New Kia Ceed 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Kia Ceed 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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So. Hello. Guys today we are with a very interesting, card, right here, the, new Kia, Cee'd. 2019. Model and, I. Will be very happy to review, it for you show. You the interior, exterior, and. Talk. A little bit about the. Design. And the. New. Technology. So. First. Of all I want to start with the back, of the car and, I want to show you the sensors, the, car has sensors, also back, camera, and. In. The front we. Have also sensors. This, is the power 25. Model, in, case you wonder, what. Model. It is also it, has LED, light on the back, in. My opinion they're very nice and exhaust. Pipe right here on the right in the back that. Also look nice and also this. Light. Reflection. Reflector. In the back also, the camera to, light. No. LED, on the number light bed, but, you can change it if you want to have there an, LED also, the brake light up here. Quite. Interesting. And. Classic. Design on. The upper, part of the. Hatchback. Cars, almost. All have the same design up there I like here. Down part of the car this, nice, design, on the side as well it, is very beautiful here. On the side we don't have that plastic, to. Protect the edge, of the car and that make the car look much, much better, also. Nice. Rims. Here, from. Kia. They. Are really really interesting. The. Tires are also home-cook. Great. Quality. 60. Inch. Wheels. Rims. So. They. Are also, look. Good and in the same time, they. Are economical. So. In. My opinion they passed, very good with the car also, nice, chrome. Around. Window. Right. There also. In, my opinion look, very nice and, I like this more windows, you, will see it in a moment it. Make you feel much. Better in. The back its, let the car to come more more more light inside the car down. Here we have directly. The. Paint of the car on. The down apart and. Also. The, car design, it's very very, interesting. The, mirrors are, big, and nice. Also. Blinkers. On. The outside. Part of the mirror in. The same color like the car, also. In, my opinion they. Look nice and. The. Car design it's pretty simple, and. Nothing. Complicated in case of in, case of an accident they. Can repair, it very, very easy, the. Front part, of the, car look at my opinion very very beautiful and, also, the new LED light. Also. This, fog, lights down there. They. Look very nice. I don't. Know if you can see it on the video but didn't, really look very, very nice also, we have two ball flight there also. Here it is a bulb a normal. Walk light no LED, light but this. Yellow, light look. Fantastic I think it's a for the first time when, I see a yellow. Light that looks so nice I. Don't. Know why maybe, they work there. Anyway, the hood, of the car look. Also nice it has so some, interesting lines there. That make the car look fantastic, from. Around. The front grille also, look nice. Down, here we. Have also, front. We're. Open. To, call the engine. And. In. Chaos tire also. Look nice, you, have glossy. Plastic with, the sensors, in. The front and. Yeah. My. Opinion the front of the car it's very beautiful up here we have the camera to read that. Read the lane for. The technology, the, lane assist or. Reading. The speed. Limit. Now. Going. In the trunk, I just. Want sure the trunk, it. Is I will. See in a moment it is very spacious, and. Quite. Enough it, has is. Also. Almost. Flat, here, you, can see have light hooks, a.

