New FORD EDGE VIGNALE 2019 Review Interior Exterior

New FORD EDGE VIGNALE 2019 Review Interior Exterior

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So, the new Ford Edge mcnally. It's right here with me the 2019. Model, and. It's really, beautiful, one, of the best car that Ford. Made. This. SUV, it's, a. Great, competitor. For the other. Other. SUV. That are now on the market for example. I. Would. Eq7. Also. Materials. Jelly. And. Yeah. BMW. X6. For example. This. Is a great great great, competitor. And it's also look, fantastic. The. Front of the car, it has also full, LED. Lamps. In the front in the back also. Newest. Technology. With. Rather cameras. Around the car and. Also. A beautiful, beautiful. Design a great, material, quality. Also. Great. Great space, in the trunk and. You. Would see in a moment I will, pass, around, the car and you. Will see what I'm talking about. Also. These rims look very nice on, the car here. In the back you can see the LED light, lines. Also. Look fantastic in, 4/4, style. So. In. My opinion, it. Is a very beautiful car. Also. If you see down there to. Fake exhaust. They. Look very nice and. Inside. That there, the real one also we have plastic, grey. Plastic mat, down here, that. Looked also nice, parking. Sensors, all, over in. The back, as. You can see here. Also. Down here we have some. Some. Plastic. Part. In. The color of the car here, we have a red. Friction light. On. The side that make the car look more sporty, with that lines. And. There. You can also see, that. Look, very nice with these, lines up, here we have a line, of chrome. In. The middle, also. I like, when I see chrome on the cars we. Can ally logo, also, look nice here, in the middle and. Here we can open the trunk, we have also camera, in. The back this. Car have cameras, all over around. The car, like. A free. 360. Degrees you can see around the crack here we have the brake. Light. You. Cannot see it it's kind of dark in there it's, quite cool how they integrating. That diffuser. Up there. Anyway. Going. Around the car and we. Will see this, chrome, around the window. Windows. Very. Nice. My. Opinion, about. The way they integrated, chrome another, line of calm down there also. Nice and, beautiful. Down, here we have some plastic, interesting, plastic, you. Will see in the moment way they chose to do this, down part of the car in. My opinion a little bit different. Than other cars also, the rims are. Beautiful. I, like. Them, 20. Inch rims. Quite. Quite nice and. It, passed good with the car it's. Look good with the car. The. Chrome on the windows as I say also. The windows are big like, on the all Ford. The. Same on this edge. They. Are really nice also the mirror blind, spot their, technology. And the. Mirror it's big and nice. Quite. Great, also. Blinker, light. There. Right. Here we. Have a blinker, so. The. Design it's really simple and nice another logo vignale. McNally, here, after. Beside that also, look nice and tell that the car is different. In. The front we going in the front here, you can see the sensors, on. The side also chrome-lined, down here and a. Little bit of plastic. Mat. Down there, again. Fog, light here. Another. Line of. Chrome. And black. Glossy. Those. Are, the LED. Daylight. And. Also it's full LED, technology, there. For. The headlamps. And, everything. That. That. Illuminate. So. A little, bit of a chrome. In the front grille nice. Design also the front camera. Down. There chrome, around. The. Grille and the rudder, down, there for adaptive, cruise control, emergency. Brake and. All that high-tech. It's. Nice it, is a nice car. In. My opinion really nice, look, good. It. Has a nice design on, the. Side they don't chase they chose to not put that plastic if, you see most of the SUV, these days has a plastic, around, there or. Plastic. In the color of the car or matte, plastic that, protects the edge of the car from chip, stones or from, rusting, time so, this edge doesn't, have that protection. And. It's more exposed, to the rust in time or to the chips and, maybe. You have to repair it more often. Now. Automatic. Liftgate in the trunk here. Also. Here, is the button also. You can use it at manually. From. The, right side. So. Engines in the car we have aluminium there to protect the plastic, and down here we have a part. Where. We have some, hooks. Quite nice and quite useful. Also. The trunk it's really, big as. You can see in the, image, here also. Here, are the buttons for the seat you, can left the seat down also. 12 volt port a little space here here, we have a hook. When. You want, tied. Someone, something. In. The trunk, that's. I want something, here, we have a speaker.

