Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 17, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 17, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. Explosive. New eruption. Hawaii's, Kilauea volcano. Blows it stop shooting, a plume of ash, 30,000. Feet into, the sky, you. Can't compare it anything ever, tonight. The danger, far from over deadly. Highway for a school bus at fifth-graders, collided with a dump truck the front sheared, off at, least two fatalities. They, were like hanging from their seatbelts, the latest on the victims is the summit on or off, president Trump warns, North Korea's Kim jong-un, to cut a deal or face total, decimation but. Offers protection if, he surrenders his news, GSA's. New watch, lists to reveal why the agency is keeping it how you could, end up on earth life-saving. Flights more and more taking, to the air but more patients, hit with sky-high medical. Bills insurance. Won't cover it and here, comes the bride Megan. Markel and Prince Harry arrived, at Windsor Castle for, wedding rehearsal, but, their sad news for Megan with just 36, hours, to go, this. Is NBC, Nightly News with Lester. Holt good, evening everyone and thank you for being here a thunderous, pre-dawn, explosion. Announced a powerful, eruption from inside the crater of Hawaii's Mount Kilauea, volcano, today, spilling. A tower of choking ash and debris almost, 6 miles high. The eruption, the latest, turn in this natural drama, has already sent fiery rivers, of molten lava flowing, through residential, neighborhoods, destroying. Dozens, of homes our, national, correspondent Miguel, Almaguer, is there watching, it all unfold. After. Warning, signs Kilauea, would blow today, it happened, the eruption, spitting rocks into the air shooting. A massive, plume of smoke and ash, 30,000. Feet we, may have additional larger. Events, more powerful, events kind of like with what we earlier this morning, today's. Eruptions. Come after two weeks of volcanic activity. Earthquake. Visions. And, toxic. Gases have, turned this tropical paradise, into. Hell for Saab you, can't compare it anything. Mark. Clausen lives among the lobbying, lava bombs. New. Health concerns, over sulfur, dioxide, venting, into the air locals. Also bracing, for, ash fall. Geologists, warning, of more explosions. Geysers. Of fire threaten homes around, the clock. You. Can feel the ground shake hear, what sounds like a jet engine overhead. Lava, has been shooting out at the ground for, two weeks here. Kilauea. Is fire in fury met, today by a blast of smoke and ash with, a warning more, may be on the way. Kilauea. Is crater geologists. Say today's blast may have been the first and last or it may be the start of a series they simply don't know any, time lastly I want to give you a live picture from our second camera just behind me it's in a local neighborhood here. Where those massive, fissures, continue, to spout hot lava and toxic, gases into. The air that, explosion, at the crater may be over but neighborhoods, here today are, still under siege pastor, Miguel and we're hearing some of those explosions behind, you absolutely, unnerving, thank you for that report it's, turned out of the horrifying crash today involving, a school bus packed, with middle school students, on a field trip at, least two people were killed a student and a teacher when, the bus collided, with a dump truck on a New Jersey Highway we, get the latest from NBC's, Kristen Dahlgren. The. Images, are haunting, a crash so severe the bus separated, from its wheels tossing. Students, a lot of people were screaming. And. They were like hanging from their seatbelts. Eleven-year-old, Theo was on the bus filled with his fifth grade classmates, from Paramus New Jersey, excited. About a field trip we're going to a place. Called Waterloo, village and one. Of the trucks behind, us, got. Hit as we. Toppled. Over, the. The. Bus collided, with a dump truck a. Teacher. And a student killed, 43. Injured, some critically few. People got out of the windows and. They. Got out of the emergency. Exit, on the top, it was a rough scene to see I mean you, know when I arrived on scene there's children, all over the place as the, students, and chaperones were, rushed to the hospital, parents. Started, getting calls it's, pretty chaotic because people are scrambling to get their kids, Eastbrook middle school dismissed early, for many parents reunions. Bringing, relief as soon as I saw her I just grabbed her. Tonight. An investigation is, underway but, for some families, there, is only heartache, Kristen. Dahlgren NBC, News Paramus, New Jersey. President, Trump appeared, to alternate, between reassuring. And threatening, kim jeong-hoon during a back-and-forth, worth of reporters.

