Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 21, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 21, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Breaking. News tonight out of Baltimore, a police officer, run over and killed multiple. Schools on lockdown amid, an all-out manhunt. To catch her killer and developing, right now a new. Video just released. Friday. Shootout, between a gunman, and police at president, Trump's Golf Club in Florida. Also, tonight the president's, new demand, investigate. The investigators. Late, word tonight of, a dramatic new turn in the Russia probe, after, an oval office showdown. Chilly. New accounts, from survivors. Who say they hid in a closet for their lives to. Do that, he seemed like he was enjoying this yes. Students. Who say they heard the Texas, High School gunman taunting, his victims, a new toxic, danger, in Hawaii is that exploding, volcano, starts pouring into the Pacific, and, diagnosing. ADHD. In kids using brain scans, tonight the signs doctors, say parents should look out for to, know when a child should, be tested. As NBC Nightly. News with Lester. Holt good evening and welcome we began with a tense situation that's, been unfolding, all afternoon, long in Baltimore, County Maryland a, female, police officer, killed in a neighborhood, at the scene of an intense manhunt, schools, were put on virtual, lockdown and workers and residents warned to shelter, in place the. Killing of the officer, during an apparent traffic, stop brings, 256. The number of law enforcement members, killed, on duty so far this year around the country our Pete Williams has, late details. In. The air and on the ground state. And local police launched, an urgent, manhunt in a suburb of Baltimore Maryland after. A Baltimore, County police officer, was killed. She'd. Been dispatched to check out reports, of a suspicious vehicle, police, say it appeared the people in the vehicle had broken into a house she, encountered, the suspects, and she, was critically, injured our. Officer was transported, to the Franklin Square Hospital. Where, she was pronounced, deceased at, 2:50, p.m. authorities. Said they were searching for as many as four suspects, men in their teens and 20s one, of them apparently got into another car, sped, away then, jumped, out and ran off, though, initial, reports said the officer was shot witnesses. Said it appeared she was actually struck. By one of the suspects, driving away my, son ran in the house eating. Dad that. Jeep. Just ran over a cop in front of the house residents, near the shooting scene were urged to stay inside streets. Were shut down schools. In the area delayed afternoon, dismissals, holding, the children inside and told, parents, to stay away while the search was going on. Baltimore. County police haven't, yet revealed the name of the officer who was killed they say she'd been on the job nearly four, years and, is, the first woman on that force to die in the line of duty, Lester all right Pete Williams thank you and just, in tonight we are getting our first look, at a dramatic shootout between, police, and a gunman, on the loose at the president's, Golf Club the Trump national Doral, near Miami on Friday the pop-pop-pop of, gunshots, caught, on police body, cam footage along with an alarm. Layering in the lobby NBC's. Katie Boeck has the tape. The. Dramatic, shootout between, police and, an intruder at, the Trump national Doral, hotel, in Miami a. Firefight. Captured, on police body cam, fire. Alarms, blaring as bullets. Fly round. After round. The. Damage visible, all over the hotel's luxurious. Lobby as the. Video shows officers, carefully. Climbing, the stairs where. Suspected. Gunmen 42, year old Jonathan, Adi was arrested, police say, he scaled a fence at the hotel owned by the president, stolen. American flag, and began, screaming rhetoric. Against, President Trump and former. President, Obama. Suffering. Gunshot, wounds to the leg adi survived, and now faces multiple felonies. Including, first-degree. Attempted. Murder of a police officer Katie. Boeck NBC. News to, the White House now where President, Trump today summoned, top Justice, Department, FBI and, intelligence, officials the, president, demanding, an investigation into.

