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Dr. LuLu: Hi, welcome Philip to the genetic genius podcast. I'm so excited to have you as a guest today. Philipp: Thank you for having me.

I'm excited as well. Dr. LuLu: Yeah. Great. Before we dive deep into learning all about Leanplum quantum technology, I would first like for you to talk about just a little bit about your story, the background and how you got to be where you are today. Philipp: Yes.

Okay. So I'll try to summarize it, but it won't be done in one minute. It's a little bit complicated because I've done so many different things and really, I I'm an entrepreneur by heart. I'm an energy healer by heart. I used to be in corporate Europe and in corporate America.

That's where I. Started to be in an entity even up in T-Mobile at some point in Europe and then came over to the U S worked as the vice-president there. The reason I'm saying that is because it's the other side of where I'm at today, because we do a lot of things in regards to electromagnetic fields and harmonizing and neutralizing those fields so that they're not affecting our bodies in a negative way.

But I do have that background from the other side, if you will. And yeah, I I started very early on in the year, 2000 pretty much to really understand that there's more to life than, the typical eight to eight work alive, and then digged into yoga, into meditation and started to read about it. Yeah, it was really interested in that. But it wasn't mental probably 2004, 2005.

Until I went even deeper into that and started to even do some some trainings, I went through some traumatic practice training met my wife at the time who was born with the ability to see our aura and energy fields. And she never really had lost this conscious connection. Whereas I would consider myself like most everybody else that we forgot what else we have within us really. And we're just degraded to this material, physical body and that we think that's what we are and, and it really isn't. So that helped me to understand so much more about life itself and to access my inner power and, Fast forward. I did that in parallel, really build out those skills and working in parallel in the corporate world, which became more and more of a stretch because I felt like at the time, at least now it may be different.

You couldn't really talk much about that. And, I felt almost in between that, I had to be like two, two people. One was, my true self, my true nature that I was expressing and living and digging more into. And then it was this role I played in the corporate world and I.

Try to connect it as much as I could, but it wasn't possible to fully do that. And at some point that stretch was just too big. And in 2016, I said, okay, now I've done enough in the corporate world. And I get out of that and only do what's really coming out of my own heart and my own calling and follow that. And that started to be just an absolute blessing because yeah, I didn't have to have this stretch anymore. And yeah.

So I think this is the basis for where I'm at today. My wife got really sick with a chronic Lyme disease. It was ignite diagnosed, I think in 2000, I dunno, I can't remember 2008, 2009, but she's had it for five years at the time already. And yeah, that started, it became my passion and hobby to help. Heal her. So I started to really dig into all the other stuff that's out there and yeah, maybe I stop here for now.

Dr. LuLu: That's great. I love that story and it's interesting. It parallels my story in that, that development and having those interactions are inter those dual dualities of being the science mind and the spiritual mind, and then interweaving them in together, which I think, is the wave of the future. People are realizing like, oh yeah, there's a lot of differences. Or I wouldn't say differences.

There's a lot of ways alternative ways that we can connect to that are actually more in alignment with our true path and to calling Philipp: exactly. I agree. And it truly is the time right now for that. And it's just so much fun to see how many more people. I started realizing that there's more out there and they start to look inwards and they, go through some of the first barriers that you encounter when you do that.

And yeah, it's it's certainly the time and that's what we're trying to do to help people on that journey. And I feel that at least my story, is I know how that is. You know what I mean? Sometimes, with people like Roman Hafner, who we've worked with a lot, or also with my wife, to some extent, when they have we're born with this ability and they never lost that, there's one thing that they never learned. And that is how is it when you've forgotten all of that and when you felt completely disconnected. And so I feel there's at least some helpful knowledge that can be applied now. Because there's so many people out there that really would like to.

Access more of the inner power and sometimes they just don't know how to do it, so Dr. LuLu: true. So true. I do think that's evolving.

We'll see more of that in 2022, for sure. I hope. So we're going to dive deep into today to discussing Lila quantum technology and that's how you pronounce it, right? Lila? Philipp: Yes.

Lila quantum tech. That's what we say. Dr. LuLu: Okay, great. And we're going to talk about different things, how it affects the DNA, the cellular vitality, neutralizing EMS, and lots of awesome topics. And so let's, can we first start about I'd love for us to talk about frequency medicine, just like in general, so people can understand what is it? Is it similar to the term vibrational medicine? How is it affecting the cells? What is it Philipp: all about? Yeah, that's a great question.

