Official Trump @War: Full Movie

Official Trump @War: Full Movie

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This is for anyone who may be taken, aback by my comments I don't really care if you are I hope you are four. Years now it has been you, know two and a half years since, he officially entered, the political, arena Donald. Trump congratulations. You have made this country a land where sleaze is not, just the language of politics, but the political environment itself. His. Supporters. Made. Excuses. Continue. To make excuses for him, you. Also might want to do some self-examination. What. Does it say about, you. That. No matter what you continue, to make excuses for this man for, his vile. Behavior this sort of vile behavior, doesn't. That make you just as bad if not worse, than him and. For all of you who over the last few years have uttered that tired, lazy. Uninformed. Uneducated, ignorant. Response, of, calling, me and others who point out racist behavior racists, you know what you can go do. Away. From us we don't want to fucking hear from you we got nothing to fuckin say to you get the fuck away from our mater his face we don't want anything to do with you. Bash. Its, fuckin over the discourse, is over, we have argued we have pondered the, discourse, is over. We're, not going to be polite anymore we'll. Fight back, we. Begin with several, developing, stories here on a Friday night first the violent, and bloody clashes, outside. A Donald, Trump. Violent scuffles ensued all of us becoming, a part of a pattern of unrest, fueled, by antagonism. And divisive, rhetoric Kelly, Burke is charged with disorderly conduct, investigators. Say she was screaming, obscenities at, a teenage girl all the cashews wearing a t-shirt supporting. President on a truck. By. Somebody. Hey. Boys, shit they make a. High grade again. It, worked and we are going to try to stop that. Fight in the courts fight in the streets. Don't. Care. By controversy. This morning after weekend of chaos and violence. The result of, the culture. Are you suggesting that the entire Trump, vote was. Racist and by racists, I think, yes, I'm. Not. I'm. Not a Nazi. The. People of color were attacked by their fellow citizens who, feel emboldened, to be, publicly racist. Because. The president, is. The. Supporters, what. Does it say about, you. My angry mom waiting, for the. You. Also might want to do some self-examine. And one Trump supporter, got knocked around when, a bike broke out his woman confronted, as she showed her support for Donald Trump and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame continued, to make excuses for this man for his vile. Behavior doesn't, that make you just as bad if not worse. Protesters. Shaking, cars breaking. Taillights, mob even followed the Trump supporters, to their cars. The.

Supporters. Will Rast beaten. And bloodied, by mobs of protesters, who will these. Are anti-donald. Trump protester. He's. Leading fan. Man viciously. Beaten, all because he voted. You know this is tough stuff. Barack, Obama had, tried to fundamentally, transform our country and I didn't understand, yet how far'd our country, had gone how, much the bomb had given away our nation taking, a look at the labor force participation rate, it's the lowest it's been in decades and has, been on a steady decline during, the Obama presidency. Where. The country was before, Trump, get into this race was it, was a dismal. Economy we're, still living on the Obama economy and we're in the worst shape we've been that way the entire post-world. War II period unemployment. Was high people. Were downtrodden. People were disappointed, and we became a laughingstock, of, the foreign policy world, because, we had a American. President, who was an apologist. For leading. The greatest country in the world and what we saw was this president, go overseas, and start bowing to foreign leaders and being, apologetic for, having, the greatest superpower the world has ever seen what. We needed was, not a litigator, we, needed a fighter we, needed someone that understood, this is a cultural. War, that, the left wants to undo, our country, they want, to take down America. Now. Trump said not on my watch now, is the time to fight and Donald Trump was the man to do it. We, don't have. Victories. Anymore. We. Used to have victories, but, we don't have them when was the last time, anybody. Saw us. Beating. China. When. Did we beat. Japan. At, anything. When. Do we beat Mexico at, the border they're laughing at us at our stupidity the. US. Has. Become a dumping ground for. Everybody. Else's problems, the. World right now is run white, or black Trump's, running for president, like. Does. Gravity, still work you're. Not gonna be President, all right folks Donald Trump is not a serious, person then he might be leaving the Republican ticket next I, know you don't believe that but I want to go let's. Not mince words Donald, Trump is a bigot and a racist I'm sorry he's a racist he's, a belligerent. Now racist, there is zero chance we'll, be seeing you being sworn in on the Capitol steps with your hand on a giant golden Bible. The. Very first thing I noticed about Donald, Trump was when he came down to escalator, and he said I'm rich I'm, really, rich I'll show you that lesson. And. By the way. I'm. Not even saying that in a bracket that's the kind of mindset, that's the kind of thinking you need for this country. I'm very, very, very very. Very rich. And, I want to show you how, to get rich with me I, am. Officially, running, for. President. Of the United, States. And we, are going to make. Our country. Great again. So, this began. As. 500. People in a ballroom, defeated. And. The, hotel called us up and. They said please don't do it here we're going to be swapped it's going to destroy the building and we, will make. America. Great again. Been amazed and. Outside. Sadly. We have thousands, of people that can't get in so, you know. Thank. You very much everybody. Thank you we're gonna do it. I think. In the primaries, the candidates, that were fielded. By the Republican, Party it was the best group, of candidates, that I've ever seen run for, the Republican nomination and. It's, one that prompt was able to dispense, with very quickly and I think very easily and that's because he connected to voters in a way that they didn't I was. Told by everybody do, not go, to Iowa. You could never finish even in the top ten and I. Said but I have friends in Iowa I know a lot of people in Iowa think they'll really like me let's, give it a shot they said don't do it I said I have to do it, and.

We. Finished second, and, I want to tell you something. I'm just honored I'm, really, honored and there's. A reason his support collapsed, in the final days you look at all the entrance polls people decided, to last week last, two days last day they went to Rubio interest. Donald. Trump is though here today going tomorrow, candidate. For president, Fox News can now project but, Donald, Trump in the Republican presidential. Primary, because as entertaining, as Donald Trump is Donald. Trump it's a liar and which, Republican, candidate, has the best chance of winning the general election of the declared ones right now Donald. Trump. Donald, Trump the billionaire real estate magnate, will leave the South Carolina, Republican, primary there's. Not going to be a president Donald Trump CBS, News is projecting that, Donald Trump is the winner in the state of Florida, so here you have two sides within the same party, battling, over who's going to be right when this is all over your, words were among Hispanics, generally Trump polls and only slightly better than cancer. Well, I mean at least it's slightly better right Trump, planned big wins in the South a 22, point margin in Alabama, 14-point. Victories in Tennessee. And Georgia with, tighter wins in Arkansas, and Virginia, the RNC, has booted national, review from co-sponsoring. A Republican debate next month this after. The conservative, magazine assembled, a group of prominent pundits, with a single goal stopping, Donald, Trump Donald Trump, will never be elected president magistrates. Were. Flooding, Trump event turning, out in record, numbers people. There were, groupies, they would go to 7, 10 15, 30 rallies. They travel around the country to see him they would wait in line for 8 9 10 hours in the rain in the snow this, evening his, last opponent dropped, out Trump is the Republican Party's. Presumptive, nominee for, president Donald Trump is in fact, the party's presumptive nominee. And. I could not be more proud tonight to. Present to you and to, all of America. My. Father and. Our, next president. Donald. J. Our, convention. Occurs at, a moment, of crisis, for our nation the. Attacks on. Our police and the. Terrorism, our. Cities, threat. Our very, way, of life. Any. Politician. Who does, not press, this. Danger, is not. Fit, to lead, our, country. The. Crime and violence. That, today afflicts. Our nation, will, soon and I mean very soon, come, to, an end. On January, 20th. Of. 2017. Safety. Will. Be, restored. What. About our economy again, I will, tell you the, plain facts that, have been edited out of your nightly news and your. Morning newspaper, nearly. Four in 10, African. American. Children, are living in poverty, while, 58. Percent, of, African. American. Youth are. Now, not. Employed. Two. Million, more Latinos. Are. In poverty, today than when. President Obama. Took his oath of office less. Than eight years ago. Another. 14, million, people have, left the, workforce, entirely. The. Most important, difference between our. Plan and that, of our opponent, is that. Our plan, will, put, America. First. Americanism. Not globalism. Will. Be our credo. The, American. People, will. Come first. Once again. Business. Elite. Media and major, donors. Are lining up behind. The campaign, of my, opponent, because, they. Know she. Will keep our, rigged, system. In. Place. My. Message, is that things, have. To change and, they, have to change right, now. Every, day I wake. Up, determined. To, deliver a, better, life for the people all, across, this nation that. Have been ignored neglected. And. Abandoned. I have. Visited, the laid-off factory. Workers and the, communities, crushed, by, our horrible, and, unfair. Trade. Deals. These. Are, the Forgotten men, and women, of our country and they are forgot. But they're not gonna be forgot, who law. These, are people, who. Work hard, but. No longer. Have, a voice. I am. Your. Voice. Unlike, the massive, crowd at the Trump rally only, 600. People showed up for Hillary Clinton's, rally last night in Iowa, I knew things were changing, because I would see the rallies in Ohio and Michigan and Pennsylvania was, supposed to be a blue wall, I, thought. Donald Trump was one of the first politicians. In a while and who looked, at voters and saw them as real people in concrete, situations, people. With real everyday, problems, and who, saw them as his fellow Americans, he kind of looked at them as part of a national family, that's, Donald, Trump reminding, the people of where it used to be a better country where we had manufacturing. Where guys who worked in steel mills and coal plants, were, heroes. Of our country and now under the Obama years those jobs would decimate and he promised, to bring those manufacturing, jobs back because.

Middle America had been left behind. The. Fundamental. Problem. With. The immigration. System in, our country, is that it serves the needs of, wealthy. Donors, political. Activists, and powerful. Powerful politicians. Let, me tell you who. It does not, deserve, it. Does, not, serve, you. Pipo, doesn't, serve you. The legal, immigration, costs. Our country, more, than. 113. Billion. Dollars. A year most. Illegal, immigrants, are lower, skilled, workers, with less education who. Compete directly against. American. Workers. Only. The out-of-touch, media, elites. Think. The biggest problem, facing American. Society, today is that, there are 11, million illegal. Immigrants, who, don't have legal status to all, the politicians. Donors. And special, interests. Hear. These words. From. Me and all of you today. There. Is only one core issue in. The, immigration. Debate. And that issue is the. Well-being. Of the, American, people. There's. Our wall. Bilbao. Ah. Who's. Gonna pay for it. You. Could put half. Of Trump supporters into what I call the basket, of deplorable zh'. Right. The. Race is sexist. Homophobic xenophobic. As. Llama, phobic. You name it when Hillary Clinton called. Our voters, and our supporters, to pourable I think. It helped change the dynamics, of the entire race so what did she get out, of, criticizing. A quarter, of the country presumably, some, of whom she loved to have both her we. Have the support of cops and soldiers. Carpenters. And welders, the, young and the old and millions. Of working-class families. Who, just want, a better. Future. A good job these. Were the people, Hillary. Clinton. So. Viciously. Demonized. These. Were among the. Countless Americans. That, Hillary Clinton, called deplorable. What Hillary Clinton has done here and she's. Created a community our. Next guests, are Trump, supporters, who, are embracing the, deplorable. Label, we wanted to show everybody, that we're not deplorable. We're a normal middle-class women, we. Don't win we lose we. Are going to start winning again we're gonna win with everything, we're gonna win so much you, are going to get so sick and tired of winning I say. This kiddingly but, I love saying you. Are going to get so tired of women you're, going to say please please. Mr. president, we can't take it anymore the. People, of New Mexico cannot. Take it you're winning too much we, can't stand it please, don't. Win so much and I to say I'm sorry we're, gonna keep living we, are going to make. New. Polls just out tonight nationally, Hillary Clinton after the first debate now now, at 47, to Donald Trump's 42 Clinton, is polling now at 49%. Donald. Trump at 44%. Becomes. A moment in every great endeavor, when. Success or failure, is determined, by, the decisions, you make under duress. At, a seminal, moment. Donald. Trump's moment, came, in October, Billy. Bush weekend was probably, the most difficult weekend, of the campaign what was taking place at Trump Tower was, the staff there was attempting, to manage, the, President and come up with a solution some. People told the president to get out of the race and he was going to go down and have, the biggest defeat in our history but what I knew about Donald, Trump was you, never back down you, double down. Wasn't. Just lewd remarks Trump, was literally, explaining, a time-tested, strategy, for sexual assault the swing voters have been these college-educated, white. Women who went from Mitt Romney by six points and in, our last poll vote for Hillary Clinton by 25, points, they, last night saw nothing, to bring them to dump just just can I just cut through out one thing to say one thing only and, that is that this race is over. Basically. What this was just going to be a coronation, now for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had no shine, an. Estimated, 20,000. People turned out last night at a football stadium in Mobile damage. New. NBC News SurveyMonkey, poll is out today it puts Hillary Clinton up by 10 points over.

Donald Trump the, first exit polls come out and that the margin, is so bad that it is basically not enough votes left to go and make it up we're gonna lose everything and in. CNN. You, can feel the jubilation, that, the reporters, are having you know what we haven't had in a presidential election in a long, time. A real. Landslide. Um and I don't want to oversell, this here but at least right now in, this moment we're seeing an interesting possibility in. This presidential, race. It. Was funny because when I saw Florida, come in and and, they refused, to call it for Donald Trump I knew at that moment that. It's. CNN but didn't want to call it because it would be the end of it all the result of the election hasn't been officially, declared. Yet, so, I. Knew, at that moment but, the President had won I, did. Not think the swamp could be beaten I did not think that the Hillary Clinton machine could, be be easy I did not think that, Donald. Trump would beat them the biggest, surprise, of the night but, if I had to say secondary, to that it would definitely be in the response. Of all the pundits and the pollsters, as they saw their whole, brand, just melt around them when they were proven 100% false. Or everything that they have been saved for the last six months. And, all of a sudden by. 10:00 10:30 at night I know. Trump's gonna be the president-elect the United States and I've got to go back on CNN, and it was an amazing feeling you've. Won so act like you've won I think I think Donald we're gonna go on tonight I think he's waiting for Larry Clinton to call him and concede this race and then he's going to make a very gracious speech, which, says I want to be the president for the entire United States only getting everyone together I don't think it's outrageous no. Candidate, in modern, American, politics, has ever run a wire to wire a first-place, campaign, we went in first place and we never look back they're going to make this decision now the Fox News, decision. Desk has. Called. Pennsylvania. For, Donald Trump, this, means that Donald, Trump will. Be the. 45th, President, of the United States. There, are demonstrations in, major American cities across the country night over the election of Donald Trump tens of thousands, marched in streets across the United States on Saturday, protests. Held in big cities such as Los Angeles, and, Chicago in, Portland, Saturday night. People. Filling the streets in America's. Cities protesting. The president elect Donald Trump crowds set fires blocked freeways, and gathered, at Trump's building. You're. Awake by the way you're. Not having a terrible, terrible dream also you're not dead and you haven't gone to help this. Is your life now this is our election now this is us this is our country. Washington. Post is now reporting. That a secret. CIA, report. Concluded. Quote that. Russia intervened, in, the 2016. Election, to help Donald, Trump win the presidency. The, most important, thing to understand, about what happened, in 2016. Is that it wasn't about a man but it was about a message, in a platform both, left and right, had betrayed the nation the, GOP didn't understand, that Donald Trump won despite. The Republican, Party not because of the Republican, Party when, he took this country over in January 20th, 2017.

We. Were in real trouble we still are I attended. The inauguration, with, my wife was, going to become a citizen, just a month later she. Had never heard a politician speak, like this and, she mentioned but this is going to be a presidency, like we've never seen before and when you listen to that inauguration. Speech you understood, that he was getting, ready to for battle we, will reinforce old, alliances. And form new ones and unite, the civilized, world, against. Radical. Islamic, terrorism, which. We will eradicate. Completely. From, the face of the earth and after. That speech we got a preview of exactly what, the media was gonna do in terms of coverage of Donald Trump and calling, it dark, in Avoca, ng Nazism. In saying. All the most horrible things that you can say about an, inauguration speech when, he said today America. First it was not just the racial iminium. I shouldn't say racial the Hitlerian of background, to it this, American. Carnage, stops. Right. Here. Stops. Right. Now the. Media can't resist it why could they always not resist, comparing. It folks to Nazi Germany or Hitler from, this day forward. It's. Going, to be only. America. First. America. First. Who. Want to hear that a message of America first however, it carries with it overtone. To the 1930s, when an anti-semitic. Movement, saying, we don't want to get involved in Europe's war it's the Jews fault, in Germany, the words themselves carry very ugly echoes, in our history finally. We. Must think big and dream, even, bigger, in. America, we understand, that a nation, is, only, living, as long as. It, is striving. We. Will no longer accept, politicians. Who, are all talk and no action. Constantly. Complaining, but, never doing, anything, about it, the time for, empty, talk is over, now. Arrives, the, hour of action. Present. Rot signing executive orders, in, his first few days in office just moments ago in the Oval Office as, he did sign two executive. Orders one, to. Officially, ease the burden on Obamacare, American worker hiring. Freeze except the military what does that mean mark Tamron. It's about you know saying that there should be no more civil service in the federal government, that they're not going to grow the size of the government with. Federal, workers what do you make of the signing of these executive, orders and the president, were trying of the United States from TPP well, he's making good on a lot of campaign promises what he's trying to do here is follow through on a promise to take action. On day one we're gonna move on now to the chaos confusion and, anger growing, in the wake of President Trump's, immigration ban. Overnight. Outrage, from coast to coast this. Is not about religion this is about terror and keeping, our country safe there, are over 40 different countries, worldwide. That, are majority Muslim that are not affected, by this order, what we did was we focused, on instead, of religion, danger. The. Air areas. Of the world that create danger, for us. Besides. The opposition. Media now. That Donald Trump holds the most powerful. Seat in the world he, is faced with opposition from, all sides, the. Democrats, never. Trump is inside his own party, and the, so-called deep. State you. Know people call the deep state or the administrative, state or entrenched. Political class, these are the people who are making millions off the political system, in the United States Washington, is. A swamp, and, it's, filled with people Republicans.

And Democrats, who don't have, the country's best interests, in mind and these the people who oppose Donald Trump because, he has his own people working against, them and a part of the solution the part of the cabal they're part of the swamp and they're part of the problem Trump, needed the time to learn how, the swamp, work all of us want, the swamp drain but you cannot drain a swamp without actually, knowing how it works first and that's the same thing with progressivism, you can't pull it out and by its root if you don't understand, how it got there in the first place the Democrats are suffering from a massive, identity, crisis, and haven't been able to get their hands around the fact that they lost to Donald Trump which has created a political vacuum in, this country, that the mainstream media has jumped in to fill and they just can't get over the fact that they lost so right after the elections, over with we, start getting all those stories about Russian, delusion. We, can't really see anything of collusion, we are at a point where many people, in the American public see, this, investigation. For, what it is a way to take down a president and if it is in collusion, they'll pivot to something else that has nothing to do with collusion, and the blind partisans, and particularly people in the media will just run with that narrative. I. Don't. Think the people of the United States wanted, an investigation. I think this was an investigation, brought on by a conspiracy, of people within, the entrenched, political, class in Washington, to get rid of Donald Trump now that I've been through my own sit down with the Muller team it becomes very obvious to me but this isn't about Russia collusion. It's about getting Donald, Trump despite. The media's desire, to hype the Russian collusion, narrative, Donald, Trump has kept his focus and has managed to secure a number, of important, victories, in less than two years if, you look at what this president, has been able to achieve in the first year historic. Tax cut the repatriation of, money sitting overseas, african-american.

Unemployment Hispanic. Unemployment, record, lows because of what the president's policies are he stayed laser focus, on the. Things he said he would do on. The, tough calls on. The Paris climate Accord, on the Iran deal on moving, the embassy, from, Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on. Staring. Down the trade agreements it had been terrible for our country on crushing Isis. People. Didn't understand, the importance, of small business in this country for, 30 some odd years nobody, had really addressed, the needs of these small business owners here we had an opportunity to make that change and these small business owners needed that help to be able to actually make a change for their own businesses as well since. The election, we, have created, 2.4. Million. New. Jobs. And. Something, I'm very proud of, african-american. Unemployment stands at, the lowest rate ever recorded. Unemployment. For Hispanics hit at all-time record, low engine, and, new polls showing that Trump's, approval, rating among Hispanics. Rising. Rapidly not. Only because of the tax cuts but because the deregulation. That he has forced, through the stroke of his pen he has removed, the government, boot off a small business's neck we've seen big companies and small companies alike, who is saying because of the policies, of this administration the, first year and a half we're growing our business our economy, is moving in the right direction that. Alone would be enough for. Any other president, to secure. A reelection. Right, now you couple that with the success that he's had in getting, a Supreme Court justice on the court more, federal bench justices, than any president. In his tenure at this point ever in, history you look at the conservative, Heritage Foundation, they say in his first year. Donald. Trump has done about 64%. Of. Our mandate, for leadership, so, we were quite encouraged. And for anyone who doubts whether or not we, have a conservative. President we, in fact do. I've. Been astonished, to watch what it looks like when you see the speed of business versus. The speed of government the. Speed of action versus. The speed of promises. Donald. Trump is a businessman who has unleashed the climate of business in this country he. Has said I believe, you know how to spend your money better than the government does, I want. To cut your taxes so you can vest in your own lives you can invest in your employees, you, can invest in your business I'm going to reduce regulations, so, that's small business, that. Doesn't have an army of accountants, and lawyers. And litigators. And lobbyists. They're, on a level playing field with those big guys they, play very well in cozy inside the rig system but Donald Trump understands, he, wants equality, of opportunity, not. Equality of outcome we, can unleash the engines of capitalism, he, is unleashed, the miracle, of free-market economics, because, as a businessman, he understands. That that's how you end the, promise of America. Today. I want to talk about how to grow the. African-american. Middle class and to provide a new, deal for, black America. We. Are now seeing unemployment, rates that are below 4% and, in fact if you even look more specifically, at unemployment rates amongst Latinos, and amongst, blacks it is now at historic, record, levels in terms of lows this, is unbelievable. This administration frankly, has done more for the Hispanic, community for, the black community than, probably most other administrations, have in the past. But. At the beginning of the Obama years, especially. Within the black community we were all excited, that America. Had proven, that it was able to get past is, racist. Background, and we, were excited, about being, able to elect the first black president we thought for sure he. Would do things specifically.

To, Help the intrinsic, and intransigent. Problem, within the black community the high unemployment rate, the, black, on black crime, shooting. Violence, has gotten so bad in Chicago, that gun fights are breaking out now at existing, crime, scenes and. Even. With police in close proximity. And. Then. As, he got settled into office, the, cloud, of disappointment. Began to settle. In within, the black community. Members. Of the Black Caucus could, not get a meeting with the first black president never, addressed, the black, unemployment rate, and that's when the, bottom, fell out of our. Support, for President, Obama and one, of the things that unfortunately under the Obama administration, truly people believed that the American Dream was dead. What, the black community, is looking for and, a reason, to change their habits and I think that's part of the reason that President. Donald Trump came onto the scene, entrepreneurship. That's, the bedrock, that's the gateway, drug into the black community through. Our entrepreneurs. And if we make sure we have a vibrant. Entrepreneurship. Class within the black community that's. Going to go a long, ways to. Solve and a lot of the turmoil, you see in the inner cities number one then number two education. Because. If you have a good education. And you're optimistic, and hopeful, now you go to school get education, whether this College of vocational, then, you have a, flourishing. Entrepreneurs. Class that had a job waiting for you they need you because their businesses, are growing so fast but now what we're hearing again that optimism, is sky-high people. Are investing back in their businesses because they believe that the American Dream now is now achievable, once again that, deal is grounded, in three, promises. Safe. Communities. Great. Education. And high. Paying jobs and, the, moment, you reach out to them and you start taking them seriously as, businessmen. You're. Going to see actual. Conservatism. Come, into the picture actual, ideas. Come into the picture I will also propose, tax, holidays, for inner-city investment. A new, tax incentive. To get foreign companies, to relocate in, blighted, American, neighborhoods. It. Will be worthwhile, it's, called incentive. They will do it op routing, progressivism. And getting. It out of our country so we're not on a break of democratic, socialism. I won't. Produce that, I will get others, to produce and, we know for a fact it. Doesn't work with the Democrats. There's, a lot at stake at, this moment, right now and if Donald, Trump chooses, capitalism. And chooses, that fight at this moment I think you change the entire trajectory of this country for what progressives have done for the last hundred years. They. Want to kill not only our civilians, all over the world. It's. Gonna be stopped it's. Gonna be stopped, somebody.

