New Kia Stinger GT 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Kia Stinger GT 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Hello. Guys and welcome back to a new video today I am right here in Bern for, those, of you that are in Switzerland I'm at. Kia. Motors. Emil. Frei in. Bern and today, I want to present you a very. Very beautiful car this. Is the new Kias, stinger, the, jet a-line, version. And I. Will show you the interior exterior, and, I, try to show you every, detail on, this, car so stay with me and, let's. Do it. So. Here, is the key guys, it's. A beautiful, key you. Can see here those those, buttons, are really. Really, great in chrome made. And leather. This. Key it's really fantastic the. Car it's right here as. You can see, here. Is the clothes, and here. We have the button, for the trunk so if you hold this button. You. Can see that the trunk, it's. Opening. Pretty. Awesome huh. Really. Really great, but. First time first of all let's. Show you the exterior, of the car and then. We will go inside this. Amazing. Amazing amazing. Car so, let's, start with the back. Of the car, I just, want to. Unlock. The car we have electric. Folding, mirrors, and also. Keyless. Entry you, just have to press this button and the, car it's lock or you just have to put your hand. Here we. Have a sensor, I think. Somewhere, there it. Is a sensor, so you have to press this. And then, you open it, pretty, pretty easy, now. Going, forward and opening, the, right. I want, to show you the lights first time. So. You. Can see here in the back the, LED, light that. Goes all the way on the edges look. Fantastic in, my opinion, it's, pretty pretty beautiful, in. The night look gorgeous, really, gorgeous in the, night and in the front I want to show you in the front too. You. Can see it you, can see the line it's blinking. Because. Of my camera but normally, you don't see with. Your, normal. Eye side. So. It. Is a really, really beautiful car, I really. Love it anyway. Let's close this light and. Let's. Show you the. The. Exterior. So. Look. How beautiful, they made this this line here this is a light reflector. For example, from the side in the night when other cars, come.

With A light, they. Will reflect. This red light right there. In. The stinger. Also. Look, at the shapes how beautiful, of these shapes, how. Nice they did they made this this, body here, look so strong so muscular, and. Beautiful. I. Love. The shape I also love this chrome design, here. They. Made this chrome, design all over the windows. All. The way to the front. Also. Down here we. Have interesting, beautiful, shapes and. Here. We have some. Plastic. To protect the down part of the car but, it's in the white color. Going. Forward. To the rims beautiful. Rims here we, have Continental. Tires, great. Quality, also the caliper, are. Great. Great quality, we have 19, inch rims. Combat, standard, and they, look fabulous on, this finger. Also. In the back we have a nice design, here black glossy also. The the air diffuser, down here look look. Beautiful, with, the exhaust, pipe we have four, exhaust pipe two. Here two on the other side, also. The back, parking. Sensors. Right. Here. We. Have a back camera, as well the. GT, logo their stinger. Here. And. I like the way it come all the way to the other side even this boiler, right. Here has a beautiful. Design on the. Back. At. The back of the car looks fantastic, there we have the brake light as well as you, know on key are you have seven, years warranty. On. The, old models. Even. On this. New. Key a stinger. Anyway. Look fantastic in, my opinion and this, color I don't know if you can see it this. Parallel. White looks fabulous on the car I love, white cars, and. I like the, design of the windows as well the, way they design the windows it's it's amazing. It's. Really, beautiful. Also. I want, to show you something that I like on this car it's these mirrors, that, are kind, of Chrome, but the dark chrome, and they, look gorgeous, also, blinkers. LED, blinkers. In the mirror we, have blind spot here you can see the technology, quite. Awesome on, the car and, going, in the front, but, first time I want to show you the, hood we have a glass there I will show you in a moment inside, the. Camera for, for, the, lane. Assist and reading, the the, speed. Limits and also, here we have a great. Great design, with a chrome. And black. Glossy, that, make the car look much more sport, here and. Really. Beautiful. The, front grille as well, the. Same, chrome. Dark. Chrome, here in the front we have the front camera and also the rudder behind here, we, have the rudder for adaptive cruise control emergency. Brake and all that great. Technology, parking. Sensors, in. The front as well a great. Air. Intake, here in the front. That. Help the air goes. To. The. Wheel behind, the wheel and then. It's. Cooling the braking. The. Brake there are cooling, from, the air, and. This. Is a great great thing for.

