MIT Doctoral Hooding 2017

MIT Doctoral Hooding 2017

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Good. Morning. I'm. Cynthia, Barnhart. And as, Chancellor. Of the Massachusetts. Institute of, Technology it, is, my privilege to, welcome you to. The annual ceremony. For. The investiture, of, doctoral. Hoods. It. Is wonderful, to be joined today by our guest speaker. Dr. Lisa. Sue, who. We will hear from in a moment and, just. As we welcome dr. sue, home, to MIT, we. Are greeting, and celebrating. With many, other returning. Alumni. Specifically. As you can see from the banners, behind, us the. 50-year, class the, 25, year class and others. Who. Are in Cambridge, for reunions. This weekend. To. Our doctoral, candidates. Congratulations. As. Doctors. Of philosophy and. Doctors, of science. You are now, full-fledged. Lifetime. Members, of the Academy, and you, are now the. Colleagues, of the faculty, gathered, here, to witness this, final, step in your journey from, student. To, the Academy. Earning. A doctoral degree from MIT is, no, small feat it. Is a test, that requires, us to combine the, strengths, of our minds, hands. And hearts, so, that we can solve, society's. Grandest. Challenges, and expand. The frontiers, of knowledge, it. Demands. Endless, curiosity. And creativity. Passion. And, perseverance. Undoubtedly. Along. The path you traveled to arrive here today, you. Pursue lines of inquiry that didn't pan out, but. Rather than give up you pushed forward, and through. That process you. Experience. The exhilaration of discovery. And innovation and. Learned. Invaluable. Lessons. About your, resolve and character. You. Have every, reason to be proud to. Be relieved and to. Be filled with hope for, what your future, holds. Wherever. You go from here I know. That, the same community. Of family, friends, and mentors will continue, to lift you up, they. Are the ones who offered, their unwavering, support, as you. Came, from near, and far to contribute, to life at MIT. They. Saw you through your research your. Dissertation and, your defense they. Served as your sounding boards and your cheerleaders. They. Treated you gently when the work was not going great and they. Shared your elation, when. At last it did today. Every. Individual, who has helped you pursue, your dreams are part.

Of The MIT extended. And global family, they. Get to share, in your exceptional, achievement. Graduates. Please. Please. Rise and join me, in recognizing. Your. Community, of loved, ones and mentors whether, they are with us in Cambridge today or not with. A resounding, thank. You. Now. It is my pleasure to introduce, our, guest speaker dr.. Lisa. Sue's own, journey, has taken her from Taiwan, to New York City and from, MIT to, the highest leaders, leadership. Positions. In major. Semiconductor. Companies, as an. Undergraduate, studying, electrical engineering here dr.. Su developed, a passion for semiconductors. And began. To see their potential, to change the world her. Doctoral, research, was focused on silicon, on insulator. And. In, the years since she sat where you are sitting today she. Has transformed a, broad range of technologies. That. Fueled, 20th, 21st, century, life from. Semiconductor. Devices and. Computing. Architectures. To. Embedded, systems, and cloud. Computing. Through. A variety, of positions at, Texas, Instruments, IBM, and Freescale. Semiconductor, Inc. Dr.. Su has led engineering. Business, research, and development, and global. Strategy, operations, today. She. Is the president and chief executive officer. Of Advanced. Micro Devices and. Is, widely credited, with, sharpening. AMD's. Focus, and restoring. Its market performance, as we. Look today at life, beyond MIT, we. Are thrilled that she, is here to offer her, perspective. And advice. Dr.. Su. Good. Morning. Thank. You for the opportunity, to be here today it's really such an honor for me to be back at MIT and, to really participate in today's hooding. Ceremony and, I. Have to say a big hearty, congratulations to. All of you who are graduating this, week I know, just. How hard you've worked for, this achievement and it's an honor to be here to recognize you, today and also. To, all of the friends and family who have supported our graduates. This. This week, congratulations. To you as well everyone. Here should feel extremely proud of this amazing, accomplishment. Now. I heard, a very insightful comment, once that really stuck with me and it was really that the, two most important, things that, determines. A person's success. In life is really the love of their family, and their education. And I, certainly believe that as I, think back to my days at MIT I am, incredibly, grateful for. The experiences, that I had here and the, things that I learned and if. You will indulge me for a few minutes let me tell you a little bit about my story, so. I was born in Taiwan and I, came to the United States when I was two and I grew up in New York to, immigrant parents I was. Very lucky to have parents that supported, me as I grew up and, really. Treating, my brother and I as equal and setting, extremely. High standards, for what success, meant. Throughout. Grade school in middle school I was