New Ford Fiesta ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New Ford Fiesta ST Line 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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So here, we are guys with a new Ford, Fiesta, ST line. 2019. Model and, I'm. Ready. To review it for you to. Show you the interior, exterior, and. All. The, detail. Around. This. New, Fiesta. Steroline. So. First. Of all. Let's. Start with. The exterior, I. Want, to show you a little, bit. Around. The car we, have here this, esterline. Logo. On the side of the car. That. Tell you it is a special. PA. Star is not the normal esta so it is an ester, line the. Front of the car, with. The rudder, down, there. In. The middle also, the front grill it's black, glossy, and, no, chrome, around the car. Nothing. Special. No, special. Colors. Something. That I like. About. This. Car at. First. Look. It is, this beautiful, rims, the, rims are really, beautiful gray and, really. Nice, we. Also have Michelin. 17-inch. Wheels. That. In my opinion they are really. Nice on this car. Great, design also, the back of the car it's nice. In. My opinion I like this exhaust. Pipe with, the diffuser, down here it's special, it's like on the Audi, a3. Also. Sensors, on the back, parking. Sensors. And. We have a. Nice. Here, the down report it's with plastic. But a glossy. Plastic the same color like on a. Car. Paint. That. That. They choose to do it like that and it look very nice also. Down here this light. Fog light. Interesting. Design, lines. On. The, back spoiler, there. Is the fog light in the back and. The. Normal, or light right, here we have a bulb light for, two blinkers, and, I. Will, show you in a moment the light, than. The night life the, night light sorry. My. Light. I mean, no. Back camera, here on this car, but. We have interesting, already design, I will show later also. Brake. Light up here, really. Nice with this. Diffuser. On the side some. Black. Mat. Right, there, down. Here we also have the. Easy fuel, system, for the people that don't. Know you. Cannot it's it's much more easy to. Tank. The. Car you don't have to put your hands, here you. Don't have to dirty your hands you just open this put. It there and push, the button. It's. Really simple, also, they add this, nice. Design, down here, now. You can see. This. Part. Of the car this plastic, down here, it. Give the. Car a little bit style, of sportiness. And, also. This line down, here on the door look. Pretty, nice in my opinion.

So. Make the car look sport here I also like, this windows. Tinted. Windows, I like the black, around. The windows, black. Matte, color. You. Can see. The. Mirror the, windows are also big, and, you have great visibility from, the interior, Ford, make. Make. The cars with. Big windows and you have great visibility from the interior, something. That I really, like, about the Ford cars. It. Is the big windows, also, to mirror, it's, very, small. Really, really kind of small, mirror it. Also have blinker, on the side but, it's, quite okay because the card it's also a, small. Car so, it's good for the aerodynamic. The. Consumption, will be much much lower, so. This. Is a great great thing also, on the side we, have a chrome, design. Normal. Both light so no on. This special, model, we, don't have any. Channel. For LED, this was a surprise. To. Put normal. Ball, flight on, an, ST. Model. So. Fiesta, ST has. Normal, bulb. Light but, it has this nice, front. Rudder, for. Adaptive. Cruise control emergency. Brake and all that new technology. It's, kind of strange to see a car with so much. 2019. Technology. Because. Of the rather and don't, have, say, no light or LED light, I. Guess. This, is an option, you can take it as an option but, yeah. I, don't. Know it's a little bit strange. It's. Supposed, to be. Extra. Premium. Model, of Fiesta. But. Yeah. I don't know I'm not sure maybe, you can. Choice. Which. Kind of option, you which you have there. We have LED light on the number plate, that's. Really cool. Here. We have a manual, litigate. The. Space in the trunk it, is actually. A. Lot, of, space. For this. Small car we have a little lip down here also, hooks, on, the side. Both blight they're quite. Useful down, here we, have another 10 centimeter. For. Some. Extra, space. Down here and, if you could take the. Extra. Trunk. You have office which another. Huge space, for. Repair. Kit and other stuff that you, may put there for. The. Cars so, the trunk it's very big, actually, it's deep and big. For, this. Ford, Fiesta. I'm. Quite. Quite, surprised, the, doors are great quality, and very light.

