Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 03, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - October 03, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight we're getting word of at least five police, officers shot, in an active, shooter rampage, in South Carolina, a major, emergency, response, underway first responders, flooding, the area people being warned to stay away we'll, have a live report also, the Supreme Court cliffhanger the FBI's report, could be released tonight sent. To the Senate and locked in a secure, room what, did the feds find and will you get to hear it as NBC. News has learned dozens. Of potential witnesses warrant, interview, and tonight, backlash, after President Trump mocked dr., Christine Blasi for, how. Did you get home I don't remember, how'd you get there I don't remember where is the place I don't remember how, many years ago was it I don't know. The. President, angering key Republican. Senators, he needs to vote yes also, tonight the president responds. After a blockbuster New, York Times investigation finds. What the paper calls years of tax schemes and outright. Fraud used. By the Trump family revealing, how the president, began to build his fortune, and, breaking, news the feds have just made an arrest after that major scare, at the Pentagon, and, it was a spectacular escape. Caught on camera plot from the prison yard by a helicopter. Tonight, the so-called jailbreak, gang captured, in a dramatic. Showdown. This is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt, good. Evening everyone we start tonight with breaking news out of South Carolina. Where we're just getting word of at least five, law, enforcement, officers shot and what's being described as an active, shooter rampage, it's. Triggering, a major emergency, response, in Florence, South Carolina people. Are being warned to stay away from the area we get the breaking details now, from NBC's. Kerry Sanders. It's. Unclear, what set off the shooting. As. Many as seven officers were shot for Florence, city officers, and three, florence county sheriff's, deputies, wounded, in the altercation, during, the anxious minutes chaos. But. Then late this afternoon Florence, County South Carolina Emergency. Management tweeting the suspect, is in custody the. Area remains mostly, closed as the scene is now considered, an active, investigation. Tonight. Authorities say, one of the wounded officers, has, died, Lester. All right Kerry Sanders thank you there, are signs tonight indicating, the FBI may have completed, its background, investigation. And to judge Brent Cavanaugh amid, allegations of, sexual misconduct against. Him tonight with senators eagerly, awaiting, the to review the findings ahead of an expected vote this week we're, learning more about who the feds did, and didn't, talk to our Peter, Alexander, has late details. Tonight. Just 48 hours ahead of a possible vote and with top Republicans, saying they expect, to receive the FBI's completed, background, investigation, as early as tonight NBC. News is learning more about that investigation, and that it remains significantly. Limited, in scope according.

To A senior US official, and two other sources briefed on the investigation. Agents, have spoken to Brent Cavanaugh's high school friend mark judge and the two witnesses Christine Blasi Ford says were, at the alleged party where she says she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh as well, as a second, accuser Deborah Ramirez Kavanaugh vigorously, denies both allegations. And now we've learned the FBI has also interviewed, at least one other high school classmate, of Cavanaugh but, current and former FBI, officials, tell NBC News dozens, of other people have come forward saying they have in formation on Cavanaugh but, the sources say agents, have not been permitted to talk to many of them meanwhile. President, Trump is further alienating. The very Republican, senators he needs to support his Supreme Court pick I don't. Approve of the comments from last night, I thought, that they were wrong and. Extraordinarily. Unfortunate. It's. Just not right it's just not right I wish he hadn't had done it. Just. Say. It's it's. Kind of appalling that fierce backlash in, response to these comments, for the president last night mimicking. Ford to his supporters, delight how, did you get home I don't remember how'd you get there I don't remember, where is the place I don't remember how, many years ago was it I don't know. What. Neighborhood, wasn't it I don't know where's the house I don't know. Upstairs. Downstairs, where was I don't know but I had one beer that's the only thing I remember the. President's, sudden shift in tone just days after he praised for and she looks like a very fine woman to me very. Fine woman but, certainly she was a very. Credible with this White, House officials, are challenging, criticism, that last night the president was mocking for its account of her alleged sexual assault, excuse, me she's been treated like a Faberge egg by all of us beginning with me and the president he's putting out factual inconsistencies, it seemed to me that he was stating facts that dr. Ford herself, laid. Out in her testimony dr.. Ford still wants an FBI interview, and her lawyers say she would give the FBI her therapy, session notes that Senate Republicans are demanding if she gets one also, tonight Republican leaders, say background. Checks are confidential, and Cavanaugh's, will not be made public, Laster, Peter Alexander at the White House thank you and from the White House we go to Capitol, Hill where tensions are visibly, apparent tonight, in anticipation. Of this release and all eyes are on Majority, Leader Mitch McConnell over. A possible, vote