More Proofs That Man Has Never Gone to The Moon - Apollo 11 and Other Moon Missions Hoax

More Proofs That Man Has Never Gone to The Moon - Apollo 11 and Other Moon Missions Hoax

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Astronauts. Moving in slow motion is, another hallmark of the Apollo TV footage there. Is no evidence at all of any astronaut. Making a leap or a jump anywhere. Near a height commensurate. With one-sixth, G possibilities. And, if they were actually simulating. EVs on earth they. Would then need help with the bulky, heavy weight suits and backpacks, in order to achieve the visual effect of moving around easily in lunar gravity. So. Enter wire supports, this, is a tried, and tested way of relieving weight from performers, or even flying an actor of. Course confirmation. That wires were used is in the detail here. In this Apollo 14 footage, you can see a ping the, momentary, glimpse. And again. Run. Slowly. And, once more. There. Are other examples too this. One is from Apollo 17, during, the flag scene you, can see the pain at the top of the frame. In. This footage from Apollo 16 we. Have telltale, evidence for, slightly floating, a dangling, effect took a jump salute location. It's. As if the weight is being taken off the astronauts, feet just a second or so too soon. Okay. Of that sequence with an obvious rehearsal, rate the. Dangling effect is very evident. And. Here. Again from the same mission Apollo 16 we. Have an astronaut, which was about to get up. Let. Me give you a hand he says. Look. At it again the. Astronaut is getting up with a wire taking, the weight relieving. Him of 5/6. Of the Earth's gravity, a magic. Trick men, just. The help of a wire man, this. Is a slow-motion, jump would have been seen live on TV, and. Here, it is at normal speed. The, well-rehearsed, pre-recorded. Material was. Apparently, slowed down by 50% when we saw it on TV and yes. We've, done the necessary work to establish that percentage. From. These rarely seen color, television, pictures that, the crew of Apollo 11. Color, video camera, with them on their mission yet. The only pictures, broadcast, live from the moon surface were, these from a low definition, black-and-white. Camera in fact. The networks complained, because in addition to this they, were forced, to shoot the images, second-generation. Off of, a projection, TV, of the technology. Of 30 years ago and were not even allowed to take a direct feed which. Further degraded, the quality, and clarity of the images. Perhaps. This was precisely what NASA and the federal government had in mind after.

All It was the first regardless. Of where they were better. To open up their debut mission with fuzzy pictures and numerous, blackouts, rather. Than show too much revealing, detail of a false scene that, was yet unproven. And, finally. The element, that seals their fate of. A footage of Apollo 11 requested. From NASA over a five-year, period one. Gem, was discovered, just before, the completion of this documentary an, old. Reel received. By mistake. It. Contains, the raw or unedited. Footage of, the crew of Apollo 11, michael, collins edwin. Aldrin jr., and neil armstrong. Staging. Part of their mission for, nearly an hour in living. Color with. Exceptionally. Clear behind-the-scenes. Audio, of conversations. Discussing. The techniques, used to achieve a disingenuous, picture. Depicting. The earth at a distance, in, order, to falsely, demonstrate, their far journey from it and their. Ability to survive, passing. Through the Van Allen radiation belts. It. Cannot. Be misconstrued, that this staging was done for some other reason, puddin for, the real itself, is slated, and dated, July, 18th, 19th. And 20th. 1969. The. Very days of the mission when, they were said to be approaching, and achieving, lunar, orbit. Furthermore. It is apparent, they are in genuine zero gravity of the actual spacecraft. Necessary. To convince the mass media of their authenticity, just. Not any further than Earth orbit, as you will see in, this. Never before seen or heard footage not only is the radio conversation. Between the astronauts, and Houston, control audible. There. Is a secondary, private. Conversation, taking place between, the crew and a third confidential. Party prompting. The astronauts, with what to say when, to speak and how, to effectively, manipulate. The camera to, achieve the desired misleading. Effect. NASA. Claims, that the Houston transmissions, were the only ones taking place with the astronauts. Listen. Now as Houston control initiates. A conversation, with the crew only. To find them too preoccupied, with the behind-the-scenes, trickery. To respond. Moments. Pass and the oversight is picked up on by the clandestine, third party, who, quickly prompts, him with talk. Immediately. Neil, Armstrong, speaks. Again. The, illusion, they are attempted, to create is, the earth at a distance, to demonstrate, their far journey from it and their, ability to survive, passing, through the Van Allen radiation belts. Understand. Turn but, only about 20 seconds, of this raw footage was, ever broadcast, to the public and these, conversations, discussing, their deception, were, believed to be private, until. Now. Here. They discussed, that these television, transmissions, were, in fact not broadcast, live as everyone, believed they. Were first screened, and edited, for, playback, later. We. Can when we get to playback we can go to correlate, what was it come on. Here. They discuss the fact that they have turned out the lights and have blocked out sunlight from. Entering the space worth through the other windows as, to not cause any reflected, light to, crawl onto the spacecraft's, wall in the floor room. Fuck, up. Any. Reflected-light. The. Reason this was done if so that the truth of the matter would not be revered it. Is this though. The federal government would have you believe that, this is a view of Earth from a distance out of the spacecrafts, window as it nears the moon it, is not, what. They have ingeniously. Done is placed the camera at the back of the spacecraft and centered. The lens on a circular window, in the coil ground, outside. Of which it is completely, filled with the earth in low orbit, the.

