Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 25, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

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Tonight. President Trump blasts, Michael Cohen lashing. Out at his former lawyer after, the release of that explosive recording. Which. Will be. Trump. And Cohen weeks before, the election appearing, to discuss a hush money payoff - a Playboy, model is their, legal jeopardy tonight inside, the tale of the secret tape also. The new twist about that second, summit with Putin, in Washington. Urgent, new rescues, and homes destroyed, as, flash floods go from bad to worse, and, California. In flames parts of Yosemite clothes thousands. Forced to evacuate New. Hope in the battle against Alzheimer's, a drug that may slow down the progression of, the disease affecting. So many families, a wild. Road rage bra caught on camera and, light revealing conversations. With an NFL, superstar. Some. Players have, taken. A knee others like yourself held up a clenched fist has. That run its course I think, it's starting to shift. Malcolm, Jenkins on, making a difference by taking a stand, this. Is NBC, Nightly News with, Lester, Holt good. Evening and welcome to our viewers in the West the split between President, Trump and his one-time, fixer, slash lawyer, couldn't be more glaring tonight, after, Michael Cohen's release of an audio recording, he secretly made of mr. Trump before, the election on the tape, Trump appears to discuss a payoff, to silence, a former Playboy, model who claimed an affair with him the question tonight does the tape spell new legal jeopardy for the president, our Hallie Jackson has, details, and reaction. Outside. And inside, shouts. Drawing, smirks, in the Oval Office with reporters. Pushing, the President to talk about that tape between him and his former attorney. Thank, you very much no response, repeatedly. But on Twitter President, Trump more talkative, asking, what kind of a lawyer would tape a client, so sad its new fallout, from a recently revealed recording, in which the president and Michael Cohen appear to casually, reference a hush money payment, two months before the election to keep a Playboy model quiet, about an alleged affair one the president denies. The. President, seems to know what Cohen's talking about those claims by model Karen McDougal of, a relationship, and now, it's that exchange, raising, questions about whether the president broke any laws this, deal wasn't consummated. So is, there any criminal activity, there no it's about truth so why is this tape significant, the president, could face a legal liability. If he, was trying to influence the election by covering up the story the president's attorney Rudy Giuliani insists. President Trump was not trying to cover his tracks but, former US attorney Chuck Rosenberg, says prosecutors would, need more context. To figure out if the president violated, campaign finance, laws it, makes no difference whether, the hush money was actually paid, out or not if two people agree to, do something that the law forbids if they conspire, and then either one of them takes a step in that direction that's, a crime whether, or not a payment was made actually, won't matter for conspiracy, law as. For those questions, the President did not answer about Michael Cohen CNN says, tonight, one of its reporters who. Is asking, some of those tough questions, was, banned, from, a later open, event even though she was acting as a representative for the rest of the media the White House did not dispute that characterization, this, is a move that sets a dangerous precedent and is a red flag Lester.

