NFS Most Wanted 2 - Проект который мы потеряли

NFS Most Wanted 2 - Проект который мы потеряли

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/intro/ Need For Speed ​​is one of the most popular racing games out there, and has had a ton of events over the past 25 years. Take 2010 as an example. The studio Criterion Games is launching a new project under the auspices of EA. Need For Speed ​​Hot Pursuit is a remake of the original '98 game. Everyone was delighted, it would seem that there are several more such successful projects and NFS will once again reign on the throne of the best racing arcade, but no matter how it is. In 2011, two games, The Run and Shift 2, were released at once, and subsequently both studios that were responsible for these games got into trouble. Slightly Mad is killed.

Slightly Mad is killed. The last games of both studios were released in 2011. Two Need For Speed ​​in one year. However, a year before them, Hot Pursuit came out from under the wing of Criterion Games. As I said earlier.

Many have not yet moved away from this project, online live, the game is successful. Interesting supercar chases with technology and cops. The project proved to be successful. And the development of a new part of the series began, the focus was on rethinking one of the legendary titles - this time Most Wanted 2005 release.

E3 2012, show the game for the first time and...everyone is disappointed. Why is it subtitled Most Wanted at all. The players blamed the game, cursed everything they could. After this, the studio announced that it was taking a break from racing games and in the future they became a support studio. Themselves released the horror, they themselves got the hate. It's right that they left.

Every player will think. However, everything is revealed in detail. At a certain point, on various sites, a variety of game concepts from the portfolio of one of the game's artist began to surface, moreover, the concepts with their own idea and are not close to what the gamers received in the end. Firstly, on many concepts there is a BMW M3 E92 car, painted like a BMW from the 2005 model. The original beta game logo with the number 2, the blacklist and various goals. Some kind of technology.

One of the concepts by the play of light and shadow on a BMW, makes the coloring of the car as if it were the number 2. I found this sketch, which clearly shows how the same car is racing using technology. Or a whole series of sketches with missions.

For example, here McLaren, chasing the cops, drives into a helicopter, then the helicopter closes the door and the hero flies away in a car in a helicopter. Here's another sketch, a BMW drives away from the cops, pushes a car under the truck, it provokes an accident, the load falls right on the police. And it is logical that after such concepts, the players were divided into two camps. The first one, who in bewilderment asked where did all this go in the final version of the game. And the second, just did not believe in it.

You never know what a fan of the original game made a fake. However, after a few months, various footages of the alpha version of the game began to surface on YouTube. Even then, many were convinced that the game changed enormously during development, but there were also those who continued to distrust what they saw, claiming that the studio was to blame for everything. The players were in the dark for a long time and didnt know that the game was being developed as a sequel.

There are many similar videos on YouTube, there are very good ones. I advise you to familiarize yourself with them after viewing. However, they are all done more as an analysis of what is available, but I tried to tell you everything as soon as possible and show the differences between all versions. Show the path from start to finish.

Show you the full development of the game. I immediately apologize for the quality of some footage during the video, these are all the consequences of emulation. My hardware does not allow, I had to record everything on PS3. So, the bitrate can sometimes be poor. However, I warned you. According to some reports, it is known for sure that there are 54 builds with the game. However, in access for mere mortals, you can find only 32.

By the way, many of them differ by one or two days. Some are literally no different. So don't be surprised if you don't see the names of some of the builds in this video.

As you can see from this picture, green means - that it is available, red - remained somewhere with certain individuals, and the LOST designation is understandable without me. In addition to this, they are all divided into four types: A) Builds that were developed as a full-fledged continuation - Most Wanted 2. From the beginning of 2011 to March 2, 2012. B) Builds that dropped the connection to the original game, but still had various interesting features reminiscent of the idea of ​​a sequel. 8 March 2012 - 25 April 2012. C) Builds that are literally the game that we got in the end, but with their own characteristics, some of which did not make it to the final. May 19, 2012 until Game Release. D) Builds with the development of various DLCs - until January 25, 2013. The first alpha build that is in the public domain dates from November 24th, 2011. The first thing that catches your eye is another EA logo, taken straight from the download of the third Battlefield, and the menu itself is still raw. Then we are allowed to choose a, no matter how strange it sounds, initially MW 2012 was developed on the bones of Hot Pursuit, so you shouldn't be surprised at the possibility of choosing a map from there.