Today The president, raising the specter of US, military force against, North Korea while, at the same time holding, out hope that the planned summit, with Kim can, still be held next month in Singapore, NBC's. Peter Alexander on. The president's, latest comments. Downplaying. Doubts North Korea will scrap the summit president Trump tonight try to keep that sit down with Kim jong-un on track, our people, are literally dealing, with them right now in terms of making, arrangements. For the meeting the president, far from fire and fury instead, offering, North Korea's dictator public assurances. That. Giving up nuclear weapons doesn't mean giving up power he'd be there he'd be in his country, he'd be running his country, his country, would be very rich so why Kim's cold feet mr. Trump suggesting, China could be influencing, the north the president, doing his own diplomacy. Promising Kim jong-un protections. And contradicting. Recent comments by his national security adviser John Bolton. That's the north blasted, as sinister, we, have very much in mind the Libya model, from 2003. 2004. The Libyan model isn't a model that we have at all. Well. We're thinking of North Korea that, Libyan, model referring to the removal of the country's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief but, the president seemed to confuse that with a us-backed, air campaign, years later during the Libyan civil war that led to Muammar Qaddafi's death still. Despite all the assurances mr.. Trump suggested military. Action in North Korea remains. On the table if you look at that model, with Qaddafi, that, was a total, decimation we. Went in there to beat him now that model, would take place if we, don't make a deal most, likely but, if we make a deal I think. Kim jong-un is going to be very, very happy all I can hope, for is, that the president, is attempting. To reassure, Kim. That, he will not end up like Qaddafi but, the facts are Qaddafi. Ended up dead in a drain pipe. Also. Tonight the Mexican, government, is calling out president, Trump for describing some undocumented, immigrants, as animals, Wednesday, Mexico, telling the, State Department, that is unacceptable, the, president insists today that he was talking about ms-13, gang members. And says he, would call them animals again Lester. Peter Alexander at the White House tonight thank you the, CIA has a new chief Geena Haspel, was confirmed, by the Senate today, the first woman to become the agency's, director despite. Concerns among, Democrats, and some Republicans about. Her role in the CIA's, enhanced interrogation. Program. Which, critics have denounced, as torture, during, your hearing, Haspel vowed not to revive, those tactics, with. Summer travel, season around, the corner a new revelation, today about the TSA it, turns out the agency is keeping its own watch list of passengers who, are known to cause trouble, or get physical, at airport checkpoints the. List was started in February, over, concerns about the number of screeners, being physically, assaulted NBC's. Tom Costello has, the story. The. TSA s new watchlist, is called the 95. List separate. From the terror watchlist, it's the TSA zone list of passengers who become physical, with the TSA officer, in the past including. Spitting, punching, swatting, that assaulting, or injuring. An officer, those, so far out of two and a half million passengers, each day only, a handful, are on the list there, are less than 50 people on this list and the intent was we were seeing an alarming.

Increase In the number of assaults against their officers the TSA insists, it will press charges any time an officer is assaulted, in 2016. 26, officers were assaulted last, year 34, the TSA says a verbal, exchange with an officer will not get a passenger, on the 95 list the process, meant, to get airport TSA staff I heads-up that a passenger, with a history could be coming, though still, cleared to fly and not subject to extra, screening civil. Rights advocates, warn passengers, aren't notified, if they're added to the list and therefore. Can't petition, to get off the TSA can also target, people who are quote unquote publicly. Notorious, and that's, a very broad definition we, don't know who falls into that, category, of people still, the TSA, says the 95, list is all about protecting, both, passengers, and screening. Officers, Tom. Costello NBC, News Washington they're. Just about 36, hours left until the wedding event, of the year Prince Harry and Megan Marco holding rehearsals, today ahead of Saturday's highly. Anticipated, nuptials but. An announcement, from the bride today is putting to rest the conflicting reports, about whether, her father will attend nbc's. Kelly cobiella, has, more. Tonight. The bride and groom are in Windsor, Prince Harry and Megan Markel arriving, at the castle, the bride looking. Serene, the days of drama surrounding her father Thomas, Markel now settled, in, a statement Megan said sadly, my father will not be attending our wedding I've always cared for my father and hope he can be given the space he needs to. Focus on his health thomas, Markel recovering, from heart surgery pulling. Out of the wedding after a media, firestorm over, staged, photos. So. Now a wedding, planned with military, precision. Including, parade practice, today with. One key detail still, up in the air who. Will walk Meghan down the aisle, her mother Doria Ragland, will be her only family, attending. The wedding I think if she doesn't walk down midoriya it'll be with a member of the royal family possibly, Prince Charles possibly, even Prince Willie in this best man meanwhile, Harry will be feeling another absence, things. Like today when when, I really miss having her around and miss being able to show her the, happy news the couple placing memories of Diana all around, them, her favorite white roses in, the chapel decorations. Diana's, brother and two sisters there, among the guests, and two.