And I always try to explain things in a way where people can see. Arrive at their own picture and not be too scientific about it, but in a way we're really all frequency. That's what we are. And this there's so much behind the matter that we may not understand may not see, but that's constantly vibrating. And it really is this frequency and even disease.

For example, doesn't just come through the physical, it's something like if we're not having a resonance to that to become sick at a given point, we're not going to get sick. It's a concept that's widely understood and in certain circles, but it's not at all understood in the general public anyway. So there are ways to.

If something is missing, if the system itself is out of balance, maybe there's a certain frequency or a certain set of frequencies that is missing. When we then introduce that as a signal, then suddenly the system becomes whole and be in balance again. So that's the general concept on how that works. You can even think of it, how it also works on the physical level a little bit, if you think, okay, you're completely deficient in vitamin C and you're completely drained off that. And then you introducing that, then you bring your system more in about pretty much the same concept on the frequency side. And.

Yeah that's pretty much it we've really not only developed the technology that can imprint pure quantum energy into objects and do things like that. But we're working with several healers together to develop specific frequencies for various use cases. So we have by now I think 22 different frequency cards. It may sound overwhelming at first. Okay.

So what's the right one for me, but there are just over time, there have been requests from people that said, Hey, we struggled with weight loss as an example. So can you develop something for weight loss? Now? That's a hard one actually, but we did it. We developed it. We tested it over a long period of time, super successfully. And it introduces a frequency when you have this card with you it's a signal that. Helps your energetic system and your body to act in a certain way, by the way, this weight loss card doesn't work the way that you just hold it.

And then you're suddenly losing 30 pounds. I got to match exactly not how it works, but it I can explain it very well, probably with the inner peace card. So the inner peace card is a card that is great for everyone that suffers with panic attacks or anxieties, stress of any kind, even fear.

And it could be in various degrees. It doesn't need to be some huge panic attack, but often we just have something underlying that is bothering us and it could be a kid going to school, having a test and being very nervous about it. So what happens in that instance is that we tend to Lose our expansion a little bit. And we this space of inner peace that we all have with within us at all times that shrinks, it's almost as if a tree rings like a balloon, then you suck the air out and and then you need to basically fill that up again.

But how do you do that? It's very hard for people that don't work with energies to suddenly do that. You can go meditate. You can do yoga, you can maybe start breathing well. So some physical exercises, or you introduce you a frequency set that promotes that basically stimulates this inner peace within us and helps us to naturally expand that again.

So it's something completely natural and we're doing it, but it's just, there's just someone basically helping us how to do it. That's pretty much how it works. And that's how all of those frequency cards are designed. And they're also designed in a way.

They shouldn't work like a pharmaceutical, for example, that you need an aspirin when you have a headache and you always have a headache and then you always need to take a aspirin, right? That's exactly not how it's supposed to work. It's supposed to be your little healer trainer for your pocket, if you will, because it trains you to do that on your own. If you've used that card over time, then you'll be able to reach that space much more easily on your own also in the future. So you can work with it. That's pretty much the idea behind quantum frequency medicine. And then there are two different types of frequencies that we usually work with.

One is molecular frequencies. So that would be something, for example, in our heel capsule or in the water bottles we have. Set up various frequencies. And one is organic plant extracts, minerals and vitamins. About 78, I think that are vital for the human body. And we've taken those frequencies from the actual substance.

So from an organic vitamin T for example, that frequency of the vitamin D that frequency and so on. So it's really from, it's a molecular frequency. And then we introduce that as part of this set. And so your body and your system will be able to leverage that. So those are many molecular frequencies, and everybody can actually do that with our technology. If you have a quantum block, you can do the same thing.

You can take a piece of the healing plant and copy that frequent. With our technology into another object and then leverage it that way. If you want to men, there are theoretic frequencies. Those are frequencies that the normal person, if you will, couldn't really create, because it's just something we have unlearned to do.

We can't actually, everybody has the ability, but it would take a lot of training to become a tennis pro. You can't do that with just in a few months, you have to put real hard work into that, and that's the same concept. So those frequencies, we create together with a network of healers, some very exceptional healers that for them it's super easy to do. You would tell them a problem and and ask them.

