New Ford Mondeo SW Estate 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Ford Mondeo SW Estate 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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Hello, guys and welcome, back, to, a new video today I'm, right here with the. Ford. Mondeo. 2019. Model. This. Is the. State. Tourer. Version. And I'm. Really, really happy to, review this car for you to. Show you interior, exterior. And. Every, single, detail, about, this, car so. First. Of all let's. Start with this nice, mirrors. Also. With blind spot, technology. You, can see there, the. Car have also, a lot of new technology. On it the, the, new Mondeo, also. The LED. Headlamps. In the front in the back, the. Newest technology, from forth and. They. Also have, a beautiful, design you, can see here fort. Dynamical. LED. System. And also. This. Technology, work. Against. The. Against. Blinding, the other driver. Of the street also, down here we have the. Fog lamp. Also. Beautiful. Front. Grille with. This nice chrome. Designed. Chrome. Lines in. My opinion look very nice and. Between. Them the, air can go inside to cool, the. Engine of this. Ford, Mondeo. Also. This grey dark. It's really beautiful, also, another grill, down here this time also the, chrome. Design, around it and. Parking. Sensors in the front. On. The side as well here. We have this chrome nice. Chrome with, black glossy, around, this, fog. Lamps, down there and. Actually. I like the way the integrated, chrome in these headlamps. There, they. Are very very nice also, no protection. From, the, edges, of the car usually. Here. Have. To be a plastic as, you can see down here we. Have a plastic in, the same color as the, car, and. You didn't, even notice, that. It is a protection. Down there and. I. Think it's, look much much beautiful without that black. Matte. Plastic. To. Protect the edges or the front, of the car here we have these nice rims. From. Ford also. 17, inch rims. They. Look very nice in, my opinion. It's. Its best with a car very good I also like, this front. Lines, here, on, the hood, make, the car look. A little bit more sporty. And. Angrier. And also. The lines go, all the way in. The back. This. Line here. On the side of the car. Now. On, the side we can see this chrome, chrome. Chrome, around the windows. Big. Windows, really. Big windows, with great visibility from the interior, you will, see it a little bit later when you go in when we go inside the. Chrome, also looks very nice around, the windows and also up. Here you can add some extra truck, trunk. When. You want to carry. Many. Many stuff. With. The car even if the car have great. Trunk. I also, like this new technology, when you want to open and lock the door only, with, your. Fingers, you just need to have the key in your pocket and you can lock and unlock the door only. With, your. Hand. Or your, finger, also, a, beautiful, design, the back design it's.

Also Beautiful, in, my opinion. It's. A very long car it's. Not so easy to park in the city so, this, car, it's maybe more, for the people that. Heaven. Garage, or, they live. In house, depend. Depend. On many, many things, but. You need a big, place where to park this car. We have also sensors, here. In the back on. The down part also, we have a plastic, that protected, the paint but, you can see the plastic it's in the same color line like the card and it look beautiful. Make, the car look much much more beautiful, also. Sensors, parking, sensors on the side we. Have a black glossy, here, down here the. Fake, exhaust, and inside, them, the, real one. It. Also looked very nice in. My opinion and. The. Back of the car. It's. Really, really. Styling. So. We have two exhaust, pipe on this car and. We. Also have. Back. Camera. Sensors. And. Here's. The back camera, also. This chrome line that come all, over from. The. The. Backlight, to the other. From. The left to the right up. Here we have a simple model back. Brake. Light up. Here, and, kind. Of simple. Design, on. The diffuser, air, diffuser. Up here. Nothing. Complicated. It's. Everything. Smooth. And. For. A better aerodynamic. I guess. We have. Electric. Tailgate. Here the trunk you, have this button here also you can do. It manually, we, also have this protection, from the trunk. So. For example for the Sun or, for, the people that, want to look. Down there so. It's. Really cool and. The trunk. It's it's, actually huge. You. Can see fully self here, I was, expected, to be a plastic, to protect this, nice. Paint. But. Depend. Now. Here we have this aluminum. Chrome it's, blue because it's. New. And. We. Still have protection. Folia. Over. It and. But. It's very nice I like the trunk I like, that it's huge you can also order this for eighty. Seven. Dollars or, thanks. If. You wanna buy it here is the code if. You want to buy this protection. For the trunk, robber. Protection, under here, if. You're curious what it's under here you, will see it is another. Space a small. Space, maybe ten centimeter, where, you can put some stuff, and you can, take this out you, will see repair, kit in another space here. To. Put some items. So. Pretty pretty useful. And. Nice. Now. Called, ordered. The. Trunk is really big here on the side you can also put, some stuff, it's. Really big trunk also, a speaker, here in the trunk, it. Has a better great. Sound twelve. Volt port a nice LED. Light there on, the side. And. Also this, button for the hook. Now. If you have a crab. On or. Trailer. You. Just press this button and the. Hook will go out automatic. But. You have to you. Have to see it it's this is hiding. Down. There and, it has a nice system, if, you push it two. Times you. Have to push it two, times fast, and. You have to wait a few seconds, and down. And, then here, we go it's.

