New Jeep Grand Cherokee S 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Jeep Grand Cherokee S 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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New. Jeep. Grand, Cherokee, is right here with me guys and today, I will review it interior, exterior. Everything. You need to know about this. Grand. Shiraki. Will. Be in the next minute. Review. It and, I'm. Really, really happy to, be here with this amazing, car. Really. Impressed me also there, in the front we have the rather the, the, front, grille of the sensors, the, car it's full option, it has all the new technology. You, can see in the front, it. Has, a. Lot, of parking. Sensors, on the side here we have a plastic, protection, for the paint of the car the. Protection, it's in the car paint, so. You, don't even notice. When. That is there they. Integrate, it very very well there also we have full LED, light you see it before. This. Fog. Light down here look. Amazing, also. The lines of the, LED, taillight, look. Also amazing, and also the. The. Normal. Normal. Road. Light look fantastic. Also, this grille with this black. Black. Glossy, plastic and, the grey around. There, look fantastic. The, same color grey, on. The Jeep logo, as well and we'll see in the interior, we have some insertion, gray there as well. To. Look really, really nice with. This, front. Part. Here I, mean. This. This. Design, look amazing. In. My opinion one, of the most beautiful. SUV. Out there on the market, it's. Really really, amazing car. Now. Going on the side we. Have another logo down there with Grand. Cherokee, also. The mirror. Simple. Glossy. Black, we. Have a, signal. Here, blinker. Also. Blind. Spot on the mirror you. Can see it up there in, the corner. Its. Loop also very, nice. Here. Is the logo the, same gray, dark. Gray color. And. Here. On the side as I say we have two plastic that continuing. Down. Here under the car. It's. It's really. Really cool design and this lines here look very, nice. Also. We have here on the side and LED, light. For, the night. Also. The handle, with. The button here. That. You can lock, and unlock the, car only. With the key in your pocket and. Side. Of the car, you. Can see here the car have big windows. Tinted. Windows, on the back. And. They have very. People, in those with great visibility from, the interior. You. Can see it how. Good it's look this tinted, window. Right. There on the back, part we have the same plastic, part. Here to protect the, paint of the car and from. The rust in time from the stones. Chip. Stones and. Yeah. Interesting. Design. Interesting. The way they chose, to do this it's really cool also. A very tall, ground. Clearance. There. And, those. Are. 20. Inch beautiful. Rims with. The same grade, that you find it on the car, some. Insertion. Even. These. Beautiful. Rims, are. In this color. So, they look very nice. They. They, integrated, with, the car, nice. Also. Interesting, stuff around the windows, we have this. Glossy. Black. Here. That look amazing make, the car. Look. Much, much better.

And. I, didn't see on other cars it's for the first time when I see black policy, around the windows also, in the back we have the sensors, down. Here the gray insertion, like on the rims, like. On the front bumper and. The. Back. It's, great as well you, see before the LED, light down. Here the exhaust pipe the same gray. Color. Great, dark color. Really. Nice like if we have here up. And. Yeah. That's. The back of the car. We. Also have. A lot of sensors, here we have six sensors, in the front in the back as well, also. The back. Camera. So. For, great great visibility, the, s. S. Logo. Right here that you know it. Is an S Grand. Cherokee s so it's a special model. Also. Four-wheel. Drive, logo. In the same grey color and. That's. The design from the back. Here. Is the brake light. Also. With a nice interesting, design up there the. Air diffuser, look very nice and also the roof in. In black. Glossy, look fantastic. On. This Jeep, so. Jeep not only that make clear, to create good quality cars, but to Jeep also. Make. Beautiful, cards, in my opinion. This. Car it is a very, beautiful SUV. Also, down there we have the fog light, and. Here. We have the LED light the. Blinker. And reverse. Light. As well. So. Very. Simple. Model nothing complicating. This. Backlight, but it's look so, simple and nice in the same time. It. Is very nice. Now. On the side of the car. As. You see before it's. Everything, black. Glossy. And. Make. The car look much more sporty. Er also. The front design look nice. And. Sporty, er a little. Bit angry, also. The. Headlamps. Look. Nice and simple, in, Jeep style. Anyway. Let's go in the trunk let's show you the Tron guys. Here. Is the button to open the trunk we have an automatic. Lift, gate. Trunk, it's automatic. You can also close. It and open it manually. We have some plastic, up here too. Yellow. Bulb light up here, really really. Great. Because. In. The night illuminated. The trunk very, good and you have a great visibility, in. The trunk, here. We have some plastic, to protect the. Paint down there also some. Aluminium insertion. On the side here. For. Crate loading. When you load stuff it's directly, flat also, grating. Also. Hooks, here on the side really, useful the, button for closing the trunk it's right here is not on the door they. Chose to put it down much better in my opinion much. Simple, here. We have some space for. Your. Stuff. Also. 12. Volt, port, right, here. Really. Useful. Also. We have this nice. Speaker. With, chrome, around it I see it on the other car I don't remember on what car and I liked it very much I love, this chrome around the speaker look, pretty nice also. This protection, from the trunk, you, can also pull, it very simple, here, and. It's very useful you. Can. Also see, how it's look the, trunk it's really, huge you have a lot of space here in the trunk and you, can also take this out if you want it as. I. Say the trumpets, it's big under, this, floor. We, have the steering. Wheel just, the. Spare. Tire guys, so, you can take the spare tire out you, can put a repair, kit and you have a lot of space down there if, you need some extra space. Now. Let's. Lift this down to, see how much space we have so, we have here the. Handle, you just pull it and the, seat will go down as you see it, has a very very cool system, when, you put the seat down then.

