New Mercedes B Class AMG Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Mercedes B Class AMG Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Hello, guys and welcome to a new video today we are right here with a new Mercedes. B-class. 2019. Model. AMG. Line, so this is the new. Big. Class. Img'. Line, from. Machetes, and I'm right here, pretty, happy to. See this amazing. Car that. Has all the new technology, on it you can also see here the the. New. Rudder behind. The logo and the front. Camera also. Have a back camera, and also this new, LED. Light from, machetes, all the light you can see it in three parts here this is the life the, daylight, into. Two. Parts like two. Fingers I will show you a little bit later the lights to hear. That this. This, big class, img'. Line has a new front. Grille and. Some. New design right here in the front that you can see, this. Amazing. Grille, that, look fantastic. In. Real. I don't know in the video but face. To face the, car it's really, beautiful. And I'm, really impressed I, was a fan of the B Class but this new, maxi, this P. Class img', line is fantastic. This, is also the 180. Model. You can see all the information about, the engine, about the consumption, and all, the other stuff, you can stop the video and then read it but. One. Of my favorite car right now in the market, with. Huge, space, it's, also compact. But, in the same time it has a huge, space in the interior and also, a very, beautiful. Ground. Outside, design, of, the exterior it's. Amazing. This new 19-inch. Rims, come. Standard. On the, big. Class img', line. It's. The car. Come with the Bridgestone. Tired. 19-inch. So, they're, also high, quality, also look at this design here in the front from, outside, you. Will think you don't have good, visibility from, the blind spot but you will be amazed to, see from inside that, it's a huge space also. The car handles. Are a little bit outside. I'm. Not sure if this is good for aerodynamics, but, the. Mirror look pretty. Interesting. And different than the other car and also other surprise. I will. Show in the interior, but, something that I like about this car is that it has a huge, windows, and you, have a great, visibility, from inside you. Feel like you are in. In. Close. To the nature, you will see it, has a lot of windows, also this back, design with. Big episode. Inside. The, real one it's, looked pretty nice, also. The. Front. Plastic black. Under. Plastic there is fantastic. This, car I have to tell you it, has interesting. Bumper. Here in the back with, some nice work, design, and the. Car have. Pretty. Amazing. The, ground, clearance it's kind, of low like. A sport, car this is what impressed, me there's. An interesting, design for aerodynamic, it's a little bit taller, but, the ground clearance it sits down because. The car need to have a lot of space. Also. Here is, the. Camera in the back right here, it's open. And. It's well-made, because, you cannot dirty when. It's so much. Arranged, and stuff and. Well. Protected I, kind. Of love this car I like inside. So. Look. At it I'm, not sure you can see it very well in this video but let, the car, look. Very. Nice, very. Very nice the beautiful, car and, here. We have the new technology with, the camera. And rather. And Lane, Assist and all kind of assist, the. Car have brothers, and all the new technologies. That. Can come on the on. A car these, days it's, pretty amazing. So. My. Favorite, part on this card I, will show in the moment it's, the interior, of the car also here, you. Can. View. The car trunk, gas. Down from, here you. Can open it manually, pretty, simple, it's the bake 180. 180. Automatic. Lift gate, to. Create quality everything. As, a touch. It's great, quality also, it has a light. Here or safety here. Two buttons for automatically. Take and also you, can pull it down manually. If you want I like. The fact that you can. Load. Stuff, quite. Straight, here you. Don't have a bump here light. Nice. Plastics. Here on the side great. Quality, a lot of space in the trunk as well. As. You can see you know you have a huge space here, and, all. Kind of option, to carry, stuff, also.

You To open, this down. You, will see you don't have a spare tire but you have some, space, here for a repair kit for, your tired, in, case you. Case. You. Make. A pun or something. So. It's quite interesting. Yeah. I was expected, I was, expected, to have a little bit bigger the. Trunk. But I. Guess. It's okay I'm. Not sure what it's under there under the. I know. It's the the fuel tank but I was expected, to be, a little bit more spacious with trunk, now. Going inside here. It's, something. That blow my mind and I think he will blow yours too because, I never seen, my life so, much good quality, inside the car, also, these ditches you can see on all the carpet, right here they, redesign, the tours, and all, here it's Alcantara. Oh I, think. 80%. Of the door have. High, quality materials, like. Alcantara. And leather and. Great. Chrome. With. A nice, plastic. Combination. Down here it's, quite impressive, and really, impressed, me with, its the new the doors design, story about the Lightning the. Light is not so good for this car and it's, come from the front from today but I will try to make another video to show you in. Detail, one. More time look, at these seats I stay on the seat and. They. Are amazing. They are so. Good on the, long road and their great. Quality. Alcantara. With leather, great. Combination. Also you can. Let. This down and you have a huge. Space here, in the trunk you can load a lot of stuff it's almost flat as you, can see. And you. Have you, have very much space also. I will show you later it is amazing. The. Last, roof up. There it. Is kind of the same I see this on the Tesla, Model 3 this. In the middle you have a glass. For the passenger, glass for the driver and the front, seat. And. It's looking pretty. Nice give, the car an, amazing. Feeling of open. Space here. Cupholders. You can, rest. Your arms here you, cannot live it down the middle. Part. For, long items, but that's, not such a big problem, another. Thing here is this step that's, a little bit bigger but, also. Not. A problem for me. If. You don't share this with people in the back it's. Not a problem it's. Nothing, now. Going, in the front and show you the seat it's, all the way back it's, also electric, seat and, you can. You. Can adjust, it from, here the lumbar position, if you want it it's. It's quite interesting, I want to show you it's way, way front, and, now I go in the back, even. If the sit in the front it's way back, and, you can see I still, have a, lot of space, for my knee light.

