New Peugeot 3008 GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Peugeot 3008 GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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The new page, or. 3008. GT. It's right here in front of me and I'm really happy to review it today for you, this. Is the 2019. Model, and. I'm. Quite impressed how. How. The, interiors, look like and how, ratio. Did. Did. A great job with, the interior, of this, new, 3008. GT. SUV. On. The side as you know the page your choice to. Play with this chrome, on. The exterior the chrome. Along. The, the. Lines. Of, the car you can see up here I never see this chrome on the car before up. There, on. The spoiler also, here, around. The edges. Of the windows, and. Also. You will see in the, front part the mirror, with the blind spot or big, and nice and also on the mirror we, have this chrome. Nice. Nice. Design so, the chrome you will see it. Is almost. Everywhere. A lot, of lines the, GT logo, here, on the side also, you can see here, on the side of the car the same Chrome with, an interesting, design here. Quite. Interesting. How. They do this also, here. We have this. Plastic. To protect the edges of the car all. The manufacturers today chose to do that. The sensors, also, in the front plastic. And. Sensors, are down there great, idea because. We have a lot of. Obstacle. On. The downer part of the car also the new LED, light, technology. It's. Right here from Asia. Fuel. LED. Light so, everything. It's only, LED. Light on, the front, of the car. Like also. The chrome here on the front grille really. Interesting, the camera has front, camera. The car, has a front, camera and the back camera as. Well, and. A, lot of new, technology. Like. Like. You will see in, a moment the rudder it's here for, adaptive, cruise control emergency. Brake, or. Other. Tech. That. The car comes with, also. The. Chrome it's here up here and down, here we have the same gray but it's kind of and other. Color is not in chrome but. The. Front of the. 3008. Look. Nice in, my opinion very nice and interesting. Lines, they, choice to. To. Create, this, exterior. Of. The 3008. The. Interesting, lines also the protect, for the wheels. For. The tires, down. There it's quite interesting and, it's really a beautiful car my. Opinion much more, beautiful, than the previous, model, up, here we have a camera that. Can, read the speed. Limit, signs and. Traffic. Signs and. Can. Keep the car in the lanes. So. Here we have also the chrome. As. You see on the other side as well and, down here we have the plastic. To. Protect. The. Downer part, of the car. So. Going for door, we. Have this. Classic. Handle. You, can lock, and unlock the, car only, with your hand if you have the key in your pocket or. Around you big. Windows, for, great visibility. Also. In. The back the same plastic to protect the edges of the car. Now. Going in the back we. See this nice design, it's also, LED, light full LED light here and. It. Looked quite nice. Also, the spoiler, up here with, the brake light. Now. I like, this black glossy, plastic, here, on the, back it's look very nice on, the. Cars I see. On the new, 208. Also. A lot of. Plastic. Black glossy, and, it's. Looking fantastic. I really. Like what they do, these days with, the car with, the newest this car and I'm really curious to see the new, 208. Fully, electric, car really. Really I. Waited. With. So, much interest and I want to present. You when it, will come down the. Market as. Well also the in. The back as you see fake exhaust, pipe, plastic. The exhaust pipe I've really, really under the car you can see it there I. Think, it's better like that. And I think it look much much better also. The GT, line, here, if you are in Switzerland and, you want to see the car you can come back to all Rick garage, you. Can see the website and, the address right, here in solitude. They. Have a lot of cars and they. Are. Willing. To help you and. To. If. You want to buy and, visual, so. Going. Trunk, electric. Electric. Tailgate. Here, we. Can see the same like on my service as the same thing you can also open, it only with your foot under, the car. We. Have flat, loading. Here. On the trunk, and. My, first impression. About the trunk is that it's really, big and. Also. Light, to. A ball porch here, it. Is a lot of light here this is the depth, for. The seats you can pull it and they. Live to sit down and you would have a flat, floor here that you can load. A lot of stuff you can even sleep here in the car. If you want it. Also. Here. On the side, we. Have some. Place, cooks. A lot of hooks in every corner almost. We, can take this up and, we see we have still spare. Tire and a lot of space down here. So. You can put. Your. Stuff there, if, you want to take the spare tire out. So. So. That's kind of the trunk guys. Going. Here in the back and, I want to put it back I. Want. To show you that. You. Still have in the middle there at center console, and, you can even. Carry. Long, items. For. Example the skis, or. Whatever. You like to carry, and. It's all leather interior. The. Car, have great quality, in the interior, I was, really impressed to see that. They. Did a great job with, the quality, and I like how it's everything, filled, there, up here you have the light, for. The passengers. Pretty. Useful. And. Yeah. Quite. Impressive, but. We. Will go there in in, a moment and I.

