Mining, Romancing, and Getting Backpacks - #MedievalDynasty - Year 1 Summer

Mining, Romancing, and Getting Backpacks - #MedievalDynasty - Year 1 Summer

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Hello everyone and welcome back! Last time we finished off Spring by covering  how to make money and use merchants,   how to get started with farming and making  fertilizers, as well as showing how hunting works. This would be enough for Racimir to keep  himself fed and have the means to acquire goods   that he can't make himself. You could play this  subsistence hunter style for as long as you wanted   and that's something the game entirely permits.  But there's also much more to be done in the game   so we'll proceed to showing it. When we wake at the beginning of  Summer the notifications for the   crafting skill upgrades and  the quest completion pops up.   Upgrading houses reduces the damage taken  over time and the need for firewood.  

And we once again choose to  improve our smithing type skills.   It pays to specialize becuase of skill  synergies. Metal goods fetch high prices. The berries in our inventory lost  50% condition and will fully rot next   season. In the past I've had issues with food  items disappearing when dropped on the floor,   which is why I use this method  of rotting items in my inventory.   But it seems that in recent versions  you can reliably drop them on the floor   in the resource storage building and the barn and  they'll rot immediately when the season changes.

Different seasons may call for different clothing.  We received some from Uniegost as a quest reward   and found the rest near our house. This  is particularly important for winter   and we'll be wearing these when it comes around.  Summer may benefit from heat resistant clothing   at some points but you generally only  require specialized clothing in winter.

The cabbages we planted last spring mature as  the season passes and are now ready to harvest.   This is a simple matter of going over each  plot square and pressing the appropriate key.   The process will be the same for other vegetables  and you get both the vegetable itself and seeds. It helps to place your food storage  building close to the fields   so there's less time wasted in hauling it there. Once the harvest is done, you can double  check by looking at the management menu.  

Any squares you missed should show up as  ready to harvest but there's none in our case. We can also use this menu to look at  our buildings and check their condition.   Buildings degrade over time and over time  the damage will become visible. At that point   you'll need to use a hammer and materials to  repair holes in the building. Right now there's  

nothing to do but you'll get an indication in this menu if buiildings require repair. We obtained 128 cabbages and 30 seeds.   That's 8 cabbages per plot on average and  that amount of cabbbages should be enough   for Racimir to keep himself fed for the forseeable  future. So nourishment is simply not a concern if  

you take the time to plant a small plot like  we have. 30 seeds is about twice the amount   we originally planted so we should never have to purchase cabbage seeds going forward.   The same applies to any other kind of plant, you  always get more seeds than you used in planting. It's worth noting how the food we stored in  the container degraded as the season changed.   Different foods degraded by different amounts, but  due to being in the food storage chest the worst   was a 12.5% degradation. This means that even  the most perishable food will last two years.   Comparatively, the unripe berries that  we deliberately kept in our inventory   dropped by 50% condition. The food storage  building is already showing its value  

and I'm sure you'll agree that it was worth  taking the time to build it immediately. In comparison to vegetables, grains  require a significantly greater investment.   I won't go into it in-depth right now but  at the very least you'll need build a barn,   and if you also want to avoid spending  money then a smithy and a workshop would   also be needed for the things you  need to harvest and cook grains.

Grains are much better overall, and  flax that you process into linen is   a key requirement for many higher tech items,  but the process is highly involved. Right now   we just need to make sure Racimir has enough  eat and cabbages are good enough for that. Aside from the labour and time involved,   the only thing we need to worry about is  making sure we have enough fertilizer on hand   and we've discussed how to secure a steady supply  towards the end of the videos covering spring. If there was sufficient need we could  be plant a second crop of cabbages   but that's not necessary at this stage. You should note that mushrooms  are not available to harvest.  

The only wild plants are medicinal herbs. And as we mentioned previously berry  bushes that have been harvested have   nothing come summer. This is a small  but very nice touch from the developers. But here's a bush with ripe berries. You can  see the purple spots from the ripe berries,  

which is different from what bushes  with unripe berries looked like   and is another nice little visual detail. Harvesting a few shows that they  give 0.5 food and 1 water per berry.   So they're ok during summer as a source of  water in inland areas but since they're only   available during summer you should be prepared  with a waterskin or something similar anyway. Newer versions have added a new animal, the lynx.  

It seems to be about the size  of foxes and behave similarly. The quest that brings us here  will need us to provide 40 logs.   Summer is one of the best times to do these  quests because after harvesting whatever crops   have ripened there's not much you *have* to do.  Spring is the planting season for everything,   so the primary focus is on  planting and harvesting.   Once your farming scales up you'll be spending  significant parts of the season doing that.   For example, a 12 by 12 field will take around a  day and night to harvest, fertilize, and plant.  

