Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. Desperation. At the border, president Trump doubling, down on his call for migrants, to be deported, without a day, in court we, want a system, where. When people come in illegally, they have to go out plus, our emotional, interview with a migrant, mother one of so many searching, to find the child taken, from her refused, service, the president attacks a restaurant, that kicked out his press secretary and, targets. A Democrat, who called on the public to harass, Trump, officials. Murder, mystery a father shot and killed while camping, with his two daughters in a popular, state park the shooter and the motive unknown, stalks. Take a plunge and an American, icon Harley, Davidson, moving jobs out of the US blaming. Spiraling, costs, on the escalating, trade war a plane, goes down in flames the, lone survivor, walks, away, they. Kept saying he's, gonna smoke but I couldn't leave I could leave that guy to burn up how witnesses, helped save him and the, new trend when it comes to hospital, style care, there, may be no, place like, home. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with Lester. Holt, good. Evening from Los Angeles tonight, welcome to our viewers here in the West amid, the blowback and confusion. Of her family, separations. And the government's changing, zero-tolerance. Policy. Toward illegal immigration, President. Trump may be about to once again rewrite, the policy, this time turning illegal, border crossers, right around and sending them home without giving, them their day in court an idea, almost sure to face a constitutional. Challenge as some, critics of the president's, policy, began to make their opposition. Personal. Our, Peter Alexander has the story, President. Trump tonight declaring, what he says is the only real, answer to stop illegal immigration, in its tracks we, want a system, where. When people come in illegally, they, have to go out and, a. Nice, simple system, that works the president, touting a more hardline approach that would strip undocumented, immigrants, of due process, rights like a hearing before a judge an argument, that advocates, for immigrants, say is unconstitutional. Mr. Trump alongside Jordan's, King Abdullah taking, credit, last week's executive, order overturning.

His Widely, rejected family. Separation, policy, it, was. Something. That I felt we had to do we. Want children. Staying together but, earlier on Twitter the president making no exceptions, for minors, who enter illegally children. Who he says should be brought back to their country, today, Customs, and Border Protection announced. A temporary pause and prosecutions of, adults, arriving, here with children, changing. The policy, were simply out of resources, the, political, firestorm now, sparking, public shaming of administration. Officials press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders today addressing. Being asked to leave this Virginia restaurant, by the owner over morale, issues we are allowed to grist disagree, but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm the, president ripping, the restaurant, is filthy, and dirty and warning Democratic, congresswoman Maxine Waters who recalled a quote extraordinarily, low, IQ, person, be, careful, what you wish for after, the California Democrat, called for confronting Trump officials. Waters. Later facing, pushback, from party leaders. DHS. Secretary, Kirsten nielsen was also heckled at a Mexican restaurant White. House staffers, Stephen Miller shattered, out as a fascist, and Trump, ally Pam, Bondi, run, out of a movie premiere in Tampa. Peter. Alexander joining, us now a Republican. Rally in South Carolina, Peter, what a party, loyalist, saying about the president's, policy, right now how all this is going over. Yeah. Lester what's clear is that the president is increasingly, emboldened, I think you could say he's, been bolstered by recent. Poll numbers that showed 90%, of Republicans including those members of his base here, at this rally in South Carolina, approve. Of the job he's doing from the conversations. We've had on the ground here they say the stronger, the attacks against, him the, tougher, and stronger, their support, for him Lester. Peter, Alexander in South Carolina thank you and these are now desperate days for the families who were separated before, president, Trump's order reversing, that policy, for most the process, of reuniting, has become a grueling, exercise, in frustration at, the same time we're learning more about what it's like inside some, of the facilities holding. The children, NBC's. Gabe Gutierrez reports. From Texas, once again tonight. Tonight. A first look inside a tent city near El Paso Texas along, the us-mexico. Border housing. Hundreds, of migrant, children journalists. Were given a tour but no cameras, were allowed inside the. Department, of Health and Human Services provided.