Hawaii is the test name of the map from MW 2012, initially the city was called that way from there, so we start with this map. The story mode starts immediately, the developer is shown the text, this is part of the script that should have been implemented as a call to the player. It's shown to the developer simply as a stub. Here, however, we can see sketches of a never-realized story mode. Of course, there is no denying the fact that this and the entire subsequent plot in subsequent builds could just be a fictional stub for a prototype. At the moment of the game, a certain "Kidnapper" calls the hero, who says the following: And already here those looking at these leaks understood that the game was just a continuation of the original history of MW 2005 and Carbon, and not a remake as it turned out in the end. After this call, the gameplay itself begins, the essence of the mission is that you need to hold out for 3 minutes against the cops.

During the game, we learn about the features of the gameplay. For example, you can use the first available technology - thorns, which I actively used against the police. Also in the build itself there were already Pursuit Breakers, thanks to which you can shake off the tail.

For those who have not played the original 2005 sample, I’ll just say that Pursuit Breakers are such structures that collapse on police officers, disabling their cars, allowing the gamer to break away from the police. Also from the game's capabilities at the moment it is a stripped-down photo mode. Three minutes later, the Kidnapper calls us again. Immediately according to the idea, this friend should have called us with the words. So, as you could understand, it would not have worked out to leave the police before the end of the timer, all thanks to Lo-Jack - a tracking device that was inserted into our car. We get rid of the cops and a script for the cut-scene "stub" is triggered near the garage.

Later, in the next builds, we will see something similar more than once, but already on the game engine. However, for now we omit this point. At this cutscene, the plot of the build ends, in addition to this, we also have seacrest county and two test maps, let's run them too. Launching the card from a hot chase, you will not see anything particularly new and important, because this is the same map from HP 2010, which, by the way, here, by the way, launched at a stable 30 fps, unlike Hawaii. And it is not surprising that the Hawaiian build lags, because it was not even close to being ready for release. In this segment of the video, you can see an unusual view of the camera, there are two options, either this is just a test, or the imperfection of the first-person view, which we have lost.

Also at the moment there are only three cars in the game. М3 E92, M3 E46 painted from MW2005, and McLaren. In the next two maps there is nothing interesting for an ordinary player, in the first, hence from the name, a test of graphics. Various textures are right on the map and that's it. In the second, a test of various surfaces, jumps, and by and large, everything. In addition, this build has a Down Start mode, when you start it shows everything the same as in the mission we saw earlier. However, the intro cutscene is replaced with a storyboard here. Technically, this is an unfinished free ride mode. In this build, the introductory mission, The Chase, was added for the first time. This build runs without cutscenes, because they just don't exist yet.

Visually, the interface has not changed much. However, this is only in appearance. Returning to the cutscene - the dummy near the garage in the previous build. As I said earlier, in addition to the chase breakers, the game had to have devices in the car itself, technologies like in Hot Pursuit. In this build, at a certain moment, a script is launched where our character himself includes such a technology. Here you can see the ARC Light Device, or just an ultra-flashlight, with the help of which the hero turns a trailer with a truck and all its contents are dumped directly on the police.

Then we are again given control for a while and after that the hero hides in a back street. When the chase lagged behind, the hero simply drives off somewhere into the distance, dims, loads, and the same mission with the kidnapper, which was discussed earlier, starts again. Yes, everything is a little confusing, as such a plot has simply not been created yet. However, in the next build, everything becomes clearer. Get the goosebumps right? Me too. This is how The Chase's mission begins. The hero comes to town straight from Rockport. We will learn this later on police conversations in the next builds.

I don't want to make loud statements, however, this can also be a plot stub, but at the moment in this concept it is clear that the events from Carbon, they decided to simply omit. 7 years of searches, a change of car, all this influenced the life of the hero. The player is literally trying to catch every cop, then we already know what will happen, thanks to the consideration of previous builds. Turning on the ultra flashlight, picking up the cops in the alley. Trying to hide in the garage we found.

A call from a mysterious kidnapper. Tracking device. The garage is exposed, we must go to its conditions...Three painful minutes, again a call from the kidnapper, we are hiding in a new shelter and that's all with the plot. But what changes have taken place so far? In fact, they are not very significant. - New game logo. - During the chase around the city, the police have new conversations on the radio. - Fixed a script while our garage is surrounded by police. - The game map has been slightly changed. There are no global differences between this and the previous build. - Removed Ambient chase from HP 2010, which played in the background in previous builds - Unused vehicles such as TOYOTA ARMORED HILUX MNU 2009 and HUMMER HX Concept 2008.