Also. An LED light. Here. And. A space there if you want to put something also, the protection, from the trunk. It's. Right here. If. You need it and you can take it out. As. Well, very easy if. You don't need it and you wanna carry the big. Items, you can take this out from here. Yeah. So. Under, this. Big, another carpet. We, have the normal. Floor. From, the trunk and under, the floor we, have this spare, tire with, some space for, a. Lot, of stuff, that we can put here. Quite. Useful. And. You can also take it out and put other stuff if, you have a repair, kit down. There the, seats you can take it down only the two seats or one seats you don't have in the middle for. Any of that hole, for. Carry, longer, items. If. You know what I mean. So. You cannot, carry longer items twist, in the middle like skis, or something. Like that now. Closing, the, trunk. And. Going inside the car, and. Want. To show you. How. These seats, are made because they aren't very nice, they have a great system in, my opinion. Although. There they, have great, quality, but I will show you you pull this down here, and the, seat going down. They. Are almost, all, the way down. Almost, flat, I just. Go back and show you here, that are, almost flat, there. So. You can carry long items, too so. It is a great way to trunk, and a great space, you. Can see for yourself even you, can sleep in the car because it's a huge space there. Quite. Impressive. So. That. Was the trunk even here down here on the fifth you have some space to put your stuff now, put, back to sit, and. Let's, talk. A little bit about. The. Door. So. The door looks very nice very. Good quality, very, nice lines but. The thing that make me wonder. Why they chose to make this part down here you can see all that. Pink. And this rubber, here, to protect when, you close the car will. Be a little bit more exposed, to the, nature, to the rest in time you, can see how, the choice, to live this. Down. Part, here it's really really, strange. And. Yeah. I don't know why they chose to do this and the, door look, fantastic but this, rubber in time will be more, exposed, to, be broke and. Maybe. If you're not careful and. You go with your feet or something like that you have to always. Put. It back or. Change. It or whatever. It's. Quite quite, strange. And, here, it's, directly, the, body of the car with, paint. Anyway. Although. The, other things, in the car are, great. The. Way they do the. Door, is fantastic. Great quality. Leather up here nice. Whites which is. Everything. It's in the line. This. Chrome here also it's, in the line with. The speaker and with everything, it, is in perfect, position. Also. Down here we, see the white, speeches with this white inception. In the middle also. Leather white, insertion, later we, have it on the seats as well and on the doors make. The car look all fancy and, more exotic.

Also. The button would crumb really. Nice, glossy. Black and, a speaker and. Also place, for, your bottle, here that kind of small. Not. So big but it's enough. In. The back here the. Seats also. With white in session, leather. Very nice which. Is very. Nice design and they, are also very. Good. Quality. And, also. Very, comfortable. And. Very, stable, as. You see here there in the middle there is more, step. That's. A good thing. Because. You can stay in the middle without any problem. So. Here in the middle we also have this center console, with two cup holder, now. You can, artist, your arm here on, this armrest. Which, also have two white, insertion. On it to. Make it look better. Right. Up the wall addressed. Here, you have also, the leather, on, the front seats, no plastic, all leather. Quite. Cool here, in the middle two vents simple. Vent. If. You ask me, really simple, button. Two buttons. For, heatedly. Seat in the back also, 12. Volt port and also, 230. Volt. For. Charging, different, stuff like a laptop or something like that. It's. Great that you have hitting, on the seat in the back. There. Is the speaker look, how nice they made it to. Different style. Different model. I never see it before quite interesting up. We have a microphone. Windows. Pick, on the. Hands-free. On. The car, also. Going, in the car it easy. No. Problem. Huge, space on my legs as expected. For, a, big, SUV this. Ford. Edge have, a lot of space on the, feet in the back also I can play my feet on my head as well a lot, of, space. And. Hook. We. Have an LED light they're quite. Nice. And. Also arm, although. There. Have. A place, here that. Don't. Know what it is for. Sure maybe you can comment and tell me what is this holder, what. Is the purpose of this place. There. May. Be I know but I don't remember but. Please comment and tell me what that is I'm, really curious to know. Also. This glass roof look fantastic. Look. Really, really nice and also, I. Don't know why they put this black. Protection. Here in the middle to. See to make it. Separate. Two. Windows. It's looked nice, but I think, it was better without it also. In the middle you can see I, have a lot of space here I. Stay. Without problem, and it's, a lot of space in the front seats to. Head. Space enough. And. Also very comfortable, here in the middle Candice, it's a fantastic. A lot. Of space in the left and right for, passengers. As you. Already, see it here a huge. Space a nice. Quality seeds. And. Yeah. Now. Going, end front. Guys. Of. This edge and. Just. One show you the. Same system. Front we have just this plastic. Here that. Protected. The edge of the door, down.

