New Mazda 3 SkyActiv G 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Mazda 3 SkyActiv G 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Hello guys and welcome back. To. A new video. Today we are right here with a new mazda3. 2019. Model and it's. One. Of the most beautiful. Car in this. Compact. Class. That. I like it I really, really like this hatchback. Monster-free. It's, phenomenal. It's look amazing, the interior, it's it's really. Really, great. Quality, and also, the exterior, look, fantastic, I, will, show you into. Detail I will try to review, the interior, exterior of the car every, single piece of the car I will show you and. I hope you will enjoy the review, so. Let's start so down here we have, two. Exhaust, pipe in the back with this black, glossy, plastic, also, the car half back camera. We. Have also their LED, light on the number. Plate, it's. A really cool feature and it's look fantastic in the night also I love how this black, glossy look in the back, sky. Octave. G, so. This is the model master free sky activity, you can see the logo as well there, also, look how beautiful. Look. This back, design of the car I. Really. These days I visit, Mazda. And. They. Have in, 2019. Some. Fabulous. Model, really. Beautiful, car Mazda. Make, almost. Almost. The. Most beautiful, cars, on. The market today and also. These rims look how beautiful, they look and. They are also. If. I think they. Are 20. Or 18. Inch rims they're, really, beautiful, they. Look very very nice on this car guys, it's. Fast so good with the color also, the chrome, design, they're around, the windows on the, downer part, of the window look fantastic and. The windows, it's tinted, it's, small but from inside, you will see you. Have a lot of visibility. Outside. And. Also I like how. They design the car for a better aerodynamic, everything, it's so simple you can see on, the other competitor. The. Cars have so many angles. But. This car it's really simple. How they did it I don't know how they did it but they did a super. Beautiful car, with, simple, simple. Design, also. Down here we have a plastic to protect the, downward part of the car from chip stones and rust, even. These handles, look fantastic look, like a sport, car they. Are so so, fancy. And I. Like, it I like it it's it's it's really my style also, here, on the side have a blinker, LED, light also. The. Designer, from from. Mazda. It. Is, a very smart person because. This car have a very, beautiful. Design. And also greater, dynamic, also. These rims look fantastic. You can also see, it here they look fabulous. Even. This LED. Light in. The front we have full LED, light but. It's looked fantastic it's, left it have this color, this, white, blue. It's, it's gorgeous, it's. Really gorgeous and look, how simple, also, front, to, call simple, the design is we. Also have sensors, in the front of the car also. Everything, it's so simple and in the same time so beautiful even, this black, glossy plastic in the front this. Grille it's. Also. Amazing. It looks like a. Like. And very sports, car. It's. It's it's. One of my favorite now, behind, this logo here we have you can see its glass, logo, we have the front rudder there. Is the adaptive. Cruise control. Technology. And emergency, brake and all. That stuff that, can. Read it upfront the other front cars. Look how. Cool is this design, how Sporty's, look the car it has a very, low low, ground. Clearance for, a better aerodynamic. And. This. Car have also, great, consumption. You, can see how, angry, this. Phone, design look, like, and. It's. Just like. Like. Like. A bullet or, something like, that it's really look nice and even, this. This. Part here of the front of the car look. Really simple and putting the same time beautiful. Now. A few, detail, about the car you, can see here, revolution. Is the model. 122. Horsepower, the consumption. Also. This car it's a petrol, engine. Here. You can see the price. 33,000. $719. Francs. With. Metallic, paint and also. Here. Some, the. Car it's also very light. 1,400. Kilograms, euro-6. Last model, also. 119. Co2. Grams. The numbers look fantastic and, for. This car. 33,000. For, for, a beautiful, Mazda. 3 new car it's. Amazing. Price in this price from other car. Competitor, you don't find such. A good price, something. That really impressed me here. Is the button that you can lock the car when, you when you put something in a trunk and you don't wanna push it out key, you just push the button close, the trunk and the car its lock a. Mazda. 3 rubber this, is extra, I can buy it from Mazda, if you go it to the Mazda if you need this protection for, trunk you. Can go and ask them and they they have this also, we have a deep deep, trunk, here with, a lot of space LED, light in the back also, something. That impressed, me. Is. That you have a lot of space in the trunk even. The car have low ground. A, lot, of space down here to, the repair, kit a huge. Huge space in the trunk.