To be more precise, they are seen only in the game code, there are no models themselves. By the way, there is a remnant of the Toyota mark in the game files. And also already in the builds there are a bunch of other cars that have already survived to the release.

The first races are also added here for the first time. Two circular races around the city. Already in them you can see that the races were going along the checkpoints. Again, the situation is similar to the previous case, there are no special differences. I played around with the debug menu and that's it, basically.

So far nothing has been touched. In principle, it is logical that there are only three days between these versions of the game. By launching the next build, we will learn a bit more about the plot. The bottom line is, in a small sign in the garage, they make it clear to us. That the hero came to the city at the invitation of the organizer of the races.

The recruiter invites the player to go to the garage to build a base of operations. Let's start the mission. Arriving at the place, we find a bunch of cops, we need to escape from them in order to gain access to a new house. Breaking away from the cops, the game informs us about access to a new hideout. There we can fix the car and find out what to do next.

We go to the menu of the new garage, which looks damp because it is a common stub. In the garage, we can choose a new car or a test on the map, which, surprisingly, is different from the final one. This is how it look at the moment. I started one race, and there is even a beginning in the form of a cutscene. It's just a sprint.

By the way, now you can see that the thin with nitrous oxide has changed. Now it has a more classic look than before. The race ends with an epic jump from the cops.

In addition, the game already has such events as circuit races, sprints and an event with a chase from the cops, it starts like a mission in Undercover. Other changes in this build also include: - Slightly changed the main menu. - Added ambient for the main menu and for the chase with the cops. - The animation of leaving the garage has been added. Judging by some moments in the game, after the mission The Chase and entering the new garage, the first thing the player had to do was start the race that you see on the screen.

Again, this is a regular circuit race. Passing story missions, we are faced with the first rival of the blacklist. Almost nothing is known about him except that he was driving a blue Evo 10.

All you have to do is catch up and break it. Here, for the first time, we are allowed to use such a pursuit technology as a thermal imager. After we crashed the Evo, it automatically appears in our garage. Speaking of technology, apart from spikes, an arc light and a thermal imager, we had smoke that completely obscured our visibility on the road.

However, we will come back to technology in the next build. However, we will come back to technology in the next build. - new cars have been added. - cascenes for a couple of races were completed. - new conversations between cops and dispatcher have been added. - a problem was noticed with a lack of RAM on the console, which caused the game to crash on PS3. But let's make an amendment that this is a prototype for developers, that is, they do not seriously think about performance here at all. The beginning of the plot in this build has changed a little, here you have to go through several races and in some magical way a blacklist participant, on the same Evo, appears near our garage. We need to break it. After that, we get Intal technology, in short, it pours out like oil on the ground, and thus opponents lose traction. As planned, in addition to the available technologies initially, we were supposed to receive new ones after duels with the blacklist bosses.

But, unfortunately, these ideas did not survive until the release. And Intal oil became the last technology that was even invented, because it did not come to implementation. Let's list all the technologies of the chase, so as not to repeat itself. Spikes Arc flashlight Oil "Intal" Thermal imager Smoke screen And also Speedbraker, works like in the original game, but is meant to be a full-fledged technology. Time goes by, the developers literally spend their days working on the game. Or vice versa, they do nothing for days and cannot start it. There is an assumption, which is put forward by such a view from the outside. In part, we can say that the developers of Criterion are also to blame for the shit that happened to the game.

Flirting with ideas, they could not start making the game itself for a long time, and the amount of work done in a few months does not correspond to what it should be. However, the publisher needs to release the game this fall. And it is necessary to show the public even earlier - in the summer, at E3. There is nothing to be done, you have to put under the knife everything that does not work or is not yet ready. The first step was to remove the plot, although judging by what we reviewed earlier. There was no plot as such yet. Multiple missions with a scenario, one race with a blacklist rival. And concepts. This is the beginning of March, the project, in fact, is not far from what it was at the end of 2011. In reality, by this time, it is already necessary to have a half-working game with the implemented mechanics.

