My Entire Growth Stock And Crypto Portfolio + ROI 2020

My Entire Growth Stock And Crypto Portfolio + ROI 2020

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What's up millennials? First of all a very happy  new year to you! I hope that your 2021 is going to   be way better than your 2020 has been and  I also hope that you're staying healthy.   So in this video we're going to do two things.  First of all we're going to take a look at my   current portfolio which is consisting of stocks  and crypto as well and in the end of this video   I'm going to show you what my ROI, my return  on investment has been for the year 2020. But  

before we start two things first. First of all I'm  going to tell you that in this video I'm not going   to be talking about dollar amounts but I'm going  to be talking about percentages because I think   that people are a little bit too worried about the  actual dollar amounts and are not looking enough   at percentages so I think that percentages are  more important. And sometimes showing the dollar   amount can also lead to some jealousy and the  feeling that you need like more money than the   other person so I'm going to try to avoid that and  I'm going to try to stay objective. And the second   thing is that I'm going to be adding chapters  to this video as well just like my normal videos   so you can skip the boring parts or the parts that  you don't find relevant at all and you can just   save a little bit of time if you need so. And I'm  mainly creating this video to document my journey.  

It's not necessarily the case that I want to prove  myself even though sometimes people actually do   give me that feeling a little bit. I'm not gonna  lie. Today we're going to be looking at lots of   pie charts. I made like several pie charts and  first we're going to take a look at the three   main categories which are in my case cash,  crypto and stocks. After that I'm going to   dive a little bit deeper into the category  of stocks and also the category of crypto.   Let's first talk a little bit about this  allocation. First of all let's talk a little  

bit about my cash position. Currently it's sitting  at 20% and I'm fine with that. Currently I have a   lower income as well because I'm switching  from translation to this new project which   so far is mainly based on making these videos  for Youtube right so that also means that my   current income is a little bit less stable, less  predictable as well so I kind of need more cash   than I would if I just kept on translating right.  And I think that's also a good guideline to have   that the more insecure your income the higher your  cash position should be as well and vice versa   also the more secure your income the more you can  invest into stocks and cryptocurrencies right.   If you want to know a little bit more about that  about my business transition from translation to   Youtube and other things then definitely check  out my other two videos in my business playlist.   Definitely check that out. And apart from that  with regards to cash I'm also going to need  

some extra cash to pay for income tax later on  this year so I need to reserve a little bit for   that. So as you can see the rest of the money is  allocated to stocks and crypto. I've got about 48%   of my net worth in stocks and about 32% in crypto.  Also quite happy with that allocation to be honest   with you. The crypto allocation has grown quite  a bit quicker than stocks relatively speaking   and that's simply because bitcoin has just  appreciated quite a bit this year. So what we   are going to do now is dive a little bit deeper  into the part of stocks first and then the part   of cryptocurrencies as well. Okay so first of all  we're going to take a look at that 48% of stocks   into what kind of stocks I have put that. So let's  go to the second beautiful pie chart over here.  

I've got my stocks in several categories if you  will. I've ... for now I've divided them into   three categories which you can see on screen  right now. The biggest category is simply the   long-term holds, 74 percent, then the  long-term sells as I am going to call it   for now, the 12% category and then the last  category is swing trades which now is a 14%   of my allocation in stocks right. So the long-term  holds they should be quite self-explanatory.   I simply want to hold these stocks for long term  and that in my case is about three to five years   more or less. Now the long-term sells, the orange  category of 12% is a little bit more complicated   because a few weeks ago I changed my long-term  strategy a little bit. Now I kind of want my  

long-term portfolio to consist of industry  leaders that could still grow at least 5x more   or less in the next 10 years or so. I'm going to  explain a little bit more about that in a minute   but yes long-term sells are basically stocks that  I had originally planned to keep for the long term   but now I've decided that these stocks don't  fit my current long-term strategy anymore. And   I'm also going to explain a little bit more about  that as well. And the last category, swing trades,  