All Right Hallie Jackson thank, you now the dangerous triple, threat floods in the east and heat and fires in the West nearly, 80 million at risk along both coasts, in the, east flash floods have washed out roads and bridges forcing, a number of rescues, well, in the West scorching, temperatures are fueling a massive. Wildfire that's. Threatening a national, treasure we, have it all covered beginning. With national, correspondent Miguel. Almaguer, Miguel good evening. Lester. Good evening as fire moves closer to Yosemite, we can smell the smoke in the air and see it in certain areas the park has now been evacuated this. As in other parts of the state homes, are going up in flames. As. Scorching. Heat fuels massive, fires in the West California. Is getting burned flames. From the Ferguson, fire now, threatening. A national. Treasure I don't, think it's a very good visitor experience, right now for. The first time in 28, years, a wildfire. Is forcing, the closure of Yosemite. Thousands. Of tourists, suddenly. Forced to evacuate. Visibility. Is severely impacted. You've got the, air quality issues with flames, two miles away, smoke, is shrouding, half dome the air quality in pristine, Yosemite, worse, than polluted, beijing from. The front lines to, the coastline, no. Relief, 39. Million across, the west facing, dangerous, heat suffering. In phoenix, an oven. In Death Valley and here. In Colorado, extreme. Weather perhaps, triggering, this sinkhole, nearly. Killing a driver she, actually got lucky because her car didn't go straight down tonight. With dangerous, conditions, in the West it's, getting, ugly in one of the most beautiful, places in the world, Miguel. Almaguer, NBC. News Yosemite. I'm. Katie back on the East Coast where 37. Million are under flash flood watches, rescues. Before, dawn in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Roads. Inundated. As. Residents. Try to outrun rising. Water just grabbed up cats loaded. Up in the car in the back of the garage and took off and roof enrich bought his home just a month ago surrounding. Flood water is now receded, but a warning, remains there's another storm coming so hopefully, it doesn't. Flood. It out again others. Staying put despite, a first floor still, under water are you at all worried about your safety I'm not gonna let a little bit of rain you know push. Me out of my home so. I'm prepared for the worst well here. Now. Working, to keep floodwater, out water, coming, in as fast yep and no. Amusement at nearby theme, parks Hershey, Park closed for a second, day this week the, threat still far from over Katie. Boeck NBC, News Hummelstown.

Pennsylvania Let's, bring it out Roker now monitoring, it all for us again tonight now things look like they went from bad to worse. That's. Right Lester and it's going to be a long time before they get better let's start off here in the East where we've got rain making, its way from the, Carolinas, all the way to New England and we've, got heavy saturated. Ground right, now 37, million people at risk look for another 1 to 3 inches, saturating. That ground and cresting, rivers and streams so we're going to be watching that and if you think these heavy rain events have been occurring more often you're correct in the last 50, years we've. Seen a 30%, increase, in rainfall, days of three, inches, of more thanks to climate change and as we move out to the west we're talking, that heat stretching, from the Pacific Northwest all the way into the southwest 40, million people at risk for heat advisories, and heat, warnings, look at the next three days we do see temperatures, start, to get a little more moderate but the bad news Lester, is were in 4-peat of this as we, make our way into the beginning and middle of next week more, heavy rain on the east and more, scorching, temperatures in the west Lester, Al Roker in New York City tonight thank you now, to the late development, that could mean the US and its European allies. Are stepping back from the brink of a trade war of the president, announcing, a compromise, today with the EU but, offering few details yet, the nation's automakers. And some suppliers, say, they're already feeling the pain from the trade war on another front with China NBC's. Tom Costello with, more now and how it could all impact, the price you pay. They. Make door hinges, for the Jeep Wrangler on this Michigan assembly line a small, company with nearly 50 employees that gets its parts from China but, president, Trump's tariffs on Chinese imports, has looser international. Considering. Layoffs if it gets to the point where we. Can't, afford these, tariffs, we can't pass them along. It literally, puts us out of business today Ford GM, and Chrysler warned, that rising, cost for steel and aluminum, because of tariffs are cutting, into their profits just. As President Trump threatened additional, tariffs on imported automobiles, and parts there, are no 100%, US, built vehicles, the, average vehicle in the United States has 60, percent us, content so. That means 40 percent comes from somewhere else usually, Canada or Mexico potentially. Driving up the cost for every new car Experian. Calculates, 25%, tariffs could mean a Jeep Cherokee would, jump by up to $2,700. A Ford, f-series by, up to fifty seven hundred dollars a Toyota, rav4 built, overseas up, to 93 hundred dollars more tariffs, are not taxes. On. Foreign. Company tariffs, are taxes on US. Companies that. Either. Consume. Or, manufacture. Goods importantly. Most international, automakers, build cars here in the u.s. moving. Parts across international borders, which, puts the automakers, employees, and customers at risk, Tom. Costello NBC, News Bethesda, Maryland let's turn out of the fireworks, on Capitol Hill late today Secretary, of State Mike Pompeo, defending. The president's, foreign policy and, getting, grilled over what happened between presidents, Trump and Putin, in Helsinki, all, of it as the White House announced the president will not host Putin in Washington, this fall senang.

