NWO Depopulation & Eugenics - Their Evil Playbook Exposed

NWO Depopulation & Eugenics - Their Evil Playbook Exposed

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Heard with a half a million children have died I mean. That's more, children. Than died when went and in Hiroshima, and and. You. Know is the price worth it, I think. This is a very hard choice but, the price we, think the price is worth it. When. You consider, whether or not you believe the New World Order, plans, to, genocide. Away, 90%, of the Earth's population as. A hoax or not. Consider. The Georgia Guidestones. The. Georgia Guidestones. Are. Mostly. Unknown, to the, people in the United States they're, an important link to the occult hierarchy, a hierarchy. That dominates, the world we live in and we, don't know exactly who, built it. There. Are 10 guides or, Commandments. Engraved. In these stones. In. 8. Languages. These. Are the guides. Maintain. Humanity, under, 500. Million in perpetual, balance, with nature. Guide. Reproduction. Wisely, improving, fitness and diversity. Unite. Humanity with a new living language. Rule. Passion. Faith tradition. And all things with tempered, reason. Protect. People, and nations, with fair laws and, just courts. But. All nations rule, internally, resolving, external, disputes, in a World Court, avoid. Petty laws and useless officials. Balance. Personal rights with social, duties, price. Truth beauty, love, seeking. Harmony with the infinite. Be. Not a cancer on the earth leave, room for nature. Living. In the population, of the earth to 500, million will require the extermination, of nine-tenths, of the world's population. We've got to stabilize. The population when, I was born so was raw the population, I mean with too many people that's, what that's why we have global, warming we have global warming because too many people are using too much stuff but, they there were less people they'd be using less, mr.. Turner I was. Wondering, if you think it's, a good idea to reduce ninety percent of the population because, we are being overpopulated. By a lot of. 80. Prince. Phillip said eighty sir. I'll, go with 85. Right. Me too thank you. Exactly. One, child policy. You speak about your population, control saying you want to reduce the population to, 95 percent. Extermination. You. Said you want a one-child policy but, you have fire it doesn't. It's. 40 years old. That's, what the Nazis did with sotnik sir sorry. Humanity. Hey Joe, you. Don't have to tell you I'm not even doing nothing wrong can you tell me what I did wrong you need to have you don't have permission yes I do I have I'm a legitimate person I'm on the list so I'm not gonna do it at all even management. It's. A Turner your enemy of humanity and, your nazi-like, policies, won't be tolerated I don't, want to give you any trouble I'm just trying to ask my questions, that's, all I'm trying to do I'm, leaving ok don't worry about why, what is this for Humanity, sir you're an enemy of humanity. The. Nazis supporting Genesis I'm on the public sidewalk and you cannot touch me now this is a public sidewalk get it soon I'm cool, I go too starchy. So. What'd you do at the Bilderberg Group that's where you decided your eugenics policies. Is. It when the bilderberg just, like just like the Nazis that exterminated the Jews wit eugenics, you're doing the same thing nowadays, trying to exterminate. The normal people this is 80% depopulation. Enough. Is. 80% enough, 90%, and who's. Going to decide who lives and dies be, ashamed of yourself you're not our leader. You. Will not have a New World Order we won't have a one-world, government, the elite won't be in charge because the people in national sovereignty will always prevail eugenics, is no laughing matter sir. Depopulation. Is no laughing matter, your silence, shows complicity. Sir. Then. Who's going to decide who lives and dies over your eugenics, population. You're. No better than a Nazi. Leaving. Microsoft. 23, million dollars, of Monsanto. Shares globally. He now promotes GMOs, and the vaccines, collection, he calls the solution. For, the world case. Has been recorded, explaining, this solution, is actually, to cut the world's population. Now the world today has 6.8. Billion people that's. Headed up to about 9 billion now. If we do a really, great job we, could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent the density, in the, poor areas is greater, than they can grow. The food we, benefits are in terms of producing the population growth the only like things that reduce the population knows the site prison, planet and, ones that sterilized people the BBC, says his foundation's funding, big sterilization. Programs, such as this one that blast men's scrotums. With ultrasound. To damage the sperm here. Gates actually calls, for the so-called death, panels to decide where the folks should live or whether as he puts it they have no benefit, whatsoever in.

A Lack of willingness to say you. Know is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would. It be better to see which ones actually. Have no benefit, whatsoever but that's called the death panel, and. You're not supposed to have that discussion the. Case actually breaks he's doing, God's work the boss of goldman sachs said exactly, the same thing while sending millions, into starvation, what. The heck is going, on his. Father was, one of the main grandfather's, of the whole entire eugenics, movement here, inside the united states and it's, still going strong today, my dad was had, a planned parenthood and. It. Was very controversial, and, Bill, Gates is here once again pushing, the GMOs, and everything else that is also reducing, the population because that's what he says if we do a good enough job with vaccinations, and everything we'll be able to reduce the population the. Polio vaccines, now are the number one cause of polio, there's. No question. That Bill Gates is not doing God's work and if, he is doing God's work I would ask which God have. We moved to open, plans to take away our water-holding, food, and population. Controls, they. Speak to us as if we are peon peasants. In medieval. Times and they are the kings queens and Nobles why, did they target the, low-income, portions. May, 25th, over two million people across 48, states and six, continents merged. Against, Monsanto what do you make of the company refusing, to talk to us because we covered, the March he can't stand up to the facts they wouldn't come on this show I would love to debate a Monsanto, employee and show him that email I mean. What would they say they have nothing they go into these poor communities. And then of course reduced. Yields so what happens to these farmers they end up killing themselves by drinking the bio pesticides. That Monsanto gave them so, every 30 minutes while we've been talking someone. Has killed themselves execs. Now boast about infertility. From, GMOs, hold, food, and say water shouldn't, be a human right Monsanto, has publicly, stated it was to control, 100%, of the world's food supply the. Government, isn't stopping them so who will. On. August 18th at the Ramada Hotel in, central, Jerusalem, leading, Israeli rabbis, gathered, to defend the publication. Of a book by, one of their peers that cited, rabbinic, sources to. Justify, the killing of non-jews, including. Innocent children, and families. Gun. Hidden, in oh damn, shame shall be my servant, I. See. Right up shut up. Yunano, Kareem bhai. Ganesha pizza. Fuckin. Him. Jamie. Jamie Itachi. Mention, Shannon. Multi-market. Period, ah yes, Mr shorten our call it. A Mira, she Latin our, determination. To happen, to her superstar, over. To massive arm pain. The. Crochet. A. Carries, a say but. Very my, CUNY, my, he. Can sue browse, naive. Automata. Meme say. Messiah. Can. Take. Away. Love. No. Need to recognize, you tell me no see missiles. What. Happened here what this was was a few photos. Ola it was a, desecration. Of the Torah the. Torah is, a Torah a piece dark. A Noah and what we heard here was that most of the people didn't read the book and they, said what's important, is the a small Tortola is that nobody should criticize anybody. Who writes anything about it especially if he's a Ralph and what. We're saying is we've read the book we, know what the book says the. Book calls, for killing innocent children, there's. No fine. Distinctions. Made here it's a book of. Racist. Statements, in the, name of the Torah usually. Superfish. Be not. Valuable. Like. A bank we are very good at giving you much as the last Robin. Felt like a beggar you shebang McCrea never, kill my sister ah el, agua de la McPherson, Udine Mesa. Statue. But. There, is such a concept in in Jewish law as any population, and under very very, specific, circumstances according. To various, romantic. Opinions, it would be seemingly, permissible. To. Kill. Play. Game. Your. Life is a lie. You. Play through left with other people's, lives. Today. You. Play with your own. I. Admire. Margaret, sanger enormous, li her. Courage, her tenacity. Her. Vision, i am really, in awe of her, i. Admire. Margaret. Sanger enormous, li her. Courage, her tenacity. Her. Vision, i am really, in awe of her, donald, has said he's in favor of defunding Planned, Parenthood, even, supported, shutting the government down to defund Planned, Parenthood I will. Defend, Planned, Parenthood, I will, defend, roe. V wade and, I will defend women's, rights to make their own healthcare, decisions right, we have come too, far to.

Have That, turn back now and in indeed, he said women should be punished, that there should be some form of punishment. For. Women who, obtain. Abortions and I could just not be more opposed to that kind of thinking are you, believe the right to abortion goes you have been quoted as saying that, the. Fetus has no constitutional, rights, you, also, voted. Against, a ban on late, term partial, birth abortions. Why. Because. Roe v wade very, clearly, sets out that. There. Can, be, regulations. On abortion so. Long as the life and the health of the mother are, taken into account and, when, I voted, as a senator, I did not think that that was the case the. Kinds, of cases that fall, at the end of pregnancy are often. The most heartbreaking. Painful. Decisions, for families, to make I have met with women. Who had toward, the end of their pregnancy, get. The worst news one could get that their health is in jeopardy if they continue. To carry, to term or, that something terrible, has happened or just been discovered, about. The pregnancy, I do, not think the United States government, should be stepping in and making those. Most, personal. Of decisions, so, you, can regulate if you, are doing so. With the life and the health of the mother taken, into account mr. trunk your reaction, and particularly on this issue of late term partial, birth well I think it's terrible if, you go with what Hilary is saying in the ninth month you can take, the baby and rip the. Baby out of the womb of the mother just. Prior to the birth of the baby now. You can say that that's ok and Hilary. Can say that that's okay, but it's not okay with me because. Based on what she's saying and based on where she's going and where she's been you, can take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb in the, ninth month on, the, final day and that's, not acceptable well the federal, government already funnels. Hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood every. Year so it should come as no surprise when, it funnels your money to celebrate its founder, the Smithsonian. National Portrait Gallery, recently, opened, a new federally, funded exhibit, that, according to the museum's curator, celebrates, women who, have challenged, and changed America, over the past century, included. In the list is notorious, liberal feminist Margaret, Sanger the. National Portrait Gallery website, provides a brief description of Sanger describing. A concerned, crusader, who fought with the courage of a wounded tiger for, the promotion of birth control, what. The Smithsonian exhibit fails to mention however is that Margaret, Sanger founded the largest, abortion chain in the country now, known as Planned Parenthood, but. The exhibit also fails to explain the racist ideology, behind singers promotion, of birth control. Many. People don't really know what eugenics, is eugenics. Is defined as belief. In the possibility, of improving the qualities, of the human species by. Discouraging reproduction. By persons, having genetic. Defects, or presumed to have in heritable undesirable. Traits, essentially. Eugenics, is the creation of a master, race by, controlling, who has children and who doesn't an article. Appearing in the January, 31st, 1922. Edition of the New York Times bore, the headline mrs.. Sanger says Superman, is the aim of birth control if. Creating, a race of supermen is the goal who, did Sanger believe had genetic defects. Or undesirable. Traits that stood in the way in, his, book birth control. And responsibilities. Adolph. Meyer quoted, an essay singer wrote in 1925. Entitled. The, need of birth control in, America, what. Point does someone have constitutional. Rights and are you saying that a child on, its due date just hours, before delivery, still has no constitutional, rights under our law that is the case I've been against hide for, years because. I think it, deprives. Low-income. Women from, being able to access, the, full range of reproductive health, services and, I, don't think that's fair, or appropriate. I would want to do more to number. One expand, the. Services. That Planned Parenthood provides. I'm. Obviously not, only against, defunding. Planned Parenthood, but I would like to see Planned Parenthood, even get more, funding because oftentimes it, is both the first and the last, risotto we will have to do whatever we can to provide. Access to quality affordable health, care that includes the full range, of reproductive, health, including, safe and, legal abortions, near the women of color often rely more, on government-funded, health care than, do white women I'm, wondering if you can tell me what other steps you could take to make abortion access available, to more women of color very clear that for, women of color, Planned, Parenthood is the go-to place in, her praise for the eugenics programs, in Germany Sanger, called for the implementation of, such programs in the United States, specifically.