14%, these should be quite a self-explanatory as  well. Just holding these stocks for a couple of   like weeks or months depending on the technical  analysis and also depending on the valuation. So   some swing trades as we will see could eventually  end up becoming long-term holds as well but for   now they are simply not. And my swing trades right  now are mainly based on SPAC valuations and also   technical analysis. So yeah long-term holds 74%,  long-term sells 12% and swing trades 14%. For the  

next pie chart we're going to be looking at the  long-term holds. So again these are companies or   stocks that I want to hold for about three to five  years more or less. That could change but usually   I want to hold them for three to five years. These  are usually industry leaders and these are also   stocks that potentially could grow 5x in the next  10 years. Of course that's not a guarantee but  

I do personally think that actually all of  these stocks could grow 5x in the next 10 years.   I'm not going to go into detail about each stock  because that would simply take me a lot of time so   I'm just going to go through each of these stocks  ... I believe I have 15 stocks in there ... very   briefly. All right so we're going to start with  the biggest position which is Switchback Energy,  

SBE, currently sitting at 13% of my long-term  holds. Switchback Energy is a SPAC that's going   to acquire Chargepoint. Chargepoint right now is  the leader in EV charging stations and I've made   multiple videos about this SPAC and I've had ...  I've got a lot of confidence in this stock as well   and the stock also more than doubled since I  bought this stock. So if you want more information   check out my other videos about Switchback  Energy. Second position is UAVS which is AgEagle,   a drone company. I also made a video about this  stock as well. So far AgEagle is the leader in  

agricultural drones and they could also become a  major player in the package delivery space right.   You're going to see that I have multiple drone  stocks in this portfolio because I'm quite bullish   about this niche. I'm simply not very sure  yet which leader, which company is going to   be the leader in the world of package delivery  via drones but I do think it's going to be a   massive industry. And AgEagle says that they're  going to be partnering up with a major e-commerce   company. We're not sure about which one just yet.  There are rumors that it's going to be Amazon but   yeah probably that is not true. I think that the  likelihood or the probability is very low. And the   company AgEagle also partnered with Valqari which  makes like mailboxes for drones and I think that's   very important to have because that's already  part of the infrastructure we're going to   need for package delivery via drones right.  Third position is going to be Lemonade, LMDN.  

This is the leader in digital insurance and I  see a lot of growth opportunity for this company.   It's definitely a stock that I'm going to dive  deeper on in this year so if you're interested   into this stock then also definitely check  out the interview with the CEO of Lemonade   that Dave Lee on Investing did on his  channel. It's a very interesting one.   Number four is going to be Tesla. That doesn't  really need any introduction of course. The leader  

in electric vehicles, it's probably the leader  or going to be the leader in autonomous vehicles,   probably going to be leader in robo taxis and  it's probably also going to be leader in car   insurance. So yeah I don't really  think I need to add anything to that.   Next one is ALPP, this is Alpine  4 Technologies. I mainly bought   this one because of their acquisition of  Impossible Aerospace which is a drone company   and this stock ... I actually used this as a small  swing trade and then the stock went up literally   10x from the point where I bought it so I did take  some profits and yeah the stock price did correct   a little bit since then but I'm going to just hold  on for now until I know a little bit more about   which company could become the drone or  which company could become the leader   of drones right. Alpine 4 or at least Impossible  Aerospace, they have a focus on drones for  

first responders so that means the police,  firefighters, ambulances etc and right now it's   currently trading on OTC, over the counter, but  this might be included in the Nasdaq soon as well   so I'm at least going to wait for that to happen  and then I'll probably decide if I'm going to   keep this in my long term hold strategy or if I'm  just going to get rid of it. For now I just like   to have it in there. Next one is TDOC, Teladoc.  I already did some videos about Teladoc as well.   This is the leader in the telehealth industry so  that's basically remote healthcare if you will.   The stock hasn't done a lot in the last six months  or so but I do believe that long term it can   appreciate quite a lot and also one of my favorite  institutional investors ARK Invest is also buying   this one like crazy so I love that. Next one is  UPWK which is Upwork. It depends a little bit on   who you ask: it's either the leader or a very  strong number two in the online freelance   workspace industry the other company being Fiverr  of course. The last conference call that was   really great because the stock went up more than  40 percent the day afterwards. And I found this  

