New Opel Astra ST Tourer 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Opel Astra ST Tourer 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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So. Guys, welcome, back the, new Opel. Astra. Car, is dead so, this is the model Opel, Astra este, the tourer. Model. From Astra, also. It's the turbo. Engine. The. Turbo model I, will. Show you in a moment the. Information, about the engine, but. First time let's. See this beautiful. Exterior. Of. The. Car we can see here it has a, lot. Of sensors, in the back parking, sensors, the new LED. Light, on the back right here it's. Look beautiful, I will also show you. This. In a moment I will open. The light and you will see it also, this beautiful signature, with, this chrome on the upper. Side. Also. Here you can add some extra, trunk. Up here, to carry stuff. It's. Quite quite practical. Car. Also. Beautiful. Lines nice. Black. Glossy. Design, up here as well. Brake, light. It's. Quite quite nice and also the, windows, are tinted, black, and they, look fantastic in, my opinion, also, it has a nice, nice, nice. Down, here we have black. Mat. On the, downer, side of the windows, the. Lines are beautiful also, these, rims. In, my opinion they are very nice it, come with Bridgestone. Tires. And. In my opinion they look very nice on this. Model to Runza. Also. They are breached on two runs at the tires and, they. Are. 18. A, 17. Inch, so. Look at the line of the side the, line of the car it's, quite simple, up we have a line down we have quite. Classic, here just the paint if, you see the older, car before 2010. They, have the same down, board no plastic, to protect the. The, paint down there so, that's an -. Because in time it, will make some chip, from. The stones or. Maybe. In worst case some. Rust. Now. The paint, it's quite interesting, you see the. Black glossy. With. Some little. Little, little point, of closeness inside. The paint also, the. Mirror with, blind spots. Option. There as you. See it. Also. The. Window. The mirrors, doesn't. Have this light home, them the, light is right here on the body on the side Astra, choice to. Do it like that it's. An LED light there the. Other cars, company, moves - all have. It on the, window. This. Light the, front of the car, in my opinion look, very. Nice and simple. It's. Also. Better. For aerodynamic. The way they do it and, also it's. The car it's lighter than the previous model. From. Astra. My. Opinion, a very beautiful car. Here. Is the newest this LED, light technology. Also. Automatic. - a lot, of new tech on this car, like. Rudder, down. Here we have the fog light quite. Simple. No. LED, we. Have the sensors, on the sides quite, nice also, the front will look beautiful. Chrome. Simple. In a, strap style if, I can say so, and. Yeah. Back, there we have some some. Holy. Strand for. Protecting, the engine in the wintertime here, in the front guess what is this glass, this. Glass is the front rudder here, is the front rather the newest. Technology, where. He can read, the, the. Car in front for adaptive, cruise control for, emergency, break and, all that. Great. New technology, that come on this car and you will see in a moment the. Price it's amazing. For a new car with so much technology and. With. Fantastic. Interior and also. It. Impressed. Me. With. The huge, space on the trunk, it's. Kind of a big big big trunk. They're really, impressive about. This car, on. The side the, car look also nice in my opinion is not something, wall fancy. But. The car look beautiful. The, IRA dynamic, it's also nice, and better than before. The technology, is better the material, quality, is better here, we have the new, Opel Astra ice-t-- a 1.6. Liter. Excellence. If you ask me what kinds of trim the, color, its minerals, black. Alcantara. Inside, the car you will see in a moment petrol. 1.6. Engine 200. Horsepower, 6. Gear automatic. 155. So, and the price it's only. 7. T. Is thirty. Seven thousand, eight hundred if. You are in switzerland, you can come in Bend at.

