New Ford Focus ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Ford Focus ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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New. Ford, Focus. ST line. It's right here in front of me this. Is the sport, version of the, new Ford, Focus. Hatchback. And, it's, fantastic, it's, really, beautiful, it has a fantastic color. This red, dark. It's. Gorgeous. The, lights. Are. Gorgeous, the, designer, it's. Amazing. Even, the. Back, side of the car look fantastic. Exhaust. Pipe down there in the back. Also. You, will see the. Car it's, one, of my favorites, right now even, this angry, spoiler, up here the. Way they design, it it's. Quite beautiful, and angry. And, it's give a feeling of. Really. High-class. A, beautiful. Sporty. Car so, in my opinion this. Is the most beautiful. Hatchback. In. 2019. That. I see, on the street I'm in here I'm speak only about, the exterior of the car not. The interior. Also. You can see the St line logo. Here the, most beautiful. Hatchback. In. This compact. Compact. Cars. That. Are now on the market look. At this front design it's quite, beautiful. Really. Really, really really beautiful, with, this LED, light. 2019. The newest, technology, from Ford, that. Come with a car they, are fantastic and. Also, the way that they make this air. Entrance. On the side and rather. To, also have the newest technology, from Ford, rather. Astounding from. This front grille look, fantastic. How. The air come inside, there they. Make it a little bit angry they, make it's something, like to, your time, the. Front it's it's really, like, an arrow and. The. Car looked like a very expensive. Sporty. Car. Hmm. I think for the people that don't know the car and. Don't watch. The cars all, the time. And. They will think they will never think it's a Ford Focus they will think it's a very expensive car, if I show to my grandmother, for example this is the difference, from the normal, Ford Focus, octave. It's, a little bit taller and the system new Ford, Focus ST lined. So, this is the sport version look, much, better than the than. The normal, version, here you can see Ford Focus 1.5. Liter. And. Can. See all the information also, the price is great for this car for. How how its looked this car how, good it look the, price is fantastic if. I show to my grandmother, for, example, this car. He. Would totally think. It is a very expensive. Car and. Something. Like a Ferrari or something like this if you see only the exterior, but. Anyway this is my opinion I also love these mirrors, the. The, small lines it's, like an LCD, when you look in the mirror you, can see the small line, quite. Fancy. In. My opinion, I'm really, really happy that I, can review, this. New Ford, Focus ST line. Hatchback. Sports, I. Can. See it's a sport car and I love the rims - I. Love, this focus, right on the back here it. Also have a back camera, and you will see a lot of great, technology on the car, LED. Lights - the number. The. Trunk it's, kind of very, big for. A hatchback, one.

Of The biggest. You. Can see here almost one hand. To. Go, down the, light in, the trunk. Light, pretty. Cool I see. This one the new Audi, a3 -, you, can still take out this spare. Tire and you still have space down there quite. Impressive, you will never find this space on a. Golf. ID I guess and, I. Would er free a free you, find it but in the cold or not. In all hatchback, you will find and this design, with these big, windows. In the, same time the car has fantastic. Lines. Great. Color, down here it's. The same, plastic, with the same color like the paint, beautiful. Michelin. Tires. With rims. Rims. Look fantastic. And. Also I love, the way you open, the door look at this design, you. Can put your finger, there and lock and unlock the, door only, with your key in your pocket it's, fantastic, and they also think, about when you open the door to not hit other. Cars. So. You have this plastic, that protect, the. Other cars in your, paint edge. So. Kind. Of this car have a lot of new technology. On it that. You can find only on SUVs, and. Also. The quality of the materials, are great. The. Seeds the the way, you do the stuff. In the car it's quite amazing. Also. You can lift you. Can lift the sit, down and you still have more, space, to load, load, stuff. Or whatever, you carry. Inside. The car quite, interesting, quite, interesting. And cool so, this is in, my top three. Best. Compact. Cars, hatchback. And. 2019. Maybe, one of my favourite, I like some stuff that that, this car have on it. But. It has, also some. -. But. The, - not the door the doors are really cool, nice, design stitches. Leather great. Great. Simple, soft. Materials, around here made. Everything, look perfect for. A hatchback it's, the way it should be. Place. For, a cup holder, and the. Place. For her blue bottles, or you guys and, the speaker some. Plastic on the sides here. On. The back and the design of the seats are pretty, cool leather red. Stitches, and in the middle we have some soft, material, for, a better comfort. They. Are very comfortable, I sit on them and they are really cool. Also. No no. Center, armrest, in the back here no cup holders, that's. Kind of little. - not, so big just a little for me I don't care because I never stay in the back not. Many people stay in my back of my car here, I like the leather it's of the style and inside, inside. The seat it's, kind of strong materials. I think it's a rubber to. Protect, the seat, from hitting and stuff like that I, also. Like the instruments, in the car very simple, down, here we have a little step something. That I love it so you can stay in the middle there for the kids for the people that carry. Three people it's pretty cool like an electric cars huge. Space on my feet like. I was expected. And also I love that I can stretch my legs here for long roads look at this almost I almost stretch, my legs under. The seat, something. That's pretty, cool something, like an electric, car that way I can see here I have space. The. Ground it's a little bit higher than that way I can stretch my legs but. It's really cool for a sports. Car you expect, to be like that a. Lot of space on my head and, great. Comfort, for long roads and also great, visibility. On. Window. Because. You have a little bit longer, window, in the back you, have great visibility can, turn around and see perfect. You feel perfect, in a car even. If even, if you are in the back you feel perfect, have. Great comfort going, in the middle really. Easy and simple and. I can stay really sit with my feet, together and I still have a lot of space, for.

