New Kia Sportage GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Kia Sportage GT Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Hello. Guys and welcome, to a new video today I have right here the new Kia Sportage. This. Is the jet airline. 2019. Model, and. I'm. Quite impressed how. Beautiful, design, this. Car have. I'm. In the back I love the back of this car and I'm, really really happy to review it for you to, show you all these lines and this nice, chrome, it, has a nice chrome, a dark chrome there here, is the exhaust, pipe that. Looked very beautiful, it has two on the back and, around. This, grey. Plastic. And. Also on. The upper side we have this, nice. Bowl. Applied here is the fog light with the blinkers, right down here the. Choice to put it on the downer part, of the car here, we have the parking, sensors, with this plastic. To protect the. Edge of the car and they make it really interesting, not like on the other cars, you can, see they, have quite. A design, here quite, some, lines they did make it a little bit turn like. A curve, this. Plastic, it's to protect the, paint of the car the, edges of the car from stones. Clone, little, stones and from rust. In time if you are from Switzerland, you can come here at Belvoir, then, for. Bluefin, and, they. Have a lot of car, here, the. Newest this car you can test drive you can buy it and they, also I see they also have some nice, discounts. Here. You can see the logo jet aligned, also. The Kia come with. Seven, years warranty. Something. That you don't find on all the cars I love these these back, headlamps. With. LED light, I will show you later it, is the same like the new Mercedes, aqc. And. They. Are quite, beautiful in my opinion the. Back of this SUV car, one, of the best on the market today. Quite. Beautiful, design also up here for. A better aerodynamic. All black and glossy. Very. Beautiful. It. Has from. Me I will, give it a. Maximum. Not, of 10 for. This beautiful. Design also, I like this plastic to down here to. Protect the car also, this beautiful, chrome. Dark, chrome, I see, it on the. Last the newest this car now this. Chrome, they chose to put this chrome, dark. Here, and, it's. Looked very nice, and also, the, lines of the car you, can see it here really. Interesting, and make the car look. And feel a little bit more sporty, 19-inch. Wheels here. From. Kia very beautiful. Quanti, sport contact. Great. Great, quality, tires. On, this car as well. And. Also. You can see the chrome around the windows the, big windows, that. You have a great visibility you can also add an extra. Trunk. Up here. For. Extra, space and its really huge you, would have a huge space also, the price for this its. 245. Frank. Dollars, and. 340. Liter. 633. Price. There francs, so, you have a huge huge space. Up. There if you need it also. I love, the way they make this chrome around the windows the, big windows, look. Fantastic and, you have a great great view from inside the car. Especially. For the kids this. Is a great great. Extra, on the car also, this, chrome. Handle. They. Look very nice in my opinion all wheel, drive. Logo. Here, and also, these mirrors, are very big also. Blind spot their, newest. Technology, from, Kia. Also. LED, light on the mirror on. The exterior. Pretty. Useful, and in, my opinion look. Very nice. Not. Like on the Opel. That. It's on the body in, the front the same plastic to protect the, car. It, also lasts, much. Much longer than the car that doesn't have this plastic around because, the car will rust a little bit faster. Also, in the front the same nice, LED. Light with. A new technology. LED. Light to look fantastic in, the night and, it has a great, great. Great. Colors a white, a very beautiful white, down, here we have this chrome dark. Chrome, line. That look also in my opinion very nice they did a great job with it we, have sensors. Parking. Sensors, in the front we, also have, the. Same grey down here like in the back the, radar. It's very in the middle the, front rudder that, helped. The car to, hold in line for adaptive, cruise control and, brake. Brake. Assist. Emergency. Brake assist, and. All that technology, also the front, grille, look. In my opinion also nice. It's. Really, beautiful this chrome this, dark chrome look nice, on cars I don't know which, company. Was coming first with this dark, chrome but on this, kia. Sportage. GT. Look. Amazing. Also. Full. LED, light lamps. In the front I will, show you in, a, bit they look also fantastic and, it's. A it's it's look a little bit like Porsche. They, are very sporty, and very, angry. Front. And, in. My opinion look, a lot, of like. Porsche. Cayenne. In my, opinion, but. Much much more cheaper. And, the. Design in the back is not much more. Much. Much more beautiful. Leasing. 1.25. If. You are in Switzerland and you come here in bed at, Balrog, we have great leasing, also. Up here this. This is to protect the, interior of the car from.

