NEW Volvo XC90 D5 AWD R Design 2018 Review Interior Exterior

NEW Volvo XC90 D5 AWD R Design 2018 Review Interior Exterior

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Hey. Guys welcome. Back to a, new. Video today, we, will talk about Volvo. Xc90. That's. A beauty one of my favourite cars on, the market right now and I. Want to talk a little bit about the, design about. The interior exterior. And. I. Will, give you my opinion about, this beautiful, car and. Let's. Start here we have in the front. This. Time in the front, Volvo. Xc90. Have five, sensors, here. We have some nice plastic, matte, and glossy. Plastic, the. Fog light down there, you, have the second, sensor, on the right side. And. The. Camera, under, the Volvo, logo it's, right here. It's. It's. Really. Height there, and, it's really, we, can see it here. We have. The. Other side of the car, with. This, nice design. Here. We have the red light a new technology. With the light, that's. Adaptive, light and, cornering. And. Blind. You. Blind technology. It's looking, really, beautiful look. At this design, this. Xc90. It's. Really, a beauty, here we have the rims. And caliper, they, are really, good quality, and. The. Rims looking, good. 22. Inch. We love. You. Can opt this, option, but they have another. Design for these rooms too and, you. Can opt for another. Option if you don't want your rather interesting. Design with this thing. That. Go out this, is for protect, your paint and to. Easily. Change. It when it's rust. The, future or something like that you after I our dynamic. Design. In the front that look very nice, and. As. You can see the body part going up out, out a little bit for, protection, because, you know the Volvo it's. Most. Safe, car in the world, here. Is the mirror, chrome. Matte. It's, really nice, the mirror is big. It. Has this sensor, for blind spot there and. Down. Here. We. Have a new. Protection. Plastic. Right. Here to. Protect the car, from. Scratch from, stone. And from, bad, roads and this, thing you can change it very easy to protect, it or here, the and. Our. Handlers, are. Keyless. You can open the car. Without the key you. Don't need the key to open, the car, and, the tour are closing. The. Soft. Took, it it's really soft really, nice they. Really work. Pull. It about this I'll show you later. That the Volvo, work at every detail. Perfectly. This car it's almost. Perfect. It's. One, of my favourite now in the market here that. Intelligent. Design that. You can change, this thing here when this. Is this. Is a part that you can take it out it's, very easy in the service, when you have. An problem. With the car. Here you can change this and you don't have to change all the. Stuff, here, we have another sensor, and another, part down here that you can change it very easy that. Things, break, first from. The stone and chips. And all that stuff it you can take, it out and paint. It or change, it it's real easy here, we have to exhaust it and there you. Have the real, pipe. That. Come out and fake. Exactly. That look very well this. Is a like. Like. On the other. Cars, you see these very exhausted. Here we have the nice matte. Plastic. And. It's. Looked quite well. Down. Here we have another. Pipe. Another, model, for exhausted, that look good that make car a little bit sporty. And. The. Other. Sensors. And. Here we have an interesting. Read. Chat. I can, say like, this, that. It's. A t5. Designed. All-wheel. Drive, that. We have here. Xc90. De, 5, all-wheel. Drive, air design, it's really cool, you, will see the interior with. These designs, really, great and the, light the, new LED light they. Look. Really. Nice and really pretty on this car. They. Are fantastic collector. I like, almost everything. About. This car. So. Down, here we have a camera I don't know if you can see it but camera, right, with. A red light for the numbers. They. Work, on this Volvo, xc90. Really. Well here. It's automatic. Lift gate we. Have two buttons, to, close and open the lift gate. Twork. As. To charm real easy and. Quite. Nice. It's. You. Have a light here in the back the wall will have many. LED lights on, the trunk I think. Three, or four, we, will see now yes. He has a free, light there, it's, a lot of light and, it's.

