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Good. Morning ladies and gentlemen. It's an honor to be here thank you for having me at Google, Hong Kong. Yeah. I hope today through this session both, parties can have a blast. And at any time if you feel that, you want a voice out or ask questions please feel free, okay. So, um. When. I first got the invitation, to come to Google Hong Kong I I was, thinking to myself what the hell am I gonna do at Google seriously. Cuz because. You. Guys are the people I go to when I look at my stuff seriously. It, could be through the search engine it, could be through through. Maps I I like to travel a lot doctor, throw on a backpack and just wander, off somewhere, into the world and and see, the world so I'm always you know navigating, through, maps and, lately. Actually speaking. Of which I've, been trying, to pick up on more Japanese. So I. Do. This a lot now everyday a City Sun. Astana. Your day when auntie Cara. I've. Been trying to pick up on more Japanese, so lately I've made a google, translate my best friend. So. I'm. Even forcing, my my smartphone to converse in Japanese, with, me because you know we only have 24. Hours a day so yeah. But. But I must say you, know sometimes. The translations. I still, a bit funky but. 80%, of the time it. Does the job very well so thank you for you, know whoever out there that's that's making my life a lot a lot easier, alright. So, yes I do visit, you guys very. Very often everyday but. I'm not here to talk about you know what we can Google I think you guys are a mo everybody. Knows. Best what we can search, on the internet but. Uh maybe, today we could touch on some, other keywords, where we cannot fully. Understand. Through the internet maybe, keywords, like like, creativity I think. I think creativity for me it's it's it's, the biggest, thing either, it be through my music or my, food shows or movies or, my business because. I think without creativity. We. Cannot really ensure our place in mark, in the market and eventually. You. Will be left behind in the world. Creativity. Comes, in many different forms, and, styles. I guess it doesn't have to be through through movies or that, kind of artistry, it could be through through, tennis it could be through agriculture.

Architecture. Woodworking, lecturing, whatever it may, be it, could be through programming, or engineering, I think if Google, was not as. Creative. When they were you, know doing the algorithms, back then it would not be what it is today so. A lot. Of people would say you know yeah, I'm not the I'm, not the creative type no we all, are we just have to find that one edge. We. Have to find you, know what, how we can synergize and capitalize, on that on our own strengths. But. It is getting harder and harder to be creative, I think in this world because every. Day we are we, are flooded, by. So much content, in our phone you. Know all the blogs that we look at all the comments all the likes, other streaming's all the films, everything. But. Unknowingly, unknowingly. We, are so. Almost. Too. Inspired. To. A point where we are losing ourselves. Because. We, are taking, it in everybody. Else's ideas their. Thoughts their. Voices, therefore. If we are not creative, enough. We. Tend to what. We call. We. Would ride on other people's ideas let's. Twist, that's, quick, that's in quantum, well we would say eat see you but. When we get into a habit of that we. Forget, about being. Original, being, really, creative. Starting. Our own ideas, and to. Me that is very, very, dangerous. Because if what, you put out it's. No different than the person next to you if, what you contribute, to the company, it's just the same as everybody, else in the room let me tell you something next year you won't be here. The. Company doesn't need you, eventually. The market, doesn't need you and the. World. They. Don't need you so. Constantly. Ask, yourself. How. You can contribute more. Than. The person next to you I've. Been in my industry for more than 22, years now, let. Me tell you I asked, myself that question every damn, day. Every. Day through. Music through, film through. My shows through, my business how, do I. Be. More creative. That. Is very very hard and maybe. Even in some fields, it's getting, harder, and harder like, in music I would. Say that it is harder for me now to compose, a, very. Good piece. Of music. Then. It was 15, 20 years ago because. The. Time signatures, or the, combinations. Of the notes are simply being taken, up it, is harder to write something original now, and have. It not sound like that it has been written by someone. Some. Time like. Some song back then because. It's, been, done but. In our world that's what is happening, is because all. The, ideas, are being boys out and we are seeing it so. If we. Don't voice out loud enough clear enough soon enough, we. Are actually behind. So. I urge you there you know the first key word that I would want, to touch on is actually creativity. Does anybody have any anything. To say, any. Other things. You want to talk about. Another. Word I would say is a key. Word for me as, experienced. Especially, well. Experienced, in terms of. The. Verb experience. Not the noun experience. Especially. For you lot where your work requires, you to sit behind a desk and a computer the. Whole day maybe the whole year.

But. I would, say that it. Is, very important. To to. Get. Out there to the world and really experience. It because. I. Think. The phone still, only brings you halfway and you, must walk the other half you, know nowadays when I'm chatting. With a lot of the younger generation, kids, what. Really happens, a lot is uh maybe. The topic would be along the line of uh oh man, I was in uh I was. I was. In Finland. Last weekend, the Aurora lights was they were they're beautiful and then, didn't the kid, would say something, like yeah I know I know I saw it on YouTube. Or. Yeah. Yeah it was really cool I saw it on Facebook. Yeah. Okay. Um sure, I'm sure it's an opening it's an idea it's a glimpse of you know what it really is but. If. That's how you see things. You. Don't know. Yeah. Again. It's, a great entrance, to the world but. It's halfway please. When, the opportunity, allows get, off your butt and walk the other half which, may be even more important, okay. Experience. The world okay, that the phone is awesome, you know the net is awesome, but that is that is half way half way. It's. It too early for you guys because you guys look kind of stale. James. Movie, we, could start with a more, more, Q&A if anybody wants please jump in one. Of the things that is. On our minds is also giving, back okay. Creativity. Experience. A lot of those because we're, sort, of going. Through life to a screen and we're not interacting, much here. At Google we spend, a lot of time thinking about what we're doing for Hong Kong how. We're supporting nonprofits how. Are we providing. Services, for school. What. Advice do you have for us and, also for sort, of the broader, Millennial. Crowd who is interested in doing, something for Hong Kong how. To get started how to think about that and what, approach it today. Thank. You I think I, think, keep doing what you're doing really but we, cannot, lose the, what. We're trying to do is is share I think this this. In this era and, of, course sharing, comes, in different forms, also and that's what chef Nick the, brand is trying to do is because I think, even now when you see families going over to other dinners they're, actually just you know that they're eating through. Looking through there they're looking. Through their phones the whole time actually, that's losing, the true essence, of why we are eating together and that's, what we're trying to promote through the chef, Nick show is is the, guy who gets have to find it what. Is the yet Cizek fun is to you know it is to actually. Enjoy. A meal together and, that's. Why that's, what cooking is has also taught me is let. Me tell you I was in really, really bad. Firmness. With my parents for the longest time I was. In I was in boarding school ever since I was 12 and then. At, the age of 14 I was sent to Tokyo. To to start, training in music, by. 16, I started working and I never really, got a chance to. To. Have a relationship, with my parents and, we've. Been on bad terms for the longest time until. Until. I started, cooking because when, you cook it's diff, the food you don't eat it alone you want to share it you want to get some feedbacks and, it. Gave, me a medium to to, know how to talk, to my parents and say wait no no yeah. The, eating go-go whatever. You cooked back then was really cool you want to teach me it became, now it's a it now it's a habit you know does. A food matter of course it does but, what, really matters is is how, you find your your. Way. To share, and, I. Think keep doing what you're doing but. If, you can think of the third party. Then. I think that, the whole picture, is much bigger. Cool. Why don't you take a seat okay well chat, a little bit get, comfortable. It, was very. Inspiring talk here you talk about creativity, and, the. Journey where, you just mentioned how cooking, brought you, and your family closer together right, so. A little bit on chef Nick it's, now in his fifth season we're seeing a lot of traction both online and, offline but.

