpha in here between the, public presale launch and the IC, o---- crowd sale closing, and, token distributions so I'm guessing that somewhere. In between the sale closing, they'll have the Alpha which is somewhat concerning I did, give them a yes for the prototype because again it's just an integration, with Deneb blockchain really, not that hard in fact I'm surprised it's going to take so long I could, name's timetable, I'm not sure, again. I'm not familiar I'm, not like in contact, with the team or anything. In. Q3, they plan to have the. NEM integration, along with optimizations, and. Then in q4 that's, when they'll begin at the nem rollout to institutional, clients, and international. Name blocky and optimizations, along with an entry potential.

Entry Into the European market pending. QA testing, important. Okay. So let's. Look at the grade let's see where the pain points were for me as a product, and then kind of where the final grade was we'll start out with the final grade I'm giving it an 81 just my opinion obviously read the disclaimer at the beginning I'm. Looking at above-average I, think that the I always like to look at, financial. Space, is getting transparency. And bringing cost down now, they do have a functional business, so. I do know that's something that you would have to look into I think that there's somewhere between average and above average I'd like to I'd like to give them a little bit more room on above average so it's kind of where I'll go with, that I think you could arguably say this is a high 70s, project, it audibly say it's a low 80s project there's some things that need to be fleshed out, so I'll just err in the middle and I think anyone's a fair score that. Being said I am giving them the, benefit of the doubt for the prototype, I did not see, just. Look here real quick yeah, I didn't see any github, then again I didn't search in there telegram, brandy, github. But. They do say that they're gonna have an alpha out which, is more than a prototype, and. An opinion like I said the implementation. Of the idea isn't something like revolutionary, they already have a product out there, just implementing, them blockchain, it's really really. Simple in my opinion unless there's more to it which they don't have on the roadmap and they're more than welcome to come on they do have an 81 so they do satisfy, the criteria, to come on for an AMA if they want to get some free publicity out of it I guess and connect, with my community they're more than welcome I'm. Always loving and inviting. New. Blockchain, platforms. On. The. Show to to, get a better understanding of some of these exciting, startups that are out there I give, them the project, beta release day of 90 days that's because they said that their public SEO is happening. In q2. And, this is supposed to happen in q3, so about, 90 days give or take because. I go from quarters quarter especially. Because there's no finite dates that most these projects even release and then we get 180, day main that release and, that's because they're gonna, have the final implementation of the integration, wouldn't have blocked him with their actual product, sometime. In q4 so. That being said they, are asking for 35 million in, my opinion, they're not building their own blockchain, and. In fact their products already built all they're doing is essentially, integrating them with their current project, which I actually don't think is that. It's. That it's not that technical or, whatever, I think 35 million is way too high it's, arguably I almost gave it a C but I'm, really given anything a C in a while and I thought 81 was at Ferris works they already have a business and everything so I kind of just left it at B could, argue what to see I think, something like this would really only take I don't even think it would take I mean in the real world it wouldn't take couple million dollars obviously these people are evaluating. Their projects, because the space is so hot right now and a lot of projects, are getting between 20 and 40 million on average and they're getting away with it people are giving them that much money so why not ask for it I guess but. I think this is just way too high and this is just a personal opinion of mine I obviously, am NOT looking at their books and how they're planning, on spending their money I'm sure they have a better idea of that themselves, but. That being said I think 35, million just to plug-and-play, and. Blockchain is a lot I'm. Imagining them as the. Ability to do. That themselves or, there so there might be but. With the theory and there's like scaffolding and stuff like that which we whenever would open open platform Dems probably not as advanced, in that, regard yet again. I don't know much about them personally. So it's, something we'd have to see. Whether they have those things available, but still I think 35 doing this way outside of the range.

That I would be looking to expect, from this project like I expected, something like 15 million or below but again it's their project not mine it's just my personal opinion make, sure you read the disclaimers, so, being said that's another pain point so my main pain points were the. Idea is somewhat gray area I'm not sure where that's where that's really going again. The main that won't be out until the end of q4 and it's only an integration, with nem and, that kind of carries over into the valuation, great I thought the team. I thought, the team was decent that they lacked a little bit on the technical side but again just an integration, with nem blotchy and doesn't require. True, blocking blockchain. Developers you can take anyone who has experience. In computer science especially. Even web development and they could probably handle that. Role I don't think it's something that they're not building some like grandiose project the projects already built in terms of their actual application, of what people are using currently and, again as we notice as we noted the advisors, are just really bar non they do have 15,000 people in the chat I did some soft chat, term validation, searches and nothing really. Struck. Me as non-organic, so, that's. Something that I would recommend me and that you look into some. Of the exciting points just to reiterate what we were talking before we. Talked about the proof of stake proof. Of integrity, I think they called it that's. Something that you would need to look into but it's always exciting to see a platform, have. That type of stuff involved. In it also make, sure that you look into permission, blocking and, how those are going to work all, right so I hope you guys enjoyed. This review on Dark Matter hope it was very, informative in a couple areas of the tech space and. To give a better idea of who, and what they are and I hope that you enjoy your your, researches of the project I am oh hey Matty and I'll catch you on the flip he's.

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