Circumference, Of the window then appears, to be the diameter, of the earth at a distance, with, the darkened, worlds of the spacecraft, appearing. To be the blackness of space around, it that is, why they wanted the interior dark, and blocked, out the Sun from, any other windows. Here. You can see the extruded, window probably, two inches thick at the bottom, this. Is because the earth shine is coming in at a downward angle it. Also causes, the earth to appear to be an irregularly, shaped circle, for. Your seeing the outside of the window at the bottom and the, inside, of the window at the top which. Together form two, different sized hards, of a circle. Subsequently. This, take was never used. As. They perfected the shot a crescent, shaped piece of black material, was inset, slightly, into the window to, create the illusion of the Earth's Terminator. Line dividing. Night and day, it. Is uncannily, convincing. During. This segment intended. To be edited, and played back later for the worldwide television audience, dated. July, 18th. 1969. Neil Armstrong, condemns, himself as he states that he is. 130,000. Miles out or halfway, to the moon as the NASA, flight log also states, on this date when. He is in reality, in low-earth, orbit, of a few hundred miles. Here. During, another segment also, intended. To air after review Neil. Armstrong, falsely, explains to the viewers how the shot is attained by putting, the cameras lens to the windows glass as it, would have to be if they were the claimed distance, away from the earth. If. The window was completely. Filled up with a TV camera as he staked and an astronauts, arm would not be able to get between the camera and the window as it, obviously, does here in this app take. You. Can also notice, how the astronaut. Operating, the camera reacted. To the mistake by, attempting, to run away from. Man. Thank. You. This. Is a segment that they believed wasn't even being recorded. Much less suitable for broadcast, for, the lens was being zoomed out and the scene was being changed to, that of an interior, of the astronauts, at work and apparently. The stop button, popped, back up on the recorder, without notice. Here. Is the diffused work light that they used to see camera controls, but, not throw light onto the spacecraft's. Wall. Here.

They Removed part of the Crescent insert. Finally. The iris is opened up see the real location, of the camera and the, very bright and dear earth, out, the window. Here. Is the slate for the 19th, of July and, the. Same shot of trickery on the 19th of July and, then. The 20th, and the. Same misleading. Shot on the 20th. Later. That evening they. Were said to be walking on the moon how. Can this be when they were in Earth orbit only nine hours earlier and the moon is some three days journey away. Furthermore. If, they genuinely went, to the moon why. Would they be faking any part of it why. This trickery. With the window. By. Faking, being half way to the moon, it becomes, apparent that. They did so because they could not even go half were on the twenty-fifth anniversary of, the event in, 1994. Neil, Armstrong, made a rare public appearance and, held, back tears as he spoke these brief cryptic, remarks, before the next generation, of taxpayers, today we have with, us a, group, of students, among America's, best. To. You we say. We. Have only completed, a beginning. We. Leave you, that. Is undone. There. Are great ideas undiscovered. Breakthroughs. Available. To those. Who can, remove. One. Of truths, protective. Layers. Is. That, when examined, these, images, suggest that man never went to the moon at all. This. Famous scene of man taking his first steps on the lunar surface is. One of the most recognizable. In history. But, why are such important, images, so grainy and hard. To see. Esse, claims it's the result of 1960s. Technology. That's. The orchestrator, the hugs in a very unique way through. Television they. Had one picture, which they completely controlled, black-and-white. Grainy, that, convinced, everybody we were on the moon we had no reason to doubt it they. Had complete reigns over the pictures over. The sound, I mean, sad to say it was easier, than people believed evidence. Suggesting, that these images were staged. Although. It appears that the astronauts, are moving in the moon's gravity, which, is 1/6, that of the earth. Merci, notes that when the speed of the film is doubled. The. Astronauts, appear to be running as if in Earth's gravity. Also. When the footage of the lunar rover, is doubled in speed it. Looks as if it's driving here on earth. If. There is no air or wind on the moon. Why. Is this American, flag waving. The. Fact that the flag flaps, on the moon where there's no atmosphere, it means, that there must have been a little blast, of wind out in area 51 where, they shot this. The. Pictures, that we see that allegedly, were taken on the moon are absolutely, perfect. But. With closer examination. Casey. Says flaws begin. To emerge. Unfortunately. Errors. Were made which, are now being discovered. Point. Out that lighting, is a major, flaw in the lunar photos. Case. In point on the. Moon the astronauts, only source of light was. The Sun they, had no extra, lighting. No. Flashes or things like this yet, in this photograph from Apollo 14. The. Shadows are cast in different directions, suggesting. Multiple light sources. The. Shadows caused by the rocks in the foreground should. Have been east-west, like the LEM shadow.

