New Mazda 2 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Mazda 2 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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So. The new Mazda, to. Sky. Octave. G. 2019. Is right here with me and I'm. Really really. In. A good mood today to make a review for you guys and to. Show you the. Interior the exterior of. The. New Mazda 2, and, every. Single, detail, about this car for example this, LED. Light that. Look amazing. Now. Our, open, just the daylight, and they. Look fabulous it's, like a crystal. There you, cannot see it so good in the video but if you see the car in real and you go close you, will see how, beautiful the, design is and how, the. Daylight. Continuing. On the, front grille, with, that chrome, also. The car have. Nice. Rims. Here. They. Are really very very very nice I think, they are, 50. Or 60, I don't remember I have to check, it out. Yes. They. Are 60, so. 60 inch. Rims. On. This Mazda 2, on. The edge, here, we have normal, car. Paint. Also. Simple. Design not so much lines like we are used, with. Mazda, Mazda. Make so, beautiful, cars and so, simple, not so so, many. Angles, so many age also. The car have the newest technology, with cameras, four, lane assist reading. The. Speed. Terrific. Traffic sign and, also. LED. Blinker. Here on the mirror. Also. Pretty. Cool, the. Car have also the blind spot technology. On the mirror in, the corner, there you. Cannot see so good on the camera but it is there. Also. The. Handle, the newest handle. With the button that help you lock. And unlock the car only. With the key in your pocket, this. Is a really cool design. Also, around the windows, we have black. Matte. Plastic. There, that. Make the car all black so. It's really simple and nice also we, have a short, back, on. Mazda, 2 so, it's a really compact, car but. You will be impressed how, much space it is in the trunk. Now. Also here. You. Can see on the upper side we have some plastic. Matte. Plastic and, a simple design, up there with the braking light, very. Simple, nothing. Complicated but. The car look this. Master to look much much better than the competitors. The. LED, in, the back as well, here. They. Look nice and simple. Simple. Design. Nothing. Complicates, sky, active technology, if. You know what it is it's, that when, you brake when you go downhill the, car regenerate. The energy in the battery and then you can you. Can you. Can go and consume. It on the light or wherever, are electrical. Consumers, in the car we, have an exhaust pipe down. Here also, this, black, plastic. Mat. To protect, the. Town or part of the car this. Mazda 2 also have a back camera, and sensors, in the back. It's. Really, really. Great also. The fog light down there, there's. A nice nice design. And. In, the same time really really simple. Mazda. 2 logo, there and. Also if. You want to see this car and you are in Switzerland you can come at Belvoir, in Bern, they, have a lot of Mazda, and a lot of great price and. They. Are also very nice people that will help you with. Every, problem, you have also you can make service, here if, you have a problem with your card. But. Anyway let's go forward here, we have a simple, trunk, also. You can take this out. This. Trunk protector, I. Don't. Know sure how it's this call you, can write me in the comment and tell me the name of this. Trunk, for texture inside. The car here we have almost, 20. Centimeter, deep so. This is what I'm talking about a little, bit earlier, the. Trunk is really, really, big, and deep. For, a small. Small. Compact, car like. This on, the side here we have some stuff, where you can tidy. Your things and down here we, have the floor and under the floor. Repair. Kit and, triangle. And other stuff, that you need on the car. So. Pretty. Interesting, also, let's. Go, inside. The car look. How beautiful, look this white interior, I. Really, impressed how nice the interior, look on. This Mazda 2 but. Anyway. Let. Slip down, sit. Very easy and flat. You can see that the, seat are going, flat. Down, but. They are not doing a great pair, with the trunk because, there we have like 10, 10. To 20, centimeters, and. And. It's not a flat, flat floor, but. Anyway. It is a lot of space and it's. Much better than I see. On other cars. In the same, compact. Area. So. I. Think. It is a plus and I think it's it's enough. It's. Enough you have a lot of space here also, now, going, a little bit forward I think. This car it's in the same. Same. Class, with both, of them polo and Hume, die 820. And. The reality, is that this, car looked much better outside. And, much better, inside. So. That's my opinion. No. Offense but, that will. Check the price later so. We have to make a comparison, with the price and with. What option, the car come to here. We have a nice nice. Leather. Down. Here we have plastic, white.