Really Nice. Because. It's really big. Trunk. The. Light thing it's really, bad here, sorry guys for this, but. The car was parking, not so good position, here we, have a flat floor that's, really, amazing really, helpful, you, can carry. A lot of stuff here and the trunk and easily. Plug, it in, and drag it out and, you will see. That. Here. We have a lot of hook. You. Can hook a lot of stuff here in the back and. There's. A lot of option. And. You can see that the. Floor go flat until, the. Front, of the car you can take down the chairs. And, you. Will, have a huge, place, where you can camp. You. Can even, sleep or. Carry. A lot of, big. Items. So. Volvo, really worked on this car on. Every. Every, single detail in every detail it's really. Really, nice and pretty, down. Here we have another storage. Place or if this you cannot see it. It's. It's. We. Are not so big but it's. Quite. Impressive. And under here. We. Have some. Another. Place. Where. You can put your stuff, there, but yeah. I'd like that, sorry. For this. Anyway. The trunk is huge you can pull this out if, you really, want it and, if. You need it you can stick, it there it's. Really easy, to use and. That. Was the trunk it's really huge there down here we have another, to suit. If you want to pull it up, all, right so. Here. We have some air. Conditioning. And air to up. Here we have some, audio. System, I. Don't. Know if you can see it very well there. Yup, the light. The. LED lighting food for the other, two. Seats. A little back, it's, really helpful, really nice. And. That's. The trunk is really. Really. Great. Okay. That. Was with the trunk from the. Xc90. We go in the back and. Let's. See the design on the tourist here. We have this. This. Interesting. Thing for, the stand that. We can pull it up, now. The design, here it's really. Amazing. They. Really work. On this design. Hours. And Wilkins. We. Have here the sound system, here. The doors it's. Really. Soft, and leather, and, it's everywhere. Nice. Chrome. And, this, I. Think it's word, here. But. It's really impressive. Here, we have button to lock the door here. This my, favorite design, on the sound, system with, this chrome, look. Really. Premium, like, this. Volvo. Xc90. With. Air, design, its look really, impressive it's. Really premium here it's soft everywhere, on the doors really. Good nice materials. Here. Later. Everywhere, and I. I. Was, really impressed, about this. Volvo. The. 69th. It's really, amazing you can take the windows even. To. Down. Here. We have another, soft, material, a little, bit different, this time. Down. Here got the sound and. The. Place where you can put your a bottle, or something. It's. Enough place yeah. We.

Go A forward. To, show you here. That we have this nice LED, light, with. The crop. Let's. Look. Really. Nice. Give. You a. High-class. Sensation. And here. We have some, so. The. Last peak and down up, here, it's. Soft. Material, now, we go to the chairs I want to show you something that you can take, this flat. Totally. It's. Going. Flat. Down put the chair in the front it's really. Back. And I cannot show you what, I want to show you that these seats. Are really amazing they're so tiny. They. Are not big but. They are so good quality. So. Relaxing. Down. Here, you. Can pull the other chairs it's, really easy to use and really nice they work really well on this it's like, in the other other. Volvo's, the new Volvo, shaft is. Amazing. Yes. It's, really. Good quality, and. They. Are one, of my favorite, right. Now to sit from. The Volvo they are well made, look. Towards the. Seat, its back, and I cannot put it down, because. It's too back. But. It's really. Impressive. This. Car is really nice let's go inside to see the space. As. You can see this based on the fit it's not so good because the sit. It's. Been. In the back. Really. Much in the back. But. Even so for me it's enough space and, on the head too. Even. With the solar. Roof. It's. Enough space for. The. Hand enough space good visibility. Nice. Comfort. And. In. A stove for. So. You, know it's all the stuff are good comfortable, and big space a lot, of space but in this one you feel, really premium you have all the, things that you need right here and, everything. Look, so well made, this. LED. Light here. Even it's so premium. So. Good quality. And let's, give you, air. Of. Expensive. Stuff and nice well. Made things, even this is so. Well, designed that, sit. Here plastic. With some. Things. Here to put, stuff, and it is beautiful. Solar roof. So, big and so nice. Now. We go here to the air. Conditioning. In the back and we have this nice, option, to adjust it from the passenger, you can even. Hitting. Your seat, and. Even. Adjust, your, power, from. Here, every. Positioned. To, this seat in your seat you can lock and unlock this, and adjust. The. Way you want. It's. A four tronic. Climatic. System, you can every, passenger, can adjust every, four passenger, can adjust, the. Temperature, for, himself. And it's really great, it's. Really cool car. With. A laptop option, even this console. Here it's very well, made very well built here, you can charge your your, laptop, for your phone here we have a 12 volt port. Really. Useful stuff in the car that, you didn't find in other parts, in the back a. They. Look good the. Quality, of the plastic and, the materials. It's. Really, impressive. They. Did. A very. Good. Job, with. This car. And. I'm, a big, fan of this Volvo, xc90. A. Really. Big fan. Great. Car. As. I can say here's, the light. On the back look, at this free LED light down and up there we have two more. It's, a lot of light, from forward, to back, and. The. Visibility is great on the. Window. Up, here we have some. Nice. Quality. Soft. Material, like. Carpet. Something, like that you. Can have. It is a fix here for the kid this, sit here you can adjust it if, you want to save some place. As. You can see it's really, great. You. Can you have a lot of option, to adjust the. Seats. In the back that. You cannot find in other cars so. If, I will let light there. On. The filter. And. Down. Here, we have this nice. Center. Console on the back I can say for. The cupholders, and. The. Other stuff that you want to use. And. Here. You can take it down but you have to pick it from the back if you want to carry long items like case. Or. Whatever. You. Carry. So. That's, really. Well-made it's, really, cold. Gas, so. I. Think. We will go in the front and I want to show you the, rest. Of the car. The. Back. It's really. It's. Really good. Well-made, the. Passenger, we will feel they will feel really good in the back now, as I can see you, can open. The car keyless. And we start with the door in the front the, same. Fantastic. Quality. On. The doors it's, really. Amazing with, this nice carbon. Fiber I think it's here and, here. The seat. Position. To. Save it's. Really nice now. This beautiful. Design. For, the sound. In. The. Chrome it's good. Here, down we have another design really, beautiful. So. You feel like you're in a. Really. Very expensive. Car, and it's, actually. Is really, expensive. Car. Somewhere. Around one. Thousand. Twenty. One. Thousand, twenty hundred. Around. There. Era. If. You wanna buy it new, that's. The price with full. Option, I, will. Tell you later about this but. Look at this this finishing, everything is soft everything it's well-made. Everything. It's such. A. They.