All Kind of dust and chips when, you open the solar. Roof. Now. Glass roof look fantastic from, the interior you will see it in the moment it's, one, of the most. Beautiful. Thing that I like in a car here, you can see kia. Sportage. 1.6. 177. Horsepower, four-wheel. Drive. Styled. Jetta, line also, you can see all kind of detail consumption. Co2. Grams. And the price forty. One thousand, nine hundred, francs. With, a discount, of almost, five. Or six. Thousand, round there. This, is really, really a great price, for, a new car and with so much technology like that, also. The. Car have. 1,800. Kilograms over, six, the lastest, and. It's. Not so economical. The, engine but, for. A big, SUV, 404. I. Guess. The. Consumption, it's normal. Look at this beautiful design in the back look, at this beautiful bad guys, tell. Me what you think about it I think this, car it's the, the back camera it's also have a back camera and I think this car it's much more beautiful than the new, Hyundai. Tucson, that's my opinion it's. Much more beautiful and also. The, interior, a little bit more, stylee. Even, though the. Hoon die have a lot of a. Lot. Of touch, on this car and you will see in the moment on the engine and on the interior but, this, car this kia sportage, look. Much, more. Beautiful than, the Tucson. And the price, I guess it's around the, same but. Look, at this interior look. How, much space you have here in the trunk you can also buy. For 61. Francs, this. This. Rubber, here, to, protect the trunk if you want it, here. We have a speaker in the trunk, on. The, side and all around, the side it's plastic, and also an LED light there, in the, left. Side also. You have a nice chrome, design. Also something that I didn't see on other cars and it's look much, premium, and much, nicer and also, this is, everything, here, look. Nice and premium, in my opinion, in, this car, here. Is the LED light that I'm telling you not many people have LED, light in the trunk something. That I like. It, very, good yeah great job with this I also, like this aluminium here, in the trunk also filled, premium, and look. Premium, and give. The car a little bit of style, and. Also you. Can load flat, floor, here, quite. Cool you, can a lot a lot ofstuff directly. Down, here we have a spare, tire, and, you can take it out if you want to put a repair, kit anything you still have a lot of space down there something. That I. Also, like it and make, the car much, more spacious, then. It it already, is there, we have two seats so you cannot, leave. The. Half part down for long items, for example like skis, but. You can leave the two. Seats. Down or one and then. You can carry out the, interior, in my opinion look fabulous. With. This white and black. Combination. Of, colors this, leather. Also. Two cupholders in, the middle. Also. Great quality, and well, made well, built. They, work. Great. On it, now. The. Car. Seats are very very. Portable and they also look, nice, the. Way they build everything around. Here look very nice here, is the the button where you can leave, the seat down and, you can see, the. City are. Going. Almost. Flat. I think. It's, 99%. Flat, there and you can load stuff. Directly, here something. That it's pretty cool. You. Can put a lot of stuff in this car. It. Has a great, great. Space. And great, practicality. Here, even. On the feet that you can put stuff you, can see for yourself from the back here the, way they, are the, seats down and the, way it's look with the seat style, now. Automatic. Lift gate also a plus for the car. And. Again. This beautiful back, of the car I'm in love with this back of the Kia, Sportage the. New Kia Sportage, back. Look. Fantastic in, my opinion, now, every, time you put the seats up you have to pull. The. Trigger, down there also, you can leave the seats like that if you want to carry much. More stuff, in the back and you, need a little bit more space you can put the seat a little bit in a straight position and then. You have more space in the trunk and. If, you want to have. More more. Comfort. You, can put it a. Little. Bit, on the back and you can see. The. Comfort, in, the seat are. Better when the seat are a little bit on the back here, it's huge, windows, and great visibility on, the back, side we have some plastic, on the upper side and the, white part, it's leather white, leather, up. To down, here to here it's also leather only. Around we, have plastic but. It's also looked nice and look this, we, have electric. Heated, seats on the back and also nice nice, buttons, finally. Someone. Work a little bit on this window. Buttons, make, the car look much better a speaker.

