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What. Is up everyone, welcome. Back to the. Stream, this is astronaut, and tonight we are doing part, two of, the stream that we did last night which was who. Should return to, Mortal, Kombat 11. A lot of people have different opinions a lot, of people have their favorites, a lot, of people's favorites, have been shut, out from the 3d era. We. Just don't know what's up you can welcome to the stream you made it yeah you sure do it and, you are just in time too because the stream is just getting started how are you doing today bu can. Let. Me get everything adjusted, here guys, welcome to the stream I'm so glad you can make it and I'm glad I was able to tell everybody what time is gonna be yet so no, one could get left out like they've been doing so. But like um like. We continue, on like we started last night what's up chocolate man, got you are right on time we just got started and so. Like it's like I promised last night we are going to be. We. Are going to be doing part, two, st.. I'm, back for part two well. Guess, what st. I'm back for part two - so. We're, getting out part two of who do you want to see back into mortal kombat xi what's up bro what's up Aaron welcome. To the stream I'm so glad you could make it like, we're doing lat wow we're already up to seven viewers, alright we're off to a really good strong. Start. Here, but. Yeah so alright. Guys so let's go ahead and let's get to it so now a lot of people um I, started. To livestream by saying that we really another. Room never gives us any clues into who they decide to bring. Back into their games Molina coming back is all I care about shine my spine shine, that's a really interesting name and also Molina, is my favorite character - she's my main character shine, is she your main character, as well I honestly. Believe Molina is going to be bad guys I know she got killed in Mortal Kombat 10 but I do not think that's the end of her and it. Would be a really cool twist if they went ahead and said that that was one of her clones so I care, about Jade chocolate. Or you have you been in here when. Orion's. Been saying that Jade needs to hook up with Kung Lao. Jon. You bet yeah milena is definitely my main Devorah unfortunately, I think she is coming back view oh you. Can you just weed the stream just got started, buchen, did you have to bring up divorce so, early, did. You have to do it I mean we just got started, epic, hey what's going on welcome to the stream epic I like your I like your icon, sup, squirt gun are for, sure coming back I like, your icon that's a really cool picture of smoke too do you think there will be a more comment alone like deception, well. Aaron ed, boon did answer the question at the story mode the storyline will not be taken from our a deception, or arm again they, asked him that at the Brasil a gameshow conference, they said is, this aura gonna be borrowed from past, mortal, kombat titles like deception, and arm again he said no that, he's not doing that they're creating a brand new story.

But I want to see ray go back or a car, of, course I want to see Rico you, know a lot of people keep mentioning Kai I'm not a very big fan of Kai I remember, him from the 3d era we're. Up to 11 visitors hey guys welcome to the stream so glad to see you guys we, are talking about who you want to see in Mortal Kombat 11 and everyone. Has an opinion everyone. Has their favorites, we don't know who's gonna make the final cut though do you think smoker new will return what. Epic like, I've been saying all along nuke is like at the top of the list so it smoked another. White lotus why. Not you can you know I think people, you. Know people like the White Lotus, so. We never know should. I mind bull will have branch branch sunshine, like sitting justice - that would be interesting, branch. Sunshine. Oh branch. Endings, okay, okay, hmm, well. You know my, thing is I think we might see we. Might see gear customization. From injustice to make it make its way to Mortal, Kombat 11 I don't. Know if they'll borrow anything else from injustice - but, it does - I think they might be using injustice. To us model to see what works and then, whatever is working with injustice - they might put it into Mortal Kombat 11 epic Kanna will return I think you. Know I really don't know you know we honestly, do not know nether room, another. Room really keeps, a pretty tight lid on who they decide to bring, into the story, but, you know they already have a lot of storylines in the, in motion they, they're continuing the same a storyline. That they started in mortal kombat 9 so I think we do have a lot of clues into, who we're, gonna see there's a lot of revenant. Characters I still haven't been returned from being revenant, even, from Mortal Kombat 9 and 10 would you love to see more comics the, open world like deception, oops let's. See hold on Zayn let me cancel. Not. Retelling, the disturbed, by the open-world element, with the chapter sequences, um, Jane, oh hey, Chris welcome back welcome back, let's. See open world you know I probably get a good understanding into, what you're talking about I don't remember deception. Being an open world unless, you're referring to the conquest mode where you were just kind of like was roaming, around like. Area. Is that what you were referring to like having, an open world where like conquest, mode you get to roam around and go to different realms and things like that let, me let me see some of these comments that people have been saying who's. Your main epic my main is Molina and. I'm a little teed off that she got killed by. A brand new character of all people. Saying. Yeah conquest mutt yeah a lot of people have been saying they want conquest, mode back I don't think they're gonna do conquest, mode again I've. Said in past livestream, so I really think that nether room wants to create a game that's gonna be really competitive and like. With the other fighting, games with, like that are out right now and no one is really doing like an added conquest, mode everyone is really full their souping up their story mode they're souping up their vs. mode they're coming up with creative skins. And costumes for the characters, that seems to be the number one priority for all fighting, games right now. Let's. See what's up Regina welcome to the stream I'm so glad you can make it Regina you're just in time we just got started we've only been going for like about 6 minutes now so, let's. See an epic, yes I have played injustice 2 and my. Main characters, for those have been firestorm, and, Aquaman. So. And I've. Been grinding and grinding and grinding I really.