Free, People a lot of space really cool no vents another -, 12. Volt down there no USB port in the back neither - but. They are small, -. For. Me I tell you I don't care I don't carry so much people in the back so Oh nothing, in the back is not a big problem sometimes. Some things someone. Come, with me but I. Guess. Not for all the people depend what you like and what you want it, but. I really, love it I really like the interior of the car exterior. It's my favorite, I as I tell you it's, the most beautiful hatchback. 2019. In my opinion, and. I mean this this. St. Line, although not, a normal. Model but. At this sport model, it's kind. Of my favorite and. The interior it's also nice not. My my, the exterior, it's my favorite but the interior, is not, my favorite, in. The interior, I'm. Still, thinking maybe, the a the, Mercedes, a-class. Its. First place it's really beautiful it. Has a really, beautiful interior. With. A digital, cockpit all, that new, stuff and. Quality. Of the materials, in the Merlin the new Mercedes, it's. It's gorgeous. Anyway. Now in the front we, have a little bit of difference, on the doors. More. Soft, material. We. Have this buttons. Here, cool. On. The door. Even. If you close, open, and all that stuff speaker. That's. All on the currents light. Reflection. Red. Light effect, order also have this st. Lined. Logo. Here with some chrome. Material. Entries. In the cards, very simple, and very cool, electric, seats. They. Work fast really, fast, I think. The fastest, that, I test. It in this class, they, won't festered, him then then. The materials. And, holily, it's, quite impressive it's the most fast and it to exceed I ever tested, they. Respond, very fast to them to. The touch the. Pedals. Aluminium. Kind of small pedals, there I, don't. Know why they made it so small. Other. Car manufacturer, you make it a little, bit bigger. Down. Here we have the lights. Setting. Buttons. The. Dashboard, also I like it it's very simple nothing complicated everything. Is soft and it's so simple from, one pieces, nothing. No lines no, complication. They're simple. And straight. And you have also great, visibility from, the driver's, seat look, at this really. Simple. Everywhere, it's the same straight. Lines. Super. Simple super, nice. Clean. The. New. Multi. Beta screen. It. Is a good, direction so. You can see it very well from the driver position, also. We have nice, same. Plastic. That. It's on the door glossy, plastic that comes on the doors it's also here, around. Vans soft. Materials, everywhere. Come over here Dropbox, and. Small, one. Maybe. They can do it a little bit bigger. Next. Time, start/stop. Button. Kind. Of hide. There. Behind. The steering wheel the steering wheel, it's also fantastic. With. These, little. Stitches, and. It has a nice design and also what I like about this. New. Ford, Focus. ST. Line, I like. This, well it's, really soft, it's. A letter but it's softer. Than other also. Nice. Chrome on the side of this, new. Digital. Cockpit. That. It's also fantastic, and, I like it the way it's look and. Everything. You can do it also. The client automatic. System, here we'll have also an USB, C port down, there and 12 volt port and also you can charge your phone down, here and, put some stuff, this, place here it's fantastic, and really helpful. For, me. In general I put. A lot of stuff I put my phone all, the time and, my. My. Stuff also. Here. The buttons, around this, huge. Stick, I hate, this take guys I hope, one day they will take. Out all the manual, cars and we'll have some automatic. And, anyway. I don't like the stick.