Work On every, every single, detail on. The tours on. The panels outside, even, here down it's they. Work really. Really, put on everything. Down. Here we have the air T side. Let. You. See this card's designs. Come from the, interior. Package. And, outside. They. Change little. Things. Now. Here is the classic, plastic, from, World War I talked another video to they, have a different. Plastic. They. Made it in a different way really. Interesting. Here. We have a LED light. The. Pedals, are. And. Calm. Good. Quality, carpet. To. Here. To sit. Are. Very, tight tiny. You. Have some place their electric, adjustable, seats you can adjust a lot of stuff from here. Very. Easy it works oh nice it's work. Good. They. Did a good, job here, good, quality. Now. What. I want to say is that on. This, air design, the seats are really good. Good. The. Whole deal on the, right, and, the. Left so. You can drive a little bit sporty, you, will feel, really, good there and this it's really. Tight and really nice. Now. I was, expecting, on the roof here, you see this. With. Air, design, logo. There and. There, leather, and. They're. Really, the, best on. The market in my opinion it's. Really good here they hold your legs. Really. Well you. Feel really, comfortable, for. Me this, is the, best on, the market right, now that's. My opinion guys, I don't want you to. Feel. Uncomfortable but. For, me I feel. Amazing sitting. In this car I. Like. To sit I like the fact that they're a little. Bit. Hard. Not, so soft and they, keep your back straight they. Keep your. Feet. More. Relaxing. And for me this is, what. I like the space it's amazing, visibility, it's good in the front, the. Space. On the fitted big. Even. A. Position. Of you. See the. Legs are not in the front like that like in other cart of legs you can even. Hold your legs. Straight. There at, 90, degrees, that's really. Amazing and make. Me feel really, good in this. Car. And. Yeah. The position, is really. Impressive. Really, nice. Now. I, have. A lot of space for my hand. If. You wanna relax. It's. Really easy to adjust. Stuff. Really. Easy to, to. What look in the left right visibility. Was perfect. The. Track. Position it's, fantastic. Here, it's how you look how you see the. Screen in the middle it's it's, really easy to see really easy to adjust, that's. The thing that I like here, all the buttons you. Can. Adjust sound. The. Glow. Opener. And, here you can adjust the. Climatic. System, that. I will talk, a little bit about it, you. Can put it on automatic you don't have a physical, buttons. Everything. It's it's, in, the touch screen right there, so. Here is the digital box here. We'll. Talk a little bit about, the. Dashboard. That's really, well made, quality the same ads on the doors and you, see here. It's. Soft, nice, we, have a little. Space from the window to the dashboard. Is not so long like another car, here. The nice design. From. The. Sound system. It. Looks, so. Interesting. There. Now. Everywhere, it's, it's. Good, well. Made. Quality, high, crash. As. You can see on the doors there. Look. Pretty. Pretty well you can even adjust your, seat if. You want to. Put it longer. Or shorter it's. You. Cannot just leave in many ways you can even buy an extra, pillow, for your head here, if. You feel it's too strong but for me I like it strong so. You. Can adjust, and you can buy all kind of stuff from the from, them yeah it's like, this is so, tiny so cool, you. See it's so tiny and it's. It's. Help. You to save some space in, the car and the, street are really tiny, tools, here, and. Give you more space in the car I like, the fact that they make it so practical. Little. And good. Here. We have DVD to USB. Port, with. A lot of space here to, put the stuff that. You need a. Central. Console it's really. Nice, quality. As you can see here we have some cup. Holders. With. Rubber, down there to, really, look good. Really. Useful 12 volt port here. You. Can close this bit, close or, open it and. Center. Console look really. Well. The, start button. Here. You can adjust the mode driving. Mode, sport. Or. Off-road. The. Brake electric. Brake auto hold right, here. Easy. To use the, new stick, that. Look nice as a button, here and, a. Chrome, design. On the sides. Which. Is really nice really interesting. Actually. I prefer the. Buttons. Not. To stick with from. Certain people it's. Better. To, be like that. Here. A little space where he can put your stuff. And. You. Have leather on the side. Good. Quality, leather and down, here, we don't have any plastic it's only the carpet the same as on the floor. That's. Really impressed me I want to show you here look. At this it's carpet, from, down. To. Here. Where you have the letter it's. Really. Work, that well that's what I'm talking, about, they. Work, on every, details, guys it's, really, impressive. The, Volvo's, designers. They. Really work on every, detail they, work very well, everything's. Look, perfect. Everything. Look where. They should be so. That's. Why the.