A Sport car even. The brake, calipers, are bramble. Great. Quality. Really. Great also, the LED it's full LED lamps, with adaptive, light. They. Are great in the night. Really. Really great and you have a great visibility the. Nuances on, the market, from the, Kia. Also. Down here we have some, chrome design, dark. Chrome. Really. Beautiful, and also the air diffuser. And spoiler in the front. Gorgeous. Really. Really gorgeous, now. Let's, go in the back guys, and, let's show you the trunk. As. You see before we have electric, trunk. Here. You. Just have to press the button up, here. And. It's automatic, but, you can also use it as manually, here. Inside, at, the entry we have this. Aluminum. To protect the trunk we have a little, lip here. So, it's not everything flat, here, we have a lot of hooks. LED. Light hooks. Everywhere. Around. So you can again. An LED light here you can carry a lot of stuff it's kind of big trunk and. I like that this is automatic. You can also take it out from. Here if you want to carry long big items, under. The floor. We have again, a lot, of space for repair, kit and all that stuff right here, if, you were wondering what, it's under, here now. I just want to show you going in the back. And. I, just, want to show you if. You leave this down you. Will have a flat, flat trunk, there also. You. Have two cup holders here, in the middle, really. Really great, and. If. You see from here you can carry a lot of stuff so great. Job here, great. Great job it is a beautiful, car and in the same time it, is very, spacious. And very practical. We. Don't have in the middle you cannot open the middle for, long items like skis, or something like that but you can leave down only one bucket, and you can carry. Long items, in the same time, the. Other people can sit on the on. The, seat there on the side so it's, very practical. Really. Great I, like. That and, I also like the fact that they put leather here on the side normally, in the cars here are plastic. But but. On, this dinger Kia choice to put leather. That, something. That it's really amazing, and, they. Did a great job with that let's. Close the trunk and go inside the car show, you the door, here the, door look fabulous. I really like it and we have soft material, everywhere. We. Have the speaker's here in, chrome, that they look fantastic karma. We. Have. Harman. Kardon, speaker. Also, again. Here some plastic. Speaker. So we have free speaker, on the door really amazing some. Storage, space here for your glovebox the leather, here. And everywhere. On the door on the upper side, also. Nice digits great quality, we, have heated seat on the back and also nice. Button. With chrome for. The windows really, great. Entrance. In the corner we have some chrome, design. Here actually, it's aluminum. And. Then we have this leather, amazing. Leather seat. As, you can see great great, quality, as well they. Look fabulous and, also we have. Little. Holes in the seat, for. For. Summer are really, great also. The seats look fabulous and nice in.

My Opinion they look really, nice. Going. In the middle here we have the, air. Vents, that they have great, design, I really, like it how it feel when you touch it, same. As on, our woody they, are great, really. Really great quality. And when you touch it you can feel the good quality, 12 volt port USB, port, here. You can adjust it yourself I think. Those are the most beautiful, back. Vent I ever. See it I really. Like them they are really beautiful. Nice. Design, something. That is not so cool is this big step here really huge step in the middle it's, a little bit complicated to stay there but. Going inside the car. Closing. The door oh, and. I have a great comfort, here a lot, of space on my legs as. You can see sticking. My my feet under, the front seat, is not so easy just a little bit but the, comfort, right here it's very good and, you, can see I have four. Fingers or, so. And. I'm. Really, really comfortable. Here really, comfortable, and, I like the view on this car even so much of you but. The windows. It's very big and you have a great great visibility, also. Handle, with hooks we. Have Alcantara. Roof. That, it's fabulous, it's. Look great this roof great quality, here, also LED, light. Amazing. I really like it and the. Seat are really comfortable, I'm sitting. Really good here and something. That I like it you see on my other videos, guys it's. This leather here on the side I really, really like it not. Many people have leather. Or soft material, here but this is great normally, here it's it's plastic. But now here it's leather so for. The people in the back it's really comfortable, going, in the middle really. Fast now to. Show you the middle part, I. Have huge space on, my legs don't. Worry about that a little, bit annoying this this, part, here, but. It's okay, the. Visibility, it's great I also. Like this panoramic. Glass roof. Up there it's, really nice I wish, it was a little bit longer, like. In model-free or, in. Asia all. Over the roof but I guess it's okay like. That too, I like it very much.

