New Mercedes Benz A-Class 2018 - Full Review - Test Drive - A200

New Mercedes Benz A-Class 2018 - Full Review - Test Drive - A200

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English. Hey. Mercedes. Hi. Mercedes. How. Can I help you I'm. Too hot. I'm. Sorry I can't, set the temperature at the moment, hey. Mercedes. Engine. Hi. Mercedes, how. Can I help always hi I want. To go to Geneva. Do. You want to start Route guide art. Route. Guidance is, starting. Yeah. I think comes to the sofa venden. And. Here. You. Know I can't change this mm-hmm. This is for the screen on the left side, you. Have two controls here so. For example you can change you. See here. And. Also here. And. I think you can. Radio. Sweep, navigation. This. Is in the middle it. Mm-hmm. Yeah now I'm, like. This. Full. Screen. This. And, I. Think. You can change the light here too I see, yeah so, yeah you know how to ambience. Lights here, and. You. Can hear. Go. To, settings, and be, enlightening and. You. Can so, you can for example just, like, this. Now. It gets red, purple. Yeah and I think here too yeah, now, it's not. Yet. Yeah I know what. Really. Cool, and, good quality, I can. Yeah. This is like the most. Of the things are digital, but. These are a few, things that are still like, a manual, yeah, and yeah, looks, a bit like an airplane. Cockpit you know yeah I like it very much and, here's, a. Lot. Of space you can your. Phone or your phone yeah you, can charge your phone here. To. Connect your phone if you want. USB. To, use yeah, yeah, for Apple car for example nice. Oh. This, is interesting, you close it like this. How. You open you push it yeah. Nice. This. Is cool you. Have. A port, there too, and, this, is. You. Have this year yeah. Nice. Air. Yeah. I need to start the engineer, to, work that. Way he didn't work before I think yeah. I. Think so yeah, if the engine is running it does change. The temperature you, can control it from here - yeah yeah. So. You have different. Possibilities. To control either here, or on the steering wheel or as a touchscreen yeah, so yeah like this. And. It's really easy to use, it here. It can connect your phone for example if you listen to music after, works. Personnel. Navigation, yeah, so here are the shortcuts, if, you if you need yeah. That's, fun. Here's. The song. No. This. Is for parking. Huh, yeah. The, camera of the camera yeah. I. Think. You need to start the engine as well. This. Is for. Quick. Access. Time. You go up and they are in the upper menu you, go down like this you know at home you, can, also for example look. What the system systems, you have then. You can. Ya, like turn around the car again you can see you, can use it like the touchscreen yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's. Cool. Belt. Adjustment you, can adjust, your belt yeah, it. Will feel it when you start the engine that, the belt is um. Like. It pulls it in yeah like. Fist. Yeah fixed. I know what you mean here, it's for hitting. The seat I think yeah. Yeah. I think the sittin here's. The. Windows, and the mirrors. This, is so. So. Soft. How can I say it so, xx. The earth smooth, it's, really, cool I like.