In The back and a place for your bottle, there down. There, they. Design it well the doors here, a little bit of plastic to protect the car when. The kids put, it. There. Around. Here we have plastic, but, that seats go all the, way around, and, you have a side protection, from. The seats right. Here so, that's something cool, they, design it really cool, to see little. Holes because. We have heated seat in the back something, that it's amazing, for the kids you, want your kids also. Easy to put it so fix, it's. Great for the kids in the winter to, go in the car and. Hitting. The seat really fast also. Plastic here to protect the front, seat. Really. Useful, when you have kids in the back they. Play with your feet with, the fit in your, seat. Now. Easy to go in the car. Not. Not, really, hard, a lot of space on my knee here. Even. If the seat it's it's. In the back. I. Have a lot of space. I can play with my legs, also, under the front seat and I can also almost, stretch, my legs there, something. That's really. Cool and in. My opinion I have a lot of space on my head also a lot of space, you. Can also see four or five fingers, you. Can play with my head I feel I feel good in the back here I don't. Feel like in the cage I have a lot of light, and. A. Lot of comfort, and also these leather seats are really comfortable in. My opinion. Some. Of the best look, at how how big how great. Visibility. I have on this windows really. Great creature, great. Great job with, this Kia Sportage, I. Really. Like it I really like it here I also. Have LED, light. Every. Light in this car it's a lady, I think. Only the front light I will, show you in the moment from the mirror is, not a lady but or the. Roof it's also great quality, this up here, nice glass. Roof all, the way to roof, looks, fantastic, now it has this extra trunk, but, but, it. Is very beautiful with this a lot, of a lot of light come inside the car and make, you feel, better. And give you a better energy now. Here we have two air vents also I love this chrome, around it they, are feel good, quality, when you touch it and when you move it then, they don't feel cheap they feel good also. USB, port, in the back 12 volt port, down. Here. Also. Very useful these, days. And. We. Have a little step. Here not, so small but. I guess, it's not so complicated to go in the middle you, can stay with your feet like that. So. You can see for yourself. The. Legs space, it's enough. Even. If you go a little bit in the front I have still a lot of space up here because of the, glass. Roof. And also. The. Comfort. In the middle it's not perfect, but. It's okay I still have. Space for two people around. Me here, and I can go with, three people without, any problem, in the, car. For. Four, medium. To. Short trips. The. Dashboard, also looked fantastic in, my opinion, key. I did a great job with, the dashboard with combination. Of white leather. With black, leather. And. Everything. They designed, their it's look fantastic we. Will go in the front in the moment and I will show you. What. I mean I go out easy, and look, at this big. Entrance, in the car then you can go inside the car very, easy. So. I'm pretty happy with. The back of the car. With. The comfort and with, what it's there in the back. Now. There you can see the. Extra trunk because of them we cannot, see so good in. Glass roof. Here. We have the handles, with the buttons you can lock and unlock the car only. Pushing, the button there if you have the keys with you, the. Front door it's different from the back door. Also, big entrance. But the front doors are better quality, if, in the back here we have also this extra, a light. Here. But in, the front for example, we, have the upper part also, soft, and not plastic like in the back I see, many cars, these days make. The front doors, much. More better, quality, than the back doors also a speaker, there, leather. Here, and. Up, here we have soft. Material, rubber, soft. And, nice as you touch it also, down here leather, with stitches. Nice. Nice, glossy, plastic, and, beautiful. Beautiful. Buttons. For the, glass. I like the chrome around. Them I really, like them they, are really special much more special, only in Mercedes or BMW or. Audi I, see, different. Buttons. Like that UBL, speaker, here also, great quality, in. A car and great great sound. Sportage. Logo. With the chrome, down. Here, to, protect the car also a small, entrance. In the car you can go very easy to driver and the passenger, electric. Fully electric. Seats here very, responsive. As you see for yourself they. Are really really responsive. And nice also. Lumbar. Electric. Adjustment. Here when, you have back paint you. Just adjust. Your your, back the way you want it when, you go for a long trip it's very useful also, you can see the stitches, and you can see the quality. It's. Very very good and also the seats look.