This Video it shows children being examined, at the on-site medical clinic and lined up in the cafeteria, the contractor, running the tent city said the process is flawed and that its facility, would not have been necessary without, the separations. Which it says horn the children, we're aggressively, looking for parents, and if they're having a hard time we're. Gonna find them. After. President, Trump's executive, order last week stopping, family separation, but keeping, his zero-tolerance, policy. Of prosecuting undocumented. Immigrants, migrant, families are struggling, to be reunited, the poorest now five, of them spoke out today for the first time as they apply for asylum without, their children. Give, me diamonds better mean equal. Among. Them is EDC, or Lonnie Mencia we've been following her case and she told us she was separated from her son on his sixth, birthday what, was the hardest part in, momento came a hit, all she says the hardest moment is when she was told her son would be taken away he. Cried. 2,000. Miles away in a rural poverty-stricken, village in Honduras, her mother Maria wants to know when she'll see her grandson again. They're. Trapping children, there as if they were little animals, and they're human beings she, says hi mama. Late today we were there as Edie's was able to reach her mother by phone for, the first time since being released from, detention say my son. Being gorillas her mother had good news she spoke to her young grandson, adderson by phone he's, in a shelter, in Arizona, they, can only hope a reunion, is in the making. The. Children here at this tent city ages 13, to 17, are allowed limited, time outside, in the desert heat but are brought inside, once, the temperature reaches 98, degrees the Pentagon confirms, that fort bliss and Goodfellow, Air Force Base will also, help, house migrants in temporary, shelters laughter. All, right Gabe Gutierrez thank, you turning now to the rough day on Wall Street the Dow plunging, more than 320. Points over more trade war fears and it comes the same day that iconic, American, motorcycle, maker Harley Davidson, announced, it is moving, some jobs out of the us to avoid spiraling, costs, after Europe. Retaliated. For president, Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum, NBC's. Tom Costello has, the story. It's. Been a fixture on America's, roads since 1903. But. Today Harley Davidson said it will move a piece of its americana, and the jobs that come with it overseas, to, avoid a retaliatory, counterpunch. From Europe after, the u.s. imposed tariffs, on steel and, aluminum harley-davidson, is an American icon and, Americans. Don't want an American. Icon that's bill overseas, Harley, execs were welcomed to the White House last year as a symbol, of American, industry the president, urged them to add jobs. But. Earlier this year the company said it would move much of its Kansas City plant operations, to Thailand, now, Harley says a 25%. Increase in European, tariffs would, add, $2,200. To the cost of a motorcycle, shipped to Europe its second, biggest market late, today President, Trump tweeted surprised at harley-davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag I, fought, hard for them and ultimately they. Will not pay tariffs selling into the EU and. The, wall street slide today Harley, stock lost 6%, of course it's not just Harley's, affected by the tariffs, and counter tariffs it's everything from cheese to nails to cranberries, to of all things movie, theater seats at. First-class seating in Michigan Chuck Reed fears higher steel, prices will, force his prices higher costing, him valuable customers. But, he's reluctant to move manufacturing overseas. The, price when. You're selling to a theater, is. Paramount. And if we don't keep that cost down they will look for alternative. Back. In Harley's home state of wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker today, urged all sides to pull back let's just get rid of all the tariffs out there as a threaten trade war now threatens, classic, American, jobs Tom. Costello NBC, News Frederick, Maryland here, in California, the governor declared a state of emergency today. In northern Lake County, after a fast-moving wildfire, forced. 3,000, people from their homes the Pawnee Fire as it's been named has destroyed 22, structures, and threatens. Hundreds, more at. A northern Florida, fast moving wildfire destroyed, about 30, homes of the Panhandle, region and displaced. Around 200, people now. That while murder-mystery here in southern california police, say a 35, year old father on a family, camping trip, was gunned down with. His two and four year old daughters, by his side it, happened in a popular, park made famous by TV, and movies but there was no known suspect, or motive NBC.

