New Ford Mondeo Hybrid Vignale 2019 Test Drive Review

New Ford Mondeo Hybrid Vignale 2019 Test Drive Review

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Hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I'm right here at. Emil. Frei in Bern Auto Center, in Ford, they, also have Mitsubishi, and, also, Kia Motors and, I have a very very special car for, you today an amazing, car something, that I I love, it very much and I know many. Of you asked about it the. New. Ford Mondeo Vitale. Here's, the key you can also see on the key. It's. The name, here, I think. You can see it it's. Really great car and I will review it I will make a test drive with it this is the hybrid version by, the way I forget, to tell you you can also heat, see here, the. Logo and. Yeah. Also, here big knowledge so. Let's. Make a test drive short. And then I will show you the interior exterior. And, every, single, detail, on this, new for Monday or hybrid. McNally, so. Let's. Do it guys, so. Let's. Do the test drive guys with the new Ford. Mondeo. Hybrid. McNally. I'm. Inside the car. The. Keys are. Right. Here, so I don't have to use the key I just you. Can leave it here or there wherever. You want to leave it we. Put a seatbelt. Put. The seatbelt and something interesting that I want to show you is. That. The. Seat are full electric, we have leather inside, the car on. The seat you can also see it full, LED everywhere. And also the steering wheel you can see. It. Has. Electric. Adjustment. Something. That I love. It I really love, it you just press the brake and then, go. To the. Push. The. Start. Engine, and. Music. No music. And. Let's, start the engine you will. Hear no. No. Noise at all because. Let's. Close the climatic, system. Will. Be no noise because, inside. This car, as. You know already, it. Is a hybrid, so. It is very, very silent. So. Right now the engine, it start guys. You, see you kill nothing, because. First. Time the car will start in hybrid, mode it, will go in electric, mode you can also see it there a V, you, can see all the information about, the car we have on the side to. Digital. Display in the, middle we have the turo matter that. It's. It. Is. Analogical. Classic, like before so let's, go out of, here the. Car it's so. Smooth so so. Smooth. And. So. Silent. You. Hear nothing it's. Really, really, it's. A really great feeling. When. You drive it. Wow. And, first, impression, the steering wheel it. Is indeed, very soft. As. I was expected. Very. Soft steering, wheel Wow, and very easy to drive this is my first impression, that. The. Car it's very easy to drive let's go slow now the engine, is starting, right now you. Can hear, the engine. Noise. Right. Now. The. Engine is starting, it, is a cold engine right now. That. Why it make a little bit more noise. But. I like the car, I like, the visibility, I like, the the windshield. It's really, great big screen, so, you have a great, great visibility. And. I like the way it feel you, have. Blind spot on the mirrors as well you can see it there we, have big mirrors, great, visibility in the mirrors. Now. You can hear the engine oh wow and, it. Is indeed very powerful. As. A first, impression, I take, some. Bumps, and the. Car have great suspension. As, well. Great. Great suspension, Wow. But I like this thing with it's so soft it's, so so, easy to. So. Easy to. Take. The curve there. You can see on the screen. In. The left I don't know if you can see it so well we, have a camera up here and the car can read the, speed limit, sign, so. You can see the speed limit sign, and. You know it what speed you can drive also. You can see when the car regenerate. And charge the battery, because. It, is. A hybrid and it's. Charging, the battery when you're braking. When. You try to stop. The car it's in the mirror I also, like this mirror it's very big you have great visibility in, the back as well. Oh. So. Easy to drive it like a small car I feel, like I'm driving a very small car. It's. Feel really, great you don't even feel, the speed and you. Don't even feel, and, hear, the noise from outside it. Has a very good for isolation. Really. Nice I really, like it now we can we can try the acceleration. So. When you accelerate. It's. Really, strong I like, this feeling, it. Is a great Cruiser I feel, like it stayed very very, well on the on the road, it has great grip and great. Handling. For. Such a big car it's a heavy car and it has great. Handling. Great, grip and I. Like it I think for a long long trip, it is fantastic I love this seat. This. Seat, are also very, comfortable. And. Very, nice I really, really, enjoy, driving. In this car. I. Really, like it and the, way take, the curves, it's so easy to drive you can drive miles, and miles and miles forth.

