Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 19, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 19, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. The emergency, on the border, and intense. Pressure, building, in the nation's capital. We. Have late word from Congress, as president, Trump shows no signs of backing down you. Have to take the children, away and tonight our team on the other side, of the border with families, making the agonizing. Decision, whether to cross with their children, the, price you pay in a major new escalation, of the president's, trade war with China could. Cost you more for, everything from TVs, and computers, to toys clothes, and food, violent. Storms on the move tornadoes, flash floods and hail the size of golf balls. Al Roker is, here a new, consumer, alert your credit, card perks are disappearing, those price protections, return guarantees, and vacation, coverage we'll, show you what's changing, and what's not and, the, Big Dig on the beach where do you see the spectacular, creations, these, families, make out, of sand. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt good, evening everyone thank you for being here with growing, bipartisan. Distress, and outrage, over migrant, families, being separated, at the southern border threatening. To engulf the, White House President, Trump, this evening making a rare trip to Capitol Hill sitting. Down with Republican, members of Congress who are beginning to push back at his zero-tolerance. Immigration. Policy, opposition. To the policy, driven in part by heartbreaking. Images like these from, inside, immigration, processing. Centers and now, tonight new questions about, the legal journey faced by parents, separated, from their kids and a crush of cases, that threatens to prolong, their time apart, NBC's. Gabe Gutierrez begins. Our coverage tonight. Outrage, is growing, over the Trump administration's zero tolerance policy. Separating, migrant, children from, their parents. Questions. Mounting, over the audio said to be recorded, inside a government processing. Facility, of sobbing, kids. That. Audio not independently, verified, by NBC News but a former worker at another government, contracted, shelter in Arizona, says that facility, was understaffed, and ill-equipped that's, something you hear in every other room is a child. Desperately. Weeping for their mom and you have nothing really to help them with it's it's a very impactful, thing immigration, courts, now overflowing. Our camera was not allowed, inside a hearing today at the Federal Building in Brownsville, Texas immigration. Advocates, are calling them mass trials, where parents often plead to be reunited, with their children and they point to this picture published, by the intercept, I think, the most disturbing, thing and that's why being there in person is so important, is is the palpable, fear, and, shame. In desperation. They're absolutely. Quiet those charged with illegal, entry into the u.s. are given this flyer showing, them steps on how to locate, their children, the Department, of Homeland Security said, today that families, who seek asylum at ports of entry will not be separated and, will be processed, within 72, hours but. Some migrants say they've been waiting for longer. At this border crossing in Matamoros Mexico they've. Been waiting since this weekend, children, in tow five-year-old. Genesis clutches, onto a teddy bear and hope, the, journey will, be over soon her mother Elsie Hernandez, is desperate. She says it's not good to be in her home country of Honduras because of the violence and she says this is for second, time trying. To get into the United States and said she was deported once before, but. She's having to try again because she's afraid to go back to Honduras, Jennifer. Figueroa says she paid a coyote, to bring her from Honduras, to the u.s. geminus. Aw. Thanks. She. Says gangs threaten her life and that's why she had to leave on Duras with, her three-year-old child the thought of being separated, from her three-year-old, son onion, brings, her to tears. Letting. Go of her, child she says he's. Unimaginable. Dhf. Says an asylum seekers. 72. Hours become. They've been here much longer. Right, now we survived. Water. They'd, get Sierras, in the background, there the heavy rainfall, near the border thank you in Texas where those children separated. From their parents are being held in mass detention. Centers our, Jacob Soboroff is, one of the few reporters, who's been allowed inside one, and he, is outside, the largest, of the nation in McAllen, Texas tonight Jacob how are these children tracked, once they're inside these facilities. You. Know Lester the Trump administration has, told us that these separations, are temporary, but it turns out this administration. May, be creating, a significant. Group of orphaned. Immigrants we talked last night about that tear sheet that piece of paper that parents get when, they leave this facility a former, ice official.