Targeting, African Americans, the. Following editorial, was published in the 1932. Issue of, the birth control Review. The, Negro, problem, is one, of the most complicated, and, important. Confronting. In America. Whatever. The, ultimate answer. May be such. An attitude brings, to light the function, of birth control as a necessary. Agency. In its solution, the. Present, submerged. Condition of, the Negro is due. In large part to the high fertility, of the race and. Disastrously. Adverse. Circumstances. Thus. The. Question arises. To what, extent, birth, control, has, had a eugenic. Effect, upon, the Negro race if. Any question, should remain about Sanger's racist agenda a 1939. Letter, she wrote to dr. Clarence, gamble, should remove all doubt, we. Should hire, three. Or four. Colored. Ministers. Preferably. With social service, backgrounds. And with, engaging. Personalities. The, most successful. Educational. Approach to the Negro is, through. A religious. Appeal. We. Don't, want, the word to go out that. We want to exterminate. The, Negro population and. The. Minister, is the man who, can straighten, out that idea, if it ever occurs to. Any of them more rebellious, members. Can. There be any wonder, why Planned Parenthood, opens its facilities, in poor inner-city, neighborhoods, populated, by minorities, can, there be any doubt that Sanger's, philosophy, of creating a pure race is what, fuels Planned Parenthood's, support of embryonic stem-cell research, Margaret. Sanger was a racist, she's, responsible, for the millions of babies that have been ethnically, cleansed. From our country and should, not be celebrated, by the taxpayer-funded. Smithsonian. Please. Visit the website and contact the Smithsonian, demanding. That materials, on Sanger be removed, from the exhibit. Can, we selectively. Breathe super, humans. You. Can turn back now or learn. The stuff they don't want you to know. Here. Are the facts. Dogs. Really are one, of humanity's best, friends, they've been bred to be this way centuries. Of pruning the genetic, characteristics, of wolves, created, dog breeds, and further selective. Breeding amplified. Traits, in those breeds, so, much so that researchers. In a project, led by Durham, University, have, found that modern, dog breeds, are genetically. Disconnected. From their ancient ancestors, this. Sort of breeding, isn't, limited to dogs. Humans, have bred other animals, for specific. Traits and numerous. Species of plants have also been modified to, increase their yield their resistance, to disease, or just, to make them more visually. Appealing. While, this artificial. Pressure on natural, selection has, led to innovations. In food medicine. And more it also raises, one, terrifying, question. What, if the human race decided. To selectively, breed, itself. Here's. Where it gets crazy, we. Have or, at least groups. Of humans, have made the attempt, this, practice, known as eugenics. As a bad name nowadays. But, that wasn't, always the case Sir, Francis Galton cousin. Of Charles Darwin, coined the term in the 1880s. Taking, inspiration from, the Greek phrase born, well. Originally. Gulten proposed, using, financial incentives, to encourage marriages. That he believed would breed smarter, healthier, children while. The term may have come in the 19th century the, idea has been around since, Plato and ancient, civilizations also. Practiced. Various, forms, of eugenics, today. It's associated, with atrocities. Genocide. Forced, sterilization, and, infanticide, but in the late 19th, and early 20th, century. Eugenics, enjoyed tremendous, popular, support it, was hailed as a solution, for a higher-quality, population. Multiple. US states passed legislation in. Favor of forced sterilization.

Removing. Criminals, people with mental disorders specific. Ethnic groups more from the reproductive, pool this, nationwide, movement, had, opponents. But they were powerless to stem the tide of support, for eugenics, a poll, from 1937. Indicated. That around two-thirds. Of the u.s. supported. Sterilization. Of mental, defectives. Before. World War two proponents. Of the established, u.s. eugenics, movement began, speaking with scientists, in Europe including Germany. About the purported, benefits of this practice, the, Rockefeller, Institution. Assisted, in the creation of German eugenics, programs, today, the idea of selectively, breeding, a human being seems appalling. It stinks, of racism, murder, and cruelty, but, could wide-scale. Eugenics. Programs, continue, in the modern age if. So, it's. Something they don't want you to know. The. Family, subscribes, to a, racehorse, theory. Of human. Development we connect. To resources you, usually end up with a secretary. It doesn't produce slow horses they believe, that there are superior, people and that, if you put together the genes of a superior. Woman and a superior, man you get a superior. Offspring, you have to have the right the, right genes I have a certain gene gene. Belief do we believe in the gene thing I mean I do have a great, genes and all that stuff which I'm a believer well I think I was born with the drive for success I was born with a certain intellect. The fact is you have to be born and blessed with, something. Up here God helped me by giving me a certain brain it's this it's not my salesmanship, it's, what this. You, know that is the. Brain power I. Have. Like a very very, high aptitude I'm, pretty good at English I always did very nicely in English I mean like I'm, a smart person you're, born a fighter and I've seen a lot of people they want to fight but they can't, people, cannot, genetically. Handle, oppression I always said winning is somewhat, maybe innate, maybe. It's just something you have you know you have the winning gene frankly, I'd be wonderful if you could develop it but I'm not so sure you can you know I'm proud to have that German blood there's no question about it, great. Stuff we will be protected. By God. You, did they say it does work it, does work, mr. president Ursula mr. president you told me during one of the debates that you would bring back waterboarding and, a hell of lot worst highroad, is lord I would do I want to keep our country safe I want to keep our country safe what does that mean they're shooting, when they're chopping off the heads of our people and other people when, they're chopping off the heads of people because they happen to be. Chopping. Off people's heads, in the movies especially. Christian. The, chopping, off. The. Heads of the Americans, chopped up heads of the French top, of the heads of whoever you may bring so we can't do waterboarding, but. They can do chopping. Off heads drowning. People and still cages, they can do whatever they want to do. You. It. A conspiracy. To. Start a war, so. That the Antichrist can, ascend to, his position as world. Ruler. Pike's. Letter ironically, also, detailed, the specifics. Of the first two wars with. Stunning accuracy. Suggesting. That he knew before time the details, surrounding each, of the wars World. War one according, to Pike would. Be fought to overthrow the czars and Russia and change, Russia into, a communist. State the. Second, world war would. Be fought for two reasons. To. Establish the State of Israel and, to expand. Communist. Control over Europe the third. World war will, be what allows the Novus Ordo seclorum, to, rise out of the dust, according. To Pike Islam. Will be the central, factor. In the, downfall, of the West. Islam. Will be decimated, in the process, allowing. For, the new religion. Of pure. Luciferianism. To. Spread on the earth the. President, was one of those Americans, who went to church but he spent a lot of the time this weekend meeting with advisors at the presidential retreat Camp David when, he returned to the White House he spoke to the media, this. Crusade. This. War. On terrorism. Is. Going. To take a while. The. Holy Father has ordered us here, he, has promoted you in absentia to the rank of Archbishop as, befits, your task. Congratulations. Your grace we. The faithful, here assembled formed, the Knights of the ninth crusade we. Are yours to command, Archbishop, Maxwell. Employer. Says you will. In. 1717. The Templars made their reappearance in Europe they had grown in both number, and strength and we're now ready to coin a new identity. Free from their reputation, of the past and given credibility by none other than the monarchy and aristocracy of, England and the name, they chose for themselves was a name that will be known by many but.

Understood, By a few this. New name the, Freemason. 20. Years after Jerusalem was taken the Dome of the rock was seized by a group of warrior monks calling themselves the, Knights of the Temple of Solomon or more, simply the Knights Templars. In. Jerusalem, the Templars began to deviate further and further away from the practices, of Christianity. They. Learnt the secret arts of the Kabbalah an ancient form of Jewish magic along, with its dark rites and rituals the. Jews had learned the arts from the pagans of ancient Egypt during, the times of enslavement, to the Pharaoh and develop, them into Babylon, at the time of never cannas are in. 1307. King Philip, of France arrested. Them for charges, of denial, of Christ homosexuality. And, idol, worship, as well as magic in. 1314. Pope. Clement v declared. All templars, as heretics, to christianity, ordering. All their properties to be seized their. Leader jacques de molay was captured, and burned to the state, the. Templars were cornered, and just when it seemed they were finished, forever a glimmer, of hope arose, from a seemingly certain, end they. Were to find a safe haven as well as an ally but. Not in France in fact, in a country, in a desperate struggle for independence against. The English the. Country, of Scotland. Pike. Was Grandmaster. Of a Luciferian, group known as the order of pallidum, sovereign. Council of wisdom which, had been founded in Paris in 1737. He. Enticed an American occultist, and freemason, named Albert Pike into. Joining the upper an salon of the Illuminati, when, invited by Mott Seanie he readily, agreed to join Pike. Was then made head of the Illuminati operations, in the United States but, seen he could sense an extra powerful, occult nature beau Pike and - asked him to write the in a cultic book that, guided the transition, from average high ranking Mason in the top ranking Illuminati. Mason, that, of the 33rd, degree Pike. Then penned what, is considered the modern-day freemasonic, Bible, called morals, and Dogma, this, book was used by the Illuminati as a Pied Piper to bring free Masonic, lodges in the United States under their control where, before the Illuminati, had operated mainly out of the Columbia, Lodge over. Pike is known for a few other things as well he, is a Confederate. General and, a founding member of the KKK, but. I also think it's pretty odd that Albert Pike is the only Confederate, General with an honorary statue, on federal property in Washington, DC but. He was not honored for being a commander or even. As a lawyer but, for being, the Southern Regional leader the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the. Statue stands, on a pedestal near the foot of the Capitol Hill between, the Department, of Labor building. In the Municipal, Building between. 3rd and 4th streets on D, Street Northwest. Pellatt. ISM had, been brought into the great plan from Egypt by Pythagoras in the 5th century BC and it was the cult of Satan that was introduced in the inner circles, of the Masonic lodges in the early 1800s, you can, follow the existence, of the Illuminati, through the 1800's, and early 1900s. Through the Library, of Congress, just, go to the Library of Congress website in, search Illuminati. And it'll bring up hundreds, of old newspapers. Where you can follow the, timeline, of their recruitment centers through Masonic, lodges and other. Organizations. In. 1967. Jewish broadcaster. Myron C Fagan, described. With documentary. Evidence how, the Illuminati became. The in internment of the House of Rothschild to, achieve a one-world, government and, how every war during the past two centuries was fermented. By, this Illuminati. He, describes, how, one Jake of each shift was, since the United States by the Rothschilds to, further the Illuminati plot and now shift plotted. To get control of both the Democrat, and Republican, parties how, if seduced our Congress, and her presidents, to achieve control of our entire money system, and creat, the income tax cancer, and now Jeff and his co-conspirators created.

The Council Foreign Relations to. Control our elected, officials to, gradually, drive the u.s. into becoming an enslaved, unit, of the United Nations one-world. Government. So. City landmarks, and icons represent, intention so here we see Albert Pike in Washington, DC. And. This is a very large statue in. A beautiful area looking, down on maybe, Persephone, or someone that's been conquered, and their. Flag and being draped over. He. Now. The statue was erected by the Supreme Council of AAS, our Freemasonry. It's. The only statue of a Confederate General, in, a city filled with statues. Of Civil War generals, hmm. Looking. Further the. Handsomest, man in the, southwest, during. The Civil War Pike trained and led three regiments of Native American, notice they don't say Indians Confederate, Calvary, at, the Battle of Pea Ridge. He. Was a Klansman it's widely believed that Albert Pike organized, and led the Arkansas Ku Klux Klan, documented. In the book 1924. Book authentic, history of Ku Klux Klan. General, Albert Pike he was a Satanist pypes. Obscure, books on Masonic ritual have not escaped controversy, either here's, your 33 degrees the double head you see in Hitler II dunno you see everywhere of the, Eagles we'd have to look up what that means. So. Mr. Pike in his freemason, regalia, has been portrayed as advocating, the worship of, Lucifer, and hence Satan. Man. Has a mausoleum, in Washington. DC. He. Says maintained. Impurity of the Lucifer, end document, doc a doctrine, 33, degree Freemason. The. Fruits of his labor live after him in the home he was buried in Supreme Council at 4 3 3 3rd, Street yet at 4:33 3rd Street. All. Right this is where it gets good so. Pike's remains were moved in December of 1944. What. Happened in 1944. Folks. June. 6 was d-day World, War 2 the Battle of Normandy. With, the landing of a hundred and fifty-five thousand, Allied troops on the beaches of Normandy France and this. Is when they moved mr. Pike fulfilling the prophecy, is. In the wall behind, this memorial bust a but. A total. Monument in satin in in, Washington, DC to the sky the. Jesuits all, right. That's. Why this guy is important. Now. He is saying that. They need to eradicate all Muslims, that's what this video doc is about but. After that they're, coming after all heretics. And Christians, it's. A war and all to, end all this. Is their prophecy, they, were fulfilling it we, got to wake up fast or protect our loved ones as best we can it's. The Christians, - folks you're not de playing you they're playing all of us that's why I want, us all to work together and love.

