Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoe - First Look and Sizing versus Pegasus 36

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoe  - First Look and Sizing versus Pegasus 36

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Hi, this is tim from fit at midlife calm today I've got the brand new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus. 37. This is the newest version of the Nike Pegasus, running shoe this is a first look and unboxing, but we're going to talk about fit sizing. And feel we're, also going to compare it to the Pegasus, 36, and, some other running shoes so stick, around. All. Right, let's take a look at the Nike, Air Zoom Pegasus. 37. So. This is a neutral, running, shoe it, is the successor. To the Pegasus, 36. Which, was a very popular running. Shoe, the. Biggest difference, they've. Included Nikes. React, foam, in the midsole but, before we talk about that let's. Talk about ear, zoom, and. What. Gives it that name so. Air. Zoom, is Nikes. Cushioning, technology. It's been around for quite some time and basically, it uses pressurized, air, bags and. These. Are, literally. Bags, of air that, are pressurized, but. They also have tightly, stretched fibers, and they, absorb, impact. And snap. Back to give you a little bit of a rebound and, you. Know it gives you a little bit of energy back but it also helps reduce stress on your, tendons and your joints and all those sorts of things so the. Previous. Shoe the Pegasus 36, used. A full-length. Zoom, airbag, of the midsole where the zoo Mayor was basically the full length of the shoe but, here's the big difference in, the Pegasus, 37, so the, midsole, as I mentioned, is react, foam. React. Foam. Is. Nikes. Most, advanced, cushion it's, white weight and it's. Springy it's bouncy, it gives, you energy back, and it gives you rebound, it's really, a nice, feeling I really really love the reactive, foam, based shoes and that was one of the reasons I was so anxious. To get my hands on this Pegasus, 37, but, basically they've combined, react, foam and the entire mid soles react foam but, up front is an. Ear zoom unit it is, a. Twice. As thick air. Zoom, you can't see it it's inside but it's twice as thick as the air zoom bag that. Was in the Pegasus, 36, so it gives you more energy return, the. Air. Zoom, is only in the forefoot. But. In the heel you've, got all that react foam and so, I. Have used these a short, bit I just got them today but I did run a bit in them and you. Know it definitely has, a more cushioned. Feel in, the heel and the, forefoot as compared, to the pegasus 36, the, other thing they did the, air zoom is mounted, high up in the react foam so it's closer to your foot. They claim that makes a difference, they. Call it top loading and the. Other big thing is the. Air, zoom, bag is actually, tuned. Differently for men and women so, people. Always ask you know men's, versus, women's is there a difference from one shoe to the others adjust the colors and all that. Truly. In this shoe there is a difference, so the air bag for. Women is pressurized. To about, 15, psi. Pounds, per square inch. Whereas. For men it's pressurized, to 20 psi and, that. Was based on their, research. Regarding. Women. Preferring, slightly. Less. Of. A, firm feeling, in the cushion up front which is why the PSI, is less so.

Overall. Air zoom, just, like the last shoe but, it's not full-length, it's only in the forefoot but it's twice as thick and then of course the. Midsole. Is made from Nikes, excellent, react, foam which I like very much let's. Look at the outsole, or. More. Commonly called the sole so, this, is, you. Know there's foam here that's the white part and there's, durable, rubber they. Call this a waffle, pattern because, it does look like a waffle iron there's something like that it. Says on the back here. Oh G. RS, zero, zero one that usually means, the zero zero ones means, this is very durable, firm, rubber and I, can confirm it feels very. Firm this. Will probably last a long time the. Foam. On the rim or excuse me the rubber on the rim, I can't, it's not labeled differently so I can't tell usually. When the colors different, that means it's actually a different, level, of durability, and traction. But. It's not labeled here and I really it's. Hard to feel a difference between the, two here so. You. Know it's got a, outsole. Like you would expect on a running, shoe basically. The. Toe guard. Says. Established. 1972. And. The. Other one's got the Nike swoosh so I thought that was interesting I'm not sure what that's all about. My understanding was the Pegasus line has been around since the 80s, but. Maybe I'm mistaken. So. Overall. The, outsole, looks. To be very durable, and, they've, kept. It light weight by not, entirely, coating, it in rubber let's. Take a closer look at the upper, so the part that covers your foot so, they call it an engineered, mesh, it is, very pliable it is, very lightweight it, is some. Kind of multiple, layers so. I can pull. Apart the inner layer from the outer layer I will, say I do believe this is going to be breathable when, I had them outside I could see sunlight, shining. Through the mesh inside. The shoe that's, usually, a good sign that means it's going to be a breathable upper. Quality-wise. Comfort. Wise it feels very similar to the Pegasus 36, it, is lightweight it does seem breathable, and I like that, the. Other big change with, this shoe in the upper is they're, using now what they call a fit band instead of fly wire so the fit band that you can see it comes, up around the laces but, what that is on. The. Inside you can see, it. Kind. Of hugs this side of your foot like here and here and as. You tighten the laces that, tightens, up around. Your foot to. Make for a more snug, fit, I don't know if you can see that or not the green material that's the fit band. Beyond. That you know regular. Laces they're, nice they're flat I like them the, tongue is, thin. As it. Was in the Pegasus. 36. The. Collar, has. That, taper, away, from the Achilles. And it kind of comes up in a V so it's lightweight and you. Know minimum, bulk and that kind of thing. Heel. Cup nice and firm there's, some. Sort of plastic, type, material, on the inside there feels. Pretty firm and I. Do believe this is a reflector. On the heel, so. For running at night and whatnot you would expect that on a running shoe of course, okay. So how about sizing. These. Run true to size in, my opinion, it. Fits, and feels very, similar, to the Pegasus, 36, this.