The The, down part is go a little bit down too I see, this on. Honda. As well, andhe's. SUV, great, system, and make, the seats go, flat, and, you have a lot of space there. In. The trunk, and also on, the feet, a. Little bit of space also, the car have a beautiful. Light. Inside. You can see the light go, directly down here. And. You. You, have a great. Illuminated. Car in the night, also. The. Trongo. 100%. Flat so. You can have, a lot of hooks here so, you can even. Tied up what. You carry so, it's great, with car, looks at how nice it look with, this flat floor so you can even sleep, here if. You come with. Matches. Or something like that so. It's it's a great great car. And. I. Really like this trunk it's. Really huge. Great. Job I think, they do a great great job, with the strong, very. Well this. Grand Shiraki. Have. A lot of space in the and, I'm, really impressed to, see that. Is not only. Spacious. And nice and, great, off-roader, but. It's also have, great, quality, and we will go now in the interior, and we, will see the. Quality of the materials. For. Example look. How cool you can adjust this, in the back also, you can put it straight or you can put it on them your back and, I never see this. Is the most most. Comfortable. Position I ever Drive and I didn't see this on many. Other cars, but. We will go there in a minute, also, here we have great quality on the doors, everything. It's soft, material. Nice. Design. Every. Line it's in the perfect place, also. This. Insertion. Here look, fantastic with, this chrome you can see for yourself, they. Did, a great job they, work very well at every detail. Everything. It's great, great quality, even the leather down here also, the button for the windows, they're. Simple. Now. We have here some speaker, and, place for your bottle a great, big entrance in the car down. Here everything. It's simple a little bit of plastic, and the. Nice thing is that we don't have a step. There you can go in the car very easy. That's. That's. Grating. For. The kids if, you have kids now. Also we, have nice. Nice. Leather sit. Here in the back also little, holes, that. Look, fantastic my, opinion, also. The stitches, here. Look. Nice everything, it's great great, quality. Great. Material. As. You touch it are, great, also. I sit from them on this seat and when. You leave the seat on the back you can you, can drive, relax for long long trips. And you feel amazing great. Quality, great, great. Comfort, also. We have two cupholders in the middle you. Cannot open the middle for. Long items. Also. Here in the front we have some plastic, to, protect the, front seat. Pretty, great when you have kids that, doesn't, break, the front seat. Now. Here. In the middle, we. Have some vents, I will, show you in a moment let's make a little bit more light inside, the car, let's. Open I try to open the door and now I have more light to show, you this interesting. Air, vent so here in the back you can even change, where, you want the air go on the. Legs. On, the. Metal. Call for little, little. Part of the car to, USB port as well here, pretty. Great, really. Useful in 2019. In. My opinion and. Quite. Great there, we have flat, floor, this is another, another, great, thing that I. Interests. Me on on this car a. Lot. Of legs on my a lot of space, on my legs even, I can stretch my legs under the front seat and you can see have, a lot of space there. Sitting. On the back on this car. It's. Really comfortable. A. Lot. Of space on my head as well. Huge. Space, on. My head. Closing. The door and. It's. Really comfortable, in, this position the seat also great visibility look, how big is the window there, great. Great, visibility, and, also. Great. Comfort. I said, this before but this is my favorite. Favorite. Part. Back. Part of the car I never never seen, in other cars so much comfort. And so, good position. Of. Staying. In. The back I mean so it's really great, this. Is really really great job for, work on this is great job also I love that I can put my legs together like that because, they make this center console a little bit shorter, on the other car it's longer and you, cannot put your feet together like. That there, but, this this Jeep Grand Cherokee, have a lot. Of space on my leg there so. I can even stay like that you can also see how, much space I have on my head as well, huge. Space, great. Comfort. I'm. Really, really happy with it. With. This Jeep. Grand Cherokee. With. The back part with the banquette, the seats in the back they are fantastic, and. Good. Comfort. Anyway. Also. A, lot, of space for three, people in the back here, without hooks, we. Have handle. We, have great, visibility big. Windows. Also. Speaker, here, in the back, you. Can see it on, the, c-pillar, tear in the back also. We have, microphone. In the back there if, you want to speak on bluetooth and up here we have the sunroof I will show you in a moment. It's. Look. Amazing, the the glass. Roof on the. Roof. There look fantastic. Now. Let's. Go on, the front now to show you the front part of the car the same handle. You. Can lock and unlock the car only with your finger. If you have key in your pocket now. The doors same, great, quality, as in the back.