Will Show you the. Doors are also closed, very nice and you can. You. Can see, the quality, it's. Right here. Much, much, I have, to say I really, I don't say, something like that but I have to say it's much better quality, than the I see, on the Citroen, or Toyo. Or. Human. Die, maybe. Better. Than to your tattoo. Paige or did start. To make, better, cars you can see the LED light there on, the side and you can also see, the interior. It's. Much better on this price range I. Think. I will choice you can see also the, LED, up. Here, in terms of interior. And exterior of, the car I'm not speaking here about engines. I'm, speaking only about what. The car can offer, in. The interior comfort, space, quality. Of the materials, I have. To say though, the new cars from Asia 2019. Are better. Than, Hyuna. Torretta. And C. Train this. Is my opinion. This. Is what I see and this. Is what I'm saying so, also we. Have this amazing, digital, dashboard. The. Same like on-demand service. Quality. I would equality. Or Volkswagen. Great. Colors, and its. Look fantastic amazing. Brightness. There you, cannot see it in the in the video so good but I. Have, to say it's really a great quality, now, I also want to show you in. The light of the car to, see that it's also have the newest technology, and they look fantastic, it's. Also LED. Light. As. You can see. Here. I don't understand why they don't put LED. Light on the numbers, it's it's bulk light normal, boat but this is kind of stupid I was expecting, to be it to be a lady lighter too but, I guess they want to reduce. The cost. And, they put a normal one here is the daylight. The. Daylight, LED. And. It's. Also look nice. In. My opinion it's look pretty cool. So. That. Was the light guys to rest I think you guys here. On the steering wheel you can see the buttons are, also illuminated. All the, buttons in the car in the night are, illuminate. Did and, when. You have when, you drive in the night yeah. The interior, look pretty. Nice. Really. Nice with all that, led. Around. The car so, that's kind of premium. Full option car and you have to pay around. 2500. Extra, for the leather inside the car here, we have, soft. Material, on the doors kind. Of rubber you can see it this ditched, here. We have leather and. This part can. Also see the stitches, and you. Can also see. How. Well they do this that why I'm saying it's. Better, I'm, not telling. About because. The, other car company, made also, great cars but. Look at this wood here in the door how they integrate the wood in, the door with. With. This chrome this is really, cool I know the other cars company, have great cars too but. This, is my opinion what, I see.

What. I see in the. Cars anyway. Here. The. Letter also. Look. Nice. And the stitches, and. It's. Quite cool also, something, that I don't like, about, this. Car. Here. I like the seats, are also all leather, but here in the back it's a strong material to protect the, seat. But, in the same time it has all leather. Over, it, in. The middle we have air vents 12 volt port. Right. Here in the middle then. We, have down. A little space to put your stuff and. All. The, way down here, we. Have. Nothing. I, guess. But. I like that down there it's, not a step, so you can go easily. Straight away. When. You wanna stay in the middle you, can see the step it's really, small. You. Can see that same, like electric, cars you can put your feet. Everywhere. Now. I just want to go inside to show you the space something. That in other cars for example Toyota. Or Hyundai, or, see, trend it. Has much. More space in the interior in. This car the, space is not so big you can see I have just, three, fingers, or something like that you, can see for yourself and also the the. Feed space, is not so big, so. The other cars, have a little, big space, and the. Seat are, also more, comfortable. In, other. Cars, than, this one I don't understand, why because it's, leather, and. It's. Great quality but. The comfort, the way you sit on this it. Doesn't. Give you so the, visibility, is great and you. Sit very well in the car and. It's. Quite nice but the, comfort, in the car when, you see it I don't think for the long roads it's so so so. So. Relaxing. As I say even if the other color have is tough materials. And not letter, they. Are more comfortable, to sit in them here. In the middle as well the, seats are a little bit too hard too. Hard and, maybe. You have back pain or, something. Like this for long road and I. Find. It not so. Comfortable. You. Have, space here for three people without, problem and. Yeah. That's, for the back of the car, this. Is what I'm telling you right now it's only for, the back of the car for, the passenger, in the front of the car it's other it's. Other. It's, other thing the. But, the quality, the doors are fantastic, made every.