One Another, 12. Eyes 11, days the. Eyes have it the nomination, will be favorably, reported. Breaking. Right now at noon a Senate committee just, voting, to recommend, Betsy DeVos as Secretary. Of Education good. Afternoon everyone thank you for joining us I'm Susan Shaw Emily Leonard this vote just happened within the past 15, minutes in Washington. We. Are joined right now by our political reporter Rick Albin for a look at what happened today and, what happens, next. This, has been a very tumultuous 11. Days of the Trump administration. Fairly, well-known in Republican, circles she's a big party donor she served as the former finance chair of the RNC she, was chair of the Michigan, Republican Party, it's still one of the country's leading advocates, for, school, vouchers, she's also the sister of Eric Prince. Remember. Eric but that. Name sounds familiar it's because he, is the guy who founded, Blackwater, a full-fledged, criminal enterprise, executed, by the military, contractors, Norman owned formerly as Blackwater, Corps. The sworn testimony of, two of its employees, the, nation's Jeremy Scahill who broke the story joins us in a moment the tales come straight, from two sworn affidavits, filed late last night by persons whose identities, have been sealed to protect their identity, men who were previously cooperated, with federal prosecutors in the criminal inquiry into Blackwater, John. June John Doe number two also stating the mr. prince pictured, here smuggled. Unlawful, weapons into Iraq including sawed-off, semi-automatic. Machine guns with, silencers and, illegal, hand grenades in the affidavit also says that prints quote views himself as a Christian. Crusader, eliminating, Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe. It's, quote views himself as a, Christian Crusader eliminating, Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe. Against. Radical. Islamic. Terrorism, which. We will eradicate. Completely. From, the face of the earth. To. That end mr. Prince intentionally, deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian, supremacy, many of these men used. Mr.. Prince operated, his companies in a manner that encouraged, and rewarded the, destruction, of Iraqi life going. To Iraq to shoot and kill Iraqis, was viewed as a sport, or game callsigns. Based on the Knights of the Templar, the Warriors who fought the Crusades, you. Provide the leadership communications. Intelligence medical. And. Logistics support to that unit and they, can stop the refugees. Mr.. Prince given the legacy, of the work that Blackwater, did in Iraq and in Afghanistan. And. The. The issues. That were, fleshed, out by, some of those involved, with the company do you have any, regrets, about, your. Work there I have, great regrets for ever going to work for the State Department we, did exactly the mission they asked us to do we did more than a hundred thousand missions no, one under our care was ever killed or injured and the, men used their firearms, and less than 1/2 of 1% of all those missions while, doing the. Most dangerous personal. Security detail, missions, in the world. So. This Pope Francis, pontificates. Like all the other Pope's before, him about helping. The poor and taking, care of the poor when. The Vatican is the richest, country, in the, world you. Can see how it trickles. Down here, the. Quote from Francis, is what everybody sees a I'm a champion. Of the poor oh but. He had to fire a German, bishop who spent forty three million dollars to remodel, his pad but it's. Right in line with what's going on in the United States Timothy. Dolan the controller. Of presidents, of, the United States there for years now the Archbishop. Of New York has found at 10 of 34, active, Archbishop's. Have buildings worth more than a million. Cardinal. Timothy Dolan packs, a fifteen, thousand, square foot, mansion in Manhattan. In the priciest, neighborhood, in in, the city worth. At least thirty million dollars, but then we go to Cardinal, Francis George got. A pretty, fancy crib himself, he's got 19 chimneys. It gets cold there when you're pontificating. And you're trying to help the poor it sits on 1.7. Prime acres in the ritzy Gold Coast neighborhood, and it's, worth fourteen, point three million, dollars as is. So, these, guys talk one thing preach. One thing yet, practice, something, completely, something, else and that's, lifestyles. Of the rich and. Priestly. New. York's Catholic Archbishop, is among 22 men elevated, to Cardinal by Pope Benedict Saturday Timothy. Dolan smiled, broadly as he approached the Pope he came a day after he received a heartfelt papal thumbs out for his animated speech two Cardinals about spreading the faith he said well thank you again for yesterday city will say I said thank you for this.

Let. Us pray. God, of our ancestors. And Lord of Mercy you have. Made all things and. In. Your providence, have charged, us to rule the creatures, produced by you. You. Have made all things and. In. Your providence have charged, us to rule the creatures, produced by you and, short-lived. Lacking. And comprehension. Of, judgment. And of laws. Indeed. Though, one might be perfect, among mortals. If, wisdom. Which. Comes from you be lacking, we. Count, for nothing. Else, what you think about this today I mean I say they're nice nice to be here and nice to see you a my name is Phillip, Thomas I'm a naturalized. American citizen I lived, in many parts of the world I lived in Muslim countries and I know how human rights are. Being violated. You, know and people are people of other religions, are treated like dirt and this. Country is a great country for the past eight years we had a nightmare with Obama and that, nightmare. Is over today. Yeah. That's that the other brother the african-american, brother said a, lot, of quotation, he gave from the Bible you, read Daniel, chapter 2 you'll find God, is the Installer and God is the remover, of kings today, God had installed, mr.. Trump as, the president of this country that's right. With. This symbolic, military, salute to the former superior, general, of the Jesuits adult, for Nikolas handed. The baton to the next leader of the Society, of Jesus the. Venezuelan, Abdullah, Sosa. It. Has long been a tradition for a newly, elected Superior, General to meet with the Pope it's. An opportunity for His Holiness to speak with the superior of the Society, of Jesus to, offer wisdom, and counsel and for, the Jesuit general to ensure that his leadership is in line with that of the pontiff, this. Morning Pope Francis graced, general Congregation 36 with his presence from. A nondescript, vehicle, and with no entourage Pope. Francis emerged. At the Jesuit courier to speak first with father general then, to the delegates and staff of GC 36. This. Wasn't a social call this. Was the congregation, with newly elected father General Arturo, Sosa presenting. Themselves before the Bishop of Rome and asking. Him to guide their discernment, towards his vision of the church. We. Are the Society, of Jesus, we. Are your servants, we. Are ready to set the world on fire. Send. Us. We. Are the Society, of Jesus, we. Are your servants, we. Are ready to. Set the world on fire. Send. Us. In. His inaugural, address george, w bush proclaimed. That an angel would, ride the world wind and, direct. The. Storm. The. Master, plan was, unveiled in 2001. For World War 3, they. Started Albert Pike's blueprint. When they flew two planes into, the World Trade Centers and blamed it on Islam. The. Storm that would come and the. Angel that would bring it were. Long-awaited, prophetic. Fulfillments, and as. Albert, Pike Grand. Wizard of the craft had predicted. Islam. Would, be the choice religion. To. Use. To. Foment, a crisis. Between, it, and the West that. Would only get worse. What. Is the common, factor every. Time you see a crisis, who's, behind it Islam. And they. Want you to believe it's organically. An issue of Islam this was planned hundreds, of years ago the master, plan, to. Use Islam. Was. Kicked off in 2001. When. The fear of Americans, was taken, advantage, of by, an esoteric cabal. Lurking. In the shadows and. They. Have quite a plan for Islam the. Esoteric, cabal is using Islam to achieve the great work it's, all been mapped out we've. Seen what they're doing with the migrant crisis, we've seen what they've done in England, with the Sharia Courts, and on, and on and on, they're. Using, Islam, to, stir the pot the. System, has to come, down it, has to topple. Islam. Will be used for the ultimate goal and that is to fully assure, in the, Luciferian, capstone. They're going to keep using it to destroy Western. Christianity, Western, culture. On the pretext that it strengthens your feet. And. You will call for me the first time you encountered, the signal, this, position you're, not certain. You. I was. Made. And. Number, three Glee and. Sing. And. I know that, you, can, feel. Feeling. Too. Showmanship. And theatrics, when. A magician waves his hand and says this, is where the magic is happening the real trick is happening somewhere else. Misdirection. A basic, concept, of magic, I need, to get to, here, what's, there the. Earliest, estimate of, the singularity, when. Man will be able to transfer, his consciousness into, machines and.

Achieve, Immortality. So. You're. Upset about, missing out on becoming some sort of freakish self-aware. Robot. By. This much. The. Illuminati can, be generally, difficult to define so, I will stick to the basic facts to keep it as simple as I can for, the sake of this presentation the. Illuminati, are a secret, society founded, in. 1776. In Bavaria, Germany by, a chap called Adam vice house the. Word itself Illuminati. Literally. Means to be illuminated. With knowledge as this, knowledge in turn brings lights, illuminating. An individual, they, are deeply occultic, in their beliefs and they revel in secret, knowledge. Another. Name for Satan is, Lucifer, Lucifer. Which, literally translates, to light bearer is more, likely to be portrayed as a beautiful, angel and like giving it is, common amongst the secret societies, and occultic, beliefs for, Lucifer to be considered, as the source the, source of everything but especially of, all lights and of all knowledge the. Illuminati, are a, hundred percent Luciferian. In their philosophy they. Sincerely believe that the serpent, or the devil is the good guy in the Genesis account and, that Eve was right to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and that when she did she did become like God. Albert. Pike one of the founding fathers of Freemasonry. Was himself a 33, degree freemason. He, was also a top leader in the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Pike. Being sovereign grand commander of, the Scottish Rite was, a devout Luciferian. His, famous works morals, and Dogma in 1871. Is still, today considered, to be the handbook or study guide for the Scottish Rite within Freemasonry. This. Is a direct quote from Albert Pike's works morals, and Dogma open. Quote, Lucifer. The Light Bearer strange. And mysterious name, to give to the spirit of darkness, Lucifer. The son of the morning is it he who bears the light doubt, it not in quote. However. The Bible contradicts. This teaching, it exposes, Lucifer. As being Satan, open, quote and no, wonder for even Satan himself disguises. Himself as an angel of light close. Quote the. Esoteric, symbol, to present Lucifer, is traditionally. The lightning bolt this, is reference, seeing Jesus's, words in Luke chapter 10 verse 18, where he says quote and I, saw Satan fall like lightning from, heaven unquote. It. Has not confirmed how, many people belong to the Illuminati, according. To a credible, ex Illuminati, member, known as Raleigh they, make up approximately 1% of the population they. Consist, of 13, bloodlines, that is to say you are either born into, the order or you're not so. If you hear Lady, Gaga is the Illuminati it is unlikely, that she is in the bloodline and actually, a part of the Illuminati order, it is, more likely the case she has been recruited by them to promote their agenda and help, them indoctrinate, the next generation, Lady. Gaga, is just one of the many music, artists, who have openly sold their soul to the industry, in exchange, for fame and fortune, hence, by her debut album is titled The, Fame Monster.

The. 13 bloodlines, of the Illuminati, make up the world's elites they, are the head of the banking systems, they, are the think tanks of the world the, political groups the educational. Groups they, own all, mainstream, media. Channels, and their main agenda, is simple, world, domination, commonly. Called the New World Order, they, want one global, village of which they control, they, see us the general public the masses, as nothing, more than a bewildered, herd or cattle, their, nickname for us the people is the, sheeple. The. Rockefellers, are one of the more commonly known in loominatee families, and David, Rockefeller currently, the patriarch, of the Rockefeller, family is an american banker and philanthropist. Not, just any american, banker mind you he, along, with the Rothschilds another. Illuminati, bloodline, between, these two families owned the entire financial, banking system, and thus solely control, the Federal Reserve the, Rockefellers, controlling, America, and the Rothschilds covering, the finances, and banks in Europe. David. Rockefeller, is also the founder of the Council of Foreign Relations and, the Trilateral Commission both. Of these political groups, basically get together to discuss foreign policy, and. Ultimately are responsible for, deciding the future of the world which again and again the same theme emerges, a new world order and he makes no secret of this. David. Rockefeller, is quoted, in his book memoirs, as saying quotes, some. Even believe we are part of a secret cabal working. Against, the best interest of the United States. Characterizing. My family, me as internationalist. And of, conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated. Global political and economic, structure, one, world if you will if that's, the charge I stand guilty and I'm proud of it. I, need. To move on but, if you are interested, in more information about the New World Order, and the Illuminati's, agenda how, they plan to achieve world domination check, out the Georgia Guidestones this. Is a monument, erected in, Elbert County Georgia which, has their agenda, engraved in their own words on each side of the four stone slabs in a different language there. Are ten guides or Commandments. If you will openly. Outlining, their intentions, how they intend to reduce the world population over, 80% from, 7 billion down to just 500, million and bring, about a new one-world. Religion or, universal. Spirituality. This. Monument, is generally, shrouded, with mystery, but, the engraved, tribute, found next to it is a big clue it has, inscribed let, these be guide stones to an age of reason the age of reason is a book written by Thomas Paine in, 1794. Its, intent, was to destroy, the judeo-christian. Beliefs upon which the American Republic, was founded I should. Issue a warning at this point that this is all pretty disturbing, and very serious, and it's very much out there if you want to look further into it it's all there hiding, in plain sight. Okay. So let's, move on and look at the esoteric, symbols, the Illuminati, used to represent themselves, and how, they are very much present in today's culture. One of the main symbols, is the all-seeing, eye of Lucifer, which, is referencing, that we are under constant surveillance the. All-seeing, eye of Lucifer is sometimes, known as the Eye of Providence which, is commonly found on the one dollar bill. You. The, Lord Jesus wants, you to come to him just. As you are he. Wants you to come to him no matter what, you have done in your life, no, matter what. Mistakes you have made, he. Is kind, understanding. And. Always. Forgiving, he. Cares very much about, each one of us. Maybe. You. Are unsure, if. You really have given your heart fully. To. The Lord Jesus, maybe. You. Would like to say yes to him for the very first time, or. Maybe you, would like to recommit, your life to, the Lord Jesus and, start. Afresh. Today. The. Bible says salvation. Is found in no one else for there, is no other name under heaven, given to, men by. Which we must be saved. The. Bible also says if you, confess with your mouth Jesus. Is Lord and, believe in. Your heart that. God raised him from the dead you. Will be saved. If. You'd like to hand your life to. The Lord Jesus and. Put your hope and trust, in him, then. Please repeat. This prayer. Dear. Lord Jesus please. Hear. My prayer I. Know. You gave, your life for me and. I. Know that. You're alive today. Please. Forgive my sins. Come. Into my heart and, make your home with me.

