October 2018 General Conference - Sunday Afternoon Session

October 2018 General Conference - Sunday Afternoon Session

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From. The conference center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City this. Is the Sunday afternoon, session. Of the, 188. Semiannual, General, Conference, of, the Church of Jesus Christ of, latter-day saints with, speakers selected, from, the General Authorities, and, general officers, of, the church. Music. For this session is provided by, the Tabernacle. Choir at Temple, Square. This, broadcast is furnished as a public service by, Bonneville distribution. Any reproduction. Recording transcription, or. Other use of this program without. Written consent is, prohibited. President. Allen H Oaks first, counselor. In the First Presidency of. The church will conduct. This session. Brothers. And sisters we. Welcome, you to the concluding, session of the hundred 88th. Semiannual. General Conference, of. The Church of Jesus Christ of, latter-day. Saints. President. Russell M Nelson, who presides, at the conference has, asked. Me to conduct this session. We. Extend, our greetings to members, of the church and friends, everywhere, who, are participating. In these proceedings, by. Radio, television, the, internet, or satellite. Transmission. The. Music, for this session will be provided by the, Tabernacle. Choir at Temple, Square, under. The direction of, Mack Wilberg and. Ryan Murphy, with. Andrew, Unsworth and, Brian Mathias at the organ. The. Choir will open this meeting by singing in, hymns. Of praise. The. Invocation will, then be offered by Elder Gary, B Saban, of the, seventy. Our, dear father in heaven, we. Are grateful for the, opportunity to be here assembled. For this concluding, session of this. General Conference. We. Are so thankful Father for the inspiring. Music and messages, that we. Have, heard. And felt during this revelatory. And, historic. Conference weekend. We. Pray that our hearts will be open in our minds open. To the, messages. That have been so thought open. To the, messages. That have been so thoughtfully, and prayerfully prepared. That. We might act upon the impressions, we feel, to. Become closer to the and better, disciples, of thy beloved son. We. Are mindful father, of many assembled. Here and throughout the world, who. Are carrying heavy burdens. Who. Feel alone or afraid or. Confused. We. Pray that the. Hope and comfort, and the clarity of the gospel, will provide. They. Hope that they seek and. The answers they seek. We. Are deeply grateful father, for, thy. Love for thy beloved son. For. The plan and for the opportunity to be here to. Be led by living prophets, seers and Revelator's we. Pray that we might minister, one to another as our dear prophet has taught us so well that. We might help each other along the Covenant. Path back home to thee. And. We do so in the most worthy and sacred, name of thy Son Jesus Christ, amen. The, choir will now favor us, with I believe in. Christ. We. Will then be pleased to hear from president, Henry be hiring who, serves as second, counselor in, the First Presidency. He. Will be followed by brother, Brian Kay Ashton. Who. Serves as second, counselor in the Sunday, School general, presidency. Elder. Robert sigue, of the presidency, of the seventy, will. Then address us and, he. Will be followed by Elder Matthew. L carpenter. Of the, seventy. My. Dear brothers and sisters I. Am. Grateful, for the opportunity to. Speak with you this. Conference, has been uplifting. And, edifying. For me, the. Music sung and, the words spoken. Have. Been carried by our two. Hearts by the Holy Ghost. I pray. That what I say will be conveyed, to you, by. That same spirit. Many. Years ago I was. First counselor, to a district, president, in the. Eastern United States. More. Than once as we were driving to. Our little branches, of the church, he. Said to me how. When. We meet someone, treat. Them as if they were in serious, trouble and. You. Will be right more than half the time. Not, only was a right. But. I have learned over the years that, he was too low in his, estimate. Today. I wish, to encourage, you in. The troubles you face. Our. Mortal, life is designed by a loving God to be, a test and, source. Of growth, for. Each of us. You. Remember God's words regarding, his children, at, the creation, of the world and we. Will prove them, herewith. To. See if they will do all things, whatsoever, the, Lord their. God shall. Command them. Since. The beginning, the. Tests, have not been, easy. We. Face trials, that come from. Having mortal, bodies. All. Of us live, in a world, where. Satan's war against. Truth and against. Our personal, happiness is, becoming. More intense. The. World and. Your. Life can, seem. To you to be, in increasing. Commotion. My. Reassurance. Is this, simply. The. Loving God who allowed, these tests, for, you also. Designed. A sure way to.

Pass Through them. Heavenly. Father so, loved the world that. He. Sent his beloved son. To. Help us, his. Son Jesus, Christ, gave. His life for us. Jesus. Christ bore in Gethsemane. And on the cross. The. Weight of, all our sins. He. Experienced. All. The, sorrows, the pains, the. Effects our sins so that he, could comfort, us and, strengthen. Us, through. Every test in life. You. Remember, the Lord said to his servants. Quote. The. Father and I are one I. Am. In the father and the. Father in me and, in. As much as, he, have received me, ye. Are in me and, I. In you. Wherefore. I am in your midst, I am, The Good Shepherd and. The. Stone, of Israel. He. That buildeth, upon, this rock, shall. Never fall. Our. Prophet, President Russell M Nelson. Has. Also given that same assurance. Moreover. He described, a way, we. Might build upon, that rock and, put. The Lord's name upon, our hearts, to. Guide us through our. Trials, he. Said open, quote, you. May be momentarily. Disheartened. Remember. Life. Is not meant to be easy. Trials. Must be born and grief. Endured, along, the way as. You. Remember, that, with. God, nothing. Shall be impossible. Know. That he is your father you are the son or daughter created. In His image. Entitled. Through your worthiness, to receive revelation. To. Help with. Your righteous endeavors. You. May take upon, you the. Holy name, of the Lord. You. Can qualify to. Speak. In the. Sacred, name of God close, quote. President. Nelson's, words remind, us of the. Promise, found. In the sacramental. Prayer a. Promise. Our Heavenly Father fulfills, as we. Do what we in turn promise, to do listen. To the words O. God. The, eternal father, we. Ask thee in the name of my son Jesus. Christ. To. Bless and, sanctify, this, bread. To. The souls of, all those who partake, of it that. They may eat in remembrance. Of the, body of, I son and, witness. Unto thee O God the. Eternal Father that. They are willing to take upon them the, name of thy Son and. Always. Remember him and keep his. Commandments, which he has given them but. They may always have his spirit to, be, with them. Amen. Each. Time, we say the word amen, when, that prayer is offered, on our, behalf we pledge. That. By partaking, of the bread we. Are willing, to take. Upon us the. Holy name of Jesus, Christ always, remember, him and, keep his Commandments, in turn we. Are promised, that when they always. Have. His spirit to be with us, because. Of, these, promises. The. Savior, is the, rock upon which, we can stand safely, and without. Fear, in every. Storm, we face as, I. Have pondered the covenant words and corresponding, blessings, promised, I have. Wondered what. It means to. Be willing, to. Take upon us the, name of Jesus, Christ. President. Down H Oakes explains. Open, quote it. Is, significant. That, when we partake of the sacrament, we, do not witness that we take upon us the name of Jesus Christ the witness, that we are we. Witness that we are willing to do so the. Fact that we only witness. To our willingness. Suggest. That something else, must. Happen, before. We actually, take. That sacred, name upon. Us in the, most important. Sense close. Quote. The. Statement, that we are willing to take. Upon, us his name. Tells. Us that while we first take the Savior's name when we were baptized. To, he his name is not finished at baptism, we. Must work continually. To take his name throughout. Our, lives, including. When. We renew covenants, at the sacrament, table and make. Covenants in the. Lord's holy temples. So. Two. Crucial. Questions, for. Each of us become. Called. What, must I be. Doing. To. Take his name upon me and. How. I know, when. I am making progress. The. Statement, of president Nelson suggests. One. Helpful answer. He. Said that, we could take the name of the Savior upon, us and that, we could speak for him. When. We speak, for him we, serve Him. Remember. The quotations, for, how knoweth a man the master, whom. He has not served and who, is the stranger, unto him and is. Far from, the thoughts and intents. Of his heart. Speaking. For him, requires. A prayer. Of faith it. Takes fervent, prayer to, Heavenly Father to. Learn what words we could, speak, to. Help the Savior in his work. We. Must qualify for the promise. Whether. By mine own voice or boil. It by the voice of My servants. It, is the same. Yet. It takes more than speaking, for hit or boil it by the voice of My servants, it, is the same. Yet. It takes more than speaking, for him to. Take his name upon us, there. Are feelings, in our hearts, we must have, to. Qualify as, his, servants. The. Prophet, Mormon described. The feelings, that. Qualify, us and. Enable, us to take his name, on us, these. Feelings. Include. Faith, hope. And charity. Which. Is the pure love of Christ. Mormon. Explained. To. People just like you for. I judge that, she have faith in Christ because. Of your meekness. For. You if you have not faith in him then you're, not fit to be, numbered, among, the people of his church and again. My beloved, brethren and sisters, we. Speak unto you concerning hope, how. Is it that she can attain unto faith, say. He shall have hope and what. Is it that she shall hold for, behold.