Now, The. Space on my head you, can see it in the middle it's, not so big maybe three, fingers, or, something like this three four, fingers two three, fingers. Space. On the left and the right, no. Problem. Can fit, here, to. Free, people without, any any, problem. At all. In. The front we, have this armrest. Here leather, armrest, great quality, you can see the stitches, it's really big, and, let's go all the way. To. The front here where. We have these, buttons. For, ventilated. Seat really great feature I love. That Hyundai, and also Kia have. This, option. On the premium. Cars this ventilated. Seat because. Of this hose it, will ventilate your ass in the moon in the summer this, is a really, really great feature also. Heated, steering wheel heated seat, parking. Sensors, we have cameras, in the back in the front I'm, not sure in the mirrors I forget to look I will look later and. I will tell you. Heated. We. Have also heated mirrors. Auto. Hold, pretty, great electric. Handbrake. Driving, mode you have different, driving modes I will show you later and the, stick for, changing. The gear it's, kind of small and nice I like it very, simple, it doesn't take many place here like, in other cars I don't like when it's take a lot of space here here. We have, two. Cupholders. Pretty. Useful, and, great. Any. Way going forward guys, we have 12 volt port down there I think you can see it USB, auxiliary. You can charge your phone down, there also. You can close this I think. You. Push it and then it's close from like that you, can close it if you don't want to see nobody what, you have there anyway. The, climatic, system very simple, with chrome matte, also. The buttons ventilator, air, conditioning. And all that stuff I like. This part here with this this buttons, on grey like, on the Mercedes have. The same grey button in the interior really, nice they, look really beautiful I like it, I, will, take this out for a moment. And. Then I'll show you the information but, first time yeah. The start/stop, button look, also, great the vans, are fabulous. I love it I really love it and when you touch it when, you move it it's so good quality, I. Really. Enjoyed I really like the dashboard, the way they create the dashboard, look. Fabulous, and. It's great, great. Quality. As well. Showing. Up here on the roof you see it already Alcantara. We, have led super. Nice LED light big. Mirror great, Alcantara, all over, the place here. As well we have LED, lamps and. My, favorite, stuff yes, the. Place for glass is right here up really, cool big. Windows, I like, that, great. Job great job here, with this thing. The. Steering, wheel okay, I am show you later but, now, I want to show you that here it's everywhere. Soft material, even here you can have these fake, stitches, on, this. Dashboard. It's. Really, really soft material. Everywhere, we have speaker. There, and we. Have some information, about the cloth that I will show you as well and here we have, head-up. Display it's right there I think you know it nice. Chrome, design on the dashboard. I like. The vent with, this black. Glossy, plastic, there, they. Look nice, a little, bit different but and. Now down here we have to love, books with. The right kind, of, big. Enough I think. It's big enough, anyway. Some, information, about the car really. Fast. We. Have an engine. 3.3. Key. A stinger, we, have automatic. 8 gearbox. Almost. 2,000. Kilogram, really, heavy car over. 6 the, consumption, it's really, a little, bit bigger and also, the co2 but. You have a sport, car a, really. Amazing, sport car, now you can see here. How. Many horsepower of this car. 366. This is a this. Is a killer, this, is a killer, an amazing. Car and here. You have the price if, you come if. You are in Switzerland. This, is the price in Bern. @ml. Frei. Garage. In Bern attea, you, can come they. Have a lot of cars and nice, cars here you. Can also see the address here. And. The. Website. Any, way, going. Forward guys. Because. It's getting hot here I want, to go in the front, show. You the rest of the car. Going. In the front. The, door it's same. Great quality soft, material, everywhere also, the, you. Can save the seat position also. The, same speaker. Great. I love the speakers on. This. Color and also the chrome. Leather. The, buttons are really. Nice and great speaker. And huge, storage, space, again. Some aluminum, here to protect the car the GT carpet, and also aluminium pedals, really. Great, here. We have the fuse box so if you have problem with the fuse you can change it we, have electric, seat really, really, responsive, and great.