Volvo. Xc90. From. 2018. It's. One of my favourite here. We have a very, nice design. With. Earth, design. And. Logo. And. The. Steering will look good here we have a glossy. Black. Of. The buttons. To adjust different. Stuff like cruise, control and. All. Other option, that you have on the digital. Display. And. The dashboard. It's. Really, cool this, I like this digital, dashboard. Very much, this. Is the future and it's really helpful. And. You can adjust different, ways, different. Modes that you want to, drive. And. Here. Too, you can adjust. Different. Stuff, there you can see I will. Show you that in another video, with, more details, what. Is. What. We can do. You. Can subscribe to my channel, and I, will. Add this video. And. Few. Weeks. And, you can see old all. These button, what they can do here. You can change the gear. Manually, to add some button and. Steering, wheel it's really, well I it really good quality really, beautiful, it's, a lot of space for to fit. A, lot. Of space for everything. Here. We have the light. Adjuster. For, the. Digital. Dashboard, and. The. Display. From. The center, and. This. Is the. Washer. And, on, the front in the back, like. In the other, cars and, there. Is the digital, display with very, high. Resolution, very. Good quality so. Pretty, well, you. Have there all the information, that you need from the car I. Think. From. This year all the car almost. All the car they, will have this digital display, because it's really useful better, than the old one and. Down. To the glove, box here we don't have a physical. Opener. So, it's. You. Cannot open it with your hand, it's. Quite close and, we. Have a lead here, you, see a LED, light you can see in the night it's, look pretty. Well and. The nighttime it's. Really nice but here we have the button you can push this button and you open the glove box and the, glow box it's huge. A lot. Of space, here. I, think, it's. It's. Really big we have to refrigerate here. You. Can put your book here from the car and. It's. Get a lot of stuff here from. The practicality. Of the, space, this. Volvo, xc90. It's. Really, good. Here. You can adjust the different stuff. For. Example the. Radio. And. Music. Here. We have the, navigation. System, that. Appear, on the, central. Display, too it's. Really. Easy. To use it. Has a good processor. It's. Fast. It's doesn't block or it doesn't stop. Its, work really, really really nice and really, easy. Now. You. Can, put here for example, and the GPS your. Town. You. Can write your town here, and then look, at this it work really. Loading. It's. Really, fast really well really, good just, push 10. Second, and boom it's. Ready to drive it's, really great and. It's. Look. Actually. It has it 3d, to, kind. The city you can see the building, and the. Other stuff, in. 3d, or 2d the. Way you want it to. Put, the important, things that it's. Work fast. The. Quality, of the screen it's really, good it's. Easy, to use you. Can learn. It in. A. Few. Hours and. Yeah. It's. It's, really cool. It's. Really interesting now. If, you go left, or right all you have to do in this menu go left, alright. Here. We have the all option that you need about, the car information. Consumption. And other stuff. Here. As. You can see on, the left you have, Bluetooth. You, have radio, you, have. Option. Settings. Status. Of the car if. You need more water motor, system. And service. And all. Of. This. Other. Option. You have, actually. Three. Different, main. Page, you. Can. Connect to the internet or. You can see the manual of the car here. As. I can open, it to manually, you can read. The manual if you want of the, car and, I didn't know how to go back here. Until. I find out that down there it's a button in. The middle when, you push it it goes you back. To the beginning, and. I. Will. Show you in a moment what, is it's. Really down. Here. I push it right now look at this button, when, you push it it go you hold you back where, you were before so it's. Really simple to, use, here. Was the first time when I use it that way it's. But, it's. Easy look this is the first page where you can control your all. The, option that you want to. Activate. On the car for example. Traction. Control Lane, Assist. Start/stop. The, cameras, you can even see on this, car it, has four camera, around the car and the good things is that you can see on the camera who, is there and. What. Is there and you. Can individually. Watch. Every, camera here it's in the back because. You're the camera in the back, it's.