I Say unto you that she shall have hope through. The atonement of Christ and the. Power of his resurrection to. Be raised unto. Life eternal and. This. Because. Of your faith in Him according to the promise. Wherefore. If a man have, faith, he. Misleads have hope for without. Faith there cannot be any hope and again. Behold I say unto you that he cannot have faith and hope save. He shall be meek, and lowly, of. Heart. If. So his faith and hope is vain for, none is acceptable, before God, save. The meek and lowly in. Heart and, if, a man be meek and lowly in heart and, confesses. By the power of the Holy Ghost that Jesus the Christ he. Must needs have charity. For. He have not charity, he, is nothing, wherefore. He must needs have charity, after. Describing. Charity, Mormon goes on to say but, charity is the pure love of Christ and endure. Forever and. Whoso has found possessed, of it at the, last day it shall be well with him. Wherefore. My beloved brethren and, sisters, I pray. Unto the father and. With all the interns of heart that she may be filled with his love which. He has bestowed upon those, were two followers, of His Son Jesus Christ. That. She may become the sons of God that, when he shall appear we. Shall. Be like. For. We shall see him as he is, that. We may have this hope that we, may be purified, even. As he is pure, amen. My. Testimony, is that the Savior is putting, his name in your hearts, for many, of you your, faith in him is increasing. You. Are feeling more, hope and optimism. And, you. Are feeling the pure love of Christ for, others and. For, yourself I, see. It in our missionaries, serving. All over the world I, see. It in members, who are speaking to their friends, and family members. About, the Church of Jesus, Christ of, latter-day saints. Men. Women young, people and even children are, ministering. Out of love for the Savior and for their neighbors, at. The first report, of disasters. Across the world which. Are now so frequent, members, make. Plans to, go to the rescue sometimes. Across oceans, without, being asked, they.

Sometimes Find it hard to wait until. The devastated, areas can receive them I realize. That some of you listening today may. Feel that your faith and hope are being. Overcome, by your troubles, and. You may yearn to feel. Loved, brothers. And sisters the. Lord has opportunities. Near you to. Feel and to share his love, you. Can pray with confidence. For. The Lord to lead you to. Someone, for. Him. He. Answers the prayers of meek. Volunteers. Like. You. You. Will feel the love of God for you and for the person you serve for him as you. Help children, of God in their troubles, your. Own troubles, will. Seem lighter, your. Faith and your hope will be strengthened, I am. My witness of that truth over. A lifetime my, wife has spoken for the Lord and served people for, him in many places, as. I mentioned, before. One. Of our bishops, once said to me, brother. I am amazed every, time I hear of a person in the ward who, is in trouble i hurry to help yet. By the time I arrived it seems that your wife has already been there. That. Has been true in, all the, places we, have lived for, 56, years. Now. She can, speak only a few words a day she. Is visited, by people she, loved for the Lord every. Night and morning I sing, hymns with her and we pray I have, to be voice in the prayers and. In. The songs sometimes. I can see her mouthing the words of the hymns she. Prefers children's, songs the. Sentiment she seems to like best is summarized in the song I'm trying, to be like Jesus the. Other day after, singing, the words of the chorus love. One another as, Jesus loves you try. To show kindness, and all that you do she. Said softly, but clearly try. Try. Try, I. Think. She, will find, when. She sees them. That. Her Savior, has, put his. Name into, her heart and that, she has become like him, he. Is carrying her through her, troubles, now as he. Will carry you through yours. I bury, my witness, now, this Savior knows and loves, you. He. Knows your name as you know his, he. Knows your, troubles, he has experienced.

Them By. His atonement he has overcome the world by. Your being willing to take his name upon you you, will lift the burden of, countless. Others and he, will find in time that, you know the Savior better and he/she, love him more his. Name will be in your heart and fixed. In your memory, it is the name by which you will be called I so. Witness with, gratitude for, his loving kindness to me to my loved ones and to you in the, name of Jesus, Christ amen. For, her entire life my. Wife Melinda, has tried with all her heart to. Be a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ yet. Beginning, in her youth she felt, unworthy, of Heavenly Father's love and blessings, because. She misunderstood, isn't his, nature. Fortunately. Melinda continued, to keep the commandments, in spite of the sadness she felt a few. Years ago she had a series, of experiences, that. Helped her better understands, God understand. God's nature. Including. His love for his children and his, gratitude for, our even, imperfect. Efforts, to, do his work she. Explains how this is influenced, her quote, I. Now. Feel sure that the father the, Father's plan works. That, he is personally, invested, in our success, and that, he provides, us with the lessons, and experiences we. Need to, return to his presence, I see. Myself and, others more as God sees us I am, able to parent teach, and serve with more love and less fear. I feel. Peace and confidence, rather, than anxiety. And insecurity. Instead. Of feeling judged, I feel, supported, my, faith is more certain I feel, my father's love, more often, and more, deeply, and quotin. Having. A correct idea of heavenly father's, character, perfections. And attributes. Is essential, to exercising, faith. Sufficient. To obtain exaltation, a, correct. Understanding of, Heavenly Father's character, can, change how we see ourselves and, others and help. Us to understand, God's tremendous. Love for his children, and his, great desire to help us become, like him an. Incorrect. View of his nature can leave us feeling as if we are incapable, of ever making it back to his presence. My. Objective, today is to teach key doctrinal, points about the father that. Will allow each of us but. Especially those. Who wonder, if God loves them to. Better understand, his true character and to. Exercise greater, faith in Him his, son and his, plan for us. In. The premortal, world we, were born as spirits, two heavenly parents, and lived and, lived with them as a family they. Knew a heavenly, parents, and lived and, lived with them as a family they. Knew us taught us and loved us we. Wanted very much to be like her Heavenly Father, however. To do so we recognized, that we would have to one obtain. Glorified, immortal. Physical, bodies, to. Be. Married and form families, by the sealing power of the priesthood and. Three. Acquire. All knowledge power, and divine, attributes. Consequently. The father created a plan that would allow us upon, certain conditions to obtain, physical. Bodies that would become immortal, and glorified, in the resurrection. Marry. And form families, and mortality, or for. The faithful, who did not have this opportunity, after mortality. Progress. Towards, perfection, and ultimately. Return, to our Heavenly parents, and live with them and our families, in a, state of exaltation and, eternal. Happiness, the. Scriptures call this the plan of salvation.