Material. You. Can feel it it's really light the, door design, nice big, windows. Up. Here we have plastic a. Nice. Chrome design everything. It's very simple, here. We have some soft material, in this part I. Like, the bottom the. Same chrome design, as on. Top, Premium, Ford, cars, that. We see so. You can check out on, my channel to see the other you. Know Ford. That. I review, these days, now. Let's put the seat in the normal position and, then. Check. Out the. Back part of the car down, here, normal. Entrance, a bit of plastic. And. Up here we have the seats, there fabric seats they, have nice arranged. Stitches. Now. Let's. Leave this down and, see. How much it's space, we. Have in the trunk so you can see here it's, not totally, flat, it's almost flat, it's. Kind of cool for for. Such a small car, it. Is enough so you, can you. Can carry also, long items, without. Any problem, you, can put a lot of stuff there. And. It. Has a great trunk, deep. And in the same time almost, flat. So. Great. Job forth, with this. Esther also. Does it, look. Nice even. If they, not leather. They. Look very nice, and. They. Are also very comfortable. As. I sit on them and I Drive with the car a little bit they. Feel very nice they are soft and nice the. Back. Of the seat doesn't. Have any plastic so. It's also soft. Material, the. Roof of the car look amazing. And, I like it I love these windows. On the roof make, the car feel. More, spacious and. Much. More, light. Come. Inside the car and you feel, more. Like you're in the nature, and, it. Is a plus for me I think it's something. Amazing. It's, really great that they do this let's see how much space we have in the back so. Going in the back. That's. It are in normal position as, you see it I have, huge space with my legs, also. Under, the seats a lot of space for, my. Feet I can stretch my legs out of the seat, and. I have a lot of space a great comfort. On. My head, maybe. Two. Fingers, and three fingers, I don't. Feel tight but it's not so huge space on, my head for tall people maybe. It will be a little. Problem, if, you go a. Little bit in the front, if. You push Italy, in the front you. Will still have a lot of space on the head so. No problem, for the space there. It's. Much better we. Have also a little, window there in the back the. Visibility, is good we, have a hook here also. The roof it's good quality. And. I'm. Kind, of comfortable, window-seat, like. I tell I can, also watch, on the, roof. Window. And, I. Have a nice view also, here in the back we have an LED, light. I will, show you a little bit later. It's. All over, the head of the passenger, it's quite cool. Now. Here in the middle we. Have a small, place to, put some stuff here, like. Form. Of something and. That's. It. There. We have, big. Lip. In the middle. So. It's not so easy to go on the other side, but. You can also stay, in the middle without. Any problem, and, you have a lot of space, on the head on, the legs and on the head a little bit better because. Of the window. Now. Also. You can see if you go a little bit in the front you, still have space there and space, here on my head and. There is the light that, I'm talking about the, LED light that. Looked nice but I don't know how practical it, is there. In the back when. Someone stay in the middle maybe wind, or, just, to passenger, it's the, light. Useful. Anyway. Going. Outside very. Easy, because. There's a great great big entrance, in the car also the. Door. In the front look. Nice and we. Have more chrome here, and there but. Up upper, part, it's also plastic. But. A chrome, around the buttons, the, way they designed the buttons, the way they designed. This. Part, here. It. Is soft material. Leather also. Chrome, line here. Really. Nice it's looking really nice this part here this, chrome around the buttons look fantastic.