To come up with the right frequencies that fills that gap so that the system is fully imbalanced again. And then they do that. It's basically pulled out of the ether. Dr. LuLu: Great explanation.

I really liked how you explained the two aspects, that physical and then the etheric, because it's, those are two separate parts of our body, but actually a whole, but sometimes it's hard for us to connect the two, depending on what you said, like how connected we are into that aspect of ourselves. And I have a couple of questions that were in regards to what you said one. So do you need, when you have the card, that quantum card, do you need to have it like touching your physical body? Does it need to be like how far away does it need to be from your field, so to speak? I couldn't just be like on your desk or do you need to be touching it and then To can you use more than one card at a time to activate different frequencies within yourself? Philipp: Yep. So the carts are different from the capsule and they're different from the blocks.

For example, the blocks have a very big radios, infinity blogging, even up to kilometer, one, some blocks, 145 feet radios. Then the capsule would be about, I would say two, three meters over field. That's this capsule you can wear around the neck. And then the cards, they indeed have a much smaller radio. So they probably have a 20 to 30 centimeter field strong field, which is maybe about a foot more or less, I would say. So it is enough if you were in your pocket, for example, because that's touching the body is very closed and while the field wouldn't go.

To the bottom of your feet. At that point, it touches enough of your physical and energetic body that literally that the energy and the signal can be leveraged by your whole body. So that's absolutely enough.

You could, you could put it underneath your pillow at night. That's what people, a lot of people do. Actually, if you want to work with a frequency at night, even the inner peace card, for example, is quite fun at night because it doesn't really make us sleepy, but it helps us to release some of this mind stress that we often have, like with these recurring thoughts and, maybe anxiety about the future or something like that.

It really helps with that. Or even better. It works if you have a relatively close to your solar plexus or heart area. So some people really literally put it here. And they don't feel it at night. It feels okay, you have a card underneath your close to you, but no one really notices it.

That's how to work with it. But if you put it and even if you had it in your purse, ed would still at work. If you wear that purse, as soon as you put it on a chair or something like that it wouldn't work anymore because it's too far away and putting a card on the nightstand also does not work.

That Dr. LuLu: makes sense. So if you're using just the card, it needs to be within a, like a radius of your small aura, so to speak. So that you're feeling that energetic shift within you. Yeah.

That makes total sense. One of the things that I really like about the technology that you created is the different research studies that have been done to, cause I think that a lot of people are looking for, there's XYZ and how is it being shown to work now? Not everything is studied, but I'd love for you to talk about what, which one is the most profound to you that is showing, wow, this was really amazing to see and show listeners how that technology as being shifted. Philipp: The first answer is all of the studies that were done.

I found fascinating and fascinating really in a way, because this stuff really works and it's been proven over and over again. And it works in a hundred percent of the cases. So it's not that the study is fine.

Yeah. In 30% of the cases, it has this positive effect that would already be great, frankly, it would be better than most other substances or something that you could take. But no, it, it finds on a regular basis that it works for everybody and works pretty much every time. Now I want to mention two studies.

One is. That study in India. It's a clinical study done by a clinic in India. So it's not never run by us not to say that because we don't want to be involved. Of course. And it's, and also we're a small company.

We don't have a multi-billion dollar budget. So usually we have clinics or doctors or institutes and coming and they say, okay, you know what? We'll do those tests. And we'll do those studies in India. That's a study with autistic kids. So they specifically actually focus on helping autistic kids. And they said let's test the quantum healing and introduce that.

And now this study has been ongoing for over four months, I think four or five months possibly. And it will continue for another few months and the results have been fantastic. Absolutely.

Touching heartwarming really, because those parents often really don't know what to do because it's so hard. Those kids can speak. Then they have ball movement problems. There's no attention to space and this is a whole range of problems and it's very hard to treat. And they have seen significant improvements in only at the halftime of the study in 70% of the kids.

And so they've seen improvements in all of the kids, but really significant improvement in 70% of the kids. And there were even some kids now that's not the average here, but there were some kids where they had an 80% improvement in bowel movement. 70% improvement in attention span. All of them showed Improvement in speech, right? Those are the things that are just absolutely amazing. And from that standpoint, I find that a very unique and great study. The other one that is just fantastic.

