Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 18, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 18, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. From Santa Fe Texas, it has happened again, another. Massacre, at an American, high school. Shooting. In the room, at. Least, 10 people are dead including nine students, and a teacher 10, more are injured some in critical, condition, after police say a student opened. Fire I was, scared for my life, nobody should do this nobody, should be able to feel that in school. Tonight. Just three months after the massacre in Florida, that spurred a nationwide fall to action, another, community school, that stood with parkland. Now, joins a tragic, epidemic, also. Tonight a horrific clear disaster. Over 100, dead just three survivors, cling in their life as, a passenger, jet goes down moments, after takeoff major. Health news a game-changing. New medicine, just approved by the FDA new. Help for millions, who suffer from migraines. And. Here, comes the bride hours. From a Royal Wedding bonanza, and American. Invasion tonight, in Windsor is your, alarm, sent. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt good. Evening and welcome to our viewers in the West we're in Santa Fe Texas, tonight about 30 miles southeast, of Houston and, sadly, this evening the latest American community. Left shattered, by a deadly, school shooting this, time in a high school just a short distance behind me by, now the scenes are all too familiar students. Running out with their hands up parents, frantically, trying to reach their kids reminiscent. Of just three months ago in parkland, Florida the, shooting that sparked a nationwide movement. Before. That the massacre, in Newtown Connecticut, so. Many school shootings, all the way back to Columbine, in nineteen 99 and even before each. Time we stop and ask what can be done and, time passes and then comes a day like today another. Senseless tragedy, at a lot of questions, tonight about what, happened, here and the motive of the suspected, gunman we, begin with NBC's, Gabe Gutierrez and, the moments of terror in Santa, Fe hi it. Was sheer panic, yet again. For. A fight students, fearing for their lives desperate. Parents scrambling. For answers she, called me she said mom their shots and. I said what she said their shots in the school and she was crying I. Turn. Around and just hold it all the way to the school the, gunfire at Santa Fe High School began just before 8 this morning. Students. Say they heard a fire alarm then, shots. Shooting. Right. Now guys. Among. Those wounded sophomore, Rome Schubert a baseball, player shot in the neck came in this, way through the back of my head and then exited right there any of any. Down, and you left any right that I would have been paralyzed or killed probably, about the luckiest guy alive I, guess I don't, know I was scared though. Junior. Dustin Severn says the suspected, shooter is a student, who had been picked on before he doesn't really talk to very many people who. Keeps to himself he wears a trench coat every day. Law. Enforcement sources identified. The suspect, as 17, year old Demetrius pig, or cheese. Investigators. Say his journal suggests that he'd planned to kill himself, but authorities arrested. Him before he took his own life, he gave himself up and. Admit at the time they didn't have the courage to, commit the suicide that he wanted, to take. His own life as police, evacuated the school another, terrifying, discovery there, have been explosive. Devices found, in the high school and. Surrounding. Areas, adjacent to the high school Susana Salazar, distraught. My sister was in the classroom that's why I'm so worried, right now moments. Later devastating. News. This.