Called To multi cult it's. Really cool the, new system, here it's also. If. You are interested on, which kind of. Current, test also, be repressive again, two times, the. Hook will go automatic. In after. A few seconds maybe. 10. Seconds, or something like that it's. Really really great even, for, people. That doesn't, want to go to to. Get dirty on the hand so. It's quite useful you, also have this protection, for the trunk. If. You in case if you want to use it it's, very useful. Now, take. This out and see. How to look without it I. Want. To go in, the back then. Leave the seat down and. Show you, how. The car look with the seats down I really, like this window, here on the side it's really big great. Visibility. Now. We. Left this to blanket, down to, see if you have a flat, floor and it's, almost flat, maybe. Maybe. Just a, little bit but but. It's really. Flat, you can carry, long items without any problem, even, down there on the feet you, can put some stuff. And. It's really really cool a lot. Of space in the car you. Can even sleep here, or. Wherever. You. Want to carry you. Have a lot, of space, it's. Really, really spacious car, I, really. Enjoy it even here in the middle you have to. Hand. Holder, a cup. Holder here, when you can hold you. Can rest your arm. And even. You can open this for. Small. Items like skis. If, you, have four people and you want to carry skis, you can even. Carry it without any problem, in this car or whatever. Longer, items you, have there, big. Windows, the, door are are. Very nice, with. A beautiful, design soft. Material, on the door you can see for yourself, a great, quality, they, work. Nice he'll have a speaker, that, also. Nice and integrated. In the door panel, beautiful. With a chrome, with. This great. Design. Also. Have a little plastic up there but here again the leather, whites. Which is great. Quality. They. Did a great job with, this car and even. Down here you have a place for your bottle the, speaker, nice. Glossy. Plastic, and. Also, nice buttons, with the chrome. Design. On it really. Nice, really. Beautiful. Down. Here we have again this. Plastic. To protect the dominant part of the car and also, a little rubber. For. Protection. Of the, dorsum, plastic, on the side but, even, so the. That's. It have side. Protection. And. It's soft and it's, much, better than other cars that have only plastic on the side. Beautiful. You. Can see the finishing. The. Holes in the seats, the. Stitches. Headrest. Everything. Look beautiful. Also, great visibility look, at that window, look, how nice it's. Look from inside of, the car but, the fourth cars, have. Great, great, windows, and great, visibility from. The interior, this, is a plus, that I see on all the. Fourth. Cars, they. Have great windows, and. Great visibility outside. This. Is really cool and also, I like I. Like. The seat, they, are very comfortable, they, make comfortable. Seats. This. Is also a plus that I see on, Ford. And. I. Will. Tell you more when I get there here. We have, still. A lot of space in the front like. A driver, normal. Driver, position, and here. In the like I have huge space it, is a huge, car, and, you have a huge space even. For my feet I can play with my feet under the front seat you. Can see for yourself, almost, stretch my legs there for, a long road no, problem, even. On my head a lot of space. One. Hand and you. Can see for yourself, huge, space, closing. The door great, visibility in, the back on the side. You. Can see for yourself I don't. Even need to say nothing. It's. Clear visibility even for the kids because, the door it's a little bit dull and. Fantastic. Really. Happy and also I like the interior light it's, LED, and I like it very much, down. Here we. Have heated. Seat. For. The passenger. In the back for. The kids it's fantastic, in the winter and, they have heated. Seat back there and it's, pretty useful also, you have. 230. Volt down. Here in 12 volt port so. You can charge your laptop or. Whatever. You. Want to charge it's really, useful. These. Days in, my opinion, down. Here we have kind of big step, in the middle it's. A little, bit not so easy to stay in the middle so, you have to stay with, your feet on the side a little bit but. The space is huge. Now. Complaining, it's it's huge space even. In my head it's a lot of space in the middle I stay. Without any, problem, here it's a LED, light, on. My head it's look beautiful, on the camera you will not see like in the real. But. It, is nice I, have to tell, you that's, very very, very nice and I. Have great, comfort in the car even for three people here. I would have a good comfort, to. Sit. Yeah. As I say. Pretty. Happy with space. In the car and with. This. For Mandela. It. Is very spacious. Really. Really really very spacious car, and beautiful. Seat on, the back great. Quality, great comfort. The, mirrors as I say with blind spot very. Nice very. Stylish. And very. Big with great visibility, also. In the front the front door same, as in the back great quality, soft, materials, on the doors a nice.