You'll be wanting more fields if you use linen  for regular clothing manufacture. Alternatively   there's mushrooms that are only available  in Spring so you might want to gather those. The same applies to a lesser extent in  Autumn because once you have animals   you'll want to make sure you  have Rye to make animal fodder   and Autumn is a perfect season for Rye. There's  also unique mushrooms in Autumn, so if you intend   to cook mushroom based dishes regularly  then you'll need to gather enough of them.

In contrast, Summer has very little  that requires your attention.   You might have to harvest the Spring crop  and you might want to plant a few cabbages   but that should leave you most of the season free.  It's a good time to travel around to sell goods,   purchase animals, recruit villagers and romance  a prospective wife. Travelling before you have a   horse can be quite time consuming and  you need to take that into account.

The reward for Uniegost's quest is some dishes  that you can't make yourself. Unfortunately that   doesn't include the recipes. You'll have to pay  for that once you reach the right tech levels. Doing some of Alwin's quests will give rewards  like onion seeds so it's worth doing a few. Just as a side comment on quests, don't be  in too much of a hurry to do them other than   speaking to Sambor and getting the fur hood  and fur boots. Everything else is optional   so don't prioritize quests above  having a functional village.

Aside from the set quests, NPCs will  have random quests every season.   All will give dynasty reputation  and some kind of reward.   Some will give tech points so keep them in mind  later on when you're trying to unlock new techs.  

Bear in mind that these random quests will  automatically fail at the end of the season   and you'll lose dynasty reputation so don't  be too keen to taken on these random quests.   If you find yourself needing to provide  items that are beyond your technology level   then remember that you can use  money to acquire these items. The main quest requires us to do three  quests for NPCs and flirt with someone.

The game is based on creating a dynasty.   When Racimir dies his heir will take  over. And for that you need an heir.   That means you need to get a wife and  the sooner you get one the better. There's several Diplomacy perks  that help during dialogues. The key one is Empathy because it allows  you to see the personality type of NPCs,   but you can detect that by paying attention to  responses. Romeo helps with making each flirt  

have more effect on attraction but it's  not one I tend to favour because you're   not going to be romancing people often  enough to make it worth spending a perk. The conversation mini-game is now reserved for  flirting only. In the past it used to be the case   that you could speak to anybody and recruiting  villagers required you to gain a certain amount   of relationship with them. So you could gain  diplomatic skill by just talking to villagers,   but now you generally gain skill  by selling goods. Summer and Winter  

are good seasons to go around selling your  goods because ther'es more free time then. Another change is that you can attempt  conversations daily instead of once a season.   This is a significant improvement because  previously you had to guess someone's personality   and it could easily take years in the game  to be able to recruit or romance someone. Personally I think that it would  be better to have the old system   of being able to speak to everyone to  befriend them, but keep the new perks   that make it easier to detect someone's  personality and the daily conversations.

When it comes to romancing you can  only flirt with recruitable NPCs.   My favourite wife used to be Alina the  sheperdess becaue by the time you married   her her farming skills were quite advanced and  she was one of the younger NPCs you could marry. Whether you're looking to recruit them as workers  or partners, the priority should be on recruiting   them young. The maximum skill of the random NPCs  seems to be capped at 3 and they can only improve  

via working so having as much time to improveme  them as possible should be the most important   consideration when recruiting. A 19 year old  with skill 1 vs a 21 year old with skill 3 is   a matter of personal preference but vs a 31 year  old you should always recruit the younger NPC. Luckily Kunegunda has some good  skills and is on the younger side.

There's two ways to gain affection. You  have to either choose the dialogue options   or give gifts that match their personality. The  better the match the more attraction you gain. Asking a few probing questions will  give you some information on them.   In this case she likes having fun  and isn't too much into hard work.   The second answer reinforces that  she's into interesting experiences.   Again she prefers avoiding hard work, is into  hunting, and likes to have a bit of a drink.

You can only have so many conversations each time  you flirt. The conversation can also end sooner   if you choose an answer they dislike a lot. You  can flirt with as many people as you like until   you actually marry someone so take the opportunity  to do that and learn the conversation mini-game. There's a cave north west of  our town that's safe to access   and the best location for  any mining you'll be doing. We can find a pickaxe outside but  you can easily make more with just   4 stone and one log for a stone pickaxe.

Mineral deposits will show up as rocks with flecks  of metal on them. Early on you can only mine   copper and tin. You'll need smithy tech levels  and at least one smithy building to smelt ore into   metal bars and to forge with those metals. Smithy  1 gives you access to copper tools but unlocking   smithy two allows you to smelt bronze from copper  and tin bars. Once you unlock the mine in the   building tech tree you'll be able to construct  mines that will give you access to iron ore deposits.