And. In this photo from Apollo 17. Again. The shadows are pointing, in different directions. Outside. And sunlight shadows, always weren't parallel, with one another so, the, shadows will never intersect. Conspiracy. Theorists, say it's not just the shadows, that indicate the use of additional lights. But. What has been photographed in the shadows, for. Example, here's. An astronaut, who descends, into a huge shadow cast by the lunar module. Yet. His entire body is still visible how. Is it that he is not shrouded. In darkness. Here's, the same maneuver from another Apollo mission. Again. The astronaut, is brightly lit and what is obviously, dark shadow. And in this picture the. Sun is directly behind the astronaut, his. Figure should be a silhouette. Yet. Even the smallest characteristics. Of his suit are. Recognizable. It. Seems like he's standing in the spotlight, and. I can't explain that that. That. Escapes, me why. And. Finally. In this picture with the Sun behind the lunar module the. Front of the craft is clearly visible. The. Words United States are crisp, and clear. How. Could these backlit, pictures, be so detailed, because. There's more than one light source which, means they're not on the moon but. NASA simply, dismisses, these arguments but. The questions continue why. Does some of these images shot, at different times and different places. Appear. To have identical, backgrounds. These. Two photos seem to have the same mountain backdrop, yet. The, lunar module is only present, in one of them. Seemingly. Impossible. Since. The LEM never moved and it's base remained, even after, the mission. Some. Suggest, the same artificial, backdrop, was used when shooting two entirely, separate, pictures. Background. Discrepancies. Are also apparent, in the lunar video the. Best evidence, are some, pictorial. Anomalies, in the. Photographic, record, of the, trip to the moon there. Is one for. Apollo 16, where. The same shot, the same Hill appears, in two different days. This. Tape was shot on what was reported to be the first of Apollo 16s, lunar excursions. And. This, video was, from the next day at, a different location. NASA. Claims, the second location was two and a half miles away but. When one video was superimposed, over, the other, the. Locations, appear, identical even. Closer examination of. The photos, suggests. Evidence of doctoring. For. Reference, crosshairs. Were permanently, etched into the lunar cameras, so, they would have to appear on top of every image. But. In this photo a. Crosshair. Is behind a part, of the lunar rover, the. Situation, is impossible and has to be the result of technical, manipulation.

And Doctoring of the image and, in, this photo from Apollo 11 the. Equipment in the foreground is covering the crosshair, not. Behind it. And, in another from Apollo 12 the. American, flag is covering, one crosshair, and the, astronaut, is covering, the other when. Presented, with these questionable, photos and videos. Yes. That Apollo was. A hoax. When, I looked at all the pictures and all the footage I'm absolutely convinced, I bet my life on it that we didn't go to the moon I know for a fact that we didn't. If. We zoom in here you'll see that they are cutting. Out, sections. Or layers or images. And there's, absolutely zero reason, to do this if this was just a practice run in a pool. You, would never need to do this. Kind of editing unless. You're trying to edit live. Video, so, let's see if that's even possible in. Today's. Technology, so we, should know that anything that they can show us nowadays they've had for 20, or 30 years so. Shouldn't surprise us that they have the ability now to simply. Edit out live. Items, from, live video so. You'll see here they're just able to remove, items. That are sitting on the desk from. The live video itself. Probably. Not very high card, as it takes the background, kind of that area and. You'll see there has that morphed hopefully. You saw that yeah, you can see it there that it kind of does come back in it's not perfect so. We would be able to expect, to see some errors even. With nassif that were extremely careful we, might be able to see some errors or some. Anomalies, that would happen because they're editing, out these. Scuba, divers, so. See there there's some stuff on the counter that's also been disappeared, and here. Again and. This is a good image that shows you the, airs in it because it's not perfect and you can. Kind of mask it, and. Blend it. But. As you move around occasionally, you're going to get a little bit of ghosting. Or, some. Remnants, of whatever it is you're trying to delete, you, see here they took this great, off the side of this wall and just. Filled it in with the area around, it so. This wouldn't be very difficult at all you would need some people at the live editing stations, just. Kind of watching and as long as you had a 20. Second or 10 second delay you'd. Be just fine so. Is this something they could possibly be doing and do, we have any evidence that that. In fact is happening. So. In a moment we're gonna watch a actual.