There But I'm I'm not sure how, good it is with, rain in, time, with, rust in time I'm. Not sure I hope. It good, so. Anyway. The door. Almost. The same like in the back same good quality, same leather, same. White. Insertion, and stitches. Chrome, are. Really, beautiful and, really great, quality. Also. This. Chrome. Here around the buttons, look very nice with, savings. Its position. There. And. The speaker also, white insertion. White. Stitches. Great. Quality. Black. Glossy with, some, buttons. That, look. Also nice I. See. That for to use it often on almost, all the car this. Chrome insertion, on the button and that's a really cool thing here. The, engines, on the car. They. Have the same same, system. Down here and up. We. Have this week knowledge, logo, that it's. Really. Illuminate, and we have a green. Green, white color, in. The night that's, make, the car look beautiful. And. For the ambient, light it's fantastic. Also electric, seats with, chrome around them also, a great idea, to. Put this chrome around this button, make, it look much better than. Just a simple black. Beautiful. Seats, as, well, nice, design in the front a great. Side support, great. Side. Support, here as I say up and, down really, great here. We have the fuse. Box. Also. In, the light. That you. Can. Adjusted. From here also, the car have a blue, light. In. The interior has ambient. Light really, really, nice nice, color, better. Than, the. Colors this make you feel relaxed. Great. Great, leather, dashboard. Soft, material, everywhere, great. Quality, but they. Work flat on it it's really cool, here, in the middle got some plastic a speaker, up there and, here we have a place to put, some, different. Stuff. Your. Phone or whatever you want to put, also. Leather, everywhere, here there we have the air bag if, you wonder why is this, model. Like that from. Their condo air bag but, and. Yes. One, of the air bag because this car have a lot of them and. It's also have. Five stars and a rock up crash-test, great. Visibility from interior of the car. Also. On the dashboard, also great comfort, on the seats a lot of space on my head a. Lot of space on my hands. Left-right. Great, comfort. Great. Quality. You. Can adjust the seat in different position, very easy nice, and. This. Make the car. Very. Comfortable. Also. Nice design. On the doors with. Dashboard. It. Comes, together very, well they're. Also. Great, visibility nice. Start/stop. Button, events. Simple. Venting, fourth style. Also. Adjustable. In different position. There. We have also disco, around. Digital. In. - water I. Think. You already, see, the dashboard, in my other videos. If. You didn't see you. Can check out my other video. With. Ford, Mondeo for, example, there. Is the same dashboard. Maybe. Maybe I will add it a, little bit I will show you a little bit later, now, the staying. With it's also great quality, the, finishing. On of the car it's great the, way they put to the leather all the way down here there, we have a place for your, stuff you can put your. Phone or. Whatever. You want it's kind of hiding place, down there really great and. The. Stitches, go all the, way down, here to the back to, this armrest, also, great quality. You know everything, or, every. Finish on this car it's good. Quality. And good. Made. 12-volt. Border and also a. Lot, of space here to, put your.

Things. Yeah. So. Kind. Of interesting. And. Practical. Also. Here place for putting your keys or. Something. Small. The. Bottoms. Integrated. In this glossy. Black, plastic. You. Can see the sensors, also. You can see this, ambient, light that I'm talking about inside, the car look fantastic. This, blue, look great, and, you can see here the button for an, electric. Brake and, also, these, fantastic. The my favorite. Gear. Shifter. It's, this. Using. My favorite gear shifter look fantastic simple. And doesn't, take so much space, in the car in the center console, also, coming, section, very nice design 2, USB, port really, fantastic, they're, really. Useful these days and you can charge your phone here. Great, great job in my opinion they. Did a great job with that also. We have here the. Heated. Seats. As. You can see and. I think there are also ventilated, seats. Something. That it's creating. A car that, fitted, and ventilated, sit in the same time here. Are bucking, for the automatic, system. Also. Placed. There for CD, I guess and. Navigation. System and multimedia, infotainment, system, from the Ford also. You see it on my other video here. You have a nice, nice, chrome, not, Chrome but it's like a carbon, fiber design, with. Chrome. Insertion, a big. Glove. Box here with light inside, a lot, of space for the passengers fit. A nice. Big mirrors, up. Here, we have the. Great place, for the glasses. Very. Practical, very, useful. The. Light the interior, light I showed, you right now you can see. Its. LED, light and also, the buttons are with blue illuminated. Something. That I love it also. Here we have. Both. Light yellow, ball right no LED light and. Yeah. That, was kind, of that, plans there. Now. Here, I want to show you the. Cockpit. The digital, cockpit the combination, here it's really great it. Has all the information right, there in the front you can see in the right side. The. Speed. Limit, reader, right there with, how many kilometer you can still drive it and. All that information about the car in the left side you have all that information that, you can change it and can adjust different. Different. Things to the car, for. Example, the, alert. The. Intensity. Of the lane keep, all that stuff from, technology. Free. Collision, alert. You can change it or adjust, it from here it's. Pretty. Pretty great digital. Cockpit the colors are very nice, the, visibility, it's created, a nice nice. Bright light, and in. The night make. It really, useful. In. My opinion it's one of. The. Best. Cockpit, out there, taken. Out of consideration, the, new Mercedes the. New Audi. Cockpit. Or and. You, get. All. That super. Super premium, high-class, cockpit. This, one it is a great. Great cockpit, in my opinion. And. Yeah. All all. That, information. About. Headlamps. About. All. The technology, you can also see it here, how. I play in the menu you. Can read, it and see it for yourself the, mirrors. And. All that stuff all that information. A driver. Doors even.

