Neblio NEBL Coin Review - Price Prediction 2018 (HIGH VALUE COIN)

Neblio NEBL Coin Review - Price Prediction 2018 (HIGH VALUE COIN)

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What. Up what up what up gene wolfe here AKA the, jedi marketer, and, i have an especially. Great. Token. Cryptocurrency, review, for you i think, this is one of the most even, at this point is still undervalued. And. I'm gonna tell you why and, this. Is kind, of like a hidden gem this is something that is gonna explode, in, my opinion. And. You. Really need to stick around for this video make, sure you fire up those likes yes hit me alike here to share shoot. Me a comment on what you think as well. But, I'm, very, excited about sharing this with you because I could see the massive potential, in this platform. Neb leo and so, I am going to be sharing with you the information about. In. That video what it is my. Price prediction. I'll. Be sharing, some informational. Tips about what, I think people should be doing in. Terms or at least what I will, be doing personally. And how I'll be managing, my token. Portfolio, with Leo whether. I'll be investing, in it and, what. I will oh what I'm gonna be giving this platform, out of, 5/5. Stars, so, first and foremost before we go I always got to give this a, little, disclaimer here I'm not a financial advisor I'm not qualified to be one I'm, not a professional, I don't get paid to do this I just simply, do my own research on these companies on these. Technologies. These. Decentralized. Platforms, and I. Use my own know-how. My own research and abilities to find out whether or not this is something I would personally invest, in and I, also rate them and. So basically, don't. Take anything that I say in my videos, as. Advice. For, you if. Anything don't don't, take any advice, that I have in this so take it as any advice make your own decision, do your own research and. Take. My video for what it really is educational. And entertainment, right, what. You do with the information that's totally up to you, right but, make sure you share like with the video subscribe to my channel, if you think the information is good because I always release these types of videos and I'm. Never. Gonna stop with. The market being so huge, you, know I'm, always gonna be sharing information with everybody so. Nebuli. Oh what's. So great about this token why am I excited about, it as. My. Investment. Portfolio has, grown as my knowledge has grown as I. Become a smarter. Crypto. Crypto. Investor. ICO investor, trader. And, researcher. I've. Learned, to understand, that. Value. Carries. Long term potential. Growth. Market. Basically. The. Progression, the progressive, nature of certain technologies is. Always. Going to be, solid. Long-term high, valued. Investments. For me and. When. I do my research on companies I'm learning, that a specific, market. Is. Exploding. Right now and these types of markets, always hold, solid. Loyal. Investors. People who keep. The. Basically. The. Value of a token, sustains. At around a certain pace because. It has such loyalty. To that because people see the massive potential, in it and. Specifically. Neb Leo, this. Token. Specifically. Has, so, much potential, because. Of a few, things first. Thing I'm going to go through is the, market cap and coin. Market cap information. Meglio. Is currently sitting at, $11.40. Based, on the bitcoin crash has. Lost 18, percent, during this crash but. The. BTC, value, token. Volume, has, sat, around point. Zero zero one one, four. Into. Toshi, to about, 15, right. It, has fluctuated around. There stayed around that area during this whole crash so it hasn't really plummeted. And that, should give you an idea, of. How. Valuable, this token is the. Total, supply is, only. 13. Million. Bitcoin. Total. Supply is. Let. Me see here. 21. Million and. It has a circulating, supply of 16 million not, to include the, bunch of. People. Who invested, in toka invested. In Bitcoin early, on the forgot about those tokens lost, a lot they're kind of lost in translation. So the circulating, supply is probably much much much much much much lower than that Neb. Leo on the other hand has a twelve million circulating. Supply right now with. 13, million in total. That. In itself. Drives, up the value, so, much, the. Market cap currently, sits out one hundred and forty five million which is really low and, as. Soon as this. Market. Crash re. Stabilizes. All, these, develop, the value in these tokens is going to reach stabilized as, well so. As you can see they, they launched. On the market at sixty-five cents, had. Some highs, four. Dollars, October. 19th. Some. Additional, highs 562. Then plummeted, a little bit market.