Nice, I like this seat I don't, like when all full, white, because, sometimes, they can go dirty, but, this combination, of white with. Black, I didn't. Think before. It. Can look so nice and they, did a great job they, look really nice I wish I have under my car the same here, is the fuse box or no space here it's just a fuse if. You have if. You ever want to change it the blind spot, the. Lane. Assist the. Illumination. On the. Cockpit. Here. We also have. Chrome. Around the vent same. Good, quality, as you touch it and as you move it, it's, don't feel cheap it's feel nice and it's. Also nice. Finishing. Here we have soft material, very soft material on, the dashboard, also fake, fake, fake. Stitches. There on the dashboard, but every everything it's. Soft, also. We have pedals. Aluminum, pedals support, for, this Sportage. GT, line. So. As I, say dashboard. Is simple, and nice, and very soft, also. Here it's soft, until. Down down, down, everything. Soft the, vents are nice also, with chrome around them you, can see the chrome around the vents. It's. A beautiful, clean, design. They. Did with this, Sportage. Key. I did a great job and you have great visibility you, can just also see on the windows, very. Good. So. The. Touch screen it's kind of net is. Not glossy, touch screen it's kind of a little. Bit of matte also. Down here we have. Plastic. And. Down here we have the. Glovebox with, light. They're kind. Of not, so big but, I, guess it's enough you. Have a lot of other, space, I will show you in the moment the. Stain will also, great quality, with, little. Stitches. Leather. Fantastic. Quality, and very nice also GT, line logo. Down here, around this chrome. Kia. Logo, the buttons, look a little bit like on the Machias a, little. Bit like a new materials, with grey here, they, look very nice, I. Think. They, are much more nicer, than. Other. Car. Models. In this price range that, I see it also the clappers, are gray, and. They look nice. It. Is okay not the best turning wheel but it's look. Beautiful. It's, look a little bit premium. And I like that it's not round down there so, it's a little bit sporty. And. It's, cool cool, much better than than the preview. Sportage. Model, the store start/stop, button, here. We have the buttons for, the navigation, system, the shortcut, very. Very useful also. The climatic, system, down, here it's, dual, climatic, system very very useful nice. Glossy. Plastic. Around, them, here. We have also these. Buttons. For the electric. Seat we have also ventilated, seat and heated seat and also, heated, steering wheel so this seats this holes help you in the summer to ventilate. Your ass, and. To. Help you not to sweat. On them pretty, pretty, useful. You don't find this on many cars this space, also. Charging, your phone down, there 12 volt port USB. Fantastic. Great, great great for. 2019. Here. In the middle we have this chrome, around these cup, holders also. Very. Beautiful, very. Well designed I don't know who, make, this interior, on this Kia but they did a great job they. Design, it perfect, and I like also this small. Stick, with the chrome around, driver. Mode, here. Drive mode electric. Hand brake, sensors. Auto parking, now to hold also. Space. For your keys here, very. Well designed and it, look nice. Nice, the buttons are in the perfect place, you. Know where to find it everything, it's in the same place also. Nice. Leather. White leather here. Armrests. And you have a huge, space down, here it's, really big look at this I stick, my hand there and, I still have a lot of space so you can put a lot of things down, here and. Also. You can rest your arms, it's. Not, it's. Not you. Cannot move it but, it's. It's in a great position also you can see the key with the buttons also, great same, like the interior of the car and the exterior, to look very nice. They. Think, very well about this car, and. I'm pretty, happy. To. See this. Car. Company, the Kia made. So. Nice. Cars. I'm. Really curious what the, future, come, with great. Visibility. From the seat, outside. Around, the car in the mirrors as well great, visibility. Also. Here's the big, big, mirror. And, here. Is this the only, yellow. Light in the car the, only normal, all light in the car, the rest are also great, great help this glass, glass.

Holder. Up here, it's great LED. Light up, here pretty. Useful, as well and. Here. Are the, protection. From the. Sunroof. Pretty. Great look how big is the song it's all the weight of all the, way of the roof it's, this nice, glass. Adjustable. You can open it and close it and also, you, can see almost no, blind spot in the back even, if this car have camera. On the back you don't have blind, spot I see, smoke. With bigger, blind-spot, attendees. Kia. Sportage. SUV. Anyway. A lot. Of space on my head in the front great comfort, on, the, driver's seat you can adjust it in different ways on the back and front. Different. Adjustment. I, as. You can see it before, it's, quite, quite great and. Also. Great. Driving, position, with great comfort. Also. You can see my. Arms stay without problem. Down. There you. Can see in the mirror. Also. Like it's. Great great, visibility. Now. Let's show you this multimedia. System, down here, in the front. They. Position, it very well you. Have great, great. Visibility. From the driver view you can see from the driver point, of view it's. Perfect, you can easily access, it with your finger, if you wanna, it's. It a touchscreen, and you have a great resolution great. Brightness. So, it's very white and even, if it's the Sun outside you can see it very well down here you have two buttons the shortcut, buttons, that, get you directly, on the map media, radio. Setup. Or whatever, you want to do it just push the button it's very simple, and intuitive, to use, you. Can connect your. Telephone. Android auto you have also apple, carplay. Mirroring. Links. You. Can also use your phone with. Google. Map but, you can also use this nice navigation. System that works fine, look how responsive. It is look, how fast, it's work I make. A test and I will show you and you will see it that, it worked perfect. And fast and it, gets you directly, where you want to get and it's very responsive. That's something, that it's, very important, because. I see that it's, more, responsive. Than on the forth. For example, or on. The, opal. It's. More responsive, you can see for yourself you can check out my other videos and you can see all the multimedia system from, the other cars, company, and this. Is work fine, it's work very nice and it, also has nice colors, and, I'm really impressed because, the, best best, I see, it before it was in my today's the new Mercedes, and also, the new ADIZ, have. A great. System. Here in. The front but. Also this. Kia. And also. The human die I see. Is the same same navigation. And. The same design. Multimedia. Design. It has also Hyundai. On Kia, and. They. Are working very nice, you can see how, fast it its work and how much information, you have here. The. Time and every every information. You. Need it's right down there so. This is a great thing this, is a great great, a. Great. System, in my opinion I'm. Really, happy with it and I really recommend. This car it's kind of complete, I see, nice cars, these days for, example on the Opel, and, forth. But. Also. They. Are not complete. When you don't have a nice, multimedia. System, here in the middle you, feel incomplete, you know what, I mean. But yeah. Anyway, I like it in my opinion, it's very nice here, we have a lot of settings.