Thank. You for. Being my Lord and Savior. Amen. Crisper. The. Technique is revolutionary, and like all revolutions. Its perilous, Christopher, goes well beyond anything that the Aslam our conference, discussed, it. Could at least allow genetic researchers, to conjure, up everything, anyone is ever worried they would designer. Babies, invasive. Mutants species. Specific bio, weapons and he does another epileptic epileptic. Sci-fi. Tropes it brings, within all new rules for the practice of research in the life sciences, but, no one knows what the rules are or who will be the first to break them. So. That gets you thinking and then here's this article, just coming out, yesterday. A couple. Days ago a, future. Of genetically, engineered children, is closer than you think it's. In the liberal magazine, Mother. Jones they, speak in their little terms. Of the, first step is a no-brainer. So. They start talking about all the diseases, that are gonna be fixed how great it's going to be and what they're doing now but what, I want to bring introduced you to is the invention, of CRISPR, technology I. Haven't look up again the name CRISPR, but it's, a technology, that allows scientists, to program a protein, to change specific. Sequences, of your DNA within, DNA, within a cell that. Gives us the ability to edit the human genome we. Could change the bad code into the HTT. Gene of an embryo back to normal version now, this goes hand in hand with what I just published about the New Living cancer, cell coming, out by a Novartis, where they're taking out your t-cells and you're, putting in programmable. Genes, and, an, on and off switch and putting it back into your immune system t-cells, if, that isn't creepy enough this goes hand in hand with the CRISPR technology it's. Transhumanism. Here, we go okay so, as much as 100, percent or ten percent of the population carries, genes that put them at risk for disorders. Such as sickle cell anemia and I'll. Put the video on the links of the living cancer cell but what they're saying it's a preventive cancer, gene so.

Everybody's, Gonna have to get one because it's preventative right all the insurance companies this is how they do it so, they're saying there's going to be risk they're saying you have to do it and it's development, is to free humanity from painful, diseases, and worried. About the creepy places that can not worried about and worried about the creepy places. But. CRISPR wasn't ready for time prime time it fix some of the cells and the embryos but not all of them oops, and also cause some quote off-target new term mutations. And other genes, but. Then in July researchers, at Oregon Health and Science University, kids. Working on it fix genetic diseases and dozens of viable embryos without any unintended, effects, suddenly. Human gene editing was real. Really. It's, been going on a lot longer than that folks this is just them informing, us that we're way develop, and you can't stop us to go on the, technology, can go awry by some making mutations, and other genes and there, are moral issues quote sometimes I feel we're not honest we're not on a slippery, slope we're flying off a cliff said. Marcy Dunn offski, executive. Director of the Center for genetics and society the. Center for genetics in SIA T says we're flying off a cliff. Q. Gothica the 1997. Film about a, dystopian, society. In which people are genetically, engineered, and natural children are considered inferior, she, fears that the once we altered genes that can cause disease will, alter other genes too and who's, to say what is a disease and what isn't good point once. We start down and going down the line which we already have we're, accepting a story that tells us that some people are genetically superior to others we. We be in no we're in a world of genetic haves and have-nots parents. Who have the money will feel like they need to keep up fertility. Clinics will jump right off right, on board when, I asked a prominent, sent Stanford, by in their bio engineer drew endy if he believed we'd soon be designing our air as he said we, already are. It's. Happening, and everybody's. Happy about it but. Here's Senator Baucus who wrote Obamacare. He praises, the head of wealth care sitting at a health care largest. Health care company, in, the country for writing, literally. Writing Obamacare. But, here's what I want to get into a microchip. Included. An affordable, hair now remember they're coming out with euthanasia. Now and whatnot in California. And they're starting with though i choosing, to die see, how this works here's, the actual language used the Affordable, Care Act on shipping and all plans so. I'll. Let you get into this I'll clue this in the show notes you can see how tiny microchips, are there's, literally just tens of thousands, of them, nanobots, replacing, neurons as I spoke about the, nano robot, will replace human, nerve, cells with artificial, nerve cells this means these artificial, devices with RFID can take over your brain with, remote bio communication. A ky5, the, basic idea consists of a set of nano wires tethered, to electronics, in, the main catheter, such as they will spread out in a bouquet arrangement, at a particular portion, of the brains vascular. System, it's into the blood-brain barrier such. Arrangements, could support a very large number of probes in the millions, in the. Millions, each. N wire could be used is used to, record very securely, electrical. Activity, of a single, or small group of neurons, without, invading. The brain parent. Parenchyme. A--, parenchyma. Alright, so here's a little video of. What. The nanobots do, how. They work this, is inside our blood brain this is can be smart out of smart dust this can be put in our food systems, or liquid systems no, one would know it no. One would even care that this is going on but this they are telling us is going on this is happening, in real time now watch these tether to the neuron this, is neurons are in our brains this is communication. These, are called neurons synapse replacers. They, get in between the. Left, hemisphere and the right hemisphere of, our brains and they. Interrupt a communication. They, alter our feelings, they get an immune systems they have readwrite technology, this is what I covered in three hours I might touch this torture video which, on clued in the shownotes and this, is designed for all of us I don't care what your religion is so.

Let's. Get more into the hand. Sensation. That's going on, but. Just one more just to drive home the point the chip is loaded with more than five billion transistors, and boasts more than 250. Million synapses. Or programmable, logic points this, is how deep the technology, goes when. I thought of going to what could be a grand conspiracy or. Something else maybe, it's just all make-believe, I don't know but. It seems like something, is really happening, in regards. To mass. Migration. The, drop in Western sperm pounds and testosterone. Enemy, and reproductive. Abilities. For a lot of Western. Allied countries and, also. The fact that certain, very. Powerful nations. Seem. To be funding. Us at the same time that. They are actively. Losing, control on a world sphere. So. What do I mean now well. You. Know early. This year I about, five months ago did a video called five, reasons, were being chemically, subverted. There's put forward the idea that. Regarding. The effect, that sperm rates have been droppin and, me and you. Know in the West and. The fact that. You. Know there was all these chemicals, in the water there's. All these Pierce, decides that are being used, that you, know affected, Strasser own levels. Testosterone. Levels are not only dropping and mian but, the World. Health Organization. All this place have actually lowered, the normal rate after your, star strain so it seems like. It's. Normal even though it's not normal, and navin even. Now with the lowered rates, of testosterone accepted. As normal with in males it's, actually declined even lower than that rate so it's actually lowering all, around, but. It's a strain of course is linked to all kinds of things specially, reproductive. Capabilities of. The, male population, interest. In just the sex in general and things. Of that nature and. All, kinds of other things on, male health it's also linked to female, health you, can see here that females. And women's is this there. Was a study that was put out to, Seattle while. Ago I think was two. Thousand eight or nine I think I've, got it right here but it shows that women and Happiness, a still decline at the same time this is all in the West. It's, called the paradox, of declining, female, happiness. So. All these things in the water supply and, all these kinds of things which have been documented at length there's. A great video by. Truth. Factory as a matter of fact, which. Outlined. Recently, this kinds of things as well and regards to a certain chemical. Which was this one here being, it, was just found it's the most popular, type of pesticide, found, in Western water supplies, and it, actually has another pesticide. Linked, to the actual, estrogen. Levels, and also child strain levels all kinds of weird things, like this.

Linked. Into the water. Supply of, Western populations. Corsa commented, a little while ago about the fact that the contraceptive. Pill Exedra was, also tuned in you. Know five, you know twenty, percent of male River fish transgender. So. There's a lot of these things and the chemicals, main, pointers, that, affecting. Western, populations. Almost exclusively. Because. Of the you, know who, knows why I mean. To see the pattern, in it it's like seeing the pattern in a you know grand chaos, environment. But, there is you can always ask us the, question and these things as who stands to gain by things like these these, kinds of things who stands to gain well. There's a number of little breadcrumbs, I've been following, and I think I've worked. Out a few, suspects. You. Know you, know that are tied into all these things because. This could be a grand agenda, who really knows now. Of course the Syria has been systematically destroyed. By, the banks. And arms cartels, leading. To a massive influx, of. Migration. Mass, migration. Into Europe and all these countries now, here's two things to take away from this and. We're just looking at this very cold I don't want to get into the you know the emotional, empathy and, all, these kinds of things about taking in immigrants, or if, you should or you shouldn't you, know there's legitimate. Mathematical. Arguments, just as to do with space for instance if you've got a house and you, could probably take in three people let's, say if you look at the house and reference, to a country, you, know three people in a house of two bedrooms, you might be able to live you. Know, okay. But, if you take in 15 people it becomes more difficult sudden, leave ones waiting use the kitchen the bathroom, there's, sleeping. Problems, weird everyone got to sleep every time you go to the lounge to relax, maybe there's three people sleeping there. Have you taken 50, then. You have a massive problem, you. Take it a hundred you're. It's really hard for the for, you to function and their house you might not even be able to get into the door so there's mathematical. Considerations here. Just to do with cold hard, facts, and the fact that there, is a limit, to what a country, can take as far as immigration before, the infrastructure, starts collapsing I mean, you just have to be real about it so. We. Step back away or a bit, from that you can see that of course Europe, is going through mass immigration. Problems, well. One of the things here, in regards to immigration is, there's two aspects, one. Of them is the proponents. You know saying you know yes we need to open all the doors you, know we need to let in mass migration. Because. There's another element that are saying you, know don't do that, okay. So. Here's. Something from the UN so the UN's solution. To this chemical. Subversion. On our population which they don't name they just say it's a reproductive, decline, but, these mountains of evidence here you, know that show all kinds of you. Know chemicals. Are affecting us etc and, things like that. So. You. Know. I'll. Put a link to truth factories video that goes into this one chemical, that this date was affecting, male, testosterone or, reproductive, capabilities within.

Humans But. There's many of these videos, you can look at a lot of information, seems to be multi-layered, across the across, the every spectrum you can imagine even, social, engineering, to you, know you, know psychological. Engineering, to in fact chemical. Subversion, and all these techniques, whatever, the case is the main thing to take away from it is that, these, countries here. You. Know United States Japan. Pretty. Much all of these are allies you. Live, in qualifies Russian. Federation, and the greater scheme of things is a lie it's, largely a Christian, nation so. A lot, of these are Christian nations, as a matter of fact so, the point is is that if you're just taking Christian, as, you. Know and it's important to realize even if you're an atheist okay, a lot, of the Western. Nation comes out of these projections of. Moral. Frameworks, religious, systems whatever in order to project a framework a moral framework that you can you, can put into society, that, works in a way of creating equilibrium, within that society so these are involved mechanisms, just like, Hinduism as you. Know in India, things. Of that nature or, you know whatever you want to what it will ever whatever. System. That's evolved, over a hundred of years there you know hundreds of years thousands, of years that's came in as a way of equilibrium. And an environment, to do with moral structures, so. When I referred to Christianity. That should be seen as the same thing these are Christian environments, that lean, on Christian, value systems, in order to of the past in order to have the things that they do even, their moral frameworks, were evolved from those systems, as a matter of fact so. You. Know you have, a Christian, framework in a lot of these countries and you, have at the same time at a lot of these countries declining. Reproductive. Capabilities okay. And a lot, of them right they've got negative, population growth, so. You. Know the wellness factor, population. Desire for families, the amount of chemicals, that are affecting them and things like that they, affect these countries, and you know I'm not just saying it's that could be there's, a number of things these propaganda me $4 G's you know and things like that but. What I mean is replacement, migration. This is from the unit's south this, is their plan for solving this problem. They. State to solve this problem you. Know a donation predictions. Indicate, that over the next 50, years the, populations, of virtually, all countries of Europe, as well as Japan will face population. Decline, and population. Aging the new challenges, of decline in aging populations, will require comprehensive. Reassessment. Of many established. Policies, and programs, including, those related, to immigration international. Immigration, focusing. On these two striking, and critical population trends. The report considers, replacement. Immigration. Replacement. Immigration. For. Eight low, fertility. Countries. France, Germany Italy, Japan Republic, of Korea Russian Federation, United, United, States and two regions, Europe and the European Union. Replacement. Guy. Migration. Refers to international. Migration, that. A country, would need to offset population. Decline a population. Aging, resulting. From low fertility and, mortality rates. So. That's this stratagem, straight, from the, UN itself, as. Really, to don't. Worry about the sovereignty, of a country, you know it, has to always be more and more and more and we're. Gonna just take people, from other countries and mass and put, them in your country. Please. Keep your comments within, three minutes thank. You. Good. Evening my name's Joe Andriano, I also run a website called the fullerton and former com, you. Know I noticed that this is a pretty, big building when I pulled up in here it obviously, encompasses, a lot, of administrative, offices and a lot of students I guess, this is a K through 12 system and.