Chrome, Design, here on the side everything. It's integrated. So nice even these buttons, with a chrome look. At this chrome, around them and this, speaker. It's. Really, nice. It's. Really nice, for did. A great job with, this car down. Here we have leather again, with stitches. As. You. Can see for yourself again. Here. Same. Leather same, nice design, same. Glass. Delusi. Plastic. Black nice. Chrome, on the buttons, they. Give you a little bit of nicer. Style, that. The simple. Plastic. Black. Buttons. I like. It when they are like that with a little bit of coke, they. Make it look nicer, the. Entries on the car. It's mondale, you. Can see the Mondeo, logo. Here, and. Also. We have an electric, seat and, I love this button, from electric, seats you, can see it has chrome, around them and they, make it look so so. Fancy. So. Fancy, and in, just, a little chrome, around the buttons make, the buttons, look super, fancy and, super. Expensive. Anyway. The, seat in the front also. Amazing. A leather. Great. Quality, great side. Support. You. Can see here the stitches. They. Are very nice and also. Holes, in the seat. The. Seat are also heated. Down. Here, up. Here on the dashboard we have the light you just have. To. You. Just have to it's. Very easy to use it also, the LED, light on the back look beautiful, in. The fourth, style. It. Has kind, of a round, design. There, of the. LED. In. The back in the night look nice. And, and. They. Are very, very visible, from. Long distance. And. Even. From the side you can you can see I'm on the side and I can still see the. Light there here. In the front LED, it's, much more. Refined. And, it's, only on the downer. Side, you can see like in you down. There and it's, very very thin. Not. So big very. Thin and very nice. Also. It, has a great grade for design, please support the new Ford Mondeo. 2019. Have beautiful. Beautiful from. Design. Anyway. You can see the car have an interior. Beautiful. Blue. Light. It's. Very nice in. The night to. Make you relaxed it's a relaxing. Color. Help. You. Relax. And you don't have any problem, with your eyes it's, better than red I like better this, interior. Light blue. Or, green green white, something, like that anyway. The. Vent are. Not so fancy and not so complicated, but the dashboard, is all soft. Material, the, vents are kind of simple. It's. Not so super, fancy as you touch it they, are really simple and normal I was. Expecting, to be a little, bit more fancy maybe a little bit of Chrome there. Also a speaker, up. Here, really. Nice design, soft. Material, on the dashboard. Also, I, don't I like. This this design here with the chrome, how. They make this vent there, I. Also. Love. This, glow. Box that it's huge, the, best glow box ever. Guys love. It look at their to, light in the glow box to, compartment. Up and down really. Amazing, really. Really big and really amazing, so, the best test Globox, ever. In. All the car everything. And. I see a lot of cars, this, is kind, of the best glovebox. The. Vents here also simple. Nothing. Fancy, nothing, complicated, don't, feel so super. Expensive. As you touch it. Also, chrome around the. Design. Of the cockpit, I'll show you later the, start/stop, engine button, it's look nice. It's. Beautiful. Also. The steering wheel. It's. Great quality. And. Its feel nice as you touch it. Also. In the city you have great comfort, and, of this it I love, the fact that you can adjust it in different ways in, different position. That's something, really, nice, also. This thing with great. Quality, as you touch it a nice grip you, have a nice grip on it, and. It, has a lot of buttons, here as you see it for. Adaptive. Cruise control for. Changing. Different setting. Here. You have the telephone and all. Other stuff, two buttons to control the. Menu, of the cockpit or. Multimedia. Infotainment. System. From the Ford, pretty. Cool, here. You have the clappers, to change the gear manually. If you wanted because. This car, it. Is an automatic. One here's the display. Mad mad. Display, the hurry-up, space, place. For. A CD, player. To. Sony Sony, collaborate. With. Ford, and I, see a lot of sony. Sound. System on, the ford cars. If. You see my other reviews. Did, you see the Ford Kuga. Have. The same sony system, also. Here are two buttons, that. Controlled. Chromatic. System also, hitting, exit, button, up here and. Chromatic. System so, it's. Quite, quite interesting, how they choice to integrate is also. The temperature, and the, vent and all that button that, control, are there, down, here you have a huge, space I will show you in a moment I like, the way they design this I see.