And. Also plastic, black, glossy, with, a normal. Button. For. The window. Now. Down here all plastic, and a, speaker so. We can't don't, have and in space therefore a bottle in. The door. This. Is a little, -, for the car but anyway. For. How. Many for, the people that carry a lot of. Lot. Of person, in. The back end many. Time maybe to this. Disadvantage. But for the people that doesn't, carry too. Many people in the back is not so big deal. Now, in beautiful. Seat I really. Like this it's combination leather, with soft, material black. There in the middle we don't have any central. Console, center. Armrest ER as well. No light in, the roof, a few. Hooks there the. Front seats also, simple, and soft with leather. Pretty. Nice also, you can take it out if. You want to wash it or change it. Very. Simple. Go. In the front adjust. This front. Seat and then we go in the back to, see how many space, we have their. Normal, condition, so. Going. Inside I have. A lot. Of space of my legs and, also. I. Can, stretch my legs. Under. The seat, so. It's. A huge space there, I can also almost, read my. Street. My legs or something, impressive, I, didn't, find so much space in other cars, in. The same class, it's, quite interesting. How. Much space is in this car, also. On my head it's it's quite. This. Face is quite okay you can see for yourself, if I go a little bit in the front I, have, a great, perfect, position, there. In. The sit. So. No complaining, about space, in the back, down, here we have a big. Step and also a cup holder. So. Kind. Of big step so it's a little bit tricky to go in the middle. But. I did it and let's. Measure, now. You. Can see how, many space. On my space I have in the front and. How much space I have on my back maybe two fingers, there, or. Something, like that I'm almost on the roof, maybe, I touch it a little bit if I stay in straight position if I go a little bit in the front, but. You can see that sit, in the front I'm not in normal position they. Should go a little bit more, in the front so. I still have a lot of space left right. You can put, maybe, three, people but we will be it. Will be tight. It. Will be tight now. I don't know why it here, you have some space but in the, behind. The drivers it is no space, no. Space, for. Putting. Something, I, don't. Know why the center console. And then. The dashboard, with. The door in the front. They. Are very beautiful, and integrated, there they. Have very, nice vents. We. Will go there in the front and, I will show you and up, there we have to both light, normal. Lights on Ola, delight in the car. Yeah. Anyway. Going. Forward. I, show. You before this handle, with, the little, button there to lock. And unlock the, door now. Let's. See the front door, in. The front here we have the same.

Rubber. Material. Up there. It's. Kind, of a, little, bit soft here we have leather, down. Here also. Leather. Where. Your arm, rest, your arm and a little bit of plastic, down here sorry. About the focus guys, but. The. Camera, have wrong setting, and I have to adjust, it so the next videos. Will. Be better. Now. Down here we have the. Buttons. For electric. Windows. And, also down there we have the. Speaker. And a space, for. Bottle. Throwing. Down, again. A small, entry. In the car. Manually. Seats so you have to adjust it manually but. It's. Very simple, and. The. Front. Driver, seats look. Also, very nice and it also has side support. And. Same. Leather. With. With. Some. Fabric. Material inception. Down there, and. They look fabulous, they look really beautiful. Really, good I sit. On them and there they, are great. They, are great they are great great, so. Now look, at this thing here same. Like on Audie same. Like on my Audi, to. Look beautiful it, also have this red, line. Around, in, in, the interior there, but. They are cool I liked it I liked, it and I also liked it on the Audi as well. Down, here we have some settings a, button. Also. Down. Here you can open the trunk and. Clap. For. Tank, now. Here, we have the same plastic. Design you. Can see here, the. Design. The way it is it's kind, of, rubber. With plastic, a little bit soft it's. It's, look nice and it's feel nice it's, filled it means look, like, good. Quality, there. We have a speaker. Head-up. Display it's on the glass there so, you can see down there it is a glass, so. It sits inside there we will go out when. You open open. It anyway, the bends they, are perfectly. Placed. It, here. The. Same nice material. The. Same same same design. I don't. Know if you can see it but it's it's interesting also. The, navigation, infotainment. System, there in the middle look, very nice and my favorite, part on this dashboard is, this leather. On, the, on. The, white, leather and also, the vents with the chrome the. Way it go to the other side. Dead. So and I'm talking, about it's really beautiful, it's, really nice of the integrate, this vent, here, in the middle, it's. Really nice but, I don't understand why they combine, these two, round. Vents. With normal, lengths and stuff like that I don't. Really understand, it but it's, look nice it's. Look nice. The steering wheel also like, all, the master, have great. Quality. Amazing. Finishing. And. Also. Have a great grip, great. Dimension, and. It's. Really useful in, my opinion one of the best also. Start/stop. Button. Starting. The car. And you have here, in the middle you, have all you need, this. Wheel here to control, the the, infotainment, system. It's perfect, everything, it's in the perfect place also we have, manually. Handbrake two cupholders there. Nothingís. And. Around. This, gearshifter. We, have chrome. And a little bit of plastic plus, so. Six. Gear. Shifter. They're also. Great. Great. Leather. Around here. The. Key. It's. Beautiful, pin light. Now. Forward, there place for your phone to USB, port and as, well, as. 12 volt port and here is the card a space, for card, SD card. For. Navigation, or whatever, and a, city place, as well their. Diplomatic. System. Really. Simple and nice. Also, the buttons, for. Electric. Seat. Blinkers. When. You start the engine you will see the dashboard. Cockpit. With, beautiful. White colors, we have a digital display there, in the right with, temperature. Consumption. And all that stuff, and in, the left, side as well another one. Pretty. Nice design, on. The. Cockpit there and I. Also like. The. Finishing, inside this car, it. Is a really, compact, premium. Small. Car. Also. Both white as, I said, a mirror. Here. Very. Useful and the. Roof it's, also, okay. Not. Very soft but it's okay now. Yeah. Just. Talking, a little, bit about this, navigation, system, I think, you see it on my other videos with the newest ace master 2019. It's, very intuitive, very, simple, it's, perfect. To control, from the center console, with that. Buttons, it. Has a fantastic, software, and hardware. Behind. It because it's charged it's loading, time it's very fast and it's very responsive, it.