Is A men's size 11, fits, me perfectly, the, width the. Length it's. Perfect, as I, mentioned earlier this is a neutral few so. If you're an over pronator, or an under pronator it might not be the right shoe for you but it is neutral. It's. Also available in an extra, wide that. Is not what, we're looking at here this is a regular shoe the. Extra wide is available. In a limited set. Of colors and styles but, it would give you more width in the forefoot as far as I know unfortunately I don't have one here to measure I can, tell you this, men's size 11, at the widest part it's about four, and a, quarter inches wide, measured. That one of the tape measure so, maybe. Somebody could chime in if you know if you have the extra wide to men's size 11 I'd be curious to know the widest, part just, how wide is it what is the difference between a regular and an extra wide okay. Let's talk heel to toe drop so. Heel, to toe drop or offset, or profile, that, is the, difference, in height between your heel and, your. Forefoot, and this. Is a 10 millimeter. Heel, to toe drop shoe very, common, in running shoes the, theory. Being with the heel higher than. The forefoot then, the toes there's, less stress on your Achilles, and less stress overall, meaning, better for endurance and things like that so 10. Millimeter heel to toe drop just. Like the Pegasus 36, the difference here is the stack height is a bit more so, there's about two millimeters more. Underneath. And. So it's a slightly taller shoe and, you. Know that's probably because it's react, foam and the. Reacts use tend to just have more foam. Underfoot. Than the non react shows. So. The shoe weighs in at ten. Point, seven ounces, for a men's size 11, so it has a gained a little bit of weight since, the Pegasus 36, my, theory, would be that that is because of the use, of more, foam with that greater stack height in, the midsole that probably, accounts, for the. Slight weight, increase, over, the Pegasus, 36, and it's only about a. Point. Four ounce. Difference. Between this and the Pegasus 36, so definitely. Not a heavy shoe it, is, still. What I would call you know fairly light weight all right, let's compare, now to. The Pegasus. 36. So, this is the predecessor, to and, you. Know this the 37. It is an evolution, of the 36, so a lot, of things have not changed, offset. In the 36, is 10 millimeters, although as I mentioned there's, West stack height it's, about 2 millimeters less. Of foam. In. This shoe, in the 36, this, does not use react, foam though so this uses the older cush lon st, foam which, is more like just a traditional, regular. Cushioning. Foam the. Pegasus. 36, also used fly wire instead, of the fit band so that's what these sort. Of these threads, or nike calls them cables, they're supposed to be stronger. Than steel for their weight. But. The, way these work is they run through. The inside of the shoe you can see there's the fly wire there and so when you type the laces, it tightens, up around your foot gives you a better fit just.

Like The fit band in, the, Pegasus. 37, to be honest it you know it's hard to say oh I put, this on and I could feel the fit band differently. Or better than I feel the fly wire to, me it's just sort of comforting, knowing there's something, in, the. Mid what area that kind of helps make for a nice comfortable. And secure fit. This. Is slightly lighter, ten. Point three ounces for. A men's size 11, and again I believe it is because there's less foam underfoot. In, this. Pegasus, 36. That. Brings us to the probably, the most important, question you can see that the, overall. Look. And. Shape. Of the. Two shoes is very similar of course because, this you know 37. Is just a new version so, what. What's the difference in feel well, so you, know this is a first look and I've, really, only run them once and I've. Only worn them I don't know for maybe two hours total but, I would say you absolutely. Can feel more cushion, in the heel, thanks. To the react foam and you can definitely feel more cushion, up front, thanks. To that double, thickness air, zoom, bag. Again. Recall, from the earlier part of the video this, shoe uses, a full-length zoom, air bag but it is not as thick up in the forefoot, and this. Is regular, foam this is not react foam so definitely. More, cushioning. Softer. Feel in the Pegasus 37. Otherwise. It fits and feels a heck of a lot like, the. Pegasus, 36, in my opinion. Let's. Compare, to, the, react. Infinity. Run fly, knit, this. Is a react. Foam shoe with. A Flyknit. Upper. I'd. Like to find it it is white it's comfortable, it's stretchy. It. This. In particular, this is a single. Layer of material. And I'm sure if you can see my fingers through there but flight flying, it light. And definitely, breathable, and again single layer so it's very very, comfortable soft, like fit you, can see that stretches, like a sock, this, is the latest version of fly net so while it's real stretchy here it's less so here unlike the older fly net but, this is supposed to be more durable, so, we'll see. Type. Fitting shoe. With a closed sock like fit so of course it's got a heal tab so it's easier to take on and off the, other thing about this is it's crazy wide. Compared. To the. 37. So, that's part of the appeal of the react, infinity. Run flying it is just the width the. Base of that. And really. The shape of the outsole so you can see it kind of almost looks like a rocking, chair so, first of all there's a ton of react, foam throughout. It's, really, really thick with react foam but, basically, the idea is you've got lots of cushion up front mid, stride and. Heel. So. Through all three phases of the stride there's just a ton of cushion, underneath and I, will say I love these I'm. About, 195. Pounds, I run an asphalt I need, every bit of cushion I can get really. Great shoes of course they are expensive they're about $160. Compared. To the Pegasus. Which is significantly, cheaper this. Is slightly. Heavier 11. Ounces again compared, to ten point seven ounces for the Pegasus, 37, probably. Because of all that foam, underneath. That, is probably the primary reason, so.