First of all, the plot went under the knife, and this is the most important thing. Therefore, No.2 disappeared from the name, but the general image of the game still remained the same for some time. Removed any hint of styling other than painting. And the improvements for the car are put in about the same way as in the release version. In addition, territories began to change, at least two large neighborhoods were cut out. You can see this in the video from elaymm4. Also about the airport, yes it was, but much smaller and in general it is different. The one that was returned from the DLC is very different. We launch the first build, which is intermediate between what the developers wanted and what they got in the end. EA and Criterion Games received their own versions of the logo for the game. And the logo of the game itself has lost the number 2 in the title. However, the font was still the same.

The interface has also radically changed, now it is in gray tones, but it is still very similar to the one that was originally. The first thing that catches your eye is the change of the filter. We lost the yellow autumnal and atmospheric color to make the game seem independent and was less similar to what it was in 2005. In previous builds, it seemed like the developers had taken the same shaders from the 2005 game. The lighting in the game was that much similar. Changed UI, added ambience. Аdded two races and cinematics to them.

High-speed radars were added for the first time. And also in this and the previous build there were still Pursuit Breakers. Also, for the first time there was a bar of the integrity of the car, now the car has health, as if in Hot Pursuit. But before that, health itself was also, just his condition, or rather deterioration, was shown by static indicators. You type 3 pieces - you broke a wheelbarrow.

In this build, the logo of the game has clearly changed, now it has a new font. The menu itself remotely resembles the release version, but it still looks different. The Easy Drive system was added to the game for the first time. Webcam support has been added in the game settings - on paper. In practice, the system is not working yet. At the moment, in addition to this, the interiors of the garages have been completely removed.

You can see the earliest developments for changing cars called jackspots. Jumping appeared as a runaway breaker, and they need to be found. Added points of accelerated cooling of the chase, just like in the original. The races got even more cinematic cutscenes that didn't make it to the release.

And a sound effect appeared at the checkpoints during the race. In addition, there are already full-fledged models of carved cars. By the way, these cars will reach almost the very end, they will be cut literally in the final builds. Corvette Stringray, Hummer H1, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Cop Carbon Motors.

In addition to these cars, fans managed to unearth the following picture among the game files. This is a texture file from Subaru Impreza WRX STI. This is all that remains of it, but there is a possibility that it was abandoned at very early stages of development, or it was originally replaced with a Hatchback version, which still survived until release. BMW M3 model 5 years has been improved. And also the physics in the game itself has been slightly changed, now it feels a little different. Also, the map has already changed, a little. But still. This is how it looked in February 2012, and this is how it looked in March of the same year. The story mission of The Chase was still in the build, but at the time of this build it lost both the cutscene where the hero talks about his past, and all the heroes in principle. Now it's just a three minute chase, but the flashlight script is still in place. After that, the chase ends.

Thus, we can see that the game has completely got rid of the plot or plot idea, but still had chase technologies. Which were later also cut out. With the help of the debug menu in this build, I was able to spawn some members of the updated early blacklist. Of course, it is possible to call them in the world in a legal way, but at the time of this build it works very crookedly.

It is necessary to win several races and maybe one of them will start rolling around the city stupidly. Therefore, our version of the debug menu is much easier. blacklist1 - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X blacklist2 - Caterham Superlight R500 blacklist3 - Ford F-150 SVT Raptor blacklist4 - Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale blacklist5 - Ford GT 2006 blacklist6 - Nissan GT-R Egoist Surprisingly, many of these roster members remained on the mobile version of the game. Also, funnily enough, the achievement system is already working on PS3. The next build is dated May 19th, 2012. Once again, EA and Criterion's intro has undergone a change. The main menu has been removed and is now just a Fairhaven map. And in my opinion, it looks interesting. After loading, we find ourselves, surprisingly, near that very garage, there is both an icon on the mini-map and the ability to use it.

Hood himself now looks almost the same as we were shown at E3, but still damp. Plus, apparently we used dollars in the game, not Speedpoints. Yes, you understood correctly earlier during the chase there was a mechanic for calculating damage to the state, straight from the first part. In the final version, this idea was replaced by simple scoring. Now the icon of the found car is displayed on the map. The first fences appeared that need to be demolished like in Burnout Paradise. Jumping Pogonebreaks have been replaced with billboards and have a different texture that didn't make it to the finale. The repair and repainting workshops were two different buildings.