It's Made in USA. USA as you, know all it. Has, a. Big. It is a big country and there many. People make a lot of kilometer, every day so, it has to be a great cruiser. For. Long distances. And also, great, family, car but, my, my. My. Impression. Is that the, car it. Is amazing. In the city too because it's so easy, the steering wheel it's so. Freakin easy so. Easy to. Turn. Or, take. The curves, so. Is even in the city it is, an. Easy, easy. Drive. I'm. Really impressed. Let's. Try, to turn, here. Look. Look how look how, how. Easy I turn with such a big car it has such a big. Radius. Of turning I love it now it's just this stick that you put it in reverse and you still have a camera, a back camera, something that's amazing. You, have here also the button for driving in Eco mode if you want it you can see it there on the screen when I when, I push it we try to drive an echo mode here we have the, sensors, off and. On here we have also the sensors. No. No not the sensor this is to. Help you park automatic. But you. Can see in the camera in the back how. Cool it is you have great visibility, great. Camera, in the back and also sensors. Everywhere. Around the. Car now. Let's go back I, really. Like it. And. Now we start. Slowly. It's. Really great and also you can also change. What. You like to see there on the screen you can see now, you. Have different, information about the consumption, I'm. Not sure you can see it but, I will show you when, I will stop the car also in the in the other side as well you. Can see all kind of, information. About the car. Pretty. Awesome, in my opinion really. Great. And I like that it's silent, most of the time when, you drive at at low, speed, and slowly. Just like that when you start from. The first time you, will start in the, electric. Engine, when. You accelerate now it's starting, the other. The. Other combustion. Engine too. And when, you need power that. The. Boat engine. Are working, something. That it's great now I'm breaking and it's regenerate, Wow, I love I love how it's feel this car at this Mondeo, how you feel when. You drive at curves like curves. It's so comfortable, the suspension, are so good I like. It very much I really, really like it, and I like the big, visibility. On the windows. On the mirrors. In. The back as well I'm, feeling. So good in this seat with this side, support, it's fantastic. I really, like it, really. Really liked it and I have big space here. Great. Great cruiser I like it too I like the car guys. We. Will go back and I, would try to show you the interior exterior of, the, car and we. Will talk a little bit about it, but look, at it so, good handling, for. A big car like that it's. Feel amazing, I like. It. Really. Like the car. It. Is indeed a nice nice car, and very silent, and also. The dashboard. And everything it's great quality you, can see the stitches. And. All here, really, great quality, car I, love. It look. How easy I take the curves really. Easy I really, enjoyed this car driving and also the steering will have great grip it is a little bit bigger but you have great grip great great. Quality. Of the materials, you have also cruise. Control, but I cannot use it too much here on this road the, brake are great. And. I. Like it I really like the car I. Really. Really like. Driving. This Ford Mondeo. And you, can see until now I have 6.2, the consumption. 6.2. Liter the, consumption. It's really, good. It. Is indeed a very very good consumption, for. Such a big and heavy car. Really. Great. I like. It I really like it I. Really like it and I like this stick, too it's in the perfect position. Everything. It's in the perfect position even the navigation, and climatic. System, down here it's easy to use and easy. To control all the buttons there. The. Turn radius, it's, fantastic. I'm quite, super, surprised, how, how, easy this car can turn around how. Easy how how soft is the steering wheel it's really, really soft and that's. Something, that I really, really enjoy it now. I want to go a little bit. Here, maybe.

