Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 27, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 27, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. Exploding. Infernos, turned deadly in California. Nearly 90, wildfires, now burning the largest, tripling, in size this. Is just, crazy, it's just out of control a firefighter, among those killed as so many people rushed to escape breaking. News a medium, mega tightened, a head of CBS accused. Of sexual, misconduct and, harassment by half a dozen women in a bombshell new, report, big. News on the American, economy a surge in growth, and concerns, about possible speed, bumps ahead did. He know, president, Trump hits back as a source tells NBC News, Michael. Cohen is willing to tell Muller that Trump knew about that infamous Trump Tower meeting, before, it happened, high. Anxiety as, the nation is rightly focused on the opioid crisis, doctors warning about another, crisis, has, a lot of patience folks. Utter. Hell it was the worst nightmare that you can imagine and a big-city scare late, today a. Plane. Lands, in the middle of a major urban, highway. This. Is NBC, Nightly News with Lester. Holt. Good. Evening as we come on the air tonight close to 90 wildfires. Are raging across, the country many of them in California stretching. From one end of the state to the other overnight, killing, two of those who were trying to stop them the fires are exploding, in size one, so rapidly, it sent hundreds, fleeing in the middle of the night barely. Escaping, the moving wall of flames, NBC. News national, correspondent Miguel, Almaguer, is in Redding California with. The latest. It didn't, just take homes it took lives, firefighter. And a dozer driver, killed, in this massive, Inferno in Redding, California we, mourn the, loss. Overnight. The car fire tripling. In size. Fueled by 70, mile an hour winds, Wow. Crews. Forced, to switch from defending, homes to getting people out safely. Whatever they put fires, creeping real real close to some residences, up here a hundred and twenty structures, damaged, as flames, jumped the Sacramento, River and a wall of unstoppable. Fire swept. In is, just crazy. It's just out of control. And. There is very little they can do. Condition. So explosive, a mass exodus, created, chaos in jammed roads a local, television, station pulling.

The Plug on its live broadcast. We. Are going to leave the station because it is now unsafe, to be here this is a monster, in Southern, California, the Cranston, Fire creating. Its own weather near Palm Springs. Firefighters. In danger. And they put their lives on the line to, save everyone, else's, and their property, we, just can't thank them enough in, central, California. The Ferguson, Fire shuttering Yosemite, Valley another. Day I've, been doing 31 years the most exclusive, fires that I've ever seen in my career explosive. And deadly. Super. Fires erupting. In every region lighting. Up the Golden, State, and the dangerous, glower drag. The. Conditions, are so bad here in Northern California the, National, Guard has been called in at one point they were rescuing, babies from a local hospital as a precaution. As they were treating, the injured and as, you can see tonight Lester, in so many communities, the devastation, stretches, block, after block Lester. Just amazing, nothing left there Miguel Almaguer, thank you none, of that big news of the American economy growing, at its strongest pace, in four years and president Trump promising, it's just the start of an even bigger economic, upswing but there were also concerns about possible, speed bumps ahead including the president's, trade war we get to tell some NBC's, Tom Costello. From. The Atlantic, to the Pacific more. Evidence, today of a strong economy the, four point 1 percent economic growth in the second quarter the strongest, since a 5%, quarter in 2014. During the Obama administration, President. Trump today was quick to take credit these numbers are very very sustainable. This. Isn't a one-time shot I happen. To think we're gonna do extraordinarily, well. In. Our next report next, quarter in. Chicago, real estate technology. Company trusts started, just a year ago has, already gone from six to thirty three employees, CEO. Andrew Booker is still hiring why the optimism, what's happening here on the ground in Chicago it's. A vibrant economy and, I think people are positive, about how it's going to turn out for them and it's truly. From a small to medium-sized business there's a lot of support corporate. Leaders suggest last year's tax cut gave the economy, a jolt now. A sudden, surge in agricultural. Activity, before the trade war and tariffs kicked in appeared. To have provided a sudden one-time, boost Nobel. Prize-winning, economist, Lars Peter Hansen trade, wise could be a substantial, drag on the economy because.