Spacewalk For now we are watching the training. And just. Watch, a few things you can see how these scuba, divers assist. The. Astronauts, themselves they. Kind, of help them when they need help with a certain, knob. Or, to carry their cord or to, move. Some cable or to lift them up by their feet or their backs you can see here he's kind of pushing them up giving. Him a little bit of assistance and. One. Of the first things is that the structure, itself looks like it moves in water I'm. Also a little bit zoomed in so you notice that. We're. Gonna be looking at a couple different things but that one thing that you see flying, around there straight in the middle right now it looks like a black bag. If, you watch that I'm. Making the assertion that that is actually you'll see it's hanging onto that, ladder. There I guess we'll call that a ladder and, you'll, see that the dark spot is holding on the ladder causing it to move and in. A second it will jump from the ladder you see it it's, leaving that ladder it has nothing to do with the person jumping onto his back and moving him around and if. You just watch enough of this you'll see that these, people these are people these are, actual. Divers, that person, there now. You're not gonna see the entire diver I do think there's a few times that we do see that but. It is live edited, out so, it's meant to look like a bag, attached, to the astronaut and you'll. See that it moves to independent, of itself see there it's lifting, the person up it's. Not as if the person. Is pulling the bag up the bags on a big string there again you'll see it's hanging on the ladder and. Again it jumps off the ladder onto the back and then. Again later we see it push the person up, so. You see here it's jumping onto his back what. Those are our divers and they are live. Edited, out of the footage it's. Not even very difficult, to do as. We. Saw you. Can do it as a chroma key type event, or. Just have a nice, delay where somebody's in there with a brush and we'll see several examples. Of, them. Covering up little areas. So. Anyway just keep watching and we'll see it's definitely, my hypothesis. That they are. Simply. Filming in a pool with. A couple. Divers. And the divers. Go under in the system and they, are live edited, out of any footage that we ever see so. It. Should be pretty weird that we found this one because I can't. Imagine them ever letting anything out especially if it's live edited. They just do it on a five-second delay in this way they don't make any messes but. By the end of this you'll see that I believe there was a chroma. Key issue this, day, because. We. See things disappearing, in the second view and reappearing. Which clearly means that they were, ghosted. Or masked, out. So. Now I've changed the color a little bit just gives you a better view same thing got the brown backpack you can watch a jump on the man here and you. Can tell that that is a person that's a diver you could just tell by their movements see he jumps up there he's just swimming there now, you looks, to us like a backpack is just moving there but the person is wearing the backpack and they're swimming. So, I know a lot of people always ask. Well. Isn't this just more people to bring into the secret and I would, agree that it looks like it is now you got to include some of these. Scuba. Divers unless the astronauts themselves do it on the spacewalk I'm not really sure but one thing that we should point out that is interesting. That, it's unfortunate, but also true, that. People will do almost. Anything, for money, you. Can see the flipper there right. Straight ahead do you see the flipper down flipper. And. People will do, anything. For money and so ask, yourself this question and, be honest. Don't say it out loud because you'll probably less than honest but. Ask yourself what you would do for a million dollars and. Really. Think about it and pretty. Much the most. Gross. Thing I could, think. Of I'm, thinking that most, people would do. You. Know if you're talking about eating. Something out of the trash obviously, I think. A lot of people do that if you're talking about. Even. Getting much, much grosser, and, doing. Something much much more. Nefarious. Even. I think, that when, you look at it that way and then you also examine, the kind, of people that. You've come to meet in your lifetime, and. Then you start thinking what would those people do, now. If you look below here, straight ahead you'll see the shadows, kind.

Of Going crazy and. You'll see that there's all kinds of stuff going on that don't. Match what's going on above and that's. Because you're just looking at a bag and if you look at that bag, floating. Around you'll notice that the shadow kind of coincides with it because. There's a diver there these, are divers you can actually see their flippers on occasion here, comes that one around the side and this is a better color so you can actually see the flippin can, you see the kickin hope. Again it's, there and, so. We. Got him we know, what they're doing and now we can exploit that and like. I said my wife and I spent. Majority. Afternoon going through other videos and it's, pretty, frickin obvious. To. See there that that brown bag is bringing, that guy down, and. So it's obvious and from, there we just need to start investigating, some of these old space walks or even current ones although we'd have to figure that they've gotten better. But. By researching. Those I think we're gonna find a lot more and put, together a pretty good case for, two. Reason. All. Right so let's watch the brown bag in front here for a second because I want to show you how it morphs out and you should see it like flashing, because. It's part of the chroma key activity. And it's. Just was a bad chroma key day for them, stuff. Is very flickery, so watch that brown backpack again, right. Here can do somebody interesting. Okay. Here I'll watch it disappear see, that how it works out and. That's. Just more chroma, key nonsense it's gonna make, it look interesting. Again. And that thing is hanging from the pole right here the. Ladder and then. Will jump. Off and swim to his astronaut. There. You should be able to easily see the kicking. There. It is kick kick. Kick move. The hand kick kick yeah clears, could be what. Is going on, again. I'm very quickly, fast-forwarding, and rewinding, just to kind of get a better view of what's going on you see him grab the foot there swing underneath, see. Him swing underneath. So. I've no idea the response that people get on this video I don't know if they'll all if. You'll all say nope there's no chance or if it's as obvious to you as it is to me and, from, here we just start doing. Closer research these space walks but, that's.