I Want to kind, of go turn back the clock back to 2014. What. Besides. What, you just mentioned about the parents thing but what, was the. Thing that made you transition, from the. Singer, the actor setting phone to to. Chef Nick and what was that transition like I I, didn't, think I am I wasn't. Looking for a transition really I I, thought, I could do everything together. Right. I'm. Still, doing music I'm still, doing films. It's. Weird because people, look at this like it like like I'm moving from. From. Woodworking. To. Pharmacy. It's. Not that far I think what I'm doing with, food with, movies, and also music and, the. Business together, I think as a whole it has perfect, synergy I don't. Think that they're really unrelated. And that's, how I do things if I cannot pull resources from somewhere. Somehow. To. Contribute, into a new thing I do then. I really, would reconsider. To. Either do it or not because, to start fresh at a you know at a. Later. Age later, age, is maybe, at a disadvantage. But. First, of all I I found, food to be a true, passion and then. I, also. Saw. That it would be the next biggest thing. After. Communication, and tech. So. I thought, how I could you know kind of rejuvenate. The, whole the, whole entertainment, business. Of mine and. Make. It a yeah and. Make it a long-lasting what I guess was, this interest, in food something. That was always there I was always there but I, I. Thought. To make it a bit more the more serious and at the time I think mainland China was actually it, was really lacking a. Decent. Food. Or lifestyle, show okay, yeah so, we started a. 2-14, right yeah and, and. It's, we. Just finished the fifth, season this year, yeah. Been watching thank. You. So. On the food topic I'm sure you hear this a lot and even, people. Who know me doing. This have asked this as well is that you've. Never worked in the kitchen, you, can you really cook like obviously, I heard, stories, and I know that, you put a lot of hard work and dedication and, courage into into, being. Who you are today achieving, what you've done but not everybody, has seen that so what. Goes through your mind when you hear criticism like this and how, do you deal with it's, logically acceptable. Because. First, of all we may think that because someone has not been, doing something for really long. They. Can't be good at it right. That's, the logic, it's. Okay it's, okay but. That's almost like saying let, them put it this way that's, almost like saying we. As a human race we've been using the landline, telephone, for centuries why, don't we stick with it that must be the best way, so. Dump all your iPhones. Dump all your MOBAs right now let's go back to the landline because. We've been doing that for the longest time right. That's. Like saying we. As a human race we've been using the we've, been driving, gasoline. Automobiles, for centuries. So. As Elon Musk gone crazy. To. Start Tesla, right. Why why, are there so many electronic, cars out there now because. That must be the best way because we've been doing it for the longest time I think, if we are that. Narrow-minded, that. Really frightens me because. We, are in a new era there. Are there, are perks and different texts now out there that allows us to pick up on information, much. More rapidly, than it has been in a traditional. Kitchen I would say oh I'm sorry but the way I've heard is you know maybe the first apprentice. Cook, with wood would be peeling vegetables, for. Maybe a year or two but. I have. I. Have. My ways or I. Am. I've. Saved up enough money to be, peeling something, much more in the first year yeah I mean like we hear all these stories about like, chefs training, in Japan right really like washing rice for like seven years before they can remain sushi, so, is that the best. And only way I don't think we have can, be that, narrow-minded in thinking, like that right, okay.

Of. Course there has been a, lot of hard work and time, and effort put into it but yeah, I don't have to get getting those yeah but how do you stay focused on doing what you need to do do you have like a system do you have a way. To do things or. Cuz. Obviously it's a lot of work it's a lot of work there's a lot of learning involved, like do you how do you stay organized how do you stay focused that's. One, thing I learned in the in the in the kitchen is time management because. When you're just trying to serve two dishes it's. Easy for, two it's easy for four it's okay for eight yeah it's not bad but. When you're trying to do eight dishes for a table of ten and. They. Have all they, all have to be hot when you serve like. In you know Chinese food. It's. Not that easy and, when you do one of the more than one of my Michelin galas when you're serving for a seven hundred they, still, have to be hot and you got 8 minutes of serving, time for, 700. Fine-dining. It's. Very hard. Then you learn you know gradually, eventually, you learn how, to how to, how. To time you to pace ourselves and, and, then your your, organization. Like. What, I just. Demonstrated, on the on. My phone you, know I try to squeeze in all these, little seconds. And milliseconds. In my life to, to. To gain at that just that much more, but. I. Guess. When there's a will there's a way I don't. Know your time schedules, but you figure that out for yourself but. There, are these little gaps, in life where you can just squeeze in a bit more you know here. And there knowledge. And then eventually that. Adds up, that. Adds up yeah yeah I think it's amazing how you're able to balance so many things and do everything so well and I'm a very naturally. I'm a very. Bagua. Person, I'm a very key I'm very curious about everything you know I mean, I I look. Up stuff just to just to know just, to ask why where when how so. And when I start something I. Don't. Like to stop. Until I actually get, somewhere, you know that's the that's just a personality, yeah, I've heard many, stories as, well. How. How. Kind of focus, your and how deep, down your drill and to everything that you try to learn and I think that's something, that's very admirable oh I. Can't be a pain in the ass in that aspect yeah, um. But. Like. Like I said your men have many hats you're developing a. Chef's. Career on, the side you're have music, you have acting all that together.