The Economy these days is integrated. One country starts imposing tariffs that other ones kind, of balance that areas. Of lingering concern, stagnant. Worker wages a growing budget deficit, and farmers. Who are paying the price for trade, disputes, with China Mexico, and Canada our corn. Commodity, prices are down approximately. 25 percent since, the first a year we're operating at a loss right now. The. Country's strong economic, growth comes at a time when we're also experiencing. The longest, streak of hiring on record unemployment just 4% and robust. Hiring, going on in business manufacturing and, healthcare, luster. Tom Costello in, Chicago, tonight thanks now, to the studying new claims about President, Trump his former personal, attorney Michael, Cohen allegedly. Now willing to tell Robert Miller that mr. Trump had advanced. Knowledge of that June 2016. Meeting at Trump, Tower that, occurred between his campaign, officials, and Russians. Offering, dirt on Hillary Clinton, the. President taking, to Twitter today to, deny that claim and slamming, Cohen his once trusted, fixer NBC. News chief White House correspondent Hallie. Jackson with, the story. For. The ninth time this week the president staying silent about, his former, fixer, on camera. But not online, that's. After Michael, Cohen according, to a knowledgeable, source asserts, he'd be willing to tell the special counsel that Donald Trump knew about that June 2016. Trump Tower meeting, the one where his son tried to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, from Russians, linked to the Kremlin, if true, the bombshell revelation. Would fly in the face of denials, like these did, you tell, your father anything, about that oh it. Was such a nothing. There. Was nothing to tell. The. President standing. By his position, today tweeting, I did, not know of the meeting with my son Don Jr sounds, to me like someone, is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam the president's, lawyer says Cohen who worked for the president for years is lying, he's been lying all week I mean or four to four, years so why does it matter if it suddenly comes to light that back when this meeting took place in Trump Tower in June, of 2016, not.

Only Did the president, know about it but he in some way blessed, it in advance then. We're in an entirely, different place, when we talk about collusion. And for, purposes of Bob Miller's investigation. If Cohen's, claim is true the president's, son could be in trouble for lying to Congress, Donald, Trump Jr's lawyer says we are very. Evident of the accuracy. And reliability of. The information that has been provided, by Don Jr for, now no proof of whatever went down he. Said they, said situation. As, for. Donald, Trump jr. he was seen today, at the airport, waiting for a flight just a few feet from none other than the. Special Counsel you see him on the left there robert muller spokesperson, says the two did not interact but Lester it's one of those DC moments you just can't make up that's, a picture that'll get around all right Hallie Jackson at, the White House Thanks is, your vote at risk in the critical, midterm, elections, with just a hundred days to go current, and former officials, tell NBC News, the, Trump administration has, no central, strategy to stop Russia from meddling again this. Is a Democratic, senator up for re-election says. Russians, already tried to hack her computers, there's, NBC, News White House correspondent Kristen. Welker with more. Explosive. Revelations Russian. Hackers targeted the Senate offices, of Missouri, Senator Claire McCaskill. In issue she's, railed against, in the past I, never side, see the day that. Russia would. Go after the. Heart of our country the Democrat is facing one of the toughest, races in the fall in a fiery statement, McCaskill, saying I will not be intimidated I've said, it before and, I will say it again, Putin, is a thug and a bully the hackers use the same strategy, to break into the emails of Clinton's campaign, chair but this time they failed Russia, has built a, magnificent. Overt. Offensive. Cyber capability. That, cannot be deterred, late today President, Trump held his first security, meeting on election, meddling with just a hundred days until the midterms, after, the White House releasing, a statement that doesn't mention Russia but, insists, mr. Trump will not tolerate foreign, interference but. Publicly, the president's, sent mixed messages, I accept. Our intelligence. Community's. Conclusion. That. Russia's, meddling, in. The. 2016. Election. Took place. That. Contradicts. His own intelligence, agencies, who say Russia was the sole actor, and is still ramping, up its attacks they are the ones that are trying to wreak, havoc over their election process, and tonight, President Putin says he's invited, mr. Trump to Moscow, something, the White House says the president is open to even, as fallout mounts, from their first face-to-face, Kristen. Welker NBC, News the White House, it's, been a long time coming but the day has finally arrived, for some families of fallen American, heroes of what is often referred to as The Forgotten War, today, on the 65th, anniversary of, the Korean Armistice, the, remains of what are believed to be dozens, of American, servicemen, killed in, the Korean War are coming, home NBC.