It's A pretty broad, spectrum. Of, demographic. As, well as ethnicity, and, I think everyone here in this room including up on the board. Realizes. That tyranny is a fact of life whether, it be your parents, or even. Your own selves. I don't know how you got here when you got here but I'm sure you can all relate, the. School districts, have become, the enforcement, arm of a. Variety of what I believe are agendas. Vaccinations. Is in. Agenda as, as. Evidenced. By how this law was enacted our. Legislators. Are bought and paid for. The. Lobbyists. Were up on the Dyess turing the hearings. Whispering. In the ears of the legislators, it's unbelievable. The. Disneyland uses outbreak involved, no school-aged children and, from. My understanding the. Strain, of measles that was involved in that outbreak, the. MMR vaccine has, not been tested for efficacy against, it now. With anything that's going to be forced on students, as a condition of school entry you would think that they. Would be tested for mutagenic. Potential, carcinogenic. Potential or even impairment, of fertility I'm, here to tell you a fact ladies and gentlemen on every. Vaccine insert, in section 13 it says, no such thing has done for the vaccinations. They. Ha

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Look at that dudes eyes talking about planned Parenthood in the suite. Total reptilian eyes

albert pike is mason and he did with others programing to do evil works, so dont think what he is prophet , he has evil blood line witch/pagan/illuminati/reptilian and fallen angles contacts with satan in bed with...... ew looks at his picture and write albert pike and masonary with 33 degree (degraded thinking that what they do can reach high place) in (kjv) is written FATHERS WORD : John 10:9-11 King James Version (KJV) (Evil/Destroyers work) 10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (Fathers LORD JESUS MESSIAHS work) 9 I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture. 11 I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. AMEN.

war dog reminds me in such : breaking benjamin amber album hm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfLKWetk-ck&list=PL9hYR5qRkc2xPWHncP8UJrjm0WtbRpddN

People do know who built the Georgia guide stones a simple search will give you the answer. One second BRB; Robert Christian apparently was his name

Most likely a group of people. Not just one person.

Shaking My Head Productions do you think his name is a pseudonym? Could be, the other answer I came up with was Ted Turner

I'm guessing RC is Roman Catholic or Rosicrucian


Line up and get your vaccinations!!

"Their is to much of us" translation people are simply to expensive for us (a lie in its self) and well their is simply to many servants we the gods of this earth (they wish they were gods) wish to kill a good amount of our servants so we can control them better (because they are pussys and they know that if good amount of us wake up they will be over thrown and exacuted)

And WELL'WELL I'm just saying Wow'wow thank you for your powerful video essay is indeed in my opinion "FOOD FOR THOUGHT AND TRUTH BE TOLD THE TRUTH" And for me only I always, always read between the lines because it is always in black and white on white paper in black ink I'm just saying thank you so much for this evening powerful information.

Who cares they are going to be destroyed at the day of Jesus coming on the clouds, seriously don't bother yourself with all this. Just focus on being positive and drawn close to God!

Non Christians don't want to hear about Jesus. I show the sleeping masses the enemy and point them to the only exit Jesus Christ. I'm called to do this and you are called to do something else. That's how the Body of Christ works.

+Shaking My Head Productions these people are going to be destroyed my friend. This scripture is about the coming of Jesus, telling people how evil these elite are is like saying water is wet. Just focus on a happy and humbled heart, tell people our Lord and savior is coming. Don't get carried away with spreading word of how evil is evil. People need to know they can forgiven, and telling people that good triumphs.

Ezekiel 33:6 King James Version (KJV) 6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.

The TRUTH is Roman catholic black Jesuit pope Arturo Sosa and his luciferian catholic Jesuit society want to murder 95% population because they want to total control of HUMANITY by any means necessary

Overpopulation is lie it's about thousand's upon thousand's miles of untouched land worldwide

Now your getting somewhere.  The Black Pope.  Ah huh you have been reading my comments about the black pope in the past and your catching on, very good.  Smokescreens.  Thanks for the video.  God bless and be safe.  Petrus Romanus 45:00.  Keep searching cause the rabbit hole goes further than this but we are off to a great start.

Billion's upon billion's of taxpayer's money wasted on luciferian illegal war's aka mass sacrifices every year worldwide,how many known and secret U.S. military complex war's America taxpayer's money have to pay 4???

Trump seems to get alot of your disrespect and suspicion. You know he's just a 70 something-year-old billionaire with a comb-over. If he'd know he'd have to fight both the left and the establishment GOP and a loud minority of evangelicals he probably wouldn't have run for president. And where would we be right now? We'd be stuck with Hillary Clinton ... you should think of that and shutter

I agree. I thank God he’s the president and not Hillary and he’s doing a damn good job too.

I heard they are cousins .. they're all connected in some way. Good job on the video. (+)

+Shafawn G anarchy ; absence of government and absolute freedom of the individual, regarded as a political ideal.

Trump went to Fordham - Catholic

I don't think there is a president who could win your approval. Would anarchy suit you best?

Honestly trump could care less about poor people including whites. He only hangs out with the elite and follows their lead since he's part of the the elite club.

Shafawn G Hey shafawn.. keep on studying back to the books if you still believe what you just commented here! a big LOL for you!! and a big MYOB!

+Shaking My Head Productions

Love you friend but they are really all the same. Hillary and Donald are close friends. They are all buddies when the sun goes down. God will show you when your are ready. I hope it's soon! God bless.

"women's reproductive health care" - what a nice word for murdering your baby!

+Sandy V. Agreed! Abortion is murder! God bless you!

Not that easy. Its 100% our buisiness since we pay for it with our tax dollars. Don't like being called a baby murderer? DONT MURDER BABIES. Easy.

Don't like abortion? DON'T HAVE ONE. Easy.

We can start with Mr. Turner.

as soon as Talmud is forgotten, then peace between cultures begins. Nazi are fighting to preserve Germany , and against bulzhivics communist ( Satan). Jesuwits are NOT of Christ and research who funds everything. Rothschild Zionist so who is doing this?

it's the Jews, listen to Talmud and follow the MONEY really , these Shabbot Goyim are only dumb GOYIM CATTLE idiots

Bwahahaha. I've got that German Blood no doubt about it.. Great Stuff.

What happened to the sound.?

I think that the current population numbers are a complete lie. Look around and do the math, it doesn't make sense.

Jamie, about the NANO, Please look up, or look for the documents called NANO DOMESTIC QUELL...

It needs to be STOPPED. Without a shadow of doubt there is a Genocide Program in progression NOW. Hence why I am working on his project to get the message out there, when it's full developed into a full-length feature. https://youtu.be/5Mf-W-IJ6tI

well if we continue to consume the raw materials like we do right now soon we're going to need 3 planets just like Earth only to be able too survive so since we don't have the technology to populate another planet or just to get there everything come down to the depopulation Bill Gates already propose to use the health care system to reduce the population mandatory vaccination,flu shot etc etc etc and so far that method is doing a great job since thousands die every year but unfortunately for Bill Gates the health care plan is way too slow and the time is running out for the wealthy asses and our planet for those reasons a global war would be perfect to drastically reduce the World Population in just few months or years so unless you're a billionaire then you're not on the list who will have the right to live and watch everyone else die for the sake of planet Earth ..!! remember all that next time you go to vote and pay your taxes..!!!!!!!

Dude, you need to watch some live footage of the news people broadcasting on Hurricane Florence! You can see the news people holding their hands together in that pyramid/dynasty *illumanti* looking gesture while they’re reporting—just like Trump does all the time! Elites on the move, Satan’s people.

2018 FEMA,WAR.... ☣☢

killary hides behind the law she likes stressing that,people of colour need abortions killary says

how about anyone that has more than a million dollars should be exterminated,starting with ted

Poor humans...tricked into being a mentally ill freak species

Praise be to god, but never forget its Satan who rules this world.


That is dad technology if every body else has access to your mind and your memories. They could use it against you. An if every body had that technology implanted into them. An the elite of the world had control of it then they would truly in salves all of humanity. That is from the pit of hell.


I was born in Switzerland. I studied western occultism at the Sorbonne, École Pratique des Hautes Études and before that, theology and mathematics at Oxford (how I got interested in the occult in the first place, as it is highly dependent on geometry and arithmetic). I am also a honorary member of the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism, member of a few orders of chivalry/knightly orders in France, the Vatican and the United Kingdom, and also a Freemason (but who isn't a Freemason these days...). After I completed my studies I returned to Switzerland where I took over my father's position in an old, small yet quite powerful private equity firm that we have owned for a few generations, together with two other families. I tell you this because I want you to know that, as it so happens, I have experience in the two subjects dominant in this video: the occult and the banking industry. Trust me when I tell you that this entire world is far more sinister than your worst nightmares, let alone than this video makes it out to be. In all honesty, what is being said in this video is so far off from what is actually happening, that I frankly believe you are wasting your time watching it. Those guys know next to nothing. I often say that if you and people like you really knew how things are being set into motion in this world then, to paraphrase Lovecraft, it will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of your frightful position therein, that you shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age. I hope you stay safe.


It is true, Jesus hated prostitution and idolatry, look at Joshua in Rahab's house. Sometimes there's no honor amongst thieves! There is an agenda and in this case, poor people and rich people are both culprits! That's how the chaos system was set up. The rich because they don't give opportunities out fluidly, and the poor because there isn't enough resources, education or training to feed oneself. It's a matrix to keep people bound. Like an assembly line, cars drive to work, stop and go to get there just to go into a factory that is assembly line work, kind of reminds me of a Dollmaker factory, toy cars are made their, babies dolls & adult doll are made there, Hell even fake food is made in the factories. and the number 1 channel on youtube is a toy review channel!!!! That's all their doing is trying to play with us and keep people in a child-like mind-set!

Ted needs to off himself and take the traitor witch with him. Tear down those guidestones.

No friends, no family....Homeless and broke....what a wonderful world...what the hell happened...

I'll never be in a panicked crowd of people ever again in my life...nope, no way...

Ww3....it's all ready begun....started before ww2 was over...

Head choppin....lol....Trump loves his German blood...

MAGA ! Bring back blackwater !

I agree with the way you feel....wish I'd not been born into this era, I'd have been a more natural fit being an adult in the 70s....things have just gotten to damn weird, specially the internet and it's influence...

So ebonics is called the new living language? WeBe, HeBe, SheBe...

Powerful Video!

so happy to not have to listen to Hellary anymore..


They tried to kill me off with vaccines when I was little. D.P.T. shots

I feel sorry for these new born baby's of today. They're getting secretly chipped with microchips behind closed doors in these hospitals without the parents acknowledgement or consent.

The way I interpret Matthew 24:15-16 is when gay marriage becomes legal look out! Gays will be getting married in churches and then destruction comes.

The Christians win in the end...

Deception and lies trapping so many today!  If they just read THE HOLY BIBLE, GOD would help them to understand, and believed what is written in THE HOLY BIBLE - they would be saved from GOD's wrath and unimaginable horrors they will face forever - apart from JESUS, MESSIAH!

Wow, great job exposing these devil's. The people will always prevail. They are already losing.

You guys need to start reading your Bible more especially the Book of Revelation along with Zechariah and Isaiah Thessalonians Peter and the Gospels. Understand and study because the Bible tells you what's going to happen has nothing to do with you guys don't has everything to do with what God has said.

It's true brother

if when you study history you will make a simple distinction between christianity and catholicism, you will discover a very different history. especially when you understand that catholicism was created by and is controlled by the pharisees.

according to talmud, there are only two races, the jewish, human race and animals in human form. they have light skin but do not consider themselves white. in fact, many have called for a "white genocide". but because their skin is light, in order to play the different races of animals against each other, they claim to represent white people. this is just a ruse. as long as people believe that they are "white racists" they will never see the truth. these people are the adherents of a religion that purports to be of God yet is actually of satan. ultimately, they believe that they will rule the world and ALL of the animals in human form, black and white, will serve them. this is all laid out clearly in the talmud. please stop this "white racist" lie and recognize the true enemy of all mankind.

the written torah is of God. the oral torah is a satanic twisting of scripture. it is the same "tradition" that Jesus says makes the law of moses (torah) of no effect. the oral torah evolved into the talmud and is just the opposite of Holy Scripture. it is the true bible of satan, written by the same pharisees who crucified Jesus and later invented the universal (catholic) church. this church serves two purposes, to persecute jews and prevent them from recognizing their messiah and to re-direct those who recognize him back to the babylonian devil worship of the pharisees.

did anyone else notice the picture of piled up bodies at the beginning was fake? you can clearly see that two bodies have the same head.