Like The grinding thing though you, know if they did that from Mortal Kombat I'd like that made. It to the strain brisk clown welcome, back you are right on time we've been going for about 6 minutes do, you think tech team will return well, Regina you know for some reason they got rid of it in Mortal Kombat 10 epic xbox, xbox I have the Xbox 1s, the. TAC team was a lot of fun I am why they took it out of Mortal. Kombat 10 don't. Know but, it is a lot of fun, Dragonball. Fighters is gonna give them a run for their money with story mode but. What shine you know what I just, bought right Dragonball Fighters and um it, was really short actually um I didn't. Go to all the different points that you could go to and I know I lost out on a lot of the cutscenes and stuff but it it, was so quick if you want just fight 21, and get it over what you could do that so, I don't necessarily know if I really prefer the story mode for direct Dragonball Fighters I, kind of like more, of a movie, story. Mode and that. Wasn't like the story mode for Dragon Ball fires wasn't like a movie at all yet it keep, pressing the button just to allow the next person to talk what, is your favorite Mortal Kombat game Mortal. Kombat X by far we. Should play some set my. Tag is the same as my channel epic, are you on Xbox are you on PlayStation, because if you're on Xbox. We definitely, can play but. Guys we're, up to 15 people welcome, to the stream one, topic that we were talking about last night is how. Okay. Epic cool my my screen name is this my user name my user tech is the same as my name except, it's just a letter in instead, of I n so it's astronaut, the letter in peril, all one word so look me up we. Were we're talking about last night that we can definitely expect, Mortal Kombat 11 to be in true 4k so. Right, now Mortal, Kombat 10, they they sped they had it set, up for 1080p, so, I'm really expecting Mortal, Kombat 11 to be really shiny really, pretty really. The stage is to look good the characters should look even better than they did in Mortal Kombat 10 nice, chad, welcome to the stream if rating does go evil do you think that liu kang would form a temporary alliance, with him and become his personal 4 sir somewhat. Like oops. Let's, see oh wait oh. Oh. Wait. Oh. Chad. I'm so sorry Chad I accidentally, deleted. I'm. So sorry Chad I did not do that on purpose I'm. On my phone and I'm trying to scroll and my button hit the wrong my, finger hit the wrong button, but.