If I have some space. To. Show. You the car or maybe there wait a second, look, look how take the bumps you, don't even feel when you take these bumps, it's. It's such a great. That's. Such a great suspension. I really. Enjoy it, really. Really, really really enjoy it is, this. Car. Let's. Go let's, go back a little bit, just. Like that. You. Can see now to. The. Car it's telling, you that it's another car in the back there so, you cannot drive it back so, the sensors, are also great. Really. Really great. It. Is very sensitive, and, very cool, car now. Let's try to park here and show you the the. Exterior. And the interior of, the car and let's, show you a little, bit about, the. Dashboard, here guys, because. I'm sure you. Are interested. To see, the. Dashboard so from, here you can change different settings there, and you have. The. Different information. About the car right. There in this side as well you can change the, information the AV mode. You can see the speed, the. Consumption. The. Time that, you are traveling, information. About. The. Tires. And, all, that stuff I really, like I like the way it's look the. Boat digital, display, and also the thermometer, in the middle it's perfectly. Placed because. You can see all the information, there that, you. Need it. It's, perfect, I like it and I like that you have great great visibility, also. The dashboard, as you see it before it's great quality. Materials. Nice stitches, leather everywhere. Speaker. Here there information, about the airbag and all that stuff, also, here we have another airbag, really. Great great. Start/stop. Button. Also. We have this navigation, system that you already. See. It in my other videos. It's. Very simple, and it's. Worked perfectly, nothing. Complicated. How. You say. The. Resolution. Is great the, hardware, it's great and software, behind it. Everything. About. It. It's very simple and cool and it's also loading. Very fast if you see my other videos, with. Ford, reviews. You can see that. It's also loading, very fast and you have no problem at all and also you have a great great visibility, from. The driver, point of view from here you have great visibility and. It's. Perfect, it's, perfect, it is indeed really, really good it's, work really good as. You can see, the. Church anyway. And. See now it is charging it's. Already loading, and it's it's it's great fast here we have some, leather, great, quality, down, here on this we, have some space there to, put your phone wherever, USB. Port 1204, very useful, here sync. Logo, also. We have this automatic. Stick, right here I, already. See it it's very easy to use and cool. Electric. Handbrake, also. The parking, sensors. Eco. Mode button I, show you before when you want to drive in eco, driving. Along, here we have two cupholders. Very. Very useful. And. Some black glossy, with. Chrome design very nice also leather, here. On the armrest, we, have a lot of space, here really, cool and also on USB port. You. Can see it huge space here I like. This space. Here. And. Also the seat look, fabulous, and, they are very comfortable, with this side support, here really. Really they, are really, really nice and also they are heated, seat.

And. Also. I think they are also ventilated seat, not sure I'm sure yes. Yes. They, are ventilated. Seat something. That you not find in all other. Cars, so you can hear it they. Ventilate, it. You. Can see here and here is the heating, seat so, in, the summer when, it's very hot this. Feature it's really, really great, so, good, job Ford with this, feature. On the car I also like this volume, button. How the way they made it in chrome with, a nice glass, there in the middle really, beautiful, the vents are also nice, and they, feel good quality, also. There. The. Glovebox it's huge look, look how huge it is I think it's, no other. Globox. Bigger. Than, this we have the book board up here we, have to light up light, down in huge. Space. Storage. Space, great job fort I love. The glovebox really. Love, the glow box love, the ventilated, seat love, the, cockpit, the digital, copy display, and also. Here. We have the adaptive. Cruise control and, all, that. Technology. Emergency. Break and all that stuff, that, you already see it. The. Doors handle. Are beautiful. We have some some. Speaker. There, you. Can see the nice design with with, leather and stitches. As. Well and also. We, have the button the speaker down there and, also huge, huge space in the door bands also, in the back we have great, great visibility. Nice. Big windows, there, you, can see it really, really, perfect in the back no. Problem at all a lot of space I love, the car I. Really. Love the car up. Here we. Have a space for a glass that's really, really great feature. And, also, the, LED, buttons, here, really. Nice and, helpful. Big, big, mirror. Also. Here. We, have the mirror. To light. Handles. Here everywhere. Handles. LED, up there in the, back also. We. Have. Electric. Adjustable, steering wheel, you. Can see. You. Can see for yourself, it's really great I love, that feature also. Here we have the light. You, already, know it in the vent nice with some, plastic. Grey, matte, design, really beautiful, and also, on the doors we have the buttons, for. Saving. The. Seat. Position. And. Also I like. The way they made this chrome around the speaker and the speaker it's right here behind it it, is really, good and also the, chrome design and the. The. Quality of the materials, the way they made it you have leather everywhere. You can see the leather and the stitches. Also. The buttons, look great, with, the glossy. Plastic. Really. Nice you can adjust the mirrors where you already, and big, big big space, here for, in. The flow box for, your bottle, see. It's huge, put. There whatever you want, to put, anyway. It's really great, the. Visibility, on the windows. It's, also great, when the mirrors are really big and you have, no problem at all from, the travel point of view it's, great visibility and, you have. You. Have good, good. Good. Visibility anyway, now I want to drive a little bit, away. From here because I don't have a space, here and I, want to show you the other.