Criticized. Me the other day, because. They asked me what to do and I said I'm gonna bomb the shit out, of them. I don't. Care they've. Got to be stopped. The most underreported, story, of 2017. Was, the decimation, of the Caliphate, that is Isis, in Syria and. Iraq 98, percent of that Caliphate has now been destroyed, President. Trump as a candidate, said, that will bomb the hell out of them and he got ridiculed for that well, where are we now we see a Caliphate that's decimated, yet most people wouldn't, even know that 98%, of that Caliphate is destroyed because simply it's not being reported there, have been hundreds. Of modern, jihadi organizations. That wished to bring back the, Caliphate, that was dissolved, after World War one but, every single one of them failed, all of them failed until. A group, called Isis, re-establish. The caliphate. President, Obama warns, that the fight against Islamic state will take time the, president went to the Pentagon for, a briefing with the country's top military commanders. He, called the fight against Islamic state a generational. Struggle, this. Will not be quick, this, is a long-term campaign. ISIL. Is opportunistic, and it, is nimble, in. Many places in Syria and Iraq including, urban, areas it's. Dug in among, innocent, civilian, populations. It. Will take time to root them out meaning, your children, my, grandchildren would. Have to fight these jihadis, decades. From now Donald. J Trump and, his administration with. A focus, on the physical caliphate, compressed. Obama's. Generational. War into, the span of four months until the, caliphate was no. We've. Made tremendous strides. Obviously. In Syria. With Isis. We've taken back virtually, all. Caliphate. All of the land, same. Thing in Iraq and we're making tremendous strides and so to the Unruh story. Right now. President. Trump praising, the news and Isis has lost 98. Percent, of the territory at once helped with, half of those victories coming since he took office just last year Isis controlled an area in Iraq and Syria the, size of Ohio look at that on the map take a good look at it now, we're gonna show you what exists. Today this is the remaining strongholds, that are there a small. Area along the border so. Big accomplishment. I'll never forget seeing the. Black flag of Isis. Fly. Over, Fallujah. Ramadi. Samara, other towns, that Americans, had fought to, liberate and. When. We saw that the images were jarring, but the response, was infantile, Barack Obama called them the JV team in January President, Obama, told a New Yorker magazines, David Remnick that Isis which, was then still considered, a part of al-qaeda fighting. In Syria was like a JV, basketball team. We're. Not here to play games we're, not here to build schools, we're not here to hand out soccer balls we're, here to, put a rifle round between the eyes of Isis to drop a Moab, on their face and make sure they never come back to this earth and here, we are now and the Isis Caliphate has, been destroyed. That's, the kind of leadership I want because the commander in chief laser focused, on destroying. The enemy where, are the front-page headlines where, are the deep dive stories, about the lives of you saved where's, the talk of the courage, of Iraqis, of Kurds of Syrians, of Americans. Putting. Their life on the line so, that Isis, dirtbags, can be put into the. Of, course those stories aren't told because. Those stories would amplify the success, of a commander-in-chief, that, this media. Hates. The. Iranian, regime is, the. Leading state, sponsor of, terror, it. Exports, dangerous, missiles, fuels. Conflicts. Across, the Middle East and, supports. Terrorist, proxies, and, militias. Such. As Hezbollah, Hamas. The. Taliban, and al-qaeda. Therefore. I am. Announcing today that, the United States will. Withdraw, from. The Iran, nuclear. Deal, the. Iran, deal is another example of the president making, a promise, he said that this is the worst deal in history that we're gonna get out Barack, Obama was it was more than foolish he was reckless. Ideologically. Reckless in America's, security and pursuing that deal they, were foolish enough to think that, if we gave the Iranians, billions, of dollars in pallets, of cash, the Ayatollah, is over there the, radical, Islamists, would give up their nuclear weapons stop.

Their Ambitions, to, chant. Death to America and wipe Israel, off the map except. Everything, we've seen since we signed that horrific deal, is, they've. Only funded. Their military, operations more. They've, only exported. More Islamic, terrorism in the region, they've only sought, to expand, their influence undermine. America. And undermine, Israel, in the process and thank God we have, a president, who stepped up and said that's not a deal worth making let alone a deal. America. Will not be held hostage to, nuclear. Blackmail. We. Will not allow. American. Cities to. Be threatened, with destruction and, we. Will not allow a regime the chance death to America, to. Gain access to. The most deadly, weapons. On earth. Today's. Action, sends. A critical, message, the. United, States no, longer makes, empty, threats, when. I make promises I, keep them. The. New provocation. From North Korea, what could be the most dangerous yet, a new, missile launched being called a breakthrough a successful. Test of an intercontinental. Ballistic missile. Possibly. Capable, of reaching Alaska, North. Korea's official statement, celebrating, the launch promising. To root out what they see as the, u.s. threat. If. You remember August of 2017. We were on the verge of World War three North. Korea was lobbing missiles over, Japan was threatening, Guam had nuclear capabilities. And the president, said the kim jeong-hoon, and the north korean people, will, be met with the fire and fury like the world has never seen the, United States, has great strength, and patience, but. If it is forced, to defend itself, for its allies we. Will have no choice but to totally. Destroy, North. Korea, the. Media was apocalyptic said. You can't speak to North, Korean leaders like that you can't use that sort of language you're gonna get us into a war and instead, it, was a language it turns out that, kim jeong-hoon actually. Understood, and he, began to act. And he began to stop. Testing missiles. North. Korea will not find security. And respect, through, threats and illegal. Weapons. We. Will work with our friends and allies to stand up to this behavior and. We will redouble our efforts toward, a more, robust international, non-proliferation regime, that, all countries, have responsibilities. To, me they accelerated. Toward a nuclear bomb under the Obama administration, because they saw it as their opportunity, ironically. That's the number, one issue Barack Obama said he was handing, to, Donald Trump to solve on the world stage and what. Has President Trump done, he's, forged, a path to solve it but. He didn't play by the consensus, games of Washington.

DC, Never. Once did intelligencia crowd say, you know what you should do you, should tell Kim jong-un fire and fury is coming his way you. Should tell Kim, jong-un he's gonna get a bloody nose if he tries it again, you. Should ramp, up troop deployments, ramp up military exercises. Maximize. The pressure utilize, China to put pressure on North Korea and. Here we are we're, getting actual, action, on the Korean Peninsula and, now we have all sides talking and people are talking about Donald Trump of all people winning a Nobel Peace Prize Republican, congressman, Luke Messer launching, an effort to nominate, President Trump for, a Nobel, Peace Prize that could, end up being his legacy, that can end up being his biggest accomplishment. As president, if he is actually able to denuclearize. The Korean Peninsula. In, the Kate Steinle murder, case the illegal. Immigrant, Garcia, Zarate. Who killed Kate Steinle on that pier in San Francisco, was, acquitted. Just a short time ago of murder and manslaughter, charges, when, Donald Trump took, that escalator down in Trump Tower as soon, as he honed, in on immigration, I knew that he was speaking to an America, that had been told that they weren't allowed to talk about these issues that, they were verboten that, they they had to be censored, in public, discourse for. The sake of social cohesion Donald, Trump was having none of it Donald, Trump stood on that stage and said, some, of the most extraordinary and. True, and revelatory, things, about, mass migration, but I speak to border guards and they tell us what, we're getting and it only makes common, sense it. Only makes common sense, they're. Sending, us not, the right people it's coming from more than Mexico. It's. Coming, from all over South, and Latin America. And it's coming probably. Probably. From. The Middle East let. Me tell you something the mainstream, media will never tell you tonight it, was San Francisco, sanctuary, city policies, that killed Kate Steinle our campaign, was outlined immigration. And that means, stopping illegal, immigrants from coming into the country the notion of a wall in the southern border which had been proposed, years, before that the Senate had voted on including Hillary you, know secure our borders, with technology, personnel. Physical. Barriers if necessary, was, now a controversial. Idea it's, absurd when, we went out to the American people and the, president started talking about bringing our jobs back under the Obama years those jobs would decimate it and he promised, to bring those manufacturing, jobs back because. Middle America had been left behind we, will bring, our jobs back Sean we're gonna bring our jobs sure you're sitting that we are gonna bring our jobs back into this country for the first time. If we don't have a wall we don't have a country and if you don't have a border you, will have a perpetual. Problem, exploited. By the worst of the worst, by ms-13, by. Drug runners by sex traffickers, by violent, gangs all, of these groups who, have created problems across our country that. Then left-wing, politicians. Give, sanctuary, to reaffirming. Its reputation as the sanctuary city of all sanctuary, cities San, Francisco, is doubling, down on its defiance, of federal immigration, law, to, me the border wall is as close to an immigration litmus, test as there exists find. Me a politician and ask them what they think about the border wall and, if they say well maybe we, need it maybe we don't they still don't get the idea of immigration, today they. Still don't get the idea of a nation-state they, still don't understand, how, central, it is to the future of our country people, who really don't believe America, should have orders. People. Who see. Immigration. As simply, a factor, of production who. See immigrants, as future. Social, Security, taxpayers and nothing else people. Who don't send their kids to public schools where 14, or 17 languages, have to be taught and the, Latin Kings are battling it out with ms-13, over, the turf and driving, out African, Americans whose, ancestors, have been there for a hundred years America, has never been a race a gender. A, social. Class it. Is a set, of ideas that we have perpetuated, but. It starts with the rule of law without. The rule of law everything. Else falls apart without the rule of law starting on our border we don't have a country. When, I talk with a lot of my friends in the Congressional, Black Caucus privately. I chat, side them how, can you be black and you're. Supporting amnesty for, those in the country illegally when then at the same time you complain about the high unemployment rate, in the black community, so your solution is, to bring in cheap labor really, the, black folks I talked to do. Not support, amnesty for illegals, even most of the black liberal, democratic, staffers I know and talk to privately. They, don't agree with it but they are terrified, to go public and say they disagree, with it why.

Pay An American, engineer. $150,000. A year when, you could import them and pay them 80 thousand a year we. Need to get back to putting Americans, first and not, worry about trying to be President, of the world which we had eight years of that now, we have a president, that singing, loudly focus, on if, it's good for America. Then, it's good for the world that's, a total, paradigm, shift, what President Trump is doing with this issue of illegal immigration is resonating. In the black community, what we have to do is do a better job but given these people a microphone. To talk about how they feel about that issue I. Don't. Believe there's a bigger, geopolitical. Issue that. Threatens, American security directly, in, the rise of China. America. Is the most powerful nation the world has ever seen, on, every, metric nevertheless, there. Is one, nation. That, has both the desire, and the potential. To displace us they. See their culture, is better than anybody else's, and they see the last hundred years as an. Anomaly, as a, humiliation, by. The West, what. We have today is a modern. Day economic. Superpower, the Chinese today are becoming more communist, they're, becoming more oppressive, at home they're becoming more expansionist. Internationally. China's, goal is to diminish the United States at all costs, because China's. Rise and all from the China's world domination, is to, make sure that the United States is defeated, and they're doing everything in their power by, using information, means, as well as supporting, America's, enemies stealing. America's, technology the. Amounts, that have been stolen by the Chinese have just been extraordinary in the trillions of dollars of valuable. US, technology and they're using that technology to, build up their military as well as their diplomatic. Economic and, intelligence. Infrastructures. Once. You work in the White House once you have access to the intelligence, of the most powerful intelligence community in the world could provide, you.

Tend, To see things differently I came to realize that, the only truly, strategic. Long-term threat. That America faces is in, fact from, China. China. Has. A plan, to displace, us by. The hundredth, anniversary of, the Chinese Communist revolution, in 20 49, 20. 49, is 100. Adversary', of Chinese. People's, Republic of, China in, the, 2021. One territory, integrity. Which means they, want Taiwan. There, was South China Sea and then in 20 49 they want overtake United States the flash points between the United States and China are clearly in, the Pacific, the South China Sea which, sees 5 trillion, and trade annually, has, been militarized. And literally, taken over by the Chinese in a covert operation to build small. Islets, throughout, the sea and begin, militarizing, them with missiles any of these three flash points, could erupt into a regional, conflict, unless, United, States takes major action, to push back against. This Chinese hegemonist. Mr.. Shi for years, he. Was a very, cautious. Guy he, understood, how to climb up in China to, be climb, up in the Communist ladder you first you have to be harmless people. Not afraid of you you're, not in anybody's, way but, when he got, to power now he's showing his true colors we. See him using, mouth language, we. See him race issues. Like what Maori, is Xi. Jinping come, from my variant, family both, his, parents are, communist, high-ranking. Leaders he. Grew up in that environment so when, he come to power his mission, to defend. To restore. Revive, the, commies party make, it become a stronger. Glorify. The Communist Party China. Is definitely a totalitarian. Regime because. It's controlled everything. China is control, everybody's, thinking everybody's. Social. Behavior, and everybody's. Speech and out. A single. Regime. In the history, can. Have such a to to control, over its people the, totalitarian, machine. The whole country is a police, state, they, have developed a strategy. The one belt one road strategy, and they developed, a doctrine, called unrestricted. Warfare to. Undermine us in indirect. Ways, specifically. Economic. Warfare, and political. Warfare and, the development, of military technologies. That, leapfrog. Over conventional. Military technology. Development, it's. Actually, a stalking, horse for the Chinese ideology. Of Chinese, communism, socialism. With Chinese characteristics. They're, building up countries, around the world and with that comes the Chinese, economic, model as well as the Chinese. Authoritarian. And communist. System and the United States again has at a loss to try and counter this China. Basically, has no oil and therefore, they're heavily dependent, on Middle Eastern, oil so they're looking for ways to control. The oil coming, out of the Persian Gulf in the Middle East and make sure that they can secure that I think. President, truck perhaps is one, of the smartest. President, we have and, he's, the engagement, with China I think as a businessman, first he understands, personal, relationship. He made presidents, she said one thing is that the United, States of America, had a thousand. Reason, to be friendly, to each other had zero, reason not to be friendly, actually. We have plenty of reason to be not friendly, but president, Trump establish. A personal relationship, in the Chinese politics, if you have a personal, relationship you can always you, know have, some leeway on. The other hand if you don't stand firm for your national, interests they despise you, so, actually, President Trump won a lot, of respect, from, the Chinese leaders and Chinese people we've, lost seventy, thousand, factories since. China joined the World Trade. Organization you've. Seen that you've heard about it seventy. Thousand. The. World Trade, Organization, another. One of our disasters. But. This election, the.

American, People voted to end the. Theft, of American. Prosperity, they. Voted to bring back their jobs and to bring back their, dreams, into, our country, that's. Why I'm here today in just a few moments I will, be signing a by American. And higher American. Executive. Order. You haven't heard about that a long time in, this country with. This action, we, are sending a powerful signal, to the world we're. Going to defend our workers, protect, our jobs and finally, put. America. First. Donald. Trump was one of the first politicians. To recognize, the threat from China he broke with the business. Community and, that he wasn't going to go along with business as usual by. Ignoring China's, aggression, in the South China Sea, and other areas, ignoring. China's human rights abuses. Donald. Trump has made a sea change in the u.s. approach to China he's made China the top threat along with Russia he has made, protecting. American, Economic. Security one, of the highest priorities, again this trade and interaction, in the past was based on the false, Oshin that trading, with China would have a moderating, influence on its behavior, and president. Trump was the first to recognize that this has totally failed and that a much tougher, approach is needed, we're. Going, to be fulfilling, another campaign, promise by taking, firm, steps to ensure that we protect, the. Intellectual. Property, of American, companies, and very. Importantly, of American, workers now, mark my words if the 21st, century is not an American, century the. 21st century, will not be a free century and I'll, tell you this the Chinese the Communists, believe, the future is theirs that their economy, and its central planning, is the future that their military will, eventually. Overtake, America's. And they do not believe that our. Will is, strong. Enough to confront them they. Believe America, is a declining, power, that. Free, peoples, and capitalism, inevitably implodes. And that. Central, planning, and dictatorship. And communism is the way of the people if, we do not stare down China not. Just on trade but on their military ambitions, the, 21st, century could be a Chinese century and that, means it's it sure is not a free one. The. Deplorable zhh know, that they've been doing the heavy lifting for a long time, they're. The guys from, the small towns across America whose, parents, have the nine-to-five jobs, make, just enough to, get them off to college but, infusing. Them the values that, matter the most, love. Your country be, willing to fight for things greater than yourself earn. A paycheck because, there's dignity in work and you, know raise a family that perpetuates, that into the next generation that loves America.

So, The the deplorable said, the, way I give to my country is to give the way the previous generation, did. You. Know in November we have so much actually, at stake so much to lose the Democrats, they actually, are saying vote for us and we will raise your taxes, what can you do but raise taxes, you're used to hearing the Democrats say vote for us we'll give you free stuff here and free stuff there our, small business owners right now their optimism, sky-high because they believe that these are the tax cuts but they're gonna be facing the future but I'll tell you now that we're hearing a little bit of concern out because they're asking the question what, happens if they go away you raised the issue of taxes, Trump raised that issue let's talk about it. It's. Not about that's, what negotiations. For all of us what we, are going to and these will. Come up with that right but it'll be a damn lot higher than it is right now this is, on. The head fifty percent obviously too, hard look there, was a time. Very prosperous, America, where. The top marginal, rate was well above screamish. You'd been asked if a 92%, marginal, rate is certainly too high and you said no so how high are you willing to go not. One, Democrat voted, to cut taxes, not, one and just as I promised, the American people from. This podium 11. Months ago we. Enacted, the biggest tax cuts and. Reforms in, American. History, the. November, 2018 elections. Are absolutely, critical, to see this President's, agenda continue, to move forward, this. Election, if it. Is an election about the success, that our country is facing Donald. Trump wins and the Republicans, keep and expand, their majorities, both in the Senate in the house if this is a localized, election, where the Democratic. Candidates, are running away from Nancy, Pelosi and the leadership of the Democratic Party then the Democrats are going to do very well, we. Have come up with a lot of solutions but we have Democrats, that don't want to approve anything because, that's probably they. Think bad for the election that's coming up what, Democrats, are very good at doing as, they go into their districts, they campaign, and say one thing they come to Washington DC, and they do the exact opposite, that's what is on trial that is what we, are talking about the November election. Donald. Trump is definitely on the ballot in every, race across the country you're, either with an agenda, a reform, agenda of, Washington, that is with the people to, make government smaller and, more effective, and to return, more money to the pockets of the American taxpayer or here with those in the Beltway that, want to grow government grow, the size of its regulation, and to, keep imposing itself on our lives, tell. Me what the Democrats, are running, on what's that platform, relative, to the black community just, think about the impact of voting. Democrat, and having. Several, prominent, black liberals, chairing major committee if you don't think. Elections. Matter. All, I say is when you wake up this morning, think. Of Chairman, Maxine, Waters, chairing, the Financial, Services Committee that's just scary to vote Republican, right there I don't, think there's been a midterm. Election this important, in. My lifetime, because. The Democrats want to take us back to taxes. Into, the regulatory states and enlarge. Lis the politicization, of everything. Okay one, of the reasons the economy, is doing well now is, because the president, is getting the boot of government, off the necks of businesspeople. And farmers, and people, that make things grow, things and build things and the government released its gross domestic product. Report for the second quarter this morning it showed the US economy grew 4.1. Percent from April, through June that's the best showing since 2014, the democratic, party of America have wasted, the first year, and a half of the trump presidency attacking. Him on nonsensical, issues because they think firstly. They control the media they think secondly they control the culture and so their ideas will pervade their ideas will filter down necessarily.

No Matter what they, don't rule the roost they, have no answers, so they resorted, to racist, and xenophobe and all these other things the Democrats, have nothing to run on in November what, platform, do they have are they going to vote on let's, bring Isis, back let's. Get rid of the five million, job. Bonuses. That have been created, by the tax reform shall, we not, build the wall they can't run on this the 2016. Election, was a peaceful, political revolution. And it was historic, I have, a whole list of accomplishments. That. The group behind may have done in terms of this, administration. And this Congress. But, you've. Heard it before we. Our making, America. Great again. But, 2018. Is, even more important, than the election of the president the whole make, America, great again agenda, relies. Upon seven. More years of. This, administration being. Able to bring us back to where we should be, so yes without a doubt this. Election, cycle is, about. The highest stakes possible. For our nation there is a lot at stake in November for the American public and it really comes down to one question which is who do you actually best believes deserves. To make the choice for you do you make the choice for yourself or do you allow the government, to actually make the choice for you. 2018. Is another election about Donald Trump what. They want to do is, shut. Up the deforest, they. Want to shut you up because. You know what they're scared of them they. Are scared of what he's done they're, scared, of the economy, that he's created, it scares them that our allies in the world love, us and trust us more than ever because they were supposed to hate this president according, to the elite media they, are terrified, of, President, Trump because they're terrified of you and your values there's, a new Gallup poll that shows president Trump's rating are on the rise and, 90%. Effect, of his party, supports, the president that's the second, highest rating. In modern, history for the GOP what. Is glaringly. Obvious is that, the, left and the, opposition party, in the media they. Do not, have, any answers. Against. To make America great again agenda, they don't have any policy, solutions, they know that Trump is on the rise out there in the polls because, he's doing what he was elected to do he's delivering, jobs he's securing, the border he's even, his foreign policy probably the greatest foreign, policy we've seen in decades.

2018. Therefore, represents. A vote. For, Donald Trump or a vote, for impeachment. From because they cannot, defeat this agenda at the ballot box. If. The Democrats, win in midterms they are going to go after Donald Trump for impeachment. The. Only thing they can run on is hatred. And the. Impeachment of the president, it is a, foregone. Conclusion, that if. They lose the house in the Senate, impeachment. Proceedings, will begin almost instantly. We. Have some. Real big issues that we're going to be losing on one, is infrastructure, which was another big campaign, promise building, the wall is going to be imperiled, and, depending, on what happens in the Senate the whole judicial. Nomination. Could come to, a complete and grinding stop we're, gonna have some Supreme Court vacancies, that, are going to determine the future of this country for the next 50, to 60 years those. Are critical nominations. And they need to get confirmed by the Senate when they're made and if. We lose if, the Democrats take the Senate as well we're. Going to lose all those judicial nominations. And, that's why we must do everything in our power to block, this. Appointment. Let's, take a page out, of Mitch McConnell's, book and, not have a vote on this until. The midterm, elections. If, they take the house we. Will have a divided. Impotent. Government, where nothing, gets accomplished, if, it will be ugly and horrible even, beyond, the ludicrous, and dishonest. Impeachment, hearings which, manifestly. Corrupt Democrats will be conducting, in the, full light of day with everyone, knowing that, it's purely a partisan exercise. Of. The American, people, his. Motives. And his, actions, are contemptible. And I. Will buy, every. Day until, he is a beast, we, have to keep the house, because. If you listen. To Maxine, Waters. She. Goes around saying, we, will impeach, him, we, will impeach. Him, that, people said but he, hasn't done anything wrong it's. Time for his agenda to be enacted fully and need, the, midterm, elections to stay with the Republicans. For. That agenda to continue, otherwise you're going back to more. Regulation, more taxes, and more state control from. An Obama Clinton, approach, to government. Going. Out in 2018, is like, going out in 2016, or going, out in 2020, this, is a referendum as to whether or not the Forgotten man will be remembered, and whether. Or not the deplorable x' will still be heard and whether, or not we live in a system where. A duly, elected president. Is allowed, to do his job the. President is unstoppable. What. He did when he ran for president wasn't. Done for money and wasn't done for fame he, will never give up but, he's only one man for. The last 30 years our. Nation, has been covered, in a, ice blanket, of political, correctness that. Froze solid the, media, who arts, and politics. We. Allowed that blanket, to form but. Then two, years ago along came a man the, Kryptonite, of political correctness I will. Always put, America. First and, like an ice-breaking ship, he. Slammed into that ice and. Broke a pathway and, freed, that see later but if you understand, the physics of ice break, when. That tungsten ha write down on that ice and breaks, it free if you don't have a flotilla, of ships that. Comes in right behind the ice breaker, in real, life what happens, the. Ice comes, around, the bow around. The hull of the ship and, then. Almost instantaneously. Reen its itself, and, closes, off that water.

America. Must. Create, the, flotilla. Every, single person, who, is proud of what has been achieved, must. Come to, be part of that flotilla, and to. Be what the military calls a force. Multiplier. For the present. Mistakes. The. Next election are even, bigger than, the one that changed. The face of the nation. You. You.

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Great Documentary, Great President, God Bless America and make it Great Again.

1:16:33 of awesomeness!!!! And this is coming from someone who ‘blind fully’ voted for Hillary just because I’m gay and that’s who I thought I HAD to vote for.. BS!!! Never again!!!

This movie just shows how biased the MSM truly is... and if the MSM wants to be taken 'seriously' again, then they need to learn how to be impartial and just tell the truth because atm they a complete joke. (and no one is laughing) ;-P

That Obama did nothing to stop the violence after the election is enough to have him jailed for treason. Maddow and the rest of them are just simple minded puppets who know not what they do.

I just saw a site where Conservatives are leaving blue states and moving to red states , America is so divided it's like two different countries.

All the leftists have now is to pay women big money to accuse republicans of sexual assault. They are scraping the bottom of the barrell. The end is nigh.


Look at all those Uneducated Sad Apes who voted Tump. What a bunch of morons. Trump and Bannon have perfectly shown the world how dumb Americans are. The world is laughing at them and lost all respect for the US.. Thank you Donald and Steve, job well done.

Red tsunami from sea to shining sea!!!! God Bless Trump!!!! Wwg1wga


How many of those protesting morons are now gainfully employed because of the Trump economy?

Trump's Russian trolls are out in force again, I observe.

Embarrassing how so many sheeple drank the Trump is racist kool-aid. Read how he forced his country clubs in Florida to admit Blacks. They didn't want to. Trump forced them to allow blacks. I am so weary of the false racism hysteria.

AMERICA the greatest nation on earth

Rise of the Nihilists

South African for Trump 2018 :)

He Reminds me of the movie "Gladiator".

#gaysfortrump And liberals wonder why we voted for Donald Trump. That Lemon-Waterboy for FAKE NEWS CNN. What a joke. We’ll win again in 2020.