That has blown my mind a little bit. Even though I knew what the outcome would be or should be. It was a study and now we've actually done two studies Dr. Beverly Rubik she's very well known in the U S published multiple peer reviewed studies since three decades. She's been designing studies and she's one of the experts, really the experts in how to set up the right studies and all of that. And I had heard a podcast with her at some point, and she was very concerned about EMF and she showed in lifeblood analysis.

What an impact EMF really has on the body and on the blood. And then I reached out and said, Hey once you reach out and listen to your podcast we may have a solution here. We may have a real solution for that. And then she got interested, looked at what we have.

And they immediately start to be extremely skeptic about it because she's not really into like energy medicine or energy devices and figure well that can work. And then I said we've done several studies, already, a lot of experiments and all that. Why don't you look at those? And she said yeah, those are very interesting. I liked that however, I remained skeptic about it and I said, okay, so what would it take for you to not be skeptic anymore? And she said, okay. I would run the study myself.

It would have to be a randomized, double blind study. And yeah, I would do that with the right criteria and everything. So it's up to the gold standard.

And I said, okay, so what does it take? How much would that be? And then, long story short, she started that study and it came out that in a hundred percent of the cases. At least 100% of the harmful negative effects of EMF on the blood was reversed by the quantum block and only 10 minutes. Wow.

That's amazing. And only 10 minutes and again, it was not just a hundred percent. It was up to, to have to argue somewhere between 150 and 200% in some cases, because then the blood was better than even before the wifi, Dr. LuLu: which is great. Philipp: Yeah.

And then suddenly the conversation shift to completely, because then she got super excited and said blood clotting is it's one of the biggest issues right now in today's world because of this. And because of that, and people know what I refer to with this, and with that, you have a solution here, you have a solution. And then I started.

Putting my foot on the brakes and said, all indications are there, but you don't want to be careful and mindful about it. And I would like to do further studies and all that, but that's how someone was truly skeptical about. And then is an absolute A's in this field completely turned by seeing with own eyes what's possible.

And now that study was actually verified because she did another study with an expanded amount of test persons. And we literally you're the first one that is publicly reporting this basically we just two days ago, we heard from her that all those results again were absent. Dr. LuLu: Wow. That's great. I love that. There's that connection, especially when people who might not understand that science is actually such a part of that spiritual side of us.

And there's so many ways that we can use quantum technology. And I think now people are understanding like it can really shift my cellular makeup and having that research done is so valid for the industry. Philipp: Yes.

I agree. And it's important for the people, because most people still today, they make it for them. It's for a lot of people it's like magic, you put your hand in this and it's supposed to work and they just can't wrap their head around.

And then, what you need to do is, you can show people what effects it has and then also people, start to realize that there's more. It has two effects, right? It can help people. And on the other end, it helps people to go inward a little bit and suddenly realize that there is more than they thought there is. And that is actually for me, one of the most wonderful things on this journey when people wake up a little bit to that fact and see more of themselves and allow that there's more out there because that is just a beautiful moment. Yeah. Dr. LuLu: Oh, that's I love that.

That's huge for people to have that shift happen and, I think we're seeing that more, especially on my end from being the physician. I, I work a lot with mindset and really helping people on that spiritual side, because that's such a huge part of their actual healing. We can't have that separation between, that symptom, that physical aspect, you can't say this is what I'm doing. And the spiritual part of my body has no connection. It's actually a hundred percent connected and people are now realizing if I actually look at the emotional aspect, the spiritual side of my being, I can change the way I'm physically feeling. Philipp: Exactly.

Yep. It's it's possible. So the physical and the unseen, if you will, are just so connected and yeah it's nice to see that people start recognizing that more. Dr. LuLu: Totally. I had a question about the what's the name of the the box part.

The quantum block. Can you use the, oh yeah. Can you show it that? Oh, cool.

That's awesome. I want one of those listeners. Can you use that? For instance, of course, I work a lot with formulating things for patients. I work a lot with growing my own herbs and making tinctures and things. Can a practitioner and healer use that to tune or align something specifically for a patient. Is that something that you have your healer community doing? Now.