Single Detail every single line. Every. Single, thing is a line perfect, and they, do a great job with alignment, great, job with finishing. And beige. Oh it's, the, interior, of the cars it's. One of my favorite, tea space. Now. As is. Mature. This is, first. Place, in my first place and then. I show. It in my first, five. Interior. Cars but, yeah, the front of the car, it sits with, this new seat. Our. Are better, much, better and much easy. To go inside, the car and the, seat when you stay in the front are comfortable, no, complaining, about front, seat, only. About back. Seat but. The front seat are really. Comfortable. And they have a sport on the side and, they are very well made as, you can see in the video I don't. Have to tell you you. Have different, adjustment, and they stare, fantastic. Also aluminium. Letõs. Everything. It's high-class. And premium. And very, good quality inside, the car here. We have the buttons for the sensors. Or whatever. But. Take, you, have on the car. I'm, quite impressed with, the interior, with the design, with, every, single detail on and, then on, the dashboard, on the center. Console, and all and, the. Seat are also a great. And great, great comfort. Now. You can see the way they finish. This, soft. Material, everywhere speaker. Up, there. You. Can also see the stitches, here. And. Down there the wood and the lines and the. Chrome with the wood the way they do it the. Way they align the door with it and it's. Quite nice really nice, design even. Here it's soft material, and when you open the glove. Box you. See the page you have always, huge, Globox, there and, it's, a lot of space for a. Lot, of things. Also. The dashboard, a they design, it they did. Made. It very well how to would, come there. This. Chrome. On the air-vent are. Made the. Lines the. Tablet. Multimedia. System, here in the middle, it's. A great position and, you see it very well also, these buttons, with chrome here it's, quite interesting, how they how, they made, it it's, two row of buttons. Up, here and, we also have down here buttons. They, are black, they, are really interesting, that. You can push this and. Then. For. Example heated. Seat or. Stuff. Like that. Also. You can see, down, there. From. Here you can adjust the multimedia, system down. Here we have a new SB port, and you can also charge, your phone down there and, you have a huge, space to, put your stuff there keys. Or whatever. You like it I hope. You see it well now. Here. Start/stop. Button. Rounded, this black, beautiful. Glossy. Now. Here the different option of off-road. Or. Whatever. You like to drive, the car the. Nice chrome. Here, you can see how beautiful, they make this this line. Of chrome, back. To here, and, then we have this black glossy and, the, chrome again and the, electric. Handbrake sports. Mode and everything. To look very nice. Very. Nice, very. Well made this is very, good pleasure with this 2008. GT. You, know fantastic in my opinion, and. Also cupholders, the, key. It's. Right here you can see it for yourself. Two. Cupholders, nice. Nice, nice. Nice. Center console, it's.