Kind. Of bringing, the conversation back to where, it started with music, your. Last Cantonese, album was in. 2005. Really. One. Step closer yeah, right and then your last Mandarin, album was ten years ago it's 2009, oh so. I know, that, I know you haven't stopped doing music so you've done movies, songs, you didn't songs for your for, your show and, over. The past twelve months personally, I've seen you kind of do, a little bit more. Started. With twenty. Eighteen six half bad. Performance, and he launched three singles this year, you. Were a guest. Judge, on The Voice. And. Now. Just. Recently you had the RTHK performance, so is, this foreshadowing. Of something are we going to see more, music. Coming. From you I. Didn't. I didn't, really plan this I think I'm just going with the flow really, sometimes. But. I, think. At different, times with. Different. Inspirations. Or, sometimes. I I feel, that there are different, advantages for, different fields. You. Know how sometimes a stock market you know it's it's doing better than the real estate sometimes. Like music is doing better than film, and. That's how I can kind of weasel around and do my thing because. There's. Never one trend that's always at the top. That's. Actually true if you, really look at the market, something, is always doing a bit better and. If. The trend is like that and you can't kind of catch the wave. Man. You're on top, because. Like. When we started this redneck, show we. Are definitely, the the, biggest, food. Show in China, when. We started in 200 14 by by, the third season, we were doing over 300. Million, RMB. And now. We're in the fifth season. But. If. You catch the wave that's that's a different, thing that's, a different thing so I think you know we we, are we're doing very stable in in, chef, Nick so. I think now I have the time. To. Kind of do. More music to my music so. Does that mean we'll see the album an. Album this year I don't know if I'm working on a full album but. But. I don't, really think if, that really matters anymore. In the in the new market right but. Uh, yeah. I'm. Hoping for I'm actually working on a concert, but yeah there's that's what we're, gonna ask in Hong Kong everybody, is you know starting a concept as if they, have nothing else to do. And. Still, hard to buy tickets so. We. Need a bigger stadium that's what we need yeah yeah, we need a bigger a new platform a more, create that's why I I can, book my, stadium. Schedule, because I've been dissing it the whole time. Well. Time, to get creative and think about something different right. Back. On the the topic, of Joomla, hosting um the voice a lot. Of people have, said that this season was a lot better than, previous seasons, I think. So. Personally. I think, you. Being on it injected, kind of a different, dynamic it. Was. It. Was interesting to see how you how, seriously you took it again. Stories. I heard. A story that maybe, I want you, -, about. The, the, drumming. Performance, so, I actually heard from Derrick okay how, hard you prepared, for it and how, how. You kept. On like well, preparation, so for first for the performance. Is a. Given but actually. When you talk about the voice what I would actually want to share is I don't know how many people has watched the the. This. Show but. You, know how I got totally bashed when I started, you know hammering, on to the the. Button, at first, in the first two episodes because. There are actually these two new perks that they changed, with a game played this year, that. To, start off with, all. The contestant there are about 150. Contestants, you know put into one room and they. Are watching a live feed of whatever, is happening, on stage, the performance, along with the judges comments, and and how, they would choose their team that's, one thing the second thing is each judge, would have a six, person coda. To. Choose. Into. You know assembling, their team. And. If. You do choose a seventh, person that, person would have to battle out any of, their chosen you know the, person, from the the, the original team so.

Thinking. Like that, there. Are a few things I I tried, doing is the. First episode if people who have seen this seen, the show would, see me just. Hearing the the first two sentences and then. I would be smashing, onto the button and then, you know the reporter is the the viewers they would say he, doesn't know jack about music, you know go, back to cooking yeah. How. Could you choose someone from from just listening for the first two words. What. I found it was I am very aware that for the past ten years like you said my last album was maybe ten years ago I'm very, aware that you know a lot of the younger kids they don't see me as a singer they'll, see me as muted musician, if I, were to. Fight. For. These contestants over, with, you know through, with the other other judges I would have a very big disadvantage. The. Only way I could, plant. Some ideas. Into. The hundred and fifty contestants. That are watching the live feed is by, hammering, onto that that. Button and solely. Turning. Around because, therefore, I have the floor I have, the the, power of speech because. They didn't choose the person I did so, actually, I'm trying to voice out and tell not. The person on the stage but the hundred and fifty in the room what. I have done or what my views, on music, is. So. That they wouldn't feel more comfortable joining, my team but. Then man I got I got totally bashed by the media by everybody, else yeah, stops. This, stuff stop this guy or he's, crazy or whatever and. The, best one thing I found that was really, helping me out strategically. The, second thing is uh. People. Are also passionate for I would, choose a lot of in contestants. Because. I was solely pressing, onto the button. But. What I was also, doing is I found, out if you have to choose a seventh, member. And if. Your whole team was equally. Matched. They were all you know six, of them were equally, as good it's, very hard for a newcomer to choose who, they would like to battle but. If you. Have. Two that. Are it's. Cruel to say this but if you have two that is obviously.