News National correspondent Miguel. Almaguer, has the story. When. Sheriff's, deputies arrived at Malibu, Creek State Park the victim, had been shot multiple, times gunned. Down as, he camped, with his children in the early morning, hours. Investigators. Say someone opened, fire on 35. Year-old Tristan Beaudette, from outside, his tent his 2 and 4 year old daughters by his side were, not injured, about, 444. In the morning, the sheriff's received. A 911 call and, responded. And found a, male, victim of, a gunshot a chemist, who attended, UC Berkley friends, say Beaudette was camping, with his girls so his wife a doctor. Could prepare for an exam his, family, who was moving to the Bay Area says. Not, a second, goes by that, we are grappling with the senselessness, of this, crime he. Was just a family man and that's. Where he was getting cared for just to take care of his family and be there for them less than 30 miles outside Beverly. Hills Malibu, Creek offers, incredible views and, is known for its Hollywood, backdrop. In shows, like mash but. There has been recent. Trouble in the park a body, was found nearby, discovered. Two weeks ago and investigators. Are looking into a string of shootings that for now are not connecting, tonight, the iconic, campground, is closed and with no suspect. The case of this murder mystery, is wide, open, Miguel. Almaguer, NBC, News, Malibu. Funeral. Services were held today outside Pittsburgh for, Antoine Rose the 17, year old at the center of a firestorm after. Police were caught on camera fatally. Shooting, him as he fled a traffic, stop on foot last week Rose, was unarmed, and a passenger, in a car that police suspected. Was linked to a drive-by shooting his. Death sparking, days of protests, the officer, has been placed on leave now. But a fiery plane crash in, Detroit the family of three aboard and a lone survivor, a teenage, boy caught on camera, rolling, out of the flames and incredibly, able to walk away and tonight, we hear from witnesses who jumped, in to help save him NBC's. Anne Thompson has the story. When, you look at the intensity, of the fire, it's amazing, that anyone, was able to do this, 17. Year old Payton Bose rolls out of the burning wreckage and incredibly. Walks away the. Lone survivor, of the single-engine. Plane crash on Detroit's, east side Sunday, night.

Plane. Is on fire tonight, police credit courageous, good Samaritans. Who reportedly, used a baseball bat and attacks to try and free the injured, Kordell, Owens says he was one of them he kept saying he's, going to blow but I couldn't leave I couldn't leave that guy to burn up Payton Bo's got out but his father Greg who was at the controls and stepmother, Julie, died in the crash they, were all on their way from Texas to a family, event, investigators. On the scene today say the pilot reported landing, gear trouble and a fuel emergency to. The Detroit, City Airport, our control, tower offered to fly by by the tower the, pilot requested to, circle, the troubleshoot, the, cessna clipped two trees and a power line leading, to this calamity, and a, remarkable. Escape Ann. Thompson NBC. News, for. Years we've been told about the need to recycle, and while no one will disagree with the importance, of that goal much of the trash that we all put out for recycling, has been piling up in, this country all because of a big policy, change half a world away we. Get that story from business correspondent, Jolene Kent. Every. Week on garbage, day blue, bins across, America, hit the curb, Americans. Recycle, about 66. Million tons, of stuff a year but now all that effort may be going to waste that's. Because China has stopped accepting, the majority, of our recyclables, the. United States used to send over a thousand, shipping containers, full, of recyclables. To China each day but. That stopped January. First after, China launched, an aggressive anti-pollution. Push, cracking. Down on what it calls foreign, garbage, it was a shock to the system the Chinese government now bans the imports, of twenty four types of scrap including, some paper and plastic, and it's a decision that's creating, new problems. At home now, recyclables. Are piling, up with nowhere to go, the. Change-up ended, recycling, companies like Republic, one of the largest waste managers, in the country when, material like this like all this paper can't, get recycled fast enough it can end up going to a landfill. Instead, Republic. Now sends about 2,000, tons of their recyclable.