Casey, hunt is on the hill Casey what are you hearing there, Lester. That's right it's a very tense, week here on Capitol, Hill protesters, confronting, senators many of the senators traveling, with security, guards through. The hallways, the, FBI report, is going to be locked in a safe only, senators and a handful of their staff are gonna be able to access it and they'll have to do it in a secure room or have it taken especially. To their office, this is of course the crucial, information that those key critical swing vote senators were looking for that, will allow Mitch McConnell, to take those critical next steps possibly. Setting up a vote as soon as Friday Westar. Casey hunt on Capitol Hill thank you and President Trump in the White House also firing back tonight after a bombshell New, York Times investigation. Taking a deep dive into the president's, family finances. And reporting. They took part in text games and possible, fraud to increase his wealth over the years here's NBC, News White House correspondent Kristen. Welker. It's. The narrative that helped sweep president, Trump into the White House a self-made. Billionaire with, a little help from his real estate mogul father I started, off in, a.

Small Office, with my father in Brooklyn and Queens but, an explosive, report by the New York Times paints. A very different picture. The Times obtained, tens of thousands of pages of financial, records documents. NBC, News has not had the opportunity, to independently. Review it found, that mr. Trump and his father built their fortune, by engaging in a quote pattern. Of deception, and obfuscation. Saying, much of this money came to mr. Trump because, he helped his parents dodge taxes, he and his siblings set up a sham corporation, to disguise millions, of dollars in gifts from their parents, the papers entire investigation. Documented. For Showtime, Fred Trump's estate tax return is in the building right now it's. Incredible, that we have it and not opened a door and then once you sort of pull this string the whole thing unravels and while, candidate, Trump boasted. My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars the time says his father actually loaned, him sixty point seven, million dollars, at the time and, suggests. That's not all he got it says, over the course of his life mr., Trump received the equivalent, today of at least four hundred and thirteen, million dollars from his father's real estate empire making. Him a millionaire by, age eight and the, time says he and his family avoided. Big tax hits on their wealth by, engaging in questionable, schemes the, paper calling the most overt, fraud a company. Created by the Trump's in the early 90s which, siphoned, millions, of dollars from Fred Trump's Empire by, manipulating, prices and pouring, the profits, into a shell company the, president's, private lawyer saying the transactions, in question were handled, and approved, by tax professionals. Not family, members the white house also, firing back a totally. False attack, based on an old recycled, news story I will say one thing the article did get right was it showed that the president's, father actually had a great deal of confidence in him but was any of it illegal, I don't think it's proof positive that. They submitted false documents, I do, think, it shows that there was gross, manipulations, and evaluations, it looks amazingly, suspect. The. New York State Tax Department is investigating, experts. Agree it's highly, unlikely president. Trump would face any charges given, the statute, of limitations, in a, tweet the president, called the report a boring, hit piece Westar. Kristen Welker outside, the West Wing tonight thanks more, breaking news the feds have made an arrest tonight of the search for whoever sent suspicious, letters, to the Pentagon, and the White House initially. Thought to possibly, contain lethal poison, and they're looking into whether even more were sent we got late details on all this in our justice, correspondent Pete. Williams. Federal. Agents late today search this home of a Logan Utah man later arresting, him 38, year old William C Allen the third formal. Charges to come Friday law, enforcement officials say none of the letters he's accused of sending actually. Included, the deadly poison ricin, despite, initial positives. From field tests, instead, the envelopes contained crushed beans from the castor, plant the raw material, that can be refined, to make ricin but, the beans themselves would have to be eaten to present a hazard the. First letter was discovered Monday, at a suburban Washington facility. On this military base that screens, White House Mail it, was addressed to President Trump, and contained a note that investigators, say made no sense two more were found at the off-site facility, that handles mail sent to the Pentagon, they also contained, crushed castor, beans and investigators. Say they now believe a letter containing a white powder received, yesterday at, the Houston campaign, office of Senator Ted Cruz is not, related, to the suspicious, mail found in Washington. Law. Enforcement officials say tonight they identified, William, Allen as a suspect in part, because his, return, address, was on the suspicious, letter sent to Washington. None of the three found so far were considered, hazardous but. Sending any mail intended, to intimidate or threatened is illegal. Lester IRA Pete Williams and our Washington, newsroom thank, you and all across the country today wherever, you were there's a good chance your routine, was interrupted, by an alert and a text message on your cell phone it was the first test of a new presidential, alert, system, for national, emergencies, most, people got it but not everyone NBC's.