Quite, Quite, great. And I, didn't expect to have such a big trunk also. This you can take it out very easy I think, you notice almost. Every, catch back car have, this old, or, new it's. Nothing new but just the design it's a little bit different, so. I like. It I really, like it really simple. To, take it out and, yeah. Nothing. Complicated, anyway, going, inside the car but I cannot go because I push the button for the trunk and I love the car so now I have to go in the front and unlock the car and. Lucky. Me the window is open so. Now let's, leave the I. Want. To leave the, seat. Down to, show you how, much space you have in the trunk and let's. See if the seats are really, go flat floor now. Leaving. The seat down and, surprise. Everything. It's flat something. That it's, great. For such a car for, such a for. Such a sporty, car with this design you also have in, the middle two cupholders and. An armrest and the, great thing is that this, trunk, with. The seat are totally. Flat so you can carry long items, and, it's. Very very easy to. To. Carry long items even, down there you have a space where you can put something. Really. Amazing really, great great. Great great, really. Beautiful, I can't stop stop. Admire. This back of the car really, nice, we. Go inside, the. Window, as I say it's a little bit small but you also have a lot of, visibility. Here, we have great. Great, quality, and I, love. The way they design, these doors please look at this leather here with stitches, look. How good quality, is look, how beautiful, this chrome-lined. Go, here directly, to the handle and also, down here we have soft quality almost, the old door here, it's leather and soft quality look, at this leather how soft and how cool it is also, the. Buttons, with the chromed nice, black, design, glossy they look. Amazing, it's, it's one of the most beautiful. Doors. I, ever, see here we have soft material, later. Or not, leather we have just fabric. Material, down. Here also there, are fabric, materials, this sit but, they are really comfortable and, also very, good side support, and I. Sit. On them and they are really comfortable down. Here we, have just, this. Plastic. No bends nothing, just simple. Think. We have a step there in the middle will, be a little problematic, to stay in the middle if. You are an, adult and, yeah. For. Such, a low ground, clearance, they, have to put somewhere, the. Things. That. Make. The car move so here we have a lot of space on my head on my feet I can stretch my feet a little, bit under the front seat just a little bit so it's enough for long, road long trips it's really comfortable, head, on my space huge, huge. Huge. Head, of my space really, this is the second thing that really impressed me on this card a lot of head space a, lot of space in the interior, but. When you see this car it has a very low low low ground. Clearance and, it's. A really really sports. Car like a Cabrio, and with, such a huge space in the back really impressed me it's. Really cool there we have a speaker I think you can see it not. Sure if you can see it it's a speaker on the, c-pillar, there. But. Comfort, in the car it's. It's. Amazing, I'm really impressed how much space is here in the back and sitting. On this seat I can say it's. Comfortable, going. In the middle a little bit tricky, and. Show you the fit, space I still. Have a lot of leg, space here. Four. Fingers, you can see and on, my head I also have, two. Fingers or something like that anyway I still. Good. If I go a little bit in the front from. Two fingers, or directly, with the feet on your seat you have four fingers here but you can still put the front, seats a little bit in the front because they are not in normal driving position. Three. People can be here in the car without problem. Maybe, not for long road. No, long trips but for short trips. 100%. They can be here LED, light here. On the, roof in the back good. Quality as well this. LED, light I'm really impressed that this car have LED. Light everywhere, in the trunk in, the interior. Everywhere. It's. Great quality and they think about every, single detail the. Dashboard, if you look it's, look a little bit like a woody are.