Correction, And then, come. January. 7th, hit, a high. $48. And then you. Know you know basically. A market, crash and then the market correction, corrected, around 12,000, 13,000. Around there and then crashed again and now we're sitting at around 11, dollars but. Basically. What. This get with this gay people is a peek into the future of, why blockchain. Technologies. Are, things. That people should be really, considering. And looking at to adding their investment, portfolio, so, let's get into nobley let's see and what is nebulae. Why is what, is the technology and why you should be really. Taking. This seriously. All right. So. Nedley, Oh Neb leo is a blocking, it's a blockchain network such such. As nebula is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network, of nodes that exchange, information. In a form of transactions, like. Blockchain. Storing. Those transaction, in an immutable, distributed. Ledger all, nodes. Have a full copy of the ledger and it. Could be tens of thousands, and thousands, and thousands of nodes right at all times a node that you'd like to record information in, the ledger first, broadcast, the transaction, containing, the information to the network where. It is relayed, to all, other nodes. So. Basically if you think. Of them as is like little, tiny islands. Where information is planted, on these islands, and each. Island, carries its own node, or, information. That matters as part of a collective. Ledger, one. Of the node then compiles, all the new available, transactions, on the network into a block that is added, to the, blockchain or the nebula, nevilleo blockchain, right once. A block is stored on the blockchain and, it. And all, of his transactions. Can contained, within it are immutable, meaning, that the transactions, cannot ever be altered in any way when. Information, on the ledger needs to be updated as common, with database, systems, a new, transaction, is simply added to the ledger with, the new information. However. The original information, that is stored in the nebula ledger remains. Intact, verifiable. In the previous block for the entire line of the nevilleo blockchain. Building. On top of this block change blockchain, technology. Originally created by. Satoshi. Nakamoto. For. Bitcoin, the nebula blockchain, provides distinct. Advantages, more. Than Bitcoin for. Businesses, enterprise. To use cases which. Bitcoin, blockchain was, not created for so. Nibbly o is a blockchain for all things enterprise, and creation. Protocol. Is. Work. Kind of grow I mean we just finally, got. To a point where lightning Network was just launched for Bitcoin block. Because. It, was so slow and because, it turned you know Bitcoin. Transactions, started bottleneck, thing so basically we, have we have this is the this is the Bitcoin transaction, all. These people and. Then it's sort of bawling that can like that's right and so now we're kind of like this right now with, transactions.

And Now basically we just launch the Lightning Network that is a that, is gonna speed. Up the transaction, volume, it's, not going like this right so, when. Bitcoin initially. Launched I think it was it was a 2010. I think it was. It. Was you know there's, all these little things that didn't. That, weren't taken into consideration and. Idea. Of the technology. Didn't morphia, it didn't evolve in a progressive nature it, was basically, like a growing, child teaching, a child how to walk through, each year. 2011. 12 13, 14 15, so we're at you, know 2018. Finally. We, finally have the Lightning Network well. NAB leo is basically. Taking, all this infrastructure. That blockchain, has created, and. Morphed, it into something, called nabli or network in that Leo blockchain, so. Speed, information. Ledger's. Ecosystems. All these things put into a decentralized. And. Decentralized. Network in which it, can morph this thing and create it into something that Bitcoin wasn't, able to do and, launched, it specifically. For businesses, enterprises. And people. Who want to do crowdfunding, and all that type of stuff so basically it, has given a platform, in which people. Can grow their businesses, with, we're. Talking like medical, we're talking databases, marketing. You. Know if they're one of people want to create you know social. Networking other. Business, platform technologies. So. It's it's it's basically. The. Type of platform, that people need like myself specifically. I'm a businessman, too so I would. I would find a reason why would I use the never Leo if I was a business person and most, of it is information. Right is creating. An information network, that, is decentralized. In, nature and also, that, is easily. Progressive. So that I can create a progressive, ecosystem. For my information, and that is why blockchain, technologies, are so so, valuable, so powerful. And always. Carry such value, in the token so. It's a secure distributed, platform, built for enterprise application, and services, open-source, blockchain solutions, for business, we. Are building a blow a global blockchain, developer, Network centered, around simple, to use API, tools. And, services a platform, to develop and deploy your next generation distributed.