Salt is the last resource you can get from  mines. Obviously you can't make salt tools,   instead you can use it in a hunting lodge to  salt meat in order to preserve it for longer. It's not possible to automate  mining until you unlock mine tech   so you'll have to do it manually early  on, but you get rocks from each deposit   so you should have more than enough be able  to easily make as many picks as you need. One of the biggest limiters on you  is carrying capacity. Regardless of   whether you spend your time hunting, mining, or  farming everything involves carrying something   and often you want to maximize your carrying  capacity to avoid having to make multiple trips.  

Equipping Pouches and Backpacks  allows you to do that. They become available to craft via the sewing tech  levels and are crafted at the sewing hut, with the   largest becoming available at sewing tech level  3. The second approach is just to buy them with   money. For most items I recommend crafting things  yourself but for those items that you only need to   craft a few times or aren't available yet it's  actually more cost effective to just buy them.  

A large pouch and a large backpack  are the perfect example of that. You'll only need to buy them once and together  they'll cost only about a thousand gold,   which is less than the cost of the plans even  if you had access to the tech to make them.   You should make it a priority  to get them as soon as possible. Later on the same applies to saddles and mount  paraphenalia once you unlock and build a stable. After a few days of crafting and selling  to expand your carrying capacity,   you'll have progressed your  crafting tech levels a bit.

The tavern gives us access to recipes  you can cook from plants and meat.   I've talked about why I prefer cabbages previously  and for me that means that I wouldn't want to   buy any recipes other than pottage because I  won't be growing any other crops until later on   so it's a waste of money  to buy recipes I won't use. I also avoid building the workshop until level 2   because the wooden products don't sell for  enough to warrant a separate building for that.  

If you need bowls and plates for cooking  it's actually quite viable to buy them   because they sell for 6 gold each and you  get 10 uses out of each before they break. We're also pretty close to unlocking smithy 1  and that's something you should be aiming for   because as we mentioned it when talking about  mines it allows you to process ores into tools. In building tech we've unlocked the woodshed  that allows us to automate logging and allows   us to make planks. Planks will become  important once we unlock simple houses   because they're necessary to  craft the highest level roofs.   That's also when you'll want to start  recruiting villagers other than your wife.

The hunting lodge is not important at  this stage because of our cabbage farming   and clothing can't be made until we  unlock sewing tech. You could build   one for salting meat but it's not that critical. The barn is most useful for grains but it also  allows you to make your own fertilizer so it's   something to consider building in spring  next year when the planting season comes around.

Resource storages aren't necessary until you  bring NPCs to your village. That's where they get   firewood from and where materials and tools are  taken from and placed into once they have jobs.   That includes your wife, so while you're  increasing the attraction with your   prospective partner you should work on having  at least one resource storage in your village. In my case i go for two. One  is in the village itself,   but the second one is outside the mine we spoke  of earlier. The reason is that resource and   food storages have a global shared inventory.  Anything you put in one shows up in all others.  

That mine is the only location where you can  put a resource storage right outside the cave   so it's perfect for teleporting resources to your  village without having to physically carry them.   So you save yourself work and increase  your storage capacity at the same time. The other critical building is the smithy.  It's necessary to make sickles so they're   a prerequisite for farming grains. Copper knives  also sell for about triple of what stone knives do   so once you have a smithy you shouldn't  be worrying about money after that.  

All in all smithys are a must. The smithy has three workstations. The workbench  allows the crafting of wooden and stone weapons.   You can make many of the same bows and spears  that a hunting lodge allows you to make   so that means that a hunting lodge  is optional if you have a smithy. The anvil allows you to craft metal tools  from bars, while the forge is used to smelt   ores that you mine into bars. The  ratio is two ores to get one bar. As I mentioned before you don't want to buy  every recipe available unless you have money   coming out of your ears. Most metal tools  require metal bars plus logs and sticks.   Weapons often require linen or wool thread so keep  in mind that cultivating flax or keeping sheep   will be something that you  have to do at some point.

A critical recipe is copper sickles. You could  use stone sickles but both require the smithy   and copper tools last longer so there's  no real benefit of using stone sickles.   The same argument goes for  copper shovels vs wooden shovels.

Knives give you the best money per copper bar so   if you're looking to sell metal tools  for money that recipe is also a must. A lot of your decisions on  what copper tool recipes to buy   will be dependand on what you  plan to do with bronze tools.   Bronze bars take copper and tin bars, so it takes  double the amount of work to get the materials for   the same bronze tool compared to a copper tool.  So it's not obviously better to use bronze tools.  

It's perfectly viable to go straight from copper  to iron tools if you want and personally I   tend to sell bronze knives but rely on copper  tools unless I have a lot of spare metal bars. Summer together with Winter is one of the  seasons where you have a lot of time so it's   the perfect time to do activities like selling  and recruiting that require a lot of travel. We discussed how to flirt with a  prosepctive wife, significantly increased   our carrying capacity, and introduced how  mining and smithing works in the game.   A bit more preparation and flirting  and you'll be ready to start a family.

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