Whether His campaign, was infiltrated. For political, purposes, after, reports, of an FBI informant. Spoke to a number of Trump campaign, members NBC. News chief White House correspondent Hallie. Jackson has. The story. Spotted. Late today the Deputy Attorney General walking. Into the West Wing his agency battling. With his boss the, president, here, by demanding. Rod Rosenstein, find out whether, or not the FBI or Department, of Justice, infiltrated. Or surveilled. The Trump campaign, for, political purposes, in 2016. I think it would be very troubling, to. Millions of Americans that that took place, Democrats, say not so fast, the president's, claim that there was a political spy, embedded, in his campaign, is nonsense. And the country needs to know that this is nonsense, Rosenstein. Under, orders to do something, finding, a middle ground expanding. An existing internal, review but, not starting, a new one altogether, the White House now, reiterating. With the DOJ confirmed, yesterday that it will ask the Inspector General to look into any irregularities. In tactics. Concerning. The Trump campaign, Rosenstein. Who oversees, the Special, Counsel investigation. Publicly. Silent, on that today but poking. Fun at what's become a very visible role deputy. Attorneys general a very low profile. Not. To be recognized, an FBI, informant, did speak with several, members of the Trump campaign in 2016. According to a New York Times report but experts argue, it would have been standard, procedure, to talk to people during, what was at the time the FBI investigation. Into Russian interference there's, nothing, wrong with this in fact, it's really the least intrusive, means, that the FBI could have used now the president, furious, and fixated. According to sources familiar with this thinking rod Rosa Stein is in the most difficult position probably, of anybody in the history of the Department of Justice he's trying, to thread the needle between a. President who's pressuring him against. Protecting, an institution, the Department of the Justice and the FBI. The. White House also says chief of staff John Kelly will now put together a meeting between intelligence, officials, and some lawmakers to, review highly, classified materials. Related, to all this some Republicans, had been pushing for just this to happen but law, enforcement officials have been very hesitant to reveal anything that could compromise a source, Lefter Hallie Jackson at, the White House and I thank you Hallie, from, Santa Fe Texas, tonight heart-wrenching.

Stories, Emerging, of loss and survival, only deep in the search for answers following Friday's, High School massacre ten, people were killed when a 17, year old student allegedly, bursted. Into an art class and opened, fire taunting. His victims, between trigger, poles NBC's. Gabe Gutierrez is. There. Today. Outside Santa, Fe High School a moment of silence, for ten lives lost I couldn't, not. William. Tinsdale's wife Cynthia was a substitute, teacher she'd, gone back to work more than a year ago when he was diagnosed, with a lung disease oh, you miss most about her, she. Was always there. Through. Everything I mean we've been through a lot inside. The school was the trench coat wearing gunmen opened fire Isabella, Manson, eight other students, barricaded. Themselves in, an art supply closet. As she says the shooter taunted, his victims, what'd you hear he said whoo-whoo he. Just like screamed, it kind of shouted. It did. He seem like he was enjoying this yes, he was you. Could tell that he was by, all the things are you saying in. The cell phone video students, run for their lives, you could hear three gunshots. It. Was recorded, by Susana Salazar, who shortly after the shooting learned, her younger sister had been shot thankfully. Sarah, Salazar, survived, she's, strong we, all love her and we were all here for her and she's, safe now. Shanna. Fischer had just turned 16 her mother says she was the first student killed and had been harassed by the confessed shooter Demetrius, peg or cheese for four months rejecting. His romantic advances, but, today his attorneys, visiting, their client in jail said, he doesn't remember Fisher's, name, investigators. Have not confirmed a motive in are poring over the suspects journals, to see how long he may have been plotting, the attack I think he still seems very confused, about the incident and. Figuring. Out what exactly happens what, happened is that Cynthia, Tisdale, left behind 11, grandchildren, and this, note to her husband, the morning of the massacre, I love, you. You. Feel better today. They've. Been married almost. 47. Years. The. Sheriff says it took officers, just four minutes, to confront the gunman after the first shots were fired after, a gunfight and intense, negotiations. He then surrender about, 25, minutes later plastered, all right Gabe Gutierrez thank, you let's turn out of Hawaii as, we take a look at that angry, volcano, continuing. To explode this is what it looks like right now the lava flow on the Big Island has now reached the ocean for the first time flowing. Into the Pacific, and that is creating a new toxic, danger, in the air NBC. News national, correspondent Miguel. Almaguer, is there for us again tonight. Explode. To life Kilauea. Is moving faster, spreading, farther a, river. Of lava pouring, into the ocean where, magma, cascades, into the water lays. His form, a haze, of hydrochloric, acid, mixing. With shards of volcanic glass, dangerous. To breathe. Just. Like the sulfur, dioxide and, ash blanketing. The air the, ash is falling it's, very, foggy, and a bed of sulfur is very, very high right now. With. Molten fireballs. Launching, through the sky a high-velocity lava. Bomb had, aborted into its first victim. Mark. Cloths rushing. To help his neighbor struck, in the lay though, his. Friend rushed to the hospital as, clausten stops the home from burn railing, had been smashed, it was about a 12 pound rock had glanced.