Application. Token. So let's talk about the token though crypto, proof, of state algorithm, users, state coins to, secure network this, is much like how, gas is distributed, for the neo network, I'm. Guessing. That's it's. Kind of like how it correlates and basically, it's, like that I, could. Be wrong but. Application. Building. Applications. Are built on the nebula platform, utilized. And inherently secure, distributed. Database, that guarantees transactions. Cannot be altered retro actively thanks, to the underlying blockchain, technology. Transactions. Are consistent, and accurate across, the entire network period. So, once, it's put on there it, can't be altered or changed or. Manipulated, the. Blockchain platform. Is for everyone, think. Blockchain, applications, are too difficult most people think that right to. Develop and deploy not anymore with our intuitive API, technology. Spanning, nearly all of today's popular programming, languages, distributed. Application. Development, and deployment will. Be easier, and faster than ever so. Newbies. Like myself who, know absolutely nothing about it I'm. Sure that, I can probably launch, some type of technology. Through. Their API technology. Right and they. Probably have all these technology. And management tools that allow me to evolve. Manage. And grow my project, basically is what they're saying. Enterprise, inevitable, blockchain, use-cases, so, to give you an understanding of, how businesses, and enterprises can, can use Neb léo, secure. Records management from health records to financial, transactions, the Nebbe leo blockchain. Network provides a secure and decentralized, ledger for. Any form, of record management, so, as we said. You. Know Bitcoin wasn't, necessarily, created. For everyday usage inside, of our society, and that. Created a problem right, because, the, adoption, of Bitcoin took a really long time but. It, also it opened the gates it opened the gates to cryptocurrency. And, now, because, because of Bitcoin we. Have technologies, like nelio which. Are basically, taken, taking. The wheel that is already that, was basically, like a wooden wheel basically, what was what blocked which. It which is the blockchain technology, of Bitcoin is and, turned. It into you, know some, type of crazy. Twenty. Thirty thousand, dollar rim that you put on your car right you're, basically evolving, right and. So the speed, and nature of the the management. System is how, people, can utilize it, for financial records and all that speed. And. Information. Gathering right, basically, right. Regulatory, compliance. And audit trails information. And transactions. Serialized. In the NEB leo blockchain, are immutable cannot, be changed, guaranteeing, they. Are accurate and unaltered, when retrieved, for compliance and other purposes so. Basically, if, you, wanted to audit yourself your business want to audit or you, want to audit for tax purposes or, something like that it's. All there it's immutable, so, it can't be changed and, this is basically when, it's put in this. Is legitimate. It lived legitimate. Legitimizes. The information, basically. The. Internet, of Things in, Big Data the, NEB leo, blockchain. Can provide, a decentralized. Method for next generation, IOT. Devices to, communicate and authenticate, securely while providing the perfect means secure. And store the, explosion, of data transactions. That they can generate so. In. Essence. Basically, the nature of this progressive, technology, is that it is for everything it is for all it is state-of-the-art. Technology, in. Which businesses. Can come in and. Basically. Utilize. The data technology, that, a vadik a vat of technology, cases, I mean this is why you see like you know all these different. Types of you know medical, ICUs, coming, out you, see all types of ICL's, coming out car i SEOs. Basically. For data purposes, and, the reason why is because, it. Is immutable, these, technologies, are immutable in which they'll use the letter the ledger the, ledger in, which that information is put on and, when they put on when the information, is put on there it can't be manipulated, it, can't be changed and, this is this is a problem, because now when you become, when you put it on this types of technology, you. Don't have you, know the conspiracies. Or the, type of government, agencies, or, people. Changing. That information. For their own purposes. For, their own whatever. Diabolical. Gains or something like that alright. Let's get into the price prediction now. I trade Neb Leo and I and have been trading that through the crashes, and volatile, markets, right now this. Is one of the best most sustainable, tokens. I've come across and the reason why I say that is because I.

Have, Basically, been able to move. My money in and out of neb Leo because. It's so stable even in a crash like this now. Clearly. It lost 18%, or was up around $40. Doesn't. Really matter but that is big for me that just means okay this that's a price that's, a price, so. I was able to look into the future of seeing where it's gonna go because, of the low volume, because. Of this. Is this the. Stability, it is that right now which shows me how volatile, the market is it. Lets me know that this is something that I need to always keep. In my personal, portfolio. With. Extremely, oh, this, is wrong right here. 16. With. Extremely low volume, you can see this going become somewhat, of a, Bitcoin in price and value and. So, I mean I'm not saying it's gonna reach Bitcoin, value I, don't. Know if there will be a coin like that but. It, has the potential, because. Of the market, demand, and, the. When, people get this coin they're gonna hold it but these are such low volume, and they realize, that with such low volume, coins that. Was circulating, supply that, the values just going to go boom, and with with a progressive, technology, like this it's, always gonna be growing it's always gonna be building partnerships, it's always gonna be updating, so, a lot of the market, social, hype is, always gonna drive up the pricing. Low. Value, means high volume, holders, who won't sell, currently. At, around 14 above like I said that are a so. My price prediction potentially. In my opinion, in my, you. Know because, I'm not you, know I don't get paid to do this and not qualified, to do this but my personal opinion I can predict this coin hitting a hundred dollars by the end of the year and becoming. The thousand dollar token easy. Out. Of five stars what would I break this token, I would rate it five. And I. Taken. Into consideration volume. Market, cap users. Circulating. Supply. Value. And. Then I look at also you know. Stabilizing. Where the stabilized, price point is, the. Volatility, it's, not very volatile, if you ask me, and. I, can see this thing being, really. Really, high quality really. High valued, a really. High price point I can see it going drive driven, up high early now. Of. Course this, is just speculative. This is just my opinion I don't, advise you to use my information, and go out there and be buying and spending a lot of money on this talking just be I said so do, your infor do your own research, take, the information that I gave you and look, into nebulae Oh a lot more because this is something, that I can see, becoming. A. Little. Bit of a household, name and I. Can see it being extremely, undervalued. Right, now especially especially. With the total, and the, circulating, supply, of this token so. If. You enjoyed my review click. Up that like, share. Comment make sure you subscribe and, you know. I really. Appreciate you, guys for taking the time to spend to, watch this video hopefully, I've given you the information you need to make an educated decision yourself. If, not visit, their website, read their white, paper check, out the roadmap their. Roadmap it. Leads. Right into 2019. Which which gives us a long term project at the, bottom of their website they have all their social, media there so you can follow them and stay up-to-date stay. On their reddit stay on their telegram, their, Facebook you can follow all these things and it's. Important, to follow the social media because the social media creates, signals. And triggers, for pricing, if, something. Has launched, some a new partnership, basically. It's gonna drive up the price point I think and, that, is when you need to understand. It. Hit, certain points, take. Profit, once, you take profit, it's probably going to dip a little bit because there's going to be thousands. Of other people taking profit at that hype hi Pete rebuy. Back in increase, your token volume once you get when it when it gets to a lower point don't, get greedy because you might miss your re-entry. Take. You know take your profit, increase your volume but. You, know my, opinion, this. Is gonna be a very valuable token. So I highly. Suggest you, to hoggle it but, you, know not financial, advice right do your own research piece.