Community, Is heartbroken among, the wounded a school resource, officer, we're told he's in critical but stable condition. According, to chilling court documents, the suspect, told police that he didn't shoot students he liked because. He wanted his story told, Lester. All. Right Gabe Gutierrez with, us here in Texas we're joined now by Presley Loomis, and her mom Wendy thank you so much for joining us horrific. Day Presley you, heard the alarm go off you heard the shots you have a decision to make do you run do you hide explain, what you did and. So in the fire alarm was pulled we ran. Well, we didn't run I thought it was a fire alarm so I left all my belongings, in the school and I. Walked out like normal I saw, a couple kids to take off so and then, we started getting pushed back further and then, teachers are you telling us to run run, so, we're running across the street to Indian automotive, where they safely, tucked us away and, I'm thinking you've seen this you we just mentioned the top of this broadcast, we've all seen it before what is it like to live it are these images of other places going through your mind um. I never, really thought that it would happen to me or my school I mean it's pretty traumatic. You, that's, not something when you wake up in the morning you're like oh you're gonna have, a great day at school and, plus it's Friday and then you don't think that you're gonna have somebody. You know I think of your trauma Vetrov of your classmates, and the Wendy yet you know as a parent, when. Did you find out and how, did you get here well I was actually headed, into town about. 7:30, this morning and. I, was passed by nine different cops no. Ambulances. No fire trucks and then before. I could even get turned around I was thinking okay, something's. Not right in, this hometown it usually, comes with. Ambulances. And things like that so. By, the time I got turned around there. Was already more headed that way we were having to get her on the side of the road and by the time I made it to school there, was like 25. You. Didn't have a time to call your mom no, I left my phone in the school so so when you have tell me about you being reunited. It. Was, amazing. It, was, heart-wrenching. Very. Emotional, because. Hold. Her tight and not let her go. I'm. Just really thankful that she's okay but my heart is broken for. Those that aren't and for those parents. Well bless both of you thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us we appreciate it, all, right as. We said there are a lot of questions tonight about the suspected, gunman a 17, year old student and, unlike past school shooting, suspects, this one seems to have given off no major warning, signs we get details on that from our justice correspondent Pete. Williams. Police. And federal agents searched, the house where Demetrius, podgórze has lived a few miles from the high school and say they found some low-level explosive. Devices in the house and his car but, they say none of the pipe bombs he left in the school went, off, officials, say he wrote in journals, a computer, and his cell phone about wanting to shoot up the school and then commit suicide, though he's surrendered, after exchanging, gunfire with, first responders and, is now cooperating with, investigators, so. Far they say no obvious, motive he had no prior brushes, with the law teachers. Say he did not turn in disturbing, homework there were not those types of warning signs we. We have what are often categorized as red flag warnings. And here. The red flag warnings, were either non-existent or, are, very imperceptible. His only apparent violence-related, expression. Was this t-shirt that said born to kill that he posted on social media April 30th but, authorities say he had a long dark coat and wore it or something similar today to conceal, his weapons and appeared, to copy many of the details of the shooting at Colorado's, Columbine, High School in 1999. Seems, like this guy was emulating the Columbine killers which. Is what so many of these people do they study each other and they, like using the theatrics, to sort of echo but what led to that obsession, remains, a mystery, but gort's has played football his freshman, year and seemed to fit in though, today some classmates say he'd been complaining recently. That he'd been bullied, late. Today podgórze, has appeared briefly in court by video to face the charges 10 counts of capital murder. He spoke little answering, yes to whether he wanted a court-appointed, lawyer Lester.

All Right Pete Williams in our Washington, newsroom thank you the massacre here in Texas marks the 16th school shooting, in the u.s. just this year this was also the deadliest, since 17, people were killed on the high school shooting in parkland. Florida in. February, today. Several of the survivors, from Parkland expressed their grief and their condolences, for the victims here but, also they're outraged, that this is happening all over, again, NBC's. Kerry Sanders has, more. At. First glance these tragedies, look the same and for students in Florida, at parklands Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school that's, the problem I, was just mad more than I was sad that something. Like this could happen again they. Know all too well how this crisis, is unfolding in, Texas, we're frightened, parents and students said today's shooting, reflects, a new, reality, it's. Been happening everywhere, I felt, I've always kind of felt like eventually it was going to happen here too it's one of our fears as, parents, to send our kids to school nowadays. And not know that they're safe. The. Similarities. Are hard to miss 17. Died here in parkland, Florida this, February. Andy Pollock's daughter meadow among the victims and today, he's, not surprised, something like this has happened again. A feeling. Today is that I feel helpless you're. Angry yeah of, course I'm angry this ten dead kids you know and then parents, that have to deal with it like that I have to deal with I don't want to see parents like the way I feel I don't want to see anybody feel the way I feel, parkland, students emma gonzales, and david hog two of the most outspoken activists. Following that shooting tweeting, today we are fighting for you and we, will be there to support you. That. Shooting, ignited, a movement massive. Protests, calling for an end to gun violence. Students. Across the country staged, walkouts, demanding. Politicians. Restrict. Access to certain firearms. So. We're not gonna stop till it happens. The, students, from today's high school shooting in texas joined, those walkouts, to making. Signs hashtag. Never again in, solidarity. With the parklands survivors, unaware. They, would be sharing, the raw pain of a school shooting just. 93, days later Kerry, Sanders, NBC, News parkland. Florida, in. Washington. President Trump is responding, to the latest incident, again promising. Action to prevent school shooting something we've heard from lawmakers including, the president, before our. White House correspondent. Peter Alexander is in Washington. Peter after the initial shock we look to Washington people, want answers and solutions what. Are you hearing from there you, know Lester tonight President Trump has ordered flags to fly at half-staff to, honor those victims, in Texas at first today he bluntly assess. The situation tweeting, early reports not, looking, good later saying that mass shootings, have been going on too, long he, called this a very sad day a, horrific, attack and, he delivered this message to the Santa Fe High School community, well.