Off The railing and obviously. Hit him with new fissures, splitting, the earth open, lava, is rolling, over a highway cutting. Off escape, routes at. Least, four more homes destroyed, Hershel. Hood lost more than just his house we, have two cats they wouldn't leave so I said goodbye to them. And. Everything, else tonight. A spectacular. Display of nature's, power in, the air on the ground now. Out, at sea and, Miguel. Joins us now Miguel I know you're in a safe place but tell me what it feels like to be that close. Lessor. You can certainly feel the heat and the power at times the ground here shakes these geysers of lava are shooting more than a hundred feet into the air we're in a residential, neighborhood that's, a concern, we're also less than a quarter-mile away from a geothermal plant, if this, met that it would certainly be a disaster, in Leicester all of this lava is pouring, right into the ocean bringing, back those toxic, air concerns you spoke about earlier it, is incredible, image behind you Miguel Almaguer, thank you now, to the high powered help joining the fight against our country's deadly opioid, crisis, you already took on big tobacco forcing. A multi-billion. Dollar settlement. Now, he has his sights set on a new target a pharmaceutical, industry. NBC's. Cynthia mcfadden has, more in our series, one nation overdosed. Attorney. Mike Moore did what even his mother thought was impossible, one, a two hundred and forty six billion dollar judgment against, big tobacco the, most historic. Public. Health achievement. In, history, his. Role in that victory memorialized. In the movie The Insider in which he played himself Michael, Moore he's. Now putting that experience, to work against, Big Pharma, charging. That opioid manufacturers. Are largely responsible for, the raging, epidemic you've. Called the tobacco industry, the most corrupt, and evil corporate, animal, that's ever been created in this country's history that's, right what. Do you say about Big Pharma they're pretty evil and, basically they did the same thing that tobacco companies did, they. Lied about the addictive nature of. The opioids, and then they went out and marketed, these things and told doctors, everywhere I can't say and it's created this huge opioid, epidemic I mean there are three million, opioid, addicts out, there in the country right now most. Of whom began with, prescriptions, eighty percent of them more, calls out one company in particular Purdue. Pharma for, videos like this one the, rate of addiction, amongst, pain patients. Who are treated by doctors, is much less than 1% when, you train your workforce. Thousands. Of salespeople to go, out and tell doctors, that there's less than 1%, chance of, addiction, if you take this drug and you, know that. There's no study that you've done and no reliable, study, that anybody else has ever done that says that then. Of course you're telling a lie of course you are, Perdue told NBC, that Moore's assessment, is deeply, flawed that, oxycotin, represents, less than 2% of current opioid prescriptions, and that today's crisis, is driven by illegal. Trafficking, and abuse of heroin, and illicit, fentanyl. But Moore and his colleagues, have already recruited, 23. States to the cause you're, gonna win this fight I'm gonna win this fight I'm gonna keep kicking them until they give up cynthia, mcfadden NBC, News New, York still. Ahead tonight diagnosing. ADHD. The new guidance, for concerned, parents, to catch it and treat it in young children also. Wheeler the magic and the majesty, of snapshots, just released from the official, royal wedding, album. We're. Back now with important, health news a potential. Major leap forward in, diagnosing. ADHD. In children new. Evidence shows it's not just a behavioral.