Here, We have two cupholders that. You can, adjust. It the way you want it place. For your key electric. Handbrake. Auto. Hold. The. Newest be Porter and place. For put your stuff. Kind. Of small in, this huge, stick that I'm talking, about, with. Early. We, have added a light here, mirror, without light. Great. Quality, roof and. Also. Great, position. Of driving, with great visibility. The. Mirror like I tell you nice, edges. Like, on the LCD, screen you, can watch it it's really cool I like, the way it sits look. Great. Great, space, to the driver for. The head for the legs a lot of space now. Complaining. In. There it's also the. Digital, display. As, you can see it. And. Here, we, have the navigation system, that I will. Show. You a little bit around. How. It looked like. There. We have a combination. Of digital, with, two. -. How. Can I say mechanical. Stitches. So. But. But. 99%. It's, all digital and, the cockpit and looked fantastic, also. You can have the navigation, system, right there in the front here. The navigation. Multimedia. It's also very, simple, it's nothing, complicated. You. Can connect, your car to the phone and stuff like that but it's not like Merced, is not like Avenue already you, have navigation, it's work perfect, it's work fast. You. Have everything you need here, it's. Really, really, really cool it's. Work fast its load, fast. Is. To, the. Standard, jobs like, Bluetooth. And, connect your phone, listen. Music you. Can do all kinds of stuff like that, here. And. It's quite nice colors, it has great resolution and. Great, software. And hardware behind. This. Screen. And, also great, brightness. Brightness. Is good. You. Have good, visibility. On. This navigation, system but is nothing, fancy is nothing, complicated, it's. Kind of made to, be simple, and to. Be just. Useful and, don't. Pay. Attention, too much on this screen, because, these days we have a lot of screens, we have the phone we have the tablet, we. Have the. Computer. And. All. The time, we stay with our eyes and this screens, and, if you have now screen, in the car screen, in your pocket, a screen. Home was tablet. Scream, at work so. We live all the way in screen, so maybe you need something, simple, that. Can do what it should - so so. It's. It's it's perfect. I guess it's perfect. Nothing fancy if. You want something fancy you take the, new. Materials. Our class. There. You have fancy. A cockpit. But. Anyway now, I want to show you how fast it's loading, to. Go in Paris. For example that's around. 2,000. Kilometers, or something. Like that maybe 1000, I don't remember. Can. We see how much time it's kept get load so. I guess it's done, so a few seconds. Not. So much time it's worth pretty. Good. Yeah. So there you have it it's. Look perfect, and my opinion is it's perfect, and also you can see, this on the digital, cockpit. In. Front of the, in. Front of your face so it's kind of cool. That. You can see the navigation and, you have more option, there like, the new technology. The car have I can mention see brake adaptive, cruise control, keep. The car in lines. And. Yeah. Other stuff like that blind, spot. But. Yeah. I guess you know about all, this I just tell, you a few. Hundred, so. Yeah. So. That that's, kind of, the. Interior. Of the car guys here, we have some LED, light up here. Also. In the back. As. You see it before you have great great, comfort. Great visibility, we. Have also a LED. Light down, here you can see it in, the night slope, fantastic. It, has great, great interior, ambient. Light. Blue. So. It's look quite. Quite, nice, so. I. Try, here, to open the, lights. But. I guess, it's not working. If I don't have the key, so. Then. I find a way to, show. You that and finally. If. You close the door and. Open. It then. It. Will light up the lights the, day lights and LED. Lights. And then. Finally. We can see it so if you open the trunk. Close, it but, first time you have to you, have to close it from here and then. Yes. You have to leave it in, this. Position I guess, don't. Remember so, well and, then if you open, the trunk.

And. Close, it again. It. Will light up and then, here is the light it's. Look very, nice so, everything. About this car, design, looked fantastic back, with this. LED. Light the. Front with, the LED, light it's. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. So we open the door and you close it and then the light will. Open. A little bit look at this line it's fantastic, guys so. Thank you for watching please subscribe to my channel check. Out my other new videos. And. Thank. You again for watching see. You soon guys. You.

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Yeahh what an amazing car , great video , my black focus isnt best version with full optional like this focus , but i love it Anyway . Great video also if when u say the interior u no like it cause Mercedes class A is better .. i say thank to hell , it cost 15 000 euro more , anyway great video

Thank you for commenting and for info . Focus it is a great car and yes you are right A Class is more expensive.

They put the screen there so you can keep your eyes on the road you dumb

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Yes about the LED you are totalul right.

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