Chad You were saying and do I think that Liu Kang will form an alliance and become, a personal enforcer um, let's. See. Okay Dana, though some developers, on Twitter answered questions about Jade they mention her as, possible into her disappearance I believe she's returning Zayn well that's interesting because um, well I don't think her her ending for Mortal Kombat 9 was canon so I don't necessarily know when she comes back for, sure we know if she comes back she'll have to come back as a revenant because that was that was canon ending epic. MK 11 will be sick with gear you, know we've. Been talking about that all week long about having, gear and Mortal Kombat 11. And I'd much rather grind, in, mortal combat then I wouldn't injustice - do you think Mortal, Kombat will return, to, Mordor. Motor combat will return to more Aaron I don't think it will because I think they. Were just coming up with those past games -. Because they were kind of they were on the edge of kind of going bankrupt back, in the 2000, so they were cramming. The games in with, a lot of outside features, just so that they could get more, gamers to get involved in the game and mortar, combat was that the chess game was, that Conquest, mode was that so I don't think that they're gonna be returning to the motor combat, do, you think, that ring will be playable um I hope so I really do because a lot of people were mad that they couldn't play them in Mortal Kombat X mind me yes, like. Epic. My main is sub on both games come on cabal, needs to come back oh you. Can you know I don't really care for cabal him in that awful, face mask I would rather play cabal without, the mask on just plain looking like Freddy Krueger that. Mask is just kind of he looks like he has like half of a blender on his face. Anyways. I'm sorry I might be stepping on some people's toes um but. Going back too much, wait a minute. Let's. See Chad, yes, okay but, Chad I'm so sorry again. I apologize I, deleted your comment, accidentally, I did not do it on purpose but, Chad I do not um Lu. Kang is supposed to be evil but if Raiden turns out to be evil Lu Kang and katana. Might actually to have to turn out to be the good guys even though they're the king and queen of the nether room in. Order to keep the peace so and. To go up against rating because even, in rate ratings, uh his. Personal. Ending it still, shows him attacking, all the other realms, so, chest mode so there's a good chance he's gonna be evil chest. Combat, would be decent. A nice, changeup from the you. Know what I think what they should do if people really like those hold on hold. On let's see Regina deadly lines was my first game I feel the story had much potential, true. You know there and they really haven't gone back to Deadly Alliance at all Virgina you know they actually cut lose a lot of those 3d titles do, you think Shang Tsung could revive Quan Chi possibly. But you know what in the Mortal Kombat world no one stays dead even Shahrukh Khan's house Khan supposed to be destroyed by the Elder Gods but something tells me he's gonna come back. But. Yeah going back to what I was talking about with, ya Liu Kang and katana they might actually turn out to be the. Good guys that help to be Raiden, even, though they're king and queen of another room and also what was. Your first world calm that the very first Mortal Kombat game actually was my first Mortal Kombat aeryn, aeryn reform. Deadly Alliance, game. Yeah, I got you I got you Regina in chocolate deeds and liu kang kung lao new. Deadly alliance you know they could be with the revenants with the road with them being in revenue status they could actually team up but you know Kung Lao has never really been they, never made. They've never given Kung Lao a really interesting storyline, he's always kind of been the, sidekick, to Liu Kang and, and you know just kind of real calm character, him, and Jade are kind of similar there they're there they usually play, their role but they've never had a lot of attention, brought to him so if that did something like that will come loud it would have to really step up his his stories. His, background story they should they, should have never put Raiden injustice, to now. Epic why do you think that oh I, thought Reagan was you know a pretty good addition. To. Injustice. To. Sérgio. How long has the stream been going on I missed yesterday sérgio welcome back to the stream we've been going on for 12 minutes or you say you're just in time Sean my, bet is the deadly Alliance will be in Alliance another room and out world against earth ooh that's.

Good Shine I like that I like that I like how you kind of nailed it hey, resting statue welcome, we've been going for about 13 minutes so you're just in time to jump right on in and actually guys this is part two we, we are just continuing where we left off last night because so, many people join and apparently. A lot of people want to keep talking about who they want so, are katana welcome Degas so are katana. Okay the leaders of this room you mean katana and come, look I mean Lu Kang wait wait. Kung. Lao yeah katana, and and. Katana. And Kung, Lao Liu, Kang well, you know they probably are because uh Quan. Chi was actually kind of the the leader of the nether room and so, come on she got killed so now katana and Liu Kang have become leader of the nether room so, it might might, end up that the revenant actually end up are the turn, up to be the good guys to defeat ratin if that's the case is. Brutal though the punished on the knee looks so funny hmm. Do you think Kia will