Very Nice made and its really soft material, here on the side it's, no plastic, it's kind of rubber, or something, like that it's. Quite interesting. Armrests also, leather. Stitches, huge, space here I'm. Really impressed how much space, is here I show you another video too you, can see I can stick, my hand, there half. On my hand it's inside there so you can put a lot of stuff, quite. Impressive. Really, nice. It's. Great job they. Did a great job with. That the, mirror simple. Nothing. Complicated here, we have LED, lights on, the roof also. Buttons, to. To. Open the sunroof, to. Also have a very, beautiful, sunroof, up there. Here. LED, with the mirror quite. Nice high, quality. And. The. Roof, is also high quality, and nice the, steering wheel as well great. Quality, you can see the integrators, chrome on the steering wheel pretty, nice leather. GT. Line. Logo. Vigil. Great. The, steering wheels are, some. Of my favorite on the market, also. In top 5 on. The market right now. Also. My jealous it sits on the first place but. The. Steering wheel from the page oh it's maybe. In first free. I. Have. To think about that. Also. We have LED light on the dashboard, there you can see it. And. It's. Also a great visibility. From the driver side maybe, they have the same problem, with the steering, with many people complain, about the. Steering wheel it, stay in the front of the cockpit. There, and you cannot see it so well but you can also adjust it in different ways the, way you want it it's, great comfort, in the front. So. No, complaining, about front, seats front. Seat it's fantastic. And great comfort the. Front seat only, my little, bit complaining. About the back seats not, sure but that doesn't, feel so comfortable, maybe. They are maybe, I don't know but. That, was my first impression here. I cannot, show you this display. Because. The. Cargo, in safe. Mode eco. Mode and you cannot see, it until you start the engine so. I cannot, start the engine inside the shop so sorry about that guys, but, I have to tell you it's something simple and, nothing. Complicated I, was expecting. To make the multimedia system a little bit better, and. Not something, simple like. But. See train and. See. Trying in Toyota have the same system, is really simple, nothing. Complicated they're. Just. Simple. Only, my chair this Audi, goes. Well and have something complicated. Yeah. But, anyway. It's. Pretty simple, now, I just want sure the engine, to. To. See it make an idea that I don't think many people many, of you, are. Interesting. To see that how the engine, look but. Maybe. There are some people there that they. Want to see how the engine, look like. How. The engine, compartment to the plug and I will really, I will. Really show you for those people that want to see it. This. Wrong. Here, I have to tell you it's. Easy to open but. It. Also has, you will see in a moment to.

Also Have a stick, there that you can pull it up, it's. Really simple. But. It doesn't. Have, automatic. Lick it you. Have to make it manually and you have to hold this. Kind. Of annoying a little bit when. We go. To engine, but not many people wrote. The engine, so, often, maybe to put water for. The windscreen, so, that was my review guys. Since. I'm really happy to to. Show you this, new. Page of 300. 2008. GT. Line. Model. And. I'm really really. Impressed. With, this SUV. Interior. In. My opinion if you ask me, if. You will buy it. I'm. Not, sure maybe yes. For. The interior, it's fantastic. And, exterior, look also, nice a. Lot. Of space in the trunk. Great. Comfort, in the front. Amazing. Doors, and finishing. And also. Great, roof. Sunroof. Up there so, the. Car is not so economical. So. Yeah. Maybe, I don't know I'm not sure about that here's, some information about, the car it. Also have the last, euro-6, the. Temp, the. Consumption. It's. 4.9. Here. You can see some info, about the, new. 3008. GT. Blue, this, is a diesel, engine. 180. Horsepower. Also. 129. Co2. Grams, and. The, price. $49,000. Forty-nine. Thousand, francs, so. That's. The price of the car thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel check out my other videos, and. I. Wait. You soon on my channel guys, also. Don't forget to like and share and. See, you soon bye guys. You.

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It's a modern day classic car I think, Hybrid version in production later this year I heard


Thanks for another good review Dan!

You are Welcome

Greatest suv!

купите мне такую машину. класс.

красота . тачка кластная .

By far the most stylish mid SUV on the market today. Drives great also. I have the 2.0 HDI GT Line. Great car!

Yes i like it to . You are right !!

Middle back seat very uncomfortable, should have gone for three full seats. Big mistake by Peugeot, rest of the car is great

Yes right

Are the massage seats good?

maan you sound like George Saint Pierre (ufc fighter). Are you from Quebec?

Hi Ardone, iam from Switzerland

Forget about Peugeot. This brand is ridiculously crap

I think that the version with the sun roof gets less headroom at the backseats. From review I didn't see that clear, is there sun roof or not, but that could be the reason for the headroom at the backseats. Otherwise, very great review of details, outside and inside.I hope to see your next 3008 GT Line review also about the driving and the other stuff about the dashboard and the big screen. I drove this car for about a hour last year and I can tell it's really a great pleasure to drive it. So I'm looking forward for your review of driving it as well. Thank you!

Yes i will do another review with test drive soon. It has an very beautiful sunroof an super nice glass up there with Led ambient light. I will do the navigation and test drive soon . Thanks for commenting and watching my channel.

I didint try it.

+gaz t Don't have them. It's the GT Line I've got.

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@gaz t Don't have them. It's the GT Line I've got.

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