stock because of Jeremy from Financial Education  and also because of Matthew Huo, great Youtubers   in this Finance space. Next stock is going to be  CRSP, this is CRISPR Therapeutics. They are the   leader in CRISPR technology. ARK Invest is also  very interested in this stock so I like that and   I think that they ... or they actually think  also that the genomics space will be growing a   lot this decade. I still need to dive deeper into  CRISPR technology but I'm definitely going to do   that this year so keep your eyes out open for  that one. The next stock is going to be SHOP,   Shopify, one of the biggest e-commerce companies  out there of course. We're definitely going to  

see more and more small merchants bringing their  business online so I'm very bullish about that   and I also like their CEO a lot. The next stock is  going to be TPGY. It's also a SPAC that is going   to acquire EVBox. I made a valuation video for  this SPAC. I think it still has some room to go   and this is like the European Chargepoint if you  will so this is also going to be a major player in   the world of EV charging stations. I do think  that Chargepoint, so the company that's going   to be acquired by Switchback Energy, will likely  continue to dominate and I'm not 100% sure if I'm   going to keep EVBox ... if I'm going to keep TPGY  for the long term but for now I do want to see if   EVBox can become a major rival for Chargepoint so  that's going to be an interesting battle I think.  

The next stop is CFII. This is a SPAC as well  that's going to acquire View. I made a valuation   video for this company as well and I believe  that this is actually one of the most undervalued   and under hyped SPACs at this very moment. View is  the leader in smart glass technology. It's a very   interesting technology that I personally actually  don't know enough about just yet so you can   definitely expect multiple videos about this stock  and about this company the next couple of months.   Next stock is SQ, this is Square. This is the  major point of sale payment company mainly used   by small businesses. This is also one of the major  picks by ARK Invest. And the company is owned by   Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter so I like that  as well. Next stock is Docusign, DOCU. This is of  

course the leader in digital signing of documents.  This could become a very interesting blockchain   company as well. I'm going to research a little  bit more this year if this company is actually   going to use blockchain a lot and if they're  going to collaborate with Chainlink which is one   of the cryptocurrencies that I hold which we're  going to take a look at later on in this video.  

Then we have the stock WKHS, this is Workhorse,  a third drone play in my portfolio over here.   This is one of the major contenders I believe  for the title of leader in the world of drones   for package delivery. The thing is they  make electric trucks for UPS and these   trucks could be equipped or can be equipped  with their own drone so the Workhorse drone   and that means that they could have access to the  infrastructure that is needed for package delivery   at scale so I'm very bullish on that as well.  And then the last company is ZM, Zoom, probably  

doesn't really need an introduction either. We  all probably have been using Zoom this year or   last year actually, 2020 of course. This is of  course the leader in video conferencing tools   and yeah, more and more people are going to be  working from home and Zoom will be used even more   than it is already now being used I believe. Then  the next category is going to be the long term   sells category. A little bit of a weird category  maybe. So I had these in my long-term portfolio so   like the portfolio that we have just been taking a  look at but I want to sell these companies, these   stocks because they don't fit my current strategy  anymore. So let's take a look first of all ALFEN,  

the ticker symbol is similar or is exactly the  same as the name of the company. ALFEN is a Dutch   company that works on EV charging stations and  energy storage. It's a nice company for sure but   yeah it's just not a worldwide leader right. So  still they gave me some pretty good gains in 2020   but I'm going to sell at some point. I already  took off about one third of my position but I'll   continue to sell the rest as well at some point  and probably actually sooner rather than later.  