play a role in Mortal Kombat kiya, kiya. Burst clown, Kia every time my car, Kirra are, you tell me Akira. Degas, Liu Kang sorry oh yeah II guess I know who you're talking about yeah oh good we're. Up to 19 people well guys welcome to the stream we're talking about who do you wanna Mortal Kombat 11 this, is a continuation, of the stream that we started last night I've, been talking about how one thing for sure we can expect from Mortal Kombat 11 4k, I can't wait to see Mortal Kombat 11 at 4k gaming, stepped. Up from 1080p do. You think each table will come back well. Grimmy, boy, we. Actually had a table, on show up in kinshi, and taqaddas, ending character ending for Mortal, Kombat for, Mortal Kombat 10 so there's a chance that he might show up kiya hunches are the only very small role don't, think they bring a bad Chris okay okay apparently I don't really know that much about kiyah then I'm sorry guys do you think girl and Shiva, in Kintaro, will. Return well. You know Aaron um Oh. Kai. Okay, Kai okay, okay yeah I know about Kai. You. Know I don't know what's gonna come back or not a lot of the 3d characters got shut out without, explanation, from. The reboot in Mortal Kombat 9 Shira. Shira shiva did come back from Mortal Kombat 9, Kentaro. I think wasn't Kintaro Mortal Kombat 9 Goro. Definitely. Definitely came back from Mortal Kombat 10 do, you think Astro will be a Mortal Kombat love will chocolate I don't know if I've already told you but I don't really care for Astro, very much she kind of looks ridiculous, she kind of looks like a church lady on her way to church with the big ol hat on her head I don't think they made her look very cool, ah sure, is interesting for sure we'd love to see more you know people, have been talking about Astra in the streams lately and I don't you know I can't say I'm onboard was seeing Astra I thought she looked ridiculous, maybe, if they brought her back in actually gave her some debt with some different. Skins. To put her in and. And you know made her look different, you, know gave her some variations, but. I can't say I'm a big fan of hers, Kentaro, is dead so they will have to find a way to bring him back okay Scarlett, will be nice a nice character, to add in due to her lahat. Having, no backstory well, oh yeah Escobar Allah that's right well you know I was telling everyone last night Scarlett, they decided to throw Scarlett into the game for Mortal Kombat 9 because there were so many rumors of so many fans saying, that they saw there was a glitch in one of the Mortal Kombat's were katana, kept appearing like she was in red so, Ed Boon actually took that and turned and took a red katana, and decided, to turn it to Scarlett and put her in the game so that's how Scarlett came about after, looks good okay.

Chocolate Actually look good I'll let you have it I would not argue, with you on that yeah. Make, her look cooler she was meant to be a female version of Raiden at first okay. Chris I do not know that yeah cuz I don't really think she didn't she didn't look all that great and plus her screams, look sounded awful just want Erin black trimmer to show up I mean they were really fun Sergio I agree with you I thought trimmer and his elemental, abilities, was very creative I love, that and I'm kind of mad that they didn't give trimmer any alternate, skins because he would look really cool if they don't give a different outfits. To put on give him a different spin maybe. She can help the revenant, get back to normal do you think the story mode there, will be a new story mode in, MK. 11 well Erin cow um ed, boon has already said there's gonna be a brand new story mode for, Mortal Kombat 11 and I think it's just gonna continue from, where they left off in Mortal Kombat 10 what are your thoughts on kiss characters Regina, um what's, up Ben welcome back you're just in time we've been going for a little under 20 minutes now, good to see you're back you're back in the stream how about night will a lot of people one night wolf back and night wolf is a part of the revenant and I think there's they're still gonna continue the revenant theme so all of the rub witness, have a good chance of popping back up in Mortal Kombat 11 I don't know if they'll still be playable um but. Going back to Regina's, comment she was talking about who do I think for guest characters we've been talking about that off and on even from last night and I keep just basically saying that it has to be a whore. A horror movie character, or maybe terminator or somebody like spawn anybody, who could, actually deal, with the, whole Mortal Kombat universe of getting the head chopped, up mutilated. You know because we're, definitely not gonna see guest characters from Street Fighter from, Tekken from Marvel, none of that even DC, they're not gonna put Superman, in there so it, would definitely have to be attack. Fatalities, like the brutalities from try board, um. Possibly. Oh Ted, I'm so glad you yeah Braden does style what direction do you think go take him since. Technically is it's. Obvious in many operations point of view Chad, you know that's a very deep question um well, you know honestly I'm actually, waiting for the fall of rating because I'm mad because he killed off all the Earthrealm warriors and Mortal Kombat 9 so, if he did disappear honestly, no one discipline, like Chad for one even, when people die they don't stay dead so I think even if Raiden were to disappear I think someone like Fujin would come up and step in his place like the god of wind or I think that's who he's supposed to be.