All Other, cars, to this design, and. I find it really cool it was face down there, to put your phone you can see it, is a huge, go all the way down there and you also have, a 12 volt port. Down. There that you can put your stuff. In. Here. This. Is really really cool, it's kind of hided place. Behind, this. Stick. From the. Gearbox. Automatic. Gearbox, I. Was. Preparing, the other one if you see from the fort it. Has on the edge on the Kouga I see. It also on. The. EcoSport. This. Wheel you can check out my other review. And you can see it, has a wheel there not a stick. Because. Yeah. The stick takes so much space, in the, center console, so, it's. All the H in this, 2019. We. Should not see, so many sticks down there in the middle of the console, here, we have a lot, of space to USB. Port also. A light down, there. Great. Light and great. Great help, also. I like this. Armrest. Here leather. And great quality, up. Here we have something. Very useful, a place. For the glasses. Great. Job with that not, many cars have. This but I really appreciate the car that, have this glass or, table here really. Helpful, here, over the bottoms, and the microphone. Two mirrors. Really. Useful, to, light in one mirror I mean in. Great great quality, on the, roof. As, well. As. Here, on the side also the, vent let's. Go directly on the door. Great, visibility on the windows, and. No. Blind spot there it's. Everything great, great, great. In. The back as I say you have great visibility no, blind spot huge, windows. Also. The car have a back camera, so. You can park it without any problem, the, seats are great quality. And it's. A very spacious car. Now. Going to this. Navigation. Infotainment. System, 1440 man system, 2019. It. It's. Very simple to use it's, touchscreen, and. Simple. Nothing. Complicated. It, has great colors, great. Brightness. You. Can see it very easy from the driver and, you can also. Adjust. Every. Setting. From. Here very easy even. The. Kinematic, system can. Play with it from there, so, it's. Kind of simple kind, of cool. So. These those are some settings, that you can play if you buy the car you will learn it in one day, changing. The, kilometer. In miles, the language, you. Can even change the. Pen. What. Language. You want to see. The. Infotainment, system. Also. The cockpit, I will show you in a moment it's. Really cold a new one you can, change in miles, the car over a kilometer, or, the. Temperature. Or everything, it's. Really simple nothing complicated navigation. System. For example you, have settings, that. You can change it from here. Quite. Cool and, really. Useful. Now. Going to home when you go to home you, will see when you start the car the. Same home. Image. In. Other cars is, the same for example in Volkswagen, or in Hyundai, or, Kia it, has the same home, almost. The same like here and also. The navigation system, is the, same like on google, google. Map. Same. Streets, same design. It's. Work fast. Really. Fast it's, loading, fast has, a great software, to play hardware, behind it and, now. Complaining, about this system, it's, not so fancy like on the Mercedes, or. A hoodie. Or I. Don't. Know, but. It's really, really good it's. Really good, and. It's doing what. Is she supposed to do very very. Very. Good so. Great. Job Ford great. System, and I see it on many cars even on the bigger. Ford Edge. Quba, or. Ford. Focus, the. New Ford Focus. And. Even, on Fiesta. And. S-max. Also. Now. I. Want to show you a little bit from. Cockpit. Now and on. The cockpit. For. Example, you, have all kind of information. Here. In the front when you start the car and see, the kilometer, you can see on digital. The, speed limit, you can see your car sensors, the. Toro metal speedometer. You have everything here in. The middle even the navigation. System, trip, computer, you, can see there's a trip computer, how. Many how much it was the consumption. Fuel. Economy. Also. You. Have all kind of information. Pretty. Useful, about the car the. Start/stop, system you. Can change the driving assistant. Traction. Control active. City. The. Way you wanted to be the cruise control the. He'll start, assistant. You. Can change it from here you. Can also see, it to. Ever alert, with when you are tired. For, example. Lane-keeping. Because. The car has the newest technology, lane-keeping. I, will make another video and, I will show you all the fourth new. Technology. I will. Make some new videos so. Subscribe. To my channel guys I check. Out my other videos, and stay tuned because. I will add some. Some. Great great video in the future with, a newest ace car and the new technology.