We. Were so grateful for this plan that when it was presented to us was, shouted, for joy, each. Of us accepted, the conditions, of the plan including. The experiences. And challenges of, mortality, that would help us develop divine. Attributes. During. Mortality, Heavenly. Father provides, us with the conditions, we need to progress within his plan, the. Father begat Jesus Christ in the flesh and provided, him with divine, help, to fulfill his mortal mission, Heavenly. Father will likewise, help each of us if we, will strive to keep his Commandments, the. Father gives us agency, our, lives are in his hands, and our days are known and shall, not be numbered less and, he. Ensures that eventually all things, work for the good of those who love him. It. Is Heavenly, Father who gives us her daily bread. Which, includes both the food we eat and the strength. We need to keep his Commandments, the. Father gives good gifts, he. Hears and answers our prayers. Heavenly, Father delivers. Us from evil, when we let him he, weeps for us when we suffer. Ultimately. All of our blessings come from the Father. Heavenly. Father guides, us and gives us the experiences. We need based on our strengths, weaknesses. And choices. So that we might bear good fruit, the. Father Chasen's us when necessary because, He loves us he's, a man of counsel, who will counsel, with us if we ask it. His Heavenly, Father who sends both the influence, and the gift of the Holy Ghost into, our lives through. The gift of the Holy Ghost the. Glory or intelligence. Light and power of the father can. Dwell in us if. We will strive to increase in light and truth until our eyes become, single to God's glory Heavenly. Father will send the Holy Spirit of promise to, seal us up unto eternal, life and reveal. His face. Unto us either in this life or the next in. The, post-mortal, spirit. World Heavenly, Father continues, to shed forth the Holy Ghost and send, missionaries, to those who need the gospel he. Answers prayers and helps those who lack them received, vicarious, saving ordinances, the. Father raised up Jesus Christ and gave him power to bring the past the resurrection, which. Is the means by which we obtain immortal, bodies the. Savior's Redemption, and resurrection, bring us back into the presence of the Father where. We will be judged by Jesus Christ. Those. Who rely upon the merits and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah, will. Receive glorified, bodies, like the father and dwell, with him in a state of never-ending, happiness. There. The father will wipe away all our tears and help, us continue on our journey become. To, become like him. As you, can see here the father will wipe away all our tears, and help, us continue on our journey become, to, become like him as you, can see Heavenly.

Father Is always, there for us. To. Become like the father we, must develop his character traits Heavenly. Father's perfections. And attributes, include, the following the. Father is endless and eternal he's. Perfectly, Jah he's just, and merciful kind. Long-suffering. And, wants. Only what is best for us Heavenly. Father's love he. Keeps his covenants he does not change he. Cannot lie. The, father is no respecter, of persons. He, knows all things past, present. And future from. The beginning. Heavenly. Father is more intelligent, than us all, the. Father has all power and does, all that he takes in his heart to do brothers. And sisters we, can trust in and rely, upon the, father he. Has an eternal perspective because. He has an eternal perspective Heavenly. Father can see things we cannot his. Joy, work, and glory, are to bring to pass our immortality and exaltation. Everything. He does is for our benefit, he. Wants our eternal. Happiness even, more than we do, and he, would not require us to experience, a moment more, of difficulty, than, is absolutely needed, for our benefit, or for that of those we love as a. Result, he focuses, on helping us to progress not. Unjust. As. Spirit, sons and daughters of God each. Of us has the potential, to become like the father to. Do so we must worship the father in the name of the son we. Do this by striving to be obedient to the will the father as the Savior was and by, continually. Repenting, as we. Do these things we, receive, grace for grace until. We receive of the father's fulness and are, endowed with his. Character. Perfections. And attributes. Given, the, distance, between what, we are as more, and what Heavenly Father has become it, is not surprising the, some feel that becoming, like the father is unattainable. Nevertheless. The. Scriptures, are clear if we will cleave in faith to Christ, repent. And seek, God's grace through obedience. Eventually. We will become, like the father I take. Great comfort in, the fact that those, who strive, to be obedient will receive. Grace. For grace and, ultimately. Receive. Of his, fullness in. Other, words we, won't become like the father on our own rather. It will come through gifts of grace some, big but. Mostly small the. Build upon whether one, another until we have a fullness, but, brothers and sisters it will come. I, invite. You to trust that Heavenly Father knows how to exalt you seek. His daily, sustaining, help and press, forward with faith in Christ even when you cannot, feel God's love, there. Is much we do not understand, about becoming like the father but.

I Can testify, with, certainty, that. Striving. To become like the father is worth every, sacrifice. The. Sacrifices. We make here in mortality no matter how great are simply. Incomparable, to the immeasurable joy, happiness. And love we will feel in God's presence if. You are struggling to believe it, is worth the sacrifice as, you are asked to make the, Savior calls to you saying ye, have not as yet understood. How, great blessings, the father hath prepared for you you. Cannot, bear all things now nevertheless. Be. Of good cheer for, I will lead you along I testify. That your heavenly Father loves you and wants, you to live with him again in the name of Jesus Christ amen. My, fellow, brothers and sisters. Recently. As I was pondering present. Nelson's, charge to call the church by it's revealed, name, I turned. To where the Savior instructed, the Nephites about. The name of the church as I. Read the Savior's words I was struck by, how he also told, the people that ye. Must take upon you the name of Christ this. Caused me to look at myself and ask am. I taking upon myself the Savior's name as he, would have me do so. Today. I would like to share some of the impressions I have received, an answer to my question. First. To. Take upon ourselves the, name of Christ means. We faithfully, strive to see as God sees, how. Does God see. Joseph. Smith said well. One portion, of the human race is judging, and condemning, the, other without mercy. The. Great parent, of the universe looks upon the, whole of the human family, with. A fatherly. Care in a paternal, regard for. His love is unfathomable. A. Few. Years ago my, older sister passed away. She. Had a challenging, life she. Struggled with the gospel that was never really active, her. Husband abandoned, their marriage and left, her with four young children to, raise on, the. Evening of her passing. In. Her room with her children present I gave her a blessing, to peacefully, return a home. At. That moment I realized I had to often define my sister's life in terms of her trials, and inactivity. As. I placed my hands on her head that evening I received a, severe rebuke, from the spirit I was. Made acutely aware of her goodness and allowed. To see her as God saw her not. As someone who struggled, with the gospel, in life but. As someone who, had to deal with difficult issues, I did not have I. Saw. Her as a magnificent. Mother who despite great obstacles, had. Raised four beautiful, amazing. I saw. Her as a friend to her mother who, took time to watch over and, be a companion, to her after. Our father passed away. During. The final, evening with. My sister, I believe God was asking me. Can't. You see that everyone, around you is a sacred being. Brigham. Young taught I wish to urge upon the saints to understand, men and woman as they are and not, understand, them as you are how. Often it is said such a person, has done wrong and he, cannot be a saint we. Hear some swear and lie or break the Sabbath do, not judge such persons, for. You do not know the design of the Lord concerning them, rather. Bear with them. Can. Any one of you imagine, our Savior letting. You and your burdens go unnoticed, by him, the. Savior looked upon this samaritan the adulterer, the tax collector, the leper, mentally.