A Bit weaker, it's. Easier, for the newcomer, to choose from. So. You can always keep. On upgrading, your team if that makes sense to anybody but but strategically, I think I've. Done. Something new in the show yeah so, it seems like you took a very strategic approach, on how, you how. You picked your team and how you yes, but at the end I I hope all these, elements. Would bring a better show yeah, right, what, so, how. Long was the filming of the the entire process it. Was the shooting days was 29, days okay, but the whole process with all the rehearsal and all the training was maybe three months so, over that span, like, being on the voice and this this, is a relatively new experience, for you yeah what. Do you think was the biggest thing that you learned or gain from that. For. Me it was a a great, platform, to get back into music because. It. It has the, most reach right now in terms. Of our variety. Shows in China so, yeah. Are you going back, I. Don't know I don't know okay. Yeah but some stuff, like that like kind. Of music shows and stuff ours still. Something you'd like to differently more involved in definitely okay. Well, as. I talked about the beginning of the talk. You're the first guest we're, having here at talks at Google in Hong Kong so. I'd, be remiss not to bring the conversation back to tech a little bit all right I heard. That you're a very heavy YouTube user. So. Let's start, from there so. So. What's. Your view on kind, of technology, and how we interact, with with. Platforms. Like YouTube and other social media and. And how. Do you think that plays into today's, world and even your own life and career, well. Definitely for me it's a it's a very important. Part of my life now I think for for, any of us really, we've just got gotten, into the habit of you know learning. A lot even like my my kids they're always on YouTube seriously I think. The tech nowadays. It. Has really enhanced. The. Speed of our learning, curve, we. Are picking up you, know the. Goods and Bad's through. The through an internet like like even through food like, it's like how, tech, has really changed. Food immensely, through, the past, 10, years, now. They deliver delivery system has allowed, us to to. Choose. You, know fresh goods from the internet. Stuff. Like that, you're. Not a very heavy user on special notice right, yeah and I'm. Not a social media, guy but, but. I. If. There's a destination, I'm looking for then I would definitely you know go go going in do you feel, that social. Media nowadays has, kind of become. Something. That's that, more, or less kind of consumes. People, and it's. Become, more of an addict addiction, for some people and things. Away from kind. Of the benefits of Technology but. Then I think. It's. A balance between you. Know for everything that we do yeah, you're right if we go to extreme, it's it's always you know kind of harmful okay. So we just have to balance it up is that why you're not on it or just, don't, like it I'm, just not in the habit of you know doing the e. That. Does maybe it's just just not me yeah. But. It's it's a I think it's also a platform for you to kind of share your views and share what, you've done and and something, like that so sure, maybe something to consider of, course of course.

I'm Sure if you opened up a YouTube channel and shared your cooking tips. Bowl, every year one here will be right, that. That's another thing right, now that's really you know I. It's a there's, a bit of a language barrier you know I mean I have a lot of clips but they're in Mandarin yeah, so if I do put it on YouTube then I would have to kind of you know redo, the exact, same thing but one maybe in English or in Cantonese. What that really pisses me off. Right. I have, to do three of. The, same thing I, would, have to kill three fish to just do a standard search, yeah. And if you only kill one fish people will be commenting, again I'm saying. There's. Already I cut there and yeah. Okay. Meaning, to ask you about a show that you did called. Celebrity, chef East versus West so, you, faced off against our chef David Rocco, and. It, was a five episodes, miniseries. And spoiler, alert you want why, did you choose to go film an English show what. Was that experience like, well. Back to the part where you know a lot of people has been doubting me for for for the cooking part so all, you could do it really is just to go the extent, to, prove, yourselves I, think. That in I've, been doing that in every, field, really. That's. Why I put myself through, competitions. Especially. When, you do a, foreign. Show like, from from Fox yeah then it's not a chef Nick show then. If, I can't prove myself through that kind of platform then. The. Haters will be haters but, at least I've gone the extent you, know I might even be going back this year to, do to to to be, judging, or even competing. I'm. Okay with competing, but. Yeah I think, you just have to find yourself - if. I find ways to prove, yourself I have. Done many crazy, stuff just to prove myself. But, sometimes. That's. You. Know that's. The extent you would have to do I've jumped. Off buildings, I've jumped off Convention, Center in Hong Kong to. Do my move on this story right when, people people, also thought that I because, I'm the son of you know two celebrities, maybe, I don't take my job seriously. That's. You know that's, why I've been putting myself through all this hard, in this pane and in, buildings, after buildings. Because. If that's not serious enough for you then then. What is yeah, it may be silly to some people but then you go try it right. Yeah. I, mean. Like I'm sure like, in the room not everybody is familiar with with, how. You started, and everything but definitely, as someone. Who grew up in that generation I've. Was. Able to witness all the all the negative. Yeah. The. Same generation, I. Was. Yeah for people who didn't who doesn't, know their, first four, years of my career. Was. 99%. Booing, yeah I would not get any applause. Anywhere. The. Minute I stepped onstage, it. Was all boos and foul, language and, profanities. For. Years. It. Wasn't because of what you did it was because of sure, your background, sure you were yeah and. It. Was really really tough for, four years every time I walked offstage I, would. See my managers, and my mother my team they. Would be just you, know they would there would be all holding. Their fists, and and just crying and and I would be the only one that. Could walk. Back to the changing, room and cool. Myself down but, that I would I would have to endure that for, every. Day for. Four years and you kept going because, back. Then we had so much you know we went so much promotion to do all the, all, the, performances. Back, then it was work after working there because there was no internet yet so, everything, was live every, day was live, every. Time I before, I walked onstage I. Would. Almost get paranoid about being booed. Because. It got to an extent where I could. Not hear one word of the. Song I was singing it.