What They've been doing this whole time huh they. Train. In the pool for. Their real life pool activity, the, only difference is the scuba. Divers are chroma keyed out but they're still there there's one right there at the bottom that bag, is moving independent, completely, of the astronaut above them alright, so here we have two astronauts you see the one at the top and the one at the bottom look at the feet of, the one at the top right. There do you see just feet being grabbed and pulled. Over that. Is by, a scuba, diver. If. You look around you'll see them all the time at the inn. Interact. With these astronauts. Or to fix something or to give. Them room to do something. That's. Baloney it, doesn't make sense. Yeah. That's what I thought. Okay. So I keep an eye here, coming, up. I'm. Gonna direct you to where it is how, were the astronaut is on the bottom look where his legs are okay his legs are in, that little divot there nope, you see he just got helped, see the hands holding his leg that was obvious Wow. I'm. Even seeing things the first time here I see. Shadows moving across there that shouldn't that person is that's a scuba diver, now. Keep your eyes where that astronauts, legs were oh. Man. This is really bad thing, floating away there. Hmm. And. It's crazy because what you're seeing you have to base on your knowledge, of how. People, would move and, what. Things would do in free space, but. You'll see. Clearly. After watching it a few times you. Can't deny this what's going on. See. I want to watch that lower right, corner there because I saw something earlier. So. Kind of where that second astronaut is on the right just. Kind of keep an eye on that. And. We'll see a little something here you'll see to kick his legs over there okay so the legs went kind of underneath that panel. But, you'll. See something else coming up here in the second case that you moved away from the panel up. Back under it. Moves. Away again. His. Legs are getting up to now somebody's gonna hold his leg up there's the hand see the hands. They're. Trying to help him stay down. Hands. Get him down. That's. All it is they're being blacked out see that right there there's there's people pushing him there you, can see their arms you can see their. Wow. It's. Even more obvious than I thought Oh miss. And I were watching some Apollo 16 footage, which we're going to be watching now and in. It there is a spacewalk, I believe when they're coming, home and. There's. Clearly another scuba diver so we want to point it out but we'll just kind of skip through this because we've already, watched it and it is hilarious or. If it's not a scuba diver you can tell us what is yello, and floating in space right. Next one so. You see here we got the I mean this is science folks. Don't, ever forget it I don't know why you doubt it. I. Don't, is this real NASA footage that you're showing us here this, is actually, NASA's, footage they have that archived that there on their site we just pull first miss I keep saying you know there's people in there got, people in there people, in there here's, the wire you know that's. Me doing in the wind, all. Right come on do it yeah hold on a second what's, the source of this video this is not real NASA footage. Apollo. 16 raw, footage the saddest part about this all is it this is this is science if it wasn't for this I would have a hard time giving, science. A bad name but when you have evolution. To start with and this is number two the. Moon landing I mean this, is a person, like ins you know in the room or something who knows looks, like a reflection but. Uh what, they show here this is clearly a fake moon and in. A second they'll have to morph into like a, telescope. View so you'll totally see the change so. This, is this. Is film through, the window, from, that capsule, we just saw yes. Hmm, and. Look how they like to be able to scan the whole moon. Mono. Mm-hmm, here, we go so. This. Is just a mess of a piece of film first, of all I don't know I am the astronaut so don't have backpacks in this baseball, but like, they don't have there.

Life Support. There's. So many things wrong with this explain, I don't know maybe they would wouldn't, read rhetoric, explain. Yes. I think this is real so I guess you'd have to explain it yeah I'm, a little bit out of control so. You know my opinion would be right here you've got the scuba. Divers behind him with his foot now, I don't, see that right here so you'll. See in a second, because. They got to hold his feet down so, in a second here in the most obvious part is you see the yellow. Scuba. Tank so if it's not a scuba tank then you need to explain to me what is yellow and attach to the well it's not attached anymore-- to, the outside of the ship there was nothing yellow, that's. A big tank this. Time he doesn't have a sac. Hanging, around him you know what I mean no bag no Bek and you'll actually see okay so I want you to watch right here can. You see my mouse. Yep. Right in the middle okay, this is this cord is being held, by the scuba diver and you'll be able to see it's not a shadow that what, is there's. Another bubble there goes my bubble, and. So, you see this is a hand and. He's. Just helping him with it it'll. Disappear and then he'll come back and it's not a shadow cuz it you can see it see underneath him here. We'll. Go back and show that no, no. You. Need to show that scuba tank, first because that the. Rest of this him sounds. If. He. Yep. Here's. Another bubble. Clearly. Water clearly. You. Know NASA's busted gigs up it's. Obviously there good another bubble here it is watch, it. And. I am I would. Say that before I saw the scuba, guys um I, would say those little things flying off like you know those could be like little, flakies, coming off like it never was a bubble believer and I'm, still like a 90%, bubble, believer but if they're in the water than the absolute you just you don't go right in your face but. One of the things they do to, fool. You is they, film this at an angle or upside, down at time so that bubbles not going straight up because they got the camera you know turn 15. Degrees to the side, another. Bubble, okay. That. Is there, it is. You. Can actually see them swim out of the picture and back into the picture there's nothing else yellow that, he took out there with him so what. Would be yellow, that appears.