Yeah. Chris there you go I think Fujin would step in and would take the place of Raiden and he would probably become earth room protect her and honestly I would love to see that because I'm tired of rating screwing people over you, know I feel like he's been screwing people over for a while now he's been getting away with murder and people really need to kick his ass for it so. So. Fujin I think fusion would fill his spot. Let's. See engine. Engine. Say, Caesar men okay welcome to the stream engine Fujin. His boss yes yes be a confusion, is a very good character name, name was, in in. Chris. Okay that. Was random I'm not quite sure if that, was directed at me all. Right so guys we're up to 20 people in the stream guys welcome. To the stream guys feel free to jump in who do you want to see in Mortal Kombat 11 who, is your favorite, who do you think Morioka, nether room has overlooked, nether, room has overlooked, a lot of people they'll overlook almost all the characters from the 3d era without, explanation. How, long will it take to release more karma 11 trying to be released rambha yes, Aaron Callas prior to 2019. Was. A response to okay. I gotcha okay, arresting. Statue Molina yes I want Molina back too did, you know Fujian was supposed to be in Deadly Alliance I did, not know that Regina. Did not know that digas. Do you think Jackie Briggs outfits a more common could be never. Been better it looks so bland and mean Degas well, well. You know she's supposed to be a part of the special forces unit, and so, yeah she definitely didn't have well you know what honestly I take that back um women, who said that Degas. Well Degas you know they did give her that really really, cool space outfit, did y'all did y'all catch she had like a space cadet, outfit, where she at like this or round, with. The black shield and it, was like out it was fitted on her almost like a spacesuit, so, honestly, Jackie Briggs had one of the coolest, because I remember when I saw a cash a screenshot. Of Jackie Briggs I didn't even know it was Jackie at first I was like who is this character who looks like an, astronaut. So. I thought they did pretty good on that skin for her let. Me go back through some of these compliments. Let's see I want. To see Molina come back. Split. Edenia from out world and ruler since they D Nia's were the only ones who were cool, and her she didn't care she was, a flush pick creation, let it come back who. Were the only ones who were cool and. With. Her and care. She, was a flipper well, shine, you. Know to be honest if you follow me you know Molina really does, not care about edenia, well well. I won't say that completely, but you know. Molina. Really cares about out world she feels like that's her father's. Room and, she wants to rule out world so I've. Never I'd, be surprised. If they decided to take her back to edenia, she's you know I would I want. To see them change rains design, well, you know Bruce got thought he looked. Briggs. You. Know, unless. Then again yeah okay, hey, you guys I'm sorry about that I actually had a phone call I'm doing this on my iPhone so I got a phone call and it froze everything up so I'm. Sorry about that let me go ahead and go through some of these comments let's. See. Fuli. Okay. So, Zhang wants to see sorry Sergey I really hope Fuji becomes playable for me Oakland MK 11 it would see. His okay. Do, you think smoke will return but under a new name stated, by him an MK yeah. Grammy boy accordingly right now he's in INRA that's his new name Degas, yes but I meant before the outfit ah oh yeah before the outfit yeah she didn't look well she looked like Special Forces she's a part of the the army or the military so she kind of has to look pretty. Uh you, know basic, khyber. Netic Jackie, I was. A color bubble head haha Chris, she. She. Was willing to split them though okay, okay. I did not know that Shawn Degas. Shit quo Oh, quits how would he come back yeah Degas I I think would tell it he could come back I like that Molina was fun to play Regina, she's my she's my main of course she has to come back for more combat 11 I find my, phone, is dying I'll be back ok Buchan I'll check out later also, here's, to hopefully getting alternate, costumes for DLC characters, this time around yes, you know uh shine.