Other. Things the trunk and the seats so. Just. Put the seat belt back and. Let's drive it away. Let's. Start the engine. Put. It in the drive mode and now. We will drive. Really. Easy and. We. Will go, back. Let's. Wait for this card no it's. Very silent, I like I like the car that it's really very silent. Really. Indeed it's super, super silent, I like. That I really. Like that. Now. I don't know if I have more space here I think I was pork it here and. I will show you around the car. In. This, position. So. Right here, just. Work up here. And. Break and, let's go out for a bit to. Show you the rest of the car really. Fast so I wanna I want. To show you the the light, first time. So. Let's show you the light the door you already see it it's really beautiful, in great great quality, also, we have the big knowledge logo. Here on great. Adjustable. And it clicks it's really, really great feature I really. Love it big entrance, in the car the. Outside, of the car it's fabulous it's. Look, super. Nice we, have this chrome design, here around the windows we, have the. Tinted. Black, windows, really beautiful, also the chrome here, on the, handles, we can lock and unlock the car only with your key in your pocket you. Have folding. Mirrors I think. I have to take the key to show you that. You. Can take the key and. You. Have to have the key you just press the button just. Like. That press, the button and the, car it's luck when. You want to unlock it you just put your hand here and the. Car its unlock, now. Going. Forward, I love, the, how, big are the windows. They're really. Big, the windows are huge, and nice. And. Yeah. But yeah guys, I will show you the rest, of the car in. Another video so. Check. Out the second, video with this car and I will show you interior, exterior of, the car and everything. You wanna, see. Subscribe, to my channel check out my other videos thank. You for watching and I hope you enjoyed this short, test drive so, check out the other video if you want to see interior exterior and all, other details so thank you for watching and see, you soon. You.

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I have a C-Max since 2012...this Mondeo is more luxurious

Thanks Cristian

lots of nice gadgets.........that can go wrong and keep you in the Ford service bay. since when did we get so lazy as needing a motor to move a seat forward? Nice car ....Pretty car, but I see heaps of warning lights in that cars future for its owner.

Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Why still selling old Mondeo in Europe, if in USA the Fusion new model is already over a year on the market? Who will buy 1 year old car as new?

I have the plug-in hybrid American version of this car (Fusion Energi) completely loaded. None of the technology has gone wrong. I think you just buy used pieces of crap if you think that technology is gonna break. I always buy new with extended warranties.

nice car

Question, how come its 2019 but still has the old middle console with a gear stick, while since 2017 the gear became a round knob?

We don't have the Fusion; The Mondeo is a lovely car and it's a shame they are stopping making it.

The middle console say...feel the cheapness... My Brother is a yogurt cup.

Muy poco maletero tiene lamentablemente

Are you from România, caise i'm romanian


We have more options

We have a ford Mondeo vignale too our car is Platinum white and its not hatchback

As vrea si eu o asemenea masina. Cat costa?

@SDA Dan Cars Mulțumesc! Bafta in continuare. M am abonat acum, desi te urmaream de mult timp.

Salut Corneliu, vezi ca la un moment dat in video cred ca am zis pretul. DACA nu este in video asta vezi ca pe canalul meu mai este un video cu aceasi masina under ai toate informatiile.

Not on the Hybrid

What is tha price of this car? Where are you filming ?

Eu ,Switzerland. Check out in my others video with Monden Hybrid there is also the price.

Hi good review. But too many "nice steering, nice steering" u already told it once. Tell more about hybrid technology, consumption, etc. You are making review on Hybrid auto especially.

Thanks for tip Pavel, also Thanks for watching my videos.

Would you go for the mondeo, or the carolla ST?

Hard to say they are both great cars...depend on many things. Depend on what you will want to.


@SDA Dan Cars Thanks very much

Hi Daniel , when I was driving the car I feel that it has alot of power...but by advice is to go and make an test drive have to feel it yourself. For me was enough power.

It looks so great

I have tried both and the Mondeo Vignale feels a lot more premium, comfortable, silent, spacious, powerful and easy to drive. It is also more expensive but I fall in love with that Mondeo and had choice but to order it!

Ugly, old interior.

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