Same. Design. Soft. Material, everywhere. Also. Down, here we have some chrome, lines. You. Can see really beautiful, look really, nice. Also. Speaker up there. Here. We have some leather, with. Nice stitch. Is, the. Buttons, for the windows. Lock. And unlock the, door here we have the buttons, for the seats. Electric, seat so you can save the position, also, speaker. Place. Here, for rebuttal. And. That's. The door the, entrance in the car. It's. Really. Simple. We, have a cheap, logo, here, with. With. Aluminium. And, also. A flat, floor so you can go in the car really easy for the driver it's also easy in, the back for the passenger, also very, easy so. This is up close for an SUV electric. Seat very. Responsive. They. Are really, really very. Responds. Really fast and. You. Have different. Adjustable. Modes. For. Example for lumbar part two you. Can also see, the seats in the front they, are also great, quality. They, look very nice and. We. Have also side support. They. Are, heated. Shift here, in the tag. Something. That makes the car. Really. Really, comfortable. In the winter time, but. Nowadays, almost. All the car have, electric. Seats here. We have a, handbrake. The. Same like on the Mercedes here. We have the light guys. I show you before in the beginning of the video and, also background. The interior light of the button look very nice in blue. If. You want to see it one more time, this. Is the LED light in the back. In. My opinion, we look fantastic. It's. Really nice and. It's. Like a 3d, model, also, the front. It's. My favorite, part. And. We have this. Day, and they delight. Quite. Interesting. And. Those are the, background. Light that I am Telling You a blue-white. Light. Really. Nice, in the night you. Can see it almost, everywhere. Behind. The bottoms this. Blue light and, in. My opinion it is a very relaxing. Light. Make. You calm and. Not red like make you a little bit nervous or stuff anyway. Here is the key. Very, interesting, a nice key, with. The Jeep logo, on it. Going. Forward, we, have soft, soft, soft material. On the dashboard. Nice, bends, here. With chrome insertion, around it also. This flag. That's. The dark grey plastic. There. To. Look very nice, now. On the dash here. We have soft. Material, speaker, there, in. The middle also. Great design, and great visibility. In. The, middle we have this. An. Application, system with a black glossy and from. Around. Here, and there also. Very. Nice and. Every. Single, detail, its work, perfect. And, they did a great job great, quality, materials. Also start/stop. Button right, here. Inserted. In this nice dashboard. Chrome. Down here, as. Well, as you. See it's go all the way down, in, the right to. The vent. It's, look very nice too, very nice how they integrate. The. Cockpit, in the door you can see there it's this. Chrome design, go all the way to the door, they. Make like, one. Long. Design. Really. Nice also, big, claw box here two. Parts, you have space, up there to put some stuff also, a light. It. Is very spacious and, very nice also. A lot of space for the legs or the passenger, legs a speaker. There. On the a pillar great. Visibility big, windows. Also. On. The mirrors. You. Have great visibility and. You. Have a very good position of, driving. Really. Really comfortable, also. The string will it's, great, great quality. Leather. You. Have a great grip and. You. Have a great great visibility, on the, cockpit. Also, the Jeep logo, with chrome round here the. Buttons, for the different, settings on, the, media also. Here. You can control the adaptive, cruise control we. Have a clapper for, the gear. Shifter. So you can change it manually if you want from here also, chrome, in section around cockpit, there. So. The cockpit, look very nice interesting. Combination. Rounder, we have, the. Gas fuel, tank and temperature. For the engine, also, the, 200 meter there, in the left side in, the middle we have an, electronic.