I've Been saying in the past I'm like I'm. Like you know certain. Characters got really screwed the downloadable, characters only got one skin that's not grimy boy ok, iron, cow how many let's, see let's, see how many bosses will be in MK 11 well, Aaron it all, comes down to what another one wants to do so far we've really had two bosses we we have a sub boss which was Goro more con about X and then we had shinnok so, I really hope Fujima cosplay. Yes. You know smoke. Was a great character and playable. Hmm true true, yes, um yeah, um let's, see Sergio, I think it would be great to see fusion come back and to see his variations, on the variation system, and, and, to also see him get a really cool new look you, know we. Saw him as an NPC and, MKX. But it would be really cool to get see him like you know completely, souped, up with some really cool skins cool, variations. Get them on that 4k you know I know Mortal Kombat 11 is gonna be 4k enhanced. So I know it's gonna look like great game so. I'm really excited so guys. I'm sorry I got a phone call it interrupted, the stream I'm on my iPhone so, so. I'm, hoping, some people will find their way back into this train it looks like that, interruption cut us in half we, went from 20 to 11 I'm, one of the only people that likes Aaron black second, shirtless outfit, you. Know well a lot of people came to call they, call him that they call that the stripper outfit he. Has the bullets you know he has his midriff showing and, everything a lot of people started calling that the stripper. Outfit, I thought he looked good like that um you. Know I don't necessarily and. I I haven't heard a lot of people say they didn't like that but. I think that it gave him some some. Variety. You know instead. Of just having him look pretty much like a dull you, know, outworlder. Guy you know but, um but, anyways. Like rainin yeah Vegas. Oh yeah well right I did y'all notice an injustice, to they, had, rating showing a little skin okay. He kind of looked kind of like you know he was like his, shirt was open and, you could see his muscles I thought I was pretty shocked right a little like he was get ready to go out on a hot date. Sorry. But was what. What does 4k mean okay resting I'll answer that just a second it, was okay in my opinion the gear was the closest we got to DLC, costumes, you. Know Regina welcome back, I, would like to see if they continue to try poor story first. Came out first clown I definitely want to see try borg back do, you think Fair tour will be nmk Levin I have no clue Aaron I have no clue I'm not a big fan of theirs though chocolate, lol nips, of a guy yeah Sean you know they have they have Raiden with his I was shocked they they had that v-neck and, you can kind of see it and I'm like I'm like you know I bet if we could get close enough to raid we could smell some cologne on him you, know he was just missing like maybe like a gold chain. Anyways. But for, Kate somebody asked me about 4k 4k, is a new level of. 4k. Is the new level of, like. The the, the highest level, quality, resolution, used, to be, high-definition, which, was, 1080p. Technologies. To the to the point to where the higher they've actually gone, past high-definition. Flat-screen. Instead, of 1080p high-definition, they've. Actually come out with 4k which is even greater, resolution, quality than, 1080p. So, now when you hear 4k, 4k, 4k, they're literally saying that this is twice, as many, as, many of the resolution, I mean twice the resolution of 1080p which means that the picture quality can, now be even more detailed, you, can actually see you know you. Can see details in the background you can see like stuff, going on like if it's raining you can see the raindrops, drop into the ground if plants, are growing you can actually see the plant slowly growing in the ground you can see like storm clouds if there's, a storm coming in a video game you can see storm clouds coming so, 4k. Literally, means that you. Know literally means that the picture is literally, like alive like, the entire, image. Of the video game the entire screen, the entire gameplay. Everything, is just alive and there's all kinds, of fine details, you can just observe happening. In the screen in the play they might have ratings alternate, costume in Mortal, Kombat deception mmm. Pork, it looks realistic yeah chocolate your, 4k is basically like high-definition, except is that as high as the next level of high hat is ultra. Now they're calling 4k Ultra High Definition so. If you see you you HD that's. That's, ultra, high def if, there's there's high-definition, at 1080p and then there's ultra, high def and at. 4k true, 4k gaming, so. That's what the Xbox one X is all about guys we're up to 18 viewers welcome back guys I apologize if you got disconnected, because of the phone call I got a phone call on my phone and it broke up the stream I'm sorry what, was your favorite Klingon MKX well Regina I thought that katanas, dark Empress outfit.