Philipp: Yes. So we have a telegram community, actually it's a private group, so it cannot be found in the telegram search. But I think I sent you the link, the invite link.

So if your listeners are interested, feel free to click on that link and join, just listen. And there's a lot of people there that do exactly these things. They tink, they copy frequencies. They try different things.

And we actually have a lot of practitioners also that do exactly that because it's super simple to do in the path, if you wanted to create a homeopathic medicine, I've actually done that myself. Like I know how to do that. It's a, it's quite a process I've done it manually just to really know how that works. Like you're shaking and diluting and all of that. And it's a, it's quite a process it's difficult to do.

However, a great concept. Now with this, you literally, you can take a piece of the healing plant, put it inside, and let's say you wanted to have a glass of water and just transfer that frequency into the water so that you can drink it. Then you put a glass of water in it, in this quantum monk that I just showed together with this piece of healing plan within only 30 to 60 seconds, the frequencies of. I transferred into the water and you can drink it, but that it doesn't stop there. You could also take, let's say a silver coin, any type of metal. We use cards, for example, or you could choose a brass pendant, whatever you want and put it inside together with this piece of a healing plan, then that frequency after those 30 to 60 seconds is also in the silver coin in this example.

And so what does that do? Yeah, you can then on a frequency level. This frequency of the healing plant by just holding that silver coin or putting it into your pocket. And if you, as a practitioner, if for example, okay, so this specific mix of herbs is very important for this patient here.

You may still want to give them the physical herbs because there's actually more research to be done. In some cases, we know that some people really only need the frequency and they don't need the physical. But we always say, just keep giving this the physical, but the physical works even better if you introduce the frequency as well. So you could charge Or frequencies onto this little card, for example, and give it to your client or patient and that, then that case.

Oh, Dr. LuLu: cool. I love that. That's great.

Yeah. Being able to attune something specific for a patient, I think that's also like the wave of the future. It's there is more individualized medicine, more and more specific than we have. So such generalized medicine. Now I think that people are realizing that there were each an individual human.

We can, we can't, we don't have different DNA. We need something different than the person that's could be sitting right next to us. Philipp: Exactly.

And then, it doesn't stop there because even if of pharmaceutical products. You could put inside the block and you could also charge, a card, for example, with an ibuprofen frequency. And in some cases you may not then have to take the physical substance.

It's still unclear how that exactly works. We always say it has about 42, possibly 85, 90% efficacy if you just had the frequency, but it depends on the substance. And it depends on the user.

It's hard to tell. So we're still not a hundred percent clear about that, but Dr. LuLu: yeah, everything has a vibration, which you talked about earlier, so true. I'd love for us to shift our conversation and talk about like cellular healing and like actually the DNA aspect of the cells and how the Lila quantum technology can help our quantum tech. I keep saying technology, quantum deck can help with that healing. Cause I think that's a huge thing that I'm fascinated with.

And I'm on the thought process that it's, we are on this evolutionary train of being able to one, activate more of our DNA and to shift that DNA in the healing aspect to allow us to shift our bodies and evolve more quickly. And not everyone believes that train of thought. That's my thought process, but I'd love for you to talk about how the quantum technology can be used to activate the DNA specifically. Philipp: Yes. So the DNA I would describe real fake how I see and we understand the DNA because there's a lot of scientific belief out there that from our perspective, isn't really the right path to describe the DNA.

So we all have a blueprint, like it's call it our perfect self, if you will. We're always connected with that. The DNA is this layer to take that information in. And then it's mirrored here in the physical and, through our physical body and all of that. So now if you think of it as a crystalline structure, that envision, you can envision it.

Like a window and there's sunshine coming in, and then that sunshine is being led in and translated into, what we're expressing here. Now, when the window gets really dirty, really dusty over time, through bad air, bad food, bad thoughts, that TV, bad wifi, all these have this effect that, this whole connection and the translation gets bumpy and dirty. So now what our technology does is it helps clean that window. So that information.

First of all that the access is bigger again. And then that information can come in more freely and can be leveraged as such. So it's almost like a booster and that's in a way. I hope that picture helps a little bit.

That's how it works. And that also means that you can take this information of your blueprint and you're able to manifest that way quicker. And that is true actually on the energetic side, but also really on the physical. So it's not a miracle thing in a way where you suddenly don't get sick anymore. Something like that.