Tells NBC News, that the Trump administration could. Create permanent separations. While these children, are staying here in this facility and parents are deported to, their home countries, they don't know when, or if they will ever see those children again and Jacob, I know you've been making efforts to get inside one of the girls facilities. To look at conditions, there where do you stand on that, we've. Asked HHS, time and again that we would like to see not only the girls but the toddlers where are they in the country today we were offered to see photographs of those facilities back, in 2016. Before this policy, was enacted Mia politely, declined, that request. For an HHS, and we told them yet again that we would like to get inside those facilities as soon as possible, alright Jacob Soboroff thank, you and amid the growing outcry, there is also notable support, first for separating, families especially, among, Republicans, according to recent polls and, there, are Americans, living along, the border who say it is a necessary measure because. They have seen tragic, and deadly consequences. Of undocumented. Migration, on their own properties, NBC's. Kerry Sanders has, that side of the story for us in Texas tonight. The. Cage family, has ranched about 70, miles from the Texas Mexico, border for, three generations, and as far back as they can remember they've, seen undocumented. Migrants, crossing into, their land certainly, I am far. Adding. To the border wall and strategic places I'm not far building, into our wall. As some people think that's trying, to be done, despite, installing, water stations, to prevent dehydration we have emergency beacons, we're trying to save lives, and what I want to do is say the children's lives the, well-worn, route through their land remains, in part, because, human. Smugglers, guide, the migrants, around a checkpoint six miles away how, do you feel about when, you hear those sounds of the children crying that they want their mothers. Their fathers and, you, know how this is torn families apart to me the parents are being irresponsible, and.

I. Think. It's terrible, that they, are using their children as pawns to gain access to our country, according. To US Customs and Border Protection. 2235. Families, have been apprehended. At the border since, the beginning of May leaving, nearly two, thousand, three hundred forty, children designated. As, unaccompanied. Dr.. Jim Vickers is a sixth generation Texan. And says he's fed up with the border problems, what do you think of the current policy that separates, children, from their parents I think it's fantastic I mean, we. Cannot sustain this, because, he's seen undocumented, migrants, die on the properties, here he believes the president's, policy, is, humanitarian. But, the kids are taken well well taken care of they're fed properly, they're clothed properly, but they're not with their parents they're not with their parents but the parents still could call them that's, good enough I. Would. Say yes ranchers. On the front lines hoping this policy, holes Kerry. Sanders NBC, News Falfurrias. Texas, meantime. Tonight President Trump is showing no signs of backing down on his policy of separating, those children, from their parents even, as pressure builds and calls grow louder in Congress, on both sides of the aisle our, White House correspondent, Kristen Welker has late details and where we go from here. Despite. Mounting outrage, President Trump is defiant, and digging in on Capitol. Hill late tonight demanding, Congress, fits the crisis, that he created, with his zero-tolerance, policy. Immigration. Republican. Lawmakers panicked, over the fallout are vowing, to end the separation, policy, with an emergency, bill a plan that keeps families, together. While. Their immigration status is determined and while the White House says mr. Trump will consider, a short-term, fix he, ultimately wants, comprehensive. Immigration reform, a legal authority, to detain and promptly, remove, families, together as a unit, we. Have to be able to do this mr. Trump delivered a campaign style stem-winder, earlier, in the day to, thunderous, applause. Embracing. The moment and the message when, you prosecute. The parents, for coming in illegally. What should happen you have, to take the children, away and breaking. With his Attorney General and bipartisan. Calls for more immigration judges, at the border we have to have a real border, not judges. Thousands. And thousands. Of judges, they want to hire but the political pressure is mounting mr., president have a heart, for a change take, that pen. A pen of yours and, do, away with this horrendous. Inhumane. Policy. Of yours, a lobbying, group that includes dozens of major CEOs, from Walmart to MasterCard, and Boeing demanding. The Trump administration put, an end to its policy, while, a group of more than 600, United Methodist, clergy and members are accusing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions also, a Methodist, of child abuse and discrimination for. His part sessions, raised eyebrows, overnight, when asked about comparisons, of the zero tolerance policy. To Nazi Germany well, it's a real, exaggeration. Of course in Nazi. Germany they, were keeping, the Jews from leaving the country. Now. As for the president's meeting, with lawmakers tonight two sources inside, the room tell NBC News the, president, says he's spoken with his daughter Ivanka about, the images of children on the border and they've discussed, how disturbing. Those images are Lester. All right Kristen Welker at the White House tonight thank you this evening there is violent. Weather firing, up across the map from the Rockies, to the Midwest in Colorado, retort caught on camera in, Weld County along.