Make. You feel like, you, are in a premium. Car a great. Car nice. Speaker space. Here for the bottle and. Also on the door we have a red. Reflection. Light. Reflector, and the door, look, great. Really, great. Impress. Me so esterline, here, on the entrance. And. A nice chrome, to protect, the paint also. The seats are, manually. Adjustable. Sit. We. Have aluminum. Pedals, they're pretty. Cool very. Nice. Good. Quality. And. Also, the seats are, very. Very, comfortable and, very nice I. Have. To say again I repeat, myself, but. This, is the reality. They. Have side support, and they, are soft. And nice and for. Long trips. They. Are great, down. Here the. Light. Buttons. And. Also I promised. To show you the light it's. Nothing, interesting, it's just bulb light very. Old bulb, like that you find on the cars, from. 20, years ago maybe, more just. Classic. So nothing. Interesting, on. This, light, on, this, car, with. This light on this car in the front also a yellow. A little. Ball. Yeah. Now. Comment about, that. Now. Going inside, I will show you this beautiful. Light you can see the car have a beautiful. Blue, blue. Light in. The background of the buttons that look, nice, in the night and it, is it is really, a relaxing. Light better. Than red like, I have, on my car I have. Red on my car and I wish. I had this blue. It's. Make you feel a. Little, bit more nice, in. The night red. It's a color that make you a little bit, nervous. Or, something like that there. Is a cockpit, to. Call so nice and have great colors, great visibility. On, the windows. On the mirror, even. If you have a little. Window. There you. Don't feel like you're, in blind. Spot. They, position, it really, really, well and, now. Complaining, about that I really liked it I. Don't. Know how they designed because. It's the wood the, same. Same. Line. As the dashboard. You don't feel, the. The blind spot there, you. Don't feel it here in the, driver. Maybe, on, the passenger, side maybe. You. Feel it a little bit but on, the driver side and. Now complaining, everything. It's cool here. Is the cockpit nice colors. White. Brightness. There, in the middle you'll have a digital, display, where. You can see different. Stuff. Like a. Dock, cruise control, and. Lane. Assist, for. Example. Here. We have two bands really, nice and, simple. Integrated. In this, glossy. Plastic. All. Over here. We have a speaker, and, the. Dashboard, quite. Simple, and. Nice. Nothing. Complicated also. Here we have the. Same glossy. Plastic with. A chrome, insertion. There. The, glovebox. It's. It's, big, you, also have, a space up here for. A book so, quite. Useful. Really. Pull up your box. So. They did a great job with that even the, dashboard, it's soft material. Rubbers. Of here, we have the band in, the middle of the car they are perfectly, positioned that. The air goes directly. In the middle and not. Up or down so it's perfect. They. Are positioned in perfect. Here. On the steering wheel we. Have also great, quality, teaches. Red. Stitches, nice. Grip great. Great. Quality, also from travel, of you to, create a great creative, view, so. We, have a great driving, position, and, also. I like to stand with very much I, think it's one of the best ten wheel that Ford. Made. Ever, it. Also have. A lot of buttons, here to. Control, different, settings. On. The car. So. This is a great, great. Plus. Glossy. Start/stop. I need button, block nice, and. Cool also here. The buttons in this. Display. That it's infotainment. The. New 14, for tainment you already see it on. My other review, with the Ford you, can check out my review if, you wanna see it is, the same system I don't go into detail this.

Is The same system that you find on port on, their, own Ford Focus or. Kouga. So we can check out my other review, and, you will see it there, I will make a special video, only. For this for, the infotainment, system, with navigation and, all to, show you up, here we have the mirror LED, light. Beautiful. Roof up. There that. Make the car as I say look. Super. Nice also. Big windows. Who plays visibility, a little, bit of blind spot there in the back when. You drive in the city or. You, want to park the car you, will have a little problem with. Blind. Spot but. Yeah, not always depend, if, you look in the mirrors you don't have any problem at all, so. Here, we have the climatic, system. Same. Background, light beautiful. Heated. Seat heated. Steering wheel. And. Simple. To use. Down here another space for your phone or whatever you. Want to put it twelve volt port a big. Stick here in the middle USB. Port a. Glossy, plastic. Leather. With red stitches. Here. In the middle, I was, preferred, to have a small, stick. Not. So big one, here. The button takeoff driving. Someplace. To put your stuff two cupholders. The. Mannerly, handbrake, the, same leather red. Stitches. That. Look nice with the seat also. Here in the back the. Armrest, led. Some. Space. Here. USB. Port, down. There and, another. Useful. Space, to. Put your stuff there. Quite. Simple, and. Cool. So. The interior of the, new Ford. Fiesta. It's. Really nice I really like it and, also like this. Beautiful. Nice display. In the folder. So. Now. Guys. That. Was my review with, a new Ford Fiesta. 2019. Model, S T so, I hope. You enjoy the review I hope, it. Was helpful and. I. Hope you. I can answer to your question. Here, are some information, about. The. Fiesta, ST line, the. Engine, the price the color of the of. The car I see many people asked for the color so, here you have the coat in the name and everything and, all the option that it's on the car right. Now the price it's. 22100, so. It's a great great price, for a new car. And. This is Ford Fiesta, so it is it. Is a very, well know car so. The price is not that if. The car was have, the sign, on light. Was almost perfect. So. Thank you for watching please subscribe to, my channel. And. Check out my other video guys and I, see. You soon so stay safe guys ciao. You.

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It is ST Line....maybe an special model. Always depend on the country.

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