Digital. Display. With. Great colors, I don't, think you can see it so well in my video. But I. Tell. You the display. The infotainment. System. Has. A great, great brightness, great colors, and great, resolution here, we have the buttons for different, settings. Port, equal. Lane. Assist, sensors, parking. Sensors, and. You. Can also park, your car. Automatic. Because. The car have a lot of sensors, also. The, center, homes will have a beautiful, design 2. USB, port one of Scilly airport and 12 volt or 20, R 2019. Also a place for your handy, for, your mobile, phone up there it's. Really great really. Great space, down. Here we have this stick. For gear, shifter, that, also, look nice, it's. Really small and, this, is a plus. Because, it doesn't take much. Space here in the middle console. Also. A nice design, chrome, hood. With. Some, plastic, crater. The. Buttons the different mode of driving, snow sand, rock mud. Depending. Where you drive with the car the. All-wheel, drive on this Jeep do a great job and the. Car. It's. Amazing, off-road you. Know you know as well that the chip made. The. Best car of Rhodes, they, have a lot of experience. And they make great job now, here, is the CD player. And. Another 12 volt port in a small place to put your stuff here so. The. Multimedia, and infotainment, system, for CD it's right here in the middle. So. Going. Forward and. I. Want. To show you a little bit here the, roof we have the microphone, up there, we have mirrors. With. Two like the beautiful. And great quality the roof it's great great quality. It's, feels soft and nice as you touch it also, here, we have lights. We. Have four lights this time in this car you can see it you, have a lot of light. In. The night if you need it also, here. Are. The buttons for the beautiful. Sunroof. That I will open it now for you to, see how how beautiful, its look like so. You can open it. For, example, all the way the. Glass or you can just, leave. Leave. The first part, you, have. Different, option when, you only. Want to open it but look how beautiful it look like and it's come a lot of light inside the car. Here. Are the. Other buttons, for the. Light. We, also have this class support. Here very. Useful, in my opinion I, don't. Have it on my car but I miss it a lot so. I hope my next car will have this in. The back you have great visibility. No. Blind spot there also, the car have back camera, so, it's you, don't have any problem, of. Of. Seeing. On the back, the. Surroundings. Now. This, amazing. New for Taemin system it's one of the best. Quality. It's it's glossy, here, it's touch screen it, has beautiful, colors, beautiful, brightness, one. Of the best on the market I can say this. Infotainment, system, and. It's very responsive, and beautiful, also. The navigation work.

Really. Fast and has a great, processor. I think great hardware, and software behind, this you, can see how responsive, it is and. I. Will. Say it's a premium infotainment. System, it, is in the same class with. Audi. And Mercedes, it's. Work fast, it's work amazing. You can see here I just, touch it and the navigation. It's go directly there you can connect to the internet connect. To your, phone. Bluetooth, to, Android out to an uppercut, play and all that stuff so. It. Is a really fantastical, so we have a freedom app. And. I. Like. It I, like. How cool it is and how. Responsive it. Is you. Also have all kind of details, you have, a radio. FM. M it's, really simple to use and intuitive. It's make, the, is make everything, it should make here. You can also, control. Hitting, seats steering. Wheel from. The display, here. It's. Also not, so complicated, so it's, easy to use for all the people so. Not, only for, the. People that know to play. With. Computers. Or. Tablet. And, mobile. Phones, smartphones, but. This is also simple, for the people that are. Not. So good with. Computers. And tablet, so, it's very intuitive very simple, here we have a lot of information, about the car off-road when, you go off-road, it's, really great it's really useful now, the car it's also connected to the Internet here you have all. Kinds of information. About. The car. Here. You can connect. Your mobile. Phone. And. Yeah. As. I showed you before. It, has a lot of a lot, of. Setting. A lot of detail, here about, almost. About everything, you can also change, the balance, the, equalizer. Of, the. Sound. There's. A lot of a lot of option, here. The, way one sound we're, doing, sound and stuff like that you, can change the language. As, well on, the car. If. You prefer other language, and. I. Like it I like it and I like it more when it's glossy, then. Matte because when it's glossy it's. The. Screen is more responsive, and also easy to use from the driver. Position. It's really, easy to use it, is in a perfect position now. Also. A lot, of space on my head in the front great, comfort, on the seats great. Position, of driving, a lot, of space here. No, complaining, at all so, I can see very well the cockpit, there the, digital, cockpit, look. Also nice. And, it's one of my favorite. And. Yeah. As you can see I can control. Every. Every. Single. Button. On, this car very easy here. Also the, adaptive, cruise control and, the, newest technology, if you know emergency. Brake, and, all. That stuff this. Car have on it so, it's really really great car, with, a, lot, of great technology. Now. There in the front I will show you now, the digital cockpit, and, the. Option, that has on it so. You can see there you. Can. Change different settings. And. You can see different things there in the front. Of. The cockpit so, you can see the speed you can see the consumption. You can see the speedometer, or. Yeah. Other stuff, or the graphic.