DUMB DEMonicRATS you're FINISHED ANTI-Constitution period

The left loves to make themselves feel superior by pointing out low information trump supporters, and will conveniently ignore the numerous low information democrat supporters that turns out to not only be their base but the majority of their supporters

I have officially boycotted all mainstream media from all my devices. I have long time ago removed all social media. I now know how to use Google and YouTube's search engine more efficiently. Boycott fake news! Boycott mainstream media! Remove Facebook! Look for the facts! Share the facts! We are all watching you America and cheering you on. Take them down! Full Disclosure 2018

"No Trump no wall no USA at all." Their faces are right there. Deport these imbeciles now. See how soon they beg to return.

I fear for this country. I fear,...... Trump was placed into office by global entities, unbeknownst to him, in order to bring him and MORE importantly, conservative values to ruin. He has not been allowed a single day's respite from a vitriolic media attack since before being elected; by design.  He was allowed a victory by the deep state/globalists through the electoral college and deprived of a popular vote (which I believe he won) in order to strip him of a consensus and popular mandate. He is unaware he is a pawn.  After he is destroyed the founding principles of conservatism will never again be broached by Republicans. Borders, language, culture, tax cuts, the constitution and the rule-of-law, etc, are no more, design. The American Election system is a fraud and has been since the introduction of electronic voting machines. The integrity of the American election system has been reduced to a software program, by design. The Republican party and the two-party system is part of the illusion of balance. Which is why they refuse to enforce federal law and absolutely refuse to support their duly elected president. After Trump is gone America will fall into an Orwellian style soft communist state. In November, the Republicans will lose their majority in the house and senate, design. Trump will be rendered useless. Trump will be impeached/voted out. Pence will not run. America will never recover. After Trump is gone the Republicans will shift to the extreme left and Democrats onto the arena of communism. I believe the system is broken, however, I would love to be proved wrong.

And it opens with reprehensible Lemon???? Please!!! Everyone!! End hate. Cherish and learn from one another. Do not allow the psychopathic criminals who have been dismantling our country for generations to win the day.

“Love trump hate” yet burns down their city’s and hate everyone who supports trump hahaha that’s why liberals and Democrats are fucking stupid

I hope all these people, with violence for political views, wake up someday.

The best Trump documentary by far.

THIS video just prove that how the people abuse and bully the Trump supporters with violence and irrational behaviors. I didnt see the the revolution there, but i saw a bunch of insane and violent and also UNCIVILIZED crowd that were using force and violence to threat and violate Trump supporters. I just watched the video for the very beginning but then I realized that i cant watch for any longer, because my intelligence and my moral cognition cannot abide this video which is a totally humiliating to the people who have the average and above intelligence and ethics. I cant believe that American people would buy it. This video make me sick, I cannot believe that America society would degenerate to a so chaotic and disordered and uncivilized anomie. The person who hosted in this video is so absurd by using a serious face to suggest me that using violence and against other people seems like a righteous thing. Haven't you evolved yet form being a gorilla, Trump protestors?

Anyway, the video proved that how judicious to elect Trump as president against those violent people so that those gorillas' leader would not be the president of USA. Good job, America people who are the sober ones.

support trump.

We can't let down or guard, "RED TSUNAMI" in November!!! demonrats start going to prison in January!!! What a great way to start 2019!!!

There was a video of two "news" announcers lamenting the fact that Killery lost. Then they said "we did everything we could to help her". Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to download it. I have tried to find this video but You Tube is hiding it no surprise there. If anyone can point me to the video, I would appreciate it.

Facts are facts

God i hope we win this election

Thank God For Pres. Donald J TRUMP

So Democrats just want to derail trump, and all trump is doing is making everything better haha fucking liberals and Democrats are pathetic

Trump is a puppet of the rothschilts like al the other presidents only jfk didnt want that and he paid for it. Point

Did you see all those Trump supporters destroying stuff and attacking people? lol

Blood will be flowing like rivers on the streets, but I hope God it is worth it these evil parasites on the left are 100% completely destroyed

Please Americans, remember that Chinese Communist Party is your biggest enemy in the world, not the people being kidnapped by this government.

It's what we all have known since the beginning, the deplorables were the antifa/dems/media/illegals the whole time. Bye bye losers this is America and don't let the door hit you on the way out DEMS.

This video makes me so proud to be an America.. I cant understand how the Left supporters can even fathom impeaching President Trump.. I mean its crazy.. Literal insanity.. Look at the sate of every Blue Liberal city/state.. There hellholes! and look at what this mans accomplished in only two years!? Comparing apples and oranges.. You cant do it! Trump is doing  exactly what he said he would do and the proof is all around us everyday! The American resurgence is happening!

CNN is fueling the hatred umong all people who are against Trump. That's a crime if you ask me! I don't live in America, but the same is happening here in Europe. Every media has an anti Trump campaign. The MSM is responsible for all the violence that is taking place!

Libtards and commies need only one thing. Wiping out. Lets send them and their has-been ideology into the history books where they belong for good.

My like pushed it to 11k .. Winning

It’s sad how brainwashed the left is. I got my daughter a Trump T-shirt and my own mother told me not to let her wear it as she went on about how he’s a dictator and mentally ill. Trump has literally saved us. The left can simply not govern and anything the left accuses trump of, they themselves are guilty of. I was so proud to vote for him and will be again and I’m very thankful I think and see clearly unlike the drones on the other side.

Snowflakes hate Trump.


I love our President. God bless and protect him. St. Michael the archangel please protect our President. Amen

Don lemon your tremendous dick head.

Stupid, stupid Americans!! Goaded on by Zionist controlled media they are willing to fight each other and riot over a president who is going to continue with same bullshit agenda of Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. Trump is not only an Israel ass kisser but he kowtows at the Wailing (submission) Wall. He is literally an in-law to those outlaws! America deserves what it is going to get..full blown screwed and tattooed Communism. Acting like dangerously emotional and frenzied fans at a Saturday night wrestling match..good guy vs bad guy when they all work for the same federation. Exactly what Soros destroy America from within by a revolution. There is NO savior president for America. Karma is coming for all the killing the USA has done everywhere. Know one thing..the USA and Britain funded Lenin.

Wow, unbelievable world filled with children. When will you humans get over your hate?


Awesome !!!!

go trump , thanks god for trump

Revolution or death? Give them death

Oregon says Trump ,Soros is a loser

Trump, Trump

I support trump

this is my storm Looking at the news on my cell phone utube . I have a lot freedom an all but i feel trapped in the world of treasonest people that want to over through our country. i keep an eye out to watch the storm . this is my storm. Broken people who come to power end there careers rich . otherwise paid by george Soros . Protesting rebublicans for nothing the kind of people you dont know but know. I cant be so dumb down to not to understand there motive. i look away to see the storm . This is my storm

as a NON American who has never been to America , I just can't understand the level of pure evil your networks , media , and anti Trump people are , and just how sheer brainwashed and delusional the left is , and considering 95% of Americas problems are caused by local state politics not even the white house regardless who the President is , I can't see how your Country will remain 50 States , I can see America becoming like Africa , 50 separate country's .

Fuck CNN communist news network

1:11:39 there’s a sign that shows our president as all might

These Dems /Lefts are uneducated about there countries Constitution. I am shocked at how violent they are. If they only Knew that your President Trump is saving your country from the NWO/Deep State/Democrats! The World is watching! God Bless President Trump & American Patriots!

What a bunch of American animals! MAGA, Trump2020!!!



I love the entire video as a patriotic American. President Trump will probably go down as the greatest President in our short history. He believes and achieves every major promise he made during his campaigning. If liberals and republican elites will stop obstructing, he will lead us to great strength and prosperity. On a more personal note, id love to have about 50 rooms set aside for MSM and politician reconsideration. In the first room i would want Don Lemon. I guarantee after 5 minutes in that room with me he would be reconsidering his views of REAL AMERICANS. It wouldn't be pretty but very effective. Just go on down the line with Rachel Maddow, Schumer, Booker, Whoopi, Colbert, and on and on. 5 minutes with each would be plenty enough to change their outlook on life. These people, along with the antifa pansies and other Trump hate groups are a shit stain on America that Clorox wont bleach out. Getting about time for real patriotic Americans to do the wash. Then flush them on down the drain with the rest of the swamp dwellers. United We Stand, Divided We Fall. Time to unite and make a stand with our president. Vote for Ameica this November, vote Republican for Trump and his support. God bless America

The radical left is rising in Australia as well. If America falls to these radical totalitarians I believe the rest of the democratic world will too. I cant believe how this can occur given the abhorrent history of the left.

The status quo represents a high-low alliance against the middle. It's a an alliance between the champagne socialists and the lowest dregs of society, both of which are parasites who are parasites leeching off of the productive class.

Don are such an annoying cuck......yep even gay men can completely cuck out....and you've managed to accomplish that. Although I'm sure it has really done a number on your C4 & C5 vertebrae over the years.

Its incredibly moronic... No Trump fan watches CNN or Lemmon. Moron.

Trump is hands down the greatest President of the U.S. of America that Stands for We the People for the People...

God bless Trump

I am an Indonesian.and I want Mr Trump to be our president...

The communist left want a war they will loose in a few days ?? I'll happily exterminate hundreds and thousands of them. bring it on you SCUM. Mark my words: The leftwing communists in America will be exterminated .

Superman in human form.

When will these fucks learn that fascism is a leftist idea. What these liberals are doing is exactly what hitlers brown shirts did. Beat people in the streets, burn the things they didn’t like. Trump 2020!

Ryan's face.  What a prick.

i have come to one HUGE conclusion, if you are uneducated and that does not mean have a good education, but if your don't analyse and aren't a critical thinker, your a sheep been led, you are the sheep and the TV is your shepard, people who have a clue will always see the the democrat's bullshit, they keep you at war with each other and have led you down a path where your offended by everything, people with a brain don't get led like sheep

Best fucking video I've ever seen

Anything happens to our president. there will be a civil war, it will be the collapse of the United States, they will be chaos in the streets, Democrats are very disgusting sickening pigs

Still remember how they laughed at Ann Coulter. She was right about everything. Truly a great woman.

It's the cnn coverage!

Stick this movie up your ass !!

Lol.. typical

And their you have it folks.... your typical anti Trumper moron .... thanks for verifying a few things on this movie ...... u fuckin moron !

Paid bots smashing the like button

They want war? Let's kill every last one of them!!

hi ejamsc isnt killing every one of the them a bridge to far you having a bad day ?

YAWN.....this is even worse than Fahrenheit 11/9

this movie was excellent! they should make it a requirement to watch in schools LOL! I give it two big thumbs up! MAGA!

You fucking retards the government has nothing to do with the economy, Trump did nothing for the economy and neither did Obama, both parties are a joke STOP VOTING DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICANS!

Fucked Trump asshole! Someone should heat up steel rod and stick it to his orange, racist, old, wrinkled, pedophilic ass! Kill Trump, kill Obama, burn USA!


Anyone who is a Democrat or Republican is committing treason, they are domestic terrorist organizations. Nothing will change until both parties are ended and everyone who supports them

I disagree, israel needs to burn. But for gods sake guys re elect this man, he has been the only democratically elected leader to fulfil promises, and restore wealth to the middle class. Please guys vote for him. Voting never works if the left rig it and win illegally, but they can never exceed half of the votes, or it is too obvious. You did it once, do it twice. 2020 Trumps golden years

But why so mean to Isreal ? ? :/

America: I have never breathed your air. I do not know any Americans. But I pray that every single person who values freedom gets to the polls, and defeats the local head of the evil globalist hydra of the Southern Democrat party, the British Labor party, and countless Liberal, Greens & socialist parties around the world : love Trump. Hate Trump. It don't matter. You gotta vote for your local Republican no matter what you think of her or him - for the good of the world, not just the USA.

I live in Australia and is interesting to to see 10,000+ thumbs up for this video and under 500 thumbs down... and that about sums I up. Trump will Triumph!

Hi from Down Under,wish our leaders were half the man Trump is,go Trump,give it to them,they deserve everything they get.

One way to take down a thriving nation is to create civil unrest among its citizens from within. I hope we all can see that we are being pegged against one another like puppets on a sting and need to find some stability soon. We are a soap opera on the world stage. President Trump has done more for this great nation than most presidents so far. The corporate media tries to tear him down with his tweets but fail to recognize his great work. Actions speak louder than words.

The true face of the "tolerant" left.

WOw!!!! there are people who actually like this bafoon?? I never knew..



Pedophiles. Liars Demons stupids traitors nothing but propaganda. They hiding their Satanism. President Trump our only hope. Otherwise fema camps

I'm an Indian living in UAE..... Always and always thought this guy was an asshole and that USA was a joke for electing him.... But I guess I understand now.... I find similarities between him and our MODI... And MODI is being attacked by the opposition, the other religious asshole parties, the basic assholes.... Hope Trump does well

As an Aussie this is discusting i've never seen things this bad

having signs that say love trumps hate and then start bashing people with it great way to get your point across

lol, because American politics wasn't full of sleaze and corruption before Trump lol

Trump gives me so much hope and he gave me a bigger paycheck we have to fight and we are silenced you never hear our side the media ignores us it’s our time to roar like lions like we did in the election

Trump is AWESOME!

Donald Trump is the best president to ever take office since Lincoln. Fuck CNN.

Don lemon is a punk what about antifa

i am an Indian but i would have voted for trump if i was in USA during elections

so they are now neglecting U.S.A along with Trump? i mean WTF?

Great video thanks

2020 here we come.

Mainstream media has been the enemy of America getting people to become divided by instigating hateful rhetoric. America was going down and it seems the Democrats are the ones that doesn’t care about America.

The best president of my generation (I'm 18 years old), 3.9% unemployment, 4.6% GDP, biggest tax cuts in history...what more could you really ask for? #MAGA #VoteRed

They force to violence and then they need a safe space. Man fuck those retards,just fuck them.

16:05 "I AM YOUR VOICE" Anybody else get goosebumps when he said that?

UK for Trump.

Really good effort on the video, production quality is astonishing

steve bannon is a genius. guess how? he ingenuously disguised this propaganda behind the veil of a movie, so if anything controversial is being said of reported he can not be sued for he can simply say it's a movie not real.... hehe.

God bless our President and God bless America!

Imagine giving a shit about Don Lemon's standards.

You know how I know this liberal p.o.s. is full of it? Because whenever anyone challenges him on his biased, race-baiting show on his biased race-baiting network, he cuts that person off, just turns off the screen. He has no tolerance for other points of view. What has Don Lemon ever done for America? Trump is a savior of the republic.

Please don't win too much Mr President! Lmao


Thanks for posting. Really wanted to see this

We must stand for our constitution. If they don't like it the can move to Cuba! Or Russia!!

The people spoke with their votes !!

The start of the video scared me. And that would be a perfectly acceptable movie put out by the Dems. But a very good movie, I was following every word. I'm a self appointed deplorable.

These people really don't want us Patriots to get serious if we really start fighting back it's going to be more violent than these pussy antifa fucks can ever imagine they have no idea what war really looks like the left has no idea what this could turn into i hate to say it but if this continues to get worse a civil war could be in the near future unfortunately.

It doesn't take a high I.Q. to understand that the Liberals are arrogant, childish, psychopath, manipulative, evil, underhanded douchebags. The first minute was all I could take of this 'film', but I struggled until 1:22. then I had to run for a vomit bag. The SAD part is, you Liberals are completely unaware of how ridiculous, pathetic and petty you look and sound. You have NO platform to campaign on other than a bitter tantrum against Trump. P.S. that 'blue wave' that you were so proud of, is nothing more than the swirling toilet water as you have flushed your future down the sewer. The Democrats will need a huge miracle to ever gain office again.

In a Society Disposing of Tradition, Do Not Expect a Traditional Presidency “We live today within a society that has rejected centuries of tradition and the resultant upheaval has led to gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, women in combat, sanctuary cities, the war against national icons deemed to be racist, and many other radical social changes. Ipso facto, nothing is more amusing than the indignant, outraged, politically correct fascists screaming for the restoration of a traditional presidency. No doubt modern times demand different methods and it is nothing short of brilliant for the presidency to utilize Twitter in order to bypass the Big Media brainwash machine. In a society that is in total upheaval on so many fronts, only the most naïve would expect the presidency to remain a traditional artifact, still operating in the same antiquated manner of other national leaders who antedated the current tumult.” ___________________ Catman Cohen, 2017

The Ongoing Cultural Wars are Long in the Making “The politically correct fascists, aka, the neo-McCarthyites, would like to blame racism, misogyny, homophobia, and all other societal ills upon the Presidency. They further wish to attribute the collapse of manners and civility to an outspoken President. In reality, the coarsening of American culture antedated the arrival of a forthright presidency. A culture of epithets is most attributable to a radical shift in the personalities that, long ago, seized the highest rungs of the Arts, Big Media, and Academe. No better example can be found than mainstream music whose hostile, crude, lyrics are oft a mantra of “f==k, bi==h, nig==r,” repeated ad nauseam. No better example can be found than Big Media that now emulate yellow journalism. No better example can be found than universities that no longer suffer free speech, and obscenely attack or shut down all viewpoints deviating from the politically correct orthodoxy. Although it might be appealing for some to scapegoat a controversial Presidency as the progenitor of the current cultural wars, that would be a simplistic analysis without merit.” ___________________ Catman Cohen, 2018

The Strange Hypocrisy of the Progressive Intelligentsia “There is a strange hypocrisy preached by the politically correct fascists, aka, neo-McCarthyites, of the nation, who imagine themselves to be members of a progressive intelligentsia. In their minds, it is perfectly acceptable to denounce the residents of heartland states in the most vicious, pejorative, terms, e.g., hicks, rubes, inbreds, hillbillies, rednecks, bible thumpers, etc. However, in the minds of the bi-coastal intelligentsia, it is entirely unacceptable for those same heartland residents to cast analogous negative epithets upon those groups who constitute the new Tyranny of Minorities, e.g., LGBT, black supremacists, illegal aliens, Atheists, etc., all aiming to impose their norms upon the heartland. Membership within any minority does not grant special exemptions nor privileges and, most importantly, does not excuse any egregious lapses of social etiquette. Until the politically correct fascists learn to respect their own heartland neighbors, they best cease didactic, condescending, lectures about how they expect others to treat them.” ___________________ Catman Cohen, 2017

The Diversity of Ideas is Under Attack Today “The politically correct fascists promote a concept of diversity that is its very antithesis. Contrary to the self-serving polemics advanced by intellectuals and artists who so completely dominate the societal conversation from their lofty pedestals in California or New York, genuine diversity is not contingent upon mere skin color, gender, or sexual preference. For example, a black farmer shares far more in common with his white counterpart than any black urban sophisticate. Or a female rancher more likely relates to a male cowboy than a female journalist based within a concrete jungle. Or a gay miner is bound to empathize far more with the daily preoccupations of a straight miner than a wealthy gay interior designer. Ultimately, genuine diversity derives primarily from differences of experience, location, vocation, viewpoints, or net worth. Those who imagine that genitalia, choice of bedmates, or mere skin pigment are the sole criteria for defining diversity are purely delusional. Essentially, in its current incarnation, diversity Is a scam, contrived by special interest groups to promote their parochial goals at the expense of all that is truly diverse.” _______________________Catman Cohen, 2018

Its 'An-Honor' Mr.Trump! Keep-up 'The-Good-Work' & keep-fighting 'The-Good-fight'!!! May God-Bless-U & Ur-Loved-1's!

From the very trusted ### INTERNATIONAL.RED CROSS ### This comprehensive account from an entirely neutral source incorporated and expanded the findings of two previous works: Documents sur l’activité du CICR en faveur des civils détenus dans les camps de concentration en Allemagne 1939-1945 (Geneva, 1946), and Inter Arma Caritas: the Work of the ICRC during the Second World War (Geneva, 1947). The team of authors, headed by Frédéric Siordet, explained in the opening pages of the Report that their object, in the tradition of the Red Cross, had been strict political neutrality, and herein lies its great value. The ICRC successfully applied the 1929 Geneva military convention in order to gain access to civilian internees held in Central and Western Europe by the Germany authorities. By contrast, the ICRC was unable to gain any access to the Soviet Union, which had failed to ratify the Convention. The millions of civilian and military internees held in the USSR, whose conditions were known to be by far the worst, were completely cut off from any international contact or supervision. The Red Cross Report is of value in that it first clarifies the legitimate circumstances under which Jews were detained in concentration camps, i.e. as enemy aliens. In describing the two categories of civilian internees, the Report distinguishes the second type as “Civilians deported on administrative grounds (in German, “Schutzhäftlinge”), who were arrested for political or racial motives because their presence was considered a danger to the State or the occupation forces” (Vol. 111, p. 73). These persons, it continues, “were placed on the same footing as persons arrested or imprisoned under common law for security reasons.” (P.74). The Report admits that the Germans were at first reluctant to permit supervision by the Red Cross of people detained on grounds relating to security, but by the latter part of 1942, the ICRC obtained important concessions from Germany. They were permitted to distribute food parcels to major concentration camps in Germany from August 1942, and “from February 1943 onwards this concession was extended to all other camps and prisons” (Vol. 111, p. 78). The ICRC soon established contact with camp commandants and launched a food relief programme which continued to function until the last months of 1945, letters of thanks for which came pouring in from Jewish internees. Red Cross Recipients Were Jews The Report states that “As many as 9,000 parcels were packed daily. >From the autumn of 1943 until May 1945, about 1,112,000 parcels with a total weight of 4,500 tons were sent off to the concentration camps” (Vol. III, p. 80). In addition to food, these contained clothing and pharmaceutical supplies. “Parcels were sent to Dachau, Buchenwald, Sangerhausen, Sachsenhausen, Oranienburg, Flossenburg, Landsberg-am-Lech, Flöha, Ravensbrück, Hamburg-Neuengamme, Mauthausen, Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, to camps near Vienna and in Central and Southern Germany. The principal recipients were Belgians, Dutch, French, Greeks, Italians, Norwegians, Poles and stateless Jews” (Vol. III, p. 83). In the course of the war, “The Committee was in a position to transfer and distribute in the form of relief supplies over twenty million Swiss francs collected by Jewish welfare organisations throughout the world, in particular by the American Joint Distribution Committee of New York” (Vol. I, p. 644). This latter organisation was permitted by the German Government to maintain offices in Berlin until the American entry into the war. The ICRC complained that obstruction of their vast relief operation for Jewish internees came not from the Germans but from the tight Allied blockade of Europe. Most of their purchases of relief food were made in Rumania, Hungary and Slovakia. The ICRC had special praise for the liberal conditions which prevailed at Theresienstadt up to the time of their last visits there in April 1945. This camp, “where there were about 40,000 Jews deported from various countries was a relatively privileged ghetto” (Vol. III, p. 75). According to the Report, “‘The Committee’s delegates were able to visit the camp at Theresienstadt (Terezin) which was used exclusively for Jews and was governed by special conditions. From information gathered by the Committee, this camp had been started as an experiment by certain leaders of the Reich … These men wished to give the Jews the means of setting up a communal life in a town under their own administration and possessing almost complete autonomy. . . two delegates were able to visit the camp on April 6th, 1945. They confirmed the favourable impression gained on the first visit” (Vol. I, p . 642). The ICRC also had praise for the regime of Ion Antonescu of Fascist Rumania where the Committee was able to extend special relief to 183,000 Rumanian Jews until the time of the Soviet occupation. The aid then ceased, and the ICRC complained bitterly that it never succeeded “in sending anything whatsoever to Russia” (Vol. II, p. 62). The same situation applied to many of the German camps after their “liberation” by the Russians. The ICRC received a voluminous flow of mail from Auschwitz until the period of the Soviet occupation, when many of the internees were evacuated westward. But the efforts of the Red Cross to send relief to internees remaining at Auschwitz under Soviet control were futile. However, food parcels continued to be sent to former Auschwitz inmates transferred west to such camps as Buchenwald and Oranienburg.

There were many tragedies in WW1 and WW2 the Polish tragedy the USSR tragedy and Japan , China , German and the English tragedies, but why then are we NOT allowed to question or talk about right or wrong the only one tragedy ie the Jewish one why is that ?

CNN burn in hell you dumb fucks

How can we ALL work towards the betterment of the Human race ? can we call a truce and all get back to our own countries, at least.? remember "thou shall NOT KILL" thou shall NOT make weapons of mass destruction that KILL any where !. World Bank and IMF have been the greatest purveyors of poverty around the world, despite their rhetorical claims to the opposite. These institutions, representing the powerful Western nations and their financial interests that dominate them, spread social apartheid around the world, exploiting both the people and the resources of the vast majority of the world’s population.

there is a very large amount of people that do not really care about all of these penny ante issues that are being tossed around and people looking stupid hell i support all the bigger issues and that is all I need to know . Your gay great you are a mix of sexs have a good time with that but really just do not give a shit about all of the sideline bs issues and i dont give a shit who does the things that are important to me just that they are done so i voted for the wall and for putting americans first I voted for the economy and make us better than we ever were aka make great again just throwing that out there

Not one Leftard will ever find one example of vile behavior or a racist word from Donald Trump because they don't exist. Don Lemon knows it is pure BS to undermine our only hope for America. The media is FAKE. They are the enemy! Liberals are dumb.

Trump is a great man

Amazing movie, thank you for making it! #Truth #MAGA #TRUMP

Trump is the greatest president since Reagan.