About. Your. Sound. System you can base. Change. Your base your. Tremble. And all that stuff navigation. Parking, sensors, all. Kind of information. About, the sound. And. You, can see for yourself. Here. You can adjust different, settings, to the light the daylight, or how you wanna look. The car in. The daytime, what kind of light to be up. And. Y5. We can connect to the internet you. Can change language, timed. The. Testator. I'm. In the keyboard. In, what, language to be. System. Information, there some. Setting, about the car and. Yeah. You can also speak, with the car if you want but, I don't find it very useful that. That. Option, yet. Here. Is the radio, this, is the home screen. Where. It's usually open, when you open the car it's, open directly. In this home screen. Anyway. Down, to the dashboard we have a nice nice. Graphic. Design there in the middle here is the dramatic system, also. Do, automatic, system. But. I will, close it now because I want to show you this. Classic. Design here too raw metal speedometer, its. Analogic. Classic, in the middle we have this small. Display, that, you can see there the speed limit, the, temperature, the, consumption. How many kilometer up the car Lane, Assist and all kind, of. Information. About the car you. Will see you can control, it from the, steering. Wheel you just have to press here. This button and you have different settings. There. Navigation. Here is the, adaptive. Cruise control here. We have some information about the car, that. You can change comfort, doors. ACP. Emergency. Brake you can also. Change. It in the daytime, you will see it like this the navigation, will be in the white and also. Down here you can see the speed limit always. There on the display, it's, really helpful in. Countries. Like Switzerland. Or in, Europe, where the. Speed limit is very important, you can get. Big, ticket, if, you not pay attention to the speed, and. You miss out some, sign this. Car will help you to see the signs and to, see with, how much speed you can, drive in different. In. Different roads so. There, are so many options. So many, information. About, the car that you can change it I'm, not get into detail here you can see the consumption. The, trip how, many you drive how many time how many kilometer. And. How much was the consumption. On the last trip, also, you, can have here, more information. About the car. Trip. A trip a, here is the navigation, system, when. You start it you will see some info, about that. Here. We can have the adaptive. Cruise control on, the screen. The. Distance that the car will keep. From. The front vehicle. When, the adaptive cruise control it's, active, and. That's. It's really, simple and really nice and. Yeah. My. Opinion. This. Is kind of. Perfect. For what you will need in a car it. Is not. Super, fancy like in a Mercedes but it, is perfect, it's much better than other cars so. I I like it I like. It I like, this car if. You want to buy an SUV and. You. Want to buy an. SUV, with a great price this is the perfect look. At how nice this LED, light to look like I know, it's flickering, a little bit too light because of my camera but, in real, it. Will not look. Like that in, real. It's look perfect, and it. Look very nice in the night, really. Really nice they. Look fantastic. Also. There's the daylight, LED in. The front also. Super. Cool, in. My opinion to. Look very nicely, to Porsche. The. Front is like a forced, design but. You have a hot. Hot, price, from. Porsche in. This car. 41,000. Franc. Dollars. I, think. It's a fantastic, price in. My opinion it is a great, great price the, blinker. We have it down there, I. Don't, think you can find a better car and much, better-looking car, with, so much technology and, this price and. New. Like, this model. 2019. Look, how nice look. The blinking, LED. Light in the front they look very nice. Really. Beautiful, really, beautiful. Ok, so. That was my review with, a new Kia Sportage GT, line. 2019. Model. If you are in Switzerland come. At Belvoir. Our. Toes in parent, and you. Can test it you can. Buy. It you have all kind of information, here. And. That. Was my review guys check out my other videos subscribe to my channel thank, you very much again for watching my channel, and stay. Safe. Get. The best decision. For yourself and, see. You soon bye. Guys. You.

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