Points of quick escape from the chase were found as the game progressed. The process of entering the garage was also changed, now you can select the found car and change it. Or, for example, you can go to the map and select the test that you found earlier. By the way, there is an interesting bug here, if you drive up to the garage in reverse, the game will not be able to start the animation and there will be something like this. On the second level of the chase, the Dodge Charger appears as a police car, and on the fourth, a helicopter.

The model and physics of the helicopter's behavior was taken straight from HP 2010, its displayed on the map as a separate icon. However, it is clearly not yet completed, for it very often flies through buildings. In addition to these changes, a race was added to the game for the first time, which will later be launched at the E3 conference. Also in this build, a problem with the map is noticed, if you stay in it for a long time, then the build will simply crash. At the expense of technologies, at the moment they are still in the game, but either do not work or work incorrectly. In short, they have already begun to get rid of them. There is no damage from thorns, for example, the cops simply do not react to them. This is a bug, though. In addition, they finally replaced the driver's model, now it looks like the release version.

Also, the tractor and trucks with cargo were removed from the traffic. They are no longer in the game. There is no technology, and there is no need to use this traffic. What other changes are there in the assembly? Now the cops react to speeding. Added the ability to beat the street record as in burnout paradise.

The animation of arrest has been changed. And at the very moment of the arrest, we sleep in the police station. It's also worth noting that in this build, the auto integrity bar was abandoned. From here, by the way, you can understand the appearance of a bug in the release version.

In short, if you drive around the open world for a long time in the final game and get into accidents, then the car will clearly seem broken. However, after a few more accidents, an automatic repair will occur. As if nothing had happened. At the moment, this is the last build that somehow resembled the original idea of ​​Criterion. Now this is definitely not the Most Wanted that the players wanted, and far from the Most Wanted that the developers wanted to make. However, major changes are yet to come. Moving on to the builds of the third category.

By the way, fans managed to unearth footage of another variation of the intro. It is not used in any of the builds, so I'll just show it in this section of the video. Less than two weeks are left before the E3 conference. Final preparations before showing the game to the world. What do we see in a build that should have been polished before the exhibition? Well for starters - the release logo is shown for the first time. Once again changed the menu and map.

he interface has changed again. By the way, the inscription Burnout now flaunts on the license plates of the car. The start of the race looks very strange. By the way, this is already a modified race specifically for E3. That is, the very same racing mission is going on in the background. Other changes: Music has been added when leaving the police. The texture of billboards has been changed. They completely got rid of the garage menu, now you can only select the found car in the city. And also start the previously completed races on the map. Simply put, now the garage is only needed for fast movement.

In addition, technologies have been completely removed from the game. Now its completely absent from the game. Well, completely...almost. however, I will explain in more detail later. Workshops also work very interestingly in this build. If your car is broken, the game will fix it, but if you go to the workshop on a whole car, the game will repaint it. Also here for the first time there was an "opportunity" to enter the origin account and actually online. So where do you start? Do not believe in this build changed...interface.

Yes, the developers couldnt decide on it for a long time. New cars and jackpots have been added. Soundtrack appeared, 3 pieces. It plays during gameplay. Here you can also see the most detailed of all the cut locations - it is called Golden Meadows. In this huge piece of the map, there was something like excavations and mines. In this prototype and on the map in the game, it also still exists. Also the interesting point is that when you change the car. The alarm starts playing.

That is, in this version there is even some justification, the player does not take cars from the sky. He steals them stupidly. And the most interesting thing is, if a policeman passes by and hears an alarm, he will start chasing you. In the release version, this feature was completely cut out. Most likely it was removed for the reason that sooner or later every player will start to infuriate. Another cut car. This Nissan Versa. However, it is worth mentioning that it remained in the release version, but only as a traffic car. I just said about it for a reason, in this build there is such a feature, when you are arrested, then after the arrest you appear on the map near the police station on the Nissan Versa.

The player stole a car, then there is supposedly a confiscation and you return home in your mother's car. In addition, you need to look for auto repair shops in this build. They are not marked on the map. Changed model of Hummer H1 and added Dodge Charger SRT8. Dollars have disappeared from circulation, now there is a well-known Speed ​​Point. Modifications for the car have been added, as in the release itself. Off-road tires, nitro, aerodynamics and others.