God bless President Trump. He and our powerful new military leaders are saving America! Saving the world from evil forces!

The left will forever be tainted with this bitterness and that's why they outrage because they've never, ever known what it's like to lose this badly.

You just know it’s a feeling you can’t explain like we are finally one!!!!

The US elected Trump on change : an American-centric policy that deemphasizes welfare for foreign states and ends mass immigration of poor, unskilled 3rd world illiterati.

God Bless Donald Trump and the United States of America

More accomplishments than any other president. Can't wait till all the swamp is locked up.

whoah this is effective propaganda beacuse theres so much truth in it too but nevertheless full blown propaganda v effective

Eat shit and die Democrats!!!!

Eff you (((Mueller)))

I appreciate this documentary. Trump is definately caring about his country. As an outsider, like most of the world population, we really hoped for US to stop warmongering, be leader in peace rather. That would earn world respect. This nonsense of Russia an Iran is really bothering the world, pathecic propaganda for what reason? Russia and Iran defeated Isis, not US. US illegally in asovereign country, based on international law. This Iran Russia nonsense is pathetic, both these countries are more democratic than US ally of Saudia Arabia "kingdom". US policy makes no sense. World threats and hostility come from undue interference. Leave and let be, unless direct threat to your own people.

Journalists lie; people die.

OBAMA was a FAILURE AND a WORTHLESS President! I am so GLAD he is no longer POTUS!

This needs to play in every school and college!!! My boi trump shinning

We need someone like Trump in Sweden to steer this country in the right direction. The country is ruined by liberals and socialists, it's chaos.


So awesome!! Good luck America! You can do it! Please lead and show the whole world how it should be done! Cheers from Indonesia!

We need Federal prosecutor Cullen to get this! He just arrested FOUR more of our people for simply defending ourselves in Charlottesville last year! After 3 years of being beaten, assaulted, spit on, and bloodied, we were supposed to just sit by!? White men will not back down, CAN'T JAIL US ALL!

"Red Red Wine"....Goes to my A-A-ASS!

We still have time! GET OUT THE VOTE!!

"Rusty Shackleford" LOL

As a black woman, I was so DISAPPOINTED when @33.30, not one member of the Congressional Black Caucus stood up to applaud when President Trump announced that African-American employment was (and still is) at its lowest rate in history. How can our "so-called" black leaders not be happy about that?! Only one member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) applauded and I guess he was too afraid to stand up. It just shows me that the CBC only cares about Power and Control and not about the well-being of black people. I am so GLAD that I left the Democrat Plantation in 1986 when I was 22 years old. I'm glad God let me find out about them when I was young!

Racist: badge of honor

MAGA. America First! The children of the lie are willing to say or do anything. They will not win, they are cowards, the truth will cut them down. They are pitiful. Imagine the audacity of a man that wants to make his country GREAT. What Daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! WHAT ARROGANCE! I salute YOU!

All of the violence seems to becoming from the left...quite hypocritical for such "tolerant" people.

Donald Trump in 2020, Ivanka Trump in 2024 and 2028. Lets give the left a big middle finger by electing the first female president.

You are soooooooo over!!!!!! uneducated bias one sided bigoted Idiots!!!! What does it say about you!!! (CLINTON) If Trump Wins we all HANG!!!! 2020 bring it on Trump is gonna Win...


Can we get more Southeast Asian female immigrants, please? Our women are trash.

This should be in the theaters. The American people need to see this!

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smoke em' out and lock em' up president trump. great job with this film steve bannon. although I didn't like all the side shots where it looks like the narrators looking at the wrong camera. we don't need that kind of crap. too trendy.

Support Trump!!



"God" is fake news like trump you loser

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resist the authorities resist what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good, and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore one must be in subjection, not only to avoid God's wrath but also for sake of conscience. ... Romans 13:1-7. seek your maker ppl. John 8:32 Gabe the street preacher

Can’t even imagine the amount of jobs created to make this right??

Did you forget TRUMP told PUTIN to hack america BEFORE the ELECTION?...Ahahahaha Fucktards

America was great when it had a positive white identity.

I love watching leftist wingnuts become unhinged. Thank you for the entertainment.

You`re welcome pedophile

Wow. That was very compelling - although I am already a dedicated Trump supporter.

Yeah, i can tell by you`re profile pick you are a trumpturd loser

Thank You Jesus For Donald Trump!!!

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Hell is real whether you believe it or not & without Jesus your him going there...

With the eyes your reading these words you will look at Jesus when you die... You will remember your foolish words... Your belief has no baring on reality... Poison kills whether, you believe it or not... Fire Burns, whether you believe it or not.... Jesus is Real Whether you believe it or not & he is the reason this country became so great... The founders of America were Evangelical Christians! & God Built this country!

"Homo Erectus" is older than "Religion"...You are "fake news"

2nd amendment is more important now than ever before. Good people that love their country need to arm themselves now! The psychotic left want all white men dead. Be ready to defend yourself.


Democrats are dividing this country


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I love President Trump. He is doing more than any President in my 51 years alive. I voted Trump in 2016 and will continue to do so. The Dems are all whiny cry babies and mad cause they arent getting their pockets lined with blood money. I would never vote any differently. I suggest all these Dems to start paying attention and getting the truth of what is really happening. Most Fems are followers and too stupid to take the time and start depending on themselves for education. Take the time and really weigh the scales. Then look in the mirror. Too many women wanted a woman President only cause she is a female. Hillary had no message and robbed this country up one side and down the other. Her dirty deeds and kill list is outrageous. In all the years in the White House she could have proven herself had she been serious about making things better. Instead, she sided with the corrupt all for the almighty dollar and Power. Greed set in and she eliminated all who got in her way. Im not even going to comment about Obama or Bill or others before them. Please just stop being afraid to vote opposite your family and friends. Most people dont speak who they voted for. A vote should be private, Thats why there is usually a curtain at the voting poles. Im sorry for this country being so divided. This too was a Democratic stunt. Soros and all the middle men instigating this conflict. Research this for yourself! When will enough be enough.? I believe President Trump is in this for the long haul. Get used to it already. After all, we all had to with Obama and we never threw tantrum fits over his election. Life goes on. In closing... God Bless this Country and Everyone on both sides.

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Trump is just another jew puppet, nothing ever changes.


Paid Progressives are in peoples face. They want someone to get killed.


Fuck you don Lemmon. You’ll are the globalist.We Trump supporters are the patriots! You’ll are all going down. As usual you ignorant leftist are on the wrong side of history again.

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This is some hilarious shit!

True, accurate, inspiring....Excellent film. THANK YOU!! Like, Share.


LOL look now they are trying to take down this video. By putting a age restriction on it : The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. They will stop at nothing to Ban this video. SPREAD THIS LINK before they try and take it down and possibly suspend The Western Journal's account.

It has been flagged WOW I'm shocked ,well not really no.

I came to watch a second time and ive found that this videos listing is way down the list despite searching the excat name and it comes with a warning that the video may content content which some find offensive.

Youtube has already tried to ban this video - everyone download and reupload - FUCK THEIR NAZI CENSORSHIP


I was observing 2016 elections across ocean, and it was so funny to look how globalist lose, despite all that help from tv and famoust entertainment people. I was scared, that if Clinton wins, there is straight way to hell, and we will be in socialist global shithole. Thank you President Trump, and thank you sane people...

Entry to the video: "The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.", typical youtube censoring the left whilst promoting the Right, shame on them!.

fuck fake news....they keep showing us about a porn star that sleep with trump...Americans need to this documentary....omg he has done more than any president....he kept all promises as he promised.....god bless america...god bless the U.S military

If this was a democrats movie Youtube wouldn't have made it "this may be offensive "at the beginning and confirm to watch

All politics ....He will get his second term to as time travelers have come back and told us ....

They are censoring us ...if anyone tells you this is propaganda ask them which side is shutting people up ....they are afraid because they know this is all true

«The following content has been identified by the YouTube Community as INAPPROPRIATE or OFFENSIVE» I'm just leaving this sh*t here...........

♥GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!♥ The World is Better for his love of Country! This movie is filled with every ounce of the emotion's felt from beginning to end. Reminding me where we were and the deep feeling of being blessed on that Nov. 7th morning! Never forget! I have been inspired that the people of this country love America as much as I do. It feels Great! God Bless the *U*S*A*!!!!!!

I wish President Trump could run Canada Kick Tru-dumb out and his muslim terrorist he gave over a million dollars to but had nothing for the Vets. They all came and still coming, with nice new luggage and clothes, a couple cell phones, money and are NOT real refugees either and the majority are males alone or with a friend! Not even close to as many families Trudeau said They get housing before needed Canadians and a great check etc.. America should be very happy he's The President. :)

Impeachment = Civil War.

Can someone put a list of the pro-Trump candidates. I want to vote for the right people, so we can keep moving in the direction Trump wants to take us.

AMERICA CONQUERS AGAIN! Thank you President for your Word and Action and Thanks to All of our Voters!! DONALD TRUMP 2020...IVANKA 2024.... AND SO ON

Maybe Mandela Effect *BUT* I remember Steve Bannon turning on The President and stabbing him in the back on national TV... Now I see he makes this film? Simple me confused again! #Trump2018

Every time I see videos like this, my faith and belief in Trump grows and is solidified. The fact that all sides vehemently believed Trump would lose is evidence of corruption and liars at the top of the pyramid. Hillary was **supposed to win** - it was supposed to happen because the swamp and the 1% wished it so. There is not a single incorruptible politician in Washington nor an honest bsuinessman in Wall Street today. It's time for the American people to reclaim their country from those that would see it destroyed. I pray for it every day, and I feel it is coming soon. The man has a fortune to pay for his progeny to never have to work for 100 generations, and he chose to sacrifice that wealth and safety for this country. An amazing president if ever there was. Trump sees it, it's so obvious: all empires that have fallen before have fallen because they outsourced the middle class. They eliminated the manufacturing sectors. Every. Single. One. There is no exception. The working class must survive and thrive, or America will fall. Look at what the Democrats have done to countless cities that were once bations of human determination and grit: Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, St Louis, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Newark - and the list goes on! Everything the Democrats touch turns sour and poisons its people and turns them into zombie followers who depend on the state to eek our a pathetic life of dependence and bondage.

I do not make excuses for President Trump, because he has done nothing that needs excusing. MAGA

Made ne confirm that some people think this video is offensive.

Great work on ISIS! I know it's tough to kill you drug dealer. But when are we going to get out of bed with Saudi Arabia the actual biggest terror supporters!?

The Caliphate of ISIS was mostly defeated by Russians and Syrian Army in Syria and thats the fact.

Just remember Bernie Sanders would have easily beaten Donald Trump. The Democrats failure was the inability of the party bosses to accept the populism and anti-authoritarianism that has been building for decades.

Your country is fucked.

GRAB THEM BY THE PUSSY. He has the best words. By the way he was talking about groping a woman, grabbing her pussy, then kissing them whether they wanted to or not. You know abit like rape. What a guy. Also he fucks pornstars while his wife is recovering from having his own child. But who hasn't? Top stuff. So I guess it's good he is the president and not a teacher or something so he's not near kids. His dad also gave him $413million in tax avoiding gifts since birth, so I guess that's also good that he knows what it's like to have to work to buy groceries and things. He's just like us you see, normal and very stable genius and can remember things sometimes, even if what he remembers is wrong. Obama was a lizard man from Africa anyway. Trump 4020!

Leftist Yelling No U.S.A.?! Get that Fuck out My Country than!! Go to China or the middle east see how that works out For You!!! Idiots wining cause your feelings got hurt???

Guys, We have to get out to vote in 34 day's if we want this amazing and unbelievable push for our Country to Continue to prosper. Please guy's. I cannot overstate it enough. We Love what The President has done so far. Let's keep it going! Vote Republican in only 34 day's guy's. GOD Bless you all & GOD Bless these United States!

Crazy piece of propaganda.

I love our president! These people blame everything on this man , when in fact this was one messed up country long before he got into the picture! I am so glad he stepped up! He'll have my vote in 2020!

The greatest President in a long time. In truth much of the ISIS destruction was done by the Russians .... But it cannot be reported because of that idiotic claim that the Russians helped Trump win the election

Liberals are evil people.

If these idiots make AMERICA...then I'll be glad when a earthquake rock your world to DEATH

TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1

There's a variety of Anti Trump hate crimes documented in this map if anybody interested: The violence is real, not to mention the doxing and political persecution.

THis will probably get removed due to the isis scenes. Everyone download it asap

Get the Red vote out Nov. 6 !!

Lets go!!!!

PA resident here. Your welcome.

lmfao the muslim who looked over her shoulder at 18:29 to make sure no ones going to behead or lash her for making inappropriate face in her religion

I say deport the left.Its alot of people who love your America ,im one of them

Somebody needs to shoot that fat Orange Abe and soonnnnnnnnnnnnn DEATH TO AMERICA

I knew he would win when he completely dominated the republican debates, he took complete charge of the room. KAG 2020, imagine how things would be now 2 1/2 years into a Killary presidency.

45:00 Vietnam era SA-2 SAMs... Jesus!!!!!

The msm and the TYT should be ashamed of themselves they are treasonous at this stage

Darren Finnerty We have been preparing to destroy the msm and especially those turds at TYT MAGA

God bless you Donald Trump!

That's funny, of all people, he's calling someone a POS. Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black??? Now call me a racist. Hahahaha!!! Whatevah... TRUMP 2020!!! IVANKA 2024/2028!!!


What’s that say about you news correspondent CNN fake news Trump 2020


Russian Bot MAGA

TRUMP 2020!!! Ivanka Trump, our first woman president, 2024/2028!!! Trumps FOREVER!!! Don't forget to vote REPUBLICAN on November 6th!!!

Don Lemon should go suck a lemon!


Fucking liberals.Soon you will understand who you are

Stock up. Be prepared to fight.


This is just a rehashing.

If you support the left after watching the first 5 minutes, you support terrorism. As Americans turn to God Almighty, we will see change, evil does exist, but it goes unrestrained when there is no stand for righteous behavior, the Democrats! God must be our source and who we seek first and foremost. I thank God everyday for our great president, a man who fights for Americans!

F*ck the democrats and their leftish tricks to put republicans in bad daylight. One example? Kavenaugh. Trump is president, get over it!


pussy grabber will go to hell..for sure..

Harimau Garang Grab her by the pussy is metaphor for wake up bitch and stop being a pussy, or keep letting psycho fems and dems destroy our nation. Time to slaughter those fucks


Weld 360 real news and we are taking back our nation you shit

If We did not get Trump we would have gotten nothing but misery, God Bless D.J.Trump and All of us Americans

Daran Moghadam keep up MAGA if anyone wants a job in Australia during their gap break

the left is always violent.

John Black MAGA

Don Lemonhead is VILE and DISGUSTING.

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How come they didn't show the clip of Obama saying they started training Of ISIL Forces? Obama Should be executed for treason against humanity.


That is a incredible film that everyone needs to name is Jeff Pierce I work in the baken oil fields of North dakota.thank you president trump.thank you to your family and you for taking this great risk for all of us and our america.i am and always be a trump supporter.fought for him to get elected since day are a true American hero in my eyes.if we don't drain these evil people and flush them down the toilet.i think we all know what will happen.if the demon crats impede you ,I don't think the 85 percent of the population will let that go!!!!.do you hear me democratic party??!!!you better stay out of the way.!!!!!

And he is doing an outstanding Job...keeping every single promise made !!!

fuck trump

Leftist liberal pieces of absolute shit.

Americans need Trump.

awesome video, reminds me of the beginning of "Dawn of The Dead"

Thank you President Trump for all that you do

35:55 from the movie New Jack City, the Carter Apartment building (on the left)

lol the first 5 minutes of the this ""Leftists: fuck off, we don't wanna fickin hear from you get the fuck away" flash cuts " the discorse is OVER" "We're gonna fight back" more flash cuts "VIOLENT AND BLOODY CLASHES OUTSIDE OF TRUMP EVENT" cuts to scene of 'revolution or death' graphiti... there is never a shortage of people willing to talk remember that my fellow americans


And these press-titue reporters think Killery Clinton was any better! He cries racism, is this all he has against Trump? How many Iraqis hijacked the 9/11 planes? How many Saudis were there? Why didn't America invade Saudi Arabia? Obama spent eight years changing nothing. The US had Bush, the Butcher of Baghdad. Killery, the Butcher of Benghazi. Obama, the president who endorsed ISIS and trained up Syrian jihadist rebels. Yes, El Nusra (aka El Shabarb, El Kebab, El whatever they call themselves now) is an Al Qaeda affilate. Now you have Trump, who has so far reversed most of his policies. When will you American idiots learn? No matter who you vote into power, they will serve the interests of the shadow government and not the people. By the way, what is a Power Delegate vote? Undemocratic! That's what it is. You make me laugh when you state you have freedom and democracy. The blind leading the blind.

Don Lemon is the real racist.

Makes me love him even more. Trump #2020

Why do I feel like this is gonna end in a civil war......

For the first time in my life I can honestly say I'm proud of my President! TeamMaga!!!!

Oh and that blue wave in november '18? Bua ha ha ha. That was funny. It'll be more like a blue massacre. Voters aren't going to forget what Kavanaugh was subjected to whether or not he gets confirmed. And Trump will make sure you don't forget.

Best president ever

Leftists are chickenshit fighters. When this gets real the left won't be anywhere to be found not just the hypocrites they've been for decades. Just remember the ones with the most hatred in their accusations and name calling are actually what there calling there opponents as being its right out of there leftist playbook. When youre party is the party of slavery and division, divided we fall, is there intent using race to get it done. Libtards are useful idiots doing the bidding of their masters.

We love trump because results matter more than words. Obama , all words no substance and duplicitous and traitorous. Trump, all substance ,you get what you see and unabashed pro america. Republicans are you taking notes???!!!!! THis guy is showing you everyday how to deal with liberal commiecrat B.S. I bet the republicans are just going to wait it out along with the commiecrats secretly hoping he'll get a stroke or die before he can serve his whole term. Why? Because republicans ALWAYS try to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. smh. Well that's ok as long as everyday more people come over to the ranks of the conservatives. To the ranks of the people who do what is proven to work and not bet the nation on policies with a history of failure again and again. Obama was the divider in chief. Trump will be known as the Uniter in chief despite the lies from the Swamp, the commiecrats, the media , academia, hollywood and the racebaiters. Make america Mutha Fucking great!

These liberal idiots just make me laugh

It is hard to believe that Donald Trump won the election and became the Greatest President of our lifetime! Love him or hate him, we are all lucky to have such an effective man in the White House.

Best president ever. Osama bin niggerdom was horrible. He brought nothing

Zionist first, tricked.

Thinking from afar if the liberals dont see through this i dont know wat will ....Go out there and vote for this man..allow him to finish hes make America great again policy

if this docu-film doesn't get you out to vote against dems nothing will !

If you truly believe in your cause why do you hide your face..? Why do to speak to an opposing view point & when they are not looking you strike them..? Why do you whine about hateful speech but you are the perpetrators of hate..? I could go on but the word you really are is COWARD..! Antifa are the Fascist and personally I would love to throw you all a good old Fascist a Mussolini party.

Trump is getting it a Boss!

White employment what happened to that so its on our back again

U lose again

We believe in the freedom of choice and the responsibilities this concept brings... We have taught our family if they are not happy about the life and rewards they have first, look in the mirror to find the cause of their success or failure... Life is not fair, it's life! And the crazy thing is, the more effort we put in consistently, the greater tge rewards we reap... Do we always win? No! But understand winning is getting up one more time than you have been knocked down... Just one more time! And we all, everyone in fact, can do that... Congratulations President Trump, for showing the world how to Make America Great Again and in doing so, showing each of us how to make our own country great again....

Are you kidding, restricted mode? Really? Of course youtube.


He is a phenomenonal man and President.God keep him and the USA safe

People that are against Trump are against American Christian Values. I saw people burning a hat that says Make American Great again. So the ones that are against Trump do Not want to make America great again. Sad brainwashed people. I am a Trump supporter and proud of it and we are all not racist. Adolf Hitler was a leftist Liberal Socialist. People against Trump are Nazis.

...uvedomujete si vôbec, že vás politici rozoštvali ???? ....hovorí sa - ,,rozdeľuj a panuj ,,.... tu vôbec nejde o vás, tu ide o prachy....kde zostala vaša ľudskosť ?????

WTF YouTube, I got message about this being an offensive content video.


THIS...this moment of history, makes me smile. THIS moment, is what makes me happy, what makes me laugh, what makes me hopeful. the rallies, the community, the recognition, the memes, the laughs. so much. AND I VOTED FOR GARY!!! (live in a democratic area and was kinda pressured not to vote Trump) but you know what, it was never about who you supported in that year, it was how belligerent you were, and the democrats were the most belligerent group in history. but the republicans were the nicest people, the most welcoming, and the loveliest people. I'm so glad Trump won, because it showed the corruption, the evil, and the rotting corpse of America by the fault of the Democrats. Hilary stealing the vote from bernie, all the smear campaigns, the constant attack on freedom of speech, and much more. so much, it was infuriating, and those who saw it were either outraged (the republicans) or made excuses (the far-left). I feel so sorry for the democrats, the crazies took over a once humble party and destroyed it. but the future is bright, and Trump is here to guide us to those pretty lights that WE, THE PEOPLE want. I am a young guy, the 2016 election was my first election. before that, I always thought of the Republican party as a party of old men who don't want to change anything. who just care about small business. who just need to understand the needs of the new generations but choose to ignore it. but that all changed in 2016. i saw all of the 16 republican candidates actually care (some of them at least), who wanted to serve the people. meanwhile the democrats were Hillary and Bernie, with only bernie having ANY semblance of care for the people, and yet the democrats executed Bernie, betrayed the people and forced the democratic people to only be able to vote for Hillary. Thank god Trump won, he was the only one that could be able to get America to a brighter future. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! AMERICA IS #1!!! GO TRUMP!!!!

How can the good news of what Trump has been doing for America be determined with a warning, "inappropriate or offensive to some audiences?" Oh that's right, it is communists, the same communists the video warns us about as totalitarians ruling this century, who make that decision.

"A peach? Lordy! My!" Maxine "dirty" Waters

Enemy of the people I am super pumped... I knew then when he first announced his candidacy that a new sheriff had Rrived in town. MAGA. God bless president Trump.

How in the world is this video flagged as age restricted?!

Anyone else get the warning from YouTube saying “This content has been deemed offensive by some users” ?

Big Brother Youtube doesn't want me to watch this because it is considered "offensive" by the fascist liberal mob...............proceeds to binge on whatever youtube considers offensive.

#WalkAway from the Demoncrats.. Disgusting a [party of crime]


KAVANAUGH 2018!!! REPUBLICANS 2018!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!

Amazing video wow Trump2020

Does anyone else notice that Trump opposition can chant - but they cannot answer a simple question without flying into a violent rage? Look at a liberal with a blank face, ask "How is Trump racist?" Then open the bag of Skittles and kick back for the show.

The only reason any of these scumbags have the time to protest and destroy public and private property is because none of them are employed.

Maxine Waters said God is on their side

And now looks like the video has been deleted.

Here’s the link so you can share this video since it seems to be shadow banned here on YouTube.

This video was truly amazing. It is so scary to think how many mindless liberals disagree with him over absolutely nothing but brainwashed propaganda. They are truly so stupid that they do not know they are stupid...but they will turn around and tell you that you are stupid. Scary stuff we are dealing with here. We won the electoral college, we won the popular vote, we are also seeing a mass movement of the #WalkAway movement were liberals are leaving the left once they start to understand what is going on. You do not however see the Republicans leaving the party...anywhere! What is also scary is the news will stop at nothing, just like the did during the election, they will bold face lie and say "only 80%" of Trump supporters still stand behind him. 80%!! Are you kidding! If you were for Trump then, you are even more for Trump now guaranteed. This swamp will not be drained without a fight and you need to preach this far and wide until it if fixed.

Is the audio track not matched with the video?

Let me guess...the game is rigged.

When Harvard, an indoctrination liberal cesspool camp, comes out with a study that actually admits President Trump has received 91% negative coverage, then no, not a rigged game at all. Liberalism is a cancerous fungus.

Why can’t I share this now?

Where’s the share button on this video? But YouTube doesn’t try to sensor conservatives...

23:33 I remember noticing right away that CNN was lagging far behind the other networks when it came to calling key states for Trump. IIRC they were like 20 minutes behind on calling PA. Despicable and immature. Did they think they were going to change who won by delaying the calls?


The age limit is a disgrace.

How can this be offensive to some ' viewers?" what part of its content is offensive?

The part where useful idiots will see truth and might, JUST might, start thinking for themselves before the 2018 elections.


youtube says this video may be inappropriate for some users...disgusting

The technocratic dictatorship is getting so bad that we have to put a warning label on this video? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! They're getting desperate.

And the left is the good guys lol. Ironic they're anti war yea want to hurt you if you disagree

Love the warning in the beginning, obviously put on there by some brainwashed, indoctrinated millennial slaving for Youtube. What is the warning really saying? This video contains the truth, and that will be offensive to the brainwashed. But if you tolerate it, you'll quickly see the truth and we will lose you as a dependable, useful idiot vote.

"Offensive to some" but a great president for America.