Could It was getting that nasty. Then. Somewhere in year. 2000, it. Turned around what. Was the turning point I don't know man. Maybe. Maybe, there was some new kid to pick on but. Or. Maybe they just got tired of you know yeah the old Elda hating or maybe they saw or maybe there was enough buildings jumped. But. What you mean is you didn't jump the convention, in, 2000, well I didn't I jumped it in a 203. Somewhere it somewhere like that with with mr., Jackie Chan but. Yeah. You. Know when when when. There is that need you just have to find your way to excel, maybe. You know there are some crazy things that we got to do, thank. You for that um any live, questions. So. During the first few years when things were tough um, did, you ever doubt yourself and, think that you just weren't good enough and if. You did what kept you going I did. But. Maybe for a very, short time I never. Doubted, myself in terms of music I never, doubted myself in terms of all the hard work I was putting in, I. Believe. In I. Think. I'm a logical, person and. I. Think anybody. Can accomplish anything. If you work hard enough. Really. I don't think there was a time where I I. Think. I I could have, given. Up I which. Is on the person that does not give up you know naturally, I just have that kind of personality and the, second thing is I. Can't. Give up because I had to make a living you. Know. A lot of people with would, imagine, that because I came from a, family, of two actors, or actresses an, actress, that I, don't. Take my my. My, job seriously but I've. Been, self. Sustained, ever. Since, my debut at, the, age of. 20. I've been. Paying my sister's. Education. So. You know that's behind, the store behind the scene stories but but. I could, not afford. To give, up my my, job back then, so, I took everything more seriously, than anybody, would have ever thought I. Have. A question. Online. Do. You think so, you've been in like, I said 50. Over, 50 films I didn't know that yeah. What's, your outlook on the. Genre of Constantine, do. You think there's a future what, do you think that future looks like. Back. To the creativity, thing. I think, we are Hong, Kong right now is we are really lacking this part I think. We have been geniuses. In, the. Stock stocks market, we. Were we, are you know excellent, in the real estate market but, maybe. That's the last generation, that past generations to. Get by in this generation we've got to be really creative and in our own fields. Like. In movies if. You're talking about the movie industry I think, we've all had our fair share of the. Marvel. DC, franchises. Where we've, all seen our Superman's our Batman's or our men's our hulks, are flashes, our Wonder Woman's our I can. Go on and on and we have all seen them. The. Thing is. Don't. We have 5,000, years of history and culture but. Yet we are still shooting The Monkey King. Right. What. I know wha. Someone. Sing home gonna. Write, so. I urge any of you guys out there if you guys ever fantasize, about you. Know our own superheroes, please. Jot. Down something. Write. A paragraph or two send them to me or, to. Whoever. You, know that, you think can make something happen because we have to if. We don't we're gonna be really really behind really. Really far send. Send, in your. Movie. Ideas to, me I'll pass them along yeah. X, live question. To. Ask is thank you share with us the famous one. Of the famous story or the, moment you thought yourself is a good decision to kick off this chef Nick show and then. If, that is yes, how, you overcome, like how you self, motivate yourself and, then bring back my passion. Thank. You failures. Many. Failures, really. But. I think in, in business I would say one of the more obvious ones were I invested. In a company that does did a post production at. The age of 20, to 23. I was 203, I, started. A post company post, production company, and we would do computer graphics we would do color grading we would do editing, dubbing.

For, A lot, of commercials, and films. Stuff. Like that right so. When. You're in that kind of a hardware tech, company, you, buy a lot of stuff you, buy a lot of we. Call telecine, ease or editors, and and mics, and this and that. But. Back then we. Were at the end of the analog, trend and. All. Of a sudden. Things. Changed. They, don't use tapes anymore, they. Went from analog. To digital, but. All, my hardware, they were a, lot. Of a lot of money. So, all those all, of a sudden went into the can and that's. You know back to their well where I was just saying if you can't catch the trend that's. A different story, I didn't, back that and a lot I lost a lot of money back then you, know I had to you know mortgage my mind my house and all that. But. That was on me you. Know everything just changed. So. But. Do I still but at that time it. Was hard but I still believed in the the network that I thought I had had had built all the connections, and that the work we were doing and, then. At, the end we were okay but there were a few years I was really, really tough but, as long as you have to you have to stick with it I mean, a lot of stuff I do they it doesn't reflect right. Away most. Of the stuff doesn't reflect right away the, chef next show didn't, reflect, right, away but. Eventually. Eventually. Like like, how everybody would dump me through my in. My culinary trip journey but. Then last. Month or, two. Months just-just-just, now I I. Think maybe a lot of people had also had the chef Nick McDonald, burger it, was really good thank, you thank, you at. That price I think we did a great job and, you know actually right, after this meeting I'm going into inventing into, the central kitchen to invent the - Oh nineteen one again and. We. We sold within, five weeks just only in Hong Kong we sold over two million burgers and there. Is only let me remind you only six points somewhat million. Population in Hong Kong so. Things, say like a five. Thank. You. Well I thank you but. But then yes it took five years to you know to kind of prove yourself just, yeah I really have to stick with it on the just quick question also. Online on the McDonald's, collaboration. Throughout. The whole process how many burgers did you have to eat man, I. Ate. A lot of burgers and they. Were there, are a. Lot, of burgers we, also tested a lot of fries a lot, of the ice cream a lot of drinks and. Yeah. There, are a lot of other crazy stuff that we tested, what's that creative process like, working, to, create, a new menu item or to, do something that's never been done before like, the the pork chop right that was so good. It's. That's. Part of being creative I think. That's. Something that I I. Really. Enjoy, is creating. Menus, or writing songs and making something my own and and. When they gave me the. The. Homework, to to. Start. Up something that has helm gone from a Hong. Kong some. Way it. Actually, I didn't, know how to translate that that that you know taste the face of Hong Kong right I. Was. Thinking how, I could relate the. The, taste, of my childhood to. A McDonald's burger, and there, are other ideas that I'm still working on right. Now maybe. Later in the kitchen today stuff. Like you. Know how Hong Kong people love their gotta you done right right. Now I always always, think that it, would, probably work with a galley you know power it because that's almost as you know same thing. But. Maybe, asada thing a one gutsy hanbok, it yeah right. Exactly, but then you, know there, are there are ups and downs we have to. Overcome. Like me if we do work on our curry, dish. Then the kids would be left out right so. It's. A long journey, but I'd really love it these are some of the creative, juices that I have to get out and, I can't wait to see what you have in the story thank you thank. You any, other questions. Thank. You. Thanks. Seems, like you have a lot of wisdom but you know you invested, in a company back, in when you were 22. Even, though it kind of went through rough times so, through all these times. To. Somebody if somebody your mentor, and it has always been since day one or. That, has involved. Good. Question actually I. I. Don't. Have that person. I've. Always thought of my mentor as logic. I, I've.