The spike technology is the only one remaining in the game, but now only cops on Corvettes can use spikes. The Corvettes themselves are black, not dark blue. Finally added achievements for PSN. Explicitly tweaked the optimization, now the game crashes less often.

This is probably not immediately noticeable, but the graphics is also almost final, just the lighting preset and the filter are either similar or remain from the previous builds. Garages were cut out of the game, now they are not used at all. However, they still exist. And with the help of the debug menu, we can enable it. In it, we could change the car, install modifications, and repaint the car. Another type of blacklist has formed. It now looks like this: In addition to these bosses, a final race was also planned in the game. The final race of the game could have been against the BMW M3 E46 in the MW livery, unless of course this is another stub, albeit with a potential idea.

Later, this car will be cut out and made available only in the DLC. Well, or there is a small chance that at the time of this build, BMW was a full-fledged part of the game. A little more than two months remain until the release. What has changed in the August 2012 build? Well, first of all, now here is the final version of the intro. Well, where without this change, well, you guessed it yourself, right? Changed the interface! It became as close as possible to the release version. Now, when changing cars, different logos, and not just a plug in the form of a Porsche, as before. And one more trifle, but now you must definitely sit at the car that you found, otherwise you will not be able to use it.

That is, if you do not sit for it, then it will be marked on the map, but you cannot use it in EasyDrive. By the way, EasyDrive has been finally completed. Now its just like in the release. For the first time, the events of an ambush, where cops are surrounding us, appeared in the game. And the game map has also been improved.

Using the debug menu, you can turn on the most raw Russian language. Now races are divided into specific cars, as in the final version. A squeak has been added in the cop detector. A sort of radar like in the original MW, beeps, stronger with the approach of the cop. To call the rival of the blacklist, you just need to win any 5 races, by the way, now the blacklist has reached the final point, the same as in the release version. Cameras are no longer displayed on the map.

Now you can pump parts as in the release. Tweaked the arrest animation. And also the first cutscenes before the start of the race were ready. These cutscenes differ from the final in that it have awesome soundtracks. If you don't have sound right now, then YouTube cut it out. However, my friend Zahar, who filmed the gameplay in this video, made a separate video with all these intros. You can see it on his channel. In addition, we pulled from the build files, the beta screensaver before the bosses.

Although the composition is final. But, the Alfa Romeo in the game doesnt yet have its own splash screen. There are no differences except for the car itself in the video. There's also Evo. Do you know what else is interesting? In AFK mode, the camera starts flying around the city, accompanied by classical, electronic and jazz music. It was about the same in Burnout Paradise. Also, the game, although it lost its health bar, is still in the game. And when you reach a critical point, you find yourself near the workshop. In my case, on the roof of the workshop. Another minor point, but now music is playing on Jackpots, it looks something like this. This is done so that the player, having heard the music, can quickly find the point of changing the car. This feature has reached release.

By the way, all ten bosses can be passed. For all the time, the game has crashed only three times. The races are the same as in the final, but the intellect is not fully worked out, bots often fly off into the walls and crash into traffic. With an exhibition on Gamescom coming soon, Criterion Games needs to show another playable demo to the public. What changes did it get in comparison with the previous build? Very few changes remain. The game is almost over, to finish the textures of the environment in the city and that's it, but there are still changes compared to the previous build. As usual, everything is in order. Improved...attention...interface...Did you expect something else? Changed the texture of the license plate, now its in the final version.

As I said earlier, textures were added in some places of the city, now it looks more like the final version. EasyDrive has been slightly modified. Added animation when defeating a blacklist driver. Debug photo mode removed.

We talked about minor changes, but what else is interesting? In the previous build, I talked about the final race. So in this build it has been changed. Firstly, its launch is possible only on a BMW M3 E92 car. Secondly, there is one very significant change, now during the competition the player is attacked by ten cars.All these cars are marked on the map as cops, but they are racers. And all these cars are on this black list. That is, these are the previous bosses attacking the player. I believe that this race should have been left until the release version of the game. It kind of draw a line, finishes what is.

But on the other hand, a small logical problem arises here, because the player can pick up a dozen cars, and it will be strange to see the bosses on the car again, because we already have these cars, I wanted to say in the garage, but I remembered that the garages were also cut out, in our property. But I think it could be somehow justified, but it all went under the knife and in the final we have only the last race with another rival in Koenigsegg and a splash with these words. So we have reached the release state of the game. What has changed in it? For example, the carved cars I mentioned are completely out of the game. Removed the radar. Changed some screensavers. Completed the surroundings of the city. The music was completely recorded. In short, we finished the game.