The Interior light, even. The daylight, you can adjust, it. Adaptive. Cruise control mirror. Folding. Or not if. You don't want the mirror to fold automatic. You. Can change to not. Liftgate. The. Way you wanted. Use. It the seat belt even the seat belt you can you can adjust, for me it's really really, interesting. Windows. And all that stuff so. Anyway. Guys. That. Was with the cockpit, coming, inside in the interior we. Can see here great, create, this beautiful. Sunroof. Here, look. Fantastic. Also the visibility, in the back it's good a little bit of blind spot there but, don't forget the car have, 360. Cameras, so. You. Can park, without. Any problem, this car and, also. Here, we have the infotainment, system. You see it in my other video with, Ford Focus, if you didn't check, out my other videos, and you will see it there I have, made a lot of, videos. On Ford, Focus, Ford Fiesta. Also, for Mondeo, has the, same Ford. Kuga. They. Have the same system it's work fast it's, very, responsive. Great great brightness, color good. Software, good navigation, system, it's, charged fast, it's. Work perfect, in. My opinion now complain, about it it. Is really really good and right. You, can rely, on it because it's a great great. System. Also. Very practical, and it's, nothing complicated. It's. It's simple, to use even for for. Someone. That is not so good with computers. And with a, new. Smartphone. This. System. It's simple you can learn it very, fast you can connect your your. Android, out to your apple carplay, also. Bluetooth. You. Can put, your USB in, the car and see videos. And. All. Other, stuff and also it's position, it correct. And you, have good, visibility from, the driver point, of view so. Yeah. The. Cockpit. Design. It's, also nice, not. The best but, it's nice, in. My opinion this car have, a lot of nice stuff on, them on it something. That I love it for example that gear shifter, I love. It one, of my favorite, from the all cars. That are there, on the market today, this. Gear shifter, it's my favorite it. Is beautiful, and also the center console, the, leather. Integration. In the car doors. It's. A big big competitor. For. The. Other cars. So. That. Was my review guys so, please subscribe.

To My channel to see all, new. Videos, with, the newest ace cars that are on the market today also, please, subscribe to, like, my videos share it. And thank. You for watching my videos. Stay safe drive safe and, see, you soon guys. You.

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Fahrzeug zur Probe gefahren. Schönes Inneres und Äußeres gefällt mir gut. Allerdings: Trotz der 238 PS geht in dem Auto gefühlt nichts voran. Das Beschleunigungsverhalten ist deutlich schlechter als vergleichbare Mercedes, BMW oder Audi mit fast 60 PS weniger! Außerdem rappelt es an vielen Stellen (Armaturenbrett rechts, Knistern Kombiintrument, Klappern B-Säule nähe Unterboden). Und das hört man selbst bei eingeschaltetem Radio. Quietschen der Bremsen bei einem Fahrzeug, das knapp 2000km gefahren ist, ist auch nicht normal. Sehr hoher Ad-Blue Verbrauch. Zudem ist das Fahrzeug wohl aus der Produltionslinie genommen worden. Jedenfalls wird nach Auskunft von Ford Stand Juli 2019 das Fahrzeug bis November 2019 nicht mehr gebaut. Was ist denn da los??

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