It Should be after the Muller investigation. Is over our chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea. Mitchell has details, our, military, today, the Secretary of State taking fire from Democrats. And the Republican. About, that to our private, meeting between President. Trump and Vladimir, Putin it's the president's. Public. Statements. That. Create, concern, amongst, senators, on both sides of the aisle the Senators even doubting that the Secretary, of State knows what mr. Trump promised, Putin because, they met without no takers did, he tell you what, transpired, in the number. Of conversations with President Trump about what transpired in the meeting did you speak to the translator, who was at that meeting no, I haven't, senator, I understand, the game that you're playing no no you know mr. secretary. All due respect I don't appreciate you. Characterizing. My, questions, my questions, is to get to the truth we don't know what, the truth is, today Pompeo firmly rejecting, putin's suggestion, that, russians, be allowed to interrogate. Former US diplomats, like, Mike McFaul former, US ambassador to Russia and NBC. Analyst under, no circumstances. Should the Russian government, indict. And convict former, American officials when they were doing their job let me make clear the. United States will defend, our team. In the field and the team that's been in the field when, it retires tonight, the Republican, chairman saying the president, was submissive, and deferential, to Putin and slamming. Him for calling Kim jong-un one, of the most ruthless leaders, on the planet very, talented. Andrea. Mitchell NBC News Washington, NFL. Players are reporting the training camp this week preparing for the new season even as the league is still grappling with the national anthem controversy. The protest threw criticism, but also shined, a light on the. Need for criminal, justice reforms. With Philadelphia Eagles, safety Malcolm Jenkins emerging. As an outspoken advocate. For dialogue, I recently. Spoke with him about what's been accomplished, and what happens next. Malcolm. Jenkins knows, a good opening, and so when Colin, Kaepernick first took that infamous, knee during the national, anthem Jenkins. Saw an opportunity, to, talk. You. Rather. Than take a knee, Jenkins raised a fist and then extended, a hand to law enforcement, initiating.

Heart-to-heart. Conversations. About. Police, brutality. He. Immersed himself in, criminal, justice issues, becoming, a powerful, voice for reform. With. A new season approaching, the NFL, has put on hold a policy, that would have required protesting. Players remain. In the locker room for the national, anthem a policy. That disappointed. Jenkins. You. To, critics, of the anthem protests, who call it an American. You. In, addition, to his social activism, Jenkins. Spent part of his offseason, running, camps, for kids through, his nonprofit, including. This football, camp at his old high school. As athletes. And if, they wish, involved. Citizens. The, NFL is and discussions, with its Players Association in hopes of finding a resolution to the anthem controversy, before the start of the season in September. Still, ahead fighting, Alzheimer's the, big news giving, New Hope to 5 million Americans, also. Violent, road rage caught on camera where do you see what happens next. We're. Packed now with the New Hope in the fight against Alzheimer's a disease, with no cure affecting. Millions of American, families a new, drug that appears to slow the progression of, the disease and, doctors hope it will extend quality, of life in patients, we get more on it from NBC, News medical, correspondent dr. John Torres. Today. A rare, success for, Alzheimer's, research a new, drug to slow down the progression of, the deadly disease which. Currently, has no effective, treatments, it's hope in terms of that we continue, to I look, for potential. Treatments, with datas intriguing, drug. Maker Biogen, reported, today at a major Alzheimer's. Conference, that after 18 months of treatment patients who received the highest dose saw, a 30, percent, reduction in memory, and daily, function decline versus. Those given, a placebo the drug removes, build-up called amyloid plaques from the brain thought, to be responsible for Alzheimer's. While similar drugs have failed the key difference, here the. New drug was given to patients at the earliest, stages of the disease who, had these plaques if, we can intervene early we can slow the shrinkage of the brain we can reduce, or slow amyloid, accumulation. And it's important, to detect this as early as possible absolutely, while researchers, will continue, to study this drug they've asked the FDA to fast-track, approval the, news today giving, hope to those like 41, year-old Greg Donovan, who, lost both his father and grandparents.