Ill And the sinner with the same eyes all. Were children of his father all were, redeemable. Can. You imagine him turning away from someone with, doubts about their place in God's kingdom or, from, anyone afflicted in any manner I cannot. In the. Eyes of Christ each soul is of an infinite, Worth, no. One is preordained to fail, eternal. Life is possible for all. From. The spears rebuke at my sister's bedside, I learned, a great lesson. That. As we see as he sees ours. Will be a double victory. Redemption. Of those we touch and, redemption. Of ourselves. Second. To take upon ourselves the, name of Christ we must always see as God sees but. We must do his work and service he served, we. Live the two great Commandments, submit. To God's will gather. Israel, and let our light shine before men, we. Receive, and live the, covenants, and ordinances of, his restored, church as, we. Do this God in Dallas's with power to bless ourselves our, families. And the, lives of others, ask. Yourself, do. I know anyone. Who does not need the powers of heaven in their, God. Will work wonders, among us as we sanctify ourselves, we. Sanctify ourselves by, purifying, our hearts we. Purify. Our hearts as we hear him repent. Of our sins become, converted and love. As he loves, the. Savior asked, us for. If you love them which love you what, reward. Have you, I. Recently. Learned about an experience, in the life of elder James E Tallmadge that caused me to pause and consider how. I love and serve those around me as. A young professor before. He ever became an apostle in the height of the deadly diphtheria epidemic of, 1892. Elder. Talmadge discovered, a family of strangers, not members of the church who. Lived near him that were stricken by the disease. No. One wanted to put themselves at risk by going inside the affected, home elder. Talmadge however, immediately proceeded. To the home he. Found four children, the. Two and a half year old dead on the floor a five. Year old and ten year old in great pain in a weakened thirteen-year-old, the. Parents, were suffering with grief and fatigue. Elder. Talmadge dressed the dead in the living swept. The rooms carried. Out the soiled clothing and burned, filthy, rags covered, with the disease, he. Worked all day and, then. Returned the next morning the. 10 year old died, during the night he. Lifted and held the five-year-old she, coughed bloody mucus all over his face and clothes he. Wrote I could, not put her from me and he, held her until she died in his arms, he. Helped bury all three, children and arranged, for food and clean clothing for the grieving family, upon. Returning home brother. Tallmadge, disposed, of his clothes baised, into the zinc solution. Quarantined. Himself from his family and suffered. Through a mild attack of the disease. So. Many lives around us are at stake. Sakes. Saints, take the Savior's name upon themselves by becoming holy and ministering, to all, regardless. Of where, or how they stand. Lives, are saved as we do so. Finally. I believe that to take upon ourselves his, name we, must trust him at. A meeting I attended one Sunday a young woman asked something like the following. My. Boyfriend, and I recently broke, up and he chose to leave the church, he. Tells me he has never been happier, how. Can this be, the. Savior answered this question when he said to the Nephites, but. If your life is not built upon my gospel and is, built upon the works of men or upon the works of the, devil verily. I say unto you you, will have joy in your works for a season, and by. And by the, end cometh. There. Simply. Is no enduring, joy outside, the gospel of Jesus Christ, at. That meeting, however, I thought about the many good, people I know who struggle with great burdens, and commandments. That are daunting at best for them I asked. Myself what, else might the Savior say to them I believe. He would ask, do. You trust me. To. The woman with the issue of blood he said thy faith hath made, thee whole go in peace, one. Of my favorite scriptures is John 4:4. Which reads and he. Must needs go through Samaria. Why. Do I love that scripture because. Jesus did not need to go to Samaria, the. Jews of his day despised, the Samaritans, and traveled. A road around Samaria. But. Jesus, chose to go there to declare before all the people for. The first time that he was the promised messiah for. This message. He, not only chose, an outcast, group but, also a woman and not just any woman but, a woman living in sin, someone. Considered, at that time to. Be the least of the least I, believe. Jesus did this so, that each of us may, always, understand, that, his love is greater than our fears our wounds. Our addictions. Our, doubts our temptations. Our sins. Our broken. Families, our depression, and anxieties, our chronic.

Illness. Our poverty. Our, abuse, our, despair. And our, loneliness he. Wants all to know there, is nothing and no one he is unable to, heal, and deliver to, enduring joy. His. Grace is sufficient, he. Alone descended, below all things the, power of his atonement is the power to overcome any burden, in our life the. Message of the woman at the well is that, he knows our life situations. And that, we can always, walk with Him no matter where we stand to. Her and to each of us he says. Whosoever. Drinketh of the water that, I shall give him shall never thirst but, shall, have a well of water springing up, into everlasting, life. In, any. Of life's travels, why would you ever turn, away from. The only Savior who has all power, to heal and deliver you. Whatever. The price you must pay to trust, him it's, worth it, my. Brothers and sisters let us choose to increase our faith and Heavenly Father and, our Savior Jesus Christ. From. The very depths of my soul at their testimony, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter desist, is, the saviour's, church. Directed. By the Living Christ through a true prophet, my. Prayer is that we will faithfully take upon ourselves the, name of Jesus Christ by. Seeing as she sees by, serving as he serves and by, trusting, that His grace is sufficient to, deliver his home and to enduring. Joy in. The name of Jesus Christ amen. A few. Months into his mission our youngest son and his missionary companion were completing, their study when. Our son felt a dull pain in his head, he. Felt very strange, at. First he lost control of his left arm then, his tongue went numb the. Left side of his face began to droop, he, had difficulty speaking he. Knew something was wrong what. He didn't know was that he was in the middle of a massive stroke in three areas of his brain. Fear. Began to set in as he became partially, paralyzed. How. Quickly a stroke victim receives. Care can have a dramatic effect, on the extent of his healing, his. Faithful missionary companion acted. Decisively. After. Calling 911 gave. Him a blessing. Miraculously. The. Ambulance, was only five minutes away. After. Our son was rushed to the hospital the, medical personnel quickly. Assessed the situation and. Determined. They should administer a medicine, to our son that could potentially, reverse the strokes paralyzing. Effects over, time, however. If our son was not having a stroke the medicine could have severe consequences such as bleeding in the brain, our. Son had to choose, he. Chose to accept the medication. While. Full recovery, required, more operations, in many months our. Son eventually returned and completed his mission after the effects of the stroke were substantially, reversed. Our. Heavenly Father is all-powerful, and all-knowing, he, knows our physical, struggles, he, is aware of our physical pains due to illness disease. Aging. Accidents. Or birth disorders. He. Is aware of emotional, struggles, associated, with anxiety loneliness. Depression. Or, mental, illness, he. Knows each person, who has suffered injustice, or who has been abused. He. Knows our weaknesses and, the propensity --zz and temptations, we struggle with. During. Mortality, we are tested to see if we will choose good over evil for. Those who keep his Commandments, they will live with him in a state of never-ending happiness. To. Help us in our progression to become like him Heavenly, Father has given all power and. To his son Jesus Christ. There. Is no physical emotional. Or, spiritual, element, that Christ cannot, heal.

During. The mortal Ministry of the Savior the Scriptures recount many miraculous, events, where Jesus, Christ used his divine power to heal those who suffered. Physically. The. Gospel of John recounts, the story of a certain man who had endured a debilitating, infirmity. For thirty-eight years. When. Jesus saw him lie and knew that he had been now a long time in that case he. Saith unto Him, wilt. Thou be made whole. The. Impotent man responded, that no one was around to help him when he needed it most. Jesus. Saith unto Him rise. Take. Up thy bed and walk and, immediately. The man who was, made whole and took, up his bed and walked, please. Note the juxtaposition. Of how long this man suffered, on his own thirty-eight, years and how. Quickly the healing came once the Savior became involved, the. Healing, was immediate. In. Another. Instance a woman with an issue of blood twelve years, who had spent all of her living upon physicians, came. Behind him and touched the border of His garment and, immediately. Her issue of blood ceased, and Jesus. Said, somebody. Had touched me for I perceived, that virtue has gone out of me and, when. The woman saw that she was not hid she. Declared unto Him before all the people how, she was healed immediately. Through. His ministry Christ taught that he had power over the physical body. We. Cannot, control the timing of when Christ's healing, of our physical, ailments, will occur. Healing. Occurs according to his will and, wisdom. In. The scriptures some suffered for decades others. Their entire mortal, lives, mortal. Infirmities can refine us and deepen our reliance upon God. But. When we allow Christ to be involved, he will always, strengthen. Us spiritually, so we can have greater capacity to, endure our, burdens. Ultimately. We know that every physical ailment malady. Or imperfection. Will be healed in the resurrection, that. Is a gift to all mankind through, the atonement of Jesus Christ Jesus. Christ can heal more than just our physical bodies, he can heal our spirits, as well. Throughout. Scripture we learn how Christ helped those whose, spirits were weak and made them whole, as. We pondered these experiences. Our hope and faith in the Savior's power to bless our lives increases. Jesus. Christ can, change our hearts heal. Us from the effects of injustice or or, abuse, we may experience and, strengthen.