Are you sh**ing me? I just got a message that the "youtube community" deems this movie as offensive, do you wish to proceed? factual history with political commentary is offensive? God help us.


put this on a cinema screen the world the truth. MAGA Trump 2020

Now YouTube is forcing you to verify controversy to watch this video, all I can say is fuckoff YouTube and google! This video isn't controversial, you liberal snowflakes and tech companies will not stop conservative voices and opinions

This is about good vs evil

Don't let the Dems have one fucking seat. NOT ONE. Vote every single one of those cowards out and most of the Republicans too. No more bullshit.

We are coming for YOU Don Lemon.

can someone put the dirt on youtube so they knock this shit off and taking off Trump and conservative view videos.

When you see this warning, you know it's going to melt snowflakes faster than the April sunshine! WARNING:The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised

wow it was age restricted fuck you tube

Lame to flag this content as inappropriate or offensive, shame on you YouTube.

# I'll Stand with u TRUMP

People flag this as inappropriate? Childish left cunts, cry more

WARNING... this video may make you crazy if you have been brainwashed by the lunatic left and their MSM goons!


Why won’t it give me the option to share?


Hussein split America in half.

We love our POTUS Trump. Liberals are evil, angry, nasty people.

I am happy to announce that this movie is: "Mucho Bueno."

CNN is biased media. It's been caught out many times!

Apparently this video is now disturbing to some viewers. This viewers can go commit socially justified sepuku.

Disgusting. The democratic vote is that. You need to respect the will of the people. All the leftists are thugs...just that...brainwashed thugs. They've been fed rhetoric by MSM who are bought & paid for Soros & the globalists who have a programme to turn us against each other...well they succeeded on that part but people around the globe have woken up to the evil that is the deep state. Only Trump & Putin understand that & will fight it. Obama was part of the globalist your research folks. I'm no fan of Trump but you've had far, far, far worse presidents (and better) than him.


Hey, when I clicked on this film I got a message from YouTube saying that it was flagged as "offensive." I had to click to cancel or confirm. Anyone else get that?

YouTube keeps making me confirm a pop up msg saying this video is offensive. Fuck you you cunt YouTube whores. Go to hell with your censorship

Can you believe there is a fucking VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED before this video!? My God are you kidding me Youtube!? You liberal fucks! All this video has is true, ACCURATE reports about what happen in 2016 and it requires VDA!? Yow know what... You liberal pieces of shit are some sick, disgusting, mentally disturbed, lying, hypocritical, scum of the Earth dirtbags. You are so UNBELIEVABLY scared of the truth, facts, statistic, and opposing opinions. What the fuck is wrong with you people? I mean seriously WTF? Wake up! It's you that's racist, you that is sexist, you that is filled with hate, you that is a liar, you that wants America to fail! How can you not have any pride in your own country? The same country that is paying your pathetic ass to live in that nice house? How can you backstab the very people that pay taxes for all the nice roads you drive on and schools your kids attend? Move! Move the hell out of our country now! You hate it here so damn much LEAVE!

I’m in Australia. Trump is awesome , incredible and smart . He is the best person to lead the USA to greatness again . Growing up the USA was the superpower and the envy of the world . Trump is the only hope you have to return to greatness . Stop spending on the worlds problems and fix your own , look after your own people . 1. That black reporter was so creepy ! He has severe issues . Trump won fair and square , the country needed change , direction and fairness for all .

When I clicked to watch this it told me it was flagged as “offensive” I cant even believe that. Can people not handle hearing the truth?

It’s the gore and blood, graphic content.

nigelob96 omg I was thinking the same thing. I could not believe it.

All the best Trump

I've just finished viewing it. It's excellent: Not only as a survey of the forces arrayed _against_ President Trump, but also as a compendium of his achievements and what remains to be accomplished. Republicans in 2018; *_TRUMP IN 2020!_*

What we need is to establish Trump as leader of our nation for life and we need to eradicate all opposing parties. We need to become a one-party state, and that party must be the GOP. We then need to eradicate all of our enemies using the 2nd Amendment and establish Evangelical Christianity as our state church. People don't work hard enough and we need to force people to work long and hard. We need to fine and jail people for saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" and execute those who want to speak Spanish within our borders. We need to jail all top ranking Democrats in Guantanamo Bay. Doing these things will make America great again. Hail Trump! Hail our people!

In other words THE TRUTH so take it down. GO TRUMP.


Thanks for this video, from germany. Many of germans loves trump, too. More and more not believing our main stream media who fight against Trump.

Look at YouTube trying to censor this video talking about it has been getting complaints for graphic content. Tell Hillary to get outta bed with the Google CEO's and face facts. Their path of destruction is OVER!!!

Voting Conservative on November 6th!

This has been inappropriately age-restricted by YouTube. It does not seem to be the case that an objective standard exists for age-restriction, because I can point to several examples of videos that ought to be age-restricted but are not -- presumably because they fall within the ambit of what is considered politically acceptable. YouTube should not be allowed to censor or limit the distribution or visibility of videos because it cuts against their political preferences. How can an average consumer like me appeal against this unfair process? I'm getting tired of YouTube/Google believing that they can interfere with the free exchange of information. We should treat YouTube/Google the same way we would treat any company that treated half of their consumer base so poorly - we need to start lodging complaints en masse and indicating our dissatisfaction in a way that they can't ignore.

this film triggered libtards enough that youtube had to put a disclaimer at the beginning

lets show communism what unleashing capitalism can really do.

trump all the way. the left is more likely to use poisons n schemes to undermine you than outright war.

They say this video is offensive well it is it's offensive to all the true Americans that only want our country to be free and prosperous . For the last 48 years these presidents have all been puppets of the very very rich !!! NO MORE .we as Americans stand up and be counted this year red TIDEL WAVE coming in November freedom freedom freedom. USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA. We the people of this country stand up for our flag we stand up for our president god bless the USA USA USA USA and god bless you president Trump

Wow they have an offensive alert for this video. You tube has gotten so weak.


Some leftist scumbags have reported this Video, but they ain't fascists. Fuck the left.

And this is what created the proud boys... then antifa started getting fucked up and quit, like the pussies they are.

This video will not play on the youtube app on my Samsung tv. and is blocked because it is offensive to some viewers. Are you blocking Conservative again Youtube?

I was watching this video last night and didn't finish it. So when I restored my windows today YouTube had a plastered warning on the video claiming it to be "Offensive" to the YouTube community with a button "I Understand And Wish To Proceed." Now what on earth would be "offensive" about this video except that DEMOCRATS don't like the truth being revealed!!!!!! I guess YouTube realizes that it's days are numbered, having violated free speech across the board with conservatives, so they're doing everything short of banning certain videos now. Everybody, go to Real dot Video. YouTube is nothing but a bunch of banning truth Nazi's now.

tippy toby Either the left wakes up Or we run them through and cleanse our nation

Google owns youtube... left wing crazy people

Censured... you scared ah? Already downloaded :P

Because I'm a Republican and support Trump, my cousin and my brother both consider me a racist. I'm half black and Guatemalan.

Trent Fable I stand firm in my conservative values

Trent Fable very true. I don't care who calls me a racist.

color doesn't represent values .. don't let the lefts identity politics divide you and control your mind. Explain that to your brother and cousin.

We see you Google..for exactly what you are.

Love my president Trump!!!

LOL, the lbierals censored it !!

The snowflakes already marked the video as offensive. LMAO! Useless idiots.

yootoob has called this film unthinkable!

I had to search 12 times typing trump @war to find this and it would not come up. The only reason i was able to find it was because i saw it already and had to go in my history and look for it... I hope everyone post this and shares it and spreads it


This documentary shows how godless and insane the people of the USA have become. If loving your neighbor (Christs admonition) is the highest spiritual duty, the anti Trump violent protesters are run by Satan, trespassing on peoples rights and having no consideration for them. The frenzy the Media generated in people was done on purpose and they should have been sued for slander and fraud by Trump. If you are presenting news it has to be unbiased because if its not its not news its propaganda and and against political people its an attempt to overthrow a government IF...IF it cannot be proven true and opinions have no place in the news they belong on trashy shows like Geraldo and the like doing gossip. The breakdown was complete when the police and prosecutors failed to prosecute the violent protesters who attacked others enjoying their rights of free speech. If the violent protesters were prosecuted and the media news was prosecuted when giving untrue opinions then maybe, just maybe people would wake up and become more considerate instead of becoming the frenzied mob of well financed, cop encouraged thugs allowed to operate and media praised. I had to tell my uncle to just turn off his CNN because he was getting near heart attack anxiety and could not explain to me what Trump had personally done to him, while Obama did personally harm him with his Obama care being forced on everyone with IRS penalties if you didn't participate in Obama care. SO....did he get anxiety over Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. no, never, just Trump and only become CNN revved him up. CNN should be put out of business as a paid mouthpiece for the iluminati, the corrupt politicians. Its the powers that be, who cant stand Trump.


God save Donald Trump!

George Soros has to be eliminated. He finances a lot of terror groups.

hardly a movie. just a load of clips everyone has seen b4 ffs

England is weak


Best real president for USA ever happened

Trump 2020 fellas!!

I love the way Trump really gets under Don Lemons skin...he's obsessive about Trump!

I love our president Donald Trump

Wow i finished the video from start to end. What a nice presentation. Built with strong foundation of truth. God bless the president of the USA. From the Philippines.

Trump is god sent god bless you Donald J Trump! ❤ from Australia

The commentators are vile, ignorant mind controlled PAID slaves of the Illuminati.

So a pro conservative, pro Trump video is offensive? I am an American and I am a deplorable! #Trump2020

I`ve got "offensive" content "warning" prior to opening the video. Seriously Youtube?

I would die to protect my country and my president, Donald J. Trump!

Throw shit at that mad woman because of her shitty big mouth!

Really Youtube? This is the first video I've seen with that warning and I've seen a lot of violent and disgusting videos on here.

Impreach all insane demonrats or vote them out of extinction!

Fucking youtube you suck ill find my entertainment elswere!!

Just one thing, it wasn't the U.S. who destroyed ISIS, it was Russia, Syria and Iran. ISIS and American forced cosy up while Obama and everything started to change until Russia intervened in Syria in 2016. So far, American forces keep cosying up now with Al kaeda in eastern Syria, Idlib, where the U.S. threatened Russia and Syria do not destroy Al qaeda last bastion in Syria. The U.S. military and secret services work together with terrorist organisations to counter Russia, China and any other country wanting to be independent. The military and intelligence offices in America are what Trump described as the "Swamp", same that wants to oust him


Viva TRUMP screw you sissy left wing cry babies who aren’t educated but brain washed by the globalists and dumb enough to believe killery Clinton and Obama care

Can’t download video, can’t add it to list.. man are they scared of trump ...

Trump to the Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump to the Trump Trump Trump

I am living in Russia and Mr. Trump you are great man, you are my man!

When we finally step onto battlefield against left it will be the day that Gods children claim victory against the darkness that has crept over our great nation.

Trump is awesome. The left is Satan's army.

This is horrifying. It feels like a second Civil War is about to start.

God Bless President Trump

Fucking Libtards

Trump is the best that happened to America, It's sad to see that so many people are letting themselves to be manipulated by the media.

He has given us a reprieve, thank whatever god, or none, that you believe in. When the successors of Trump become the oppressors, and they surely will (history will bear me out), we will have to fight them as well. Stand tall brothers and sisters. Tell your children. Liberty is a never ending fight. This is the contract we signed by being Americans, the first people that freed themselves from kings. The last of the pioneers. The only free people. Never become complacent. Never think you have it solved. Tyranny is the disease with which we as humans suffer, blind obedience being the symptom. I think Mr. Trump would agree.



Latino, Hispanic, jew, indian, asian, arab, muslim and ruski support trump.

Where's the cops?'s offensive about this?....shows a bunch of jobless welfare recipients being racist haters..

YouTube flagged it as inappropriate for some audiences lOl Don lemon is angry loser

Excellent video. I did alot of work locally to help elect President Trump. I will double-down to help re-elect President Trump.

It's obvious YouTube Corporate fears the compelling and accurate nature of this piece. They opted to go with the harmful warning certificate (which will only increase the desire to watch

This video was hard to find.... had to type in the title perfectly. YouTube censorship.

sir trump destroy China and russia...they are playing with fire ....destroy them

Very comparable to King Cyrus from the Bible.


1.2k are sad robots

Let the Purge begin.

Crybaby lemon

Where is the share button?


This IS the change we've needed!!

FEELS.GREAT TO BE AN AMERICAN CAN CAN CAN im 52 yrs old i dont ever remember being able to say that with such heart felt sincerety!!!

It is way too hard to find this movie.

For an alt point of view on international relations:

What a piece of shit film.......wonder why you tube has not removed it bearing in mind the number of complaints made... Its pretty obvious what’s going on here.....Vote Trump.


Great movie !

Guess who instigated this "war". The Media with its "opinions", not news.

Donald Trump is America's spirit animal.

Excellent Movie

God bless Trump, God bless America ,God bless you in Jesus name amen.


Are these people retarded?

YouTube has restricted this video


Lol youtube gave me a warning before it started that this may be an offensive video

Sure don't remember all the racist on the right beating the fuck out of liberals and minorities when Obama won. I'm pretty sure they just got over it and went about their daily lives. It's very odd watching these folks literally target white people for supporting this dude. Damn liberals are fucking scary. They need to be eradicated.

Youtube flag this video as being offensive. YouTube your pathetic and your not going to win.


The movie is blacklisted

The irony of President Trump having a shot at actually making world peace, after all those pageant queens wanting world ☮️.

The great President Trump

Its really funny how the left portray the right as violent people but they are the one doing it.

Eat A Dick CNN!!! What a DUMB VIDEO.

The violent and bloody clashes are sponsored by sorsos and the dnc. Fuck dems.

I'm not scared of their violence. I"ll deal with it appropriately.

FUCK THE LEFT. Evil communist homosexual cocksuckers.




President Trump, we will follow you like patriots followed Lincoln in 1860. This time "No prisoners"

Just think, Trump LOST the election by 2.8 million votes and he has the lowest approval rating of any President in history and yet mysteriously there are nothing but positive comments here on this video. There can only be ONE conclusion, social media comments sections are completely taken over by communist Russian henchmen of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin's puppet. Donald Trump is a seditious, anti-American, Russian-republican, TRAITOR to America. Here's who voted to outsource the jobs - mostly republicans! NAFTA vote in 1993: House Dems 156-102 against NAFTA (Liberals, thanks for trying) House GOP 132-43 for NAFTA Senate Dems 28-27 against NAFTA (Liberals, thanks for trying) Senate GOP 34-10 for NAFTA Vote granting China Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR)) Status in 2000. House Dems 138-73 against China PNTR (Liberals, thanks for trying) House GOP 164-57 for China PNTR Senate Dems 37-7 for China PNTR (Liberals, didn't you hear Kucinich or moderate Perot) Senate GOP 46-8 for China PNTR (Thank you 8 RINOs).

I like how youtube puts up a violence warning before the video that closely resembles a "content removed" screen

just an amazing documentary! enjoyed it very much! well done bannon

YouTube has already tagged this video as having offensive content. And viewers much confirm that they want to watch. This is a documentary, YouTube! Yes, it has opposing views to your political agenda, but it’s not offensive! If you guys are going to tag or censor content that opposes your political views, then you guys need to put up a disclaimer saying so so that people can upload their videos on another platform. This is not funny anymore.

lol, they think their "military" will overtake ours, yeah, here's the thing, "American Veterans" are the most heavily armed and largest standing "civilian" army in the world. Good luck China!

Keep fucking pushing it leftists. Seriously, I'm Canadian, and just fucking daring you. Keep fucking trying to push progressivism and your Anti-Western Hatred. Keep funding Antifa. Keep maintaining buddy-buddy relationships with mega-corporations, and internationally corrupt finance, energy, and pharma. Keep fucking pushing fraudulent science. Because the truth of the matter is this. Your bosses don't share. You are outmatched. The backers of Truth, Justice, and Liberty are strong and willing to fight for what is right. You have lost. When we win, seriously, try to pull your bullshit. When we win, force a grid down situation. When we win, begin your so-called civil-war. Every true patriot who is armed with the knowledge of what you are will be there to fight you. Every person who has love and compassion for humanity will oppose you and your hatred. Every individual who understands your hive-minded group think is an attempt to turn us all into drones will fight you to the last. We are all armed. We are all prepared. We are all ready. We have seen you coming. The oppression of the SITH will NEVER return!!!

Outrage from coast to coast hahahaha.. I'm not feeling all that outraged and neither is anyone else l know.. We are happy as shit

I’m sure glad that ol’ #JackassObozo is not president anymore. Good riddance!!!!

Vote November 6th

scary propganda. Of course most republicans have never studied logic or reason - they cant even name the laws the logic and are dismally poor at critical thinking skills. I bet none of you ever even attempt to seek out dis-confirming evidence. Instead you just stay in a resonance chamber of confirmation bias. The left does this for the most part too. it's depressing. this film is crap. Starts with almost a full 6 minutes of montage portraying trump supporters as completely innocent bystanders who are ruthlessly attacked (and for the record anyone who "punches a nazi" or "punches anyone" outside of defense is immoral and stupid and counter-productive.

it's worse than even michael moore films which are also huge propaganda and largely unfair.

Time is getting short. Vote Republican next month in the mid terms. Tell your friends to get out and vote.

“This video has been deemed by YouTube to be inappropriate or offensive to some viewers. Continue?” That fuck????? Lmfao! Fuck you JewTube!


Great job.. shared.

Controversial, Fuck you YouTube. This is great stuff. #freealexjones


#VoteRedToSaveAmerica #GodBlessAmerica #GodBlessOurTroops #TrustThePlan #KeepAmericaGreat #GodBlessOurPresident

The midterms!!!!!! You must get out and vote! The danger is real. It's not about Democrats vs Republicans anymore. It's about seditious, evil, corrupt traitors vs Americans.

18:55 You made us that way with your husband's bad trade deals....

Youtube won't let us share this.

The MSM make me want to stuff both feet right down their partisan mealy-mouthed throats.

Faked news have a big inluence on vulnerable people.

Humans makes the kind of world he lives in. INCREDIBLE ! Bad against Good. One can't go without the other. Do you want security or war against yoursef ??

1:01:27 Can any gun experts here tell me the name of that gun they are holding? (The ones in the front)

Hang clinton cartel !!! Libtards destroyed justice !!!! Feminism is OBSOLETE!!!! Trump is the way to go !!! Death to globalism.Long life to Nation states.

Bring on the war. Hunt the left from coast to coast.

Awesome video

Love this man! Thank God for putting him in power. I have hope for this beautiful country and I see so much change for the better. I lost all faith in politicians and didn't vote in this last election. I have never seen a president actually do what they promised once they made office. Until that is, Trump made president. I should have known as he is not a politician, he is a businessman. Now let's put Hillary in prison like you promised Mr. President. She is the most evil woman. Finish cleaning the swamp! Us citizens have your six. Thank you for having ours.

Maybe offensive if you happen to have psychological problems .


Watch this film at THE MELBOURNE UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL November 1st 2018!!!!

I`m from Australia and have been following the mighty Trumpster for 3 years................. I love him... Wish we had a Trump down here.

Fuck the leftist, communists. We will kill all of you!!!

Official Trump @War: ??? NO SHOULD BE, "Official SOROS @War" !!!!!! Mr. TRUMP is saving America and world from globalists , islam and China !!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE Mr. TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people really cant handle the truth. and still think the behaviour is justified ...they need to take a good hard look at themselves

Vote republican, we need a Red wave.

Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America

The people who oppose him don’t have jobs, coincidence?

So... How many Hillary, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, CNN, Rachel Maddow, etc etc Videos come with YouTube TRIGGER WARNINGS? LOLZ!


Why did I have to click twice just to view this?

I love Donald Trump! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Trump is the best president America ever had! He has done more for the USA and other nations in less than two years than any other president that served four to eight years! Trump has been sent to us by God so he can save America and help other nations! Trump is the best most beautiful person! Democrats, libs and leftist are evil lying egotistical thieves. They are the devils children! Trump forever! Bless you POTUS! Let’s build that wall! Let’s make America great again. October 7th, 2018.


Excellent documentary, well worth the time spent watching it. It won't convince Americans who don't need any convincing given the amazing results so far of the Trump administration, but it could do a lot of good if Democrat voters disenchanted with the terrible leadership of their party (culminating in the despicable way they behaved in the Kavanugh confirmation hearings) could watch it in full as well. They're the ones who need to be convinced not to repeat the mistakes of the past by voting Democrat. If you know any, encourage them to watch it, if only to prove their sense of objectivity.

i took almost all my inspiration n energy from his speech. he is a winner n hero.

I wish there was a platform other than biased YouTube....f*** the liberals and their I'll mentality

Trump 2020 baby shutup liberals

I find all the violence by the left offensive

Thank you Lord We have been praying for a very long time

Democrats/liberals are pathetic. Don Lemon, and the others are only the few examples. Paid msm

and they said the purge is not a believable concept.

20:20 lol like today with Kavanaugh being confirmed

Fuck Youtube.


China needs someone to "control".

I'm given a public warning by youtube before watching the video

I loved to hit confirm

Snowflakes beware, this film contains triggers. No, not really, just HONESTY! But everyone knows that sheep, I mean the Dumbocrats, don't like the truth. Make America Great Again - And RED, all RED!

I’m from Australia and I think Trump is brilliant. He is the saviour of America and Israel......Every country should have one!

Go go go TRUMP.

Donald Trump is MY President!!


it's all about trade. that's why they hate them. no subsidies for companies that are based here and outsource jobs. that's where 80% of special interest money comes in

Well fuck you youtube I'm gonna watch this.

Fuck you libtard ... as indian (hindu) support trump

The tolerant left

who are the real racists? looks like the left to me

I hate all of the minority dick sucking that goes on in the mainstream right these days. “Look he said this about the poor black people, see he’s not racist!” And “Look what he said about the helpless Latinos, see? HE’S NOT RACIST!” Do you think these minority populations will give two fucks about us once we fall to minority status in a few years? accelerated wep pages threw advanced molecularBitcoinamp accelerated wep pages threw advanced molecularBitcoinamp accelerated wep pages threw advanced molecularcitation neededamp accelerated wep pages threw advanced molecularcitation neededBitcoinBitcoinBitcoin

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Prices for apartment rent have gone up, and the only reason I can even afford it is because of all the businesses that started doing business again because they got their white house back. Come election time you better get out there and vote for who your boss tells you to vote for. Vote Republican, or else the Democrats will bring a depression that will force you to sell off your own children. It'll be extremely horrible. Like nothing anyone has seen. This whole country will start to look like ground zero.

White Power!!!!

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Are we too dumb to get along?

Latinos for Trump!!!! I'm from Costa Rica a leftist country and all though I love my country, right know is a terrible and sad country. We need an American worldview!

I got a warning saying this movie is offensive and inappropriate! Wow! Fuck YouTube!

Yeah me too,who care what YouTube have to say

I am so glad he won!!! Great movie.

Is this why Breitbart is being banned? Lol

The truth is offensive to jewtube. LOL!

We'll punch you in the face for disagreeing with us. LOL. Lib-tard Nation.

Obama the devil himself.

Trump the best.

Look at how demonic librals and Democrats are.

Democrats are fucking dumb and stupid.

Excellent! Shared!

President Trump is not racist

Librals are racist

We love President Trump.

Democrats are fucking demonic


Democrats are fucking dumb ass hole.

Most people at my work love trump, even the Mexicans that go to visit their families a few times a year.

Trump is the best President ever for America and for Americans.

Don lemonhead, the king of fake news! He is such a racist hateful lying twat!

Trump is the True Avenger, the Real Captain America!

Thanks for the heads up youtube but no one asked for your opinion.

The guy wants to be in the history books, the one thing money can’t buy.

Lol stuck on stupid i hope the best

Ahhh!you won’t let you share this one!!how ironic!!

Omg what a racist wanting to empower all Americans of every race

Bannon leaving was the right move,

I love my president!!!!

Proud Black American man supporting my President, Donald J Trump!! So glad I'm on the right side now!

must be over target, congratz.

Lol they put a warning before this video, are they stupid!?’

Lefties and Democrats can be best described in one word.... bozos.

Go TRUMP go... go KAVANAUGH go... elect Republican Congress and Republican senators

Lol @ YouTube categorizing this as offensive... what a joke

REALITY CHECK! Piece of shit racist video.....the law of polarity makes it mandatory for the pendulum to swing the other way. It's just a matter of time, so enjoy your short battle. When the pendulum make its transit in the other direction, the other side will reap all the fruits of the VICTORY....... Remember to keep that same energy you have at this very moment....because I'm laughing at you rednecks already.. .LMFAO!!!

I can't stand that queer Don Lemon.

The left is scum. The most vile, disgusting people on Earth. #MAGA

screw you youtube screw you! i have seen far worse than this and no warning i have my settings set to adult yet you feel like you need to warn me off this i have enjoyed this platform due to the ability to create and post as well as see what others are doing mainly because i have watched the putrid decay in any decent moral product made by the msm and entertainment industry that i thought they were preaching to now knowing its sicker than that they are trying to manipulate to indoctrinate they prey on the young minds for their pocket only get it they stand for the rich that produce very very little the intellectual wealthy the crowd groups the tech companies . washington dc has more millionaires per capita than any other city and produce far less. we see china behind you guys you even send your kids to private schools and get them to learn mandarin i wonder why ? yet you still scream the republicans are the party of the wealthy i dare those with half a brain to see the wealth of those that control the message and use it to try to cow any that speak against it. my camel's back is snapping gab is calling bitchuet is calling and you are falling enjoy your half what you could have we are not cattle we are not to be divided into our own little plantation

you will eat your near to survive you scum

Awesome!!!you American people better get out and vote for Trump not only does your country need him but the rest of the world needs him also..