The second stock in here is BABA, Alibaba of  course, major e-commerce player as well but yeah I   do see some heat underneath the Chinese stocks at  the moment and I'm not entirely sure if this stock   can grow 5x in the next 10 years. It probably  can but yeah for safety reasons I'm just going   to pass on Alibaba for now. Don't think I need to  say anything more about that company. The third   company in this list is HYLN which is Hyliion.  This is one of my biggest mistakes of 2020 I would  

say. I actually bought this company when it was  still a SPAC and the stock went up more than 100%   but I didn't take any profits because I didn't  really know anything about valuations just yet and   I thought that it would go to the moon even more  but yeah then it kind of dropped to the earth.   I currently do think that it is  undervalued so that's why I still have it   but yeah I don't think it's a very great long-term  hold. I also believe that their current technology   is a little bit like bridge technology if you will  and that we might not even need that technology   in like 10 years or so. So yeah I'm just going  to hold it for now and see what happens in the   next coming weeks or months. Next stock is  GLPG. This is Galapagos, it's a healthcare  

company from Belgium. I have owned this  stock since the beginning of my journey, my   investing journey. I started investing  in stocks just last year in 2020 actually   and I've held this stock since the beginning.  It had a very very beautiful graph until they  

released some very bad news with regards  to one of their most important treatments.   Then I held on. Then a second piece of bad  news came. I held on. Then the stock came   down even more and I kept holding on because  I simply believed that it would turn around   and then we received a third piece of horrible  news actually and yeah the stock just crashed and   it came down until it reached a price where the  market cap was actually the same as the amount   of cash on their balance sheet. That's pretty  insane. So I'm basically currently holding a   company that's worth zero at the moment. I'm kind  of going to wait until the next conference call to   see what their cash position is like and also what  kind of plans they have for the future. I do think  

it's going to recover a little bit but yeah I'll  get out quickly when it does recover quite a bit.   And then the last company in this list is CDR,  CD Projekt Red, made a video about this company   as well. It's a video game producer from Poland.  A little bit a similar story as with regards to   Galapagos. It had a beautiful graph until they  released their hyped up game Cyberpunk 2077.  

The game was full of bugs and they also sold less  copies than expected but yeah now I do actually   hear some more positive feedback from the players  that are playing Cyberpunk 2077. So what I'm going   to do is hold until their conference call as well  to get a little bit more news from the company and   more numbers as well. Then the last category  of my stocks is the category of swing trades.   So these are stocks that I'm going to hold  for a few weeks or maybe even a few months.   Right now these are actually only SPACs and  yeah I'm not going to go into detail of course.   I'll just quickly go over all of these companies,  all of these stocks. First of all is FUSE. FUSE   is a SPAC which I got in only based on the rumors  that they're going to acquire BlockFi. BlockFi is  

a cryptocurrency company or cryptocurrency play  and FUSE right now is also quite low around $11   which means that it's very likely that it's going  to go up on any news about the acquisition because   yeah the bottom of SPACs is basically ten dollars  right before the merger. The next company is BFT.   This is a SPAC that's going to acquire PaySafe  and PaySafe is an online payment provider.   It's mainly active in the world of gaming. I do  like PaySafe but I'm not entirely sure if I'm   going to hold that for the long term. Next one is  IPV. IPV is a SPAC that's going to acquire Aeva.  

It's a lidar company and I do actually  think that lidar might become more important   than we all expected, even more than Elon Musk  expected, yeah but ... because Tesla might   actually be using lidar right now to train their  artificial intelligence system or machine learning   system. But it's a stock that is also quite low as  well. I do expect some more upside there as well.   Next one is NPA, a SPAC that's going to require  AST SpaceMobile and that is a company that's   focused on mobile communication via satellite.  I'm actually quite interested in this one. I   might even have this as a long-term hold at  some point but I still need to do more research   into this company. Next one is GIK. It's a SPAC  that's going to acquire Lightning eMotors which   is a truck ... which is a company that is going  to focus on electric trucks. I made a valuation   video about this company as well about Lighting  e-Motors and it seems quite undervalued still. And  

then the last one is NGA. It's going to acquire  Lion Electric. They're also focused on electric   vehicles. I also made a valuation video about  this one. I already took some profits so that's   why it's a little bit lower than the rest of these  stocks but yeah it already reached my valuation   but it's probably going to go up a little bit  more and I'm just going to hold the rest of this   swing trade until probably shortly before or after  the merger. All right so those were the stocks.   Let's now take a look at my crypto portfolio.  Okay so as you might recall crypto was 32%  