Our Capacity to, bear loss and heartache bringing. Us peace to help us endure the trials of our lives, healing. Us emotionally. Christ. Can also heal us when we've sinned we. Sin when we knowingly break one of God's laws when. We sin our soul becomes unclean. No. Unclean thing can dwell in God's presence. Becoming. Clean from, sin is to be healed spiritually. God. The Father knows we will sin, but. He has prepared a way for us to be redeemed, elder. Lindsay Robbins, taught, repentance. Isn't God's back-up, plan in the event we might fail. Repentance. Is his, plan knowing, that we will. When. We sin we have the opportunity, to choose the good from the evil, we. Choose the good when we repent after we have sinned, through. Jesus Christ in his atoning sacrifice, we. Can be redeemed through our sins from, our sins and brought. Back to the presence of God the Father if we repent. Spiritual. Healing is not one-sided, it. Requires, the Savior's redemptive, power and sincere repentance on the part of the sinner, for. Those who choose not to repent. They. Are rejecting, the healing Christ offers. For. Them it. Is as though no redemption was made. As. I have counseled, with others seeking to repent, I have marveled, at people who were living in sin had difficulty, making correct, decisions, the. Holy Ghost would leave them and they often struggle to make choices that would bring them closer to God they. Would wrestle for months or even years embarrassed. Or frightened, of the consequences. Of their sins. Often. They felt that they could never change or be forgiven, I have. Often heard them share their fear that if their loved ones knew. What they had done they, would stop loving them or leave them when. They followed this line of thinking they. Resolved to just keep quiet and delay their repentance they. Incorrectly, felt, that, it was better not to repent, now so. That they would not further hurt those they loved in their. Minds it was better to suffer after this life then go through the repentance, process now. Brothers. And sisters it. Is never a good idea to procrastinate, your repentance. The. Adversary, often uses fear to prevent us from acting, immediately upon, our faith in Jesus Christ. When. Loved ones are confronted, with the truth about sinful, behavior, while. They may feel deeply, wounded. They. Often want to help the sincerely, repentant, sinner to change and to reconcile, with God. Indeed. Spiritual, healing accelerates. When, the sinner confesses, and is surrounded by those who love them and help them to forsake their sins. Please. Remember that Jesus Christ is mighty and how he also heals the innocent victims of sin who turned to mighty and how he also heals, the innocent victims of sin who turned to him. Elder. Boy key Packer stated. Our. Spirits, are damaged, when we make mistakes and commit sins, but. Unlike the case of our mortal bodies sin, commits sins but. Unlike the case of our mortal bodies when, the repentance, process is, complete, no, scars remain because of the atonement of, Jesus Christ the. Promise is behold. He who is repented, of his sins the. Same is forgiven and I the LORD, remember them, no, more. When. We repent with full purpose of heart, immediately. Shall. The great plan of redemption be, brought about in our lives the. Savior, will, heal. Us, the. Missionary companion and the medical professionals, who, helped our stroke afflicted son in the mission field acted quickly our. Son chose to receive the stroke reversing, medicine. The paralyzing, effects of his stroke that could have followed him for the remainder of his mortal life were, reversed. Likewise. The. Faster, we repent and bring the atonement of Jesus Christ into our lives, the, sooner we can be healed from the effects of sin. President. Russell and Nelson offered this invitation, if, you. Have stopped stepped off the path I invite. You to please come back, whatever. Your concerns. Whatever. Your challenges, there, is a place for you in this the Lord's Church, you. And generations, yet, unborn will, be blessed by your actions, now, to return to the covenant path, our. Spiritual, healing requires us to submit ourselves to the conditions, our Savior has outlined we. Must not delay, we, must act today. Act. Now, so that the spiritual, paralysis does not prevent your eternal progression.

While. I have been speaking if, you. Have felt the need to ask forgiveness of someone you have wronged I, invite. You to act, tell. Them what you have done ask. For, their forgiveness, if. You, have committed a sin that impacts, your temple worthiness, I invite, you to counsel with your bishop today. Do. Not delay. My. Brothers and sisters God, is our loving father in heaven he. Has given all power and knowledge to his beloved, son Jesus Christ, because. Of him all mankind, will one day be healed of every physical ailment forever. Because. Of the atonement of Jesus Christ if we choose to repent and turn our hearts fully to the Savior, he. Will heal us spiritually, that, healing, can begin immediately. The. Choice is ours will. We be made whole I. Testify. That Jesus Christ, paid the price so that we can be made whole but. We must choose to take that healing, medicine he offers take. It today do. Not delay in the. Name of Jesus Christ amen. The, congregation. Will now join the choir in singing glory. To God on high, after. The singing we will hear from elder Dale G renlund, of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles he. Will be followed by Elder Jack. And Gerard, of the seventy. Elders. Gary E Stevenson. Of the quorum of the Twelve Apostles will. Then address, us. This. Is the, 188. Semiannual, General, Conference, of. The Church of Jesus Christ of, latter-day saints. The, fictional character Mary, Poppins is the. Typical, English, nanny, who. Happens to be magical, she. Blows in on the east wind to help the troubled banks family of number. 17, Cherry Tree Lane in Edwardian London. She's. Given charge of the children, Jane, and Michael, in. A, firm but kind manner she begins to teach them valuable, lessons, with, an enchanting, touch. Jane. And Michael make considerable. Progress but. Mary decides, that it's time for her to move on in, the. Stage production. Mary's. Chimney-sweep, friend, Bert, tries. To dissuade her from leaving, he. Argues, but. They're good kids Mary.