On My feet and look at them look how much space it's down there it's, a lot of space and they still have a lot of space here and in. The, position is great the, upper space it's, huge. And. Visibility. Is fantastic. Also, the. Seat are very, comfortable. One. Of the most comfortable, and you look at this windows. Am i right, if, you have such a great visibility, and, you also have this own daughter and if you want to watch back you, don't have a blind blind, out. There when, you drive. Back even the car, have, cameras. And you don't need that sensors, and you don't need to look back you. Still can. Have. A great, amazing. Visibility. LED, light here so warm, light. Warm. LED. Light, and. Look. At the visibility it's amazing. And. Also big. Plans, like. Thermal. There, are not so many cars, way to have, so much, visibility. On the windows and so much great, quality. Also, this the, air vents, they. Look amazing. One, of my favorites, on the market, right now p7. Blow. My life and also. Like. You expect it on the new cars. They. Come with two USB C, port the. New technology. That, you can charge your phone you. Can also put, some stuff, there. Quite. Impressive, now. Going in the middle to, try this place I I. Find. That it's a lot of space, look. At that the, front, seats both are way, back and, you still have a lot of space for the, head is not, a problem, in. The left in the, right also, huge space, and, great. For three people to carry it's. A great family car it's, kind of like. An SUV I feel like inside. This car I feel like I am, in an SUV, but. This car have, the same, quality. In the interior, and same, comfort, like, an big SUV. But. It is more car so, that's the advantage when, you want a small car for the city in, but. Inside, the interior to be like, an SUV. The. Advantage, is that you. Can buy this, new. Materials. Big. Class. Img'. Line if you want to have an extra. Quality. Or extra, sportiness. Or. Something, like that, anyway. It's amazing. Please. Tell me in the comment what do you think about this car and also, I'm really impressed about the newest this car from, Metis, the the, quality, of. The car's interior, and. The. Technology. On. The new materials, are amazing, you can also check out my other video with the new, Chile, uh Shooting, Brake to, see the interior it's, amazing, also amazing, car in the front state, and the same fantastic, quality, Alcantara. Also here and have electric. Adjustable. Seat, pretty. Fast. To. Adjust, and easy. And, you can also save, the way you want, pretty. Great right here, on the door, it's. Example, fantastically. Fantastic. Quality. I like it more here on the door then. On the seat I think. It's more expensive, to do this but. Give, a little bit of more premium. More. Quality, and feel like. You are in a. Five-star. Hotel, or something like that anything. Anyway. Everything. Has a great, great quality, inside, right. Here and also the new design, of this is doors you, feel like it's not no. More the same like all the doors we know they, change, a little bit here. And there and it. Has a different, design. Something. Like in a. Mature. This. G. Glass. Or something like that also. We have here LED. Light. When to dispense with this. Chrome, and the plastic, and give up a small, entrance. Here and, entering, the car very easy, because, it has a low ground, clearance here, you can adjust, the. Lumbar we, have the pedals. Metal. Pedals. From stainless. Steel. They, are great quality, and also this amazing. Seat. I tell you about they.

Are Very comfortable, and you can also adjust it. Nobody wanted it's, pretty simple, pretty good and. Easy. Now. Look. At these guys here, also this. Simple. To use and has a great, quality, as a few touch, electric. Hand brake right. Here to, have the light the, adjustable. Things. There. And. Is, amazing. Vans now, sorry guys about what is next the light come from front, and I cannot, film. It. With. A better quality but. I will try to make another video with the interior. As. Soon as I can, also. The visibility. From the driver's, seat it's. Fantastic. No blind spot there maybe. A little bit, but I don't think it is a problem, if you are just perceived. The. Way you want it is, no problem also. We have a better visibility, in the front because they put the, cockpit. Display, a little bit down here. The steering wheel it's, it's also, the new technology, fantastic. With, this chrome button. With great quality, and a little bit cubic, here, it's a touchscreen that's. Also. Amazing. There. We have the high resolution. Display. That, I show you before on my other videos, you. Can check it out if you are interesting. In it it's, one of my favorite, and I think the best on the market today. And. Second, place I think it's all d now. Here you, have the button where you can adjust, different, sitting. In the menu. Now. I think you know about. This from. My other videos and also. We, have a great, dashboard, down, there the great visibility in. The because, you don't have a cockpit, that come, out here. In the middle the, steering, wheel you can see. Every. Information, you. And. You have better visibility, so. I'm, quite, impressed. About, that and I'm quite happy to, see. This. Thing in this car. In, cooperation, with others also the LED. Warm. Light that is here in the middle look. Also, amazing. And. What. Happens small. Mirror. Here. That. Gives, a nice glass the microphone, up there in the room. Depends. These vents with the. LED. In the middle there they. Are one of my favorites, right now. On the market the start/stop, button. Right. Here, quite. Impressive. They also have, the. The. Here. You can change the gear this. Is an automatic. Car so it's very simple, the same like on Tesla, you, don't have here in the middle stick or something and that's. It is have. The. Best thing that they, do it right there on this here.