Belvoir, And. You. Have great discounts, here really, impressed you can see the car is not so economical, this, is the only downsides, on this car that, the engine, it's, eating a lot of petrol but. Otherwise. The. Car it's, amazing. And. We, will talk about the interior too. But first time let's see this new LED. Light technology. From. Opera that. Is fantastic almost. 650. Meter and it. Also have automatic. High-beam. So you cannot blind the other. The. Other people, on. The street that, drivers, are the drivers, so, it will do it automatically. For you in. The back we also have LED light that. Look nice like a 3d. Model. Also. LED. Light on the number, plate. In. My opinion, quite. A beauty, car and in, in the real it's much more beautiful than on the video. The. Video cannot, give. The, real, colors. On. The car and the reality. Is much better but. Anyway. You. Have to see this car and for. 38,000. I don't, think you can find on the market a cheaper, car with, so much technology and do, so good. Quality, on, the materials, also here we have soft material, on, the upper side kind, of soft, down. Here leather. Soft. Material, leather on this side, the, buttons are really simple nothing. Complex. Just plastic. Here. The handle all come handle, bottom, plastic simple. Cheap. Here. We have this black glossy that look nice and also the LED, light integrated. In the door for, the night that. Look very nice the ambient, light in. The car will. Look much better. And. Also you can, see, here it's a space you can open the trunk even, from here this, is kind of fancy button. So. You can choice how much to open if you push the button and the trunk will automatically. Open something. That it's, pretty, nice, to. Do it from, inside the, car and here is the button to, close. The, trunk we, will see the trunk in, a moment a little bit later you. Will see. How. Big it is so, now the, speaker. Here the, entries in the car is with this Opel logo, quite. Beautiful, and. I like the way they do it. Here. We. Have the new. Seats. Alcantara. Seats combination, also electric, adjustable. And they are very responsive, to. The touch and the, other things you can adjust. It manually. The, SIP is not full electric, so you have to adjust it manually also, our mini pedals, there. The, car have a, lot, of great. Technology and these seats are really expensive and, they are very well made and they, look fantastic in, my, opinion. They. Are great also, side, support, they have and they, are quite. Practical. Quite luxury. Sit. Just. One thing in. The middle you also have, the, center. Armrest that, it's leather, and. You can see how. Well they are made and they loop but they also look nice with that stitch. In the middle, in my opinion also center armrest leather adjustable. Pretty. Awesome. Nothing. To say about this it, looked quite much, much more beautiful, than the previous, models. Opel. Get a big step, forward. With. This great cars in. My opinion they look fantastic. Here, the button to adjust the. Light space. Here for your keys or whatever you want to put they're. Quite. Useful. One sometimes, black. Glossy lens, simple. With chrome on the side. Also. Look, fancy. A nice. Soft. Material all, over, the dashboard. Speaker. There the vents are on the window perfectly. Before. The winter and, they. To it really, practical and, really cool. The. Steering wheel also beautiful, and all, the lines in the car nice. Even. The mirror up here it's, simple and nice the. Other thing that I wish it was different is both light I wish, it was LED, light and up there a glass, support. Doesn't.

Have The, Sun sunglass. Support, on the upper side the. Roof is also soft, and nice, quality. Mirror, as well the. Design. The black closely, with, these lines, chrome. Lines right, here on the side look also nice and also. The. Events. There they, are integrated. Very cool, here. It's a big long. Globe, box you, cannot see it so well sorry about that but, it's really big, really. Big and really impressive, and also have a lot of space down there for. The passenger fit now. The, cockpit, it's kind of yeah. Steering. Wheel it's, great leather. Stitch, is, great. For touching, fantastic. Steering wheel nothing, to say about it the. Buttons, plastic. Simple. Practical. They. Also look. Okay much better on the other. Cars, company, that I see understand. With it's also beautiful the. Way they made it it's, quite quite, nice. Really. Nice staying. That's nice, I don't, like this, analogic. Toro. Mater speedometer. There, I don't understand why they thousand foot it, doesn't make a digital, screen. Display, all over, here it's only in the middle and you can see there the. Technology and all the information, you have it right, there in the middle in the little. Screen, there but I, guess maybe some people like it like that I wish, it was more new. Tech, 2019. LED. Screen. Display, but, here multimedia, system in the middle look also nice. And the colors are great start/stop. Button here. Pretty. Useful. Black. Glossy, design. It's nice it's, well made everything. Look, well. Made, they, did it a great, job Opel it's for many, years on the market and they. Know how to do cars. They. Know how to do the buttons the interior, and. They, are. Long-lasting. An icy aromatic, system, and. Other buttons, glossy, black glossy with chrome look. Also very beautiful. You. Can see that here, you have a space to, put, your. Your. Stuff, for, example, the, electric. He did on the seat steering. Wheel heated. Buttons. For different, mode of driving, Lane. Assist, parking. Sensors. Camera. Automatic. Gearbox, also look nice this Chrome here the way they do it the stick it's also black glossy, with, some. Chrome on the sides white. Beautiful. It's, integrated, nice in. The, center, console, on the side we have leather with stitches. Quite. Interesting. Finally. Electric, hand brake pretty, useful, to, a gold Ford.