Or you may still have a car accident because that's the you're right on, on your path and it may be necessary for certain learning experiences. In total, it helps you to get all through all of those things way quicker and really release some of those resonances that you have that may pull in that negative stuff. Yeah, that's the best way I can explain it.

And it really, in that sense as a refresher for the DNA and help the DNA to fully express itself and take on that information. And, if you look at the cell on the cellular level, really every cell has the quantum field inside and it's the exact quantum energy that is within the block, for example. So it's a super harmonious field and, through this quantum energy field in the cells, that's how I cells communicate really. And if we have less of this.

Energy around to fill up our own batteries, then we have to pull from other places or there's this imbalance starting. So now that we're introducing again, almost. Access to some of that energy.

So we can reload ourselves with that. It's just something like, someone that's in the desert for a couple of days and somebody drinks water again, it's refreshing and super rejuvenating on an energetic level that talks about Dr. LuLu: I love that explanation. That was so great. It's I just, that genetic blueprint of the DNA is so true, it's like we, and then that's exactly the way that I envision it and know that it's true, but, and that was such a great way for people to understand it.

So really clear. I love that listeners out there and make sure you're to repeating that explanation, because I think that is the true way that we're going to be seeing the DNA in the future. It is this kind of. I liked how you said that window, and that clarity and how we can easily clean it off. And that's the other thing I think that people are realizing is that we can really easily have the shift when we have the tools to make this shift.

And okay, so we talked about the DNA and I'd like for us to also talk about the mitochondria, which is different than the DNA with inside the cell. So that's our powerhouse. How, so you talked a little bit about that window clearing the DNA. How does the Lila quantum tech work with the mitochondria and energizing that powerhouse? Is it the same type of like aspect in that vibrational piece of the mitochondria and having that vibrational frequency? Philipp: Yes. So more research needs to be done there, but the way we see it and observe it is that it really signals to the cells and to the mitochondria. That it gets into the full strength again and into the full into the full balance.

So meaning that it can start to work again, as it's originally designed and that things that disturbed that can be thrown out. So in some cases, actually, we worked with specific frequencies that we introduced. So we have the DNA and cell protector cart, for example, which is very specifically, I don't want to talk too much about that.

You can read on the website about it, but it's basically in regards to specific. Foreign substances that we may take in various ways are not helpful actually, to ourselves and to then signal to the cell that the cell is completely autarkic Tarik and its full strength and goes into this awareness because every cell has the ability to be in this awareness, even though like on the micro level, but like us, it can get into this state and basically throw out everything that's foreign and not needed and rather hurtful. And then the self has an easier path to do that. And, since the mitochondria is the core of it yeah it's an important aspect of.

Dr. LuLu: Oh, that's great. I really like how the, you can use that technology too. It's you're communicating to the sales cause when you have a, so to speak a depletion of that energy core, then the mitochondria not replicating quickly enough basically, or within that healthy cell to have that energy. So it's like when they have the message Hey, this is how we should actually replicate and make more mitochondria. It's so easy.

So to have that vibration come in and with that clear explanation, it's I can see like this, clear line of light coming through okay, here you go. Here's exactly how your cell should be the quote unquote. Philipp: Yes, pretty much. And there, there are some pretty amazing results out there. All, obviously our products are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

But it is pretty apparent and obvious that people have. Phenomenal results by applying that and that the mechanism and how that works may still be difficult to understand and to describe, but the end result is pretty much what counts. Yeah, so we, we see a lot of acceleration in in, in these healing journeys. So one is actually a personal one that I like to share because it's just very recent. So our son, he broke both of his wrists in November. I had a, yeah, he had a dirt bike accident.

He's 14 years old, his growth plates were shattered and the risks completely shattered. And yeah, the doctors said it's an absolute minimum of four to six months that this will take until you can start trying to be on a dirt bike again. And it may even take way longer. And then he had a friend. That had happened to before for him, it had been 10 months until he could write again already at the time we said, we think we'll be on the quicker side here or sunset.

I intend to write again in January, which is two months later. So now a couple of weeks ago that the cast came off and yesterday he had his. Writing practice again. And he was already jumping. I posted that actually in the telegram group and he applied the infinity block, which is the bigger brother.