Is Just you can just hold your hand here while, you use this. Touch. Touch. Pad here, to adjust the. Multimedia. System but, you can also use. It as a touchscreen. Dynamic. Mode here you can choose different more, dynamic, support comfort, and stuff also. The cameras. Around the car no other option, we, have here the buttons, to shortcut, to. Get, to direct, where you want to be a nice. Glossy. Black, plastic, here, in the middle I, have. Here, two, that. You can. Wash. Your finger. After you made it. Pretty. Useful. You. Can also charge your phone. Also. USB see, there and two cupholders. If. You really need this and now, you. Know. Air. Conditioning. System. I don't, know how to call this but it's still fantastic. These. Buttons, here they, are amazing. As you. Touch it there they're, pretty fantastic. You. Can hear this sound. Why. They'd, really work on every detail and I'm. Quite, in clicks with this car it's like a beauty. This. Car you feel, like you're. Sorry. About, the part to drive it on the road to. Stretch it to break. It. It's. Like a piece of art I have to say that I feel. Like that inside. And let's say this. It. This. Is a place we are also, in the middle here, we have great quality to. USB. Port. Also. Here, and a huge space. To. Put your stuff, so. Yeah. That's. Kind of. All. About the car here the multimedia, system you already know, it's. Great resolution, it's. A great screen. Here, you can see every. Detail you can also connect, to the internet you, can connect your phone bluetooth, and. Listen, music watch, films. Movies. Or stuff, like that it's. Kind. Of interesting. What. This car can do, what, this multimedia, system, it's, a big step, forward, with. This car and, also my favorite stuff what I want to show you here, it's. That you. Can also change, the, light inside, the car, the. Car have LED. Lights around, some. Doors, and, around, the. Center. Console, and around, the vents and. You can see now if I change the color you can change. Different. Colors and look at this everywhere. Is blue, it's, an LED light, line here, and it's also on the doors, also. On. The lens you, can see on the doors, you. Can change the call and you can sit down. On dashboard. You. Can see it's. Also on, the bench right, there in the middle and in the night it, gives, to the car and, amazing. Amazing. Feelings. Of comfort. Or, of. High quality and. It's. Quite. Amazing I'm, really impressed about that and I really like it I really. Like everything everything. That's. Made. Inside. This car, deserve. The money, this. Time the. Chillest, blow. My mind and. Come. On top of my favorite, car I have, to say it's, myrcella's. The. Cars that come with this infotainment, system, with the LED, light and all this great. Quality. It's. Blown, my mind so, I never think about. Buying. Another car. Just. By. Teddy's but I hope, they come with some. More. Option. On the electric, cars. Area. Because there is, my. Interest, right. Now so, anyway. I hope you enjoyed this review guys, the. Car it's amazing, if. I have to given not. If. I have to rating this car I would say from, 1 to 10. 9.5. Almost. Almost. Ten I have to give it so, I really, recommend if, you want to buy a car like, it's big and spacious. But. You don't want an SUV the. New. Matilda's. Big class. It's. What, you need and, if. You want a sporty, car with. A sporty, look. The. Big class img'. Line. Will. Definitely. Blow. Your mind. It's. Really cool, also. Here is the LED light that look very.

Nice. Look. Fantastic in, the night I really. Like it I really like the design I like everything about this car. Every. Every, single, detail, about this car I love it the only thing I wish it, was different, it's the, trunk, I wish, it was a little bit bigger. The trunk and then. The, car was, perfect. But. That. Was my review guys please. Subscribe to my channel check. Out my other videos, with, the new to see the newest car on the market right, now, thank, you very much for watching subscribe. To my channel. And. Like. It share and I. Wait you soon, with. Other videos, so, thank. You again for watching and, see. You soon guys.

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Der neue B-Klasse ist so gut!

+SDA Dan Cars

Es ist sehr

*Great Car, **_Terrible 'Review'_*

@SDA Dan Cars

You didn't say how many cm is the ground clearance...


The music editing is horrible. 2 music pieces at the same time???? And the camera lens all dirty....Jesus Christ you need to go back to school and learn the basics of video editing

SDA Dan Cars But your choice of music is faulty as well. That horrible repeatable constant loop that everyone else uses on their videos is not suitable here. The calm piece that was in the background was much better. And had the lens been cleaned this would have actually been a very informative video, better than most out there on YouTube right now. I hope you get your acts together

Yes i know .....sorry about this i had some problem at this video editing and i found out to late ....

SDA Dan Cars great thumbs up!

Thanks for tip. The video was a mistake totally, the lens was also with dust, I have a new kamera now . The new videos are much better . I will remake the video with B Class as soon as possible.


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