This. And. It's a lot of space. Because they make this thing it's, a lot of space, yeah in, the hand and the, car is all the taker in general and you have more space for, the. Passengers in. The back as well as as well as in front also, the visibility, is better so when you turn your head you have better visibility on the road when you drive and, yeah. So. Compared. To the old a classes, so. Nice this is so, design. Is very, nice yes like in, the house you know what do you I don't, know if you go in the hotel you see the spots right it's yeah it's. So. It. Look like high. Quality and. I love. Notes. All the car have these things for analysis, and I really need it and the. Goal of half is two and no I, don't know it's it is the old one half this and I'm not I don't remember. Right. Here. It's the microphone, I yank. And. It's a lot. Of space, and. Here. Front is this head-up. Display head-up, display, that's, really, nice. It's. Really cool I like, it and I, like the position that's. Driving, it yeah and I like that you can very, easy look, here and then you look up and you see the street which. Is it's. Just so it's. Not like here you know like, Tesla, did then, you take the model free you have to always look here. This not so nice but here it's perfect when you have the. Navigation. System, here in front and, it's. Really, easy. Okay. What. You. Have questions, what is the name of the PA why I, think. Then. You have questions for the driving or for. The driving I think yeah. Change. The gears here yeah I can let that yeah. Reverse, Park. And. The. Handbrake, is automatic. So you don't need to over here, I think. No. It's on the left side for the handbrake. You. Don't need it because well if you turn, off the power it goes on automatically and if you start driving it mhm, okay. So. Here. Is the break and break and, the. Light and. This. Other. Stuff. Cool. Yeah. Really. Nice okay, yeah I think I will. Yeah. Go, ahead try a man look, he action we also have our phone number here by the way. We. Have a document, she have, a few, what our number if you need, just. In great. Nice. Nice. Place. Great. Okay. Let's. Try friend and yeah, and if you have questions afterwards we have time to this is for you, can change the man, earlier sorry. If you want to change the gear manually, you can use this to us yes like, yeah, that's great, this, is good, option, for. Yeah. It's nice. Okay. Okay. So. Now all the weed. So. Now when you go to navigation you look where to you. Have our address as, pollination. So you just click here uh-huh Rasta. Mm-hmm, okay and then it's come here. Now. If you want to drive somewhere, you can enter an address I don't know where do you want to drive do you know Baron or. Maybe. Yeah, a little. Maybe. I can. So, I. Thought, that we have like a route I. Just. Asked you. Sure. Make. Maybe, I, thought. We had like a. Route. Maybe. To wronged orphan, then yeah. Yeah for example you can wonder if that's easy, okay. So, we. Put. Or. Yeah. Bound or fits great. Yes. Yeah. That's even a bit motorway, right yeah, oh, yeah that's perfect then it's great yeah and then. Okay. All. Right guys. Let's. Drive, a little bit with the. New Mercedes. It's. The. New car that come. One. One to go and we, have here the head-up display. We. Have here. The. Gasoline, engine, and. We. Will try to drive. A little bit here, and to. See how its. All. Right, so, let's. Drive guys, with. The new, Mercedes. And, let's. See how it. How. It's gone. We, have a head-up display, there I don't know if you can see this. And. We. Have here. Navigation. System. And. We. Can. The steering wheel is, very very, nice. And. The, head-up display, it's really. Good and really show. Us the. Speed and. Visibility. Is really, good and. I. Really. Really liked head-up, display and the, thing that you can see everything, there. Speed, and, direction. And we. Have here in the digital, cockpit. The. Speed that we can drive here you see 40, km/h right, now you, can drive with 40. We. Can put it here and we. Can see the GPS right here. And, you. Can change this option, I will show you when I'll stay.

Cannot. Try. Too fast here. And they show you and when you drive over 40. Kilometer. It. Will really, show you that. You pass this speed. You, can see here you have, you. Have a, camera. That, show you where, to go you have a front camera that you don't, find in other cars this. Is really, cool guys I don't know if you can't see that but. Here in the navigation system you see the. Brakes are good. Too. And you can really, really, see. How. You should, drive. A. Little. Bit traffic, here. You. Can see it show you where, to drive. Next, the. Start/stop, system it's, working, perfectly. You know, you. Can see right here it's, amazing you, can see in the display that you have to go to, the right. And. You actually can. Symbolize. Get. The signal and then. Do. It right. It's. Really, great. It's really, really great and. Steering. Wills it's so good quality, and, so nice so, you. Can grab it very, nice. And. It's, really, really. We have to drive 50, here. Don't want to go so fast because I'm. Watching. So. Many. Option. On this car. You, have so. Nice things you. Can, see. You can adjust this, thing. The. Way you want. That. The winds come to you we. Have a light here a very nice LED, light and the design, it's really. Really nice soft. Material there, is the digital. Display. Here. We have, very. Nice design of him very. Much space. You can hear the engine. A little. Bit when beginning. I have, to go to the. Right, side. After, I passed this. -. Right and, we go on a highway. A little bit and we, try to, speed. Here, 60. See, the. The car tell you that you, are over 16, kilometer. Speed. Limit. Here, here. We have 100, and we try to accelerate. And here that. Gears, changing. 95. Now. 102, limit here. We have here the lane. Assist. You have actually, other option. On the car like. Lane, changing. Automatic. And. Stuff, like this, actually. Here. You, can change this too. Like, for, example here. You. Can use here, this. For example, this display. You can make it up and, then, you see the GPS. Right there. Or, for, example up you can see the. They, could drive, how. Much echo did you drive, go. Up you, can change the. Consumption. And our. Economic, you are and how the engine. It's working, right now. Or, you can live it like this and then in the other side you can change it too. You. Can see the. Watch. You can see it how. Much committed. How, much is consumption, as you can see the consumption, on this car. 7.2. Not. So bad, for. A gasoline, car. You. Have here. In, thin air it. That's, all. You can see if you click here you can see all the. Screen. You can actually see, the. The, navigation. System in the front, the mirror is very nice it's a little bit too dark, help. You a lot. If you want to. If you want to drive, in the night and. Cars, in, the back have a strong light and. You can drive relax without, any, problem. That, will. I think, they're, 20 minutes. Right. I can adjust it from here. Can actually. Actually. It's, really nice. Nice to drive much, better than. For one. Much, better than the old Mercedes the, mirrors are big, they. Are, good. I think. Can sit very, well in the mirror. And the, sitting, position the. Suspension. Are. You, don't feel it. Too, much the bumps. They're. Really, really cool. I think, it's. They made a great job, the. Steering, wheel the direction. It's good. The. Brakes are, really nice. Really. Like the braixen. And. It's feel like you control, the car it's a little bit sport but, in the same time it's very comfortable. And very. Very, nice to. To. Drive. Here. We stop this errand because it was so strong.