an okay student, but. I certainly wasn't anywhere, near best in my class I did. Realize though that competition, competition made. Me better so. In high school I went to the Bronx High School of Science and. I met some very smart people and some, of them were were pretty competitive and that, pushed me harder and shaped my interests, in math and science. Then. I was, lucky enough to get into MIT as an undergrad, and I. Truly understood. What smart. Was I. Think. You guys understand, that too huh. Freshman, yard MIT was, actually very eye-opening and, I, would say it was pretty intimidating taking. Some of those freshmen, weed out classes, that we know exist at. The Institute. However. It was during my freshman year at MIT that I got my first undergraduate. Research assignment, and it, was in a semiconductor, lab and, I had the opportunity for the first time, to. Do something, that I thought was amazing I fell. In love with semiconductors. Because. It, was the ability to build something, really small and really complicated. And I could do it myself and.

It, Was during this time that I realized, that, I didn't need to be the smartest person in the classroom but, if I really applied myself to solve practical problems I, could make a big difference, and so. As I was graduating, from the 6a program, at MIT my. Parents, encouraged, me to get a PhD, I, actually. Really, wasn't sure that this is what I wanted to do but. I was really too young you, know at the time to know any better so I said. Some. Of you might relate, to that but I. Said. Okay you, know I'll do it, but. I was really torn with, the prospect, of spending, another. Four to five years of my life in, school. Now. I can honestly say that the. MIT PhD has. Truly, shaped Who, I am in, so many ways, both, personally, and professionally and. So. When, people ask, me what. Is that my team meant to me I usually. Say a couple of things I say. MIT is pure and it's. Really. Hard. I. Do, believe that MIT, practices, the motto what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Hope. You guys agree with that. But. What I really say though is that MIT taught, me how to think and solve. Really. Tough problems. Because. Today for all of you who are completing, your doctoral, dissertations, you. Have created, something or, discovered. Something or, demonstrated. Something that. Nobody. In the world has and that, should give you an incredible, amount of confidence about what. You're able to do when, you put your mind to it and through. That you've, really proven that, you're at the top of your field and so. You, should feel extremely proud, of that accomplishment. So. My, path since leaving MIT has, had a few twists and turns and I, found myself often, coming, back to, the principles, that I learned here, so. As each of you sit here today about, to embark on your own journey I have, maybe, just a couple of small pieces of advice that, I would like to share with you. The. First and I'll, say this is, you. Should really dream big, believe. That you can change the world I remember. When I first left MIT I was, really intimidated, about joining, a large corporate, environment, I was. 25, years old and I joined IBM's, TJ, Watson, Research Center, which, had an incredible, reputation and, I, met people who, had a lot more experience and, knowledge than, I had and. I had no idea how, could I contribute in, that environment and make a difference. However. What, I learned is that MIT. Has really prepared you for that journey. MIT. Trains, the, best problem solvers, in the world and the, world is starving, for new ideas and, great. Leaders who will champion those ideas so. I was able to make a difference even after a few short months and each. Of you will make an incredible difference as well you. Are the next generation of great leaders with, fresh innovative, ideas, and you. Will solve, the world's toughest problems you, just have to believe in yourself and give, yourself the, permission to, believe that. You can change the world. Second. I would. Say have the courage to take risks. Sometimes, big, risks, but. Make sure you also enthusiastically. Learn from. Your mistakes and there, will be a few mistakes. I. Started, off as an engineer and then, turned to the business and management side of things in my career. And I saw actually. In, many business environments, that MIT phd's, worked. For Harvard MBAs. And. And the truth is that made absolutely, no sense to me. I was. Determined to make sure that I wasn't working for Harvard. MBAs, for the rest of my career. But. Truthfully. I actually, thought, I could. Make better business decisions because. I understood, the technology, whereas. Sometimes generalists. Don't. So. I took a risk and I. Asked my management and my IBM. To give me a chance to run a business and so. They did actually give me a shot surprisingly, I made. A lot of mistakes those, first few years and I. Learned that. The moments, that really shaped my career, were. The times when I really screwed up the most, it's. Like in the lab you know when that experiment, you thought was supposed to work out didn't quite work out you, know what do you do you need to learn and adjust your next steps it's.