Of Her diamonds in Meghan's, engagement, ring little diamonds on the side for. My mother's jewelry collection, to, make sure that she's with us and this crazy. Journey together the palace tells us Megan's mother met William, Kate and their children, ahead, of a wedding rehearsal here, at the castle today and she'll, meet the Queen for, the first time tomorrow Lester. All right Kelly thank you none of a high-flying medical, lifesaver, that is grounding, Americans, with massive, medical bills every. Year nearly 400,000. Americans are flown to a hospital in, an air ambulance for, a medical emergency especially. As more rural hospitals. Close but, the cost of those medical air lifts is skyrocketing, in some, cases adding, financial, trauma on top of physical, trauma here's NBC's Anne, Thompson. When. Every second, counts helicopter, ambulances, provide, life-saving services. But, some patients say the cost leaves, deep financial, wounds, I, see, doctors. Weekly. Bi-weekly monthly. Four, years ago a head-on collision mangled. Her SUV and Jody LoPresto. Paramedics. Called an air ambulance to, fly her forty nine miles to this oklahoma city hospital if a, regular, ambulance, ambulance, had, got me there I, wouldn't. Have probably made it at all, grateful. To survive but, shocked, at the price the. Bill more, than 38,000, dollars Jody's. Insurance, paid only about six thousand, dollars because, the ambulance, was out of network sticking. Jody with a balance bill of more than. $32,000. Did. You have, $32,000. I, had nothing, I didn't even have $100. Sitting, anywhere that, wasn't working I was looking at never walking again in my whole life she, refused, to pay, Irma's. Instead. Joining a class-action, lawsuit, against the transport, company air methods, which operates, about a third of air ambulances, nationwide. The. Air ambulance is picked by someone else called, by someone else there's no negotiation, or even, a disclosure, of their prices, in advance, and they, send you a bill for whatever they want the company, has argued federal law protects, its pricing, decisions, and that it's pursuing, insurance, companies, more than patients, to pay the bill, air methods, declined, our request for an interview. So. What does this service really cost the, industry Association, says the median cost to the company for an air ambulance is, ten thousand, two hundred dollars but. The price patients, are charged is much higher a recent, government report says, those prices doubled, took thirty thousand, dollars in just four, years and, air, methods, prices, rose. 283, percent over ten years the industry says they lose, money on many, flights if. Insurance won't, pay for an emergency medical transport, deemed medically necessary, by. A medical, professional at the scene then, what else is insurance, for some. People are gonna hear this and think you're, just passing the buck you're just shifting, the blame from. The industry, to the insurance, company, when seven out of ten medical, transports. That were deemed medically necessary, by, a professional, at the scene of an accident or illness are vastly. Under reimbursed, the, obvious, solution to this problem, is to fix, that under reimbursement. Meanwhile. Patients, like Jody are caught, in the middle what, would pain thirty two thousand dollars do to you financially, it would have destroyed me that's, a house, that's a car that's, Mike could be my son's, college.