Problem But a biological, condition, related to brain development suggesting. It can be diagnosed, at an early age NBC's. Rehema Ellis explains. Nathan. Vanna's was only three years old when, his mother noticed, something, wasn't quite right you really needed to make eye contact with, him to. Get him to listen by. 5:00 he was diagnosed, with ADHD ADHD. Is, a very real, biological. Condition, that is. Manifest. Very early on in life in. Fact as early, as four years old according, to a new study researchers, compared. Brain scans of 90 young children, and found, those with ADHD, symptoms. Also, had smaller brain volume, especially. In the frontal lobe the area, that controls motor function, attention, and decision-making. That sounds startling. Maduk to me it's not subtle it, was throughout the brain. Neuropsychologist. Mark Mahone says the study does not recommend, more children have brain scans but, it does suggest parents. Should have children tested as soon, as they show symptoms like, excessive, talking, and extreme, trouble concentrating because. With treatment, some children can manage the symptoms, the, findings do suggest that we should screen, earlier, for ADHD. Just like we screen earlier for other childhood. Conditions, especially things like developmental. Delay or autism I'm happy, that we finally figured. Out what, the problem is and how we can treat it with, therapy, and medication. Nathan's, improving, as this, discovery, shows early. Intervention, makes a difference, Rehema. Ellis NBC, News Baltimore. Coming. Up science tries to settle the great breakfast, table debate our eggs good, or bad for your heart and going. Hollywood Barack, and Michelle Obama cut, a deal could make them media moguls. Back. With some news to keep in mind for breakfast tomorrow morning there has been a lot of back-and-forth over, the years about whether eggs are good or bad because. Of their cholesterol but. A new study published today by the BMJ, journal, heart claims, eating, an egg a day may reduce your cardiovascular. Risk and cut, your risk of stroke by 26, percent the. Obamas, are coming to Netflix the, former first couple is getting into the TV game signing, a multi-year, deal to make what Netflix is calling a diverse, mix of content which could include scripted. And unscripted series. Documentaries. Or features. Over. 29, million Americans, tuned in putting on a pot of coffee extra. Early to watch the Royal Wedding between, Prince Harry and Megan Marco that's even higher than Will and Kate got for their wedding back in 2011 and here's. A view you didn't see the palace releasing. Several official, portraits, including, one with a smiling Prince George stealing, the show another. With the entire immediate, family, and finally. The happy, couple, beaming, on their big day when. We come back dead of gratitude, the former bill collector, who switched sides to help thousands of people inspiring. America is next. Finally. Tonight it's an unfortunate reality that, many Americans, are just one serious, health problem, away from a deep financial, hole collecting. Unpaid, medical debt is a big business, in this country but tonight we have a story of a group that is turning the tables, on debt collections, prising strangers, with a cure, for their medical financial burden, and they, are inspiring, America. When. A medical, emergency strikes. 43. Million Americans are, left with a different, kind of trauma, crushing. Financial.

Debt For, three decades Craig, antico, was the voice on the end of the line you're, the guy that had to call up and say pay. Up in. A nutshell what, was your message message. Was you're, the spill and we need to have payment but now antico. Is using the same expertise. That allowed him to collect debt to, abolish, it instead, what, made you want, to make a difference, and help people well. I'll. Tell you when you go to work and you're having to make 200, calls a day to people that can't afford to pay it just, wears on you at. Five o'clock you just want to go home, now. I can't. Wait to get up antico, and a fellow collector started. Our IP medical. Debt a nonprofit. That uses donations, to buy up batches, of overdue, medical, bills from hospitals, and doctors for. Just pennies on the dollar so. $100, donation, allows, the group to wipe out ten, thousand, dollars in medical bills they, can't respond, to individual. Please, they use a formula. To find and forgive, the neediest, Ragan. Adair couldn't, keep up payments, for migraine, treatments, it is aggravating. To go out there and see that the bills are in the mailbox but one day a surprise, a yellow, envelope, with good news nearly. $3,200, of her debt was, forgiven. Nobody does good things when they're you know when no one's looking and he's. Doing that he's. Helping, so. Many people our IP says, they have forgiven more than a hundred twenty million dollars, in medical debt, more than 60,000. Patients their. Ultimate, goal a billion. Dollars you, may get this letter out of the blue that says your debt is gone that's exactly right it's a random act of kindness that you can get this letter or, a call from. Our ap medical debt saying, your debt is no longer due, NBC. Own TV stations, have donated. $150,000. To the effort and their viewers have donated, as well all, in all erasing 40 million, dollars of debt that. Is nightly, news for this Monday night I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching, and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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