Out In the middle of space. So. Hopefully everybody can see that but it's, a little a slow-mo it first, and then try and pause it I don't think I have some Oh near can't. Believe it, look spaghetti. Go. Ahead. Now. Where did you get this video from NASA's. Website they, have a site. That's that got all the films of all the moon, landings it's like a whole long it's a white page with all these link, okay so there you can see the tanks start to appear, there's. The diver go. He. Doesn't have anything he didn't take anything yellow out with him you didn't take anything with him so it's. There's not even another choice. NASA. Would be smart enough to have, black, tanks. Right. Yeah I would think so they don't maybe, now they do because. This is old saying, you know is they you know they have to improve there's another bubble and. Everyone that's watching I encourage. You to go to any spacewalk oh jeez that was a mess bubble, bubble bubble any. Spacewalk you, know any day I mean I wouldn't I would try and go as old as you can but there's bubbles coming up everywhere, yeah. And. Just. Watch it knowing that you. Like, watching you guys it's, so obvious, and then there's so much wrong, I'll. Show you when he comes back here that. The, shadows are wrong. Just, saw another thing out here but not that was but you can even see and David even brought says there's another bubble David. Even brought this up that it's, purposely. Degraded, the, video. And just like the one that I did the video on yesterday it's. It's, crummy quality. On purpose so that you don't notice the morphing in and out of the bag or the changing of its color and just say oh it's pixel, changing, right because, they're never. Like. The moon landings, the, the reporters, at, nasa's. Headquarters where ever that place is called they, were they, were using a rear projection screen, of. The, video and then they had to film the actual screen you can't get any more degraded, that right. Man. There's just bubbles, everywhere I don't know how nobody's ever seen this did. You start doing push-ups yet over there no, doesn't, he do some it doesn't a shadow get weird here. This. Whole party had turned like black or something I don't know member look, other astronaut he's like peeking or whatever I'll. Watch you from here Casey, fly, off in his face doesn't. This look like he does a backpack on you. Yes like a 1/3. Size backpack. Any, backpack or, you mind to show that one part with the right, there where you I saw that helmet come into view oh that. Was weird it, could have been this thing that we're. Gonna go a little bit back and show you this there, yeah I think. Right. There so, I'm not sure what this it's like a layer of some sort helmet. Thing is we tried to see what that was but then it disappears. But. I think they're just big fans of, layering. And this is what would happen in water if you don't have scuba divers with you there's another bubble you, need somebody to take care of your feet. Ok, so now, watch here. Yeah. There we go oh good, that. And. You'll see here in a second where it's just all wrong because, look. Where his shadow is now ok, but, then watch the shadow for. Ok, so nice see how there's no shadow here for him so. There, cannot be the, Sun can't be above you or else this to, be a shadow there he was right next to it but yet this chord. Here showing a shadow on his back and his, leg right.