If you will, off the front of blog, it's stronger, more concentrated every day for three weeks in various ways then then a lot less and there's still a regularly, but not every day, but the first three weeks were the most critical. And every time when we went to the doctor said, it's just absolutely amazing how this is healing. Like he can't believe it is it's so fast and it's so good. And it couldn't be any better. Like he said, there's literally. It's the perfect healing.

And now we don't want to say that we all attribute it to this, this is the one thing that we have done differently to anyone else certainly looked at good nutrition, but there's something to. Dr. LuLu: Yeah. So it sounds like it helps on that cellular regeneration level speeding things up much more quickly. I wish I was using that now.

I had a mountain biking accident a couple of weeks ago and at a little bone bruise myself not, I didn't break any plates. Thank God. But yeah, so regeneration is definitely an aspect of that I think is really helpful for people to understand because in our sleep process, that's when we're doing that restoration and that regeneration, but if during the day, or even during the night, we can help speed up that process.

It even helps with anti-aging right and helps those telomeres to be more active and longer. And so that we can have a longer life. I think aging is just such a term that should be thrown out the window in general. Like I want to be, living the longest life that I want to be. Not that, someone's putting a timestamp Philipp: on.

Even on an energetic level. That's what Roman half know would also tell you that it's a concept. Just the concept that we think we'll all die when we're like 70 or 80 years old. And it's nothing more than that. And becoming way older is actually something on the horizon in, in that regard. And it's absolutely not necessarily to die so early, it's just that's just a contract.

Dr. LuLu: It just depends on how long you needed on the planet. Philipp: And make it a planet again. What's what the wild to hang out with you for longer. Dr. LuLu: Exactly. What about detoxification? Can you talk a little bit about how the technology can be used for detoxification? Cause I think that's such, and we have the, our environment, like we were just talking about the planet.

Our environment is changing so much. We have so much more of a higher, like toxic level with heavy metals and different things, our environment. How can listeners use the technology? You mentioned the EMS, but what about other detoxification Philipp: methods? Great question. So it works on two levels.

One is that, when you around the quantum blog or infinity blog, and to some extent with the heel capsule also in the beginning, it can start some detox effects. You don't want to overdo things in the beginning with quantum block and or infinity bucks, if you're not used to that type of energy. If you put your hand in there for the first time for just one hour, for example, that's already too much for most people. And then you would have a lot of detox effects.

So if you do it in a smaller dose in the beginning, you start a detox effect too, but in a very smooth way where it's not bothersome in any way. So that's just one thing we're in general, what we just talked about, that the cells start to actually go into their optimal state. That's what they're then trying to do.

They try to go back to their full strength and optimal state. And part of that is to throw all that stuff that's not needed and they get some extra help basically through that energy in order to push out. Substances that may hide in the cell membranes and stuff like that. Another level that it's working on is so the quantum blogger and they neutralize potentially harmful frequencies that are harmful for living organisms. And that is not just for humans, that's for plants as well as for animals, the case. And it's been actually shown also in various studies that, that happens now.

Some people have taken that up a notch and we don't recommend anybody replicates this, please, because we need to do more research in this regard, but there's some people that have food allergies that have tested what happens when they charged those foods. Now in the infinity block, as an example for various minutes, I think it was usually six to seven minutes, which is a long time already in these devices that they that's how they tested it. And then they afterwards could tolerate the substance again. And there's actually a video out there that we posted because we presented that life on stage at the biohacking conference in Orlando, at the Bulletproof conference, the biohacker Todd who was actually a pretty famous biohacker.

He has three allergies that are pretty severe. It's not like deadly or anything, but it's. He reacts and a heavy way to crap, me to honey, and to avocado each and every time he charges those substances and then finish the block, he can consume them and tolerate them with no problem. So then a scientists I in Mitchell had the idea if that's the case and that's always replicated, we should be able to show it with. Durham with an allergy test, with the Derma roller life on stage, they basically put crap meat in his arm. Yes.

And then the same crap meets they been put on stage and then infinity blog, where I think it was like six, seven minutes and everything was started to swell and to get read, it was in front of a hundred people and everybody was able to come to stage two to look at what's happening. And then after the charging, they put the or the crap Mitt in the other arm and no reaction other than just the, some tax, like from the Derma roller itself. But there was no, no swelling, no redness. She, yeah, exactly. That's the theme at works.