Free, If. You know who they are free from my review you. Can check it out. You. Can check out on my channel and you can see the review at our three the dashboard, look almost, the. Same but, much. Much with much more improvement, and I. Can say a little bit more quality. Because here we have leather also. Great great soft quality, on the tours we. Have a speaker up there and, you can see for yourself this leather. Stitches. Also. The chrome design that go to the handle, directly. Really, beautiful, and also, this bows. Beautiful. Aluminum. Speaker. That. Look fabulous and, it's much I can say I can recognize, that it's much much better than the. New Audi, or the old Audi, a3 it's. Really, much more beautiful, this Mazda 3, I. Have. To admit this I. Don't, know how it's to drive it I will make a test drive soon so stay tuned. On. My channel and, I will happy to make, a test drive soon and, I will show you and. I will tell you how it's to drive but the. Interior, exterior it's. Fabulous, I never. Think before, I wanna buy a Mazda, but. Now, this. Model and not not only this model you can check on my channel, I also review. The. New. Mazda 6, the, new or SUV, from Mazda, and, they. Are gorgeous they, are amazing. But, let's, go back here. The, front, seats also great quality. Manual. Seat manually adjustable a great, side support, also a small, place here to put some. Coins here. We have the, technology. Buttons. Cameras. Parking, sensors. Again. A nice design, with chrome. Around. Here to the vent. Beautiful. Stitches. There on, the dashboard, with with also, with leather. Now. The. Dashboard, it's all soft. Quality, and nice and, it's. Very very well designed here, we have the leather as. You can see the stitches, the brown stitches, also. On the, dashboard. It's all leather and really. Great design and its look fantastic. Look how nice its integrated, that navigation. System there in the front it is, really, really good integrated. In my opinion, and. It's, it's. Very. Nice very nice very nice very well designed the, chrome the, way they put the chrome on the car it's.

In The perfect place and, it, also look nice, they. Have very good taste on the design so. I think the designers, from Mazda, they're fabulous. Up, here we have a glass, support. Very. Very. LED. Light there on the, roof. Beautiful. Mirror, with good good quality, and great, visibility in, the back also, if, I look in the back I have a little bit of blind spot there you. Can see on the side but also the car, have a back camera, so, no problem, at all when you want to park the car you have a back camera, there here, we have a huge, space for a hatchback, really. Impressive, how huge. Space. It's right here you feel like in an SUV. I see, SUV, with smaller place, here, in. The middle console then this car also USB. Port, 12 volt port, really. Useful these days in, 2019. Very. Good Mazda, great. Job, to. Put this USB, there and also how you can adjust. This, in the front in the back it's, really great that you can adjust it also, the, great great leather, quality. Here, on the side something, that you see on other cars only plastic so. This is a premium, car I can put it in premium, car with, the price. Of, low. Budget car, so really impressive here in the middle the same almost same system, like on the Audi very. Easy to use it and very very well place. It it's in the perfect place you, can adjust different, setting, very easy from. Here, all. You have to do is just press this shortcut. Buttons, here, is the volume with open, close it's. Very simple, very simple, you just have to have the hand there in the middle also, the sticker. Here the plastic for changing the gear look, beautiful, and it's small it's not big also. Has a little bit of chrome, the. Key it's also very, light and nice and you have two buttons here on the side very. Small buttons interesting. Design how, they chose to make. It two, cupholders here, in the front also. Very useful a place for a phone here. That. You can close and open it there, are the cupholders, and then you have the place for the foam or wherever, you want put another. USB port here, very. Useful as well and the, Navy in the automatic, system that look nice. With. Chrome design, and also the buttons for, heated. Seat and. Heated. Steering wheel as well great technology, start/stop. Button look, fantastic also, this light, background. Light in the night it's it's black it. Hits, a white blue, it's really beautiful and also how they integrated, these vents, here look, fabulous, with. This chrome under. The dashboard. Amazing. Really, beautiful. Very. Well master if someone, from last other designer see my video I, can. Say it's it's amazing keep, keep, doing the great job, keep. Doing the great job, I hope, Mazda. Will come soon with an electric, car because. That. Will be maybe. My favorite car anyway, here the buttons are almost the same like the new Mercedes, with. The grey you can see some great button, and the. Chrome there they. Look fantastic. And the steering wheel it's great quality and. Also. Look. Beautiful, the, steering wheel it's nice we don't have touch screen here so the, screen is not touchscreen you can adjust it only for here but it's very easy to use so, it's much much more easy, than you you, useless, touchscreen, so, it's better when you use it like like this with, the. Wheel there in the middle then as, a touchscreen. Even. In the navigation, you don't have a touchscreen but you can see, the. Quality the, colors, the brightness.