Yeah. You can actually. Play. A little bit with the navigation. System. And. The. Visibility it's, good. The. Way they put the window. And the way they put this this. Digital. Screen. They put it right, down. The. Window. And then you just, have to look a little bit down and then a little bit up and then. You, see it very easy the street where you are driving and. It's. Very, nice it's not like in the model free where, you have to watch always, here in the right side and then, to. See how much speed you're driving, or the, navigation. System I think this is the future and I think it's, no, other car, better, than this. Interior. Right, now on the market, maybe in in the future will come up other, cars but at. The moment this car it's, really. Amazing and. Really. Great. Interior. And very good quality like. Mercedes. Always, did a, great. Job with, these cars. It's really, nice, really. Enjoy to drive this car and. Gear. Let's put. Changed. The. Speed. Very, good I think. Maybe. It's the same like on my walls. I can go to, pee. It's, really quiet. It's. Really, nice. This, design, is fantastic. We have here some. Plastic. Very, good quality. Plastic. Like. Nice, to touch here. We have different. Plastic and here it's soft and, nice, and I like this thing, I, like, that it's very soft. And very nice, the. Direction, is very good if the really. Sporty, in this car, really. Really, good. Very, nice car they. Did a great job this, time better. Than than, the older, one. Better, than the hold but. Ellis this new merger this is fantastic. Have, a little bit from you, can sit here, a little bit from Tesla, to for, example you can set, your speed right here. If you push this here. For example you have. A limit. Change, this limit. Of. Faster. I think, here it's 80, kilometer. And the car did a great, job on, this. It's. Really, fast really, cool steak. With on road it's. Really. Sporty, at the same time the, suspension. It's fantastic. It's better. Than the Gulf better than the. I would, have three and then the. 1-series. I think. This car really. Beat. Them all, from. Big distance. It's, really. Good really. Really enjoyed driving, this, car. Yeah. Yeah we have 60, km/h. - go faster, than 60 because, here. It's better and it's dangerous. To. Tickets. Are very expensive, here. We don't want to go so fast, like. This mg, because we test the car. Here, you can set, the limit how. Much, fast. You want to drive it for example. They met this bit, now. You can put it. Because, to be out in the town. And we don't drive. So fast. It's, really. Really, really really great car. We. Parked. A little bit here and we. Try to. Enjoy. The car for a little bit. And. Then we try it back. Park. A little bit here where. It's no. Just. Stop, this. Park. And. I. Just. Want to test. A little bit the mirrors, and, to. See. How they are, how. Can not. Just the mirrors I don't know I have. To push it here first and I think Oh. Here. You close it here. Oh now. You. Have to push this button and then you're, just it's very easy from here and. For your position. It's. Really, cool. Really. Easy and then you touch, a little bit other one then. You adjusted, the, other one because it was not so good. Adjusted. For me. Before. It's, really, easy really. Really easy really nice to use this here. You can open, the door you. Can close it here you have the. Heating. And the sit yeah. Sit. Hitting. There too. If. You see the light here, that I show. You before you, can change the light, to. The vent here. If you go in the. In. The menu. Radio. Comfort. You're, going to comfort and. You have. Settings. Here and then you, know in settings, you can change the light I don't, know if you can see, this but. You can actually you, see now it's blue and you can make it yellow and this, is changed to yellow, and. This. Is really. Fantastic, really. Nice I like. This very. Much I. Like. These things very. Much that you can change the colors, the, way you want it you can play it you can make it white you. Can make it red, and this is turn red right. Now and you can see all the, way here the lead. Here. To, the. LED light and. This. Is really. Amazing. So. You see here red. The. Red light, here, to red and here you have the red. Line. On, the car and give. You a nice feeling. Comfort. Feeling. And. I. Want. To show you the light here up. Guys. Here. The. Light it's, so amazing it's like a. Nice. Hotel. If. You go to the hotel room. In. Expensive. Five-star, hotel, you'll see this light this, is very, nice.