Religion as a whole will be and always has been the end of civilizations! Look at history.

The creepiest part if this @2:05:00 So scary. The speaker is telling students about future technology as if it's for everybody on the planet, but no, it'll only be for the elite while the rest of humanity are slaves.

They using Margaret singer's eugenics on indigenous Aboriginal copper tone so called Nigros here they are using Domestic terrorism real law words.

all the videos I watch u have really great on point info... u seem to never touch up on the false jew and synagogue of satan and always add then to fullfilments to prophecy but never seem to make that "other" link. I'm confused how that's still a thing.

how can Trump be a Templar knight if the pope hates him?...

time spent telling ppl Jesus will return is far more important than fearporn.

Tell that to the sleeping masses. They just laugh at you. I'm called to help wake them up and point them to the way out of this madness. Jesus is the way. You do what you are called to do and I will do what I am called to do. That's how the Body of Christ works friend. God bless.

Every man women and child could live in the outback of Australia with 3 acers of land The world isn't over populated Its just areas

America is a corporation fact.fema has 30000 guillotines fact the end game is near .

I’ve always supported Roe vs Wade, but Planned Parenthood is committing atrocities. If Roe vs Wade needs to be repealed in order to stop them, stop Sanger’s agenda, repeal it.

Governments religion and the new world order https://youtu.be/xNHa56j7Upg

Give me a break! That's a lie ! That's why we have Global warming because of over population. I heard that it doesn't exist it was used for an excuse. Maybe we ought to start with those that came up with this absurd decision. All corrupt individuals all around the world, Isis, MS-13, Islam terrorists, Ted Turner, the elite and corrupt in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Past 4 presidents, Deep State, Shadow Government, Illuminati/Hollywood deceivers, Freemasons and secret society, those who work for the fake media, those who want the NWO, NAZI lovers and other racist groups that hate people of color, Shapeshifters, GMO groups and farmers, all Satan worshippers, all those that practice witchcraft, the Pope and evil ones in the Catholic Churches, Pedophiles/pizza gaters, Bill Gates.. Etc! Did I miss anyone or group? I too believe that they came up with this idea so people will fight wars to kill off one another that Satan wants.

Abortion isn´t targeting blacks, it´s mainly targeting whites. - they have the highest abortion rate.

get chip your brains fill nanobots in place of neurons...in 1 or 2 decades .become puppet to elite... lol

nanobats replacing neurons?? nobody can from 2 or 3 decades from here will not be able to think free also these people can hack your brain ....next generation going to see crisis just like tgey have databank of our social media will have data bank of our brain behaviours and manipulate us

These people were so preoccupied by what they could do, that they didn't stop to ask themselves if they should do. I've heard a quote like this but couldn't remember it or find it. Shout out to whoever wrote it. Terrifying, the segment on TEDx. The speaker is talking about Heaven and creating it on Earth thru technology. Pure evil. The world was already beautiful and perfect the way God made it. All these elite dark forces who seek to eliminate us are the ones who ruined it. They are the ones who cause all the war, death, and suffering. Kind of ironic.

Is the UN and the elite

No there numbers are wrong so they can say we are overpopulation THIS IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doesn't matter. Numbers can be right. Drive across the US Canada Africa. Plenty of land and resources. They just want to control us. Too many people means loss of control. God bless friend.

The best is yet to come for you in Jesus Christ name!

yes Sir ty brothers

To curb population simply "penalize" the people having children who know they can't afford to raise them and out of wedlock......everything crystal ain't clear The HIGHLANDER !

oh wow the templars were in hellsing lol

too bad that whole debate was fake and staged *sigh* i really wish he (trump) really meant it but he didn't *sighs* :/

blacks are the real semites not those frauds

synagogue of satan @ 9:30 satanic frauds/imposters

The Jews went through WW2 and should understand this. Go to Auschwitz and see the results.

Depopulate top 1%ers...redistribute their wealth,and lets see for next 10 years how things go.... I Have a suspicion that we would live far better than before and no more depopulation would be needed.... Depoppulate 1%

Good news! God is merciful! Believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ ! You must repent of your sins! Be saved and avoid eternal hell ! The kingdom of heaven is at hand ! For which it's written in the Holy Bible! 1 Corinthians 6:9-11,9Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.11And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. Luke 13:3,3 I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. Revelation 21:8, 8But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Warning be careful! Read Psalm 9:17, 17The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

Hillary Clinton is one of many DISGUSTING pieces of detritus that infect God's green earth

Hillary Clinton is a murderous, Luciferian CUNT of a woman!

Don't worry too much, just live as a Christian for God and soon you will be in heaven and all the sinners, including these evil satan worshippers will be burning forever in the eternal lake of fire after God's judgement day on sin. They wanted to live in sin and destroy God's creation and the will pay the price, and when they die they will realize instantly that they were totally wrong in their beliefs but it will be too late for them. Trust the Lord Jesus and God and walk by faith and read the Authorized King James Bible and tell others about the truth and love of God so others can be saved through Christ and go to heaven too. Hell has room for every sinner when God says their life on earth is over. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, and all the people through history who disobey God are going to hell when they die. That's their reward for selling out to the devil, and no sinner is immune or has impunity. These fools of satan are sadly tricked by the devil to believe his many lies and will pay the ultimate price for it. You reap what you sow. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Those sicko's all signed their own eternal death warrants in blood by their choice to follow satan. If they could see the real consequence of their sins they might not want to sin and be lying murdering predators any more. Now they are spiritually blind and reprobate and completely insane, believing evil is good and good is evil.

We are better then this come on America let's take are country back get rid of bill gates and all these liberals who want to kill us it's time we make a stand against these terrorists kill or be killed

NEGROS make up 30% of the world's population and are encouraged to have large families. Whites are 12% of the world's population and only have 1 or 2 kids or are encouraged to be GAY!!!! Actually if any race is overwhelming the planet it's BLACKS!!!!! Your analysis is flawed. Don't get the white race mixed up with askanazi jews. Zionists. (((They arnt white))) We are all targeted. They use white America to fight their money and control wars.

If you list to these people you mightnunder stand what hilter was trying to

This evil minded, Satan ruled puppets will pay a very high price, soon like it or not they’ll meet their Maker, eternal punishment it’s not a joke, a NWO Satan master plan to destroy and kill take with him as many as he can, if you belong to Jesus Christ hang in there Jesus loves John 3:16

@9:25 2Th 2:3  Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;  Rev 3:9  Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee The Curse of Israel - History Compared https://youtu.be/9mP_2QQZfaQ


People like Ted Turner are the real psychopathic sick minds and the real monsters who should be immediately deposited behind bars without any Bail's options and without asking or answering any questions whatsoever. Period. This has to be done otherwise the day is not far off in the future when these Bilderberg psychopathics will wipe out the most of the human race off the planet earth. Only with our unity and UNIFIED voice against these sick minded degenerates can stop them and prevent them from doing this massive world wide MASS GENOCIDE. These people may be rich and famous and well off but they have not even a trace of humanity and empathy and compassion left in them, and despite and in spite of their trillions they're still worse off than beggars because they don't have any TRUE PEACE and no REAL JOY in their FAKE and pretentious and EMPTY LIVES. They're simply disgustingly despicable, INHUMANE animals disguised as humans, that is all.

Who are these delusional people that feel they have the privilege to make decisions for the world on what is right and wrong who lives and dies why are you

Theres a stoneworks factory down the road from these georgia guide stones,try there.

Youtube search Michael Tellinger Ubuntu one small town ! We are creating a new world!!!

Not in the Torah. All racist and killing belief is in the TALMUD, as taught the Hebrew children in Israel. It is a hateful and divisive teaching.

India farmers took out loans to afford Monsanto rice seeds. The crops failed. THAT is why the farmers committed suicide...and left their families in serious trouble. Not that they drank the pesticides. Correct your report.

Jesus Christ will stop them

Kill the 1 /percent kill red house & white house Now

Why is 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature? Why that specific figure?

Over population - China and India


The sperm count low many changed forced to with NO sperm at all. Sorry. This HURTS TOXIC UNHEALTHY


Trump says" i did very nicely in English", DA DA DA!

MY LORD BAYER buys up MONSANTO!! And now has abolished the name , since it was known around the world, these two companies are literally run by SATAN! It is that bad !! We need to round up every employee of that conglomerate starting in Germany and circling outwards! Round them ALL UP ! Immediately dismantle MONSANTO's deeds around the globe! That sterility gene is so evil I am speechless! This entire fucking planet has gone to shit! We all need to just DIE and get it over with , cause we have fallen asleep at the wheel , and I am not interested in excuses, we have allowed evil to seep in and poison the entire human race! we are a weak , demented species, undeserving of any kind of future3

202:00 Ted talk fuck head is trying to sell us on this EEG tech shit , what a crock of shite! This tech will never go beyond the mundane , and the reason is that our scientific community cannot fathom consciousness! They are millennia away from beginning to grasp what consciousness really is and how it relates directly with our SHARED reality! Universal consciousness is something scientists suck at, just like any and all things spiritual! In fact our world is run by SHMUCKS , plain and simple it is run by demonic , pathetic cowardly SHMUCKS and when you realize that their only way to control us now and forever is POLICE and MILITARY, and that their sophomoric attempts at creating TERMINATOR robots run by A.I. can never succeed , ( they KNOW if they create KILLER BOTS , then that means we the people can use them against them!) so you go back to realizing that they stay in control by paying POLICE and SOLDIERS to look out for them, and as such they have made it MANDATORY that the police are peopled with SUB-PAR intelligence right up to the CHIEF of every force in the Western World, and for all I know this is policy in The rest of the world as well, although I cannot be sure of that at this time. My point is that the HUMAN MUSCLE they use, is deeply flawed, basically broken people who can take orders without thinking too deeply , so that morals and ethics do not enter into it... We the people need to ATTACK the POLICE from all angles , and I mean psychologically , we need to chip away at their confidence and slowly convince them to mutiny for the sake of their own families too! If the POLICE KNEW the truth , our world would change overnight! WE need to print up MASS numbers of propaganda-laden papers all telling the same story...warning the POLICE and MILITARY and sowing the seeds of mutiny! Same as personal security for the elites...we need to convince these DOPES to turn on their masters! THIS IS HOW WE TAKE BACK OUR LIVES AND THE PLANET! Not through non-violence, no sir, VIOLENCE in its most extreme manner ala French Revolutionary episode needs to be implemented across the table through out the WESTERN WORLD< and only after we have control of our countries again do we turn our collective attention towards ISRAEL and of course to all HIGH RANKING JEWS amongst us !!! They are the true seeds of destruction ! They are the ultimate control arm , even above the JESUITS AND VATICAN and MASONS , they are the controlling factor that has taken us to the BRINK of extinction as I see us now

The church always backs the one with the most money, apparently they do not care much for Jesus or God. Landowners and banks are modern day slave masters. Population is all the richest people care about and getting it lower. Lab grown meat, what is wrong with the world? Inflation and greed soaks up any profits made towards freedom.

There you go with magic Jesus thinking....other than that I agree with the. Video

Why are people discussing at all ... a big offense is that they are allowed to talk about it ... they have to be removed from the face of the earth.

Trump might not be a word wizard but he says a lot of true things no one else wants to say. Genes do make a difference in intellect and certain personality traits, but no one should ever use that to decide who lives, dies, reproduces or is born. And, Trump wants to protect Americans from terrorists and that’s what we have elected him to do. Where is the line to be drawn in getting information from prisoners? Good question. Is Trump a Freemason? Who knows. One thing I do know is Trump is the first President in my lifetime to actually protect babies from the death cult of the left.

My uncle used to say the same thing there it's too many people in the world that's what the problem is he ended up committing suicide shot himself in the head one less person I'm not trying to be funny about it it's just sad I didn't realize everything that's going on as I do today otherwise I could have talked to him but I was only young boy

no good never evil

Great video

Insane world ...but not for much longer ✝️

The NWO wants the world population to stay below 10 Billion. There's plenty of food. The issue will be land use. Above 10 Billion people, all the land that the NWO has horded for themselves will be needed. Once all the land is being used, enclosure will be impossible. This will break the back of enclosure and by extension human slavery. If you want freedom BREED!

