New Hyundai Tucson Review 2019 Facelift Interior & Exterior

New Hyundai Tucson Review 2019 Facelift Interior & Exterior

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Guys. And welcome to a video. About, the new tuned I took the. Model it's five thousand and nineteen and I. Want, to show you around walk. Through the interior, exterior the. New multimedia. System. And. Let. Me know what you think about here, is the back, of the new trucks on we, see the new, LED. Lights here up here and we have here the normal, book and here, to the, normal light and. Here. We have this, tux, on and hush track. Here. In. The back we have two camera, for. Going. Back we have the sensors, here. For. Sensors. And, you. Have this plastic. To, protect the pain, down. Here, so. This is pretty cool. Down. Here we, have only one exhaust. Pipe. In. The right side you. Can see here it's plastic. Here's, plastic, - but with other colour and here's the exhausted, pipe that. Looks very nice. Really. Interesting. Here. We have also. Red. Light. Reflection. And up. Here we have the, nice. LED. Brake, light, so. They are pretty. So. Opening. The trunk. It's. Automatic. Just. Have to press the button and. The. Lift gate go up. Pretty. Cool and, here's. The trunk, actually. You can see it's. Straight. Here, it's. Pretty, big space you, have a 12 volt port, here. The. Light. In. This side you have a speaker, and. Some. Plastic, here from the wheel and a. Lot of space in the trunk. Under. We, have some. Place. For the kids and, for the. Other stuff I don't know if under. This it's something, I, don't. Think so. Nothing. There, so, but. The place is really, huge, you. Can actually. Pull. This like that too. So. Let's, make a lot. Of space. Here, that's. The trunk. Here, you can. Actually, push the button and the. Close automatic. Really. Nice. So. In the back. Here. We, have lots. Of space in the, middle have a center console, where you can put your cup. Holders, this. Leather it's. Really good quality. This. Is fixed, here you cannot open it for, the skis or long items, in the middle but, you can actually put. This sits. Down, and then. Here. You have this, option. As you can see we pull this down and then, the seat it's, coming, down and you can see how much space it. Is here. Go. Almost, flat. Down, let's. Show him the other. Other. Parts, too. Here, you, pull this down, and. This equals, it and that come down and it's. Almost flat, here, and it's a lot of space. Look. At this it's. A huge space here, guys, it's really, big. Really. Really, really big in this, tube. Son it's a lot of space you can, actually. Slip. In here. That's, the interior. All right that's. It the truck. Let's. Does this. And. Yeah. Let's. Go inside and. See the doors here, we, have soft material, on the doors not. Very. Soft wood tied, too soft here the nice, interesting.

Design, For, plastic. Gray. Really. Nice here. On the panel, some. Plastic. Plastic. The. Speaker place. Or the water we. Have the Creole, speaker. And here. Have a soft material, in, this side and, the, buttons, for the window, and for. The. Heating. In the city the. Sitting, are heated, and this. Is pretty cool and the interesting stuff is that it's, on the door the. Hitting button, here we have the Dixon, a. Plastic. To protect the paint and. Sound. Likes to hear here you can adjust, your seat you, can actually adjust it on the back or a little bit like that if you need more space in the trunk and it's. Nobody, there so, the. Seat. Are, very. Well made, they're. Really great really, good quality. And. Lets, expansion. Can. Close the door. Here, we have some. Plastic. And we. Have this space. To. Sit, it's far. Away back as you can see there and. Up. Here, it's plenty, of space I think. It's four or five fingers. So. It's a lot of space. The. Quality of the seats are very well and you, can sit, here. Really. Comfortable, without problem, visibility. It's perfect. You. Have also, hand. That. You can hold so. It's pretty cool in. The. Middle. In. The middle it's a, little. Bit, the. Seat. Are a little bit stronger you have the same, four. Finger up it's no problem you sit a little bit higher but, it's cool here. It's a lot a space for one person in. This place - I think. You can sit three. Person, here not very comfortable, because, you can see here it's just this. What. You need but you can sit here free person, but, in the middle you cannot go in for long road is not so comfortable. In, the middle so, that's. It with the, backspace. So. Here. We have some. Ears. Ventilating. And, down. Here we have the. Let's. Make some light USB, port and a. 12. Volt port, here, actually. It's, a USB. Only, as. You can see it's only USB. There, and. That's. It with the back you have a light LED. Light. Critical. That's. Interesting, that's it very nice, and. Nice. Alright. The. Front light as. You know you, have to have the key with you and the, doors it's actually. Closed. With one touch, and. When. You open it you have to put. The. Finger here in the door it's open so, you don't have to use the key, here. The same like in the back we have a speaker I have, some, soft. Plastic, of the upper, side and here, a little bit, strong. Plastic, here. Too soft. Material. Some strong, plastic, krill. Speaker. Here big one and. Plastic. And here. Some. Space for, bottles. And stuff. Here the nice light and. Here. Also. Plastic. Down. Here, we have the. Plastic. To protect the pain that said tips, on it and. Going. For door to the city we have the electric. Adjustable. Seat that you and I make a great job with. This seat, as you can see you can adjust it up down. You have forward. Backward. All. Kind of option look at this. Down. It's. Worked fantastic.