With Heavy rain and hail, the size of golf balls near Denver, meanwhile. Another severe storm hitting the Midwest overnight. Triggering, flash floods, and high. Water rescues in Rockford, Illinois a major, threat for millions, continuing. Late into the night and all the way down to Texas Al Roker now joining us he's monitoring, all al what has you most concerned. Well. Lester right now we are watching these systems, stretching, from Utah, all the way to Washington, DC as we go to the radar you can see that line of thunderstorms, we've got still, a tornado, watch for eastern, half of Colorado severe, thunderstorm, watches for western, Kansas and as we slide down to the south you can see this low pressure system you don't need to have a tropical system to cause massive rainfall and that's what we're seeing tonight big, storms, firing up continuing. To bring in and draw in tropical, moisture we've got to continue risk for flooding tonight into, tomorrow from, Corpus Christi and Brownsville, all the way up into Lake Charles Louisiana we've, already seen, anywhere from 10 to 12 inches of rain and through, Thursday, we could see isolated amounts. Of 6, to 11 inches, between Rockport. Galveston, and stretching, on into western Louisiana flooding. Could be a major, problem right on through Thursday less spec we say quite the soaking, Al Roker thank, you now, to the price you pay in the Trump administration upping. The ante in its trade war with China now. Threatening, to impose tariffs, on nearly every, item exported, to the US that, news sent, stocks plunging, today and it comes after China retaliated. With its own tariffs, last week as NBC's. Tom Costello reports. It could mean you'll soon pay more for many of the products you buy. The, stakes just got higher in America, showdown, with China the, Trump administration now. Says it's ready to impose tariffs, on up, to 450. Billion, dollars, worth of goods from China a major, escalation after. China retaliated. Following, the first tariffs, without. A compromise, Americans. Could be forced to pay more for everything, from TVs to computers, toys, to clothing a $500. Cellphone, could jump to $550. On. Their. Farm in southwest Iowa, ray and Chris Castro support, getting tough with China but, they're already getting squeezed, soybean. Prices have dropped 15%. Since. China targeted, US Agriculture, for retaliation, when our prices, that we receive go down so. Does our ability to support. Our family in and continue, with our farm fear. Of a whitening trade war sent stocks into a slide today the Dow Jones Industrials. Now negative, for the year though the administration. And says China has far more to lose exporting. Four times to the US with, the US exports. To China this should have been done many years ago we. Have no choice, China calls the threats of blackmail, but there's still time to negotiate the. First round of US tariffs will take effect in July the second, round would come in the fall Tom. Costello NBC. News Washington. In a late development this evening the u.s. withdrew from the United, Nations Human Rights Council announcing. The move and masseter nikki Haley called, the council a quote cesspool. Of political. Bias this, did not come as a surprise Haley, threatened, to do it last year citing us complaints, that the council, is anti-israel.