Paper To the dump every, month, Steve. Frank president, of Pioneer recycling, services, used, to export 60%. Of his recycling, to China how, much in total did you send to China last year a 100. To 120 thousand tons and this year zero. Frank. Now ships plastic, and paper to Southeast Asia and India and it's costing, him more ultimately. When it's all done the. Homeowners. Nationally. Consumer, recycling, bills are expected to jump two to four dollars a month and experts. Caution even then paper and plastic, in the US will continue to, pile up Joline Kent NBC, News Tacoma, Washington, still. Ad as we continue tonight bringing the hospital, to your home doctors, now say for some patients it may be the best place to be treated, also. A medical milestone the, FDA approves, the first prescription, drug derived from marijuana will, tell you what it's for. We're. Back with a new trend in medical care bringing, a hospital, into your home a new study out today shows patients, treated at home have fewer hospital, readmissions, fewer, ER, visits, and shorter, length of care NBC. News medical correspondent dr. John Torres has more. When. Maureen reen went to a Boston emergency, room struggling, to breathe doctors. Had an unusual, way to treat her they. Sent her home I was, surprised, at first that. They told me I could go home and then I smiled, because I could go home it's called the home hospital, so we essentially have the hospital, in this pack here dr., David Levine is a pioneer. Behind this new trend designed, to give seriously, ill patients better, care we don't talk about how often people die in hospitals, how people get infections, in hospitals a lot of those things aren't gonna happen in a home hospital, how he feeling in, her own living room Maureen gets the same treatment she, would in the hospital, medication. An IV, and a doctor's exam nice, t press. Back. At the hospital, a wireless skin, patch keeps track of her vitals right now her heart's going at 90 beats a minute she's. Breathing 20, times a minute dr., Levine says patients in the home hospital, get an extra two hours of sleep and two more hours of physical activity, each day which. Helps them recover faster, and for the hospital costs are 52%, less one. Reason it's being studied in leading, medical centers not, every ER patient is a potential, candidate if you have really, really complicated, medical problems and you're destined, for intensive, care right the ICU, that's, where right now are drawing the line but, for Maureen there's, no better place to get better no, place like home dr.. John Torres NBC, News Boston. We're. Back at a moment with the terrifying, moments, as a hot air balloon. Also, the moving tribute to a beloved teacher four, students, carrying, out one last wish. In. A historic move the FDA today, approved the very first prescription, drug made from marijuana it's a medication used to treat rare, forms, of epilepsy that, began in childhood the, main ingredient, is a chemical from the cannabis plant which, tests, show can reduce seizures but, does not get users, high it. Was a terrifying few, minutes in Michigan during a hot air balloon festival. This, weekend as one, of the balloons descended, it hit a power line causing. An explosion, and flames that burned part of the balloon before, it rose again, and eventually landed in the lake fortunately. No one was injured in the crash and, a moving tribute to a teacher in Georgia who died of cancer friends, family and fellow teachers, brought backpacks, filled, with school supplies -. Tammy wardell's funeral, in Forsyth, County it, was her last wish instead, of bringing flowers to her funeral she, wanted her loved ones to donate the school supplies, for needy, students, as, her cousin put at she was serving others, until, the end we'll. Take a break and when we come back inspiring, America. And a big victory, by one little league player who just wanted to see them all. Finally. Tonight we have a story of the Little Leaguer who successfully, made a big league pitch to level the playing field for kids like himself who can't see well his, passion, for the sport man, is determination, to affect change our inspiring. America. Fight. When Ryan Huestis, is out playing baseball he feels like a normal, boy of summer. Ever. Since I can remember it's always been my favorite sport I love it and one of the things I love about is that I can play it almost, as well as everybody, else even.

Though He can't see as well as his teammates, the, 16 year old from Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, was born with albinism, but. Has never let that get in his way we, made a decision a long time ago that we were never gonna limit him in what. He could, try so you guys got a watch his dad and coach says they learned early, on that he couldn't see the white ball very well but. Using a yellow ball made, all the difference he's. Making fielding plays he should he. Would have never made with a white ball so, he's really doing well but, when Ryan's team made it to the district, tournament three, years ago Little, League baseball insisted. They play by the book and used, the standard white ball was, upset about it because it's not fair that they're gonna prevent somebody from playing, so, Ryan decided, to play hardball and took, his case to the US Department, of Justice, this. Spring when federal, authorities, told the little league it was under investigation the. League agreed, to allow the yellow, ball for all visually. Impaired kids nationwide. He. Could have said at any time I don't want this anymore I'm done with this and. He never did so I'm. Pretty proud of him a sweet. Victory for, Ryan. And. All the other kids for whom he went to bat. Tomorrow. At the end of the broadcast and our nightly snapshot. Taking, the comforts, of home to, new heights we. Appreciate, you spending part, of your evening with us that is nightly, news for this Monday night I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and, good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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