Really Not gone to anybody about much. Of this kind of stuff maybe. I should very. Really, but, but, I just don't have that person in life. So. Yes, in my company yes. Hmm. That's actually interesting I don't. Have that person are, you are you open, to seeking. Mentorship, like seeking, help. Like. A. New department. Like. I know you helped a lot of young people. But. You're also like, a young, person yourself right so, like. When when you do somebody in Russian yeah yes in general, when. You do come across like difficult, decisions. And stuff like, do you just solely, you're, comfortable, relying on yourself and and. Just thinking that through that's something I'm actually really interested in because I'm facing a similar kind. Of situations. For my career. I've, always. I've. Always been able to gradually, work out the problems in my life so. Yeah. I've really not you, know found that person to go, to and then because of the different fields that are working on you. Know sometimes music sometimes is it's film sometimes. It's business, sometimes, it's kind of a bit tech so. There's not really that one person I can talk to, regarding. All the different. Fields, believe. It or not some of especially later. Thank. You thank you some, people actually flew it everything. Thank. You thank you. Expectation. Or an impact. Our. Entire, set. Through. Music through movies. Of course, mainly. It's entertainment, and, music. I could say I hope, it you know brings. More. Like. I hope my music can also stimulate or console, you in your everyday life, but in, terms of a deeper message we're, trying to do that through the chef Nick show because. As like, what I was saying, about you now we don't share, correctly, or or how we are missing the essence of eating together, I. Really. Really learned a lot through the the kitchen, the, time management stuff the the sharing, part it has changed my personal, personality. Immensely. It was a really different person, before, I started cooking and I. Think. Especially. In this day and age. We. Hope to promote a lot more. Activities. Or or. Wilderness. Wildlife. Activities, or stuff. That you could do you know apart, from just, looking, at the phone or the computer I think, that's a very very, important, part. Of life I, got. A question more about your, film career so I just want to know, first. Of all congratulations, on the best actor award moving. Forward for your future film. Movies, like story. Are gonna go, for more. And. Further challenge your acting abilities I don't. Really have a preference I, think. That. I. Am. Sometimes. You. Need a bit of luck when you when you you know what you and you're giving a a script. The, cast has got to be right the, story has. To be right the whole crew has to be right the timing, has to be right we, always say that in the movie industry each movie, has its own journey. Really, all. You could do is do your best when, it is handed to you. But. I do think there. There's one that I'm planning on in. A few months it is, action-packed. I do think Hong, Kong has to find its roots. Someway. Somehow. And, to. Me Hong, Kong movie is about Hong, Kong action it has never, really been about. Hong Kong drama, so. It's. Gonna be tough but I think yes, I'm gonna have to dig down and fight again and. Maybe jump off some buildings. Thank. You. And what. Are some of the key words that define your. Turn sir who you are today, that. Made you to. Be a successful life successful, career. Key. Words would be. Creativity. Create. Keywords, would be. Would. Be tenacity. Keywords, would be.

Synergy. Actually. Resourceful. Nassif. Use, come and, I've different times, really and to, me. If. I was to be greedy I would say every. Word is a keyword. Yeah. Cool. So, before, we wrap up just one question from somebody. Watching, from the states actually so. The time is it over there it. Is late, so. Basically. They said at, our headquarters we, have a program called kitchen sink and there. Are chefs. That come all the time to to. Teach. How to cook and if, you're ever in the area would, that be something you would be interested in. Speaking. Of which you know I think, tech. Wise right. Now I'm having problems with working, on the VR goggle, like, when you're teaching cooking the problem is the depth you know you you can't lean into the pot and see what's in there if. You guys crack that problem please, tell me. Yeah. We. Can we, can work together. My. Company, cuz I'm still the asia-pacific. Marketing. Director for the Digital Domain company, right in LA, and we were still doing all the post-production. For. Avengers. 4 for, all those series, so, if you, guys ever come up with that kind of tech yeah, tell me please awesome. So that, brings, us to the end of, our talks at Google, thank, you everybody for coming thank you Nick for taking, your precious time to, share with us. You.

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he has great personality, but he is not a personality. 你其實可以直接打中文,唔好勉強

+anthony sin your engrish is very good too 'reptending' such profound use of Engrish

ray venom I do speak fluent Chinese. I think you're hearing stuff bro.

then u watched it all

Don't you know he was raised in Canada??

+Stephen Yau 原来如此

He spent his childhood in Canada


X Chen 哈哈哈 made my day!

Very insightful!

inspiring considering this guys dropped out of school twice in canada and hong kong for low grades

Full respect to Nic.

It's weird how he keeps using "o " " o " for dates. Like.... two o eighteen.... two o o nine.

Because that's the way they speak in some of the places in Canada, why do you think it's weird?

But not everyone has the

sohai person...last time he throws his mic on the floor when singing...stupid fool.


YEAH~he moved to Canada when he was 8, so that's not surprised he can speak good eng.

thought he was making a joke, but turns out he probably really thought siri was created by google.

Still he is a great actor, singer and chefcook. He doesn't need to write or read chinese, he has talent, that counts

as good as his brother Edison

Jan Siu 我幾時有話你啊傻閪?

+兇弟 唔好废啦你 死傻閪

ka chun lai 唔好衝出黎柒啦鄉下仔,係一個咁高水準既講座你都有得拉其他野黎講,你條撚樣真係有問題。

+H 皮膚癌


Whats wrong you butt hurt? can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Miss Freestyler 我不太认同你说的这个,感觉你说的这个游戏规则是零和游戏,他只是这个游戏里通过资本和人力杠杆处于优势的rent-seeker而已

+TheTraveler Well, YouTube suggest so many videos on your home page, you can choose what to click, right?? YouTube doesn't allow hate speech, not me...Lol...

+Miss Freestyler I agree, if it wasn't for youtube showing this doucebag on my suggested videos, I would not be here. I live in Hong Kong its hard to avoid this scumbags news. By the way, if you cannot handle negative comments, stay off youtube

+TheTraveler I just don't understand why people who don't like him are here to watch this....Go watch someone you like instead of wasting time commenting on someone you don't like. We all have a choice to pick our favourite artists to follow!

+呀你可 我意思是以他的年龄有这样的成就,各方面都多才多艺,试问有多少人能做到?全世界人很多都认识他,还不牛逼吗?

Miss Freestyler 如果只是英文在谷歌香港谈话一小时那还是算了。这个也算是评价是不是牛人只能说明你我维度不一样

+Miss Freestyler Sure, that is why he went to jail

+TheTraveler please Google that case if you don't know... He only hit the road side rail, no one got injured.

+呀你可 当然,这世界一山还有一山高! 没有最牛,只有更牛! 但重点是你要比他牛才有资格批评他.

Well I also ask myself if I could do a hit and run on a pedestrian like he did, and the answer is thankfully no.

Probably someone who works for Google.

Nick Ra 咁又點?


+tenchichrono Forreal, some of these fools be trippen. I hear no accent at all. Back then, yea, but now no.