Maxine Waters has to be the stupidest human being I've ever had the displeasure of seeing how can anyone with that low of an IQ ever get into our government she is a pure unadulterated moron

The best video by far of donald trump. #TheSaviorOfAmerica

I started off hating Trump but the more the Left attacks Trump supporters and violently destroying shit, the more I'm becoming to like Trump. Officially switching from Independent to Republican

Every time they try to censor conservatives, my loyalty grows stronger. At this rate, I don't think I would consider voting for a liberal for the rest of my life. If they are capable of this kind of attempted tyranny, what else are they capable of? After seeing the violence they promoted without a hint of shame, I think I know. These are not good people.

TRUMP is great


Time to bring the war to the libtards. Simple solution


Good Job Bannon!!


I love how you red hats pretend to be bipartisan. Well your not. You never were. Your obstructionist to the Democrats. You scape goat your ideology on the dems. You paint obama as everything... trump actually is. And always has been.. you must like being grabbed like a bitch!

Very little 'Bi-partisianship' as that has been the way of the 'Uni-party' of RINOs and all on the left.. very little conservatism. You simply haven't been exposed to the machinations Obama employed that essentially were as dastardly as any if not worst than any President of our country. It should be you grabbing for your own genitals, trying to find where they are located.. in Obama's pocket...'biatch'!

Mr. President, you keep the Faith. I'm a Combat Asc of the Purple Heart, Washington D.C. 353 Chapter. My friends are all soldier, or Bikers I live on the Reservation SD. We are all with you Sir.

China is not a threat to America. A communist country is always a weak country. Only capable of stealing from the poor and killing the rich. Free armed people have no need for fear only pity towards communism.

The history of Communism and Socialism entirely disagrees with your assessment... and when China's President declared himself 'Leader for Life' it should have rung a bell even in a wooden blockhead such as yourself. The world is not a fairy tale and China wishes to dominate everything, wake up and smell the reality of life on this planet instead of the comic book imaginations you have.

Would someone please do the math for Don Lemon... Obama+Hillary+Political correctness=PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP...

Poor propaganda, you did the video because the most people hate trump and you need brainwashing some low IQ guy's to vote for him.

Most people don't hate Trump, most people don't hate at all, most Socialist Democrats hate everything not Socialist.... it is the reason 100 million died under Socialism, and every generation or two idiots like yourself arise with the fairy tale.

I can say by a clear mile that this President Mr. Donald J Trump is the greatest man alive. No man can ever deliver like this President has delivered. No man in history is as great and loved as President Donald J Trump. Good bless you & your family, God show no mercy to the fake media and especially the FAKE CNN.

Flaming liberals talk about not taking it anymore and fighting back. You people have woken a sleeping giant and should know by now how sick and tired we are of you left wing Christian hating commies. You will lose!

1 america

america is number 1

thank you mr vice president and president of the united states

If the decent lose the house and senate on Nov 6th and Trump is impeached by the indecent the idea of freedom, liberty, I pluribus unum and in God We Trust maybe lost forever


God Emperor President Trump M.D, has already, after only 2 years in office defeated the 6000 year old Satan/Sauron/Saturn/Soros cult that no one, not even Jesus Christ could defeat during their entire lifetimes. The Assyrians, Semites, Canaanites, Sumerians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Hittites, Minoans, Persians, Greeks, Carthagians, Romans, Christ, Christians, Mohammad, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Chinese Mandarin, Zhao, Yuan, Qui etc 'empires', Japanese shogunates, Mongol hordes, Arabians, Huns, Russian Czars, Gauls, German Idealism, French, Scottish, Irish, Danish, Scandinavian Vikings, Iroquois, Sioux, Cherokee, Aztec, Mayan, Incan, Spanish conquistadors, Holy Roman empire, Byzantine empire, the Barbarians from anywhere, British imperial empire, German fascist empire, Russian Soviet Union commie empire, the United States empire, and everyone else who has ever existed in all of human history has not been able to see and/or defeat the Satan/Sauron/Satan/Soros 'CONSCIOUSNESS' cult that plagues the entire human race. TRUMP DID IT IN 2 FUCKING YEARS WITH HIS ONLY WEAPON BEING A TWITTER ACCOUNT!!!! This aint David defeating Goliath with a slingshot, this is David defeating 10,000 Goliaths not with a slingshot but with a pimp slap. Fuck the deepstate swamp, annihilate the parasites, release the tech, humiliate the media, negotiate better trade deals, build the wall, and unite America. If trump continues to do that he will be the greatest human being to ever exist, including Jesus Christ, Ghengis Khan, Alexander the great, Julius Caesar, Norm McDonald, and George Washington.

phillystrong2144 but first Americanism must win on Nov 6th!!!!

Amazing film but I don't understand why YouTube is blocking our freedom of speech with their censorship. There was nothing inappropriate about this film which makes me think there is a political bias with YouTube.


DemocRATS Only Offer: Resist, Impeach, Soft on Crime, Higher Tax, Support FREELOADING USELESS POS ILLEGAL CRIMINALS TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone on the left can't stand Trump because he actually follows up on what he says he will do. He's more than just words, and he's not here to kiss everyone's butt and please us all.

Shady DemocRATSs only care for SHADY USELESS FREELOADING ILLEGAL CRIMINALS. Rewarding Illegal CRIMINALS with FREE Food Stamps, FREE Welfare, FREE Education, FREE Financial Aid, FREE Health Care Funded & Paid for by SCREWING over Hard-Working US Citizens. Shady DemocRATS Super Duper SOFT on CRIME + Take CA ppl's 2nd Amendment Guns Ownership Rights away so they can't defend against Shadyass CRIMINALS Support Sanctuary Cities & Sanctuary State How abt Caring for Angel Families that loss love ones (Killed by Shady POS Illegal CRIMINALS) Support Want Open Boarder, Abolish ICE, Higher Taxes (Tax More, Waste Ever More) !!! Gas Tax & Car Registration Fee Hike SCAM & will NOT fix any CA Roads! Homeless Population Increase (CA Shithole - Urine & Feces Everywhere: SF & LA + HUGE Drug Problems) How abt taking Care US Veterans & Homeless US Citizens Super Duper Over Budget / Massively Over Expensive Bullet Train to NOWHERE only enriching SHADYASS brown Crooked Buddies !!!! $15 Minimum Wage is DUMB (Hurts Small Business & Cost of Everything goes even Higher) !!!! Affirmative Action Hurts Chinese, HKnese, Cantonese, TWnese Student College Acceptances #MAGA #KAG #BuildtheWall


How can any “reasonable” American dispute facts? Facts that regrettably have been purposefully deprogrammed from an alarmingly number of Americans that think they are smart. They get their college degrees and such from institutions that took their money yet shortchanged their education. The evidence is clear to those seeking the truth. The key is to open the mind that educational institutions want to indoctrinate you contrary to their belief systems. There you children will find the truth.

We need trump in the uk to negotiate brexit.


I’ve spent a lot of time here on YouTube and the fact that they needed to add the disclaimer to the beginning of this movie is an example of how the left treats the public. This documentary was excellent! Trump is vilified by the media and they are to blame for the division of America, they are the racist, they are fueling the hate. Their propaganda is to fundamentally destroy this country. Stand up people...ignorance is what will be the demise of us if we don’t.

Trump will be the greatest President of the United States of America in history and in my opinion he already is, the only thing that's wrong with his presidency is the relentless attacks on him from the Left, they are the ones dividing America. Now that's true news.

Ohh and YouTube I will decide if it's offensive, and after watching it, my conclusion is that the only people that can get offended are the ❄❄❄❄ because it reminds them of their defeat in 2016, your warning should read, if your a liberal or progressive don't watch PERIOD.

So, YouTube...... what is offensive about this? This is simply a documentary stating the truth. We are all aware which way Google's door swings when it comes to politics. (Swings Left) But, to classify this documentary without cause "offensive" and trying to steer people away from it is disgusting. But, to each their own. See you at the polls.

Vote Red people let's make another #Redwave

Black unemployment hasn't been this low since the slave days.

Chad nationalism vs virgin globalism

Trump just keeps winning. I'm not tired of winning. He is bar none the best president since Regan.

You people are sick! Everyone forgot what jesus did for us? After for his love for us made him flood the dirt with blood this is what he gets?....Shame on us.

You Tube, stay out of my right to know, I will decide what is offensive, and this is NOT one of them !!!!

Lmao, who remembers Don Lemon fucking BOMBED on live TV, new years eve night? Good times.

Amazing that just viewing a trump doc is now offensive and viewer discretion is advised. How far off are we to where we have to watch state tv where no one can be offended.

Fantastic! I can’t believe there was a warning from YouTube about this??? WTF

The video title had Trump in it, so of course the Leftists at YouTube flag it as offensive. They definitely didn't flag it for Don Lemon being in it. They don't want you to see how racist, and violent the Left can be. The very thing they call our President.


You know when is the best time to share a video? When Youtube removes that button from its webpage out of fear then forces people to press confirm before watching. Great job we know who's pocket you guys are in.

watching first 5 minutes and see violence from democrats and democrats promoting violence and democrat media promoting violence its a shame i never seen this behavior during Obama presidency Trump is the best thing happened to America if not him and america went with the democrat agenda in 40 years america would be in ruins i hope after his 8 years of presidency over america would find some one that will be as half as good as Trump then america have hope to be a normal country because as i see it democratic agenda is crazy and taking america to ruins

Well done on speaking the truth.

that bullshit warning just made me think again of how awesome it will be when I vote for TRUMP AGAIN!!!!!!

Amazing video. Donald J. Trump is the greatest president we have in modern times. Maybe the greatest ever. We have to do this America, not just for us but for future generations. These democrats are evil, demonic, beings that we can not trust with anything that we hold dear to are hearts. This list includes our faith, jobs, security, bussiness, education, laws, country , children, etc.... This is crucial for our survival. This is not a battle of Republican or Democrat but a battle of good and evil. God bless though that understand and a change of hearts of those that dosent understand. RED WAVE NOV 6 TRUMP 2020

All the wealthy people are racist and prejudice against working people. The privileged few live off the blood sweat & tears of the working mans labor and they all look at us as deplorable Donald Trump included He and the Clinton's are buddy buddy their daughter's are best friend's same shit different toilet.

Awesome and inspiring video. I absolutely love it !

How the hell is this video inappropriate? .................................................. oh right youtube and Google cant Handle opposing veiws

What are you infantile clowns warning us about? The Truth, well we already know it. Ignorant apes!

You've gotta be fucking kidding me. I get a 'inappropriate or offensive to some audiences'...What isn't? I'm disgusted.

you are vile

YouTube view discretion advisement "Warning: This video contains liberals"

People say Democrats don't like guns, it seems to me you should count your lucky stars they don't. I guess Jim Morrison was right "THEY GOT THE GUNS BUT WE GOT THE NUMBERS". Although I am a Democrat 50% of the time and I own weapons, I love my 2nd amendment. I do like what Trump is doing to the Economy.

If anything happens to my President their will be a civil war and I’ll be at the forefront!!! MAGA!!!

FUCK CNN!!! They should all be tried for treason, they are anti American and need to be hung in public!!!!

God bless USA

I'll whack these bums including that #CNN poofter #DonLemon! How on earth can you stand by and be attacked like these???

Many US citizens are tired of crying over the shit from ineffective leaders failing to negotiate favorably for the US. We need strength, and we need Trump now more than ever.


Lol to the snowflake intro

God Bless Donald Trump. And i am not even American but Asian from India.

Sorry ass liberal YouTube strikes again. Putting a warning on this awesome documentary before you can watch it.

Ironically I think its makes ya wanna watch it moar!


This video exposes the demonkkkrats are the haters, with all their racist terrorist groups, BLM, Antifa, KKK, Black Panthers nation of Islam Farrakhan.

"Deemed offensive..." lmfao


I e watched YouTube pretty much everyday for the last 3 years. I have speeches playing while I’m working or a video blog on. Always something playing to keep me entertained. And not once have I ever see the message before a video that I witnessed before this video would play. If that isn’t enough to show you what political side that YouTube is bias for or against, I don’t know what could be any stronger evidence than that. Fuck you YOUTUBE!!!!!! I will turn away from this channel at the drop of a hat and even boycott YouTube if you don’t start treating the people that make what this platform what it is with fairness and evenhandedness across your entire platform. You allow pedifiles to have channels about young teen girls on your platform, and there is shit out here that’s worst than that. I didn’t think it was possible but somehow YouTube has bred some sick and twisted people. And this video isn’t even close to what you portray it to be with your censorship advertisement that people have to encounter before they can watch this video. This video is about a man and a country that is striving to be the best and stay the best. But you liberal bastards are so afraid of being the country that every other country strives to be that you will purposely sabotage your own country in the name of “social justice”. FUCK YOU. TRUMP 2020 you pricks. I hope POTUS evens the playing fields when it comes to liberals and anarchists and socialists that want to porposely slander and destroy people just because they can’t handle losing. Congrats Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh, give em Hell.

Everyone is offended when faced with reality.!

I'm hoping the offensive warning was referring to the fact that we had to look at Waters and Pelosi!

Trump Is Good for You, Get over it

Folks this is Youtube and Facebook version of censorship of a Liberal opposing view!

Holy shit, before this video i got a notification from YouTube warning me about this video. Wow , Smh.

Dear Youtube, I don't need you to Babysit me and decide on my behalf what I can or cannot watch. If you are trying to be my SELF-APPOINTED NANNY, go to Hell, YOU'RE FIRED !

They know they're wrong and in fact are proud to be wrong. Senseless is what it says about you. How much is your slave master Soros paying you to be vile and violent foolish soul?? Are these morons saying "no USA at all"?

Triumphant Trump*****

They should know violence and riots creates conservatives.

Trump kills most of isis and brings peace with North Korea but media and clueless people still want him impeached haha. What the hell did obama do? Not a damn thing but split this country.

You have to love the youtube, this video has offensive content.... Give me a break...

Love ❤️ you Trump ! You are only honest honey among the filthy swamp ! Drain them

Big Brother YouTube

39:40 is why this video is censored as it should be. I'm a Trump supporter and kids don't need to see stuff like that. Remove that section and repost.

Just wait til we finally, fully, and whole heartedly fight back! We are fed up with the BULLSHIT put forth and regurgitated by the Democrats and eaten up by the Liberal Zombies. You want a war and keep saying it, just wait til we finally and fully accept the challenge. You won't find shelter in your safe spaces and mommy and daddy's basement. We can and will find you everywhere you go and hide. Just keep pushing us and you will eventually see the heart and passion us TRUE PATRIOTS hold sacred! For God, Country, and Family, we will fight to the end. GOD BLESS AMERICA, AMERICANS, AND DONALD TRUMP!!!!

Mr President Trump Thank you for everything sir. #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN

YouTube and Google. You jerks. There is no need for a warning on this movie and you know it

Marshall Law WILL be imposed by President Trump so He can really drain the swamp. The politicians and media figures who are to me traitors to America.

Great Film. Thanks for Posting this. #KeepAmericaGreat

Excellent movie...

Incredible VIDEO

Is there communism in China? I ask because it's vast difference between chair and electric chair.

This video is badass! TRUMP2020!

Thank you for a great movie.Watching it brought tears to my eyes and made my chest swell with pride,for i feel part of this great victory,having supported the president from the very beginning.

Trump trump trump! 2020 !!!

Americans are just lucky to have Trump. Maybe it's the spirit of your great nation correcting the path for your people.

We will prosper as a nation again ⚡


Trump and the Republican party is good for the world. We are coming after the you.

we are all being played

Churchill needed a flotilla, so does Trump. Please vote America.

Karma would hit this idiots real hard on there evil ways

Thank you Steve Bannon and all involved in making this movie I want all to see what history has been - so we never forget from where we were to where we are now thanks to your President Trump, and all the unnamed who support and love him THANK You MR President Donald TRUMP ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

this is another Democratic bullshit media made lie not to worry the math tell's all the numbers are shown... you stupid left party and I don't care what you think you dumb muther fuker commies rat bastards kill the democratic party once and for all

I will be voting 2018, keep Georgia red

i am from Belgieum and i support Donald Trump america great again In Europe, we also want a Donald Trump

Those antifa cowards punching people in the back of the head. Over here in Australia it's called a 'King Hit'. However, all the media stopped calling it that and began calling it a 'Coward Punch'. The government also increased jail time for anyone committing a coward punch as they started to happen more often after, usually a bunch of dickheads get on the terps and think it's funny. People were dying from it. Often they'll be charged while the victim is in a coma. If that person then dies then you get a 15 year goal sentence. The idiots in this video are just another bunch of cowards with little intellect going about politics, and life in general the wrong way. If your side doesn't win, then your argument and efforts were weak and you need to try better next time. Don't do this. You're pushing the lever too far and eventually it will snap, not break.

Damn that is some expensive propaganda. Trump did some good. He's also did some bad and foolish things. No one's perfect like this long commercial for reelection projects

as American people we need help the Democrats see the truth and start a better life so. we need to all come together. and Love one other.America as 1 the GODs truth is Trump is a Great man and wants the Best for all America People i pray for the Democrats to see the Light.. GOD Look over America..

This was OUTSTANDING! So much truth, and the media refuses to report it. Listening to this will make you proud of what is happening to this nation. And the leadership that we needed to guide us there. Share with your family and friends. And even send it to your Liberal friends. MAGA Take care, be safe. God bless. Griz - Alaska

I Love President Trump

CIA is the source of conspiracy.


Also fuck his supporters have a good night fuckers

Don Lemon is a liberal douche bag activist posing as a journalist.If he is a journalist,i am an astronaut.

this could not be more biased and out of context, fucking idiot propaganda pigs!!! "Grab her by the pussy" " Healthcare for all" "Lower drug prices" give me a break "who's Stormy Daniels?" ad infinitum...

I am surely voting red in november(good LORD willing)as an afrolatino.And it is laconically because i am educated and have comnand of the issues and hip to the speciously woven insidiously sophisticated lies of the left is that i am going to.

I love president Trump...he is a block for what is to come....bless you president Trump.... prepare yourself and your family for president Trump is a state of Grace ..... remember I told you this...may God have mercy on us all for I know the left and the elite do not love righteousness or Jesus Christ and his father our God... prepare yourself and your family...and just to be clear the Democratic party leadership bho and hrc opened up the American people (the door to China)...true...we the American people made them rich under Barack Hussein Obama... truth

Jermaine Perry least type your insult were people can read and understand it...thank you

Fuck trump old ass

Revenge is coming. I am for peace, and non violence. The left is violent , and full of hate.

Anti-Americans need to be imprisoned

Biggest threat to America was Obama, Hillary and Bushes

16:04 I am your voice

This is what happens when you attack for so long with the other side turning the other cheek. The person being abused builds a case against its enemy. A few bad actors really is an understatement...

Left has gone mad and the ones doing this is the leftist media and the corrupt left government asking people to fight get in the faces follow them ..and don lemon you are one of the worst of them all ...we will win he is winning 2 years of greatness Amore 6 more years to come you ignorant shits grow the f.....up



New Mexico hispanic go trump!!dems gotta go,so frkn corrupt...great documentary.DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!

Didnt he build a wall for you dummy

Obama "Your Fired T-shirt" W.T.F. Obama never worked for him and sure as hell didnt get fired.

never forgive Cuck Shapiro

Thank you God for Donald Trump. Thank you.

I don't understand Democrats! I'm a Libertarian but I would stand behind Trump and Republicans any day! If I can't have Ron Paul as my President Trump is the next best thing

God bless the USA and the president

when u listen to Trump said America first, u feel proud. But when u listen to the CNN interpreted u are nervous. FEAR TACTIC is all i say. middle finger to you, medias

The Media like CNN caused all these mental cases to march


god bless the USA

This film had so many funny parts... America's allies "love Trump" even though they were supposed to hate him? Have you taken a look at what politicians are saying in Europe? Even in United Nations, a vast majority of countries vote AGAINST the US. She only has a handful of allies now that Trump took office. But gee, maybe wearing MAGA glasses makes that red look like green... Trump should win a Nobel peace prize for the Trump-Kim summit? Uhmm, WHO was it that invited in the first place? It was Kim who invited Trump! He only went along like a puppy and got played in the meeting. All site renovations were fake or partial, and they keep enriching like before. But sure, whatever gets the dumb masses to the polls: The thing you don't want to hear is, Trump lost the economy the second he passed the Omnibus spending bill without reading it: In it were spending increases deliberately brought him at the last second so he had to pass it. But this packet increases the public deficit past 100% of GDP during his tenure. Which means coupled with the tax cuts, America will be poorer than it is now after he leaves office, whenever that will be, regardless of anything extra that he does. "Make America one again", indeed. The country is split 50-50. Whenever republicans are in charge, you cut taxes but can't get the spending cuts so the debt grows larger. And when democrats are in charge, you raise spending but can't get tax hikes so the debt grows larger...

Incredible!!! Get out and vote people. A vote for Trump is a vote for you!

Trump is high energy, super Chad, never stops, God Emperor! Reelect 45! MAGA 2020! #RedWaveNov

Trump is the best thing that’s happened in this country in a long long time. Don’t believe what the mainstream media tells you. They want to tear down this country. Steve Bannon did a great job with this film.

Am so jealous to American People, We Indians (Eastern one) are never going to have such a good president as Trump. ( We are also lucky that we don't have democrats who are such a shame, madmen)

I have to say that there are a hell of a lot of people who don’t worship Donald trump and also don’t agree with the types of behavior that those on the far left exhibit. The intro to the film portrays a sense that the entire group of people who do not believe that donald trump is fit mentally to be the most powerful leader on the face of the earth. This is similar to the propaganda used by the Nazi party to scare the German people into believing their population is under siege from a group of communists, then within six months the German Parliament building burns to the ground which united the German public against a common enemy creating a culture of hatred and revenge seeking. All I want to truly say is,again, an inaccurate portrayal of a small group of people branded as a large group that doesn’t agree with the actions of those using violence against trump supporters, I don’t care what anyone’s political opinions are they have the right to believe anything they want.

Great documentary

I'm in England and I wish we had someone like Trump running are country.

The lowest represented color on the American flag is actually BLUE coming in at a measly 17.6% the majority color on the American flag is rightfully RED at a whopping 41.5% THE OTHER COLOR REPRESENTED ON THE USA FLAG IS White which is 40 .9% THE SECOND LARGEST COLOR REPRESENTED. Now: BLUE represents the HEAVENS the states are represented by the WHITE stars to represent their PERMANENCY in the heavens! RED represents the blood of patriots True Believers those that love our country, that made us free! WHITE represents our VERACITY our PURITY & FAITHFULNESS! Lesson to all of this - let's make Demon Rat Party [Blue] the lowest represented color - as in the FLAG so in the COUNTRY

So this is how nazi propaganda looks 2018, by the way the left is also out of control they should be ashamed for attacking trump supporters

They said if Trump did 20% o his promises, it would be a great success....Well he's done well over 20% Trump is on his way as being the greatest president ever, or he might have already earned that title!

I've probably watched this at least 3 times.

Fantastic movie. 10/10 would vote for GEOTUS again.

I love this man!

Democrats of today: They come with fire! They come with axes! Gnawing, biting, breaking, hacking, burning!! Destroyers and usurpers, CURSE THEM!!

How does this even make any sense?!

If you vote Democrat in 2018, you are a fool. If you are Republican and do not vote, you are a bigger fool.


shows the weakness and lack of any leadership and manhood and the constant lying of obama. shows the strength and compassion of trump.

LOVE President Trump!!! HE IS A W E S O M E!!!! :))

Thanks Steve for a great doc.

no winners at the bottom below the 1%..just the rich on top shaking hands and laughing at us for being all stupid..

Youtube sucks they're all a bunch of socialist communists.

Trump has picked two Supreme Court Justices and might even get two more. Lol, Fuck liberals

Fuck you Don Lemon. Fuck you Robert Deniro old fat bastard

Cheesy lazy propaganda

I hope this video get folks out to vote this November. If you vote liberal your KKKrazy if you don't vote at all you don't give a shit and that's worse than KKKrazy liberals.

Democrats are showing their true side. Remember Democrats are backed by George Soros billionaire that Short the SP500 Us markets.

Enemy Combatants! They R the terrorist that will be sorry soon for violence against the police, military, Patriots and conservatives!! The MSM did this, the left did this! Shameful!

America is at war with Liberals, The Media and other Anti-White groups.

Need a shower after getting spit on by lemon and the left!! They R VILE disgusting losers! WTP R the patriots they are the losers! Its not working!

Love it. YouTube is censoring the crap out of this video. You cant even find it in a search if you type the movie title. They will regret censoring us. It only makes us believe even stronger

Hateful disgrace to their country. Ignorant morons. President Trump is what the world needs. Time will tell. He is the only one who can make the change. I believe in you Mr. President and I've been watching you from afar every day from day one. Only you have what it takes to drain that filthy swamp. Only you sir. May God be with you and your family.