Certainly Like that in your career as well and sometimes, you. Even make some very large mistakes, like. For example the first business I ran I missed. My revenue the first year by 50%. My. Boss wasn't very happy about that. I spent. About 24, hours being extremely. Disappointed, in myself but. The day after I promised, myself I would learn from it and i. Justed my game plan for the rest of the year and you, can believe I never made that particular mistake, again, and, so. I really, do say don't be afraid to take risks, even if some of them seem large, and. Don't be afraid to make a few mistakes mistakes. Are natural there's no straight line to success but. The people who learn best from their mistakes are actually the ones who. End up being the best leaders. And. The, last thing I want to leave you with is perhaps, most important, I encourage. Each of you to, make your own luck. Mit. Has, given you all the tools and training to, the be best in the world and make, a huge impact, on your, chosen field, however. In, addition to being smart, you. Also have to be lucky and you, have to be in the right place at the right time solving. The right problems, so. My favorite advice to, graduates, is find. The toughest, problems, in the world and volunteer. To help solve them because. This is really how you make your own luck this. Is when people really pay attention and, this, is when you're really doing something that, makes a difference. I've. Had the opportunity several. Times in my career to work on some very hard problems, sometimes. I found it extremely, frustrating, and stress. But. Each time I found that working on something hard brought, out the best in me and also, my team and it. Also created, a new set of opportunities. So. Five years ago I had the opportunity to join AMD. Now. When I joined AMD, there, were a few of my mentors, who actually questioned, my decision could. Because they, knew about the challenges, of the company and I. Actually looked at them really, perplexed, I actually. Felt like I could not possibly have a better opportunity, because. I had trained my entire career. Since. My days at MIT through. My, 20 years in industry to. Lead a semiconductor, company and so, this was my opportunity to. Make my own luck. The. World is full of very. Complex, and challenging problems, and I. Truly, believe that, what MIT has taught us is that there is no problem that, is too hard to solve if you, have the right mindset the. Right perseverance, and the right creativity. So. I advise, you to, run towards, those problems, and you will have great luck throughout, your career.

So. Today is a tremendous, day for all of you it. Really is a. Celebration, of your MIT experience, but, it's also a celebration, of, the beginning of the next chapter in your career where. You start to leverage all of the tools and training you've received here to, go off and solve the, world's hardest problems, and make, the world a better place so I, encourage each of you to dream big and believe. You can change the world, have. The courage to take risks and enthusiastically. Learn from those mistakes and, work. Damn hard every. Day to solve, the world's toughest problems and I. Think if you do that I'm pretty sure you're gonna make everybody, very, proud and you will be incredibly lucky throughout, your career. So. I do have one last personal, request for all of you you, know I told you at the beginning that I'm slightly, competitive just. Slightly, so. Please. Promise me that you will join, me on my journey to make, sure that there are lots of Harvard, MBAs. Working for MIT PhDs. In the future, thank. You very much and congratulations. Good, morning, each. Degree candidate, will be invested, with a hood by the Chancellor, and a faculty member, from. The department. The. Academic, hood is a symbol, of dedication, to scholarship and, attainment of the, requirements. Defined, by the Academy. We. Are proud to introduce. 