With You in this tragic, hour and we will be, with you forever. My. Administration. Is determined to do everything in, our power to protect, our students. Secure. Our schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to. Themselves. And. To others. Following. The parklands shooting the president invited victims and families to the White House you remember and set up a federal Commission on school safety he, initially said, he would take the heat from the NRA with a call to raise, the age limit. To buy guns but so far no action, on that, promise and earlier this month at their conference, the president publicly, embraced, the NRA by, the way the first lady tweeted her condolences today as well her office says that, she is still recovering at Walter Reed where she's been hospitalized, since a kidney procedure, Monday, the, president had indicated, that she would be back here at the White House by the end of the week Lester, all. Right Peter Alexander thank, you and on this busy Friday we are also covering a deadly plane disaster, in Cuba, Cuban, and Airlines, Boeing, 737. With more than 100, people including five children on board crashed shortly. After takeoff. From Havana's, Airport state. Media reports, three people survived the crash and were pulled alive from the wreckage they, are in critical condition, the State Department, US State Department working to determine whether American, citizens, were, on board that plane let's. Take a turn now to the new hope for the tens of millions of Americans, who suffer from migraines, the FDA has, approved a breakthrough drug, designed, to stop migraines, before they ever start NBC. News medical correspondent dr. John Torres has the, story. 26. Year-old Lisa Ferrentino, --zz migraines, started, when she was just a freshman in high school about up here it's all over pain it's not just your head she tried dozens of medications, and nothing, could stop the more than 15, migraines, she'd have each month, 39. Million Americans, suffer, from migraines, but now a major, breakthrough the, fda approving, the first medication, in a new class of drugs designed, to, prevent migraines, it is targeting, one of the causes of the disease rather than just being something invented, for something else that was found to be useful for migraine the drug works by blocking a molecule, called C GRP which, in high levels, can cause the body to feel more pain studies. Show monthly injections, of the new drug called a movig cut, the number of migraines, in half for, nearly 50 percent of patients who took it that could be life-changing yeah, for someone who is having frequent migraines. That, the percent fewer migraines could make a huge difference in their quality of life it, was for, Lisa who, now rarely, has migraines. Makes. Life so much easier the drug will cost sixty nine hundred dollars a year but may be covered, by insurance it, should be widely available next. Week dr., John Torres NBC, News Fairfield, Connecticut. Still. Ahead countdown. To the Royal Wedding how, Harry and Meghan are spending their last few hours before the event millions, plan to watch around the world also. Fireballs. In toxic, gas that grow, threat from Hawaii's, volcano, emergency. We'll, be right down. On. A much happier note the wait is almost over. The much-anticipated royal. Wedding, between Prince Harry and American, Megan Markel now just hours, away today, the groom and best man, Prince William greeted, admirers, as we learned who will walk Megan, down the aisle NBC's. Keir Simmons at, windsor with the latest. Tonight's. Megan Marco with her mom her, last night before becoming royalty after. Introducing, Doria Ragland to the Queen, how you feeling miss barkow. Megan's. Extraordinary. Journey from American, actress to Her Royal Highness now. In its last 24, hours driving. To Windsor with Prince Harry they, won't be together again, until, tomorrow the. Palace announcing, today Prince, Charles, will lead Megan down the aisle this. Afternoon, no sign of nerves from his soon-to-be married son that's. A very relaxed, looking Prince Harry with his brother and best, man Prince, William in just a few hours time Megan, Markel will become his.