Still. And tonight say goodbye to extended, warranties, in the price protection, well look at like credit cards of cutting back on your perks and how to make sure you're shopping with, the best card for you also. The NBA player going on offense, against a city and police force, over an arrest trot on body cam. We're. Back now with a consumer alert in something you may not have noticed about your credit cards if you haven't tried to use any of those perks in a while they, are changing, and in some cases they're disappearing, altogether our, business correspondent, Jolene Kent has details, with the United Mileage Plus six tonight the seemingly endless perks, touted by credit card companies well, if you have a Discover card it's free we're slowing down major, banks, are rolling, back benefits they offer credit, card holders Discover. Recently, dropping, extended, warranties, on products, you buy returned. Guarantees, even, car rental insurance coverage, chase is eliminating, price protection which, allows, you to get money back if something you buy goes on sale and Citibank, lowering. Trip cancellation coverage. From $3,000. Down to $1,500. On some cars card. Issuers are really at liberty to change their rewards they're offering it anytime but. Not every card is taking perks away starting. August 1st American Express will extend, its price protection from 90, to 120. Days and beefed up warranty, protection it's, a new battle for your credit card business it's, a very competitive landscape that, the card issuers are basically competing, for card holders so they want to make sure they're offering rewards that are valuable, that, catch people's, attention so what are credit card companies not changing, the rewards, you get based on the amount of money you spend on your car 80 percent of users say they're unclear, about the perks they get for having a credit card so experts say check card websites, shop around for, benefits that are most important, to you maxing, out credit card perks to get more for your money Jolene, Kent NBC, News coming. Up the big headline about smoking, in America, and a major sign of the times and, sick of going to the pharmacy for your prescriptions, the new way you can skip trip. An. NBA star is taking legal action, over an arrest caught on camera, sterling, Brown of the Milwaukee, Bucks filed a lawsuit today against the City of Milwaukee and, it's Police Department, for the incident, in January, body, cam video shows the, moments, after police used a stun gun on Brown during a parking, violation arrest. The, suit accuses, police of excessive, force unlawful. Arrest and targeting. Brown because he is black the, police chief has apologized, to Brown who was not charged, three, officers were suspended. Tonight, federal, health officials say smoking, in America, has hit an all-time low about, fourteen percent of US adults were smokers last. Year that's down 16, percent from the year before the.

New Numbers also show fewer high school students, are taking up a habit but, there are still more than 30 million adult, smokers in, the US and a, few tired of trips to the pharmacy one, of the largest drugstore, chains CVS, is launching. A nationwide service. That will deliver prescriptions. Right to your door it, will cost. $4.99. And medications, will arrive in one or two days the, move comes amid speculation. That Amazon, will get into the prescription, drug business when. We come back summer, sand and one spectacular, competition. Our nightly snapshot. Is coming up. Finally. Tonight in our nightly snapshot. We go west to a place where once a year a sprawling, beachfront becomes a canvas for ideas, as big as your imagination the. Result, works, of art both temporary, and as fleeting as a blowing. Grain of sand. For. Kids it's not a day at the beach without one. But. At the annual sandcastle. Contest in. Cannon, Beach Oregon. Kids. And let's, say some really really big kids are getting in on the action it's breaking boundaries, I think as. Adults we don't typically get to dig, in the sand dozens. Of teams scatter, the beach with, six hours or less to sculpt their masterpieces, from. Under, the sea up, in the Stars some. Dangerous, creatures, and mythical, ones too it's, an excuse for a family reunion, Yvonne. Jessup, and her family, practiced, on the beach for three days before this year's event they, haven't missed a contest, in nine years it's. A fun time it is just a blast, interact. With the crowd being. There as a family they, started, as rookies, learning. From a how-to book we. Looked at pictures and we went yeah we could do that now, they compete, in the master, division, we decided this year to build a mini golf course so we're naming it sand trap, thousands. Descend, on this tiny town to watch these Michelangelo's. Of the beach to. See everybody, so artistic. And creative and, pouring, all their heart and soul into it it's pretty wonderful. The. Jessup's leave with bronze this year I'm really happy with our finish I know, the sand castles, may wash away the. Memories. Don't yeah. Let's hope for a calm surf and winds there so they could join him a little longer at the, end of the broadcast tomorrow, and our those, who serve report we're gonna meet a young man who continues to dedicate his life to medicine. Healing others in, the midst of their greatest emergencies. Even after he faced his own catastrophe. We, appreciate, you spending part of your evening with us that is nightly, news for this Tuesday night I'm Lester. Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching, and good, night.

Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click. On any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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