485. Of mi t--'s newest, scholars, those. Who have earned the right to wear this symbol, and to join the ranks of our colleagues, worldwide. We, will now invest the candidates, for the degrees of Doctor of Science and, Doctor of. Philosophy with, their hoods in, the. School of Architecture and, planning. Representing. The department of architecture. Assisting. Chancellor, Cynthia Barnhart, is Professor, Caroline, Jones associate. Department head. Doctor. Of philosophy. Ously. Our POC. Carol. Our been tell. Carlos. Cerezo, Davila. Katherine. EDA, wolf. Nathaniel. L Jones. Sebastian. Schmidt. Rachelle. Be Villalon. Representing. The department. Of urban studies and planning. Professor. Aaron, Beach Ben Joseph, department. Head. Doctor. Of philosophy. Lily. Be Pollan's. Lindsay. A role, Heiser. Eric. W, shultiess. Linda. Shy. Carry. A Spitzer. Anthony. P, van, key. VN. Shoe. Representing. The program, and Media Arts and Sciences professor, Mitchel. Resnick, associate. Academic, head. Doctoral. Philosophy. Brian. D, Allen. Jacob. G Bernstein. Nicholas. B De Palma. Karthik. Dinner car. Jin. Zhu Li. Jorge. And Matias. Nikhil. Naik. Nadia. Em peak. JG. Travis. RS. Rich. Recaros. Be Rocky. Shou, Shou. In. The School of Engineering. Representing. The department, of civil and environmental, engineering. Associate. Professor, Jessie crawl. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Jessica. A Bryant. Cinta. Chen. Lin. Sancheong. Noriko. Ho, endo. Xiao. Jing Fuu. Bruno. M Gonsalves. Da Silva. Kagan. M McCall. John. Dos y, or is, alien-type. An. Allison. Our pirata. Anson. F Stewart. Omar. A sway. Anna. Tarek ANOVA. Cecilia. A vegan. Oh. David. P widdle, stone. Sohn. Kyu Yoon. Representing. The department, of mechanical engineering. Professor. Gong, Chen department. Head. Doctor. Of science. Heather. S Hussein. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Kevin. R Bagnall. Aquiles. Bakshi. Leonardo. D, ban, check. Richard. Be Bates. Some. Pretty, Bhattacharya. Michael. S Bootle, air. Kareem. Scheib. Hon. JJ. Cheol-soo. Nandini Chopra. Elena. De, pute cachet. Giorgos, TD, metropolis. Such. It aid donut, Unga. Michael. F island, burg. Aleksander. Gerard. Unders. K Hegman. Jacob. S is, relevance. Benjamin. M Jenkins. Honky, we do. Steven. J Keating. Mohammed. Khalid jawad. Jocelyn. M Kluger. Eun. Kyung Lee. Jung. Leo. Mikail. And mayilu. Via. Our, Mendelssohn. Jonathan. And Mendoza. Syed. M, miravakily. Heaney. Hina. K muta. I. Own. As Nam. Allison. L a--, liao, ski. Canaan. POC. Yulin. Pond. Federico. Patio, de. Daniel. J Preston. You. Shang-chi. James. C shall Meister. J. Tunder, Swaminathan. Tomaso. Today. Emily. W. Tao. Jeffrey. T sigh. Fay. Why, whoo. Shall. You woo. Joon. Young Eun. Erin. M zacchara. Ski. Thing. Ping Zhen. When. June Jung. Shall. We exchange. Hang. Boat au. Jen. Long jo. Jung. Jung Joo. Representing. The department of material, science and engineering, professor. Christopher, a shoe department. Head. Doctor. Of science. Samuel. R Wagstaff. Doctor. Of philosophy. Kathleen. See, Alexander. Shrinivas. Prasad, Bengaluru. Subrahmanyam. Eugene. And cho. Jeong. One choi. Michael. G Christensen. Steven. T dae-sik, the third. Frank. -. Seyi, Gautam. Gopalakrishnan.