Nicholas should put on his green chef hat as his famous brand name and bake his cookies that are like the "old cake" what the weird taste of Nicholas! Did he cook any big thick long sausage before ? I am going to get an Edison Chan famous photo as my wall poster in bedroom


I really don’t agree with his opinion, what literary he is meaning there are so many people are very creative and has created what he want to be created, so that means his idea is taken by other people.

Why do a lots of people think he is a handsome guy? I don’t understand it. I never think he is a good looking but a little bit cool, that’s i.......t.

I don't follow HK news/celebrities so I was surprised to see Nic at a Google Talk. Strange. Is it going to be a cringe-fest? Nope. I thoroughly enjoyed it, very insightful, very well said, very entertaining. I'm a fan now haha seems like a great guy.

Look how successful a man can be without bloodsucking and gold digging wife.



His English is much much better than many other artists in Hong Kong. If you look at those MCs for the miss international Chinese pageant, their English sucks such as Tsang Chi Wai who can't even understand a word of the contestants's English.

+Bin K dont be mad. i am just wondering. short guy syndrome

Kevin Wang So are you 200cm?? Is it matter ?

Humm... Can't cook .. can't sing would be my guess

Thank you

+anthony sin you are pathetic.

Watching bc of his handsome,

Is this Gooogle located in China?

Didn’t expect this, it wasn’t boring. Why do people hate him? He has grown a lot , it’s just that his Chef Nic food doesn’t taste very good

He looks so skinny ... Why not go to the gym?

about hk movies really suck this dying no more creativity no more talent actors and actress also lost just wastes of money watching hk movies this days..

fuck off

+Chriz Yuen I know. That's why he is so successful.

he divorced..

+Green Rose what's started as a singer got to do with actual singing ? I started as a super model in 1988 too

Are you kidding?He started as a singer in 1996.

he said he is using google translate, which is available on iphone too. i don't know if the japanese was to to tell siri to open the translate app tho

+Alex Chan he is the best chef of the world

熊熊也要露 2 ✌


This guy was great in the movie Shaolin.


Envy is the curse of naysayers and critics

SJ Universe i

+TheTraveler 1.7k likes vs 83 dislikes, let the statistics speak.

+Miss Freestyler No problem, its bad publicity

+TheTraveler Thanks for keep commenting to increase the hit rates...Lol

+呀你可 难道他不用付出努力吗? 台上一分钟,台下十年功! 我们应该尊重每个成功的艺人,他们肯定在背后付出不少才能得到成绩!!

I can do it


Passion and innovation from tse? This guy is only knowing how to womanizing and self promoting his own image. I guess that is what Google means by innovation and passion.

So cool chef nic Mac burger...I want here in Singapore

Nicholas my bro Nicholas can do ur translations!! n cool Japan lang food too Wow self sustained and pay sibling he tech for avengers

Creativity+hard work yes and perserverance n does not give up pp wanna boo.he endured and can i.Wow he first dicky sunwukong still is ok yes with Stephen chow n dicky .yes movieeee idea!!Be carreful w building ..ur life matters.ur music so good ..NVM evil pp.yes u always love to sing ur papa says yes Music u always know

Omg Michelin serving 700 hot food w assistance yes .time schedule balance... management from cooking.isnt leg tired.logic woww mentor.yes music loves n foodloves

Super cool landphone m throw

He speaks so well now of passion He is dicky cheung friend Yes experience!! Wa q n a must his biz m him He seems so quiet in HK Yep keep do wat u do n protect fam toooo

Yes so coollll wow sharing n terms w his parents aw n cook n eat tog woww talk to them.

Yes creativity n to be better..he looks too young And ying Wei ai duo yi ai song

Yes food big thing

Cool translation part in front n Japan words

Nick talk. I never know your English is so good!

Me didn't know his English name-- looking at the cover photo and thinking: wow this guy really looks like 谢霆锋

Enjoy his spoken English.

英文这么好, 吓到我了啊

I’m a little late. But, I love this. Feeling absolutely motivated to tackle my Monday today. Watching all the way from Jamaica and I love u Nicholas

savage.. talks at google and hey siri-san

Wow didn’t know he can speak so well, considering...


+chi8fulno wonder yes

Google translator is on my iPhone.

Miss Freestyler 我不是不尊重他,我只是对谷歌请来谈话的人有更高的期待而已,那种inspiring的那种。

Nicholas Tse is a really smart guy, despite not having any university education

Chef Lemon speaks very well

we only have 24 hours a day

haha that monkey king hits the nail.seriously how many of the same ......

Like his speech and he speaks so well

I always knew you had a rough start to your career but 4 years of constant booing? Man.... Respect

Adora K. He is who u thought dumbo lol

Qi Wong lol thought the same

Google Hong Kong

sad to say he's right

ermm proven facts you dont need good grades to do well in life .....

because hongkies cant speak english for nuts , for god sake , learn it !

Very inspiring sharing

proud of u being successful in different fields

What I see are his strong logic sense, ability to self reflect, knowing tat conventional is not nec gd, I watched the voice, saw his courage to be diff. He could synergise the above + his set of gd beliefs/standards and work extra hard to achieve things he wants to do. Admirable.

His engly is vely good!!

很接地气啊, nice speech and great interview

He is just a lucky guy who plays cool on everything, guitar or cooking. Both sucks...


I honestly, don't like the host. his face and his attitude to Nicholas. just overall a bad lead

Good talk. People should stop say negative stuff about Nicholas Tze. He is a great person

he speaks English way way better than Edison Chen. Edison still speaks English like a kid

锋哥 6p

The fuck . This fucker talks at Google??

4:12 should be 二次創作 not 二次元

I hate this dude but he speak so well!

Jimmy Ou Yang's is way better.


Omg my nickolas you speak English so well love it!!!❤❤❤❤

Impressed by his articulation, eloquence and sincerity in speaking.

Very inspiring. After so many years, I finally became his fan now!

He is great!!!!!

Great interviewer too. Those are good questions.


Once Upon A Time 收皮啦!傻逼,能不出来丢人?滚!扑摡仔!扑你老母!

I am impressed and surprised that you are such a good speaker. A true star!


did he offence hair stylish? lol

Did you mean "offend" and "hair stylist"? You missed out a "his" in between them too. Joke's on you lol.