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I've watched a lot of crypto reviews, etc and being the first one that I've watched from you.. I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a crypto guy my only ding would be that you didn't already know total coin supply for bitcoin is 21 million which I knew since 2014 when I started mining, etc. So that leads me to believe you are a little newer to the space. But with your ease of listening, watching, and analytics I'm impressed so keep it up. You got a fan in me. I liked and subscribed for all your vids. Keep up the good work and let's make some $ for our future.

Yes, this is definitely a HODL token, buy on dips.

By the end of the year, Neblio will be between $500 to $1000 or more.

Very realistic video bro, i’m a big fan of neblio as well. Great potential.

If u had to choose between etn and nebl which one would u go with?

bought at 7 rode to 30.. rebought at 20... burried :(

your nevver buried brotha. if you cash at whtever it is now, you will get the same amount of tokens at that price if you rebught . so if you timed the HIGHS to sell, then rebought again at its lows you would keep adding to your volume. so your never ever losing at any rate. each level of value still gets you the same amount of tokens. just dont get caught losing your rebuy position or you will be waiting for it to go back down.

Nice video bro! Thanks for sharing with the community

Just wait when big Corp. like Apple or Microsoft will go after Neblio Platform. Sooner or later big Corp will buy Neblio for Billions $$.

great info

thank you.

There's another reason, why we hodl our Neblio, we keep it in our wallet and stake it, hey, it gives you 10% a year.

neblio or bitcoin I wanted to know cause you mentioned you wouldn't use power lead systems then mentioned bitcoin cause I was interested in power lead system but you said the other system thrive theme or whatever it's called what makes that better then power lead systems & what is it I ask cause bitcoin or neblio you said you can show a person how to make 300 a day without recruiting isn't it trading which is more risky let me know what you think is the best way to get started when it comes to making money as soon as possible get.

nuckingfuts2012 lol nebl

these coins are reviews on coins, no financial advice, nor do I provide that. If you would like to learn about what I am doing, you are free to check them out. If you opted in, then theres a video you can check out. But as I said, I only share what I do, I dont have to convince nor tell anyone anything. My videos share information its up to you to tkae that information and make use of it how you want.

Congrats,really a great calm and informative presentation,liked and subscribed just made me more confident i block chain overall.My first buy in to crypto will be today-Neblio at 13.77$- hope thats a good entry point...

check the charts. Most times if its obvious its usually during 24-48 hour lows. or LOWER LOWS. Anything under average and LOW is good.

That likely wouldn't be good for the price of the coin. The coins aren't shares of the company.

What a great video! I am also invested in Neblio. I am looking to increase my neblio positions. It is my long-term hidden gem coin.

Theres less then than 10% tokens available, 90% in circulation. How can this 10% that people can buy, increase the price by a factor of 10X, or lets say 100X to reach 1000 bucks?

Bob Goudreau if it does probably be in my 6 figures lol

its at 4 bucks is this dead ?

everything raises when bitcoin raises. I havnt looked into the project personally anymore, but regardless the token will always be alive. there are more profitable projects however. Just keep an eye on this one because the total amount of coins means the coins are more valuable.

when there is more demand than supply it raises the equity price based on availability and value. but who knows right, we can only speculate what we think we know, in actuality no one knows shit not even the so called professional traders lol

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