Here. Will. Show a shadow on his. Back. But. I would obviously see this right here is this shadow from his leg so. If he's what was what, what, was that does it just went over his butt can you go back 10 seconds yeah I saw something too. What. Is he gonna do with this do they bring this in is that what he went out there for to get something I mean think about that you're, you're going to space what. Could possibly go wrong, that, you would need to go outside for, like. What would be so. Ridiculous, you never made anything he opened something to take it out yeah you would never make something like that it just not the way you. That, spare tire for Liam do you see that I, think. Segments, this part here oh I don't know Davida what did you see, no. There was something that went right over his, but before you maybe it's coming up right. Here big black stripe, mmm. Maybe. It's the shadow of that the. Pipe maybe that's all I saw. Like. This see. I mean the the shadow and that way down inside yeah, yeah, yeah. What. Is he doing that looked like a scuba. Divers arm or something that, went up there and what would be here that's black on his shoe what's what's causing that shadow. But. He fell asleep. Something. An open. Look. What are those pants that he's wearing that it just makes no sense at all, you're, like white I would it's. Like a cool, like really, warm snowboarding. Outfit. For. A second so, he's trying to figure. This thing out he can't do it science experiment by the way and he says he's gonna go take a break and that's he how he takes a break. You. Just stand there I'm gonna take a break. So. Then they get mad cuz uh this. Guy needs to come help him and. He comes over here in a second. Okay. It. Is hilarious so now see this white like, experiment. Going on over here it's. Like a little pile. On or something I think it's like you know hoisted, up or tilted up or something this guy comes over here and just destroys, it. With James, right of us. I'm. Just gonna just trample, it. Let. Me come over here and. Forget. This experiment. Five. Million video is that direction this is. So. They play, with this for a while and then this is where this guy falls now. Remember if this post goes through your suit or something you die yeah, so. What. Is he doing he's like balancing, on their watch. Oh he's like sliding. It's. Like talking to your drunk friend. I. Mean this is ridiculous. How. Can people not see, this I know watch this part this. Part is so funny because he just tries to take it too far and then falls way over here and then, his buddy tells him puts his finger up in his face like that'll be the last time you do that but and. Because. It's gone. Now, watch his buddy go over there and tell him puts, his finger up in his face like dude. Get up dude. We don't do that I destroyed. That entire. Project. It's a fractal we, don't do this on the moon. We. Act we act like adults but. But, we have moon rocks, I have, been messaged, with this argument so, many times that I have decided to make a short video about it the, number, one argument, to validate, the moon landings, when all logic. Real science, and photos, and video, directly. From NASA, prove, the moon landings were faked is moon, rocks they, even write articles. Like this one telling, you that you are stupid, if you question the moon landings, because. They have moon rocks and common. Sense dictates. That because we have moon rocks we went to the moon we. Are going to talk a lot about common, sense in this video now. What happens, when someone has the bright, idea, or the common sense to, test these moon rocks that, have been given to museums, by a US, ambassador, in, 1969. They, turn out to be petrified. Wood, and I, will link all the articles. From. What people consider to be reliable, news sources, in the information. Section of this video, you know what common, sense tells, me that, NASA is made up of complete, liars, that, lie about everything, and when they are exposed they, question, your sanity or, intellect, if you refuse to believe in their lies anymore they. Would have you believe that this official, government, and NASA website. Picture, does, not have. A ziploc, bag, holding. A picture of the, moon on the, moon on the LEM landing, pad this, is not a photo of a man next, to the other picture, this, is a reflection, of tin foil. Science. And heat problems, logic. And common sense, dictate. That if these were photographs. That, this picture was not taken, on the moon that is why they say it is a reflection, of, tinfoil, they. Will tell you that your eyes are lying. To you by. The way if you want to zoom in and out of any, picture, online or, any website, simply. Hold, down the ctrl button on, your keyboard and scroll. Up and down with your middle mouse button this.

Picture, Is not manipulated. In any way check. It for yourself now. When these lies are exposed like these petrified, wood, moon, rocks they, use all media, to spin, the fact that they are liars like. This article, in USA, Today, they. Would have you believe that it is okay, that, this piece of petrified. Wood given. By a US. Ambassador. And insured. For a half, a million dollars, is not from the moon they. Say in this article, that of. The hundred and thirty five rocks, for the Apollo 17 mission given. Away to nations, or their leaders only, about 25. Have been located, by. Collect., a, website. For space history, buffs the NASA fanboys. That, is long attempted, to compile a list of, moon rock whereabouts, they. Then tell you that this should not be taken, to mean that the others are lost just, that the records, kept at the time are far from complete, I love, how all the, plans for the LEM lunar. Rover and now records, of the moon rocks are just gone common. Sense tells me that. Seeing, that this was the most important. Event, in the history of mankind. These plans, and records, would be bronzed. Also. In the USA, Today article. Jennifer, Ross nozzle, a NASA. Historian. Said NASA. Turned, over the samples, to the State Department to distribute, and that, we don't have any records, about when and to whom the rocks were given. The. State Department. Historian, Tiffany, Hamlin. Said, the, office, of the historian does. Not keep records on, what became of the moon rocks and in my knowledge there, is no one entity, that does so yeah. Why would they keep records of rocks from off the earth they, aren't rare or anything right in fact. The Netherlands, is one of the few countries where, the location, of both the, Apollo 11 and Apollo, 17, GIF rocks is known, Britain. Australia, Canada, and New Zealand are, others, though, no one. Has. Rocks from both missions, on permanent. Public display and, some, have been kept in storage for decades. NASA, keeps, most of the, 842. Pounds of, moon rocks gathered. By the Apollo missions, locked, away giving. Small samples. To researchers, and lending. A set of larger, rocks for exhibitions. This. USA. Today article then. Spins, facts, and tries, to say that maybe private, collectors. Have the real moon rocks and many, on display may be faked heaven. Forbid that all these fake moon rocks were tested, in every one of these museums, but just in case they would be NASA's. Thinking, ahead here I would, remind you that the moon rocks on displaying, in the Netherlands, that were found to be petrified. Wood were, from. 1969. Were. Presented, by a US. Ambassador and. Even. Came with a plaque, they, were insured for, a half a million, dollars, because they were believed, to be genuine, NASA. Is full, of it if you, want to believe anything. They say then you are putting your faith in lies, the. Fact that USA, Today and media. Spins. The fact that these rocks are not genuine, should, lead you somewhere if you have common, sense and, are. Capable of, critical thinking who. Controls, our media, the, fact that other nations, don't question these things should, also lead, you somewhere these. People, are not smarter. Than you they act as if you are an idiot if you see past their lies you. Are all made, in God's image we all have gifts and talents, and have the same mental. Ability, though, some are stronger in some areas and some are stronger in others myself, I, have no artistic, ability. Whatsoever I. Can't, paint, I can't, construct music. Do, not put your faith in these liars if you, do some, people would question your intellect, but they would be wrong I know that this has nothing to do, with intellect. This, is brutal, and absolute. Subtle, mind, control, where, they tell you what to think how, to think how to dress, what, to eat what, to drink, what. Is cool what is not cool what, music is good what, music is bad take, a look at the rock band The Beatles people.