Really. Cool light you, have a source here that. You can call. Someone. If. You have a problem you have an accident. Then. But. This is this is the most amazing, thing that I ever, seen. You. Can put it a green, it's. An option, to the car, the, price is, 37. Thousand, francs. In. In. Switzerland. But if. You want. All this option and, you have the you want the big display. And. Not the small one they have a small one but you have to to, pay more for this one and maybe the price go close. To fifty, thousand I think. So I'm not sure but. Close to fifty thousand but the car it's definitely. Deserve it it's like it's. Like a high-class and. Top-end. Like, AMG. Or it's. Really, premium, this. Leather. Seats, are amazing, and the. Position, it's, amazing. This. Is the key, it's. Really, nice it's. Really light, here. You can charge your phone it's, a lot of space here and love. This thing you. Can. Actually. Control. This screen from here but, you also can, you can control. From. Here with. The touch screen here we don't have a touch screen but. It's, actually, easy to control from here you. Know we. Have a voice for example, you. Can use the, voice and. Speak. With the car primer, say this how. Can I help you, I'm. Hot. I'm. Setting, the temperature to. 22.5. Degrees. Himer, to this. Primer. To this. Okay. I guess is not always, working. But. It. Is really, cool let's. Try again hi Mercedes, how. Can I help you. Can. I go back home. No. Home address has been saved would, you like to enter one now. Can. I go to the last address. Can. You say that again please. Go, back. What. Would you like to do can. I go to the previous. Address. Could. You repeat your input, please. Can. You stop the engine, please. Well. This. Is nice, okay, guys so, you, can see here it's not actually. Everything, working but it's really, great so, you can see here, that. Oil. Temperature, and the water temperature of, the car you, can see here the consumption. We. Have. 7.1. Until, now the, last. 30 minute, as, you, can see if. You put in the last three hours we have the same. 7.1. It's. Really, cool owners, manually, you have here the manual. Consumption. You can see it really great. And. Then. We. Have the vehicle, here that. You can see the vehicle and. It's, R I, don't know what you can do really here maybe. Guess, break, tell. You comfort, how you drive onto now the. Way you drive onto now it's really, nice. Basically, information and, we have here is. Me apps. We. Have some application. Settings, we. Have some settings to the car. Park. Chronic, and all, these kind, of stuff that. You can see it. 30. Degrees, car you. Can actually see, the car, around. And play with it, like. This. Assistant, speed limits, assistant, camera. Parking, a system active, brake assistant, as, you can see they show you in the picture what, this means. Sensitive. Active. Lane Assist. The. Lane. Assist, you and. Speed. Limit, assist, this. Is really. Great to, have a lot, of options here you have, the tire, pressure. Belt. Adjustment. This. Is really cool this is a new thing the, light, ambient. Light and. All. The, other. Stuff. That you. Can do, it systems, here, have. The system, the screen. Controls. You. Have the audio. The. Wee-fee and, all, these, things. In setting, here. We have the. Let's. Add is me. Hunger. Coffee, hotel. Service. Browse, on the internet actually. You can browse. You. Can browse the internet, and, you can put it here but, I don't know oh yes, it, has, internet, say here 4G I think. It should be connect. But. Anyway. Maybe. Not. So good internet, now but. It doesn't. Matter this is really, cool. Here. And GPS, is really. Nice, you, press. It here where to go and. Then you. Can see here I think. I touch. It from mistake, you. Can go, here this was the last address, where. We meet with machetes, and actually. You push, here and then you go. And, the route is being calculated, and. Actually. If. You see, this. Is in the front and we, have a camera and you see in the front this, is not happening on other cars. I don't, think if Tesla, it's the first car maybe in. The world I'm not sure that have a camera, in the front and then, they show you what you should do and in the camera they show you right left. Where to go and, it's really, cool and then you can see here the navigation, system then, you can see here and, you. Can actually go, like, this. And. Then. You. Can actually zoom. It. Or, zoom. In or, zoom out. Or. You can go back if you touch this, go. Back to the normal display, will, you go back click and you make the the. Big, display. Which is really, cool. You. Can zoom it by. Pushing. Left or right anyway, if you touch home go. Back, to home and then you can choose what. You would like to see in the middle, style.