To The disease it's a critical. Societal, need. There's, so much human suffering involved, with Alzheimer's, I hope, that research, continues, John. It's so good to have some encouraging, there's something positive, in the fight against this disease how long would a patient typically, have to stay on this new drug well they're still waiting for FDA approval but. Patients in the study taking it twice a month for 18, months got the biggest benefit, but that's certainly one thing researchers, need to keep looking into meanwhile, another, study out today shows that people, who lower their blood pressure to 120, were less likely to develop memory loss so a healthy lifestyle matters, too all right good to hear dr. John Torres thank you we're, back with more right, after this. Tonight. A big plunge for facebook its stock falling, a whopping, 24, percent in after-hours trading, after. The company reported growth and users and in revenue that was below and analysts, had expected CEO. Mark Zuckerberg losing. Billions of his net worth in a matter of just a couple of hours, caught, on camera shocking. Road rage two drivers sparring. After, police say one cut off the other in New York when slashing. At the other an uber driver with, a blade he, then dives in the other man's car takes the keys gets into his own vehicle and hits, the gas the, other man tried to stop him get smashed against, a van losing, his shoes he, suffered injuries to his hip and hands police are still searching for, the other driver goodness the, Kennedy Center is out with the list of this year's honorees, and some are so big they only need one name Cher Reba. And Hamilton. Also. On the list composer, Philip Glass and jazz legend, Wayne Shorter, Hamilton. Lin-manuel, Miranda's Broadway's. Smash-hit will, get a special award at the gala set, for December 2nd. Up, next those who serve what police are handing out instead, of tickets, it's making drivers smile. Finally. Tonight a lot of us know that sinking feeling when those flashing, lights appear in the rearview mirror but, in Minnesota instead. Of traffic, tickets many officers, are handing out something, else entirely, that's, leaving drivers feeling, grateful it's, tonight's those who serve. Do. You have your driver's license insurance it's my chance Matthew, Benson, has just been pulled over for a broken light, but, instead of getting, an expensive, ticket this, driver, is getting something else here's the deal so instead of giving you a ticket I'm gonna give you a voucher that, voucher gets, his light fixed, free, of charge it's, great and I'm excited about it. It's, one of the more than 500 coupons. To pay for car repairs, given, out by 20 departments, in Minnesota, in the last year, there's, that the program, is called lights, on started. After some controversial, police, encounters, including the, death of falando Casteel, shot. By police after, being pulled over for, a broken taillight, it's.

A Positive interaction, with the police versus. Always. Something negative, repairing. The community's, broken, trust will take more than a voucher but, police believe, it's a start. Officers. In Brooklyn, Park also. Load up their patrol cars with donated, toys and, treats to give away even. Something as simple as a candy, bar with, police officer, BIOS printed. On the wrapper what we know is that, candy, bar breaks. Through the barrier of the uniform give us a mechanism to hand that person something and start, a conversation thank. You we're. Not only there when people, are in trouble we're. Here to help small, gestures, these officers, hope, will. Show that they're doing their best to serve and protect. We. Appreciate, you spending part, of your evening with us that is Nightly, News for, this Wednesday night, I'm Lester, Holt for all of us at NBC News, thank you for watching and good night. Hey. NBC, News viewers, thanks, for checking out our YouTube channel. Subscribe. By clicking on, that button down here and click, on any of the videos over here to, watch the latest interviews, show highlights, and digital, exclusives, thanks. For watching.

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