Milesight's Speech at IOTE 2021 LoRa Technology Innovation Forum

Milesight's Speech at IOTE 2021 LoRa Technology Innovation Forum

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I am Hank Zheng from Milesight. It is very honored to share what Milesight has achieved in the innovation of LoRa products and solutions with you today at this stage of the LoRa Technology Innovation Forum.

My speech today is about "Leading the Digital Internet of Things to Leverage the Innovative Potential in LoRa Technology" Today’s speech will start from Milesight company profile, and then will focus on some innovations in LoRa products and solutions that Milesight has managed to achieve, which will be shared with you together. Let me briefly introduce Milesight to you first. A high-tech company that has 10 years of experience in the IoT industry. Founded in 2011, Milesight is a professional provider of IoT device.

Our businesses have covered 129 countries and regions around the world, establishing close cooperative relations with more than 2,000 channel partners worldwide. By now, we have more than 600 employees, 81 patent certificates, and 170 copyrights. Milesight is located in Xiamen, a port city on China’s southeast coast. In 2011, Milesight was founded.

Two years later, Milesight embarked on a new journey in the smart communication industry and created the brand Yeastar. The US branch was established in 2015 in order to accelerate the speed of occupying North American market share. In 2017, South Korean branch was founded. Soon Milesight officially entered the IoT market and created the brand Ursalink In the year of 2019, Milesight joined LoRa Alliance, becoming a member of its China Task Force.

Milesight established Chengdu (China) R&D Center within the same year. In 2020, Milesight merged three brands to drive technology innovation to the next level. This year, Milesight's own office building is built. Milesight is dedicated to becoming a global high-tech enterprise by accelerating the technology integration of 5G, AI, and the Internet of Things. OK. Let move to next part.

In this part, I'd like to show you innovations in Milesight's LoRa Products. Here are Milesight's LoRaWAN® series products, including gateways, sensors, controllers, and so on. Let’s start with LoRaWAN® gateway. We have released three generations of LoRaWAN gateway from 2017. Why did it iterate over three generations in just a few years? Undoubtedly the driving force comes from the market demand. Take Milesight first-generation gateway as an example.

It was designed by just adding the LoRa module to an industrial router, which was a relatively rough transitional product that couldn’t satisfy the demand of customers. Therefore, we developed innovation and upgraded it to second-generation gateways, and added an outdoor LoRaWAN® gateway to our product catalogue. But as our market share increased, we also encountered various customers’ demands such as eliminating unexpected power failure of the gateway and overcoming complex installation environment. So last year, we released third-generation gateways.

Data packet loss is a common problem while deploying LoRa devices. One of the major factors is the conflict of frequency point. We added Noise Analyzer to our new gateway for maximizing signal. It can effectively help avoid the risk of data packet loss caused by environmental factors such as conflict of frequencies for our partners.

Multicast for controlling in bulk. Take smart campus as an example, we can control the light in bulk through the multicast function, and control the light separately by grade, floor, or building. which greatly improves the user experience.

Uses can significantly improve efficiency with multicast in large deployments. Power Outage Alert Because outdoor gateways are often deployed in the wilderness or installed on high points, the feature aims to facilitate our partners to quickly detect and solve the problems caused by unexpected power outages. Built-in Network Server.

There are many application scenarios where several gateways can provide whole network coverage. In such a scenario, our built-in NS is enough to satisfy the need. In addition, Milesight LoRaWAN® gateways also support python for secondary development and Node-Red, which greatly enriches the edge application scenarios. We also have innovative structural design.

In practice, many people are afraid of electromagnetic radiation. As a result, we offer an internal antenna version to hide the antenna to avoid unnecessary trouble. The above is our micro innovations for LoRaWAN gateway. Let's move to the next part: Milesight LoRaWAN® sensors Milesight develops a series of sensors.

including AM100/AM300 series anbinece monitoring sensors which consist of multiple smart sensors, including CO2, formaldehyde, PM2.5, temperature, humidity, and so on. EM300 series environment monitoring sensors, like temperature andhHimudity sensor and leak detection sensor. LoRaWAN Controller series EM500 series Environment Monitoring Sensors like ultrasonic distance/level sensor and pipe pressure sensor which support IP67 CoWork series This series is major products in this year like AI workplace sensor, magnetic contact switch, and so on Milesight joined LoRaWAN® Alliance in 2019. Gradually Milesight gained a very good reputation in the LoRaWAN® ecosystem due to the super stability and reliability of its products and innovative product design concept.

I will take three sensors as examples to demonstrate Milesight's brilliant capability of innovation. The first one is Smart Wall Switch. It has Neutral wire/live wire versions for more flexible applications It supports multicast, which should be combined with the gateway multicast function. It supports LoRa D2D. Device-to-device collaborative interaction. It is the communication between node and devices, which can greatly improve the timeliness of linkage.

Let's take meeting room scenario as example. In a traditional way, it will take 5~6 seconds for Switch to take action after the sensor detects the appearance of a human since the long journey of the process. The data from the sensor will transmit to the gateway, then to the cloud platform. Then cloud platform sends a command to Switch via LoRaWAN gateway. The delay time really sucks. The D2D function can shorten the delay. The delay can be within 1 second.