We need to take to the streets with weapons to take out these thugs


These people are stupid. These people are evil. We have the servers. We have it all. Patriots in charge. Enjoy the show. ~Q


Don Lemon is an absolute disgusting racist and fascist.

you people, who if were not so dangerous to freedom ...would be a joke. Quote : 'Elections have consequences ' - President Barak Obama ... Just deal with it and in 2 years ? Vote him out. Simple

everyone watching this that stands with our President and our Country ,we must pray, we must share this video ( what is youtube gonna do restrict all of us? LOL) and we must vote for politicians that stand with our President and our Nation . MAGA in 2016,2018 & 2020

I love Trump.


Violence is inherent in the socialist ideology.

Superb documentary.

You know, If I were a "POS Democrat", I would Immidiatly "slice both wrists, and then Hang myself".... There's absolutely "NO DOUBT" what so ever!!!!! But I'm not so, I'll throw my lazy boys out on the front lawn, with a Sobe, and a bag of buttery popcorn and watch all U P'sOS get "ARRESTED and LOCKED UP", where all of ya belong!!!!! Don't drop the soap!!

Trump train 20/20

These animals need to be put down!!!!! Democrats aren't violent though right?? A BIG FUCK YOU OBAMA!!! GO TO HELL WHERE YOU BELONG!!!!

Read the best historical fact that has been published, author of the Bible is God's Spirit revealing the past and future time.

We are living the last few days in this world. Everything is true that Jesus and his apostles spoke about 2000 years ago about the last days of this world.

The American People aren’t as stupid as the MSM tell us they are, Europe needs a Donald Trump to drain that EU Swamp

ISIS is defeated because they do not have the seal of the Almighty in their foreheads. It's all Biblical. We cannot stop praying for out great President Trump!


Epstein's money well spent.

I'm just waiting for them to fuck up even more than they already have. it is just a matter of time and its going to be game on. Snowflakes better have a come to Jesus moment or bend over and kiss their asses good bye.

Trump 2020


I had been supporting Democratic for the past years. Now I’m going to support Republican. Trump and Republicans are keeping their promising and make things happen. Let’s Go! Make America Great Again.


In the beginning they will hate him. At the end they will love him.

To be fair and honest with ourselves, the reason this video has been "censored" with a warning by youtube is because of the extreme graphic violence of people being burned alive, shot and executed, etc. Not because it's conservative leaning or pro-Trump.

Incredible to think that unless you agree with the mob, you get destroyed, one way or the more free speech, or free anything,

We needed a video like this

Hope i get if out there.. please help

I am a Canadian and TRUMP IS THE GREATEST MAN ON EARTH RIGHT NOW! He is single-handedly ELIMINATING THE ILLUMINATI in the U.S.! He is single handely putting in jail all the pedfophiles like HILARY "THE CUNT" CLINTON!!! They are responsible for THIS VIDEO FILLED with BULLSHIT! LIES, LIES, LIES Troughout the video! GO TRUMP! Trump will go down in history as the greatest president ever! Long Life, Long Rein TRUMP!!!!!!!!

I'm American Indian, and all I see since Trump won, is the liberals that love LGBTQ, be violent and spewing hatred. So much for land of the free and home of the brave.

Lose the mid-term, lose the USA into something like Brazil.

This is truth


A vote for the democrats is a vote for the enemy, the deep state, globalism, Marxism, poverty and regression.

How does this video fall in this category? Age restricted.

Trump 2020

this is a propoganda movie

I want this civil war sooooo bad I'm shaking. Red Tsunami Inbound mother fuckers...You liberals better run for the hills!!!

The first 5 minutes if this is so powerful.

When I search this video and type trump at war it doesn’t even pop up as top recommended

we have taken back the world boys we conservatives are rising all over the world

Nice one, although the look on Iran is completely Zionist bollocks and evades the elephant in the livingroom: Saudi Arabia and Qatar as *main sponsors of wahabi terrorism and islamic missionaries by financing the building of mosques in Europe.*

Is the disorderly conduct coming from the right or the left? What does that tell you about their character? What does their covered faces tell you about their character.

I suddenly don't feel bad for stealing movies from hollywood this whole time. The liberals are insane.

MSM has for 2 years told lie after lie about Trump. Your mind control is working. Feel good about yourselves

what about your vile behave

OMG. This movie has been censored and age restricted. YouTube will say it’s bc of the violence shown in the video. But the violence is coming from their side! I’m so tired of their totalitarian censoring. I am hoping for a new platform to replace you YouTube. And I will jump shit as soon as it comes.

There is absolutely no reason this should be age-restricted @youtube WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

The demon infested forget that the mouth speaks what is in the heart. (Mark 7:15). It empowers discernment by the righteous. All lies come from the same place. (John 8:44) As a (former) first responder, people were blue, when extremely cold, or dead. Too bad, the Federal Reserve is cutting off the fuel for the economy, at a crucial point.

I wish TRUMP would address the *INFILTRATION & SATURATION* of MSM on YOUTUBE! We built this platform and made YT what it is - *GOOD, BAD, INDIFFERENT* is the voices of the people.

As The World Turns" The draining of the swamp ramps up. Do you hear that sound Mr. & ms. swamp critter, that's the sound of inevitability, the swamp draining, and your going down with it. President Trump is sending the Florida Skunk Ape, The Fouke Monster, the "Swamp Thing" the "Cajun Werewolf" the "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and all the rest after you, and there is no where to hide. We are WINNING, you are LOSING. Witty comment.

It sure would be nice if Republicans stopped obstructing Trump. It's bad enough fighting Democrats.

Need to get the Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) out! They don’t want to help save America.

The Red Tsunami is coming in Nov 2018!! Wait for the boom Democrats it's coming....

Orwell's vision happening before our eyes. A video composed entirely of excerpts from news reports and well-publicized commentaries is banned "based on community guidelines". Heartbreaking.

CNN...CHINA NEWS NETWORK! We're at war folks Chinese agents are all over US specially in California even Sen. Feinstein hired a Chinese agent. The deep State is China and will support their fellow communist the progressive LEFT to create Turmoil and drive Trump out of office.

As an American... Each and everyone of you, are part of something greater than yourselves. Our forefathers knew all to well, that it is not our elected leaders who propel a nation, our forefathers understood all to well, that the will of the human spirit to do the just and right thing is far more powerful than any tyrant could ever possibly imagine. It is thus your solemn duty as an American, to respect and cherish your American inheritance and heritage. It is your manifest destiny to spread your wings, to be the swift wind that lifts the Eagle, to achieve the unified goal to soar beyond the dreams and visions of your forefathers, so that when they cast their gaze upon the Earth from the heavens,... They do so in awe. #RedWave #MAGA

When Trump has sort the USA out can he come to the U.K. and sort us out please


Fuck these lame ass niggas.

Those that opposed President Trump are nothing more than fake Americans. They consist of communist, socialist, democrats. They are the kind of people that proves what happens when mental illness is left untreated. Trump 2020. Let’s keep making America great.

Trump is so much fun.

If you are voting for Trump you're basically saying fuck the enviroment and fuck the planet.

I have much respect for him , only thing I wish he would do is not denying his anti military intervention and pro Israel sucking

The left proves there are more stupid people from point A to point B. Sad. The treason needs to be dealt with quickly. It is long overdue. Animal behavior, period

We can't just hold the house and senate. We have to give Trump a super majority in the house and senate. There are 11 democrat seats up for re-election in States Trump won. All 11 of those should be easy to turn red. That would give Trump a super majority with 62 votes which will block all the democrats obstruction. With a super majority you will see this country take off like its on steroids. You've seen what Trump accomplished in 18 months with nonstop obstruction by democrats and 95% negative BS by the democrat media. Now imagine what he can do with a super majority in the senate and the house. You think the current 4.2 GDP is great? I guarantee with a super majority you will see the GDP hit over 10.2 GDP before 2020. There will be even more tax cuts and they will be made permanent. The wall will be completely built within a year. The DOW will skyrocket to $50k. The democrat party will be history giving the GOP a 200 year rein as long as they don't screw it up. America will not just be great again, it will be the greatest its ever been and will be the envy of the world. The Globalist will be destroyed putting a permanent end to their new world order BS. And all it takes to achieve this is for a 100 million Americans to show up on November 6th and vote republican across the board and putting an end to the democrat obstruction. We can literally CRUSH them once and for all. Whatever is left of democrats in office will be BEGGING the republicans to be allowed to work with them. The corrupt media will have no choice but to cover Trump honestly and report the massive success he has achieved. God told us in 2007 he was putting Trump in the White House. He told us again in 2014. He told us he is putting Trump in the White House for TWO TERMS. He told us in 2014 after he puts Trump in the White House they [democrats] will be shouting, IMPEACH, IMPEACH, but said it will not work. God also said the media will stop its fake reporting for democrats and will start reporting what he wants them to report. Well, we already know Trump is President and we heard the democrats shouting to impeach, so those two things came true and now its just the second term and the media having to report what God wants them to report that is left. This is much more than just a movement. This is BIBLICAL!

Actually mate from here in NZ I observe exactly what you area saying BUT it is the Democrats that show this divisive behaviour and are led by media people like you who incite their violent opposition to a duly elected PRESIDENT...All the democrats offer is Divisive Violent Oppposition of Resist.. Resist everything TRUMP.. it really will be God help America if the present leadrers of the Democrats regain power...just open your eyes.. Economic stats dont lie....just get in behind TRUMP ..give him a fair shot and STOP you Vitriotic attacks...FROM NEW ZEaland where the air is clean and we can see what is going on..get outta your Democratic Hate Haze!

Restricted by YouTube? What??? The elites are getting desperate, they are crawling out of their shadows. How much more obvious must it get before people realize how biased this so called free speech platform really is. This is a professional movie with an opinion, must everyone now have the same opinion as YouTube elite media?

I'm black and I hate BLM ... or any liberal SJW for that matter. basically I use logic, these people are irrational retard

GOD bless Donald Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump during State of Union address:  "African-American unemployment is at an all-time low."    Camera pans to Congressional Black Caucus.    Notice the frowns and scowls on these "Black" race pimps.  One picture is worth a thousand words.

Funny how all this footage of the left protesters does not end in someone being shot , run over with a car or Someone being raped and then disgraced by the president. I watch this to keep up with the enemy. You are the enemy of state and the world.


We are on the threshold of rounding up these LEFTIST thugs and putting them in concentration camps.   They need to be CRUSHED.

If you Americans are not fighting off shore, your fighting each other at home. So sad.

Thank you for making this movie. I wish I could hit like repeatedly.

Maga 4ever!

I give God all the glory for what I have and being blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. I pray for President Trump and all who support and protect him.

Foh your invading my space,dick!!!

No he didnt i am american!u fkn dummy lmao...dems are corrupted ass holez,can u not see?

That’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Go trump! Loving it here in Australia

The LEFT er DIRTY ANiMALS no matter where they are!!!!!


Wow... I knew Trump was the man...but now I need to help out Republicans even more. Trump #2020 God Bless the U.S.A. God bless Trump, god Bless the Republicans, God Bless the 2nd Amendment and down with the Democrats.

There Is Power In The Blood. Jesus Christ was the first nonviolent revolutionary. Remember the world hated him long before it hated us. The mainstream media is bought and paid for by very evil, hateful people. Y'all be cool.

I probably would not have viewed this if it wasn't for YouTube restricting access to it.

Politicians worldwide are afraid of Mr President Trump because he is the only President who's keeping his promises and is qualified for the job! They know they are frauds!

Embarrassing Democrats are angry mobs - many are paid protesters - since day 1 of Trump's presidency but American Patriots love Trump!

Apparently this video went down in views since yesterday!!!! YouTube how exactly does that work?!?!


Well done piece of propaganda. No scenes of neo-nazis carrying tiki torches, or David Duke supporting Trump, or the car crashing through protesters, killing one. No scenes of Trump advocating violence against protestors, or supporting a former KGB colonel instead of his own loyal American intelligence services.

Number 1: Those the Alt right are Socialists Number 2: The car Crashing would of been avoided if the Major of Charlottesville both Followed through with the permit he gave the White Nationalists and if he never Told the police to stand down. Number 3: David Duke isn't a Threat. Just check out his Interview between him and a Black man named Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube. You will realize that you Demorats/Leftists are truly are Common enemy. 4: Trump Already called by sides and his None Support of Nazis's multiple times. 5: Why is it that mainstream left wing media and the Democrats are calling Communist Anarchist Groups like ANTIFA So Called "Counter Protesters"??? Cause that's the shit you should want answers to.

I love the look on M Kelly’s face when Brett Baer announces Trump will be the 45th president of the United States

when i first saw this it had millions of views on the first page.. youtube caught wind and BURIED IT! its not just trump at war. WE ARE AT WAR! the 2nd revolutionary war has begun the next supreme court judge pick will be the last straw for the left they will go against their values and pick up the guns they hate so much. its inevitable the usa is too polarized. theres no coming together from here out. we are up against ALL of media and the left socialists. the moderate democrats have already switched sides. the only ones left are brainwashed extremists.

Fantastic movie! The night Trump won was a highlight of my life! I loved seeing it again!

Ask me if I care what the Lying Left says!

The words globalist and illuminati are interexchangeable

They have a soundbite of one racist so of course this makes every Trump voter racist (sarcasm). Hillary has said she counts on the black votes because of the welfare democrats give them. As Kanye said, welfare is essentially enslavement. Trump is a hero. But he does need to stop squeezing european countries to spend more on NATO because #1 nato really only helps USA fight its wars, #2 Europe receives all the immigrants caused by these wars and the terrorists that come with them, #3 Europe doesn’t have the petrodollar scheme set up in place like USA so we can’t even spend like USA does on military. Neither can Russia btw, which is why Russia is not a real threat, as CNN would like to have everyone think, unjustifyingly so.

That is one helluva chronicle. This is why we fight ...

Ride the red wave and keep America great!

Interesting, but I could've done without the barrage of bombastic music.

Thank You Bannon! God Bless Trump! God Bless America!

denmark In Europe, we also want a Donald Trump

Indeed... before Merkel will destroy Europa totally ! ... Greetings from Holland !

president Trump will go down in history as the greatest American President eve

if this doesn`t open your eyes and mind you better run to China and ask for asylum were you will get a bitchslap of reality.

JESUS!!! Our news outlets tell a different story!?!? Trump is litteraly Zwarte Piet (or Abradolf Linkler or whatever) in my country.

"17" th American freed by President Trump. "0"(?) freed by Ex-president Obama. Obama "left" millions enslaved. (1)(2)

Oh look, a one-sided movie... Nice to see how many people are brainwashed by Trump community..

+Halal Bacon Can't accept the fact some people actually use their brains instead of their emotions, right ?

Tangible results vs emotional screeching, hmmm which to choose, which to choose. Back to your safe space, libterd.

Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump

ISIS is destroyed because of Russia.

How easy would it be to show aggression coming from from the ultra right racist mob, who feels justified to attack people who look or talk different from them! Listen to "they are the enemy of the people, lock her up, rough them up, I'll pay for your lawyer" etc.

Thanks to Mr. Bannon for this excellent summarization.

Bannon is one of my heroes

Fuck everyone and everything. I ain't even American. MAGA

The Left says Trump and his supporters are violent. Someone on a different video says Trumps supporters make the violence and start it. That Trump Rallies are full of violence. We are having fun inside the Rallies. Yes they escort out yelling rederic protesters just as they did at Kavanaugh Hearings. Just as they did at Bill Clintons, Hillary"s rallies. Just as they did at Hillary's book signing. Thats what all Rally, Book signing, Court Hearing etc. do when they have disruptions in a setting. But outside of Trump Rallies the Protesters got Violent. They were Bernie Sanders people that was being paid by Soros. At The Hillary signing and her Rallies the Protesters weren't removed because of violence but because they were going against the Democrats and Socialist.

Socialism in and of its self is not evil. Want has been done in its name is evil. Democracy is not evil, but slavery in the U.S. was. I worked in a organization that was structured in a socialist way and so have millions of Americans. It's called the military.

+Jeffrey Teets One Feminist Fat Leftists bitch dead would of be even better if Antifa and The Alt-Right had died also.

+Jeffrey Teets Number 2: Could of still been Avoided if The Black Major had Stuck to the Permit he gave the Alt-Right and Confederate statue Protesters. But the Major was a Lier and a Coward by forcing the police to stand down. All he had to do is allow them to Protest the Statue in Peace and They would of left back into their Hives and a Fight wouldn't of erupted to the point of a Single Death.

+Jeffrey Teets Thanks for Correcting number 1. But I hope you can see the Stupidity or Straight Evil willingly arrogance by the Democrats for Wanting to Implement Socialism and Giving full Support to Big Government like the Nazis's did. Cause for them to support Far Left Socialist candidates!? It's both Biggoted to the Many Hispanics I know that came to the USA to Escape the Oppressive and Eventually Communistic Genocidal Acts of Socialism. Not to Mention I hope you are aware of Today's left wing news outlets literally Defending. The So called Counter Protesters that are actually an Communists Anarchist Group who attack all us Trump Supporters regardless of Race or Gender. Cause the Alt Right are nothing since they aren't backed by Today's Media/Democrats dude. But Antifa are in Mass numbers with no Answers of where they came from or Who they work for.

Number 1: No, they are neo nazis. Just because it's called Shepard's Pie doesn't mean there are shepards in it. Number 2: Crashing a car into a crowd of people is the wanton act of a pathetic individual.

Lock up the mentally ill criminal democrats, especially those in government, lock up the criminal race baiting fake CNN reporters, and all the libtard lying media.

I just have a few questions for anyone who is willing to seek beyond the veil: WHO paid for President Barack Obama's education while he was in Chicago for him to become a lawyer from the best university of the American educational system and what was promised for that? Who did Presidents Bush and Bush Sr give a promise for a NWO to? Who did President William Clinton sign into economic enslavement in his mandate ? Who did then Secretary of defense Hillary Clinton sign a deal with for weapons and what was used for currency exchange that anyone no matter what political parties or standing you have it would break your heart? Why were the generals of the United States putting President Obama under detention and where all on board to have a military coup against him the night of his last presidential address? Who is Bill Gates and what does his foundation do to both Americans and African people? What did Monsanto do with roundup chemicals and all American water supplies? What years did you notice the trails in the skies? Who paid for 9-11? Who put in a massive insurance policy that very week prior to 9-11 twin towers demolition booming? What happened to the gold in Fort Knox? When did it go missing? What happened on Sept 10th the day before 9-11? I am a retired dual veteran, single black mother of one son who is currently serving. I am not a politician not do I represent a political party but I do represent that flag, the original statue the was first given to us by France and the constitution that is what makes America what it is. My job is to protect you and in this case even if it is from yourself. I ask two things: Research the answers to those questions and Think for yourself. Where There Is One We Are All The entire world is watching this Country and We are the Guardians of the Planet. For the love of God, we must become One because while we are divided we are at risk.

Phony YouTube trying to censor this video. Crooked liberals exposed!

YouTube finally removed " this might be offensive " continue option on this film. Yea it's offensive... to liberals that want to surpress free speach, and not let someone form a opinion of there own based on the facts and evidence provided.

i am Dutch, if i would have been an American i would vote for Donald Trump. Liberals make me feel sick!!! And my country is full of left wing liberals. Believe me West Europe is lost.

Awesome. Youtube is trying to hide this video desperately. I can only find it in my history, not from search. HEY GOOGLE. I spend a shit ton of money on PPC ads. The cost benefit has gone to shit, you are screwing your company. Stick to business and stop blocking speech, morons.

Stop talking libturds and let's get started

forget the silly election. the owners own you. george carlin

It's only a matter of time before the right becomes as violent as the left. When that happens we will have a civil war.

Wow, I wish I had seen this sooner. I would have registered to vote! Now I think it's too late... I had no idea the midterm elections were this important. I'd vote all red.

You know, I'm a democrat and even I support Trump.

Vote RED from now on......


This place is full dumb people, unbelieveable. This whole LEFT and RIGHT is made up, fucking losers.

1:11:57 PUHH i am not even american (i am german) and that speech gave me fucking goosebumbs :D

Simple Simon Negroes like Lemon are the real Minstrel Show - YOWZA!

everyone commenting about the censoring clearly didn't make it to the ISIS part lmao, probably the most graphic thing I've seen on YT

VOTE RED my Friend lets help TRUMP

ha ha ha

Vote for peace, love and prosperity. Vote for the Republican!!!

It's time to whoop these Antifa, Leftist Extremists so hard that they wish they were never born in America. Maybe they'll find sanctuary in Venezuela or the Middle East. I'm done with this slim. They won't know what hit them... Time to channel our Great Revolutionaries.

pls stop hurting trash cans antifa:(

Get out and VOTE RED.

Don lemon could go fuck himself.

All i know is the dems would look very nice in orange. Come Nov. 6th: vote red.

What does it say about the left? Must be embarrassing to be unveiled so quickly and fully. You've been working at this for centuries and you are totally unclothed.

Love the man..

Liberals are all about diversity as long as you toe the line with their views.

what exactly has Trump done that's racist anyway? these people are just insane.

I'm in the flotilla - nay - the #MAGANAVY

If it's restricted how can we still see it? I'm wanting to put this on my channel but dont want to get banned so whats what? Can i share this video? hanks.

God is in control, and all who are deceived will go down!

Thumbs up to Bannon. We are now seeing things that are not reported on the News.

Believe this ,there's people who believe lemon. Oh and racism is made up.wake up slaves!

Why is there not a share button?

Trump Trump Trump

Why is this age restricted dumb liberal youtube

Google/Alphabet is infested with far left ideologies. Google is clearly violating antitrust laws, Trump MUST break up big tech companies!

#MACA Make ANTIFA Cry Again! Best wishes and love from German Patriots. wwg1wga

If the win the house and try to impeach trump there will be blood in the streets

Yeah, It'll be pretty goddam bad. Probably all the Federal Departments will line up against him. That's all right. These things gotta happen every generation or so, helps to get rid of the bad blood. Been fifty-five years since the last one. You know, you gotta stop them at the beginning. Like they should have stopped Hillery with the bleach bit, they should never let her get away with that, they was just asking for trouble.

Share this video far and wide! It had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I wish someone could get Trump to tweet it, perfect campaign video if you ask me! But that would mean Trump would have to confront the reality that he's done nothing about his supporters getting attacked. Hopefully that will change soon.

How can any average American Trump supporter “come out” publicly when it means risking their lives & property? Because if they are attacked & defend themselves, the corrupt FBI & it’s media allies will ruin their lives? We all need to stand together against this tyranny. That means full support from the administration, no more bowing down to the insane left & deep state!

WE ❤️ TRUMP with love from Italy

Yes, in my PA suburban community people waiting for hours in a long line to vote for the 2016 presidential election. I had never seen this kind voting crowd for the past 30 years. 是的,在我的PA郊區社區,人們排長隊等待投票支持2016年總統大選。 在過去的30年裡,我從未見過這種投票人群。

If it's restricted how can we still see it? I'm wanting to put this on my channel but dont want to get banned so whats what? Can i share this video? thanks.

You can put this short trailer up and link the Trump@war full movie

Thanks for sharing that threat, Tracey. Did everyone read this? God is in control, and even if someone somewhere doesn't know it because they believed some lies or propaganda, or watched too much CNN for example, they must perform oral sex on...who? The President? I'm just asking, because you're really not clear who they have to go down on. Or maybe they just have to take a that it Tracey? Well, we'll just have to let God decide these things.

I remember when the mainstream was worried about Trump supporters rioting if Trump lost.

The worst thing is this movie is the constantly appearing disgusting face of Donna Lemon

I love President Donald Trump! Best thing to happen to America in the last 29 years!

Whats Ben Shapiro s problem with Trump?

Stupid anarchists, skulls full of rubbish

I cannot share why???

The question really is "What does it say about all of you?" A gang of thugs who somehow believe the losers and that if they act ignorant it will somehow help you? It is you that is helping to destroy this country, not Donald Trump!


YouTube buried this on the search list. I searched Trump @war and it's like 30 vids down even tho it has half a million views and nothing above it comes close

Ok thank you. Someone else has the movie uploaded to so i wasn't sure

Odd news story or omen i found this story about a diver who found a statue of a donkey on the floor of the red sea dated 12-5-17 just find it interesting

It's the LEFT making excuses for HILLARY. She should be in jail, with Madonna who very publicly announced contemplating an act of terrorism against the White House. So too, should the Clintons & all her Cabal, flee the country. Denounce citizenship LEFTISTS; LEAVE, & take your ILLEGALS with you!

Outstanding video! I wish every American would watch this! Truly sad the 1st Black president was a lying, deceptive traitor. Thank you Lord for sending us Pres. Trump!

Impressive doc. And just think how the definitive doc will be in 2024 ...

what is the music track title that plays from 35:34 to 38:58, please? I love it!!

Fantastic film

Anyone knows what's the song name at 8:25? It's intense.

Ahahahahahahha!!! What the hell is this?? xD go get some quality education. Oh wait... americans don't have good education!!!!! XD

thank you :) I will link every thing back to you.

+tweed187187 no i believe you can put up the video..I only said that because at a time this video was so restricted that you could not share it.. go ahead and spread the word good friend

RSBN are streaming you're video saying they have permission and others upload edit. Are you saying i can only put up a trailer?