I like him since he first started his career when he was 16. He has turn his rebellious way and take his risk taking nature to venture into business. He is a visionary too and he does not play safe

agree,future world will be a more passion and creative world

I Googled “Nicholas Tse” and was brought here! Really!

Well i think the opposite :) he’s fond of Nic


Wait is this about his ideas or his English

Thats my daddy




glad that you finally know his true personalities

You must be a Hong Konger or Cantonese speaker.

Thank you for providing this information

Jason Chu agreed we u

I love you, Nic

Good stuff. I like him as singer and actor from the very beginning I knew him. Cooking though, is a new stuff I know he does.

My childhood hero from new police story


Nic is a very natural & engaging speaker. He interacts very well with his audience. Thoroughly enjoyed this, thank you for bringing us this talk!

love it

You're creative, articulate n 八卦(like u said) haha.. You do what u love and focusing! You're a born winner! God bless you!

He's so smart!

He is too handsome to be in 40s.

If not intelligent admission to highly adorable universities and assuming me not by study to get my admission graduation and qualification I must feel curious those by studying but have not had their brain intelligent capacities and capabilities to admit and get any adorable qualification with their shameful but arrogant low intelligence and low value! I have always adored the highly adorable good western education good knowledge good qualification good reasonable people only!

Deep impression for Nic cos never thought you could speak English..anyway talking about "creativity",I'm truly agree with you that we are too inspired by outside instead from inside,ourselves. Being original,being creative...This is the most answer I'm looking so far. Thanks for bring this out to the world. The virtual world/reality experiencing the world. We've been...We've been ...We've been ....lots of work..time management...when there's a will,there's a way..squeezing a little ...I'm like that also..and I'm totally agreed with u what u have said how to learn something that really in Nick of TIME.

He’s a great man and what’s more impressive is he’s trying to be greater. Haters just gonna hate anyway, but their hatred only makes them worse people.

Me too

You are my idol since I am 4 years old, I have learnt how not to give up during tough time. You always inspire me much, i love you

Nic is the fact,I'm falling for Asian in the '90 and I'm still Fan over 20 Years, we are at the same age and he tell us the true, I'm feeling the same!

I started cooking about 12 years ago. I really like his speech about food and sharing. I thought to myself back then why I got into cooking. and I tell someone this every year. that what better way to enjoy a good meal than to have a group of people to share with and have a great time together. more on the topic of food. I don't care if someone came from some academy or worked at a Michelin star restaurant. I see their attitude and the work they present. If there's no passion and only empty words of BS which I've seen often in a kitchen. Having worked in a kitchen/restaurant really means nothing If the results are negative.

I didn't expected that his English is so good.

What‘s the app when he speaks japanases?

Oh, CAUer

Big fan.l love his songs.

and i was impressed by his speech in 2012@HKUST too.

I love the confidence, “rebellion” from him nd the mind system of his

Don’t talk about Siri pls it’s the most useless and brainless sack of shit ai possibly ever created, can’t even get close to Google , Bixby, and all the others I have to say hey Siri ok Google to use my google ai

Very inspiring


He really told a truth that he did not produce any creative music after his 25, compared to his cooking attainments those years.

Hey catgirl!

Then you need to check out edison chen. That guy didn't even prep for the talk dude


Full of respect. Such a passionate person to strive the best version of himself. Great talk!

He grew up in Vancouver LOL

He’s 39

He speaks very well and very natural, he is speaking from his heart and not pretending at all. He has slight American accent. Well done Nicholas.

creativties totally agree with him ! I felt the same way ! we have to beware of our own unique creativties.

Nicholas is such a leader now! you can see all the changes on his face compare with 20 years ago. His is still very confidence, but in a different way!

I am not surprised at all that he speaks excellent English. After all he is from HongKong and he is partial British.

Gen X Cops, Time and Tide, New Police Story, Invisible Target, Beast Stalker and The Stool Pigeon. Love his movies for life


Is Nicholas really that handsome or is because the rest of the Asian guys within this video clip are extremely ugly???

my idol

He speaks so fluently then me. And he looked the same. I am very impressed, he present so well.

Anyone know what’s the brand that the watch which Nic wearing?

Nicholas come and be my lecturer. Too good

The elderly people their bad, wicked and hatred personalities are unacceptable! Such the bad people must only deserve feces and worse lives without the rebirth chances and should be killed too! I absolutely scorn and do not adore the worse features, bad and arrogant jealous hatred characters!

I adore education, invention and knowledge widely and internationally helpful to people that is unarguably at all! Those adoring English and foreign education not eligible as citizens in western countries but are jealous hatred personalities are badly ridiculous!

Oh man Nicolas.... You're just so full of crap.... And associating Google to Chef Nic.... Wow ..... Looking forward to see chapter 2 Inspiration with Apple and omelette cooking :)

Fuck siri it's useless shit can't even compare to even bixby

Thank you Google for invited my HK favorite idol. Not much news on his recent/current activities but with this talk, it cured my missed to him

hi siri


what a supremely "general" low standard and low quality of Hong Kong origin artists!

what a sexy charming smart stong man Eddie Peng! a charming wonderful and amazing handsome giant star Elvis Han!

what a charming and sexy scholar !

what an extremely comparable lower standard Hong Kong origin quality! Sexy Charming Artist Eddie Peng

what a taller stronger more sexy more muscular more charming more competent Artist Elvis Han !

what a sexy good educated charming scholar Pietro Boselli

When I saw him take off his jacket and cover his legs when he performed the drumming for her student on the stage, at that moment, a gentleman with class and elegancy imprinted in me. I was falling at moment...The little details say all...

His English is considered as unnatural for someone who was raised in Canada and studied international school.

Really enjoyed Nic's presentation and interview here. Thumbs up to the host who asks great questions and is apparently a fan of Nic too.

Nicholas Tse I love you.

Oh my idol Nicholas

finally, this year we have 哪吒 in China films

He used to live in Canada when he was a kid, he also speaks French.

it s great interview, nic is a winner as he derserves it, in a personal or business way, he really has dedicated his time all in it. perhaps sometiimees we should just learn rather than critizing whilst you are actually a NOBODY

Nihongo jouzu nee

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