Also Have, a great, brightness. So. You have great colors. Here. I try to make. An, example and to see, how fast the navigation. It's, loading. So I just, I just starting. A random, place and you, can see it's almost instantaneous. And it's also very responsive. You also have 3d, map -. The map and, all that or if. You are never you, have all the evil map. Every. Street traffic, you can connect to internet with. This infotainment. System, so it's pretty pretty cool. Anyway. I really. Like the colors, on. It and I, like the, way it's look you. Also have a lot of settings, here that. You can change on the car for example, the. Display. Brightness. Lane. Assist, and all that driving. Attention. Alert the parking. Sensors, the light the. Sound, system. Pace, and, equalizer, and stop blinker. Here and all that stuff Bluetooth, you, can also see. Ya. Information. About the. Language. The, temperature. Fahrenheit, miles or kilometers. All. Kind of settings we, will not get into detail now but I. Will, make another video with. Infotainment. System, I'll. Stop and I. Will post it soon so we can check it out there. Now. Here. We have. The. Radio, it's. Really simple I really control. It from here the same like on a woody are free it's, very simple, and very very, easy when you drive to, use this it's very easy here you have the sound it's. Everything in the same place and in. 10 centimeter. It's, everything, there so you can cone control, and. Change. The settings the Globox is also nice and. Spacious. The. Visibility, for the driver from, the driver point of view it's great great. Visibility nice, mirrors, as well in the back a. Lot, of space. So. No complaining. About. The space about, the back. Of. The car. Also. Beautiful. Seats you can see this white seats look fantastic and. I have a lot of comfort in a lot of space know the center, armrest for the driver but. Otherwise. The. Citta fantastic. And with. The side support, they are very comfortable I like. Them I. Like them and I like the car, and, it's, one of the best car in the in, this class, in. My opinion I have I still have to drive it I didn't. Drive it so I can tell you much more but, design, the interior exterior, look, fabulous, and. I'm. Totally. Recommended. If. You will, ask me about the quality of, the, materials.

And This, is something that is maybe in. Nineteen. Percent important. Because, you don't care too. Much about the engine. Or. The other technical. Stuff. Only. Only. The comfort. Inside, the car also, the front car it's beautiful, with this chrome here and the, front grille and one, style oho and that. Chromed. Down there with the fog, light it's, all a lady really. Created, here's some information about the korenev and. 1.5. Liter. Revolution. Line. We. Have 150. Horsepower. Also. Great consumption. Here. A lot, of. Metallic. Light, and the. Price is, 25000. So, I. Guess, is the right price, for. Such. A nice car with such a so. It's so much you feature so thank you for watching please, subscribe check. Out my other videos and see you soon guys thank you for watching. You.

2019-05-26 21:25

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This is a compact car but very spacious and beautiful.

This looks amazing. Mazda's always look premium but this one looks like it came straight out of my daydreams. If they have it in that shade of red that Mazda has, absolute perfection.

May I know the ground clearance?

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I will check later and I will tell you

Sweet and perfect for tight small old euro cities ....


Looks like you're fiddling with nipples when you're moving the vents lol

Doesn't look much different than my 2014 Mazda2.

Good review. But I had to play it at 1.25x speed.


thanks very nice video..

Also Thanks for watching my videos.

I hate manual. Only automatic

How tall are you?


do you know how to drive lmao

Yeah, this car is for smaller people.

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