News Chief foreign correspondent Richard, Engel has the story. In. A solemn, ceremony in, South Korea, 55. Small. Wooden, boxes, were unloaded, wrapped, in the blue UN, flag the, flag u.s., troops fought under in the Korean War, inside. What, are believed to be the remains of American. Servicemen, who died missing. In action but. Not forgotten, around. 53, hundred are still classified, as missing, in North Korea for, their relatives, today like, the son of lieutenant, Hal downs closure. May finally, be coming we've, been waiting a long time for things like this to happen and, it's. The beginning, not. An ending it's an achievement for, president Trump at his, summit in June the North Korean, leader Kim jong-un, promised. To send home American, remains president. Trump today I want to thank chairman Kim for. Keeping. His word these, incredible, American heroes will soon lay at rest on, sacred. American soil, North. Korea has also reportedly, begun to dismantle, a rocket, launch site we, visited while it was still operational, this is what US officials are so concerned, about North, Korea says this rocket is strictly for scientific. Purposes but, today was, about honoring those, who fell on a foreign, battlefield, and never, came home the, next stop Hawaii, for, detailed, DNA. Vacation, that could take months Richard, Engel NBC News. We're. Back now with a new alert from doctors, as much of the nation, rightly, focuses, on the opioid, crisis, that has so many people caught in its grip there's, another looming crisis, it's not getting as much attention some. 14, million Americans take, anti-anxiety. Drugs. But, now doctors are warning their more addictive, and dangerous than, people think NBC. News medical correspondent dr. John Torres with that story. Christie. Huff says it took just three weeks for her to get hooked on xanax, nothing's. Been the same since I took these pills a wife, mother, and doctor herself she, was prescribed the drug for insomnia three, years ago when. She decided to stop she, suffered, painful withdrawals, it. Was utter. Hell it was the worst nightmare that you can imagine then I would wake up with my heart pounding, just, bolt upright in bed in. A panic xanax. Is part of a class of drugs known as benzos, that also includes valium medications. Commonly prescribed, for anxiety and, trouble, sleeping or benzos, the next opioid crisis well, they're not really the next opioid crisis they're a crisis, right now it's, amazing. How, much. People do not realize that Ben's days beans are addictive, and their doctors. Their prescribers. Don't realize it this is what's really frightening prescriptions. Have skyrocketed, more than 60 percent in the last two decades and overdose. Deaths involving. Benzos, have quadrupled, the, maker of Valium tells NBC News these drugs are safe when prescribed, carefully, the xanax manufacturer. Says abuse, has become a growing public health threat and it will continue to educate patients, and physicians about, the proper use it's, recommended, patients take these drugs no more than two to four weeks really, the best treatment, for a chronic anxiety, disorder. Or a chronic, sleeping disorder is behavioral. Interventions, with her doctors helped Kristi is carefully, weaning herself off this addictive, drug unless.