That Come. On the market and I want to show you I want to share it with you I want, you to be inform, about the cars so. You can take the best decision, then, you can take and you can buy the best cars on, the market right now you can make the great great choice so. Don't. Forget to subscribe to my channel like, it comment leave, me a feedback and. Tell me what you think and what, you would like to see in the future and, I will be really, really happy, to to. To. Help you all guys so. I hope. Everything. It's really, really. Simple. And helpful, in, my videos, so. That. Was kind of the new. Digital. Cockpit, on, the fort you, can find it almost, on all the new Ford. Cars. And it's. Really cool in my opinion it's it's really nice, anyway. That. Was the car guys, the. New Ford Mondeo, 2019. Model. Estate. Or. Tour. Or. SV. The, way you wanna call, it I. Hope, you enjoyed my review I hope it was helpful, if. You have questions, please please, comment, and tell me leave, me your feedback. And. Thank. You very much for watching my my. Videos, and my channel, also. If you aren't. Spitzer. And you have a. 0.9. Leasing. %. So it's a great losing, if. You want to buy a home fort. So. Anyway. That. Was my review I hope, you enjoy it here a, few. Information, about the car, consumption. Color for. The people are interesting, in the color you. Can pause the video to see the technology and how much it cost every. Single, option the, car price forty, nine thousand, eight hundred francs, dollar. That's. In Switzerland, here, also down here you can see the, car is very heavy. 1900. Kilograms. And. There. Was guys thank you for watching see you soon be. Safe guys. You.

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The Display looks like the navigation system from my 2004 BMW 525i lol

Yes you are right BMW , Mercedes , Audi have more modern Infotainment system. But i see worst on other cars so it is not so bad. Thanks for feedback Lukas.

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The mondeo is a very good car ,inside,back side,the engine is good,but what sort of drugs take the ford Designers to make such an ugly front!

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This Mondeo is from 2018. The 19 model has new foglights and frontbumper.

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Cool , it is a great car .

It's a good size family estate car from a non premium brand the over body pressing have not changed since 2012 the car had a minor face lift in 2017 giving it it's current look at the front. The car is inoffensive in its styling, it's well proportioned but lack any dramatic flare. Compared with tgevdide superb off The Peugeot 508 as it very boring and some what dated. Even the Vauxhall/opel insignia tourer looks more dramatic. Material quality is ok however cheap low quality plastic are to much in your face and the dash design is very dated. Fit a finish us no quite to the others European estates such as the Skoda or the 508, it natural revival in the form of insignia from vauxhall/ Opel also has a more pleasing dash. The ford has a good size load area and can carry 4 adults happy

Thanks Keith for commenting and watching my channel. Really appreciate the nice words.

It looks remarkably like the last Mondeo, to call it the new Mondeo is stretching it a bit, Ford have a habit of doing this with their current models by adding a few bits and pieces and calling it a new model hoping people will fall for the hype and change their cars. If they want people to change their cars more often then they should drop their prices, they sell cars at massive discounts to fleet buyers then screw over the man in the street retail buyer, cars they can't sell they register and sell at closed auctions where the car supermarkets buy them from and sell them to you the public at up to £5000-00 less than the retail price, what a con don't buy a new car from the retail showroom wait till they find there way to a car supermarket to get the best deal.

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It's a good size family estate car from a non premium brand the over body pressing have not changed since 2012 the car had a minor face lift in 2017 giving it it's current look at the front. The car is inoffensive in its styling, it's well proportioned but lack any dramatic flare. Compared with the skoda superb and The new Peugeot 508 as it very boring and some what dated. Even the Vauxhall/opel insignia tourer looks more dramatic. Material quality is ok however cheap low quality plastic are to much in your face and the dash design is very dated. Fit a finish us no quite to the others European estates such as the Skoda or the 508, it natural revival in the form of insignia from vauxhall/ Opel also has a more pleasing dash. The ford has a good size load area and can carry 4 adults happy

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@SDA Dan Cars I have the Mondeo mk3, 220 St Bj.94 + the 2,2 liter mk 3 tdci bj.2007, in mint condition!

@Marius Murariu i drive a tucson best car on the market!!

Bonsoir, Avoir la démonstration en Français Avec mes remerciements Cordialement

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Just returned from a 4 day trip from Munich, to Amberg, to Regensburg, and eventually back to Munich. 370 miles, and I averaged...47 miles to the gallon. Hertz gave me a brand new 2019 with 10 miles on it. Nice and smooth at 85..90. No issues at 100. Wonderful car. Seats were too soft tho.

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There's nothing new mate. I had a 15 plate titanium with all that stuff on plus bodykit and 19inch wheels your 4yrs late ! !

On dashboard the rpm display is for the gasoline version ( up to 8.000 rpm) not for the 2.0 TDCI. Something was changed....

@SDA Dan Cars the new model has the new A8 automatic transmission with a rotary gear shift


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