Mary. Replies, would. I be bothering, with them if they weren't but. I can't help them if they won't let me and there's. No one's so hard to teach as the, child who knows everything. Bert. Asks, so. Mary. Answers, so. They've got to do the next bit on their, own. Brothers. And sisters like. Jane, and Michael Banks, we. Are good kids who. Are worth bothering, about, our. Heavenly Father wants, to help and bless us but. We don't always let him. Sometimes. We even act as if we already know everything and. We. Too need, to do the, next bit on, our own, that's. Why we came to earth from, a premortal heavenly, home our. Bit. Involves. Making choices. Our. Heavenly. Father's goal in parenting, is not. To. Have his children do what's right is. To. Have his children choose, to, do what is right and, ultimately. Become like him, if. He. Simply wanted, us to be obedient he. Would use immediate, rewards, and punishments. To influence, our behaviors. But. God is not interested. In his, children, just becoming, trained, and obedient, pets, who, won't chew on his slippers, in the celestial living room. No, God. Wants, his children to grow. Up spiritually, and join. Him in the family business. God. Established, a plan whereby we can become heirs in his, kingdom, a covenant. Path that leads us to become like him had, the kind of life he has and live. Forever as families, in his presence. Personal. Choice was and is, vital, to this plan which. We learned about in our premortal, existence, we. Accepted, the plan and chose, to come to earth. To. Ensure that we would exercise faith, and learn. To use our agency properly. A veil. Of forgetfulness was. Drawn over our minds so. We would not remember God's plan. Without. That veil God's, purposes. Would not be achieved because. We could not progress and, become, the trusted inheritors. He, wants us to be. The. Prophet, Lehi said. Wherefore. The Lord gave unto man that, he should act for himself. Wherefore. Man. Could not act for himself, save. It should be that he was enticed by the one or. The other, at. A fundamental, level one. Option, is, represented. By Jesus, Christ the, first born of the father the. Other option, is represented. By Satan, Lucifer. Who, wants to destroy agency. And usurp power in. Jesus. Christ we, have an advocate, with the father after. Completing. His atoning sacrifice. Jesus. Ascended. Into heaven to, claim, of the father his, rights of Mercy which. He hath upon, the children of men and, having. Claimed the rights of Mercy he, advocated, the cause of, the, children of men. Christ's. Advocacy. With the father in our behalf is not, adversarial. Jesus. Christ who allowed his will to be swallowed up in the will of the father would. Not champion, anything, other. Than what the father has wanted all along. Heavenly. Father undoubtedly. Cheers, for and applause our successes. Christ, advocacy. Is at, least in part to. Remind us, that he has paid for to, remind, us that he has paid for our sins and that no. One is excluded, from the reach of God's mercy. For. Those who believe in Jesus Christ repent. And are, baptized, and endure to the end a. Process. That leads to reconciliation. The. Savior forgives. Heals. And, advocates. He. Is our helper, consoler. And intercessor. Attesting. To and vouching, for our, reconciliation. With God in. Stark. Contrast, Lucifer. Is an, accuser, or prosecutor. John. The Revelator described. Lucifer's, ultimate, defeat and. I. Heard a loud voice saying. In heaven now is. Come salvation and. Strength and. The Kingdom. Of our God and, the, power of his Christ. Why. Because. The, accuser, of our brethren is cast down, which accused. Them. Before our, God day and night and they. Overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the. Word of their testimony. Lucifer. Is this accuser, he. Spoke against, us in the premortal existence and, he continues, to denounce us in this life he. Seeks to drag us down he. Wants us to experience, endless, woe he's. The one who tells us we're not adequate, the one who tells us we're not good enough the, one who tells us there's no recovery, from a mistake he.

Is The ultimate bully. The. One who kicks us when we're down, if. Lucifer, were, teaching, a child to, walk and the. Child stumbled, he'd, scream, at the child punished as if her were teaching a child to, walk and the. Child stumbled, he'd, scream, at child punish, him and tell. Him to quit trying. Lucifer's. Ways bring, discouragement. And despair. Eventually. And, always. This. Father, of lies is the ultimate, purveyor of falsehood, and cunningly. Works to, deceive and distract, us, for. He seeketh, that all men might, be miserable like unto himself. If. Christ, were teaching a child to walk and the, child stumbled, he'd. Helped a child get up and, encouraged. Next steps. Christ. Is the helper and consoler, his. Ways bring joy and hope eventually. And. Always. God's. Plan, includes, directions, for. Us referred, to in the scriptures as Commandments. These. Commandments. Are neither a whimsical, set, nor, an arbitrary, collection of imposed rules meant. Only to train us to be obedient they're. Linked, to our developing, the attributes, of godliness. Returning. To our Heavenly Father and receiving. Enduring, joy. Obedience. To his Commandments is not blind, we. Knowingly choose, God and His pathway home, the. Pattern for us is, the same as it was for Adam and Eve wherein. God gave, unto them Commandments. After, having. Made known unto them, the plan of redemption. Though. God wants, us to be on the Covenant, path he. Gives us the dignity, of choosing. Indeed. God desires. Expects. And direct, of choosing. Indeed. God desires. Expects. And directs, that each of his children choose. For himself or herself he. Will not force us, through. The gift of agency God, permits his children, to, act for, themselves and, not to be acted, upon. Agency. Allows us to choose to get on the path or not. It. Allows us to get off or, not. Just, as we cannot be forced to obey, we. Cannot be forced to disobey. No. One can without our cooperation, take us off the path, now. This, is not to be confused with those whose agencies, violated, they're, not off the path they're victims they. Receive God's understanding love, and compassion. But. When we get off the path, God, is saddened, because. He knows that, this eventually, but. Invariably, leads, to diminished, happiness, and forfeited. Blessings, in, the. Scriptures, getting, off the path is, referred, to as sin and the. Resultant, decrease, in happiness, and forfeited. Blessings, is, called. Punishment. In this. Sense God is not punishing us. Punishment. Is a consequence. Of our own choices, not. His. When. We're discovered, that we're off the path we. Can stay off, or. Because, of the atonement of Jesus Christ we can choose to reverse our steps and get back on in. The. Scriptures, the process, of deciding to change and return to the path is referred. To as repentance. Failure. To repent means that. We choose to disqualify. Ourselves from, the blessings, God desires, to give if. We're, not willing to enjoy that which we might have received we. Will return to our own place to. Enjoy that which we are willing to receive our choice. Not. God's. No. Matter how long we've been off the path or. How far away we have wandered the.

Moment, We decide to change God. Helps, us return. From. God's perspective, through. Sincere, repentance and, pressing. Forward with a steadfastness, in, Christ, once. Back on the path, it. Will be as if we were never off, the. Savior pays for our sins and frees us from the, looming, decrease, in happiness and blessings. This. Is referred to in the scriptures as forgiveness. After. Baptism all, members. Slip off the path, some. Of us even dive off, there. For exercising. Faith in Jesus Christ. Repenting. Receiving. Help from him and being. Forgiven, are not one-time, events, but. Lifelong, processes. Processes. That are repetitive and, iterative. This. Is how we. Endure to the end. We. Need to choose whom, we will serve the. Magnitude, of our eternal blessings, depends, on choosing the Living God and joining. Him in his, work as, we. Strive to do the next bit on our own we. Practice, using our agency, correctly, as. To. Former, Relief Society general president said. We. Should not be babies, that need petting, and correction, all the time. No. God, wants us to become, mature adults, and govern. Ourselves. Choosing. To follow the father's plan is the only way we. Can become inheritors. In, his kingdom, only. Then can he trust us to not even hask for that which is contrary, to his will, but. We need to remember that there's no one so hard to teach as the. Child who knows everything so. We, need to be willing to be tutored in the Lord's way, by. The Lord and his servants. We. Can trust that were beloved children, of heavenly parents and worth bothering, about and be. Assured that on. Our own, we'll. Never mean alone. As. The. Book of Mormon prophet, Jacob said I say, with, him is the Book of Mormon prophet, Jacob, said I say, with, him. Therefore. Cheer, up your hearts and remember. The e are free to act for yourselves to. Choose the way of everlasting death, or. The way of eternal life. Wherefore. My beloved, brethren and sisters. Reconcile. Yourselves, to the will of God and not to the will of the devil and remember. After ye, are reconciled, unto God. That it is only in and through the grace of God that you're saved. So. Choose faith in Christ. Choose. Repentance. Choose. To be baptized, and receive the Holy Ghost, choose. To conscientiously. Prepare, for and worthily partake, of the sacrament, choose. To make covenants in the temple and choose. To serve the Living God and, his. Children, our, choices. Determine. Who we are and who. We will become I. Conclude. With the rest of Jacob's blessing. Wherefore. May God raised you from everlasting death, by the power of the atonement that. Ye may be received, into the eternal, kingdom, of God in. The name of Jesus, Christ amen. Several. Years ago while. Preparing, for a business trip I began. To experience chest, pain. Out. Of concern, my wife decided, to accompany me on the. First leg of our flight the pain intensified. To the point that it was difficult for me to breathe, when. We landed, we. Left the airport and went to the local hospital, where. After multiple, tests the attending, physician, declared, us safe to. Continue our travel. We. Returned to the airport, and boarded a flight to, our final, destination as. We. Were descending, the. Pilot, came on the intercom, and asked, me to identify myself. The. Flight attendant, approached, said. They had just received, an emergency call, and.