The race with the BMW M3 from the 2005 game is gone. And in general, the car also disappeared from the main game. It was later returned with DLC. However, there was no justification for it return. In another DLC, they made a new location - the airport. And no, this is not the airport that was cut out. There were also two more DLCs with car packs, one from different films, the other just a set of hypercars. This is a release game, you have seen all the changes throughout the video.

I want to say only one thing, the developers were ruined by their own ambitions. If there was an opportunity to change the name of the game for the players in due time... However, I can't completely call the game bad, it's a pleasant race for a couple of evenings, without any thoughts. Yes, far from Most Wanted, but still enjoyable. Especially the physics in the game is very good, even more so against the background of subsequent games. Unfortunately, we have what we have... Hey, now for something unusual! This is elaymm4, those who know, they will understand.

Although I haven't released anything for a long time, this time I helped with the script for this video, and at the same time decided to write my conclusion on the builds, and, in principle, on the NFS Most Wanted 2 project from Criterion Games. Much has changed since my old video from 2017, including how I feel about this whole development story. Then, in 2017, I was completely on the side of Criterion and assured everyone that the troubles came from insufficient deadlines for such an ambitious project, which naturally resulted in a hate towards the publisher Electronic Arts. Now everything is not as obvious and simple as it used to be. Over the last years after the release of my old video, I studied this project more and more deeply, how it developed, what changes were taking place, and the like.

And everything seems to be normal from the outside - development is in progress, ideas are born and various sketches are made. But, everything takes on a different color when we turn to the history of the studio, how the development of the titles of its personal series, Burnout, took place. Starting with the development of Burnout Revenge, an extremely destructive habit began to grow within the walls of the studio, which some developers themselves admitted to after. The people in the studio really worked at full strength on their projects, burned with them and wanted to put in maximum effort. This was expressed in regular testing of various ideas, like "can this mechanic work?", "What about this?", "What if we can make such a complex visual effect?", Etc.

Ideas are ideas, but developing a large commercial title in a popular series of games is a serious business, and that rarely suffers any deviations in development time. Actually, due to lengthy tests of ideas for everything, the development of Burnout Revenge left the pre-alpha stage a little late. After this game, there was an even larger title - Burnout Paradise, with which, you will not believe, the same story happened. Now let's go back to Most Wanted 2. Do you understand my flight of thought? A large project with great potential and a lot of effort. Naturally, this was the best fuel for igniting the generator of ideas. One can only guess how many things we didn’t see, simply because it was not in the form of builds, but in the form of various documents, small prototypes, sketches, etc.

Suddenly it turns out that this time the studio again fell into the same hole that it always does. I thought for a long time and tried to make the game in parallel. And before development, the publisher needs to provide a small demonstration of what the project should be like, how it should be played, and how it should feel. Again the same question - do you understand my flight of thought? What if everything we saw in the builds - most of it was supposed to be just a demo for the publisher? And then a terrible question arises - the beginning of 2012, but where...and where is the game?

...Okay, I certainly know how to bring strong emotions through this kind of text. Quite realistically, everything could not be so bad, but it is obvious that something seriously went wrong in the studio with the development of the project, if almost everything that once resembled a game in 2005 was at one moment сompletely cut off. NFS Most Wanted 2 is a project that we already know a lot about, but we still can't answer what happened. Too many pieces of the puzzle are missing, almost any picture can be assembled. In the end, as interesting as all this is, the future awaits us. The studio is back at the helm of the series, and we can only hope that even if the project doesn't hit 10/10, the developers will no longer face their old, highly destructive habits...

And that's all I want to thank these individuals for their help in the video, be sure to go to their channels. Without them, this video wouldnt be at all. Zahar Gudz - captured all gameplay FazenBros - helped with builds elaymm4 - helped with the script SKANRO - Dubbing "Hero" 7Works - "Kidnapper" Dubbing DeClore - Dubbing "Friend" APM - splash screens KTOPlay - sound effects ANGAMING - some gameplay Just Anyone - some gameplay Links to some sources in the description. Good luck everyone and bye

2021-11-09 03:01

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