Sir These drugs seem are so popular because they seem like a quick fix but the message here is doctors, need to be more careful about prescribing, them also if you are using them don't try to quit cold-turkey you, need a doctor's supervision to, do it safe as we saw being weaned I'm carefully, over that's the important all right doctor thank you still, ahead the bomb show new report, about a longtime head of CBS several, women leveling, accusations of, sexual misconduct and, harassment, also. Our nightly spotlight. The young star of the summer's breakout, hit movie, that has everyone talking. There's. Breaking news tonight concerning, one of the biggest media mega, Titans, in America, CBS, chief les Moonves, accuse, of sexual, misconduct and, harassment by, half a dozen women in a bombshell new, report from Ronan Farrow at, The New Yorker some. Of the allegations, include forcible, touching or, kissing we. Get late details on the story from NBC's Stephanie Gosk. The. New Yorker magazines, explosive, article describes, multiple, accounts, of sexual harassment, stretching. Back decades, against, les Moonves the, head of CBS and one of the most powerful, media moguls in the country six, women four named and two unnamed, tell, reporter Ronan Farrow that, they believe their careers were hurt when they rejected, moonves's, advances. Actress. And writer Illeana, Douglas tells, the magazine what. Happened to me was sexual assault and then, I was fired for not participating, Farrah, who won a Pulitzer, Prize for his reports on Harvey Weinstein, describes. A hostile environment at, the network that, extended, to CBS, News and its, flagship, show 60, minutes, according. To the article 19, current, and former employees, say, Jeff Fager the executive, producer, of 60 minutes allowed. Harassment. In the division Fager issued a sharply worded response, to the allegations against, him and the network it, is wrong that our culture, can be falsely, defined by a few people with, an axe to grind who, are using an important, movement as a weapon, to get even this. Is not the first time allegations, of sexual misconduct of, hit CBS in, November. Last year morning, anchor Charlie, Rose was fired after, eight women accused, him of inappropriate. Behavior in a Washington, Post report, even. Before today's article was published rumors. Of it sent CBS, stock plummeting, dropping. More than 6% by, the close. Tonight. I CBS, analyst mu has responded, to the New Yorker article in the article, has denied, any allegations. Of sexual assault and added I recognize. That there were times decades, ago that I may have made some women uncomfortable. By making advances, those, were mistakes, and I regret, them immensely, CBS, and its statement, added, CBS, is very mindful of all workplace, issues, and takes, each report of misconduct very, seriously, we do not believe however that the, picture of our company, created, in The New Yorker represents. A larger organization that, does its best to treat its tens of thousands, of employees with. Dignity and respect Western. All right Stephanie thank you coming, up tonight emergency, landing, the big shock at rush hour for drivers, in a major American city and the big news of a galaxy, far far away how Star Wars plans to bring back a beloved, character. Drivers. In Chicago, got quite a shock this afternoon, when a small plane made, an emergency landing, of the city's busy Lakeshore, Drive just, as rush-hour was getting underway pilot. Reported a possible engine, failure, but managed to bring the plane down without hitting, any cars police. Say no injuries, are reported, shooting. For the next Star Wars film is set to get underway next week in London and tonight director, JJ Abrams says. The late Carrie Fisher, will appear in episode 9 as Princess Leia he, says with a support, and blessing, from her daughter Billie we found a way to honor Carrie's, legacy, and role as Leia in episode 9 by, using unseen, footage we shot together, in episode 8 Fisher. Died in 2016. After finishing her work on the last Jedi up. Next, we're going back to school of the young star and director, of the surprise, movie, hit of the summer our, spotlight, is. Finally. In a summer blockbuster season. Dominated. By superheroes, and sequels, tonight we're shining our spotlight, on an independent, movie becoming, a breakthrough hit eighth, grade, follows, the agony, of middle school with a story so many can relate to no matter your age here's.