Nice. Two cupholders there. Its plastic, around it but. They do is well, it's. Quite quite nice. Also. Here, a space. To put your stuff a small, place. You. Know like I showed you before and. The. Comfort, in the car it's quite cool too a lot of space on my head. Great, great great space, in the car you sit very well here it's, very comfortable, as you drive it and. For. The hand a visibility. Outside, it's also great, and, visibility, on the dashboard, it's nice. As, you can see for yourself, no blind spot also. In the back impressive. It's. Kind of no blind spot there so. They do a great job really practical, car are, really, nice and I hear, the, car it's very nice to drive as, you drive it I see, some review and the, car it's fantastic, with the petrol. Engine with, a diesel engine and here it's a little bit more easy the. Diesel engine is noisy, and it's better the. Petrol one here, is navigation, system, and, median system and all that you, can connect to apple, carplay mirrorlink. Android out of, all. Kinds, of settings. You can, change Bluetooth and, connect your phone and. Your stuff you can also. Have. A navigation, system that's. Pretty awesome and. Its. Work fast it's freely also, freely truly, depend how you wanna use it it's work fast, and as. A touchscreen, as. Well, for. Example you can choice you can see how fast it's working, we choice for example random. Parking. Place and you see how much time it's loading, and you can see it's, almost. Instantaneous. Something. That I didn't, see on other cars too were quite nice. So. Anyway. This is the display. There you, can choice, to. Have two excellence. It's eight inch display, it's quite kind, of big display, if you can see but, on the standard, you will have a 7-inch. Display, you. Can also see the interior light here, a blue. Light the, buttons are, illuminated. And it's look quite, nice I love, this blue better, than the red one I don't, like the cars that have red. Red. Interior. Light on the buttons behind the buttons, it's red and I don't like it but this white blue, it's, kind of calming. To. Make you relaxed, and. The. Ambient. Light it's much much better on. The blue. Just. Like that on the white, blue, I can. Say, so. That was the front part in the back part we go now, big windows, will, be great this ability for sure in the car. Also. The. Quality on, the doors at the same like in the front plastic. Up here now we have leather. Here in the middle. Classic. Button the. Speaker. And a place for the cup holder. Quite. Quite. Smooth also. The engines in the car plastic, on the side, as. You can see here it's plastic, leather, on, the backseat or soft. Material, leather here. So. Nothing, no plastic, on the back of the seat definitely. We have electric. Heated, seat on the back for the passengers, pretty, cool you don't find this in many. Cars in this, class, quite impressive also, USB. Port down there, small. Step. In the middle quite, amazing, a. Great comfort, for. The passenger, and in, this price guys I tell you in this price you don't find a better cure equipped, car. Like. Opel. Astra I stay. The. Tool, for. Estate the way you wanna tell it. So. The. Leather Alcantara, on the back combination. As in. The front to, sit are very comfortable they, look, also, nice and sporty. Yeah. Here in the middle we have leather we also have a. Armrest. Here pretty useful, no. Cup holders. But. I like it, if. You can raise your arm there. Also. You can put. It down if. You carry long items, really. Useful, this is stuff. For the ski for the people that go to ski, or when. You have long items, to, carry quite. Quite, quite this, practical, so, I'm really impressed on this car I didn't, expect, to find, so. Much technology, so much. Class. So, much good quality, on the interior. And. So, much new. Tech and so. Good price on. This. New Opel, Astra, s10. No. Estate. Now. It's quite amazing and look at how much space I have on my legs even, the front seats. Back. I. Still, have a lot of space I can put my feet on the front, seat here, is directly straight. Let's. Perfect, up I have huge space almost two hands, great. Comfort, for long road, on. My feet as. I expected, such a big car for. A tour, for. An estate car, Opel. Astra it's. Huge. And, great, even, in the middle I can go very easy you. Can see the seat it's really in the back and you can put it way way more in the front both.