And This one here it's, really, great for the back pain a pain. In the back as you can see in the middle here go. Back and, it's go forward, I don't know if you can see it but, this is really cool really. So. The. Seat in the front they. Are heated. Seat oh I. Forget about the. Buttons of the window here is the button for the window. Pretty. Interesting. In the mirror, left. Right you can adjust it from here very. Easy and simple you have everything, lock. Doors. And. Other. Stuff. Now. The seat, are, pretty, awesome, they, are ventilated, sit and, heated. Seat and you, and I make. A great job and it's a great comfort to sit. In this, leadership. They. Are pretty pretty nice. Really. Great really. Good now let's sit on them. See. How you feel on the position. On the driver, it's. Pretty, nice, and comfortable. And as. You know you can adjust this in, in, many ways and. Its, really, great to sit in. In. This doxology. It's, nice you, have plenty, of visibility here. You, can see all very, well. It's. Sunroof. It's, up here, and. You can see, what, we need to. Start. The car I think. And. Then its work. Now. Look. At these guys you. Can open, the song and, you have plenty, of life here and this. Is actually, look. Fantastic. Let's. Look great look at this really. Great and, the. Visibility, in the back it's pretty well, maybe. In this side is not so good visibility because. Of the pillar but. This. Car I have a lot of sensor, for, driving, back. And. The camera in the back so you don't have to worry about, driving. In the back and the, mirrors are really, big and really cool, look, at this you have all kind of sensors, blind, spot sensors, right there in. The corner so. You don't have to worry when. You drive in the back so, here, it's easy to use, that's for. LED. Light here, pretty nice you, have a glass. Here. Holder. Then, this, is for the sunroof, you can close it and open, it the way you want it, it's. Pretty, nice it's pretty cool here. We have the. Mirror. Big. Mirror, with. The normal. Light. Here. Look. Great. Now, this mirror as. You can see you can. Put. It in the night time, or, in, the daytime it's, really great it's really big school. Okay. So. The. Material, on this upper. Side it's good. Quality. Down. Here too it's soft material. Great. Now, here, we have some, soft, material, on the dashboard. You can touch it it's, kind of soft and nice you, have the speaker. Really. Interesting, soft, everywhere, then. We, go down, to this dashboard. That, look pretty, nice and, here we have soft material, like a leather it. Make here, soft, and here, we have the leather so. This time they did a better, job, and. Here's. Plastic, on this side, and. The. Door pocket, here it's huge. That's. Great I like that and, the. Design it's pretty interesting pretty nice and pretty, intuitive. And easy to use you can access, it very, easy, as you can see the. Everything. It's here. Around. Your hand, and, you can actually. Very. Easy touch and. Adjust. Different, setting, on, the car and air vents be, looking nice a little. Bit plastic. Chrome. Here, that, look good the, start/stop, button look. Pretty, nice and. Air. Vents, on the side they. Look simple, and with. Some. Chrome design on the side and simple and easy, to use elector. They.

Are So easy to use so, soft its feel good its feel good quality, and down, here we have the light, what. Kind of the light options, the lane assist. What. More the blind spot the. Off. ACP. And then, lock the, four-wheel-drive. And. Other. Stuff. Then. Down. Here we have the. Ventilated. Seat as you can see the, heated, seat steering. Wheel heated, coming. Almost, all, the corner. All the. Human. Cars it's. Pretty great, now, here this, air, its. Conditioning. It's, very simple, very cool, we have in the back too you. Can, synchronize. For. The passengers, to and it's. Really cool, really. Nice and we have a black. Here. Down. Here we can charge your phone that's, really cool, this is really useful and here, we have some 12. Volt 14, he, will be enough see here as, you can see that's pretty nice. Its. Place. The. Key, cupholders. To here or, the smoking, person. He'll have the, electric. Brake and brake. That's really cool really, useful. We, have drive mode, auto. Hold, parking. Sensors, view. Of the camera I will show you a little bit later, these. Functions, with, the parking, and here, in the middle the middle. Armrest. From. Leather with. Really. Good quality here. Up we can leave some stuff or, you can take it out and you, have a huge, space here, actually, pretty, huge. You can live here a lot of stuff now, the, steering, wheel it. Is, with leather, and it's well-made look, at this they really work on it this. Is really good quality it's feel perfect. This. Time they make a great job with this thing I think it, lasts. Longer. Than the. Older one so this is really great, nice. Great design here the button speaker, you. Can see, you can use it all. It different. Cruise. Control and other, option. You have it's here on. The buttons. And. Then the other stuff there. Actually. To normal, like in the other one, so. That's. That's. It with this, now, let's start the engine, when. You start the engine and. Let's. See. The, car need, a little. Bit of, now, the air conditioning, starts but it stopped it from here now. This is the dashboard it's, pretty, interesting and I, like this blue. Blue. White light that's. Really, good for the eyes in, the middle who have to display, digital. Display that's pretty, cool that. Look. Nice you have temperature, you, can read.