NBC's Kristen, Dahlgren. Okay. So growing up can be a little bit scary and, weird, in, the film eighth grade director, Bo Burnham and star Elsie Fisher capture those cringe-worthy. Moments. That come with coming-of-age I think, it's just hard to be a kid. So. The, topic of today's video is, being. Yourself a 13. Year old navigating, the final week of middle school at a time when social media only, magnifies, social, anxiety, when did you get snapchat what good. The. Film has led Fisher now 15, to share her own struggles, with depression in, eighth grade hopefully. It can also show like you know you're not like broken. You're fine for. The 27, year old director it's not just about adolescence. But all of society, I would look at the internet and say like why is everyone, acting like 13 year olds right. Now so. I thought all I might as well look. At the Internet through the only people that are acting their own age on it which are actual 13-year olds with. Its r-rating, real 8th graders have to go with an adult sparking, family, conversations. For, me was really relatable, because I'm kind. Of exactly, like her a little bit I feel like I was watching our life. You, just need to face your fears embracing. The awkward, and finding, hope for, the future I hope this movie is a way. To talk about it and the way to address it and maybe, a way to address your fears and also a suasion a little bit it's. Scarier, than you think but the kids are stronger than you think Kristen, Dahlgren NBC, News New York, we. Appreciate, you spending part, of your evening with us that is nightly, news for this Friday night I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank, you for watching a good, night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube, channel subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and, click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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May God The Almighty Bless The Police and Firefighters across this great Republic. And May he bless those who are fighting everyday to get away from disgusting crime ridden cities full of the trash and drugs. All run by Democrats. Chicago, St.Louis and E.Saint Louis San Fransicko, Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, etching

More rip-offs from Big Pharma, when are we going to make these companies act like good citizens instead of vulture capitalist. And the government is corrupt, but look at how Big Business operates, look how many failed too, so maybe the government is not the problem, maybe the oligarchs that do not care about you and me or the country.

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NBC- while traditionally and responsibly the role of the media is to report the news and not necessarily make news. Collectively the media is the last defense between government and the public. Evidence clearly shows no oversight or plan to protect us. Please do more

NBC "The historical voice of reason" Question, what can a can a country do when the Presidency and the Congress clearly are incompetent and having no clear plan to protect our elections or our country? While a pushback from the justice department, intelligence community and the Military would be an extreme measure. It seems more than warranted. Who else is willing to "Make Sure" it at the very least call the Congress and the presidency out, that this issue represents a clear and present immediate danger to the public and our country.

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Alison Northrup , I would think a lot of them know it's real but nothing is going to get in the way of their thirst for more corporate power and of course money which of course includes the fake term "Clean Coal". I guess they put it in a washing machine.Trump is removing regulations of car emissions in California. It took decades for California to improve their air. Anyway , I liked your comments Allison, keep it up

*finally* some coverage on deadly, scary benzodiazepines!!! even at the lowest dose they cause horrific rebound. please do not compare them to opiates. benzodiazepines are much worse...nothing to do with abuse or addiction either. instead they cause brain damage and physical dependency that Doctors aren't informing their patients about. to make matters worse, some Doctors aren't letting patients taper off causing horrific rebound effects that can last for years because we simply stopped without a proper taper or warning!

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lissa leggs I don't. I used to because I trusted a Doctor. she meant well. she was just trying to help (I was diagnosed with PTSD). thank goodness she let me taper off because each time I simply stopped the alprazolam (xanax) I suffered with non-stop pain and twitching. I also felt like I had unbelievable amounts of caffeine in me...couldn't sleep for days and days until I hallucinated. I can understand why people commit suicide. I know two people that had a seizure after they stopped their prescription. it's no medication. lawmakers need to ban the manufacturers that are destroying people's lives just for profit.

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im truly glad and i hope you can keep on the same track, but saying they arent needed is kind of ignorant. not everyone has the same reaction to pharmaceuticals. I agree that no one should be on benzos long term which is why i stopped them a long time ago, but they helped me short term. im still unable to work or even leave the house for long periods of time, but i wouldnt be where i am today without the help of benzos.

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*finally* some coverage on deadly, scary benzodiazepines!!! even at the lowest dose they cause horrific rebound. please do not compare them to opiates. benzodiazepines are much worse...nothing to do with abuse or addiction either. instead they cause brain damage and physical dependency that Doctors aren't informing their patients about and some Doctors aren't letting patients taper off causing horrific rebound effects (new symptoms that occur when you stop taking them) that can last for years because we simply stopped without a proper taper or warning!

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