But again, this is something that please don't try this. If it's something we certainly want to get into more and do some research because it's fascinating. And if you think about it, if that's possible, not only for a few, but maybe possible for many or, this would be a wonderful. Yeah. I really Dr. LuLu: liked that.

I love that story and that that video, I actually watched that today cause I was doing some research and I was like, oh, so it's I found it really fascinating. And I liked that because when you talked about homeopathy before, if from that physician standpoint, I'm like thinking in my mind okay, I've worked with a lot of patients with food allergies and food sensitivities and gut issues. And if there's it's like that homey homeopathy, you're charging something a little bit at a time to help the cells recognize that it's like. Safe environment that like, you know, and retraining them so to speak. And so I, we get shifted off with things in our life all the time, and it was just a retraining moment, it's okay this is an okay thing for you getting out of that sympathetic mode and into the parasympathetic mode where you're having this new way to meet something. Just like when you meet somebody for the first time you get a bad impression is meeting them for any time with a good impression.

Philipp: Pretty much. Yeah. Dr. LuLu: Okay, so we're wrapping up things today. I know, I think I could talk to you for a really long time, but I don't want to take up too much of your time.

I'd love for you to answer one last question. If you had an unlimited budget, what would you do with it to make the most important impact on the planet right now? Philipp: I think we would actually just continue and accelerate all work, what we're already doing. So we're working on a phenomenal new product development, and now I can't quite yet share what that is, accelerate that a little bit. And and we would do a lot more research, things that are reported to us.

What we just talked about in regards to the allergies, get that down, do so much research that we could actually really provide a guidance in how to use it for that specific instance. And then, hopefully, help a whole lot more people. So yeah, I think that's we would stay within what we're already doing and we would expand. Dr. LuLu: Yeah, I love that.

That's great. Oh yeah. Philipp: Yeah.

And you know what we're doing with those autistic kids, obviously on one hand that's a study, but on the other hand, we're also supporting that really, because we provide all the devices for that. And, if we could provide infinity blogs for schools, for example, for hospitals, we would certainly do that in a heartbeat. And that will, that would certainly also be something I think.

Dr. LuLu: I love that it's so needed. I think we're also seeing, we've seen a shift even in the past few years in the way that children are learning, more in an online experience. So how do we shift that to allow them, I think, less time in front of electric devices and things more of a, it's a, I'm trying to say an easier assimilation of knowledge. Yeah. So how can people find you? How can people purchase some of the Lila quantum tech themselves, where can they find you and tell us about the you mentioned earlier the group of the private telegram group, but I want to make sure people can find that we'll put all of this in the show notes, as well as the offer that you're giving listeners for 10%.

Philipp: Yes. So obviously the website is Lila, L E L a That's a good place to take a look and maybe read a little bit and all that. But the telegram group really is the one to ask questions. That's where it's a user group. So you literally hear from other people what their experiences are, what they've noticed, and they can give helpful tips and tricks.

You can ask any question there, if you're like you're just listening and I'm active there as well. There's a question that stays on answered for example, or no one can answer it, then I'll jump in and I'll answer it. So you find me that directly. You could even click on me and then sent me a private message. That shouldn't be an invitation that everybody just sends me a private message.

If there's something, that you feel uncomfortable asking in the public, for example, it's still private, somewhat public in the group, then you can, yeah. You can reach out to me. And and I answer every question. Sometimes it takes a few days, but I'll do that. Dr. LuLu: Yeah, you have a life.

And then so on Instagram is at Lila Philipp: tech, quantum leap, Dr. LuLu: quantum, yes. Correct. Yeah. Philipp: It's a fun Instagram page actually. Yeah.

People seem to like it, which is great. Yeah. That's great. Dr. LuLu: So we can follow you there.

And then the code for listeners, they can get 10% off is Gigi for genetic genius, 10 off. So we'll make sure you put that in the show notes and they can use that to purchase something on the website that as long as it's not something that's already on sale or discounted. And I think that we talked about everything. Thank you so much for taking your time today. I learned a lot and I can't wait to share it with our listeners. Philipp: Thank you so much for your invitation.

Really enjoyed speaking with you.

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