The. Signs and the speed limit, and you, have. All kind of information so. It's. Not a digital but. It's. Pretty cool, now let's go to the media center, here. In the middle let's. Talk a little bit about this, and, you. See. Here. We have GPS. We have all kind of buttons, here look. Really, interesting it's, you can see it's outside, here and, it look good the resolution. And the quality, it's, really. Good so, let's. See map you, can go to map and, you see the map you can see here read, the, street. Signs and, the, speed limit and, this is. This. Is also a touchscreen, you. Can actually. I just. It from here or from whatever, you want you. Can put a dress here. Where you want to go then, okay. Then. You can actually drive, there for example, people. To. Work. Really nice, really. Fast. And then you can put it to drive, there and, it's. Drive anyway. Then. You have the home here. You have kind, of option. The. Menu. In. The menu you have Android, auto apple, carplay you. Have all kind of information radio. Here. Navigation. You. Can actually have the. Language. Change, the language, system. Info. And. You. Can see the picture, that side. Time. And hour, and. Setting. Yeah, I think of, the car of the, different. Stuff, it's. Work really fast very nice it's, really good and. Simple. And the, visibility, it's perfect. From here you, can see. Everything. Really. Perfect, so. Let's. See the light guys. Let's. Open the light and see. How. It looked a light and then, we see the under, the drum. Now. It's. Look like. So. The, backlight like I say it's. Pretty, nice here we have the normal book and, I think here, too but down here we have the LED lights that look pretty nice in the dark to, look interesting, it's, a daytime, I don't know if you can see it so well but look. Really, good, it's. Really nice. So. That's the light in the back in, the front we. Have here on the door on, the, mirror, this. Interesting. Nice. Light. And in the front we have this LED, light day. LED light. Pretty. Cool look at this. Very. Great. Let's, close the light and, see what's. Under, the trunk. So. You. Can also. Up, here. Put. Some extra trunk, space, and you can carry your bike and your, other, stuff, so that's. Really. Really helpful too, that. You can carry stuff on the, upper. Side of the car now. Page. 80 that's, a great engine, with. A great performance. Really. Strong really, great. So. And this. Is manually. So. I actually have, to hold it with my hand so. That's. The. Trunk. And engine, and here is the design of. The new tux on we, have a camera in the front here, I think you can see it and you. Have this chrome, nice. Lines, with, these triangles. In the, black down. Here have this, plastic. Bumper, and we have a lot of high. Here. The. Light down here it's. Pretty interesting, it's, really nice. And. Here. We have the continental, wheels. That, come standard. 19-inch. Wheels. And. This. Is looking. Pretty nice on, this car, they're. Really. Beautiful. Here. We also have this plastic, to protect the paint around. The doors that's, around Oh wheels. Around, everywhere. Look at this here down here we. Have everywhere this plastic, to, protect the. Car. Paint. Do. Not be scratch or destroyed. That's. Pretty useful I see on other cars, too. Here, we have the. Cameras. For. The side of the car and have some LED light there for. The nighttime it's really interesting, the. Handles, are. Really. Nice in, the back here have this nice. Black. Protection. Too to. Protect the paint so this is really useful in, the service, they don't need to they don't have to change so much they change this and. This. Part of the car and stay, like that so it's really nice here. On the side you can see we have three, lines. That. Can. See in the night which, it's. Beautiful. So, really nice the. One thing that I forget, to show you guys it's. The. Parking. Parking. Sensors, so. Let's. Show you that we. Open, this. And. Now. If. You push this button here, view. And, then. Wait. A second. If, you push this bill I think. That navigation. Need to. Come. Come, come come now if. You push this on. It. Should work what is not work why not okay, let's do it other thing let's try to put. It in reverse, just. Like. That and now. Guys. When you put the car in the reverse you. Can see the actual camera, and you can see the 3d, cameras, here you. Can see in the back. Camera. Quality. And. You can see different stuff, on the side on the left on the rack you. Can see what's. Around. Oh it's. I have to say that something, the quality of the camera is. Not so, good. But. It's. Working. It's get you understand, where you are you, can see very well and. Pretty. Useful. Yeah. But the quality is not, so like, premium. Like in Machias or other, cars. So, that's. Really easy to use stick. Here you press this button and then you put it in the park and.