Seats, Depends on how long you are and you can see here. Still. A lot of space still. I can put my legs, there different. Position, in the middle for, the kids it's enough place, just. Huge space also, on my head a lot, of space here and, I can carry three. People, without problem, here in the back. Not. So big people. But, yeah. It's. Quite quite. Quite. Comfortable. In the middle too to. Stay in the middle it's quite comfortable and have a great view in. The front so. I'm. Quite impressed and. I. Think it's really nice also. Both. Right, normal, both by the fair. It's. A white light white. Yellow. Light they're. Quite nice and you can see the visibility on the windows it's. Also nice, and great. Quite. Quite impressive, on this car I don't know I, say. About hewn dyes there they are good cars and good price but now I. Start, to change my mind a little bit because I, see. This Opel, Astra and, you see the camera on the back you see all the technology. All the, great quality, in the LED light the front, full. LED, light and. Look. At this huge. Trunk, here, it's. Really straight, you can load straighter, stuff, you have a net there too. To put, it in the car you have a light you have 12. Volt ports in the back a lot. Of hooks, it's. Really, huge I don't know if you can see it in the. Here. You have the button to leave the front seat down even even, that it's a great great, thing that. It's, right here, very. Easy and accessible we, just pulled the button and everything, is down here, on the side we have the kids with their kids and all that stuff and. Also. In. The net you can put it on the car you have this protection, for your trunk. Quite. Nice for. The smells and stuff like that and, down. These you, will see in a moment, here. Are the hooks everywhere. Quite. Huge, down. Under, the floor. Here, you, have a huge. Space. To. Put your stuff, where. Was the. The. Tire but. It's really. Big really, big really, impressive, really impressive, I like almost everything about, this car only. The downside, is the engine, it's a little bit not. Economical. But you can take the, 1.4. Petrol. Engine it's much more economical and. Also. You can see how easy I left the, front and you go all straight, there and it's a huge space you can even sleep here, and, you can carry long items, you don't even need an. Van. When, you want to carry something when. You have this car you, don't even need a van because you can carry a lot of items, with this. Opel. Astra este. Tour, so. This. Twirl, this is date card it's. Kind. Of really, really big, and practical. And, also the quality materials. Are. Awesome. In. My opinion, quite. Impressive, I, don't, like two things about this car one. It's the. The. Front cockpit, I wish it was more. Digitized, like, the. New LCD, on the gold. Was rather more sup like that anyway. It's not a big downside but for me I like it more the, real tech. And. The, second one it's. The engines. Are not so economical. So. That's, two downside, but, the rest of the car it's amazing. Really. Amazing it's, my, opinion it's, a Best, Buy so. Thank you for watching subscribe to my channel, check out my other videos, and. I wait too soon guys thank you very much for watching I hope. You enjoyed, and see, you soon stay safe. You.

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Gud car. Bravo men !

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Good Opel

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