Contrast. Of. The color it's fabulous it's. Great, it. Is a great great system and it's very big for navigation, system you have a great visibility from where you are you can see it's also I test, a little bit and it's also work very, very. Fast for example I make an example here fast and you can see almost. Instantaneous. When I touch, the button its charged its, load directly. Directly. So. It's really impressed me so I can say this, navigation, system. And. This software and hardware behind. This it's, it's one of the best on the market like I would imagine this and all that great. Great companies, I see on chip as, well, or maybe, portion. And. A BMW. And, stuff like that the, premium, cars, also. This navigation, in this system. It's one of the premium great. Color great grade system, there and also, they integrated. Very beautiful, I can, say. It's. One of my favorite, dashboard, out. There. That. Are now on. The market. Maybe. First place. Its. Take from new, Mercedes, 2019. But this is in top top. Free for. Sure it's. Really nice and I also like how they integrate and with, this price it's, fantastic. Cause here, you can see you can adjust different settings, the car also can read the speed, limit the, sign speed limit and all that stuff it has all the new technology, Lane, Assist and. Adaptive. Cruise control and, all. That, new technology. Here to start stop button you. Can see. Diplomatic. System how, its, look when it start. Now. Also. Its. Displayed, like digital. Display there it's very simple, very, easy to use it's in the perfect position, so, you just stretch. Your hand and it's right there there, in the middle we have on the, side. Classic. Durometer, and. Dead. Things for the gas and in. The middle we have a digital, display, you. Can see not so good with my camera. Here but, in, the newest this video I have a new camera so you can check out my newest video and you. Will see. Much. Much better quality, the video will come next. Days. But. Stay tuned subscribe, don't, forget to subscribe to my channel if. You want to see the newest this video and also test-drive. With the newest test car and, all. That, news from Alberto, right. Here on my channel so subscribe to my channel also check out the Facebook the, same name SDA, dan on. Facebook, and subscribe. Like, it and I waited there guys, there. In the middle we have this option. To change, different. View. For, example here, it's the lane assist and adaptive cruise control so. He'll have the speed, 200. Meter also, the consumption. And. All that. Info. So it's very simple, you just have to press the info button understand. Well and, yeah. You can change different settings also, we have different button, for, different. Setting I don't go into detail maybe, I'll make another video, with all that detail. If. You wanna if you are interesting, you can also. Write. Me a comment down. Below. Send, me your feedback guys, I'm really wanna hear. Your feedbacks, even, if they are bad or good doesn't. Matter just send, it I, know nobody's, perfect so, I, try to show you. Everything. I can so if you want to see something, extra. Feel free to ask, me, anyway. In. My opinion it's, this, a very, beautiful car, and. It's. Kind of one. Of the top five, cars that I eye. My. Wish, I can own. Someday. If. I can say like that I know, now there's they're, very beautiful cars, but this car it's, it's have the look. When. You look in his eyes look, at his eyes full LED lights, that's. So beautiful eyes, like, a very, beautiful girl, is, the same like, this car look at this beautiful, eyes with full, LED look at this wheels.

Look. At these heels wheels. Here's. Will look, at this front, grille look. At these nose. That's the mold. It's, fabulous amazing. Car there is the camera in the front and the. Back of the car it's. Also. Beautiful. Beautiful. Very. Nice car anyway. Guys thank, you very much for watching my channel, so if I'm talking. About Birds look at this back of the car it's really nice, it has a very, nice ass. Really. Nice girl. Anyway. I just make a little bit of fun. Here I hope I, didn't. I. Didn't. Make, you. Feel. Strange anyway, I hope. You enjoyed my review guys, I show you the engine in in a second. For. Some people that are interesting, in it and. Again. Thank you very much for watching my channel please. Subscribe to, my channel check. Out my other videos, and. Stay. Safe drive, safe take the best decision, and don't forget to comment and send me your feedback so. Bye. Guys see you soon and. Ciao.

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Amazing car ,good video


Great review thanks, it's just a shame it only puts out 122hp, Imagine this car with 200hp. keep up the good work your love of the car really comes out in this review.

Thanks Craig for nice words and for watching my videos.

wow... Mazda 3 super auto ...Danke !!!

Wie immer Mazda beste Auto und zufelesiege weiter so

What color is it?

Look in the video on the white page is there the name of color where the price is show to.

Polymetal Grey

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Trend ترند it's got 3 colors anyway. This is the gray one


very reliable engine, but I like a more powerful engine, as it should be

Lol buddy don't complain about the models if you don't like how much the car puts out in horsepower I'm just saying get a grand touring is what I meant then u have no issue with the 185 just don't bich about it having 120 horsepower in a 2.0 engine

Umm no it does not, 122hp from its 2.0L engine, do your home work first before you come on here trying to prove me wrong, the 2.5 L sold in the US and Canada has 185 hp the car he tested the 2.0L has not, I await your apology though I wont hold my breath. Lol!!

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