Then It's go in the normal, mode and. Then when you close it. You. Hear this nice sound from you and I and, then you see the information about your Road so. That. Was the that, was the car guys that. Was the interior, and exterior, and, I, talked a little bit about everything. I. Think. The car have. Great. Potential, the, price it's fantastic, it's around. 45,000. This, is the new hue now 2019. Model you have all kind of. Comfort. Here in the seat you have, the, great. Engine, they make great, fantastic engine. For. This big car it's very. Economical. And. Very, good you, have good, quality on. The interior, you have heating, seat, ventilated. Seat on the front on the back you. Have charging. USB port, all kind of. Cameras. Around the car sensors. At. This amazing. Panoramic roof, let's, look fantastic and. I like it very much you have a lot of space, in the back. With. Good quality, and. I. Think. The car it, looked good from outside and. Deserve. This money for this money you don't buy on. The other companies. Something. Better like that so this. Is, pretty. Interesting and. It's just pretty good. Option. For you if you want a bigger car for, the family, and I. I. Really, recommend, this car the, price it's fantastic, in this price range you, don't find something better than this so. Guys, thank. You for watching my video I wait. You on the next video, and. Please. Subscribe to my channel and see. You soon bye guys. You.

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Very nice car

Very nice informative review... keep it up

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Just bought one here in Toowoomba Australia...took a long test drive of a highlander (highest spec)....put my money down for the 2019 face-lifted model, with smart cruise and full sunroof, navigation and heated/cooled seats, self parking, lane assist, high beam assist, 8 speaker + sub sound system , android/apple carplay, cross traffic warning etc, etc,etc..was sure the engine was going to be too small...nope...plenty power in the low to mid range. If you want a 200 mph drag car.....dont buy it. if you want a long warranty ,comfortable vehicle that eats up the miles in comfort and give good mileage and drives like a the updated 2019 Tucson. Toowoomba is semi-rural...perfect for the dual-clutch transmission....not so good for heavy traffic in Sydney, L.A. London and other "crawl-drive" cities.

Thank you very much for all the info and tips about Tucson. Wish you the best with your new car, enjoy it.

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Your English is perfectly fine and spoken very well. It was easy to understand you.

Yes i know, i try my best to do a better job next time. Thank you for tip and appreciation.

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They should of put a real dual exhaust. Cars with a single pipe looks weird and not sporty. It doesnt look symmetrical. Also the tires need more sidewall since too skinny tires get damage and cars like Mazda cx5 or Honda crv have bigger tires and same wheels.

Agree with you .

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Automatic, you can see it in my other video the Test Drive with Same car.

Nice look but ugly buttons and cheap plastic like in all Hyundai.

I kind of agree with you, but at this price you cant expect much more is half price from Mercedes or Bmw. Thank you for watching my videos.

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No spare tire,just repair kit. Thank you for watching my video.

I will like to have aTucson with a v6 engine like the 3.8 that is in the 2017 Genesis G80

+SDA Dan 3.8 v6 AWD in a Tucson yeah

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Do not buy a Tucson the look very nice,I bought one and they will cost you a fortune to run,it guzzles fuel,u have to constantly keep filling it,very bad value for money,.

Thank you for tip and for watching my videos.

Hmm, interesting. Just looked at the 2019 Tucson in Australia and it has a full size Tyre. My 2018 has a full size tyre too but maybe in certain countries they rely on the warranty and roadside assistance. Personally if you are interested in one then look at the brochure or go down to a showroom and look yourself and save all the guessing.

In those days all Hyundai cars have 5 years Assistance and they fix your car if something happend and all cars Insurance have this on this days. So you dont need to care it . The Fuel consumption is less without it.

It should have a full size spare tyre in the cargo area. Australian version does anyway. I cannot see why it wouldn't be there in overseas versions. Who drives a car without a spare tyre?

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Right , in Switzerland all the cars have automatic frm Insurace Road Assistance so they dont need so much spare tyre.

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+SDA Dan Cars do that. my point was it could have been better for a car of this size relatively. Looking forward buddy :)

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