Tom Costello has, details. From. Coast to coast the alert came at exactly the same moment 2:18. P.m. in, the East 118. In the Midwest, 1118. Pacific, time while, FCC. Rules prohibit, us from airing, the alert tones. 225. Million devices were supposed to have received the first test of the presidential, alert system, from, New York I hope, it's not a sign of things to come to, Chicago the. President, can text, us. Like. What now to, LA I, panicked. I wasn't, sure what to think of it then, just after 2:20, the alert hit every, radio and TV nationwide. The ultimate goal to, reach every, American simultaneously. In the event of a national emergency, from. Natural disasters to a terror attack to a disease epidemic. Former. NYPD, Commissioner Bill Bratton, information. In public safety, situations. Will it be a fire earthquake, terrorist, attack is, essential, it's it's, it's the lifeline, if you will but, not everyone, did receive a text FEMA, says it was hoping for a 75%. Success rate it, will now review the test to determine who didn't, get a message and why as it, brings a 20-18, upgrade, to the national alert system, Tom, Costello NBC. News Washington, First, Lady Melania Trump is in Ghana tonight on her first solo international. Tour through Africa, today she visited, the 17th, century fortress, where, slaves were trade as his front called in a very emotional. Experience that, she will never forget. Mrs.. Trump is also scheduled to visit Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt, during her tour now. To a growing mystery in Maine a wife, and mother a beloved, elementary, school teacher vanished, in the middle of the night authorities, there with few clues searching. Through the woods and her family, pleading, for answers we, get details from NBC's Miguel, Almaguer. In. The wooded fields of North Yarmouth Maine search teams are growing more desperate, for three days there's been no sign of Kristen Westra, the 47, year old mother and beloved elementary, school teacher who, vanished, from her home her, husband, Jay worried, sick, my, wife is loved. My. Wife has loved dearly. Jay. Westra, says his wife was anxious, and stressed when, she went to bed at 8 p.m. Sunday, night when, he woke up at 3:30 a.m.. He says Kristen was gone and thought she went to sleep in another room Monday. Morning, her car cell, phone and keys were all home friends. Setting up a website for the missing mother of two, Kristen. No matter what come home. We've. Always taken care of everything.

From. The air and on the ground search, teams have scoured miles of land now, they're sifting through a construction quarry, with search dogs leads. Has still been coming in they have not slowed down we're searching, everywhere, that we may think she maybe may have gone tonight, a startling, disappearance. And a deepening, mystery what, happened, to Kristin Westra, in the middle of the night Miguel. Almaguer, NBC, News still, had an update to a daring, escape we told you that right out of a movie how authorities, finally took down the infamous gangster, known as the jailbreak, King also. Do you have a rewards, credit card while you may not be able to use it soon but some of your favorite stores for online. Next. Tonight they call him the jailbreak, king a notorious, gangster who escaped from a prison a second, time over the summer using a hijacked. Helicopter. For his daring getaway but. Now his time on the run is over NBC, News chief foreign correspondent Richard. Engel and how police finally, recaptured, him. French. Police tonight put out this photo to prove they finally, had their man Redwan, fayeed, france's. Most wanted, and most, elusive, criminal, taken, down inside. This disheveled. Fifth floor apartment, in his hometown outside. Paris the, challenge, now how, to keep him in custody the, bank robber is a Houdini, of jail breaks three. Months ago accomplices. Kidnapped. A helicopter, pilot forcing, him to fly into a prison, yard men, in black using. Power tools to, break fayeed, out, fellow. Inmates cheering, as the chopper whisked, him away to, a nearby getaway, car later, found torched it, was his second, escape. Fight, has said he's a fan of American, gangster, movies we're here for the bank's money not your money that he's watched the robbery scenes in heat a hundred. Times for ideas, French. Police say in his hideout they found multiple cell, phones wigs, and burkas, to disguise his identity tonight, he's, locked up again under what police say is extremely. Tight. Surveillance, Richard. Engel NBC News. Coming. Up as we continue tonight, the alert about your rewards, credit card and big retailers, like Amazon, and Target, and our, nightly spotlight, why kids love this authors, best selling book, it's now a critically. Acclaimed movie. Back. Now with news every, rewards, credit card holder needs to hear they often come with perks like cash back at airline miles but soon you may not be able to use yours at some big name retailers, NBC.