Benjamin. J Grenaa. Scott. C Grinde. Joe. Hung Huynh. Samir. Jog lekar. Print. D Keller. Yung. Jing qu. She. Loo. Jared. D Milstein. Tuan. We Lionel. Mo. Carentan. BMO, McGann. Mean. A oak. Paul. H Rekha, Meyer. William. D Richards. Charles. See Rinzler. Alina. Why ray. Kya, Han Cerritos. Michelle. Casing. Joshua. Peace daemul. Alexandra. J Tamar. Tina. V EF. Chin. Shuang. Shinjo. Representing. The Department, of Electrical Engineering and. Computer science. Representing. The Department, of Electrical Engineering, and. Computer science, professor. Anantha P Chandra, Kazan department, head, doctor. Of science. David. M Rosen. Doctor. Of Philosophy. LEM. Adam. Fidel. Adeeb. Grant. S Anderson. Eric, Bakker. Leilani. Patel. Francesco. Belly. Carry, Jake ie. Novita. Chandra. Kaiser is. Any. I turn. Justin. Chen. Edward. H Chen. Hao. Gan-chan. Uhand. Teachin. Winston. Churn. Gregory. A checker, le. Hanna. Akley, Vinson. Matthew. Our Kudrin. Honk. I day. Adrienne. V dolkha. Matthew. E de, sorrow. Myers. A Davis. Nachiket. Vide si. Sumit. Duta. Jason. H cow. Bratty. Gelashvili. Marcia. Cassie, me. Elena. L Glassman. Samantha. Jay Gunther. Alex. Whoa. Hannah. P, Huang. Sheng. Shi Huang. Joel. Jean. Her. Shed custer a. Georgia. Evangelina. Cats are gearing. Aditya, Khosla. Young. Wok be Kim. Bonnie. Calum. And. Lee. Tali. Rebecca. Jamie, logic. Philip. M Nadeau. John. Kano, Bachan. Andrew. H Owens. Akhenaten. Paula Medina, - Rajan. Jonathan. Perry. Evelina. A police. Away via. Michael. A polska. Burnaby. Airman. Dev, Karan, so. Tamara tear, a diva. David. And Russia. Abby. Shake a sacar. Tau. Be shard, l. Yi. Seong. Veronica. Stell mock. Julian. Strobe. Bolong. Sue. John. Hsu. Minsun. Cynthia. Are some. Airmen. Tamar Dugan. Christos. Damos. Survey. Shwarma. Carl. M von, Drake. Tongue. Wrong. Shareen, M Warnock. UFA. Wu. Ji. Leh Zhu, Zhu. Shin. Ramyun. Frank. Em y'all. Denny's. Yuriko. L'm. Lilly. You. Henry. Yean. Richard. Why Jon. Chu. Zhang. Yuan. Zhang. You. Have John. Bernard. B, Zimmerman. Representing. The department, of chemical engineering, professor. Paula Hammond, department, head. Doctor. Of philosophy. Chiba. Is av, a Manchu, ku. Alexander. J, Bork. Siwon. Choi. Samantha. See Collins. Ali. Aldean. Oh LT. Ed. One. Junjou. For. Me Lee Chung. Jennifer. D Lewis. On. Eschew, yamunda. Karthik. Murga, pan. Karthik. Narsimha, hon. Joel. A Paulson. McGill. A rohnke. Michael. Keith s Santos. Vishnu's, rest. Shall. Soon. See. Our hometown. Susanne. Tan. Shun-chan. Tongue. Mark, see Weidman. Lycia. Lou. Young. Representing. The Department, of aeronautics, and, Astronautics. Professor. Jaime parading. Doctor. Of science. David. C Sternberg. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Trevor. D Campbell. Michael. D curry. Pedro. HD, Rodriguez. Camellias, C Santana.