How. Would you decide, between the two well you, know if you don't want a super, cushioned, run you, probably don't want the this one because this is very very soft very very cushioned, the. Pegasus. 37. Again. It's got react foam but not to the same degree as, the, other shoes so it is not as soft feeling based. On my initial thoughts. And input and, definitely, not as soft in the forefoot where you have the, the air zoom bag and you know with an air zoom bag in there double thickness compared. To last year there's probably not a ton of react, foam up front either so, you probably get less of a cushion feel in the, Pegasus 37. And so, far I would say that that that's my that's, my gut, feeling, on it, so. That's. A comparison, of those two shoes. Let's. Compare, to. The underarmor. Velocity. - this. Is a neutral. Running, shoe but, it uses, uae's. Huff. Foam which. Is eerily, similar to, react foam, in its feeling, in, that. Under. Armor calls this zero-gravity feel, you know it's bouncy its springing just, like react I mean clearly the two foams they're you know that's I don't, know who invented it first one of the other was a competitive, response to the others foam but hover, foam so, that's. Why I wanted to compare these two as well I mean this one's in the same general, class as the Pegasus 37. 10.8. Ounces, here for, the shoes so it's it weighs about the same again, it's got the hover foam but, it's also got what, you a calls this energy, web and, their. Micro, G midsole, and. Those. Things, together, make. For a, pretty cushioned. Run. In these shoes, I. Would. Have to say though while it feels, decently. Cushioned. In the heel I don't, feel as much in the forefoot, of this velocity - and that's you. Know there's nothing like the air zoom bag in this it's just foam, it, feels, less. Cushioned, in the forefoot, to me. But. This, this, UA this isn't a bad few I, haven't. Really put a ton of time. And miles, on these because I just got them and I'm trying to form some opinions, about it but I just wanted to compare the two because they seemed generally. Similar. This. Is also, an eight-millimeter, heel, to toe drop whereas this is ten millimeter so you, know overall they're, about the same size about. The same general, shape as, far as width and all, that sort of stuff and these. Are true to size in my opinion as well so men's size 11 fits me just fine, the. One thing I do find pretty cool about these UA, shoes they, have, a bluetooth chip. Transmitter. Inside them so right. Out of the box you can download the you a map, my run app, and sync. It up with the shoe it's, quick its painless and, within minutes you're. Up and running and, it's tracking, on the phone through. The app and it'll tell you how far you went your cadence and your, and your stride. And all that sort of stuff, it also has. Real-time, form. Coaching, in the app however. I have, not used that yet so I don't, have an opinion on how well that works or doesn't, work so overall I thought that was pretty cool these. Are only $120. But they come with that bluetooth, capability. Again use it with the my, run app on your phone pretty, neat and you. Know it's one of those things if you're having trouble. Getting in the swing of running, regularly, something, like that one of those apps will. May, help kind. Of give, you the motivation or, it help you stay motivated or, just seeing, the numbers and seeing the improvements, as you go you're getting better.

Faster. Running, longer and all that kind of stuff it's a cool idea now, Nikes. Got something similar it doesn't come built into the shoes I don't know that much about it, but you know I thought that was pretty cool ok, so that, is our look, at the Nike. Air Zoom Pegasus. 37. The newest version of the Pegasus, running shoe the big changes, react. Foam in the midsole, but also a double, thickness air zoom, bag up front that, provides. More cushion, as compared, to its predecessor, the Pegasus 36, the other big change, fit band in the upper has a. Basically. The same comfortable, fit as the Pegasus, 36, and these, do run true-to-size. They, are a 10 millimeter drop. And they. Are a neutral, running shoe so, that was our first look in unboxing, if you have any questions, please. Post them in the comments, below I'll answer as best I can and if you enjoyed this sort of thing please, subscribe we post new shoe, reviews regularly. Thank, you have a good day.

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