Business Correspondent, Jolene Kent explains. Your. Unlimited, double, miles on every purchase every, day 1% when you buy and what percentage you pay. Those. Popular, credit cards with enticing rewards, may not be accepted, everywhere, you want to be four, years retailers, like Target Amazon. And Home Depot have. Been fighting for the right to not accept, certain visa and mastercards. And now, their long-running, lawsuit, against, the card companies, and major, banks, may be close to a resolution the, issue the retailer's say is rewards. Cards often carry high interchange. Or swipe, fees that they have to pay Home, Depot telling NBC News in a statement the problem, with the high interchange, fees is that, the end result, is higher prices, for consumers. 92%, of all credit card purchases, in the US are made, with rewards, cards, and currently, credit, card companies dictate, that stores must, honor all cards from Visa and MasterCard regardless. Of the perks the, potential, ramifications for. Consumers, are huge if you go into a retailer, and you can't use the credit card that's in your wallet that will be very frustrating, Visa. And MasterCard say consumers, should be able to pay with any of their cards without restriction, when consumer choice is limited, visa says nobody. Wins, Jolene Kent NBC, News Los, Angeles up, next here this evening her best-selling book is now powerful, in removing what story is striking, such a. Finally. Tonight we're shining our spotlight, of the best-selling, book that's now a critically, acclaimed movie and the author behind it all whose powerful message, has connected, with young people all across the, country. This. Is how the hate, you give begins. You've. Got to look home, answer. The questions, but don't tell them that next room with, a father giving, his children, step-by-step. Instructions. About, what to do if they're pulled over by police keep your hands whiticus see the, film is based on the best selling novel by 30-year old Angie Thomas, her, first it's what inspired. You to write this I was, inspired by the shooting death of Oscar Grant on in 2009, and my anger, and frustration and. Hurt, I only knew to do one thing and that was right the unarmed. Grant was shot and killed by a California, police officer. Thomas's. Novel, is also about the shooting, of a young unarmed. African-american out, of the car. Witnessed. By his friend, sixteen-year-old star Carter. Thomas. Drew on her own experiences. Growing up in a gang plagued neighborhood, in Jackson, Mississippi and, attending. A mostly, white, school, I often tell people I left my house playing Tupac by the time I got to my school I was listening to the Jonas Brothers because, I. Try. To navigate to work exactly exactly. That's what your character started, exactly Starr. Is played by 19, year old a manless, Stenberg, I want to know what your reaction was when you read this book what your thoughts were my. Initial, thoughts were oh my god I've never seen anything that represents my, experience, so accurately, a feeling. Echoed, by many readers, at a recent book signing. The, hatred is, my favorite book because, it's, the realest thing I've ever read. Thomas. Says that's exactly why, she wrote this story to, help every, kid feel, a little less powerless. And misunderstood. I wanted, to say to them I hear you I understand, you I understand, your fear your frustration, your anger and your hurt but you have a voice you have value your life matters, it's. A powerful story many will find incredibly. Relevant angie, thomas is again drawing on her teenage, experience for, her second, book due out next year, that's, Nightly, News for, this Wednesday I'm, Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our youtube channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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