Told. Me that it was an ambulance waiting at the airport to take me to the hospital. We. Boarded the ambulance, and were rushed to the local emergency room. There. We. Were met by too anxious, doctors. Who. Explained, that, I, had been misdiagnosed, and. Actually. Had a serious, pulmonary, embolism, or blood clot in my lung which. Required, immediate. Medical, attention. The. Doctors informed, us that many patients. Do not survive, this condition. Knowing. We were far from home and not. Sure if we were prepared, for such life-altering, events. The. Doctor, said that if. There was anything in our lives that. We needed to consider. Now. Is the time I. Remember. Well how almost instantaneously. In that anxious moment, my. Entire perspective. Changed. What. Seemed so important, just moments, earlier was. Now of little interest. My. Mind raced away from, the comfort and cares of this life, to. An eternal, perspective. Thoughts. Of family. Children. My. Wife. And ultimately. An assessment. Of my own life. How. Are we doing, as a family, and individually. Were. We living our lives consistent. With the covenants, we've made and the, Lord's expectations. Or. Had we perhaps unintentionally. Allowed. The cares of the world to, distract, us from those things which matter most I, would. Invite you to consider, an important, lesson learn from this experience. To. Step back from the world and, to. Assess, your life. Or. In, the, words of the doctor, if. There is anything in your life you, need to consider. Now. Is the time. We. Live in a world of information overload. Dominated. By ever-increasing. Distractions. That make. It more and more difficult to, sort through the commotion, of this life and focus. On things, of eternal worth, our. Daily, lives are bombarded. With attention, grabbing headlines, served. Up by rapidly. Changing, technologies. Unless. We take the time to reflect. We. May not realize the. Impact, of this fast-paced, environment on. Our daily. Lives and, the choices, we make, we. May find our lives consumed. With bursts, of information. Packaged. In memes videos. And, glaring, headlines. Although. Interesting, and, entertaining. Most. Of these have little to do with, our eternal progress. And. Yet they shape, the way we view our mortal. Experience. These. Worldly, distractions could. Be likened, to those in Lehigh's dream, as, we. Progress down the covenant, path with. Our hand firmly affixed on, the iron rod, we. Hear, and see those mocking. And pointing their. Fingers, from. The great and spacious building. We. May not consciously. Intend, to do so, but. Sometimes, we pause and. Shift, our gaze to. See, what all the commotion is. Some. Of us may even let go of the iron rod and move, closer for. A better view. Others. May. Fall away entirely. Because. Of those that. Were scoffing at them. The. Savior, cautioned, us to. Take heed, lest, at, any time your hearts be, overcharged. With cares of this life. Modern. Revelation reminds. Us that many. Are called but few are chosen. They. Are not chosen because. Their hearts are set, upon the things of this world and. Aspire. To the honors of men. Assessing. Our lives gives, us an opportunity to, step back from the world. Reflect. On where we stand on the Covenant path and, if. Necessary. Make. Adjustments. To ensure a firm, grip and a. Forward gaze. Recently. In a worldwide youth devotional. President, Russell M Nelson. Invited. The youth to step back from the world. Disengaging. From social, media by, holding a seven day fast in, just. Last evening also invited, the sisters, as part of the Women's Conference. He. Then asked them asked the youth to. Notice any differences. In how, they feel, what. They think or, even. How they think, he. Then invited them, to do a thorough life assessment. With the Lord to ensure that, your, feet are firmly planted on, the Covenant path, he. Encouraged, them that. If there were things in their lives that, needed changing, today. Is the perfect time, to change. In. Assessing, things in our lives that need to change we. Might ask ourselves a. Practical, question. How. Do we rise above the distractions. Of this world and stay. Fixed on the vision, of eternity. Before us. In. A 2007. Conference. Address entitled. Good better, best. President. Allen H Oaks taught how to prioritize, choices. Among. Our many conflicting, worldly, demands, he. Counseled. Quote. We. Have to forego, some good things in order to choose others, that are better or best, because. They. Developed, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and. Strengthened. Our families. And quote. May. I suggest, that. The best things in this life are centered, on Jesus Christ and. Understanding. The eternal, truths of who he is and, who. We are in our relationship, with him as. We. Seek to know the Savior, we. Should not overlook the fundamental, truth of who we are and, why we are here, a Mielec. Reminds, us that this. Life is the time to prepare to meet God, the. Time which has given us to prepare for eternity, as, the. Well-known axiom. Reminds, us we. Are not human.

Beings Having a spiritual. Experience. We. Are spiritual. Beings having a. Human, experience. Understanding. Our divine origins, is essential, to our eternal, progress and, can. Free us from the distractions, of this life, the. Savior, taught if, he. Continued, in my word and he are my disciples, indeed and ye. Shall know the truth and, the. Truth will. Make you free. President. Joseph F Smith proclaimed, quote. The. Greatest achievement. Mankind, can make in this world is. To familiarize themselves, with, divine, truth. So. Thoroughly so. Perfect. That. The example, or conduct, of no creature, living, in the world can. Ever turn them away from. The knowledge, that they, have obtained, in quote, in, the. World today, the. Debate over truth, has reached a fevered pitch with. All sides claiming. Truth as if, it were a relative, concept, open. To individual, interpretation. The. Young boy Joseph Smith found that. So great were the confusion. And strife in his life that it was impossible to. Come, to any certain conclusion. Who, was right and who, was wrong. It. Was in the midst of this war of words and tumult of opinions, that he, sought, divine. Guidance, by. Seeking, truth. In. April conference, President. Nelson taught quote. If, we, are to have any hope of sifting, through the myriad of voices, and the, philosophies. Of men, that, attacked truth we. Must learn to, receive revelation. And quote. We. Must learn to rely on, the Spirit of Truth which. The world cannot, receive because, it, seeth him, not, neither. Knoweth him, as. This. World moves swiftly to, alternative, realities, we. Must remember the words of Jacob, that. The spirit, speaketh, the truth and. Lieth. Not. Wherefore. It speaketh, of things as, they, really are and, of, things as, they, really will, be. Wherefore. These. Things are manifested. Unto us plainly for, the salvation. Of our souls. As. We step back from the world and, assess, our lives, now. Is, the time to consider what changes, we need to make we. Can take great hope in, knowing. That our exemplar, Jesus, Christ, has. Once again led the way. Prior. To his death and resurrection. As. He was laboring to help those around him understand, his divine role he. Reminded, them, that. In me you, might have peace in, the, world ye. Shall have tribulation, but. Be. Of good cheer I. Have, overcome the world of. Him I bear witness in the, name of Jesus, Christ amen. In, a recent conversation with a friend of mine he told me that when he was a young newly. Baptized, member of the church he. Suddenly felt like somehow he did not fit in anymore in his ward the. Missionaries, who had taught him had been transferred, away and he felt like he was on the periphery. Without. Friends in the ward he found his old friends, and with, them engaged in activities, that took him away from participating. At church, so. Much so that he began to stray from the flock, with. Tears in his eyes he described. How deeply grateful he was when. A fellow, ward member, extended. A ministering, hand to him and invited. Him to return, in a warm and inclusive, way. Within. Months he, was back in the safety of the flock. Strengthening. Others as well as himself. Aren't. We grateful, for the Shepherd in Brazil who sought after, this young man elder. Carlos, a Godoy who. Now sits behind me as a member of the, presidency, of the seventy. Isn't. It remarkable how, such small efforts, can have eternal. Consequences. This. Truth, is at the heart of the church's ministering, efforts, Heavenly. Father can take our simple, daily, efforts, and turn, them into something. Miraculous. It's. Only been six months since. Press only been six months since, President. Russell M Nelson, announced, that the. Lord has made important, adjustments, in the way we care for each other, explaining. We. Will implement, a newer holier. Approach, to caring for and ministering to others we. Will refer to these efforts simply, as, ministering. President. Nelson also explained, a, hallmark. Of the Lord's true and loving church will always be, an organized. Directed. Effort to. Minister, to individual, children of God and families, because. It is his is. His church we. As his servants, will minister to the one just as, he did we. Will minister in, his name with his power and authority. And with, his loving-kindness.