Thank God for the great president TRUMP saving Americans. And America

We don’t even have that many people in the world... we just cram them in cities so people feel that we are overpopulated. This is blatant eugenics. Edit: In terms of abortion. I definitely don’t agree with it. I am not supporting it at all. Personally at least. The thing is though it says in the Bible that a miscarriage is better than a life of misery. There is also an instance where an abortion is carried out. Honestly some kids that have been killed in an abortion were probably better off and we must trust God. The adoption system is horrible and some women should just not be raising kids. Especially when they are single. Here is the thing. Trying to stop abortion is not helping our cause. It is not up to us to stop people from sinning. That is up to them. Even if we where trying to explain to a brother or sister in Christ about their sins. It must be done in private as the Bible says. Our job is to bring people to Christ and worry about our own sins to better ourselves so we can glorify Christ and maybe hopefully help people see Christ within us. Going to abortion and lbgt rallies telling them they are going to hell IS NOT helping our cause people. This world has become sinful and decedent. We need to save anyone we know in person for glory of our LORD. Not our “views” I mean people don’t even technically go to hell after Christs judgement. Their soul is wiped out. Satan and his cronies are the ones who will suffer eternally. So please people. Stop worry about what this world is doing. We are not of the world. We are of the Spirit. We should be worried about our lives and loved ones.

Yet you hear time and time again by Trump supporters that Trump was sent by God as a saviour, they have lost their minds in support of this man, and if you say anything against him it's cuz you are a Hillary supporter or libyard, as if those are the in 2 choices. Divide and conquer have been completed here in the u.s. I hear the dumbest shit coming out of Trump supporters mouths. I don't trust anyone that claims to be a rep. Or dem.

Turner is scum, the problem is the rich, poor people walk or take busses and share rides, one rich guy will fly his personal jet here and there and vacation on his yacht both using more fossil fuels in a day than most of us in a year. Screw these people. % 90 of the population are sheep and won't be missed. Like the rich and poor most are as said useless eaters and breathers. We are the disease of this planet. We spread like a virus killing as we go. The living planet will send the cure to save itself.

Great work again brother

25:27 Do we believe in the gene/Jinn thing? .i dont think hes talking about the human anatomy , he emphasizes alot on the "winning gene". in what "Game"?

How about wasting the money all over the world on useless and fake space programs and spending it on building a better place on Earth for all mankind? Overpopulation problem is a joke, considering the amount of money is wasted on useless programs.

Book of Matthew is for tribulation saints not the Church We are the Church of grace There's no gospel of grace in book of Matthew

baammm the guy with ted turner. i give you props for that. i will like to get to know you. you are my hero. when you told him about his 5 kids hahahahaahahaa

you forgot to mention that the ruling elites are also cowards !

Cell(neurons)experience travel VS. whole body travel,,, Nano Vs. Cuboidfeild (big enough) ===factory inputs!!! 2018a. d. (United Nations).

hurricane Michael, Hurricane Florence?? the fires ???

Sterilize Muslims... They are growing like chickens ... Don't kill others please..

The South will rise again....

These globalist that want to reduce the population are the ones involved in big oil.

The Tedx CEIBS might sound cool until you realize any hacker will be able to messed up your head and i'm not even talking about spying and government seeing 24/7 in the eyes of everyone.

Nature is going to run its own eugenics program eventually anyway. It’s inevitable. Luckily, nature doesn’t discriminate and the group/individual are completely responsible for their own survival. This is the reality of things, and it will happen whether you accept it or not.

I see what's going on Satan what's people to be cursed and stuck here on Earth as he is

Good job man! In your face Ted Turner or whoever you are whoever you really are Satan

Pres. Trump signed a bill to give Planned Parenthood $500 MILLION. He's a liar.


danny k - no fkn ways - he's South African and became popular through Oprah, and as we know she's one of their minions - hectic - mwha - my mate and i were taking the piss outta him and wondering where he'd slithered to - no fkn ways -[ i can't wait to tell my mate :-)

I look toward, & call on you LORD, I am a good human,but still a sinner,just as it is written I am not worthy that you should enter my house,but only say the word & I shall be healed.

More ambiguity of illusion too keep us occupied chasing tails/ tales....

This video is excellent! I have to say, this is by far, the best video, I've seen on this subject. Thank you and God bless you.

That's what we are to them , A Bunch of Lab Rat's ,, NO THANKS

Who is even capable of coming up with these evildoers of evilness it's just so dark, very ugly in every aspect of LIFE, LIFE IS GIVING BY LORD GOD AND IS TAKING BY OUR LORD GOD, AND it should STAY THAT WAY IN JESUS CHRIST NAME I PRAY FOR EVERYONE EVERYWHERE TO FIND THEIR WAY TO HIM

Lord God's wrath will come about, and it's the only thing I fear .....

Who is The boss Matrix...."

39:55 there's a difference between radical Islamic terrorism and the Islamic faith as a whole

Malthus also saw that societies through history had experienced at one time or another epidemics, famines, or wars: events that masked the fundamental problem of populations overstretching their resource limitations:

Muslims come to Australia pretend to be refugees take centrelink payments they have many wives and kids means more moolah hey muslims come to Australia you wont have to work anymore.

We are up shits creek,Or this could just turn out to be the brave new world something to think about very interesting.

So with my neanderthal brain all I can think about is,who the hell is breaking monkeys backs to experiment on them,Forgive my low level thinking. I don't think their just breaking monkeys back.

The Bible describes a human life as existing in the womb. The psalmist David wrote concerning God: “Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, and in your book all its parts were down in writing.” (Psalm 139:16) David does not simply say “an embryo” but “the embryo of ME,” thus accurately revealing that David’s life began when he was conceived, long before his birth. Under inspiration by God, David also revealed that at conception the development of his body parts was according to a plan, or detailed ‘written’ instructions, which made him the person he was.

The Guidestones were supposedly authored by some dude called R.C. Christian. Which sure seems to me to represent Rosie Crux, the occult Rosicrucians or the Roman Catholic Christians, either way they are the same beast by a different name.


They want to push this conservatives versus liberals. This is to prevent people from noticing the real problem: a broken system and the banksters!

Very good video! Thanks for posting this! I love your videos.

Reptilian got Depopulated Reptilians from Draco constellation can depopulate all Reptilian population on Draco constellation planets, we give them them our permission to depopulate Reptilians.

rise up ppl, we will fight back.

Shaking My Head Productions Deagel.report. Jewnited states of jewmerica population ..prediction for 2025.... 69 million U S A souls will remain alive only....from 320 million.... Goyims you do the math???? 30 thousand guillotines purchased by homeland INsececurity???? FEMA death camps. Warmart MartiialWAR yr 2025 death camps.....chk out what happened to the director ..producer of the never to be released documentary movie .. Gray State ....So many Goyims ignominiously adnorsium dumbed down. Sheeping.at the wheel. Trusting over fluoridated have not a a single clue of what's definitely on the cards .. protocols of the elders of Zion sounds good ah goys. Wake the fffffkkkkkkk up now Ingrorence stead fast stupidity. Will not cut the mustard... . No touch torture VectWHOREing. MORGELLONS demonically VectWHORED mucroplasma filth sandwich fun and games rigged...lost... All hidden in plain sight......All goys pls understand that you are now in the end times unlucky for most outrageously offensive true truth. Better to be PROVEN wrong than surprised dumb GOYIMS IGNOMINIOUSLY ADNORSIUM still think they live on a spinning ball rolling around in fake deep space.....it's flat earth truth and NASA globetard hoax...pls get it CURVATURE can T be PROVEN. Ever very simple ok Why would they lie?????

Southern California Deplorable Henry Lindeman Well. The most outrageously offensive TRUTH does hurt sheepishly unaware... red pilled ..unawakened goyims bubble wrapped blue pulled ego. That's precisely why where at 11th hr sad but nonetheless very true .... Kind regards GrantED ✔️l

i dont know about trumps quotes cuz frankly he was usually talking about that in a more prideful manner where he was talking about his acheivements.

@36:20 the Question was asked "what is the meaning of DEUS MEUMQUE JUS." God and My Right or God and my moral rightness.

Lol this guy at 6:50 looks so funny almost unreal lol

they are doin us... fast 2.. chemtrails .. gmo s... vaccinations..wi fi.. 5 g.. etc.. etc.. we should start depop em first

I'm calling the ninja turtles to take out those dirty lizards

almost as worse as nihilism and like antichrist

only those who read the privacy policy and click disagree shall not be turned into centipads

He was kicked out and called the enemy of the people and they kept following him down the street people please wake up!

What is written shall be done ...there will be a one world government,there will be one world religion,there will be one world money ,there will be a one who enters the third temple and claim to be GOD....SO IT IS WRITTEN SO SHALL IT BE DONE....NOTHING WE CAN DO TO STOP GODS PLAN FOR US ....AND ALL WE NEED TO DO IS BELIEVE THAT GOD THE FATHER SENT US HIS HOLY SON JESUS OUR SAVIOR.....AND NEVER EVER DENY THE HOLY SPIRIT ......THATS IT PLAIN AND SIMPLE ....

Depopulate. The all. Billionaires, trilinairs.

Billionaires. Are. Deciding. If. You. Live. Or. Die, Jews. Did. It. In. Ussr. 30. - 40. Millions. Mostly. White, Gentiles. Slavic. Christians.

The middle eastern religions have been retaliating & killing one another's children for 2000 years at least - why is there a shock here? If it is stripped down to the core, it is actually about land /asset grab, it has nothing in common with a benevolent creator, but rather a business/way of life. These extremists who say it is okay to kill children do not represent all Jewish people they are a minority, its the same with Islam - the extremists do not represent all Muslims, same with catholicism - pedophilia does not represent all catholic's.

if we want them to pay we need to stop buying there crap and we the people need to come together and grow are food and break away from there way of life

We could really stop these creature crawling political nutters and religious cultists NOW we have the Numbers if we are Brave Enough

◄ 5387a. nasi ► Strong's Concordance nasi: one lifted up, a chief, prince Transliteration: nasi Definition: one lifted up, a chief, prince https://biblehub.com/hebrew/5387a.htm

Brain chips for those who cannot think for themselves in other words :) haha God bless I love you all

Cell phones, cell count... it is all about cells and cellular control... sickness

Slavery, 4 million people and many died over it, 400 years too... JFK tried to inject $4 million into the USA economy... sad that so many are taken advantage of in our own land, sad stuff for sure, we need to be accountable for eugenics and repent over such an intolerable and racist ideology. God does not see race, but oh how the Amurcans do... They want a race war now to lessen population too, love your neighbors!

The end is near, time to pick your side and stick to it... Burn in the flames of Gods wrath or repent and accept Jesus Christ

I prayed for Bruce Jenner... hope he finds Jesus and repents

I think that the abomination of desolation is a Robot or trans-humanist asking for forgiveness when they have already accepted the chip, that would be like beyond spiritual understanding for us which is why it will show like a sore thumb when someone tries it... Hence the abomination of desolation

Not thorough enough, I am being serious, Satan wants us to declare ourselves gods and abandon the true God... He is a sicko manipulator

They are not our servants they are rulers and principalities... Communist Jesuits... nothing to do with Jesus

The lady cheering for heads being chopped off? Wow Amurca the plumed serpent really is losing it more than ever before

We will be protected by Jesus, your GOD is satan... He sure is talking a lot about heads being chopped off

Doesn't Sanger mean Superwoman??? haha what a feminazi racist! God does not see race!

We reign with Jesus for 1,000 years here on the earth if I am not mistaken... they will fail, they have everything except their souls... Their souls will end up in Hell for their greed, malice, hate, and more... Love thy neighbor!

It's a Bible truth that mass depopulation will occur in the coming great tribulation, eugenics is putting it mildly, everyone who won't worship the Anti Christ will be put to death.

Many other Targeted Individuals TIs and I like to record and share our gangstalker organized harassment perps on Youtube, Facebook, and others to make them famous. They seem to be nervous about being famous, and we should all push their nervous buttons. Check out my Youtube.

There is a medical term for this utopian reality the guy is talking about. It's called 'Delusional,"

Please watch this before it is taken down: https://youtu.be/xNanLIqEjlc

Burn you off your land, then give you pennies on the dollar for it if you don't just walk away first. God bless friend.

these rabbis are of the synagogue of satan. we are called goyim and are detested by Talmudic jews which is where their arguments can be located. Goyim means less than human among other things.

They Live wasn't about an alien invasion. Replace the word alien with JEWS and understand the movie.

If I met Ted I would tell him to Piss off if people can steal you why is he peddling this garbage

Rosicrucians created by Jews

Without marriage women having babies so many bastards growing without family and father latina little girls having bastards while they gone to school high school or junior high school so many examples possible but another hand only God knows cause creation of the human being is worship to God or else world is just temporary resident for us

Its scary to even think what will be in the next decade! People actually think this is cool already lining up herd mentality!

Anyone else get audio problems while trying to watch this vid ? Prob YouTube shenanigans.

The guy on CEIBS sounds CRAZY!! You won;t know the difference between your experience and someone elses....craziness! How can anyone even go for this horrible mess!!!!???? They have no idea what their end will be with Jesus comes back!

It's really inhumane to MURDER a potential new life right in the womb. MURDER of a child who could have been a successful artist, a musician, a MMA superstar heck, even the bloody Presi-dent of the nation.... but he/she is not even given that CHANCE because now we have the facilitating option to get rid of him/her by LEGALLY MURDERING him/her. I despise how they conveniently refer to the new life, a baby boy or a baby girl as an "it" a foetus not a baby....