You. Can change, there in the phone the speed limit you have all kinds of, option. And, all. Kind of. Things. That you can change there in the front. It's. Really, really, it's. Really complex. System. There. And. You can see for yourself I just change it here that you. Can see for yourself different, settings. Which. You can choice, the. Brightness, on the cockpit. It's very nice it's, very bright, and you have, great visibility also. The resolution, is it's good and it's. Very responsive. And. Also. Very simple, to use. Here. You can see the consumption. For example if you want to set. It to see the consumption. Of the car and. How much time you drive and, humming kilometer, trip. A trip B, and. All that stuff are right, here so, these are the buttons to control it it's very simple and very easy you can go in different a new, different, settings, so it's, nothing complicated. Adaptive. Cruise control you, can also see it there in the front and. All. That information. About it you, can also see, how much air you have in the. Tires. So. This is a really, really nice feature, to. Have it there on. Your car also the radio, you can see it. So. You have, different. Different. Settings. That. You can change it also, the navigation, system it's really responsive and, nice, and. The maps look great. So. So. That's kind of the interior. Guys I'm, really curious what do you think about this interior. Of the car, please. Feel. Free to send me your feedback and, to. Write. Me your opinion, tell me what would you like to see on. The next cars, also. Subscribe. To my channel, like it share with your friends, I. Hope, it was helpful this, video for you I hope. It. Answers some question, about this car and I, hope, it will help you to make a decision. If you want to buy a car an. SUV or. Something, like that if. You have questions please please. Feel, free to comment and to, ask me everything. And. I will be happy to to. Respond, you also you can check out my other videos with. Jeep, cars I have a lot of new. Cars, on my channel so you can check it out to. See also. Review, test drives with. The newest car, on the market and. Yeah. Look. Again this, beautiful, move there and back how nice it's look for.

The Passenger, and, for the kids for. The people that stay on the back seat. It's. Much much better, because. When you drive when you stay in the front you cannot look up but, when you stay here in the back for, the back passenger, it. Is a fantastic. Option. To, have it on the car I love. About this card great, space, in the back are, some, some feature that I love about this car the. Back part, of passenger, side in the back it's, amazing. Great comfort, the, seats are really adjustable. On the bed and, you have a lot of space in the middle there for your legs, so. It. Is is, new. Grand. Shiraki, it, is fantastic. One. Of the best SUV on the market and it's, also very, beautiful. In. My opinion so. Anyway, guys here. Are some information about. This. Jeep, Grand Cherokee. As, limited. Four-wheel, drive 3 liter engine. 250. Horsepower it's, a very very strong car, the. Consumption. Co2. Grams. Also. It is a diesel car option. Price. Sixty, three thousand, eight hundred, francs. Dollar, if, you come at Belvoir, in Baron. They. Have a great great price, and I really recommend to come here because, we have great, discounts. So. Thank. You for watching guys, see. You soon and take, care of yourself, thank you for watching my videos. You.

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If you say about this car "great quality" you have to see Audi or BMW cars first, then you'll know what means "great quality" and you'll know, that interior of this car (jeep) is a piece o cheap, plasticy shit.

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