How do I share this, no share button.

I do hope the FBI question Donny Deutsch and others from radical liberal insanity using the tv box to create this insanity. Bad language notice? Wow, warnings for words. On the wild, wicked, web.

WAR!!! War!! War!!!

Gay Obama and his tranny Michael were even more evil for America than the Clinton criminals.

Mr. Trump please command the US military forces to kick all Musllim migrants out of Germany to preserve Germans from soon becoming a minority in their own country and to preserve them from murder, rapes and violence.

Thank you for a great movie! We swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. This president inspires us to do so.

Is Twitter #EVIL because @Jack Dorsey is EVIL? Twitter HATES Republicans, Conservatives, Christians and Patriots. #StandAgainstEvil >>> #TwitterIsEvil

That beginning solidified my vote for Trump next election, come hell or high water

Korea is the perfect example of communism and socialism vs capitalism. South Korea is aligned with capitalist United States. North Korea is aligned with communist China. Where would you rather live, North Korea or South Korea?

Today a German friend told me "How can you be a fan of Donald Trump? My sister, who's living in the states, told me, he's the devil!" I told her, who the real devils are. Who is destroying our countries, who made the people poor and who is attacking us? It's not Donald Trump! And I told her, what Donald Trump did, since he's president. A lot of jobs, a lot of good things. He promised and he delivers. I wish we had a president like him in Germany. But we got the real devil in our country. Merkel, who brought us Millions of invaders. They rape and kill over here every day. And she will bring more of this people. She turned crazy! Be proud of your president! Donald Trump is phantastic!!!!

It's like here over in Germany. The Antifa is turning nuts. They are running around, bother every demonstration of the patriots and attack them. Don't they say they are so liberal, so tolerant????? No, they aint't. They are the real fascist. They are the real Nazis. Not the patriots in the states and not the patriots in Germany. We patriots love our country and we want to keep it! God bless the American president Donald Trump. Where we go one, we go all!

Marilyn Comber tap your screen

Aren't the universities Harvard and yale etc ranked the best universities in the world?


I spent 10 hours on YT yesterday. Wtf

The left wants to get rid of guns because they believe the violence are from people who are conservative but look at those animals... they are beating people with hands, fists and bats. Time to lob off some



Youtube - one day real soon you will be brought low. You do NOT get to decide what is appropriate. Youtube is going to be brought low soon.

I love how only when i watch videos like this the videos glitch. 1 sec play half sec pause repeat. Restart phone, watch other videos. All play fine but it acts like its buffering. Net neutrality?

The election of Donald Trump gave me faith that many of my fellow Americans get it. And for that, I am thankful.


democrats are so desperate to retain's scary

支持 川普!

Im saying this from Oamaru, New Zealand. This will be the biggest war since the Revolutionary wars against the British. the left is the enemy within.


+Briareos Hino thank you, it worked.

This movie won't play for me. Says, "The following content has been identified by the youtube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences. It has a box that says, "I UNDERTSAND AND WISH TO PROCEED." Then doesn't do anything when you click it.

fuck you tube and the deep state

Interesting how youtube hits you with the intimidating censoring screens. I feel like I must be doing something wrong by attempting to watch this video. We must all be children that are incapable of thinking for ourselves... good thing that we have big brother to think for us instead (-:

I think the ''No U.S.A at all!'' part of that chant says it all, shows where they really stand. And the AntiFa they support, who claim to simply oppose fascism yet go out of their way to destroy property, disrupt traffic etc. They don't really care about policy or who's in the government, they just want to destroy the country and throw open the gates to let the third world in. They don't know a thing about commitment, honor, loyalty or heritage. They march with Communist flags, they are indoctrinated Marxist terrorists who consider any proud American patriot their enemy. Scum.

democrats are USEFUL IDIOTS being exploited by billionaire globalists. They are too selfish and stupid to realize it, the DUMB FUCKING ZOMBIES.

inappropriate or offensive to some audiences... WOOOOOOOOW....

I have never been so hype, and through an emotional roller coaster as when I watched this "movie". Anger, hope, tears, fear and you name it. I am not even American. But I honor USA as the capital of the western world. If USA is strong, the western world is strong. It is scary to think about how America/the world would have been without Trump and the supporters. He/they are the single ray of light in a world full of darkness. Stay strong, and keep America great, friends! Best regards from Denmark and the shithole EU is quickly becoming.

Might be offensive? This should be REQUIRED to view in every school across this nation.

So apparently the fake bomber is in the first 1 minutes of this video

Fuck all these Trump hating motherfuckers. These cunts are acting like a mob of toddlers not getting their way. Throwing tantrums to the extreme. Just accept that fact tha HRC lost and Trump is POTUS stop throwing tantrums and move forward. You fucking soft cunts gey offended at every little thing and are crying over spilt milk.

Chinese support President Trump firmly and from the first day of his campaign. GOP will CERTAINLY WIN the mid term election. MAGA GO TRUMP, GO AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND GO the USA.

I'm Chinese,I support trump and prey for his family.

Are you kidding?YouTube? this video offensive? this video is only very small part of China communism‘s evil behavior! They kill millions of GOOD people in China in history。 Now They tell every common people in China that America is corruptted Trump is evil。A lot of people want to kill America because they dont know the fact! their information source is controled and limited! they cant login into GOOGLE FB YOUTUBE TWITTER and every website that is telling truth! I am a PHD student in Hong kong thats why I can watch this video! Please WAKE! People in FREE world! GO TRUMP!

The greatest president.

What the hell is up with the warning before movie plays?

i cant even click the "i dont give a fuck what left wing pussys think" button

nvm only upper left hand corner of the button works tricky move youtube

Does anyone think they are having their comments restricted at least to some degree. I can't help but wonder...

He change America and in turn change the world too

Democrats are communist

I hope I can vote or have a vote

you tube sensors are libtard cocksuckers, like DON LEMON who actually is a cocksucker who is a liar

Omg... so much Fake News. The music makes it more believable tho lol


I am disgusted at how YouTube is trying to prevent the viewing of this film. PS....the YouTube app, run on Amazon Silk browser, will not play this film onto my TV through Fire Stick device. You should protest w Google

This movie is VERY offensive if you are a member of the evil DEMONRATS

I cannot believe this is age restricted! We can't share......??? America is under attack by our own media platforms! WAKE UP AND VOTE OUT THESE ANTI AMERICAN DEEP STATE POLITICIANS! Trump is fighting against the NAZI takeover of our country! VOTE RED!

This video should be readily available! What's up with the censorship on this particular film? It should be out there, in your face, metaphor. I hope someone makes it happen. Should make its way into libraries, this is great history in the making. This is the stuff that America is made of.

19:30 ignore this comment

TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP # 1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 / TRUMP #1 Get it?

Did u seriously just copy and paste ur comment

The book Rules for Radicals: Accuse the other side,of exactly what your doing.

thank you for the great film, Mr. Bannon!

Vote for Trump, we must do that , do your really want an left hilarious EVIL team controlled hater to be a leader??

Excellent Film .... shows how MSM lied to USA for years...

Amazing censorship...this is like communist China or the old Soviet Union or, the Left is a totalitarian organization.

I am a US Veteran and supporting POTUS Trump and it is not offensive unless you support communism. TRUMP...stands for Together Reunite Us from Media and Progressives.

Chinese communist government FUCK with those democrats so many years,let the communists ruins our country,and get Hugh money from Chinese communist party for their dirty help from the democrats. They are so evil to steal Chinese with those communists . We Chinese people need trump to kick down the communist party, make Chinese people live with respect again. Saint Trump, hope you win in kicking down the communist,respect from China.

Trump 2020! MAGA!It will happen.


I watch this video once a week


I'm a Chinese and a Beijing citizen. I use VPN to see this movie. As an outsider I thought Mr. Trump have a sense of justice. At the China part, I feel a little bit happy cos finally some other country can see what happens in China, I am happy to live in China just because the fast economy and modern life, but I can't talk politics and see the truth, although most of my family member are CCP member, I am not, as a young people in China, I want more freedom,more truth, more justice government like Trump who really care their people. I envy you having a President like that.

And I am also scared of some government haker marking on me and do some bad thing to me just because I wrote the things above.

The warning sign is so funny. YouTube does not want you not know their political position?

“The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.” Lmao

CNN propagandists being very pathetic .......

vote for Trump from


I am a US Veteran and supporting POTUS Trump and it is not offensive unless you support communism.

Greek patriots supports US President D.J. Trump. I want to send a message to our fellow American Patriots, please please protect the President is the last hope for the western civilization.

How funny that you tube needs a confirmation before watching the video due to the violence shown. When the violence is coming from their own democratic party and radical Islamic terrorism.

Hail Trump.

#walkway #Blaxit vote the scum out.. Red tsunami.. WWG1WGA #MAGA

Fuck YouTube for censoring this type of quality content

Awesome documentary, thank you, watching from OZ , wishing the republicans will win the midterm election, his is the best president the US ever had.

cnn fake news

Americanism NOT Globalism! #WWG1WGA #MAGA Trump 2020 VOTE RED!!!!!

I've watched this already. It didn't have an age restriction then. It didn't need one. Why does it have an age restriction now?

Trump 2020! MAGA!It will happen.Trump is a genius.Power to the people.

Some of those horrible protesters should be carted off to the border tent cities to be reprocessed again as to whether they truly deserve to continue with American citizenship...they seem to have already made their choice. They need to be elsewhere - unnecessary baggage weighing on fellow honest Americans.

I was looking for something "Offensive" to watch. Thank you YouTube for validating the offensiveness of this video.

Go Trump! #maga

God bless America.


Let's knock the living shit out of them at the polls!!!!!!

The YouTube Trump-hating fascists didn't waste any time labelling this "inappropriate or offensive". Useless leftist fools

Warning...why a warning on this movie?! Guys we aren't that fragile...I live in Africa. Life here is hard, but we aren't wearing hard hats everyday. And I love Africa. We need America to stay America and that we have an ideal to look up to. To aspire to. I want to visit there and find something worth seeing. Not a ghetto that resembles my backyard here. Blacks in America, rally and show us that living in America makes a difference that radically matters. No more whining. Slavery is over. Unless it is still embedded in our minds. Show us what you are capable of there in the land of opportunity - and inspire us too down here to move first with our minds, then to execute. Cheers & Godspeed!

Awesome information

We love the Trump

Glibly ytibytivuiybuyibybygygygyygygyyggygyygygygygyyuuybuybbyyuyuobybubuiiunuunnunimimimimokokoo

Lonbyu vgyitvytuvytuvyutvytivtyivytvyt

The Chinese did not steal our technology. It was sold to them by the Clintons in exchange for campaign funds in the 90's.

So much YES! I couldn;t stop agreeing.

Very Good Documentary Take Care Patriots of the Republic, whichever party line you think your on.

Shame on you youtube

weird. Can't see it at all. Can't even see the suggested videos on the right-hand side. YouTube really hates this movie.

I voted for President Trump and straight Republican ticket in 2018. If you have a problem with that message me and try and take care of your problem

Let the games begin!

Chinese Americans support for Trump, in 2016 and in 2018/2020. Screw the MSM

Movie starts with trigger warning from YouTube... So you know it’s gonna be GREAT!!!

The truth sucks doesn`t it Youtube?

Loved the movie but it pisses me off that these fascists fucktards at YouTube won’t let me share this, after we kick their ass in the mid-term I want congress to go after Google, FaceBook and Twitter for putting their boots on the necks of the patriots in this country, I want them to be broken up as monopolies and for colluding with the democrats and the deep state and conspiring against us for political advantage and stifling our free speech, maybe these tech giants can share a prison cell with Hillary and Obama at Club Gitmo.

YouTube not allowing me to share from this channel. I’ll share it wide and far despite the tech fascists.

God bless you President Trump! You are not only saving America you are truly beginning a movement that is saving the world! Against the globalists against the cabal. Once again I say GOD BLESS YOU! My heart and my soul is with you and the American people! The world’s working class owes you a lot. Thank you! Much love from Europe and Portugal!

+Amanda Mancini - logic fail; opinion with no factual data presented

Excellent doc. Spread far and wide.

Let me tell you @youtube. When I clicked this video link from twitter , your application said this video is offensive or not suitable for audience . What did that mean ? Can you explain to me ? Cos after watching this , I did see anything what you had warned to me. Shame on you.

YouTube is leftist propaganda arm of the failing Democrat Party. Sick.

Well, Tuesday night we'll find out what the collective IQ is.

Amazing film! All that is violent is nothing but the truth. It's our reality. But it doesn't have to remain. Remember who shows the most hate and who shows the respect of our country.

how does it feel to be irrelevant with a relevant name

If you defend what is right, these are the kind of people you'll have to fight .Don't be afraid,Gods on your side.

new link because google is censoring this movie!

who cares bannon is a turn coat drunk fuck this guy



CNN Must be taken down!!! Sick of the hate and the lies! So EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am unable to even play this. Put it up on bitchute.

I watched this several weeks ago. Why is it being censored now?

Offensive? STFU DemocRATS..

Total insanity.

what the fuck youtube

Unhinged leftists.

Love Trump and I’m Latino!

If we did not elect President Trump, we would not have rights or access to the internet, and to find truth.  When we see the censorship in the past 2 years, that is a drop in the bucket compared to if Trump lost.  Democrats will never recover from his winning, and the uncovering of their secrets - the deep state robbery of our money, for themselves.


It is astounding how the oh so tolerant left are offended by the TRUTH but will swallow a lie like a bass on a frog.

God Bless our President

i only want peace in america ................................... that's all i want :( any non-american or american. i just want peace in america so bad right now.

I want all Mexicans in the showers like hitler did the jews we don't get what we want do we

Latino for Trump. Build the wall.

Patriots be prepared.

This is just a bunch of collected MSM clips with YouTube stock music playing over it, yet it is restricted content do to being "inappropriate". Everything about this content is mainstream, except the sentiment that Trump is a good president, and even that is pretty damned mainstream at this point.

(Age-restricted video) *Seriously, are you kidding me Youtube? (based on Community Guidelines ??? Just what age do I have to be to watch this video? Since when does a 66 year old person need someone protecting me from a video......... no matter the content????

Boy this was hard to find...

This is not offensive or inappropriate you useless, spineless fucking twats. It might be age restricted, but I let my young daughters watch all of this so that they can identify the real fascists...and those are the sex abusers and jackwagons at Google.

God Bless you my friend in liberty. You are not alone.

fuck cnn and there token Nero .pretty boy..his day will come

1.6K dickheads who are gonna screech after todays midterms

just amazing good job....maga kaga

I am brazilian. My country is going so bad last 30 years ago. Now we have a far-right president. The only way to improve my country is keep going to the right way. Working and keeping the things. I hope and wish America to be the number one again. Donald Trump is excellent patriot. I like him. Good for American patriot people.

Don Lemon is so snotty and full of contempt for the people of America.

Trump is better. He needs drive America to keep running.

I hope Americans realize that they have a great President!

Jump in a Croc Pit Don Lemonhead

Proud American for Trump

"The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences." google just shut the f up, it just offend your office.

Seems like you tube needs to grow up and think for themselves rather than sell their souls to these globalist as they do their bidding. You've obviously also become slaves to the globalist.



when is it time to fight back?

why is this age restricted?

When I click on the "I understand and wish to proceed" button, nothing happens. Silicon valley feels the movie is a threat to their status quo eh? They should understand that censorship doesn't work - it only drives people to view the forbidden content in higher numbers. If you're having the same problem, you can access the video here:

WHOOOOOOOP! The butthurt Leftards flagged this video. Why am I not surprised?

Lutheran Social Services and Catholic Charities are involved in harboring the illegals. Shut them down.

The Somolian cop in the Twin Cities MN needs to be arrested.

The leftist community is inappropriate and offensive and you air their crap???????

God I love this country. I think He does too.

You tube control is offensive to me. The audacity and outrageous gall to put up a warning wall for this video absolutely focuses my resolve to become activist in celebrating and defending my freedom, as I defend my country and my president .....just sayin '


For our President that paid for his run for President, a true patriot, wanting to bring America back from the depths of hell, and oh, doesn't take a salary for working so tirelessly! People are so misinformed of what Trump is all about! Like him or not, our President is doing a great job bringing lives back from hell! Trump for 2020!

Trump America’s greatest president,I’m tired of Hollywood calling everyone a racist.

I ❤️this movie it’s so spot on where are you now haters still living in our wonderful free country you’ll get yours we love this country and so should you

Ha ha your tantrum didn’t work Fascist Americans KKK Americans haters of Americans are liars that they don’t live here and benefit the minions of the devil we know where you’re going to be resting in peace get out of our country don’t come back


rofl, youtube has identified this as a video that my be offensive to some viewers. those must be the intolerant left npc's

I can't even copy or forward this!! These people are scumbags of the earth. They are the violent ones. Watch & decide for yourself.

fuck antifa. fuck the left. MAGA POYB.

I stand with MAGA, but why is America sending $10 million daily to the MASS SLAUGHTERING ZIONIST THIEVES OF THE LAND OF PALESTINE

U-Tube blocked this? The communists are taking over little by little. And they have the audacity to call Trump a fascist. The communist tactic, accuse others of doing what you yourself are doing to deflect attention.

Thank you for your words of appreciation. Be safe friend of America

"The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences." "" They're censoring this.

NWO soldiers trying to blame their attrocious intolerance against not just Trump but all of us, they all are abominations

Where’s the share button!?

You know social media platforms are f*cked up & biased when before you can even watch the video, it says, "may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences"... simply because it's not leftist cancer propaganda.

Stunning movie. Can you even believe that the libratz can behave the way they do and dare to utter negative comments about the conservatives??!! It's a world wide illnesses being a lib. They all need to be medicated.. High dosage... Or maybe it's because they are so heavily medicated that they behave like sore loosers. Great job Americans. Keep fighting!!

YouTube restricts this? Please. Excellent movie!

Hey YouTube, this may be offensive to some audiences? Fuck you traitors. I find EVERYTHING about your company offensive.

Sad what YT and social media are doing to Democracy

i love the symbolism of steel crushing so many snow flakes at the end.

WHY @youtube that is a lie . We want the movie

The Democratic party was started by Britain to overthrow the United States of America

Nazi Germany yeah okay... I would say that is all of the CNN news people they are the Communists they are the people that need eliminated

Kill Don Limon

"America First! Netherlands Second!" Remember that gem? I still have high hopes for that. I hope the Dems don't get House majority. In my country there are plenty of topics that are 'verboten' as well. You know the ones... ;) I'm not even American and this got me riled up. VOTE !!!

AWESOME and inspiring documentary

How is this age restricted, but YT lets trannys tell children they're drag queens?

This video is identified by the "Liberal" YouTube community as offensive...LOL!

I'M from the UK love President Trump and consider him MY President too. God Bless him and keep him safe xxx Don Lemon is such a hateful person he will be sorry and others when they stand before God one day to account for their actions!!!

HYPOCRITE LEFT ! This is what happens when you don"t raise your children correctly ! LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER ! #WALKAWAY

Its not letting me watch.. :(

Just replace USA and American with Germany or german...and think about it...please :-(.

YouTube has declared this "inappropriate" and I had to click on it to confirm it. Go figure.

Thank you for this movie. The fact that this is the only video I have ever seen on you tube that you can't "share" says that you are doing something right. People that do not love this country are very afraid that the general population might find out the truth and they are so afraid. I have never seen such fear. And that fear just makes me proud to say that I am PROUD to be an American. I LOVE my President and I will not apologize for that. God bless America and Trump.

I will admit in the primaries he wasn't my first choice. I didn't trust him or take him seriously. I was behind Cruz. I can today say I love this man more every day. I love how he's exposed the swamp rats, the way he plays the lying media and gets under their skin. It is so important we continue to stand behind this man. The success and survival of our Republic depends on it. #TRUMP2020

I was wondering why tf I couldn't find it in the search. At least it was in my favorites.

don lemon number one lol cock sucker for CNN

Thank You Mr. President

come on Bannon ... you know that was fake

you fuckers will all burn in hell! i promise you, it wont play right,, Damn I cant believe how they must censor anyone they dont agree with! Fuck you youtube! i cant wait till your replaced, and you will be, youve pissed off so many people.. its just a matter of time!

where my goddamn video youtube, you fascist mother fickers!

If the mobster Hillary runs again 2020 I may join the amish community for 6 moths or 4 years depending on outcome! I just Can NOT deal with her. #AdorableDeplorable #MAGA

#TrumpPence2020 #MAGA #Trumptrain2020 #LyingDemonRats #DemocratAntifaMobs

Come in the legal door and you are welcome.

YouTube, you are the reason why our country is in disarray. Because of your resources, should be leading the banner in help our President of the United States up lift her. Please understand, you would be helping our country. I am hoping that is your goal as it is ours! Trump in 2020, Trump in 2024. Free press, remember, even your friend, jimmy, would remind you of this. Peace!

Divide and conquer and whoever divided america like this (Zionist Jews) are getting off this shit

Why would the BRAINCHILDS at YouTube censor this? This pretty much tells you where YouTube stands, politically speaking!!!

Fck with (((JooTube))) and his censorship

Leftists is destroying USA and the Whole World. Evil beings.

This is the most important movie of our time. It's the reality all Americans need to see... God Bless America, and GOD BLESS DONALD J TRUMP!

Donald Dick Trump is America's president. What a dumb and stupid nation.

Fuck all these violent commie fascists . Look at these human filth - they all need to die. We need to eliminate these people that can't behave in a civilized fashion from our society and from the gene pool. The trouble makers are disproportionately or very often minorities...the lowest IQ races on the planet (And the most violent, since IQ is negatively correlated with violent behavior).


Hahaha trump is busted lol MAGA suckers

+Proudpatriot28 you are a fucking idiot - trump has been caught lying about this just today!

No evidence of collusion. Try again

Easier said than done.

love trump

This was deemed "inappropriate to some audiences" and I had to confirm to watch it! Then when I cast it to my smart TV I to do it again! Truth hurts!

Ha, another dumb liberal who has no evidence of trump colluding



Thank God Obama is gone now it time for the rest of the democ(RATS) and AnTifa to take a flying fuck

+e. g.O.m.E fucking retard; I'm a Centrist grow a brain

Hey liberals,,,,, 2020 IS COMING UP....LOL

+e. g.O.m.E you are fucking retarded; I'm a CENTRIST. Not everyone who thinks differently than you is a liberal. Grow a brain, fucktard

Great video. Bring more


I voted for Trump because Hillary wanted to change religion, I heard her speak these words in April, 2015.

This is the 15th time I've watched this movie. I've shown it to my social circles in China, India and Russia, and they all treat it as a common sense video rather than an eye opening experience. It's clear that only the west is being blinded.

Is this what civil war propaganda looks like in 2018? This movie and it’s comment section is highly disturbing for several reasons. It is very clear to me, that the goal for this movie, and everything else we’ve seen from Bannon, is alone to pull your nation further apart. The first 5 minutes is violence with underlying dramatic music, followed by a ridicule of the left. Then it introduced “The Fighter” as Trump, and then the violence and ridicule continues. We see people burning and run over by tanks while, at all time, Hollywood drama music continues in the back ground. The sole purpose is to strike fear in to who ever is watching. The other highly disturbing part is, despite how unpopular Trump is, all the comments seem to be positive. This either means, that this movie is only supposed to be watched by Trump-fans who can fire each other up. This one-sided fear mongering looks a lot like what Cambridge Analytica was doing with great success under the election. CA was Bannons psychological warfare tool and this looks an awful lot like it, though CA got shut down under the facebook scandal. Another theory I have about all the positive comments, is that its from a troll-factory. There seems to be a pattern in how users comment, and what they comment on. There’s a lot of “I’m foreign, and I wish Trump was my president” or “Fantastic movie, -thanks Bannon” and then there’s all the ones about how leftist Youtube is for putting a warning on the movie, because there’s nothing to be warned about?? Should kids watch people in cages put on fire, or getting run over by tanks?.. Because of these patterns and senseless comments, I’d say there’s a good chance, these users have been given instructions and are paid for. I hope the American people can see through all of this. I wont be answering any of the above. Kind regards, Soren from Denmark

Well Sh_t, for quite a while I couldn't tell which side this video was on. With all the anti-Trumpers touted throughout this video, it seemed just another anti-Trump video, but there were also some pro-Trump scenes. Altogether I give this video a C-.

God bless Trump. He is an instrument for God. Who can stand against God's will? May the light shine and push back the darkness.

You dont understand american politics so dont comment if you dont understand

The whole video is for trump

Keep this movie alive. Share it with everyone you know in person. People must see this.



Screw off youtube. There is nothing wrong with this video, it clearly shows just how violent and destructive the leftist liberal progressive socialist groups really are. I guess that's why youtube is restricting it, they don't want people to see the truth.

What is ATIC? 49:40

Russia helped Donald Trump to win and the most pissed about this was democrats and media but now it's china

FUCK OFF youtube you FASCIST PRICKS!!!! Conservatives will not be silenced you creepy little asswipes!

What a bunch of jerks on CNN. He should be fired and thrown out of country along with Deniro and the other creeps! Guess what?? Trump won! You lost!!! Ha!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Losers!!!

Every European should watch this and learn from USA Liberal Leftists Communists...Never again We will allow them to claim power.


I can’t wait until someone kills Don Lemon.

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