Lot. Of hooks a lot of things that, you can put, here on the, side of the car left. Right, also. You can take this out if. You need to carry. Bigger. Items, and down here we have a huge. Space where. You can put your stuff. Prepared. Kit and other stuff or under, there and, you can also adjust, the trunk, if, you want to pull it a little bit down. You. Know. Let's, show you the trunk. Just. First. Time I want to adjust this, front. Seat because it's way way, back just put, it in normal position and, then, we can see better how much space we have here in the back but. First time on. The side here we have. Plastic. Some plastic, on the side and the, down the part also, glass, be protected, but. Let's leave this down and show you. That. The. Seats go down you. Have some space there in your carry stuff and everything. It, is. Flat. There. As. You can see it's flat and you can carry long items without any problem, that's. Up close on this car that. This is very easy to. Lift. It down and. Cut. It up. Two, cup holders, in. The middle, very. Useful, I. Know, you, cannot open, this central. Part for. Long items, but you don't need it because this, it are very easy here. We have just. Plastic. We don't have any vents. Or something, I like the fact that this. Step, here it's very small, something. That make staying. In the middle, very. Very. Very. Good very. Easy on, the back part the, doors are a plastic. Up here we have soft material. Quite. Nice fabric. Down. Here also, normal. Button, for. The windows, speaker. And. A place to put bottle. Of water now. The seat. Going. Inside the car you, will see in the moment here we have the leather soft. Material. Place. To put some things a lot, of space for my legs, I can, also stretch, my legs under the front seat a lot. Of space in. My opinion and great comfort on, the seat and, I have also a lot of space on my head a. Huge, space and. I. Feel, really. Good here in the back hooks. There. Up, there. Also. If. I close the door I have, great visibility also. In the back I have a small window. That make, a lot of lights. Come inside the car and make, you feel a little, bit better and not, so like. In the dark, small. Place, here, in the back also. Up here we have normal bulb light, no. LED, yellow. Light. Also. You, can sit in the middle but this is it it's way way in the back I think. Someone was staying in the front before. But. Even, so I still, have, a lot of space, for my legs. And. Then for my head as. Well. So. It's, kind of. Okay. The. Comfort, here in the middle it's not. So good. And. Back, here as, you see I can stretch my hand and. Probably. You can stay three, people here. But not so comfortable. Not. For long road just. For. City, trips, or short, trips. You. Can sit three, people there without any problem the, dashboard, it's also. Very, very beautiful in my opinion. Great. Design great. Great. Design we, will go there in the moment and I would talk. A little bit about it. Let's. Close the trunk and. Let's go in the front here, we have this door the, same like in the back. Now. What I see these days, this. Part upper, part it's. Softer. This time I see, the all, car. Makers. Make. The front doors. More. High-quality than, the back doors they, start, to do that before was the. Same quality. In the front same quality, in the back but, now the, front doors. From. The front driver, and the passenger, they, are much much high, quality, and the, back. Doors so. I, don't, know why they chose to do this, maybe. To lower the cost of maybe just. Driver. It's. It's. Yeah. It's, more important, because the driver will, drive every. Day the car, here, are the seats they are also very. Nice. Very, comfortable, great. Quality, nice, stiches, leather with. Fabric, material also. A great combination i sit, on them i drive this, car and they. Are very very comfortable, also. I like to see, their logo. On the carpet, here, we have the fuse box so no, space they're lame assist the, light. From. The dashboard here. We also have soft. Material, not. Soft very, very soft everything, is soft you can see all the stitches, also. One speaker, there everything. Up here it's soft. Only. This part it's plastic, like, a grey in. That plastic, around, the lens the. VINs are great quality, when you touch it when, you move it it's feel good, its feel good quality. Not. Like in, some. Other cars that. I see, before I don't want to say the names but.

Yeah. Those, are very good quality and also I like to dashboard, it's really soft everywhere. Here is no plastic. Everywhere. Around here it is soft, material. Something. That I like it. We. Don't have start/stop, button you. Can start the car with the key even, we wanted here you have books of material, but down part we have plastic here, on. The lid part. The. Glovebox it's also big, with, a light and also. The air. Dramatic. System air conditioning, will, go there if you want to. Have. Cold, things they're also. The, vents here around, this nice display. They. Are very well, placed there. Here, we have standard. Analog. Speedometer. And. 200. Meter in. The middle also we have you. Can see around the, 200. Meter and speedometer it's. Kind of LED. Fake. Design. Because it's a Chrome and every, time the the light go in the chrome you. Have, the impression that it, is a light, around. There also, the, steering. Wheel it's. Very well made I'm really impressed how. Good they do this. Steering, wheel much. Much better than previous, models great. Quality, great design. Nice. When you touch it and also, when you drive the car it is very soft and easy, to park the car here. Is the display, also. We have shortcut, button. Pretty. Useful, in my opinion I, really. Like that you. Can go in the menu very, easy touching. Those buttons, also as the card. Place there where you put it for, the map navigation system. Automatic, system also. The buttons, for hitting, the seat the, steering wheel, and the, passenger, seat, USB. Port, auxiliary you, have 12 volt port, and. Another USB, very. Useful, these days. Also. Down there we. Have a space for a, phone. Or whatever, you want to put them very. Useful, very very. Good think. Here, we have the key, quite. Interesting, key you, start to carve like that. And the. Buttons, are on the. Side of, the. Key, as. You see quite strange. How. They chose to put that button, now. Here in the video we have to stick with chrome. Design. Quite. Nice. It. Is more it's, not so key I can. Other cars something, that I liked and this, grey. Chrome. Design it's. Also nice, something. That I don't like in this car it's only this handbrake, I wish. It was electric, handbrake and two, cupholders there, but. Here. Armrests. Leather, stitches. And a huge space here to put your. Stuff it's really big space. Really. Useful. I'm. Really impressed with. Its car. This. Is very nice and I. Don't, have what, to say that. About this car. Only. The thing that I wish it. Was it has, electric. Handbrake, the, visibility, it's great in, the mirrors the. Position. And seat. It's fantastic. I have a lot of space, on my head on, my legs and it's very comfortable. When. I, when. I. Sit. In this it to. Create great comfort, the sides port, from the seat, and. A lot of adjustment. You can do it great. Quality, on the. On. The roof. We. Were also. Glassport. Very. Useful, you, don't, find it in in. Many cars here we have yellow. Light bulb. No. LED, the. Mirror is also nice, and big and great, plate, visibility. Now. I. Just. Start a little bit the car to. Show you that nice. Nice. Navigation. System, and multimedia. System. Also. You have a great visibility from, the driver view on, the multimedia, system and, also I, like. Here in the dashboard, this. Light, and you can adjust it from here the, light and, you. Can see it is a, white. Blue, light it's. Very nice and. Pleasant. In. The night, it. Is very clear and, very great here, you can adjust different. Setting on the dashboard, you. Just have to go, to the menus and go. Up and down and you have here all kind of information, about the car Lane. Assist and adaptive, cruise control. Emergency. Brake here you can change different setting, to the car. To. The car for example. The. Doors the, sound the, light go forth, the. All. Kind of stuff you can all so I just. Be directly there in the dashboard, here, you can see the consumption, the time, how. Much you drive how, did you drive, and. Stuff like that. It. Is very useful and very nice and its, work really fast, directly.