of my current net worth. I currently have four  cryptocurrencies. I've got bitcoin, Chainlink,   Ethereum and Aave. I'm still not sure how  to pronounce it because some people say   Aave and some people say Ave. But yeah let's  just go through these four cryptocurrencies.   First of all bitcoin, 79% of my crypto portfolio.  Doesn't really need an introduction of course.   It's the biggest part of my portfolio, my crypto  portfolio of course. Bitcoin is the leader   in cryptocurrencies and I think it can still  appreciate a lot this decade. I'm seeing a lot  

of demand from big institutional investors  and also companies like Square and Paypal   and right now we're even seeing some companies  putting their cash on their balance sheet into   bitcoin like Microstrategy did right. I've  got a whole playlist with good videos about   cryptocurrencies and about bitcoin on my channel  so if you need a little bit more information then   definitely check it out if you haven't already.  The next one is Chainlink, 10%. I believe this   is going to be or is already leader of smart  contracts in the cryptocurrency industry.  

I think smart contracts have a very bright future  ahead and it would be very nice to see a strong   partnership with Docusign. I believe they have  already been talking multiple times actually   but so far I don't really see a lot of happening  ... a lot of things happening as far as I know.   Then the second last industry is Ethereum. This  is the number two cryptocurrency with regards to  

the market cap and Ethereum is like almost like  a building platform where other cryptocurrencies   built their technology on top of right like  Chainlink for example as well. And I'm definitely   thinking that Ethereum can and will stay the  number two in the world of cryptocurrencies.   And then the last one Aave or Ave, again not  sure how you pronounce it, it's one of the   bigger cryptocurrencies related to decentralized  finance. And I'm definitely going to dive deeper   into the world of decentralized finance because  I find it very interesting so you can expect   some videos about that this year as well because  it's an interesting industry for sure. And then  

finally we're going to take a look at my return  on investment for the year 2020. I'm going to   try to keep this a little bit short actually. I'm  just going to show you the percentages for 2020.   These percentages are calculated by me. I  simply took the starting point from January 1st   of 2020 and the end point of January 1st 2021, so  that is today. If you look at the stocks then you   can see that my stocks appreciated 51% in the year  2020. I actually mentioned it before but I started  

investing in stocks this year or actually  2020, last year, so it's good to see that I   at least beat the S&P500 and also the Nasdaq  as well. I believe the S&P500 was up about 16%   for 2020 and the Nasdaq was up about 47% but yeah  there are also ETFs like the ETFs of ARK Invest   which still outperformed me by a lot but yeah  again I started in 2020 so it's going to be very   interesting to see if I can actually beat ARK  ETFs this year in 2021. That's going to be an   interesting challenge for sure. Then with  regards to my cryptocurrency investments,   these appreciated 194.7%. I actually started  with crypto a little bit earlier than  

with stocks. I started in 2019. I didn't have a  lot of cryptocurrencies or just bitcoin actually   back then and in 2020 I just continued to add  to my positions. It has especially gone up quite   a lot in the last couple of months in November  and December ... were just insane months for the   cryptocurrency world especially for bitcoin. And  I also think that 2021 is going to be an important   year for bitcoin as well. So as you can  see the total return on investment for 2020  

has been 86.9%, a beautiful percentage of course.  As you can see most of my money is in stocks   as you have been seeing in this video so  that of course has the highest weighing   but yeah I'm still very very happy with 86.9%  for the year 2020. Of course that's not going   to be sustainable I believe but as long as I keep  beating the S&P500 and the Nasdaq then I'm already   quite happy. So I'm actually really looking  forward to seeing the results for 2021. Let's   see what's going to happen this year. All right  so there you go: an overview of my portfolio,  

of my stocks and my crypto and also a look  at my return on investment for the year 2020.   If you have any feedback or if you have  any questions about my portfolio or about   my return on investment definitely let me know  in the comments. And with that being said thank   you very much for taking the time to watch this  video. I hope that I can provide you with a lot of   value in the year 2021 so I'm looking  forward to that. Thanks again and bye! you

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