Tuition. And, Lester. It appears Congress, is listening, it is considering, laws to require air, ambulance, companies, to be more transparent. About charges, and, permit states to regulate the businesses, so, patients, are no longer stuck with those massive. Bills things, you're not thinking about the middle of emergency, no certainly, not want to be helped all right and thank you very much still, ahead tonight the explosion, in cases, of Lyme disease, in a new way for patients to find out if they need to be treated after being bitten by a tick, we'll be right. Back. Now with a Health Alert as the weather heats up the number of people getting sick from bug bites is tripled, in the last 15, years that includes ticks carrying. Lyme disease which is notoriously. Hard to diagnose, but, NBC medical, correspondent dr. John torus tells us about a new way to fight it. When. Karen Blum came home from a hike with a tick on her knee her, worries began, I was concerned, that it could have been Lyme disease or another. Disease, potentially. It carried by ticks the, CDC, now warning, that tick borne illnesses, have nearly doubled since 2004. Mainly. Because the tick that spreads Lyme disease called, the black legged, tick is spreading, more, people, are encountering. Ticks, because ticks are in more places but. Tonight a new weapon in the battle against Lyme disease instead. Of going to the doctor Karen. Took a picture of her tick and sent, it to entomologist. Thomas Mathur who looks at the type of tick where you live in how, long the bug has been attached what, we can do is tell. You tell you that this tick has been attached long enough if it is infected, it could have transmitted, something and that's the bottom line is basically get them to the point where they can make a good decision about what, needs to be done after that exactly. Information. That can help their doctors decide whether to start treating with antibiotics. Mathur. Says the best advice though is prevention, use. Bug spray that, contains permethrin, and sprays, use to stop ticks from crawling up pant legs good. Advice for Karen Blum who now knows her tick wasn't, the type to transmit, Lyme that was relieved learning, your risk so you can have peace of mind, so, John what's it looking like for this summer in terms of the tick threat it's certainly looking like we're gonna see that a lot more we're expecting, more ticks in more areas this year which of course means more bites daily. Tick checks on you your children and especially your pets don't forget them it's, going to be important dr. John Torres thank you Sarah Kubek when we come back the new warning tonight about certain, swimming, pools and how they could make you very sick. Here's. A sign of a times fewer American, women are having babies, 2017. Saw the lowest number of births in the US in decades, with, some 3.8. Million babies, born experts. Point to factors, including, changing, attitudes, toward Parenthood, especially. Among Millennials, shifting. Immigration, trends and a rise in birth, control use, a new, warning tonight from the CDC, about a hard to kill germ, that can get you sick in swimming, pools it's, called crypto for short and it can resist chlorine, disinfectant.

In Swimming pools the, parasite, causes, stomach issues, the CDC, says hotel, swimming pools and hot tubs can, be a major source of the outbreaks, and the, US Surgeon General found, himself lending. A medical, hand and a Delta Airlines flight dr., Jerome Adams, was on a plane in Fort Lauderdale when, a passenger, became. Unconscious. Just before takeoff, Adams. And two nurses responded, to a call for help passenger. Woke up and was taken to a hospital when. We come back the remarkable, things have happened since two best friends decided. To live life to the fullest, how, they're inspiring, America. Finally. Tonight a lot has happened since, we first met two best friends from California, who began an unusual, journey to celebrate, life after, one of them was diagnosed, with cancer turns, out their approach is influencing. Many others that's not the only twist in their story Joe, fryer tonight and how they're inspiring, America. Chris. Betancourt and Dylan Hill of packed years of life into mere months all part, of Chris's bucket, list flying, a plane getting. Matching tattoos, meeting. Celebrities like Danny DeVito. I'm. Just some dorky, dude who has some things, I want to do this. California. Duo embarked, on the list after Chris who's battling leukemia was, given only a year to live unless he got a bone-marrow transplant. It just made sense that if. I wasn't going to see him ever again let's, spend the moments we have doing stuff that we'll, remember they're, making videos of their journey a project, called one list one life but now is. It hard there's, another, life in, Ohio Lexie Everts was motivated, to tackle her own list after she was diagnosed, with stage four cancer and Dylan, is there to document her journey I'm just really grateful for everything that they've done and I'm really grateful for my. Perspective, being chained on this stage she rounded up a group to paint inspirational. Murals her cancer is now in remission yet, she's forging, ahead even, Nita Machida, as for Chris his story inspired, thousands, to sign up for the bone marrow registry, anything. Changed since we saw you guys last yeah, I found a donor which is incredible, instead, of the bucket Chris now hopes to kick the, cancer, everyone's. Got a timer I mean, now, mine may be elongated, but, it doesn't mean you know you stop living so the list will continue along, with the movement they've inspired Joe. Fryer NBC, News gibsonburg, Ohio, so. Chris started his transplant, process this week and we want to wish him all the very best, that, is nightly news for this Thursday night I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News thank, you for watching and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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i am sorry ,is anyone tell me why? i am chinese ,i am in china. i am worried about that i am using vpn. why banned me to visit youtube. why have not i this choice ? i can learn english from youtube.

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