Service. Tips. It's. Really, nice. Assistance. And. Then you see in the middle the. Assistance, and. Then you push again, the home. And then you change. Wherever. You like trip, and you see the trip then. You go back and then you put. It on the navigation. System, that it's really, nice really. Easy to use and then you just, have to go, left. All right and then, you see the blue light. Go whatever, you want to change you're going to change this then, you push it click and, then. Boom it's change to, go back home change. The navigation in, the middle now, you go right and now, when. The blue screen is here if you see the blue screen then you go down. And. Then. Down, and then, down and, you have all kind of information here, like. Intinerary. Like. Bluetooth. Like, speed. Like. Clock. Everything. And then you go back now, the blue it's there and then, you change it down and then you see the consumption, then, you have the Eco. Drive. Display. And. Then. You. See the. Navigation. And you, see the distance, so, really really, really great. It's really great but. Actually we. Go back to the display because, I like, to drive, in a full try to display. And. We. Will try it back. And. Then. We. I want to show you the. Into this. Car but first time. We. Will drive back guys. I. Start. The car we put it in drive and, we. Will go back. So, guys. One, car come this is great this. Is really. Really great. It's. A really great car it's. Really good, explosion. Speed. It's really, supportive. The comfort, is very good, the suspension, are amazing, you, feel so, great. In this car, really. I like it so much you. Can set, this the. Limit. Sixty. Yes, 60. And then it's drive 260, automatic. You. Don't have to do nothing and, now is not more 60 now. It's 80 and. We, go. To 80, and. Already. You can see in head-up display, that, we, have, set. The. Car. To drive. Automatic. To 80, kilometers, per hour. And it's really, nice. It's. Really great. It's really good handling. This. Machetes, are class. 2018. It's, fantastic. Car the, new era of machetes. The new era of. Head-up. Display, a new. Era of cars. Where. You can, have. Great. New, technologies. And. Beautiful. Design. Exteriors. Beautiful. The the car is not so. It's. Not so tall but. The. Vision, in the car it's really, great, you have great. You. Have a very, good vision, in. The car. Really, good handling. It's really, nice I think. You will love it you have to try it and you have a lot of space on, your hands, here. It's. A really good car it's, really. Nice car I like, it so much, it's. Really fantastic I, think you will love it. We will enjoy driving, this car and the. Price is not, so big for what. It's over here have a nice. Design. That, soft, thing. As, you can see now the cameras show you that you have to go straight. Ahead. And. You see the car, in front of you that's really. Nice. Yes. And, if, you see, right. Now it was the emerges, emergency. Brake that. It was showing me that I'm too close to the car in front. It's. Really nice. It's. Really good car. I. Love. Driving in this car. Now, it's showing me that I have to go straight ahead and. I just have to watch. Tell. Me I have to keep right, we. Keep right, it's. Very it's, very very. Nice to use this. And. Now. I have, to go. Right. On. The highway. And. Go, up, here. We. Have a tea and, then, it's a keep left, go. To the left. Straight, to listen. We have laws on the, left, anger. We go left. It's. Very nice the best best, navigation. System, ever guys. I have, to admit that is. The best. Navigation. System. Ever. On, this this. Cruise, control it's, fantastic. Easy-to-use right, here on the steering wheel, everything. It's so easy to use. So. Nice. The. Directionals. Fantastic. Stability. It's amazing. The. Comfort, in the car the sitting, are very. Very, good, to see them very. Tight, and it feels worth this car is perfect it, bit all, this. Mercedes. The new Mercedes a-class. The. R class mercedes. Did. A great, job this. Time. Myrcella's. Did a fantastic job, with this car really class, you. Will really, enjoy driving. This car. I think, is the best class best, car in this class. Belvane. One series serious. One or a. Woody, free. Or what. I can go. Or. What, if I don't know but this is great this is better this. Is the best car ever in, the position, of driving, it's fantastic. The adjustment. Of the seat it's really, amazing you, sit. In the car so would, wouldn't. So. Nice. Really. Great. Really. Like then the mirrors are amazing. Consumption. I think it's really. Good to for. It's, seven. It's. Really, good for. What can this, car over. I think, at the moment is the best on market. It's. Really, beautiful everything, what is here it's really, nice and, this. New design, of how. The, way you open, these things.