From Here. On. The, Hyundai. You will find. Similar. Setting. Because. The Hugh and I have the same same, same. Design. Like. Kia. Also. There you can see the lane assist. Light. Now. Let's go in the middle and we, have a mad. Kind. Of mad. Multimedia. System, right here and it's, work really fast you can see how, I move it it's very responsive, this. Is a great thing that this. Multimedia, system, it is responsive. And. Everytime, you touch a button it's cold and it's charged very. Fast as well as you can see here. In the image I, touch. The button and it's go directly where I want it. It's. It's bad because it doesn't have a navigation, I will show you I will make another video with this. Multimedia. System, with the navigation and. Check. Out my channel and, check out my other videos, in. The next day I would, come with, the, video, with, the navigation. On. This, Kia, Cee'd. Own and. On the all. New. Kia's, that come in 2019. So, you can also see, the navigation, and, everything. But I play. With it a little bit and I tried, and. I have to tell you it, has a great great, brightness. It's. Great visibility. And. It has also Android auto Bluetooth. And. Also you. Can connect your phone, your. IPhone. Or, whatever phone, you have you. Can also connect, it it and put, videos with. USB and all, kind of stuff, so this, is really really nice I. Would. Just. Just. Check out my my. Other videos and you will see, the. Review with a, multimedia. System, also, for, to people that are interested. In the, engined 1.4. To go GAE. It. Is the engine on this. Particular. Car, that i review, today. The. Battery, the filter. Everything. It's. Right there. So. Dallas. Guys that. Was kind of, my. Review. With the new Kia, Cee'd, 2019. Model. I. Hope. You enjoyed the review guys I hope I show you, what. What. Was, important. For you if. I don't please comment, and tell me I really. Really appreciate all. Your feedback and. All, your comment, how. Can I improve and. What. Kind of car, would you like to see next in, the, next videos. Also. Check out my channel and my. Other videos subscribe to my channel, if. You want to see more of the, newest video on the market, if. You want to see a test drive with this car also, please, comment and tell me. And. I will be very happy to. Respond. You as. Soon, as I can so. That. Was my review. My. Conclusion, on this car it, is a very nice car and really, impressed here. You can see a few information, about. This. Model and. I will show you the price in a moment also. The price of this car is twenty five thousand, nine hundred dollar, francs. If you are in Switzerland, you, can come here at Belvoir. Baird. And you. Can test drive the car, have great price they are very nice and they, will really, help you, so. I hope you enjoy my review please subscribe, to my channel and thank. You for watching guys see you soon. You.

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That title on lincense plate is completely wrong .... The new Kia Ceed is without apostrophe ...

+SDA Dan Cars Your welcome

I guess depend on what country you are they pronounce Ceed differently. Thanks for commenting and watching my videos.

I am a owner of this car, the engine is 1.4 Turbo. Which fuel should anyone recomend, 95 or 100?

95 it is a lower quality and 98 and 100 better quality. I have same engine on my car and I usually use a mix . 3 times I put 95 and 1 time 98 . Because the 98 and 100 have better lubrication for engine and sometimes I put 95 and 98. But the 98 and 100 it is more expansive. Also with 98 and 100 the car have a better consumption because the petrol 98 100 have more energy inside. Hope this was helpful.

Thanks for feedback and really appreciate you are watching my videos.

Can you review the ceed sw?

Great choice . I think the same . I will be back as soon as i can with Ceed SW. Thanks for feedback !

+SDA Dan Cars I ordered ceed sw since proceed would cost much higher just for the rear look. I test drived the GT one. I was not satisfied as much as with ceed sw!

Thanks for feedback and for watching my Videos. I will try to do it as soon as i have time. I hope until next week will be online .

@SDA Dan Cars I ordered ceed sw since proceed would cost much higher just for the rear look. I test drived the GT one. I was not satisfied as much as with ceed sw!

@SDA Dan Cars Your welcome

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