Really Cool. You. Can choice to see the lines you, can choose to not see the lines. And. You have some option here that you can play with you. Can see in the front, of. The, car who is in the front. It's. Really. Nice, really. Nice to have this on the part it's. Really easy to park, the car to drive the car to see everything around you has great. Technologies. On the car great, save technologies. With, a. Lot. Of good options here. Where. You can adjust everything you, have even a front. Display. There like. How. It is a head-up display, and, you. Can see directly on the windscreen the. Speed. Limit, the. Navigation. The. Cruise. Control, if. It's activated. And the speed limit and, the speed that's. Really. Quite, nice, so it's, really easy to use, it's. Nothing, hard you, learn, it in five. Minutes here, you can actually see the navigation it's, appears, in the middle you. Can see I. Will show you in other videos that, you can adjust this to the. Size and. Other. Matters, it's, really, cool. It's. Really nice here, the button in the middle get, you directly, on the, front screen and you have only three, pages. And. Boom. Really. Easy really. Intuitive. Really. Great. Really. Nice here, to. Work. With to these new technologies. And. The. Safety, of this car it's really great. So. Here. We. Have, light. I want. To show you the light or. A little bit here how. They look on this LED light is really, impressive, down, here you have the head-up display, you can see it on the windscreen. Show. You the navigation. And. Speed. It's. Really. It's. Really good. Quality, well. Might now let's show, you the. The. Light I want, to show you the light on the back. The. LED light, blinkers. They. Look so nice. They. Look so good and so nice quality, on the front -. It's. Really beautiful, car, from. Outside I like this front, it's really, amazing really, nice one. Of my favorite, soft, cars. On. The market right now it's really, nice here is the mirror. Quite. Nice quite. Good. View in the back good. Quality. Here. We have some LED light. Really. Great. Easy. To use. Well. Made here. We have the Chester, just about, the sort of you. Can adjust it very easy from here it's. Really, cool. Really. Easy to use really nice. And. It. Gives you an impression that you are in the nature and. Really. Great. Quality. This here. We have the emergency. Phone. And it, says call and, all. The other information. About airbags. And, security. System back here we have the, intelligent. Stuff. Of the car here, you can find all the. Reading. Of the signed rudders, and. Lane. Readers, and all that, stuff. It's really, here. We have the. Mirror. With. LED. Light. You will see it in a moment. It's. Really, nice. A really. Cool design, almost. The same like in the wall socket, but. That's the best way to go I think. And. The. Quality of the material, on the roof they're nice, actually. Personally. I prefer Alcantara. But, it's. Good. To doesn't. Matter on, the. Floor. So, that, was. The car if you live in Switzerland you, have. 1.9%, leasing. Rate. That's. Really. Good, and. The. Car this is the car it's, really beautiful. It's one, of my favorite, car on the market right now although. These, days did a great job with the cars really. Beautiful, cars the, price of this car it's, 98. Thousand.

With. Full option, it's. A Volvo xc90. D5. Always. Drive air, design. It's. The. Price, is really good for what, this car offers. 235. Horsepower. 2-liter. Diesel. Engine. It's really great, guys. Thank, you thank you very much for watching my video please like. And. Subscribe, and, I wait you back to. The next video with the test drive and other, interesting. Cars thank you guys see. You soon bye. You.

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