American, Princess. The. Princes greeting, well-wishers, who've been here for hours many, from the US when. You said congratulations, he looked right at you my soul sincere, when he said but to thank you you know Oh Harry. Bumps actually is what he gave me, Harry. Telling, others he can't wait, William, joking, he's looking for a babysitter, this weekend. Tomorrow. Will be a far more intimate, wedding, than Harry's parents Charles, and Diana when 3,500. Guests attended, or William, and Kate's more formal, affair in Westminster. Abbey the. Unprecedented service. Including, an archbishop, from England and a bishop from the US well, to be sure the. Church of England is the mother church and so, it's. It's, always to be good in Mama's house. Tomorrow's. Pomp, and ceremony may feel more like a party, than past world nuptials but then this is a royal wedding like, no other before. The. Whole guest list is still a mystery tonight almost every British royal Diana's, family and many of Megan's friends are expected, and some big stars George, Clooney Serena Williams Elton, John it'll, be quite a day yes sir, lots. Of excitement there cure simmons thank you coming, up with graduation, season in full swing some good news for grads hitting the job Parker will tell you about if we come back. In. Hawaii a double threat tonight after that volcanic eruption, a surge in strength, for many of those fissures that have sent geysers, of lava into the air threatening, more homes and they're, also growing concerns, over air quality, on the Big Island with, sulfur dioxide, coming out of the ground and the massive plume of ash and soot Kilauea. Is crater slowly, raining, down a Florida. Man is under arrest after a shootout, with police at, a Miami area Golf, Resort owned by President, Trump police, say he entered the lobby of the Trump national Doral, resort overnight. Through an American, flag on a counter, and began ranting, against the president, he then allegedly fired, shots, into the ceiling and waited, for police to arrive for an ambush, type attack in the, chaos the suspect, was wounded and one officer, suffered a broken wrist a new.

Graduate Says your parents, may be fond of telling you now that you've got the diploma it's time to get a job but the good news on that front the average starting pay for those 24, and under entering, the workforce has, soared over five percent compared. To just a year ago so it's a great time to start your start, your job search when. We come back a princess of our own American, super fans flocking, overseas, for tomorrow's, royal wedding. Finally. Tonight we're counting down to tomorrow's big event as we noted earlier millions, will be watching here in the US as Prince Harry and Megan Markel tie the knot in England, but for some Americans, who've caught royal wedding, fever seeing, it on a TV screen just isn't good enough here's, NBC's kelly. Cobiella. Tonight. In traditional, windsor england an american, invasion. All. Here, to see the california, girl marry, her prince. You went yes, we did, we. Also wanted to represent America. And England. Chris. Barnes, from Seattle, was making plans the minute she heard Harry was engaged a royal, fan for, decades, she's, met the Queen and saw, Fergie and Andrew, then, Kate and William, tie the knot it's hard work you, have to have patience. This. Time three, generations. With four festive. Hats traveled. Nearly, 5,000. Miles you've. Made it your hinge. How. Does it feel it, feels wonderful ready, for a royal wedding. But. First scoping. Out that perfect, spot all for, one brief, moment a, glimpse. Through the crowds of the bride and groom I want, them to come through those gates and, then, I want them to look at me in. Wave and smile their, fairytale. Ending, kelly, cobiella NBC News Windsor. And. We invite you to join us for complete royal wedding coverage tomorrow with a special, edition of today starting, at 4:30 a.m., Eastern. Time we, appreciate, you spending part of your evening with us our thoughts certainly with the folks here in Santa Fe Texas, at today's school tragedy, that, is nightly, news for this Friday from Texas, I'm Lester Holt good night and thanks for watching. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel, subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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