Was Probably the best, costume. Hands-down because, I remember. Seeing her in that costume before I knew it was her costume and I thought it was a whole other character, you know she just looks shocked, shocking, well, MK 11 be announced nearly 3 did I think so I think so because I, think Mortal. Kombat 11 is definitely coming out in 2019, so, I think ìiî, ìiî is. Definitely gonna have some kind of either trailer, or it's gonna end, for some reason I've noticed that Ed Boon likes releases games and writing, like spring. The of the year around, about like March April May so, if if Mortal Kombat 11 comes out in spring, of 2019, they would definitely have to come to, e3 this year and show something III. Is in June I haven't looked up the exact date Regina, but it's definitely in June of this year grimmy, boy who's your favorite character of all time Melina. Melina. I love. Melina, I like. Dark in for Luke a Degas, yeah do, you know one thing about the revenant is that they got some really great skins, they look great as revenant characters do you think the Russian would be bigger than you, know Aaron I hope so I really hope so because you, know I that, will give nothing room the opportunity, to, add a lot more of people's favorites. But. Did y'all notice the revenues, actually, it. Basically allowed them to come. Up with some really creative costumes. And skins for the characters I mean the revenant was, great to like really get a real cool-looking character. Number. One way through yeah shine I love Melina I think, Melina is probably the most favorite, a female character like. When I watch, some pro game rounds I've seen pro gamers use Melina, I see regular people using Melina I think. She's probably almost favorite female right now sub-zero, smoke had one of the best revenue skins oh yeah oh yeah for sure for sure oh we, get a lot of DLC in MK 11 chocolate, well, you know I hope so too, and. You know what let's see how. Many let's, see we got. Well. We got quite a few DLCs, for Mortal Kombat X you, know I hope they you know I hope they give us like you know injustice got three fighter packs, I hope Mortal, Kombat 11 gets three fighter packs because Mortal. Kombat 10 only got two fighter packs dark, Empress katana was my favorite costume yeah Regina she, look crazy and whoever came up with a thought to put those horns, or those, those horns on her head on either side that, just that that made her look like a Dark Queen of some evil, planet, somewhere you know they did a good job with that so. Um, but. Yeah so I'm excited for Mortal Kombat 11 I can't wait to see it in 4k, gaming I know nether room is gonna definitely have the game looking really nice you, know and guys in, the impact stream some people have also brought up the point of having downloadable, content, for like downloadable, chapters. So, instead of just having characters. It would be great to have downloadable, chapters so that after, the story mode is over you can download a whole new chapter and you can play through a new chapter and then, download maybe another chapter so that's something else for people to think about I love, the idea of having downloadable, chapters to expand the story mode shinnok, will not be in Mortal Kombat 11 Aaron I don't think so because, they. Got you know Shao Kahn got defeated and they didn't bring him back so I think shinnok, because he got defeated and did the whole invasion, I'm pretty sure he won't come back and plus he's been separated, from his body if he came back he'd have to figure out where his body's at because right now he's just ahead rolling, around in, the nether room well. We could have spin-off. Well. Degage you know they are talking about a sequel to Michelle and monks so. There might be a Shaolin monks that's, possible his head will be on a pike in the background showing you know they should do that because you know what Quan Chi Quan Chi will coming to the stage holding, Moloch's head so, you know so they could have you know somebody, come in and their intro holding shinnok said like Raiden could come in holding shinnok actually. You know Brayton turned out to be dark it would be cool to see him, in his intro he comes out holding shun ox head that. Would be pretty badass that'd. Be really cool so guys, welcome to the stream if you guys are new to the stream so glad you joined us feel free to jump into the conversation who, you want to see from Mortal Kombat xi they, got to bring Jay back yep risk I'm totally on board with you do you think Anagha would be the final boss grimmy no no I don't think so I think, they're trying to stay away from Onaga and blaze I don't really think we're gonna see those characters, shine. We, just, gave in are some good ideas shun you know they still, have this game in production, so in theory if the nether, room execs wanted to jump on YouTube and type in Mortal Kombat 11 a lot.

Of Videos are gonna show up come up they could get a lot of ideas from the the, videos we upload so. Who knows we might see some of the stuff we're talking about do you think Moloch will be in mortal combat whoa whoa. Aaron, if he ever gets set free from Quan Chi's background. Cuz in his background in Mortal Kombat X Moloch, was trapped in this in this. Dungeon with a you know so I don't know I know endings aren't canon but I find a little fishy that checks not into anything Oh Regina, you know you're right he, did die in two endings I don't know why but. You know we all know whoever dies they, don't stay dead though. Do you think of an entirely new boss that no one ever seen before brisk well. That's. Kind of what they did with Onaga and blaze no one had ever heard of them I wonder quad she gave. Shit not the wrong a mule maybe that's why he was defeated by Cassie cage. Well. Degas. Man we could devote a whole other string to that right there that that idea alone day is what. Do you think of it sir but you know what brisk, um I think. That would be great I wonder how Shao Kahn's gonna come back Oh chocolate. Chocolates. Tryin to get us into a whole other. About. Okay. But, you know. If there wants to. Astray.

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