Great. Seat leather, seat as you see it before we have side support, here for to sit, something. That I like it and you can see the GT line GT. Logo down, there on the seat, they. Look gorgeous. Let's. Go inside the car, because. It's very nice outside, Oh first, first impression, Wow. You can see the seat it's, adjusting, the way I saved the position. Really. Great, let's close the light, ok, now. The. Steering, wheel it's, fantastic. Great. Quality, nice, videos, here. The. Buttons, are easy to, use in. The perfect position also. I, will, show you later the display, and, the, things that you can change with it but, GT logo. Here, on the steering wheel and, I like the steering wheel that is not round it. Has a nice nice shape, I want. To go a little bit on the back with. Those seats oh I, like. That the. Position, is you can change every, position on this seat, you. Can see even the down part even the up port you, can change the position of the, seat. Away one it and I like the I like, the side support, of the seat so, you cannot win, a drive fast you. Will sit here really, cool and, I like the visibility, outside, I like the great visibility in. The back as well you, have great great visibility on, the windows and. I like this this. Glass roof as well it's. Pretty pretty, awesome, now. The string will I show you also, the clappers, to change the gear manually. If you want it I want, to I have. The key in my pocket I want. To start the engine, and I want to show you for, example here. We have a navigation, system the same, navigation system. That you find it on the Hyundai. Tucson. The, new Hyundai Tucson all the new. Cars. That are made in Korea, it's, a great great display, we, don't have a you. Can see it's not a glossy. Display so it's a matte matte, screen. But. The quality. The colors, it's. Amazing. You see it already you can check out my other videos, with it it. Is almost the same I think you know it it's work fast. It has, great, brightness. In the daytime. Like this when it's a lot of Sun you can see it, is in perfect position you, have great. Colors, and it's. Very responsive, so you can you can play here you can go. To Android. Auto it. Has also, connect your phone and all that stuff with. With. Your. Android. Or iPhone or whatever you have, anyway. I don't want to go, into detail, here you, have information about whether the traffic and, all that stuff you can connect it to the Internet. The. Menu it's very simple, intuitive, you can change all kind of settings here from. Navigation, telephone. And blah, blah blah, very. Simple, check out my other videos on my channel so, if you are interesting. To see it, now. Opening. The engine. Here in the front. Let. Me close this climatic system, because it make noise I love. This, this, this cockpit. This, new cockpit it's fabulous guys, lets. Me try, to show her better I like that the cockpit it's fabulous you can see here, the, speed limit on this street because, we have a camera right here up here and it, can read the speed limit you have all kind of information how, much you can drive I'm. You. Cannot see it in the video so well but, the cockpit, look like a 3d, we, have in the middle there some. Digital. And on, the side we have the analogic. Analog. Speedometer. And 200 meter and you have all kind of information, Lane Assist and all that stuff and in the middle you can also change it from here what, you would like to see in the middle, so here's. Lane. Assist and all that stuff it's, very simple, it's the same like on the, here. Here. Sportage. And all that stuff from 2019. It's. Really great car with a lot of option. Really. Really nice and I. Like it I like the display I like the way they make the cockpit you have to see it in real it's, it's kind of freed each has, a nice illusion. There it's kind. Of great great I like, it and, this, is also you can see it on the navigation, the speed, limit. Right there I think, you already know it anyway. Now. When you close the car you can see the the, information, about. How. Much time and drive and all that stuff, anyway.

That. Was my review guys with a new key ah stinger, interior. Exterior I, hope you enjoy it it's really hot here. In. My opinion it is a really, nice car with a lot of great feature. The. Interior, is not super, fancy like a Mercedes. But. The. Exterior, it's fabulous, one, of the most beautiful. Car in. This. Class on, the, market today really. Beautiful, car I really. Love it. Really. Really beautiful, car now I will show you a little bit the exterior, of the car again. And thank. You for watching my channel guys, thank you. Thank. You for. Send. Me your feedbacks, and your, comment, please don't, forget to check out my other videos subscribe, to my channel and I, wait you soon stay safe and, see. You soon guys. You.

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Good vlog, much prefer it when you talk to camera like this rather than narrating afterwards.

Thanks for feedback, I will try my best to do it like this in future , but sometimes I can not speak because of other people noise. Thanks for watching my videos.

That is nice kia

Inside looks cheap like a kia

Not a car i would have my self given the cost of it. You you could pick a nice premium brand with less depreciation than that.

Ahaaa ! Gud car.Bravo Dane!

Thanks Geo


Maybe. In US you could buy a M Series for $80k and still not get a luxe interior

Does remote transmitter close windows ?


I just got my 2019 Kia Stinger GT in Panthera Metal ... this car is awesome I have Borla exhaust system which really sound freaky amazing and rims from(NICHE). I also have Stinger badge on the front and rear but I should have upgraded to the GT 1 for the speakers. I guess I will just put some after market speakers. This car is freaky ass sexy..people come up to me asking what is this since I took off the Kia badges...

It is amazing indeed

14:40 "It has heated seats, you can see the holes here. It will ventilate your ass in the winter"

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