Well. Since that announcement your, response, has been incredible. We've, received reports of great success in implementing, these changes in nearly every. Steak in the world as directed. By our living prophet for. Example. Ministering. Brothers and sisters have been assigned to families. Companionships. Including. Young men and young women have been organized, and, ministering. Interviews are taking place I don't. Think it's a coincidence that, six. Months, prior to the, revelatory, announcement. Of yesterday, a new, balance, between gospel. Instruction, in the home and in, the church the. Revelatory, announcement. On ministering. Was given. Beginning. January, as, we spend one less hour in, our church worship. All. That, we have learned in ministering will, help us rebalance. That void. In, a higher. And holier. Home. Centered, Sabbath, day experience. With family and loved ones. With. These organs and organizational. Structures, in place we might ask, how. Do we know we are ministering in the Lord's way are, we. Assisting the Good Shepherd in, the way he intends. In. A recent discussion, with President, Henry B Irene he. Commended, the Saints in adjusting. To these notable, changes. But. Also expressed. His his sincere, hope that, members. Recognize that. Ministering. Is more. Than just. Being nice, that. Is not to say that being nice is inconsequential. But. Those who understand, the true spirit of ministry, realize. That it goes far beyond merel

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The church is true, the book of Mormon is true. People are often indecisive regarding things new. When we search and ponder the scriptures, we can have a personal testimony.

+Babs ade I had one once. 43 years in the church with all kinds of callings. Elders quorum, young men's, ward mission leader, bishopric. I'm well aware of the lds testimony.

+JC CR we have a living prophet. Revelations keep coming. The restored gospel has gone true stages in interpreting Heavenly Father's will. Issues are possible as with man. But time goes and the leaders understand more than the early stages God's ways as reveals for his intentions. The Church is true. Pray to God through Jesus Christ and ponder . I promise you'll get a testimony

+Babs ade good thing it is translated correctly and we can trust it. No problem. The book of mormon on the other hand has had countless changes

+JC CR yes as long as its translated correctly

Is the bible true?

Evan Stephens would be proud of the closing hymn.


+Autumn Mueller one question, why is the King James version the only one to be trusted?

+Autumn Mueller   1830 Edition of the Book of Mormon 1981 Edition of the Book of Mormon 1 Nephi 11:18 "And he said unto me, Behold, the virgin which thou seest, is the mother of [ . . . ] God, after the manner of the flesh"And he said unto me: Behold, the virgin whom thou seest is the mother of the Son of God, after the manner of the flesh." 1 Nephi 11:21 "And the angel said unto me, behold the Lamb of God, yea, even the [ . . . ] Eternal Father! . . . ""And the angel said unto me: Behold the Lamb of God, yea, even the Son of the Eternal Father! . . . " 1 Nephi 11:32 " . . . And I looked and beheld the Lamb of God, that he was taken by the people; yea, [ . . . ] the Everlasting God, was judged of the world . . . "" . . . And I looked and beheld the Lamb of God, that he was taken by the people; yea, the Son of the everlasting God was judged of the world . . . " 1 Nephi 13:40 " . . . and shall make known to all kindreds, tongues, and people, that the Lamb of God is [ . . . ] the Eternal Father and the Savior of the world . . . "" . . . and shall make known to all kindreds, tongues, and people that the Lamb of God is the Son of the Eternal Father, and the Savior of the World . . . " 1 Nephi 19:20 " . . . for had not the Lord been merciful, to shew unto me concerning them, even as he had prophets of old; [ . . . ] for he surely . . . "" . . . for had not the Lord been merciful, to show unto me concerning them, even as he had prophets of old, I should have perished also." 1 Nephi 20:1 changed in 1964 ed. "Hearken and hear this, O house of Jacob, which are called by the name of Israel, and are come forth out of the waters of Judah, [ . . . ] which swear . . . ""Hearken and hear this, O house of Jacob, who are called by the name of Israel, and are come forth out of the waters of Judah, or out of the waters of baptism, who swear . . . " Mosiah 21:28 changed in 1964 ed. " . . . king Benjaminhad a gift from God, whereby he could interpret such engravings; . . . "" . . . king Mosiahhad a gift from God, whereby he could interpret such engravings; . . . " Alma 46:40 " . . . because of the excellent qualities of the many plants and roots which God had prepared, to remove the cause of diseases which was subsequent to manby the nature of the climate."" . . . because of the excellent qualities of the many plants and roots which God had prepared to removed the cause of diseases, to which men were subject by the nature of the climate." 3 Nephi 3:23 "And the land which was appointed was the land of Zarahemla, and the land which was between the land of Zarahemla and the land Bountiful.""And the land which was appointed was the land of Zarahemla [ . . . ] and the land Bountiful . . . " 3 Nephi 10:4 "O ye people of these great cities which have fallen which are a descendant of Jacob; yea which are of the house of Israel; O ye people of the house of Israel, how oft have I gathered you . . . ""O ye people of these great cities which have fallen, who are descendants of Jacob, yea, who are of the house of Israel, [ . . . ] how oft have I gathered you . . . " 3 Nephi 16:10 "and thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you at that day, When the Gentiles shall sin against my Gospel, and shall subject the fulness of my Gospel, and shall be lifted up . . . ""And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel,[ . . . ] and shall be lifted up . . . " 3 Nephi 22:4 " . . . for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, [ . . . ] and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more."" . . . for thou shalt forget the shame of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy youth, and shalt not remember the reproach of thy widowhood any more." Ether 9:2 " . . . nevertheless, the Lord was merciful unto Omer, and also to his sons and to his daughters, which were not, or which did not seek his destruction.""Nevertheless, the Lord was merciful unto Omer, and also to his sons, and to his daughters [ . . . ] who did not seek his destruction." As you can see, the Book of Mormon is a changing document. Where will the Mormon Church change it next?

+Autumn Mueller please do your research on the trustworthiness of the Bible. You will be amazed at the evidence for it. I know I was amazed because I was led to believe all my life that we could only trust it as far as it was translated correctly. Also if you compared side by side the current edition of the Book of mormon with the original you will see that big changes have been made. The King James version if fine but there are other translations that are easier to read and understand and dont take away from the original content. We have the bible being translated into all kinds of languages with great care to make sure its accurate. All I ask is you do your research. Look into why you can trust the bible.

@JC CR The only Bible Version to be trusted is the King James version. The Book of Mormon is, in and of itself, pure and untainted. There are no countless changes as is the Bible (which, throughout history, has been altered by many religions to suit their purposes).

Not sure who thumbs downed this, but that is pathetic. Even so, at least they proved that The Church is true! People don't hate things unless there is a reason or unless they feel called out by it...!

+Jay Brons we have a living prophet. Revelations keep coming. The restored gospel has gone true stages in interpreting Heavenly Father's will. Issues are possible as with man. But time goes and the leaders understand more than the early stages God's ways as reveals for his intentions. The Church is true. Pray to God through Jesus Christ and ponder . I promise you'll get a testimony

+Jay Brons yes as long as its translated correctly

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