Christopher. K Gilmore. Matthew. C gamble. A. Alex. A Gorodetsky. Sherry. A halt. Christopher. M Jewison. Tomash. Kailash, lakatos. Forest. E Mayan. A. Pang. Mu. Charles. A Richter. Timothy. Be Satterfield. Nurik. Shoe, Garin. Ameth, semana. De. Ferran. Vidal, Kadena. Yo. Seungyoon. Hang. You. Okay. Representing. The department, of biological engineering. Associate. Professor Marc, bot a. Doctor. Of science, Eric. J, MA. Dr.. Philosophy. Vibhuti. ArgA, wall. Show. Jie. Zhang. FEI. Gen. Wesley. G, Chen. Shige. Nigel. Joe. Allison. And, class. Amar. Go, to Sarah. Chen. Gu. Apoorva. Gupta. Ryan. L, Kelly. Kevin. S cool. Alec. A Nielsen. Scott. W. Olesen. Marcus. See Parrish. Gabriela. Pre, Guernica. Raven. J Reddy. Raja. Our Srinivasan. II. A Thomas. Sue. Honey d Vora. Young. Wang. Representing. The Department of nuclear science and engineering. Professor. Dennis, G, white. Doctor. Of science. Kevin. B Waller. Doctor. Philosophy. William. R Boyd, the third. Mark. A chill. In ski. In. C, Faust. Andre. And Gyan. Pay, Seeley. Oh. Gone. By are at con, Betar. Rebecca. Romanovski. Representing. The, engineering, systems division. Professor. Munzur a delay. Director. Dr.. Philosophy. Christopher. W Bharati. Timothy. W bright, Bach. Catherine. L dykes. Morgan. Our Edwards. Ali. Farahani. Amanda. Young. Amy. M rose. Mark. D, staples. Representing. The program, in Health Sciences and, Technology. Professor. Colin, Stoltz. Dr.. Philosophy. Kevin. T Chen. Mark. K, Clemente. Cheryl. H sweet. Emily. Our Linda. Mer. Adam. Pond. Vos. V Ramadan. Jonathan. B salon. Ling. Sure. Nathaniel. J, Zook. In. The. School of Humanities Arts, and, Social Sciences. Representing. A department, of economics, professor. Glenn Ellison, department, head dr.. Philosophy. Alexander. W, bar tech. Levesque, Bhattacharya. And. Reco, can Tony. Nicholas. II Quran. David. Colino. Lamaze. G. M Oh. Peter. D. Ho. Angela. E kilby. Rachel. Meager. Stephen. Murphy. Monisha, party. Brian. J. Perry. Brendan. M price. Lauren. See Russell. Elizabeth. M set. Hren. You. Shoot. Nils. See. Werner, felt. Monkey. Ooh. W. Teat, yo Cassie. Honk. I John. Representing. The department of political science. Professor. Andrea, L Campbell. Department, head. Doctor. Of philosophy. Justin. To, be an addictive, Kestner. Daniel. N de. Renato. L, de. Oliveira. Christa. Em loose. Amanda. J, Rothschild. Alec. And war. Snob. Representing. The Department, of linguistics and, philosophy. Professors. Danke. Stereo de an Alex. Burn. Doctor. Of philosophy. Allonge. And das. Matthew. A, Mendel. Corn. Rebecca. V, Millsap. Sophia. A Ortiz. Ino, Xhosa. Juliet. Stanton. Haka. Sugawara. Representing. The, program. In science technology, and. Society. Professor. Jennifer s light. Doctor. Philosophy. Melissa. A. IDO. Amanda. Johnson. Shri. Harsh kale, card. Emily. X Lynn. Matali, and duck, war. Michaela. J Thompson. Anna. And. Wexler. In the, Sloan School of Management. Representing. The Sloan, School of Management, professor. Ezra Zukerman. Sivan. Deputy. Dean. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Gocha. Bosch boo. Tristan. L Botello. Rebecca. L Grunberg. Jorge. Guzman. Ozzy. Karen fell. Joshua. L, Krieger. Benjamin. P Yost. Representing. The program and operations, research. Professor. Dimitri's. J-bert. Samus. Dr.. Philosophy. Jeong. Ji Young. Patrick. Si session. Felt. Arthur. Fly, away. Paul. II. Regas. Swati. Gupta. Nikita. Croco. Jerry. El Kong. Christopher. E marks. Travis. I'm sorry Charles. M Travis. Cortez. Monroy. Alexander. M, Weinstein. Wrong. Yuan. In. The. School of science. Representing. The department, of chemistry. Professor. Timothy, Jamison department, head dr.. Philosophy. Talk. V Ken. Igor. Corruption. Ooh. Curt. Jake Cox. John. Fnl. Jr.. David. D Grimes. Whitney. Our Hess. Ken. Kawamoto. Eric. G Keeler. Elizabeth. H, Kelly. You. Wanna knots. Mark. Reeth Krikorian. G'wan. Lou. Sarah. P. Lupino. Thomas. A McTigue. Suren. K hmong. Toshiki. G naka. She gay. Matthew. J, lava. Charles. II Ocampo. Prashant. See. Viraja. Leigh. Swing. Young. Bow swing. Kobe. L white. Elizabeth. See, Whitten, born. Jaya. Jang. Representing. The department of biology, professor. Amy Keating. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Jonathan. S, kauravas. Victor. E groose. Sean. And. Davidson. Matthew. M Dobbin. Stephen. W Eichorn. Robert. And, Birdman. Diane. L. Hakusan. Aaron. M. Josias. Gregory. A newbie. Isaac. M odor. Burger. Nina. K, zoca. Jessica. Ready. Ramon, y Rios, Morales. Ethan. S so. Called. Monica. Stan, Xu. Xin. Chen-wong. Megan. D Warner. Representing. The department of physics. Professor. Jacqueline Hewitt. Dr.. Philosophy. Aram. Up. Young. John. P Barrett. Lawrence. W, joke. Gregory. A Dooley. Aaron. Em you'll. Weiss. Brian. S, Henderson. Michael. A Henninger. Yeah. Zhang who. Colin. J Kennedy. Matthew. S. Craft. Check. Lena. Naseeb. Colton. D, O'Connor. Michael. J pret Co. Hakim. F Rho, G cos nueva.

Andriy. Sir off you've. Edward. J, see. Scott. A score. Low. Representing. The department, of brain and cognitive sciences. Professor. Edward. Gibson. Dr.. Philosophy. Eden. Blanc. Rebecca. G Kanter. Matthew. And Dobbin. Oh. Mayor. De rock. Richard. L Futrell. Lea. J, hat, chicken. Keon. Jamie. Bustamante. Cheyenne. Oh case. Vari. Gerald. N fo. Rajiv. V Ricky. Dheeraj. Roy. David. A Scott. Laura. J, stop. Oh. Representing. The Department, of Earth atmospheric and. Planetary Sciences. Professor. Timothy. Grove. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Surveys, Caramella. Gen. Goo. Jerath, I Holt. Kimberly. L, who, pear. Keisuke. You, know Maura. Daniel. A Rothenberg. Jenn. Liang Liang. Lucas. A Williamson. Ross. H, Williams. Emily. J zaqqum. Representing. The department, of mathematics. Professor. De, vich malik. Doctor. Of Philosophy. Zachary. Are able. Net. To know s blyer. Gen. Jia Fong. Miriam. Farber. Nathan. Harmon. Alyssa. Can, eyes'll. Shoe. A Leo. Assad. La RIA. Laszlo. M Lovaas. J. H Shaw. Sheen. Swim. Daniel. C Thompson. Mon. Lou Wong. Been. Yang. U. N-- w. You. Representing. The Woods Hole Oceanographic, Institution. James. A Yoder, vice, president, for academic programs, and, Dean, Woods, Hole Oceanographic, Institution. Dr.. Philosophy. Alice. II opport. Alexander. J, Bergen. Elinor. K Boris. Deepak. A. Cherien. Sophie. N chew. James. Our Collins. Guy. And. Evans. Alexis. D Fisher. Maja. And Hadji. Gregory. W, Horning. Winifred. M Johnson. Maxwell. Be Kaplan. Emily. A, Moberg. Kathleen. J, p-- it's. Sarah. Z, Rosengarten. Julie. M vendor. Hope. Anna. Varga. A. Ning. Chao. As. We. Conclude the investiture, of doctoral, hoods I now. Invite the faculty, to, join me in a, salute to welcome, this year's, doctoral. Candidates. To. The Academy. Congratulations. You.

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