It’s not that hard to track visitors snd work and services and driver licenses and all manor of services as power cell credit cards vehicle information flagged and then removed from country especially if a deposit is left so if they must be deported a good profit could be made due to that population abusing the system for so long !


I believe in all the genes stuff to be honest. I don't think people should be killed. But there are clearly people that are better than others that's just the reality of it. Some people are lazy and don't contribute to society at all and usually those people breed the same kind of people. I rarely see fat bastards that are lazy spawn out elite athletes.

Trump is right about the gene thing maybe not In every case but the unqualified “parents” having kids typically perpetuates a repeating cycle and the kids tend to be worse off than the previous generation. It’s really genetics and how the parents raise there children. And I believe more often than not ignorant parents are going to raise there kids to be ignorant as well


Count me out of the brain merging.  I know very few people I would want to merge with.  Plus the fact, I don't want all the commercials and search engine select sites running through my brain.  The internet is bad enough.

Why are we so blind


Jesus said: When you see all these things come to pass, lift up your head for your redemption draws nigh.

Read Job 5:12 this passage should bring peace to us all.due to the fact God promises nothing that the elite try and build will ever work..

*God bless and protect Trump!! Bless his soul. Please God protect this beautiful man.*

There is only one race, the Human race.

Transgenderism will help in depopulation. It will bring the wrath of God.

1940 film "Our Town" about as close to Truth as you can get!This world has been lead by the thoughts and desires of man from the beginning,out true adversary!"Gilgamesh"explains the process of Life for humans nicely!In the end God/Life wins out,IT's already done,pre-written IN!

The Georgia Guidestones put forth some nice sounding goals. The problem is, how some people want us to get there! You might like my life changing and faith boosting info about a miracle involving music. My website http://woodstockanddeadseascrolls.net  V's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NR-H2uFCQls&index=140&list=PLVbOjUeNB48j9lHZRObK1l4atS-6v6gTK

Jews are the most racist ones. Torah calls for killing all non-jews. Quran calls for killing all non-muslim. Bible calls for Loving all people...thats why christians are world wide persecuted.

jesuits must die

some good ole boys need to tear down those stones get some 4x4s and tear them down

Politicians don't care about us, man. Plus he's a war mongerer.

Messed up to say but I'm glad I didn't have kids. The content in this video is partly why.

The body is the temple the mind is the gate keeper

They caught Islam in the 1990's when they attacked the world trade the first time They said they would bring it down.No one blamed them they said they did it. Stop the disinformation.

Mohammad is a false prophet Jesus warned us about.

The church of Satan was founded in 1966 And started the homosexual movement.

Yes, you are very correct. All the governments of the countries of the world are all corrupt and will tell any lie, do any dirty deeds, play any dirty tricks on good innocent people. This evil is disgusting and spreading around the planet. All the Targeted Individuals web sites, social media channels each contain one piece of the big picture. I like recording and sharing my gangstalker perps on my Youtube, Facebook, and other media.

4:11 God bless him! #truth

How about turner and me in the octagon after kicking his bodyguard in the balls

How is satin turner still walking

“The Negro problem in America” smdh. So they’re going to act like they didn’t bring us here for slavery and then want to kill us when times have changed? If that’s not evil, I don’t know what is. This makes me sick.

So sad Hillary's Mother didnt think as she does concernin abortion.!JS

At 13:50 you see the real Hillary Clinton speaking; at 14:00 you see her clone. Approximately 7 years later (after 2009) she has no wrinkles, and even her neck is smooth. Try and pause when her right hand comes into view. Even it is wrinkle-less and smooth. About abortion: if abortion was not legalized, the ~ 58.5 million babies aborted since 1973 would have grown up. Deaths due to underground illegal abortion clinics, and natural deaths of babies at birth are negligible (both would be less than 0.001%), and are not included in the following. In addition, all 58.5 million abortions obviously didn't occur in 1973, but these calculations I did assumed that, and were only done to bring out the enormous changes that abortions have brought to this country. To break it down year by year isn't something I want to do here on Christmas Eve. So, accounting for a ~15% loss due to deaths along the way, due to all causes, from ages 1 to 25/30 years old (CDC stats), the 58.5 million babies aborted would grow up to be around 49.7 million adults now within child bearing years around the years 1998 - 2003. Approximately ~54% of women have children (U.S. Census stats) in 1998 - 2003. Assuming, of the 49.7 million adults of child bearing age in 1998 - 2003 in the U.S., around 51% (approximate average across the 50 states) are women (Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation stats). Giving us around 25.3 million adult women of child bearing age in 1998 - 2003 who were not aborted. Assuming 2.5 kids (this is still a good stat) per woman, that would produce around 63 million new babies between 1998 and 2003. Since abortion is still illegal, these kids would have made it. Again, accounting for ~15% mortality for the first 25 - 30 years of life, there would be around 53.6 million babies, born 1998 - 2003, that would be in their late teens/early 20's in 2018. Now, going back to the 49.7 million adults not aborted originally, their death rate from 1998 - 2003 until today would be ~10% (CDC and Wide-ranging Online Data for Epidemiologic Research (WONDER) databases), leaving 44.7 million adults in their 30's and 40's in 2018. Adding the 44.7 million adults from 1973 that weren't aborted and still alive in 2018, to the 53.6 million babies born from 1998 - 2003 still alive in 2018 that weren't aborted since they just couldn't, that would give us ~98.3 million more people in the U.S. in 2018 than we have now. That's 98,300,000 more people. That would give us a new higher U.S. population of (325.7 million according to the U.S. Census 2017 plus 98.3 million new people as abortion wasn't ever legalized) of 424,000,000 people living in the U.S. Of course, adding the changes due to immigration, Americans moving abroad, illegal immigrants, etc. would change this number slightly. Trying to figure those changes in the calculations burnt my brain. Out.

80k views only 1.8k give thumbs up I also know from my own experience youtube filters the results.

Guess who's naturally having problems birthing children these days?? I'll wait..

i get it but we are better than them i hope.

Margaret Sanger should have been dragged through the streets with a rope tied around her neck....my thoughts are this....what keeps groups of people down is the lack of economic opportunity, good housing, good food, good education, educational opportunities...I climbed the corporate ladder and gave up because I would not knife my fellow colleagues in the back etc...the higher you went, the darker it got, and this is all by design, they only want psychopaths at the top, because you have to be a psychopath to fulfill their ...the elite...corporate technocracy agenda....Do not believe their claims of scarcity, we have weather machines to turn deserts into food producing regions to feed the entire population...this is purely an evil agenda of an elite class of the Council of 300 and their families and friends, and a slave class to run the machines and do the paperwork....and a 90 percent population reduction is necessary.

It's been going on for thousands of years, they reset humanity when humanity becomes as smart as they are, Everything you know is a lie, Everything. Your history, your science it's all a lie. Try reading the 1961 CIA memorandum for Climate Change...or the CIA documents 1965 Adam & Eve..all very clear on how to fix us, make us disappear...It does not matter what you think about this Earth, if it's round or Flat, what matters is how your going to handle what they..the controller's as I call them, are going to bring down on humanity again. They are less than a few hundred thousand, we are billions..no wonder they are in a panic to kill us off.

Ya know, they go the way of error in spirit manifesting material "truths of error" that is progressively setting up the death, destruction, and contamination, of the whole in time. Is it a wonder that the error in spirit, of one, manifested more than 20 million deaths in WW1, causing the broad way of destruction world wide? They learned a lot from WW1 and 2, in error of spirit, how to kill and destroy more efficiently. But what have they learn of the spirit but for what is written?

so, lets get all of this, straight. Hmm..? The government wants to feed us these rfdi chips, so they can keep up with us, FIND US: they are ILLEGALLY putting this crap in our food. Probably also in the crop dusting: not JUST POISON: but also these very itsey tiny flecks of pepper, onto our food. Hmm..? And did you say that it would enable us to read the minds of others, even FEEL their EMOTIONS: (really demons) so, if they could help your brain FUNCTIONS, to help you overcome brain problems, then they ALSO can CAUSE BRAIN PROBLEMS: FOGGY THINKING, even ZOMBIE acting crap. Hmmm...? I wonder if those episodes of zombie "isms" that were recorded on the internet, even youtubes, wonder if they were part of the first experiments. Hmmm..? You could cause headaches, you could cause strokes, you could cause heart attacks, Hmmm...? I guess you are trying to SELL THIS to the common masses of people: this is your way of eliminating the 90% population: SELL THEM ON THIS IDEA?? Because REAL CHRISTIANS WILL NEVER DO THIS ANYWAY: they will recognize the NEW AGE higher- self CRAP.

Another LIE! LIAR! The memory (won't be able to identify our memory or the transferred memory of someone else! WHAT IDIOTS!! :( DUH!! IT is NOT transfer of electronic memories STUPID! connected to EVERYTHING!?? This is SO anti-God: Anti-Christ: TECHNOLOGY CRAP!! This is transference of DEMONS: DEMONIC setting them up for demonic possession: AS A CHRISTIAN: THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER! :( "trapped in your body" no THIS IS WHY they have PRACTICED the NEW AGE crap in grade school MEDITATIONS! :( FANTASY: animated crap: BUT GOD SAID: take charge be careful: TOLD US TO capture every imagination that exhaults itself ABOVE GOD...? HELL O?? dumb bells!

CONSIDER THIS......... HIPPA LAWS ENACTED TO AID IN DEPOPULATION CONTROL, AGENDA 21. There are many people who are homeless, living in group homes, living under bridges, cardboard houses,,,, etc,,,,,,pretty much are loners ,because of suffering from some form of mental illness, alcoholism, addictions. At a time when our government is invading our lives in all aspects NOT caring about our privacy whatsoever........The Elite consider these people worthless, living off there wealth, .The govt enacts these hippa laws which appear to protect our privacy,,,,,,,,,,, Does this make sense ? Is it logical ? I believe Hippa Laws enacted prevent any person who may care about any of these suffering people from locating them. These street people deemed worthless who may go into a mental hospital, or a crisis center, are OFF THE GRID TO any layperson , family member, friend, wishing to check on them. These facilities state Hippa Laws prevent them from even acknowledging if they are present in there facilities.

I know that this is "off subject" BUT... The picture of Albert Pike (his young self) Looks identical to the actor: David Carrotine.?? Weird!!

I know the Georgia guidestones are scary but the elites use fear as a weapon against us, only god knows our future so keep the faith

Who do they think they are and why do they feel they have the right to dictate about population control..just because they have money. This is ludicrous and the MMS should be all over what bill gates has to say..he is another HITLER..PURE EVIL!!!!!!!

Billary Clinton makes me sick I can't stand her..... Or her clan their so evil

Ty 4 this video I shared

This is a black woman talking. I heard a black minister over the radio telling all young black women and girls to get pregnant. He said that is the only way we ( the blacks) will overcome them, is if we outnumber them. The whites, and let whitey support them. I have also seen and HEARD black ministers call for the total extermination of every white. Such as happened in Hattiesburg with the help of the Vatican. Whites have never done this. If they did, you would read about it. In the next day’s paper. I haven’t seen any report on Mr. Holder’s call for extermination of whites and Christians. Double standard to pit race vs race

These babies are sacrificed to Satan in the abortion centers. Ours is across the step reset from the local synagogue. See Rabbi Finklestein. Jews claim to be the only viable race. They are reducing the population by 90% by every means they have devised. Chemtrails, GMO foods, poisoned vaccines, HAARP..

Gates is working for Lucifer. Well, they say they will murder all caucasians and anyone else they decide to murder. They know no one can stop them. Zionists call for extermination of all non (crypto) Jews. All non Jews are cattle. Non persons. They sacrifice our children every day in the basements of their synagogues and render them into hamburgers in their slaughter houses and rendering plants, See confession of rabbi Finklestein/ hamburgers. Online. Clinton’s and Bushes are Zionist .

Ted turner should eliminate himself voluntarily for the betterment of the earth. Leave the bisons to reproduce.

Whoa whoa whoa 1 child per family ? Well I think we should start with the elite snakes and there filthy spawn see how they feel about it then.

Love is sacrifice ....Why wouldnt a mother sacrifice herself to GIVE LIFE ?! Thats the higest prof of life ....dyeing for live of life .... Abortion / Murder is exactly the oposite sacrificing a new life for egoism in the name of “rights” . LIFE is the FIRST RIGHT ....period !

All dislikes from Indian jew races ........

Yeah we should lower population growth. Go kill yourself Bill and all your elitest psychopath buddies. You will face judgement like us all.


Happening now

Planned parenthood was setup by a woman and her followers who were racist and trying to reduce the population of minorities. Abortion is evil. http://www.blackgenocide.org/sanger.html The elites are all for killing everyone they don't find useful. The devil's hand is all over them.

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