Oh. I. Think I did. A little, mistake, here. Tell. Me to go. Right. All right. Really. Nice. I would show you anything. For, the moment look, at this camera, it's. Fantastic. The. Way it's show you everything, the. Way it show you the cars that, drive, in front of you the. Way it show what, what, you should do next, so. Isn't so, intuitive. You, have so, much, information in, this car. So. Much information. You can find here, and with this display it's, really. Great. Right. Here. Think you can hear to the. Noise of the engine. It's. Cool head. You see this, camera. It's adjusting, and, the quality, of the camera is very nice. You, have to watch, out here. It's, really, nice. It's, really, really, really ready. A. Great. Car. Nice Drive. Amazing. I say, this a lot of time but it's, really amazing I like. It it's very beautiful I. Think. If you want the compact, car to, drive for you and. You. Don't need a big car, this. Car it's, the best option that you can. That, you can buy. Right now in the market. It's, totally. Deserve it and the suspension. Driving. The. Position. Of, the. Steering. Wheel the. High, quality, display. Because. They are really. There, are really really high quality display, right, here and you can see it. The. Resolution. Solutions. Very, very. Very good and. Easy. That steering wheel is so easy to turn. In the same time you, feel a little sportiness. In. The car, because. It's. Feels. Like you stay, on the ground. Your. Feel, the ground it's, like a sport, car but in the same time it's between I would, have free and Bamber, serious. One it's between, them but, best. You, make everything, so, good I really. Like this car. Really. Really really, like it. Change, the, speed so fast. No. People can change the speed. So, fast like this car -. Automatic. Transmission. It's really. Good. The. Visibility. Is good, at last as I say, here. You can adjust, the volume you. Have all kind of option. Here on the steering wheel and, you. Can. Adjust. Everything, you need to strong. Steering. Wheel. At, the display, I don't know you don't need any more head-up display, because. You have this amazing displays. Here. Head-up. Display it's, it's. An extra but it's not almost so, if you want to buy this car and you don't want to spend so much on the option I think head. Up you don't need head-up display because. The display. Here, the new display and. Play. In front of us it's. So. Good that. You. Don't. Even. Need. It. You. Don't really, need, the. Head-up display when you have this display right here or you don't need this display when you have adopts, later but.

Personally. I prefer. Personally. I prefer. This. Display, here because. You can see more information it's, more clear and I. Don't, know. It's. Really. Good. It's. Really really. Really great. It's. A great car. I want, to show you a little bit from my I. Want. To show you a little bit from. The. Interior of the car in a moment guys stay with me and you, will see the. Trunk. Space and, the back seats and the space in. The back thank. You guys for staying with me and please subscribe please. Like. And. Subscribe to. My, channel for, more videos like, this and I come with the new cars with. All, new. Models, of cars and. Stay. With me guys, I'll. Be back and, you see, the. Back camera the, new Mercedes, you. Can actually. Park, it like that, it's. Very easy to work. Very, easy you have to check sometimes the the mirrors do but it's. Really nice. Design and it's really. Easy to, park. Really, easy to use this car this. Car it's really. Fantastic I love. It guys, stay with me, and in. A moment you. Will see, here. You can see the camera all over, the angles, here. You have some option. As. You can see here it's, really, nice it's, amazing, car, it's amazing, option and, we. Go. Down. And we see the trunk we see the the sit. And stay, with me guys. Please. Like my video if you liked it and I will post more videos soon, for you and, comment. If you want to see a new car tell. Me what kind of car do you want to see next, and, I. Will be very happy to make, a review, from. Another car for you, with. Please, subscribe, like, another -. You.

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frumoasa masina si buna prezentare ,,chiar daca altii au alta parere


That you god that i sold my shares in 2/2018. They went crasy. What a ridicolus car a that for premium money.

Very nice car, but why do the film with so much fish eye ? It makes the car look awful

MrChrlau Yes you are right , it is good for inside but outside i need to chnage this. Thank you for tip.

Great Review !! Thk ....

Supe Cool Review … Nice car this A Class

You explain very simple , like someone new to car for a first time which is very good..does it have side mirror tiled on reverse motion pls.

Thank you . THIS car i had drive it doesn't . Maybe other variant but i dont think so. I dont think it is like an option for A Class ,maybe for the bigger cars SUV. But you domt need it because you have amazing cameras around the car.

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that gear was stuck xD


Is ambient light standard on all A class please ..thanks

You can change the color ambient light and yes it comes standard to all A Class.

In the uk ambient light only on the premium pack

No. Here in Sweden its only available with the premium pack.

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