It can significantly improve users experience. Also, we set up a demo at our booth. Welcome to test it. AI Workplace Sensor First of all, I would like to thank our partner, Mr. Gong, who shared with us several requirements for space occupancy detection in the meeting room scene. Accuracy. Traditional infrared, ultrasonic, and radar detections have a greater probability of false alarms. If a person's movements are small, infrared sensors may falsely report.

Ultrasonic and radar sensors can solve the problem of small motion, but may wrongly report when people are outside the glass partition or even the plasterboard partition. People Counting It can count people precisely which traditional infrared detection or ultrasonic is not able to do Anonymous Detection Privacy is a common concern, especially in a meeting room. Wide Coverage One unit can cover up to 78 square meters at 3 meters in height. Milesight VS121 is a flexible specialist with a unique perspective on space utilization. A real-time AI-based occupancy sensor helps organizations to better understand the people using and working within spaces. Apart from the meeting room, its application scenarios also include work spot detection, student counting and library seat detection, etc.

AM319 Ambience Monitoring Sensor which is suitable to use in the meeting room, office, classroom, etc. It has a 4.2 Inch E-ink screen. It has an outstanding feature - low power consumption. Besides, it provides a unique paperlike reading experience. 9 Sensors in 1 AM319 is able to collect data of temperature, humidity, CO2、PM2.5/10, HCHO, O3, PIR, Light, TVOC, Barometric pressure. Smart Battery Management If no crowd activity is detected for 20 consecutive minutes, the screen will enter into hibernation mode, but the device will continue to run in the background and report data.

Easy Configuration (via NFC) We used a magnet switch to boot or shut down sensors before. But it has obvious disadvantages. Besides, for large deployments, opening device enclosure for configuration takes a very long time. But NFC configuration can greatly reduce the later installation and maintenance costs. OK. Let's move to next part: Mileisght Innovative Solutions Recently, we are deploying our solutions at our own office building.

Next, I will show you our applications in smart business park, smart building and smart office. Firstly, I will show you a smart business park case. Utilizing LoRa technology, the signal of Milesight devices can cover an area of more than 10 kilometers in the open area and 1-2 kilometers in the business park. Combined with soil moisture, temperature and electrical conductivity sensor, the LoRaWAN® solenoid valve controller can be used for the irrigation system in the park. LoRaWAN® controller is able to collect the data of weather station, such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall and other parameters in the business park.

Magnetic contact switch can be used to monitor the status of normally closed doors. And ultrasonic distance/level sensor is generally used in the monitoring of water tower and sewer water level. Considering collecting the pressure data of water pipe and oxygen pipe to prevent safety accidents caused by leakage of water or gas, pipe pressure sensor is the most optimal choice for you. Spot Leak Detection Sensor is ideal for detecting water leakage in elevator shafts and power distribution cabinets Carbon Dioxide Sensor is able to monitor air quality in many places, including the parking lot. PT100 Industrial temperature Sensor can prevent abnormal operation of equipment by temperature detection.

Secondly, I would like to show you Smart Building solution. Take Milesight mansion as an example, where a conference room booking system is under-designed. Leveraging this extraordinary system, Milesight workplace management system makes it possible for employees to check the usage of the conference room or make a booking in real-time. Integrated with lighting controller, light sensors and smart wall switch, a smart lighting control system can be developed easily.

VMC system (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation), curtain motor control system and elevator control system will turn real through LoRaWAN® controllers. Workplace occupancy monitoring system is achieved by AI workplace sensor and lighting control system to realize the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction of the whole building. Lastly, let's look at Milesight's Smart Office solution. Milesight has always been concerned with human welfare, so we provide a smart office solution for companies to improve the working environment, contributing to a better human life. AM319, with 4.2 inch e-ink screen, can display real-time environment status of the office, and can also report the data to the cloud platform, integrating with air conditioning system, to provide a more comfortable office environment for employees.

LoRaWAN® magnetic contact switch is used for status detection of normally closed doors. Smart Portable Socket is mainly used to collect the current, voltage and power of the connected device to prevent abnormal operation of the device. Given to the meeting room occupancy detection or workplace occupancy detection, AI workplace sensor will stand you a good stead. PIR and light sensor is usually installed in conference rooms, entrances or exits to detect light status or personnel access, and then integrate with the lighting control system to control light status.

In regard to preventing water leakage detection, Spot Leak Detection Sensor will be very helpful. Smart Wall Switch is able to replace traditional wall switch. It can control lights in bulk locally and remotely. Apart from the three solutions above, Milesight has offered more solutions including smart healthcare, cold-chain transportation, smart education, smart agriculture and so on. LoRaWAN® technology makes those solutions more practicable and smarter. Milesight Milesight wishes to collaborate with partners to bring more LoRa-based IoT solutions building a more digital and smarter world in the future.

At the end of my speech, I'd like to welcome all of you to our booth for further discussion and idea exchange. Thank you!

2021-11-27 04:57

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