Copied, Their haircuts, their clothing, when, the Beatles used drugs the entire, country. And world followed, you, are not a mindless, sheep or just a number, you have a name you, are an individual. And you have a choice, you have, a god-given intellect. To see past these lies please. Use. NASA's. Lies are very, very, dangerous, Buzz. Aldrin said. He saw aliens, in space if you believe one lie you, will believe another and another until your. Illusion, of reality bears. No resemblance to. Reality or any, real, science. Be, capable. Of critical thinking. Ask yourself. Simple, questions, like, our dinosaurs. Carbon-dated. When, you see the results, what does common sense, tell you, why. Do freemasons. Who, number just about every, President, and astronaut. Believe. That will earth the 6,000, years old why, does this date, show. Up in their diplomas. And on, their buildings, it is, because, they think you, are a number and a sheep to be led wherever, they, want, you. Are better than that you can ask simple, questions like. A child, questions. Like how, does a spider know how to weave a web they. Would have you believe that it is instinct, that they cannot explain. Logic. Would tell you that this is a complex, program, inside. The spiders DNA, who, programmed it, they. Destroy, your curiosity. And corrupt. Your intellect, from the time you are children, they, act like they have all the, answers they. Don't, they, are simply, manipulative. Fools and Liars, led, by the biggest, liar and manipulator. To. Ever exist.

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It’s a shame people don’t believe in the moon landing. I think it’s all due to a lack of education in this area. People on the internet who don’t know that much about it find videos of people filling this gap with misinformation. They are asked to consider questions that have easily accessible answers, but because they take more than a sentence to explain, they just write it off as a hoax.

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@James Collins And you know this how? Sure, with Freemasonry, anybody can join, but at the lower ranks you're only told you're seeking the light. Each rank, you're seeking more light, and given a little more of the secrets until the 30th degree where you've found the light. The light, is that of the light bearer, or that of Lucifer (Lucifer translates directly to Light Bearer). At the 30th degree, they're told they're indeed worshiping Satan. Freemasons are Satanists, but it's only at the 30th degree they're told this. To get to the 30th degree, and above it takes a lot of money and service to their cause. See, these Freemasons actually believe the Christian account of religion (remember, at the 30th degree) but they're on the other side of it. I know this because it's clearly spelled out in their handbook, "The Codex Magica". Perhaps you should read it. See, with space, it requires faith. You believe there's space because of the accounts of others. You can't verify space personally. You can trust government organization, which in itself is laughable, but you can't actually verify it by first hand experience. It's no different with saying there's no God, or that God is a fantasy. Is he? This is something you take on faith, simply because you know so little about the universe with your limited capacity to be able to observe it. To say there isn't something is trying to prove a negative. Without all information you can't conclude something doesn't exist, as you don't have all information. When you say there's no God and that space is real... this is a faith based statement and NOT a scientific one. This is your belief. Your faith. What you're doing here is evangelizing for your faith.

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@Mr. Be. Beats me Mr Be. When I woke up to FE, I remembered 100's of tiny moments of my life, all connecting at once. I gained perspective on who's lying, why, who's trying to tell truth, it was such an overwhelming overload of logic and puzzle pieces falling into place, that I thought I was going crazy for a minute. Then the cognitive dissonance and the desire to trust the establishment tormented me for weeks. I can imagine most people are just not capable of discernment. Whenever met with something contradicting their world view they think it's stupid. Short sighted, narrow minded and gullible. They see it on TV and think, so many people work in television, no way they could lie. Same with every field of scientific study. They think someone would speak up. But when someone speaks up, she or he is crazy of course. It's all very annoying.

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12:53 mins in. the Speaker makes a good point why he asks "why are such important pictures always so grainy and hard to see?" he makes a good point, these pictures are no better then that of ufo's photos' of video's taken by the public. Except these pictures are apparently just accepted and believed without scrutiny (at least until recently). People need to ask more questions and use common sense and their eyes for once, instead of being directed and told obvious idiot excuses and lies

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